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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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whether you live in philadelphia or up in the poconos, temperatures are going to drop. the ski resorts are going to get that fresh powder and they're going to love it. tonight people at the jersey shore could even get some snow. >> let's begin with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more about the arctic air tomorrow. >> it's the arctic air that set us up for the weekend. we have artic air right now, it extends all the way back through the northern states, thursday into friday, at least a part of friday before things ease up. let's look at the temperatures now, 38 degrees in philadelphia, already down to 32 in allentown, 34 in coatesville, it's the way it feels, but we look to the west, and it feels colder that. in pittsburgh, that 14-degree air headed our way for tomorrow morning.
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feels like 18 in chicago. below zero in chicago. we're not going to get the full brunt of that, but we're certainly going to get a good chunk of it and you're going to feel it by the time you get out tomorrow morning. it feels like 32 now, by the time you get to tomorrow morning, it's going to feel like closer to 5. by late in the day or the evening, it's going to feel like zero, maybe even below zero in some spots, maybe even friday morning it's going to be bitter cold, by friday afternoon, things start to get a little more tolerable. and that's when the precipitation starts approaching and we'll go to meteorologist sheena parveen for more on how that's going to affect us. >> with the temperatures so cold on friday, anything falling is going to be snow, as we go into friday night and early saturday morning, so we have a first alert out because of that, for philadelphia, the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. a first alert for snow and a wintry mix. it's going to start 11:00 p.m.
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friday, it's going to go through the overnight hours and through saturday morning. what we expect first is accumulating snow and that's going to change over to a brief icy mix early saturday morning and then going to change over to snow. but we do expect slippery roads, if you need to be out in this, i would wait until it changes over to rain, and that will be shortly after sun rise. we mentioned a little bit of snow for new jersey and delaware, some areas could wake up to a coating or more. friday we stay dry and then friday night, 11:30 p.m. that will move in overnight. and quickly for south jersey and delaware, now we're looking at 6:00 a.m. saturday, changing over to rain, and the pink, that's where you see the icy mix. it's going to be brief. rain to the south and this icy mix, this rain-snow line that we
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see is going to quickly lift up to the north and we'll see a lot of change over to rain. closer look at the timing on this coming up. and nbc10's first alert team of meteorologist keeping a very close eye on this cold and the snow around the clock. count on nbc10 and the nbc10 app for the weather in your neighborhood. now to the bill kos by court case in montgomery case. cosby's lawyers say that more than a dozen women are band wagon accusers. nbc10's deanna durante covered both stays of hearings and she joins us live outside the courthouse. >> reporter: the prosecution says they need to introduce witnesses from 13 other sexual
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assault victims the da says he's a serial offender who strikes when he can control the situation and not get caught. that's why we wants to bring in 13 women who say bill cosby sexual assaulted them. one case dates back nearly 40 years. she's a woman who says she only came forward after hear the accounts of the first victim. and that's a major problem according to the cosby defense. they say they have no way to defend actor from the allegations because victim number one and 12 other women prosecutors want to bring forward have claims that are vague, they can't name dates, times or places where these alleged assaults happened. the defense says how can they be sure where cosby was if they don't have specific dates and places. the bandwagon of claims -- cosby's defense lawyer told the judge none of these women came forward until claims made by andrea constand in 2005. then a plan was hatched to,
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quote, bring down an american icon. coz by is charged with sexual assaulting andrea constand in 2004 and that is the only claim defense lawyers say the jury should hear. >> what is happening in this case, we believe that in order for anybody in this country to get a fair trial, the things that are happening here can't happen. this man is presumed innocent, he's charged with one incident. that should be what we talk about. >> reporter: now prosecutors told the judge that many of these women did not report the crimes because this was bill cosby and they feared they would not be believed. however defense attorneys say that the reason those women are coming forward now is because he is bill cosby. the judge says he will take systsome time to decide. the trial is set to begin in early june.
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to another case involving wiretaps and kick backs, nbc10 questioned the delaware county councilman arrested today in a scheme involving security equipment. monique braxton joining us withal allegations dating back years. >> he doesn't know why ed mitchell would install surveillance cameras and spy on councilmembers here. but mitchell got $133,000 in kickbacksal for wiretaps in this building. investigators say mitchell spied on fellow councilmembers and their staff. see the dangling cables? the da says that's where thomas willard installed cameras disguised as motion detectors.
