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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 14, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on "nbc 10 news
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today," hail of gunfire. philadelphia police say a man is dead after someone fired 27 shots at him overnight in the city's frankford neighborhood. back in court. a hearing continues today in montgomery county for bill cosby as prosecutors and the comedian's legal team wrestle over allowing accusers to testify. and still number one. the villanova wildcats took on their big 5 rivals temple and rolled over them in convincing style to stay perfect so far this season. just past 5:30, 35 degrees outside. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley in the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. this is about what you'd expect in mid-december, right? >> yeah, temperatures in the lower 30s, where we are now. it just dropped to 35 degrees in philadelphia. and you'll find middle 30s in delaware, too, 34 degrees. wind is just at 7 miles an hour. that's going to be picking up during the day, but so will the temperature with sunny skies at 10:00, 37 degrees. we're on our way to the 40s this
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afternoon. only exception is the lehigh valley and we'll see a high of 38 degrees. lots of sunshine today and a decent warm-up today, but it ends today. dangerous cold on the way for tomorrow. we've issued a first alert for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware for tomorrow and friday. the worst of it will be friday morning. that's when bitter cold and gusty winds, near 40 miles an hour, will combine to give us windchills below zero for many neighborhoods. i'll take a look at the coming cold and walk you through today's forecast hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. but first, katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> hi, bill. not a lot of major incidents going on on the highways right now, but if you're driving in the area of the schuylkill expressway and croton road, you can see off in the distance, the shoulder right here, there is a disabled vehicle. so, be aware of that. it may slow things down a bit if you're headed on 76 and passing through croton road right now. taking a look at our majors throughout the area and drive times. 95, if you're headed southbound between woodhaven and the vine,
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it's going to take about 13 minutes. 76 eastbound between the pennsylvania turnpike and the vine street expressway is a 17-minute drive, average speed around 60 miles an hour right now. and the blue route, if you're headed northbound between 95 and the schuylkill expressway, that's a 14-minute drive. there is some construction in the philadelphia area on lincoln drive if you're headed southbound, be aware that between rittenhouse street and kelly drive, that stretch of road is closed due to construction. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at drive times on new jersey roads. tracy? >> katy, thanks. 5:33 right now. new this morning, police are searching for the gunman in what they are calling an execution-style, deadly shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. officers found a man on adams avenue with several gunshot wounds just after 12:30 this morning. authorities say the evidence shows the gunman fired 28 shots at the victim, some from just inches away. happening today, another day of legal arguments for bill cosby and his lawyers. >> yeah, they're trying to convince a judge not to allow more than a dozen accusers to testify when his case goes to trial. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live
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at the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. pam, cosby spoke out in court yesterday. tell us what happened in the hearing. >> reporter: yeah, there were more than one moment yesterday in court where cosby shouted out the answers to the questions that were actually meant for prosecutors. keep in mind, lawyers for cosby say the 79-year-old actor is suffering from vision and memory loss that leave him unable to defend himself in his upcoming sexual assault trial. but back to what happened yesterday in the courtroom. it was explosive. this was an all out fight between the prosecution and the defense. the prosecution is hoping the judge will allow testimony from 13 other cosby accusers to be heard in the case involving a 2004 encounter with andrea consta constand. they argue the testimony of these women support constand's story and help establish a pattern that cosby would meet younger women, befriend them, gain their trust, isolate them, drug them, and then sexually assault them. cosby has denied the accusations
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and the defense is fighting to keep that testimony out of court. at one point, the d.a., who did not identify the women by name in court paperwork to protect their identities, accused the defense of trying to intimidate the witnesses by first naming them and by planning a photo presentation of the victims. the judge had to jump in and repeatedly stop both sides from shouting, and at one point, the judge even suggested that police could intervene. the stakes are high and the fight will continue in the courtroom today as the judge decides whether or not to allow a jury to hear from these 13 other accusers as well. reporting live outside the montgomery county courthouse, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 5:35 and 35 degrees outside. today is the deadline for proposals to revive a philadelphia neighborhood destroyed in a bombing and fire. the philadelphia redevelopment authority wants developers to buy 36 properties on osage avenue in cobbs creek. those properties were destroyed in 1985 after a standoff between
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philadelphia police and move activists. that standoff led to a bombing and fire that killed 11 people, including 5 children. the deadline for all proposals is at 3:00 today. this morning, new details about a story we brought you as an nbc 10 kpluv yesterday morning. a police chase and crash could now help police figure out multiple high-end carjackings. police say the car involved in the chase was stolen in whitpain township, montgomery county, but the chase started in whitemarsh township and went into springfield before coming to a crash ending in philadelphia. nbc 10 was there as the police chase came to the screeching halt in philly and investigators say it may be linked to a theft ring involving high-end cars. police in lower gwyneth say since november 1st, five land rovers and audis have disappeared. they're comparing evidence with police in whitpain. police are trying to stop a brazen gunman before he strikes again.
