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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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edge of the arctic air right now, and there's nothing to stop it. it's not going to last very long, a couple of days worth, compared to other parts of the country, we're getting off lucky, 34 in coatesville, 33 in allentown, but you don't have to go back to the west very far, it feels like it's 16 in pittsburgh and below zero in chicago and way below zero up in minneapolis. look at the wind arrows. where is it going? it's coming right in our direction. so what's going to happen is, by tomorrow morning, it's going to start feeling like it's in the single digits, in some places low single digits. but the end of the day tomorrow, it willing feeling like zero and in some places a little bit below zero, and even friday morning, it's going to be fe feeling brutally cold.
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as a matter of fact, as we go through the end of the weekend, we're going to be seeing some temperatures in the 50s, or even 60s. >> up and down. meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us now. >> but it's not going to be too warm, it's going to be warm up -- these single digit windchills, they're going to go away friday afternoon, but that it's cold enough to support the snow coming friday night. so we have a first alert out for philadelphia, the philadelphia suburbs and the lehigh valley. by 11:00 p.m. friday, through saturday morning, that's the general time frame we expect a lot of this to start. it's going to start with rain,
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then we'll see a brief icy mix before it changes over to rain for the rest of your saturday morning. here's what future weather looks like, now tonight, this is 2:00 in the morning, overnight going into early tomorrow. there's one small weather system that could put a coating maybe even an inch of snow into south jersey and delaware. by the morning commute, nothing will be falling for the morning commute tomorrow. what we're concerned about is the change over to an icy mix. it looks to be brief, because the temperatures -- it will be lifting up to the north for the
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morning, so that snow to the north and waste will be quickly changing to rain, especially through the middle of the day on saturday, coming up, we'll take a closer look at the cold for tomorrow and a closer look at the timeline for the snow. >> and whether it's the snow or the dangerous cold, you can get your weather on our nbc10 app. an under ground fire is continuing to cause traffic problems in west philadelphia, video shows the flames you can see there shooting out of a man he hole, this is at 49th and windsor. is the cause of the fire still unknown. a judge must now decide if 13 women should be allowed to testify in bill cosby's sex assault trial. this is after two days of testimony in the case, cosby denies all of the charges in the case and has pleaded not guilty. and the federal reserve has
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announced an interest rate hike, the rate has knew been increased a .25%. and new at 5:00, wiretaps and kickbacks, sounds like the plot of a political thriller. >> now one of the county's long time leaders is accused of organizing this scandal. >> reporter: he says he nows how he allegedly obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of a kick back scheme, but still the answer is why. 73-year-old edward mitchell declined comment as he was led away by dictionaries. mitchell spied on several
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councilmembers and the office staff. he allegedly had his co-defendant, thomas willard install cameras, here's disguised as motion detectors. the borough management declined comment but let us inside council chambers to see where the recording devices had been removed. >> these devices have been filming and recording borough activities illegally and in violation of the pennsylvania wiretap act. >> their alleged kickbacks began in 2009. and mitchell and willard agreed that willard would get 10% of -- then a check cashing company called about cashing a $750,000 check. >> and we have a former employee on one occasion, he specifically remembers delivering a $5,000 envelope in cash to the house.
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>> reporter: suspicions aroesgen when $30,000 worth of dash cams were ordered but never arrived. >> mitchell tells logan, submit another invoice, and thus the borough pays twice. >> reporter: now we also went to mitchell's neighborhood and coming up in the next hour, you're going to hear what his neighborhood has to say, still no motive known. now back to those new developments in the big cosby criminal case. a pretrial hear for the comedian just ended after attorneys clashed over potential evidence in his sex assault case. >> here's the key issue here that lawyers are fighting over. should the judge allow the prosecution call to the witness stand more than a dozen women,
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13 to be exact, that say bill cosby sexual assaulted them. montgomery county da argued that cosby is a serial offender strikes when he can control the situation and not get caught. steele said, quote, this is a lifetime of sexual assaults on young women. one of the women says cosby assaulted her more than 40 years ago. she says she only came forward after hear the stories of other women who claim to be victim the victims say they did not come forward because this is bill cosby and no one would believe him. and the defense says no, this is bill cosby and they followed the money. none of these women came forward until claims were made by andrea constand in 2005 and that's when he says a plan was hatched to bring down america's icon.