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>> it's a flagrant violation of the trust that the people of upland of course and in delaware county place in an elected official. >> reporter: their alleged kick back skaem started in 2009. mitchell and willard greered mitchell would 10% to 15% of every borough invoice generated by willard's downingtown company, then a check cashing company called about cashing a $750,000 check. also mitchell allegedly had $500,000 in cash delivered to his house. no one answered the door at the mitchell home. suspicions aroesgen when $30,000 worth of dash cams were ordered but never arrived. mitchell a allegedly told the former police chief not to
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report the -- >> i would never have expected it. i didn't that he would need to do that really. >> now even though mitchell's attorney says he's innocent, the da says mitchell has confessed and is cooperating, his bond is set at $100,000. monique braxton, nbc10 news. the final co-defendant in the chaka fattah conviction won't spend time behind bars, today bonnie bowser was sentenced to house arrest and probati probation. three other defendants did receive prison time and the former congressman got a 10-year sentence. delaware senator chris coons spent the day in new york at trump tower. the senate lawmaker met to invite him to the national prayer breakfast.
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every president since dwight eisenhower has spoken at the event. coons is a member of the foreign relations committee. president-elect's transition team says donald trump is receiving formal intelligence briefings several times a week, donald trump is also meeting every day with his new national security advisor michael flynn. the president-elect says he doesn't need to here the same information every day, only when things change. and donald trump made it official this morning, former texas governor rick perry was nominated for energy secretary. for the past year, perry has served on a board that owns one of the largest energy asset portfol portfolios. he also said he would eliminate the same department he was nominated to lead. the federal reserve says the rate has now been increased a quarter of a point. it is the first increase in a year, and that hike could
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increase credit payments. yahoo says hackers stole data for more than a billion user accounts in 2013. it is said to be the largest data breach. yahoo says it will require users to change it's pass words and invalidate their security questions. right here new at 6:00, thieves followed a 73-year-old woman from the parks casino floor and then robbed her in the parking lot. then police released video of two men inside the casino around 8:00 at night on december 11. the man ripped the woman's purse from her shoulder and then took off. they left in a car with new jersey tagses and police believe they are from the newark area. a developer wants to buy the st. mary of the assumption
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church property and use it to build about 30 apartments and parking spaces. next, on nbc10 news at 6:00, time is ticking to make sure your home is ready for the winter. why this arctic air could end up costs you big bucks. plus an eagles starter suffering from anxiety attacks, tonight what's causing him to be so nervous he can't play.
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that's internationally known pianist performing at the overbrook school for the blind. he's currently performing with the philly pops. at the jersey shore, there's a race to get vacation homes ready for the frigid air that will blast the region. >> nbc10 new jersey shore reporter has that story from ocean city.
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>> for jason nardelli and kristen hanna, every last drop of water has to go. their mission to prevent scenes like this, water spraying from pipes that froze then burst. >> a lot of people are going to get caught off guard here. >> reporter:s t >> reporter: the technicians were busy winterizing homes in jersey city before temperatures take a nose dive tonight. >> what's coming, it's pretty important, especially when the wind blows right through. >> reporter: the arctic air has prompted a flurry of messages for homeowners all along the jersey shore to make sure their house are properly winterized. >> generally it's outside showers it starts, but then when it gets colder, it moves inside,
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then we see houses flood out. >> reporter: we're told winterizing your house should only cost a few hundred dollars, but that could save you thousands. if your place at the shore isn't yet prepped for winter, consider taking a trip down to at the very least, turn up the heat. >> once your is frozen, we can't winterize it. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> are those people getting in their cars heading to the shore to get to their houses? >> there's so much to know, so much to think about this time of year. >> we have got winter coming in, first with the arctic air, then we have got some snow here, we issued the first alert for the cold, then we issued a first alert for the snow and the wintry mix. not only for philadelphia, the philadelphia suburbs and lehigh
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valley. time period, 11:00 p.m. friday, to 9:00 a.m. saturday. i do expect some accumulating, brief icy mix and some slippery roads because the roads are going to be so cold from this arctic air mass. saturday morning, that's when the problems are most likely to be, in those areas of the first alert. but the snow is changing to a brief icy mix and then to rain during the morning hours, and then the afternoon, we're fine, except for this raining, rainy and milder sunday morning and then turning colder after that. right now we have temperatures in the 30s, including at the shore, but temperatures above freezing, show this area, because this area could see some snowflakes before the night is over. even though there nothing on radar now, close by, nothing that has developed yet. but computer models are consistent in showing this as we go through the evening hours, we have a little area of light snow coming across delaware and south