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investigators say he already struck twice in the feltonville neighborhood, first at the double deli on rosehill street, the next day at the rafael mini market just blocks away on gransback street. here's a look at the surveillance video from saturday, showing the gunman pushing past customers and shooting a 63-year-old clerk in the leg. this is the one at the double deli. longtime customers say they're shocked. >> he's a very friendly guy, very nice guy. i don't understand, like, what is the neighborhood coming to? >> a wonderful person. nothing like that ever happened before. >> police are still investigating, but they believe the gunman may be from the neighborhood. a judge is throwing out a hazing lawsuit against penn state university. a former kappa delta rho fraternity member filed that suit, saying that he was burned with cigarettes and forced to drink urine-laced alcohol, but the case is not completely dismissed. the judge has left in place a negative claim against kappa
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delta rho. penn state suspended the frat for three years after the allegations surfaced. happening today, temple will introduce jeff collins as its newest head football coach. the school formally announced collins' hiring yesterday. he was a defensive coordinator at the university of florida before accepting the head coaching job in philly. he will be -- this will be collins' first head coaching gig. the 45-year-old also worked at mississippi state, where he coached eagles defensive lineman fletcher cox. and speaking of the owls, they took on the villanova wildcats at the pavilion last night and they quickly found out why villanova's the deafening national champs. this wasn't even close. the wildcats took temple down 78-57 in their big 5 battle. nova seniors josh hard and last year's hero kris jenkins shined against the owls and led the wildcats to their win. after the game, they talked about what it means to be the best college basketball team in the city of philadelphia. >> it's an honor, definitely humbling. you know the big 5, the
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tradition, we have great teams every year, so it's something th that, you know, 10, 20, 30 years down the line, we'll look back and think that's pretty cool. >> with the win, the wildcats stay undefeated at 11-0. 5:39, 35 degrees in philadelphia. a pretty nice morning. a dry morning. that's a live view of the city from the adventure aquarium. we're still seeing the temperatures fall at this hour. no sunshine just yet, but once we get some sunshine, a nice warm-up today. we'll wind up in the low 40s this afternoon. that's by 2:00 in philadelphia. the suburbs a few scattered clouds right now, mainly sunny during the day. some late-afternoon clouds as well, but no sign of any wet weather during the day today. 36 degrees and a 10-mile-an-hour wind. that's going to make it feel chillier, but windy conditions, those will wait until tomorrow. lehigh valley, a few scattered clouds. no wet weather, though isolated
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showers overnight, but not right now. 27 degrees, a little colder at 8:00, then that slow climb in the middle to upper 30s this afternoon. totally dry and lots of sunshine. you'll need your sunglasses today in the lehigh valley and in new jersey, where it's 32 right now, but by lunchtime, closer to 40 degrees and into the very low 40s this afternoon. at the shore, into the 40s to start with. a little bit cooler at 8:00, but right back into the 40s during the day. the winds will be a little bit stronger at the shore, 12-mile-an-hour breeze. that's at noontime. it continues into the 2:00 hour. the stronger winds will be here tomorrow, and that includes delaware, too. right now 34 degrees. just a 7-mile-an-hour breeze with sunshine, upper 30s at 10:00, near 40 degrees at 2:00, and then we start cooling down at 4:00. and that's the beginning of some much colder air that's going to work into our area starting tomorrow. look at that. 27 degrees. that's the high temperature tomorrow afternoon. friday morning the high of 25. but in the morning it will be in
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the lower teens. and then we'll warm up over the weekend, but that warm-up comes with wet weather and it will likely start as snow on saturday morning. take a closer look at that when i come back with the ten-day. >> see you then, bill. 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. and time to get a check on your morning commute. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has you covered. what are you seeing? >> last time i saw you, i told you about a disabled vehicle on 76 right at croton road. we've had very few incidents this morning. and in montgomery county, another one has popped up in marlborough township. there's been an accident at the intersection of upper ridge road at miller road. so be aware of that. i'll let you know as soon as it clears. taking a live look outside, this is route 202 at route 30. very light traffic in this area, but we know along route 202, especially, things pick up as the morning rush gets upon us, so i'll keep my eye on that. moving into delaware, for drivers in and around the wilmington area, if you're making your way on 95, it will take you about ten minutes to go northbound between 295 and 495.