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turning now to the presidentipresident al transition. today president-elect donald trump officially named rick perry as energy secretary. the president-elect said the former texas governor would help maker energy independent. perry has previously said he wanted to eliminate the energy department. today silicon valley leaders made their way to a technology summit. companies including apple, microsoft and am son sat down with president-elect trump. delaware senator chris coons medded to trump tower to meet with the president-elect elect. he wanted to invite mr. trump to the every president since dwight
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eisenhower has spoken at the event. sches excited for the honor. that's the day many philadelphians will never forget. the 1985 police bombing destroyed much of the police block of ocean saj avenue. >> no word from the city on hum kbids came in. people living in gloucester county has new help today for
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fighting work. it's mission is to help train and education the counties -- the center also helps gain the experience needed to land a permanent job. if you hop on a flight out of the lehigh valley international airport, you may be able to get through security faster. because officials today cut the ribbon to open a tsa precheck lane there. that alous travelers to get through screening without taking their shoes off or taking off their belts. and just in to nbc 10, a data breach has just been uncovered at yahoo we'll gathering details. plus this piece of metal may look tiny, now imagine 55 tons of it. how a group of thieves got away with that much before they were caught. plus the fed laz raised interest rates. and a live look at the schuylkill river boardwalk.
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the school kill express way. bitter cold is going to be moving in quickly. then we're on the lookout for some snow.
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breaking news right now that could affect your personal
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information. yahoo is reporting that hackers tell data from more than 1 million user accounts. this hack dating back to august of 2013. it includes e-mail addresses, names pass words, yahoo says it's taken steps to secure user accounts. stay with nbc10 for more details about this data breach. now to a handful of workers allegedly who stole 55 tons of nickel from their employer. >> police have now arrested 7 of the 8 men accused of crime. one guy -- according to authorities the nickel worth about $9 a pound was smuggled out of the factory in trucks. the man who allegedly sold the nickel to a metal recycling company in philadelphia for half
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its value. now to the stock market. had a tough day after word of an interest rate hike. today the federal reserve increased the rate by a quarter of a point. the hike could influence credit market. officials say it was done because of the signs the american economy is improving. this is only the second rate hike by the fed in the last ten years. millions of americans will a reminder of how this increase is going to affect them. >> here to help us with this is dom chu. how will this increase affect people's savings accounts? >> absolutely right. so on the pro side of things, if you're a retiree, a pensioner, someone living on a fixed, you're not getting any interest income from your bonds, from your cds, from your savings
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accounts. it could flow to things like your savings accounts and your bond funds. with banks, they don't necessarily have to increase your deposit rate. but over time it could be a positive if that does happen. if you've got bonds related funds in your 401(k) or your ira, those things may be earning more interest. >> could this increase also lead to higher mortgage rates? >> it's not just could, it already has led to higher mortgage rates. if you look at the 30-year year fixed mortgage rates, they've gone up to over 4% already. just to give you an idea of the kinds of money we're talking about here, for a standard $250,000 mortgage, i know that in many parts of the country that's expensive or cheap, but
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we'll use it as a bench marks. if you were to raise interest rates .25%, you're talking about an extra $36 in your payment. in a car loan, it turns into about $4 a month. >> makes a difference. also tonight, we're getting ready for a double whammy of weather. >> we are tracking snow to the start of the weekend, but first the bitter cold is coming despite the colder weather. nbc10 talked to a group of construction workers in cumberland county, new jersey, they say work does not slow down in the winter and they plan to continue as normal throughout this arctic blast. over at the christmas village in center city, i was there this weekend, people shopping for their holiday
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gifts. it's beautiful, but sheena, you do need to be careful if you're going to be out there in this frigid weather. >> some areas could see them right around zero as we go into thursday night and friday morning. first we're tracking bitter cold, then we'ring snow for part of your wooirk, right now we're nice and dry across the area, and temperatures are fairly comfortable for this time of the evening. right now we're at 40 degrees in philadelphia, and yes it's getting colder, so make sure you bundle up the kids tomorrow morning at the bus stop, maybe just leave them in the car with the heat on until the bus gets there. 36 in wilmington, 36 currently in vineland. our wind is not very high right now, right around 5 to 10 miles an hour. it's all going to be filtering in from the west to the northwest. that's where we see winds already gusting 20 to 25 miles