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jersey, temperatures you can see generally above the freezing mark, so it will melt on the roads, could see a little coating on some of the grassy surfaces in the morning, but it's long gone by the morning rush, but it's going to be sunny, going to be cold, look at the feels like temperature, single digits in much of the area by 6:00 a.m., and if anything, those numbers go down during the day, gets colder during the day, feels like single digits everywhere. by noontime and late in the day, we're starting to see numbers  getting closer to zero here by 11:00, pottstown at 1 on this computer model and we have some zeros there by friday at 6:00 a.m. when we're going to be feeling the coldest. by friday afternoon, we're getting a bit of a break in there. with future weather on the main storm, this is coming, let's say friday evening, in the overnight hours, the start of snow, it
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would stick on untreated surfaces immediately, because of all the cold. then by 6:00 a.m. saturday, we could have a big contrast from north to south. the blue indicating snow, brief icy mix and rain, at the same time, across just a 20-mile area, that's why we've got to pay attention to this, that's why we have neighborhood weather, because there's different weather conditions in different neighborhoods. here's 6:30 in the morning, watch what happens, the warmer air comes up and even allentown changes over to an icy mix and then to rain. so this is not going to be a long lasting event. but we have got a lot of changes coming on during the weekend, we have got friday in the 20s, saturday from snow to rain, sunday, mild with the rain. an eagles starter returns to the team and today he'll reveal the surprising reason he's been
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away. we'll have that coming up next in sports.
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the temple owls made it official this afternoon, introducing florida defense coordinator jeff collins as the head football coach. he's ready to get started after a whirlwind coaching search that brought him here to the owls. >> right now i'm running on adrenaline and probably six to eight mountain dews running through my system right now. i apologize if i'm not as prepared for this.
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but i am so excited to be here, it is a dream come true for me, to be a head football coach and to be the head football coach at temple university. >> today we learned exactly why he's been away. john clark has the story. >> reporter: it has been a mystery why offensive lineman brandon brooks has missed the last two games, he woke up two days and was feeling sick, he revealed he's suffering from anxiety. >> it's not nervousness or fear of the game, what it is is, i'm actually kind of like an obsession with the game. and it's an unhealthy obsession right now and, you know, i'm working with team doctors and things to get everything straightened out and get the help that i needed. >> reporter: brandon says he has always had anxiety, he wants to
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be perfect and when it's not, he gets anxiety. he was led to believe it was because of ulcers, but it is much more. he is very open sharing this, and is not embarrassed. >> you know, i got to kind of taper it down and kind of chill and turn my brain off. and then, you know, go talk to somebody. figure out why i'm constantly searching to be perfect and if i'm not perfect, you know, i don't feel like i've done my job or it was enough. >> brandon says he has already started medication and if he stays on it it will not derail his football career. >> thanks, john, for having him tell that story, it was pretty brave of him i think. light here in the local sports scene, the flyers go for their 10th win in a row in colorado.
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that will do it for sports. we're right back after this.
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an early christmas party for children at st. christopher's hospital. santa claus and mrs. claus showed up and the day ended up with a festive lunch for the staff. >> we're going to feel like we're at the north pole. >> when are we going to feel this cold blast? >> you're going to see it when you get up. then early saturday morning, that's when the heaviest snow is likely to fall, especially in our lehigh valley and our philadelphia suburbs. it's going to be quite a contrast. then everybody warms up above freezing. the most likely area for four inches or more is up in the
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lehigh valley. >> thanks for watching. >> up next nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. we'll see you at 11:00. breaking news tonight -- a bombshell from yahoo, a massive breach, hackers making off with private information from over a billion people. we have late details. nbc news exclusive, u.s. intelligence has directly linked vladimir putin to the campaign to disrupt the election. the russian president himself actively directing the use of hacked material. the price you pay -- the fed hikes interest rates, and your credit card bills, mortgage, car loans and student loans are about to get more expensive. invasion of privacy? uber under fire, a former employee accuses the company of allowing unauthorized access to the movements of 40 million customers. line of duty -- a supermarket surprise for an amazing mom. and we remember a


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