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southbound is about the same drive and average speeds are in the low 60s right now for that stretch. >> all right, thank you, katy. a south jersey congregation is now without their church just days before christmas. an out-of-control truck demolished the building. up next, we'll explain why the pastor says a higher power intervened just in time. plus, a deluxe apartment in the sky! this is a live look at 2 liberty place. up next, find out why one penthouse may have just broken a local real estate record.
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happening today, a traveling education center will be in montgomery county to help people sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. independence blue cross will send its independence express to the bala cynwyd shopping center on city avenue from 10:00 to 6:00. the deadline to enroll is tomorrow. with less than two weeks until christmas, a church in cumberland county is now gone after a tractor-trailer crashed into it. the pastor says divine intervention may have played a role in saving his congregation from more tragedy. take a look at what happened at the wells of salvation god the father church in upper deerfield
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township. police say a pickup truck was involved in a collision with the tractor-trailer before it swerved into and hit the church on route 77 late sunday afternoon. you see here the walls caved in and the roof collapsed instantly, but the pastor says it could have been much worse since the churchgoers just left the church about 90 minutes before the crash. >> total loss. it hurt because we had things set up that we were going to do for christmas and new year's. >> i believe the lord has an appointed time, and i believe that time was appointed for us not to be there. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. a gofundme page has been set up to help the congregation get back on its feet. well, someone has paid a pretty penny to live atop a philadelphia skyscraper. here's a live look from the top of 2 liberty place. the 7,000-square-foot penthouse on the 57th floor just sold for $11 million, which could be the most expensive yet, according to the philadelphia business journal.
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these are sample shots from one of the penthouses in the building. the name of the buyer has not been disclosed, but take a look at those pictures. 2 liberty place was completed in 1990. residences were added in 2005 on the 42nd through 57th floor. >> pretty slick. >> we have to get an invite to that penthouse. some police in bucks county answered a call last night at a target store, but not a crime call. >> yeah, instead they were on a holiday mission. that mission was to find the best toys for children and families in need. a dozen warrington township officers helped the kids do some christmas shopping for themselves and also their families. they call it heroes and helpers, and they had a great time. >> what's it like? >> exciting. >> cool. >> we're people, too. we have families. a lot of times we're just seen as, you know, just an obstacle. it's about community. it's about just coming together.
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>> the target store in warrington partnered with the kids from nearby titus elementary school to help make the shopping spree happen. it's about coming together. it's about communities, you said. >> mm-hmm. this holiday season, help us share the stories of people who you know who are sharing kindness. >> this is really cool. nbc 10 and the "today" show are looking for people to feature, because we want to give them a shout-out, in the second annual #sharekindness campaign. the goal is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness through the holiday season, and we want you to get involved. follow #sharekindness on facebook and also use the hashtag on instagram or twitter to help us know about 1347b you know who is sharing kindness. season 11 of "the voice" is now over and we have a winner. >> sundance head! >> sundance head is this season's champion. the houston native took home the title with his original song "darling don't go," which is now the top song on itunes.
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he's with team blake. it's team blake's fifth win on the show. i had team adam last night. >> a shocker, huh? >> for me it was. >> well deserving. >> oh, my gosh. his song was so good. he wrote it when his wife was a little mad at him. >> country music! that's when it's good. >> that's when it's good. >> yeah, you'd never hear the songs -- ♪ everything's fine no. >> my wife left me with my best friend and i miss him. that's one of the songs i remember from -- yeah, no, it's a song! look it up. >> we're going to change the words of his song to autumn don't go, because we've got some winter weather on the way. you'll start feeling it. i mean, really feeling it tomorrow. look at the snowflakes! those are bolted to the light poles in havertown. that's a live view from haverto havertown. clear otherwise, clear skies, and we'll very plenty of sunshine during the day today. right now what we're looking at are mostly sunny skies for the forecast. a little bit of a breeze this afternoon, then it's going to be turning colder tonight.