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an hour. but that wind direction, that's what's pulling in this arctic air. this is what it feels like, 14 below zero right now in minneapolis, feels like minus 11 in green bay, single digits in detroit and chicago and we will be feeling like single digits tomorrow. so it is going to be dangerously cold in some areas especially later tomorrow night and friday morning. the snow is not going to get here until the start of the weekend, we'll take a look at those feels like temperatures right now. we're feeling close to freezing through some parts of the area, watch as the numbers drop off, and they drop off quick as we go into tomorrow morning, there's 8:30, feeling like single digits, now we're looking at 8:30 at night, so 12 hours later and we are still windy and we are still very cold, still feeling like single digits, some areas north and west feeling like zero. early friday morning, there's a chance that through our lehigh
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valley, maybe our pennsylvania suburbs could be feeling below zero. so it's going to be very cold tomorrow. then we go into the weekend, we have a first alert for snow and wintry mix for philadelphia, the philadelphia suburbs and the lehigh valley. it's going to be the general time frame for accumulating snow and an icy mix. and we expect slippery roads. 2:00 a.m., operavernight tonigh into tomorrow morning, south jersey could see a coating or a little more in those areas, we're dry through the day tomorrow, and dry tomorrow afternoon. so now we're looking at midnight, going into saturday morning, snow, and then we see
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6:00 a.m. saturday, the transition to rain for south jersey and delaware, the pink is showing us an icy mix, it should be fairly brief, snow north and west through the lehigh valley, then watch out quickly this transitions over to rain. we're going to start to warm up pretty quick on saturday. so we'll see a lot of that move over to rain, and we'll see warming conditions across the entire area even sunday. so your whole weekend forecast, mid 20s, but we're going to stay dry, then we see the snow move in very early friday morning, then we'll see an icy mix, transitioning to rain. then we go go sunday, some areas, could be closer to 60 degrees. coming up we'll take a closer at this and the cold for tomorrow. holiday gifts are landing on doorsteps all over, but in one small neighborhood, they're not coming from the mailman, ahead,
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the first successful drone dropoff and what was in that package. >> everybody time somebody opened the door, they're like, is he there? oh, my gosh, and then we got to stand up and shake his hands. >> who can this reaction from a group of pennsylvania students? the secret guest who surprised them on a skchool trip that's next at 5:00.
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a school choir who knew they
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were headed to the white house. they didn't know they were going to have an up-close and personal meeting with the president. >> all of a sudden we hear his voice and he walks into the room. >> i almost forgot my name. >> i'm still processing. honestly, it's like a dream. >> the white house hasn't released photos of the kids with president obama, but they can picture scene even when they close their eyes. this week's wednesday's child is a great young man, he loves sports, music and playing video games. >> but the one thing missing in his life is a family to encourage hem as he strives for success. nbc10 introduces us to terrell. >> we brought terrell today to a wednesday's child what are arnold's family fun center
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in pa where there's everyone from bowling to go-cart racing. >> i like to play football -- we're not watching today. we're going to be in it. >> terrell is 17 and the jr. high school. so what does he want most in a forever family? >> in many ways terrell is a typical teenager who loves sports, listening to music and perhaps being outdoors just riding a bike. terrell is very curious, just asking questions. he likes learning things, he's with directions, which is great because i'm terrible with
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directions. he loves being out in the community. he does very well with me and he really likes being helpful. terrell would do well with two parents. he would do well with kids his or maybe a little bit older and he just needs a family to help him gain the skills he needs. >> terrell is this week's wednesday's child. some breaking news we are following from the frankfurt neighborhood. a 13-year-old girl was stabbed in the hand after a fight there. this is a live look from sky force 10. it happened within the past hour. the girl was taken to the hospital with cuts to her hand. police have not made any arrests, we're going to stay on too much of this, we're going to be right back.