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and that cold is going to carry us right on into the weekend. brutal cold. 35 degrees right now. tip cold for this time of year. 35 also in the lehigh valley and 34 in south jersey. there are a few suburbs that have dropped to freezing. west calen township, typically cooler. unionville just below freezing right now and wester, chadds ford, elroy, low 20s. bedminster's warmer at 32 degrees. everybody will see a warm-up into the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon. at the bus stop at 8:00, still cold, but we'll see bright sunshine for quakertown, atlantic city, wilmington, philadelphia at 34 degrees. that's the 8:00 hour. tomorrow morning, a different story. we're look at dangerous cold for pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware for thursday and friday. you'll feel it in the morning, but especially friday morning. that's when bitter cold and gusty winds. we could see winds gusting near 40 miles an hour on thursday.
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they'll still be kicking on friday morning, giving us windchills friday morning below zero for many neighborhoods. but we will be dry for today. satellite and radar show no sign of any wet weather. looking the west, cold is waiting in the wings to sweep in here. and that happens tonight. also tonight, we've got some clouds that will be building into the cape may area, south jersey. this is 7:30 this evening. watch what happens. we could see some brief snow showers, quick-moving snow shower. that's early tomorrow morning, southern and central delaware might see a quick inch of snow as that sweeps through the area. and then it's out. then we're just going to be cold. in fact, you can kind of see it in the clouds blowing through to the north. we'll see sunshine in our area, but we'll be watching for snow on friday morning. it's developing in the midwest. this is the snow that's going to come our way first thing on saturday morning. in fact, it starts moving in late friday night. this is 11:30 friday night. you can see some light snow falling in allentown, reading
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and wilmington, and this will continue into saturday morning. but it's not going to be all snow. it's going to be changing over during the day on saturday. no sign of any of that today. 42 degrees this afternoon. dangerous cold for thursday and friday, especially friday morning, then still cold saturday morning, and that's when the wet weather moves in, late friday night, saturday morning, starting off with some snow, some accumulating snow, but then changing over to rain during the day on saturday, and it's just rain for sunday. look at the temperature rebound. 58 degrees sunday after temperatures in the 20s thursday and friday. then it gets colder for monday and tuesday with a bit of a warm-up next week. we'll be up to 56 degrees with another round of wet weather on thursday. >> all right, bill, we'll be ready. eight minutes before 6:00 right now. let's get you ready to walk out the door, check the roads. there's a disabled vehicle in montgomery county to tell you about. >> yeah, katy zachry's in jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> approaching the 6:00 hour, a few things are popping up. pretty minor overall. this is springfield township at
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bethlehem pike and windsor road, you'll find a disabled vehicle there. i'll let you know when that clears. there is an accident that popped up in montgomery county, marlboro township at upper ridge road and miller road, at that intersection there. expect a little bit of a delay because of the crash. and also taking a live look outside, the roosevelt boulevard at 9th street. both directions you can see traffic is running pretty smoothly. pretty light at this hour. i'm going to keep an eye on that, though, because at this time yesterday things really got heavy with some construction. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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three of the hounds are ready to be adopted. >> they're never going to forget what they've been through, but really what we want them to know is the present and to know that they're loved and to know that people care about them. >> the dogs' former owner faces animal cruelty charges. >> they need love, just like people. up next at 6:00, how the "nbc responds" team helped get action. plus, we're live in norristown for day two of hearings in bill cosby's sex assault case. we'll tell you about the courtroom outburst that happened on day one. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at three minutes before 6:00 and 35 degrees outside. >> flapping out there. if you're heading out, have the free nbc 10 news app. it's your one stop for breaking news, first alert weather and traffic all day long.
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execution-style murder. a man is dead after someone opened fire in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood overnight. fireworks in court. shouting matches break out at bill cosby's hearing. later this morning he returns for day two. and remembering the victims. today communities across the country will mark the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook ç


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