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today people were bundled up as the chilly weather continues. you can see that people were wearing their gloves and hats in olney this afternoon. by the time you get to work tomorrow morning, the temperature will have dropped big time. and the wind blowing will make it feel even colder. >> and we're also expecting some
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snow. parts of new jersey and delaware will some flakes tonight and then more in time for the weekend. let's get the latest from meteorologist sheena parveen. >> tomorrow we're going to see that dangerous cold starting to set in, but it's not here yet. temperatures are feeling around the upper 30s to nearly 40 degrees, that's what it feels like when you factor in the breeze we have. 33 allentown. take a look at the weather off to our west, we have 2 below zero windchills in chicago. it's minus 14 in minneapolis. you can see the arrows moving mostly northwest to southeast. feels like temperature when you factor in the wind. tomorrow morning it's going to feel like single digits for some areas afternoon and pots possib. by friday morning, it's another frigid start with temperatures
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feeling like the single digits. this is dangerous cold. then we go into friday evening, it will feel like the mid 20s, actual highs will be in the mid 20s. first alert for snow and a wintry mix to start off your saturday. the timing is going to be 11:00 p.m. friday, that's when it will start to move in overnight and into saturday morning. so what we do expect accumulating snow, brief icy mix before it changes over to rain, but either way, early in the morning saturday, that'sg. if we take a look at future weather here, a sma tough overn. briefly, not falling in the morning when you wake up. over south jersey and delaware, some of you could wake up with a coating or so. coming up i'll show you the rest of what that looks like into your saturday straight ahead. and when you hit the road tomorrow for work or school,
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you're going to feel the bitter cold out there. >> but aaa tells us only about half the people make sure their car is ready for this cold air. >> and aaa expecting their phones to be ringing off the hook pretty soon? >> reporter: they say as early as tomorrow morning, their phones will be buzzing and their bays will be filling up. for things like car breakdowns and dead batteries, the all important car preps that often get forgotten on not so freezing days like today. it's been the perfect day to recharge your batteries. for alexa and maria it's a 20-mile trip preparing for a marathon. but to make sure your car can go the extra mile this weekend in what is about to turn frigid
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bone-chilling cold, don't forget your car battery too. >> cars are on a bigger level, the first big coldey're done. >> reporter: jason laid out the essentials. he's urging drivers to use today's comfortable weather to check batteries, tires and get the safety essentials if you don't already take them along for the ride. >> a pair of gloves, they got a poncho in there. >> people are doing their holiday shopping, they're getting their travel plans set and they're prepping their homes for the holidays, what they're not thinking about is prepping their cars for the cold. >> if there's a little bit of moisture on the ground and it freezes, it doesn't necessarily have to be ice but it can get slippery. >> reporter: kitty litter can -- the cooling system is actually part of your freezer. so if your anti-freeze is
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running nice and smooth, your heat is going to work night and hot. >> reporter: most of the mistakes people make is driving too fast and not making sure they have a full gas tank in case of an emergency. and here's another way to stay ready, the nbc10 morning team has the latest on this bitter cold weather. get updates every 10 minutes starting at 4:30 a.m. here are some of the top stories. crews trying to figure out what sparked fire in philadelphia. video shows flames shoots out of a manhole at 49th and wind sorry. bill cosby was back in a norristown courtroom for day two in a pretrial hear in his
5:36 pm
assault case. the hear wrapped up less than an hour ago and no decision today from the judge. but attorneys argued that 13 a testify for the the prosecution says that these stories are similar to the story of andrea constand. cosby denies all the charges and has pleaded not guilty. philadelphia police are investigating an execution style murder in frankford, police say someone shot a 27-year-old man several times around 12:30 this morning on adams avenue. officers found 30 bullet casings near his body and witnesses saw someone running from the area. the jury could begin deliberating as as tomorrow in the trial of the charleston search massacre defendant. today the government -- he's confessed to the shooting which left nine church members dead. today the prosecution's last witness took the stand. polly sheppard was the survivor
5:37 pm
whom roof deliberately left alive. she spoke about that earlier this year. >> sometimes i feel guilty all of these people are gone and i'm still here. but i know god has me here for a reason. >> during tearful testimony today, sheppard refused to refer to roof by his name. today we're hear from people who heard from allan thicke. the canadian actor also wrote the theme songs for shows like different strokes and the facts of life. he even hosted a nighttime talk show for a while. he suffered a stroke while playing hockey with his teenaged son. witnesses say he didn't know how serious his condition was. >> he got on the gurney and said
5:38 pm
to his son, hey, get a picture of me with the rink in the background. and as they were wheeling him off, he gave us the thumbs up, like i'm doing good. >> earlier this year thicke appeared as himself in the sitcom "this is us." health experts say one state here in delaware valley is putting children's health at risk. see what state is coming in dead last when it comes to the limiting the effects of smoking. see how christmas came early for a patient at this local rehab center.
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. students and faculty at the
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john leach elementary school. the children have some skbel le intellectual and physical challenges but nothing can stop them from dancing. amount of 10s going out for the crowd. on monday, santa is going to arrive at the school in a helicopter. the twilight wish foundation made sure they were not forgotten during this season of giving. many residents of lutherwood's nursing center were surprised with christmas gifts today. the twilight wish foundation grants wishes to seniors who have no family or even visitors. one resident whose favorite actor is john travolta got what she was wishing for. >> we have a live sized john travolta. >> oh, my gosh, look at that! >> merry christmas!
5:42 pm
>> oh, my god! >> this is for you. >> wow. >> i'll never forget it. i will never, ever forget it. >> that is sweet. the organization has granted more than 2,500 wishes. >> we're going to be wishing for some warmer temperatures because we're tracking a double dose of winter weather this week. >> first the cold and then the snow. >> we're talking about cold, with windchills in the singles tomorrow. some areas could get below zero. i'll show your the timing of it all coming up next. plus what if your own car could tell if you were drunk to drive. safety experts say they found a way. we're going to show you this new tech next at 5:00.
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time's running out if you're planning on signing up for obama care. people who don't need their insurance to kick in on the first of the year, they have until january 31st to sign up. the new report finds new jersey is tied for last place when it comes to funding programs aimed at stopping kids from smoking. that's according to a report by
5:46 pm
the centers for disease control. it says the garden state receives more than $940 from a tobacco settlement and cigarette taxes but spends zero of it on prevention. delaware rates number 6 among states for smoking prevention. drive sober or get pulled over. the national highway association kicked off that campaign today. this year in addition to increased police checkpoints and drunk driving apps, they're unveiling the dadss that system passively detects a driver's blood alcohol concentration and prevents drivers from starting the car if they are at or above the limit. it wants the technology installed in every car delivered
5:47 pm
in the u.s. >> unfortunately we have to lose people before we decide it's time to get something done. >> last year 240 people were killed in alcohol related traffic accidents during the holiday season. in delaware, more than,000 special olympics athletes are showing off their basketball skills. today middle toutown students w students at all levels have completed in dribbling, passing and shooting events. amazon said it successfully made its first drone drop of a customer's order. the online retailer posted this video showing a drone taking off from a warehouse in the uk what did it have. 15 minutes later, the drone dropped the package outside a
5:48 pm
customer's home. amazon is hoping drones they can make the delivery in 30 minutes or less but that's only during clear weather and with packages that weigh 8 pounds or less. the cold is going to be here tomorrow when you step outside, so be prepared. right now it feels like 40 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow morning, it's going feel like close to single digits, then throughout the day, mostly single digits across the area. the coldest air we have seen so f far, bundle yourself up, bundle the kids up. right now it feels like 36 in wilmington and 36 in vineland. minneapolis feeling like 14 degrees below zero. that air mass is going to move in as early as tomorrow morning. take a look at the feels like
5:49 pm
temp. watch as we start off the day tomorrow, these 20s quickly drop to single digits by 9:00 a.m. could be feeling like 9 degrees tomorrow in philly, and mid teens in south jersey and delaware. 7: 30 tomorrow evening, feeling close to zero. winds gusting near 40 miles an hour. so then we look at 6:30 friday morning, i think some areas in the lehigh valley, do have a chance of seeing briefly the feels like temperature drop below zero. everybody else mostly single digits, so very cold air, dangerously cold for many areas as we go through the next 24 to 36 hours. locally we're nice and drier, though, it's going to first start as snow through much of the area. so because of that, we have a first alert out. snow and a wintry mix mainly. snow in philadelphia, the pa
5:50 pm
suburbs and the lehigh valley. it's going to start 11:00 p.m. friday, changing e ing ting to mix on saturday morning. tune in here first, and we'll show you the radar and up to the minute what it looks like tomorrow. we do expect it to change over to rain. here's a look at future weather, temperatures get down around freezing tonight. we have an area moving through delaware and south jersey, many of you sleeping, it's going to move by quickly. nothing falling for the morning commute. then we go through the day, through the day friday, we're going to stay dry, but again, it's going to get very cold. here comes the snow. this is saturday, 1:00 in the morning, so if you have the friday night plans, and if you're going to be out very late, you could be out when some of the snow starts to move in,
5:51 pm
accumulating overnight. the pink showing us an icy mix right around the philadelphia area, snow through the lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs and the poconos, that rain-snow line quickly moves to the north. then we get snow as we get through the later hours of the morning. lester holt joining us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> hey, lester. >> ahead for us tonight, an nbc news exclusive, we learn about russia's motivation to hack the united states election. what the end of cheap money means to the price you pay. and word of the latest yahoo hack, stealing the personal information of up to a billion people. four years ago today, the shooting at sandy hook elementary left 26 people dead
5:52 pm
in new town, connecticut. but the tragedy is still affecting people around the nation. next at 5:00, how a local community is making sure the victims' names are never forgotten.
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a community in new town held
5:55 pm
a moment of silence today in remembrance of the victims of sandy hook. >> how local communities are honoring the victims. >> reporter: this display is a somber reminder of the events, tragedy at sandy hook elementary school. these t-shirts represent the 26 lives lost in the worst school shooting in history. >> it was one of those days i will never forget. it was something that every december breaks my heart anew. >> reporter: a remembrance on the front lawn of the presbyterian church of chestnut hill remembers the victims of the sandy hook tragedy. 20 child sized t-shirts for the youngest lives lost. six more shirts in blue representing the six staff members who died trying to save them. all names read aloud, some of
5:56 pm
them through tears. >> these were 6 and 7-year-olds. it's just terrible that someone would do something like that. >> ryan mill if it shocked the o beginning to change the gun laws of america, i certainly hope so. >> a 20-year-old gunman shot his way into a connecticut schoolhouse. today it was marked by vigils and prayers and the acknowledgement that there's been little federal progress toward common sense gun laws. and for this group, change comes with raising awareness. ♪ was blind but now i see >> reporter: th
5:57 pm
nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. next on nbc10 news at 6:00, the bill cosby case is over for now. we're live with what just happened at today's hear. a race to protect houses at the jersey shore before dangerous cold moves in. >> a lot of people are going to get caught off guard here. >> why waiting can cost you thousands.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
waiting on the judge. two days of contentious hearings on the bill cosby case, we're live with what happened. casino robbery, a woman is trailed and then attacked on her way out. a first at 6:00, nbc10 is democrat tracking a temperature plunge. >> first up at 6:00, tonight is the night you'll want to enjoy a skate at the blue cross river rink because starting tomorrow, you may not want to step outside. whether you live in philadelphia
6:00 pm
or up in the poconos, temperatures are going to drop. the ski resorts are going to get that fresh powder and they're going to love it. tonight people at the jersey shore could even get some snow. >> let's begin with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more about the arctic air tomorrow. >> it's the arctic air that set us up for the weekend. we have artic air right now, it extends all the way back through the northern states, thursday into friday, at least a part of friday before things ease up. let's look at the temperatures now, 38 degrees in philadelphia, already down to 32 in allentown, 34 in coatesville, it's the way it feels, but we look to the west, and it feels colder that. in pittsburgh, that 14-degree air headed our way for tomorrow


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