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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the strong winds out there. >> people are bundled up as they walked on the street. >> let's begin with nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, how low is the temperature going to go tonight? >> the temperature is going to be in the teens, but the wind is going to make it feel like pretty close to zero. the air temperature is 20, the highest we got to during the afternoon was 25. 16 in coatesville, 19 in wilmington and in trenton. we still have a pretty good wind out there sustained at 26 miles an hour. in wilmington, we have seen combusts over 40 miles an hour during the day today, although not strong as it was earlier. but it feels like 2 below zero in coatesville, this is with the sustained winds not with the
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gusts. mt. pocono feels like 9 below, allentown and will mington at is. we have got more arctic air surging in during the night tonight just to keep this frigid air in. it feels like 5 degrees in trenton and vorhees. and it's not going to warm up a whole lot during the day tomorrow. but we do have precipitation on the way and that's the next weather issue. for details on the weather let's focus on the timing from nbc meteorologist sheena parveen. >> the timing brings it in late tomorrow night and into saturday morning. early saturday snow will be
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falling, but we have a first alert out because of the weather heading our way, briefly in the is suburbs and the lehigh valley. it's going to start on friday lasting through saturday morning. accumulating snow at the start, a brief, icy mix. if you have to get on the road saturday, you might want to wait until all this passes. by that time we'll be changing over to rain for a good portion of the area. now we go into 2:00 a.m. saturday, snow through the poconos, berks county and parts of the lehigh valley. anything falling at that point will be snow because it will be so cold. rain for south jersey and delaware, any wintry mix and snow will be changing over in philadelphia between about 6:00 and 7:00 a.m. at that point we would still see an icy mix for philadelphia,
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parts of the pennsylvania suburbs and the lehigh valley. more of a change in the lehigh valley to rain closer to 10:00 a.m. and we could be seeing wintry precip in the poconos at that time. next we'll talk about some warming temperatures. meantime drives on the schuylkill have their heaters in their cars on full blast tonight. some heading to the mall because they're only ten days until christmas. we found people braving the cold weather for hot deals inside today. >> deanna durante joins us live. >> reporter: only a few days left to get those holiday gifts. we found a number of people that said they took the day off in order to get a jump on the crowds. >> i'm very happy to be in the store shopping.
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i can't wait to go right after this interview is over with. >> reporter: for workers like antwan roads clocking in is something to look forward to. at the premium outlet, we automatic ta automatic ---talked to shopper after shopper. >> it's really freezing but i have to shop. >> reporter: with their hats, scarfs, boots and gloves, some were not dressed for the cold. >> i got shoes and boots for 5 $25. >> reporter: worn clothes was what this montgomery county mom was after. >> warm clothes. my daughter lives in canada so i'm going to fill up her stocking with lots of warm clothes. >> just finished school, just trying to get some last minute stuff bought. still freezing, though.
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>> reporter: fresh from the gym, marilyn says she needs to multitask. brave woman, a lot of people out there today just trying to get into the stores very quickly. we saw people stopping by the doors and letting people out. but the good news is it's not going to last the entire weekend. >> but in the meantime, those who are les fortunate are filling up the shelters in the year. this was last night at joe conser conser joseph's house. they're tracking the timing of the snow for the weekend. you can also get updates from your neighborhoods any time on the nbc10 app. if you own a home in mont bomb county, taxes are going up in 2017. today the county's board of
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commissioners voted 2-1 to -- that includes an 11% tax increase on real estate. so for someone who owns a $300,000 home, they can expect to add about $66 a year to their property tax bill. the stock market bounced back today, for the second time this year, it closed at nearly 20,000. the nasdaq and s&p 500 were also both in the green today. jobs are saved in delaware, a california company buying dupont in delaware says it wants to keep its employees after the deal is final next year. dupont provides testing meths for bacteria is food. a man accused of trying to deliberate child pornography on his home computer. detectives searched his home and they found more than 5,000 images of child pornography.
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agents say the 16-year-old admitted he was attracted to 10-year-old girls. new at 6:00, breaking barrier, attorney general elect josh shapiro appointed jill henry to serve as first attorney general. she will be the first woman to serve as pennsylvania ag in history. she worked in every role possible in the berks county da's office. a thief broke into a montgomery county restaurant after hours sunday night trying to open the door of the bonbon aszian bistro. police say the man later came back with a shuffle and just busted out a window, grabbed the cash register and took off. the christmas light grinch is busted. resident donald thorn is accused
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of stealing holiday lawn decorations around town and then selling them. nbc10 spoke to the victims in the neighborhood last friday on nbc10 news at 11:00. and people in that neighborhood helped police track down thorn. to some holiday spirit in philadelphia. drexel university alumni are helping families enjoy turkey dinners. volunteers unloaded cases of turkeys for more than 1,300 families in need. donald trump made several picks official today. the president-elect nominated montana congressman ryan zinke to serve as interior secretary. the interior department oversees about three-quarters of the federal government's land and natural resources. mr. trump also tapped retired general chief kellogg as chief of staff of the security
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council. in the meantime president-elect trump says she is not buying an nbc news news report that russia's president vladimir putin personally knew about and directed a hacking operation during the election. he also doesn't believe a cia theory that putin did it to help trump. trump tweeted if russia was hacking why did the white house wait so long to act? in fact the administration did announce russian cyber intrusion back in october. back in july, mr. trump publicly asked for russia to find her missing e-mails. and mr. trump is also on his way to pennsylvania. >> i'm drew smith live at that banking rally that mr. trump will be holding in hershey.
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a sweet old lady roughed up. how thieves are targeting the elderly. and how much snow are you going to get in your neighborhood? it's going to be different depending on where you live. i'll break it down on the totals next.
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breaki in ing news right het of bucks county, a car smashed into two homes in bristol township. this is on indian red road. looks like the homeowner there trying to clean things up. we're told the driver wasn't hurt, but as you see, there is extensive damage to not one but two homes there. >> police near the jersey shore want to know if there's a connection between two home invasions at a retire community. thieves stole money and other valuables. two weeks earlier, a pair of armed men tied up elderly
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victims in a different berks county retirement community. to transition to trump, the president-elect is headed to hershey for the next stop on his thank you tour. >> nbc10's drew nbc is joining us live from hershey with more on that story. >> reporter: we made it inside the very noisy and fired up arenas, supporters have now filed in from outside where it was freezing cold today and everybody's excited to see the president-elect in about 45 minutes. as we were walking in, the line outside was only growing. thousands of people showing up here in hershey, an extremely cold spot to wait hours for security. they stopped to talk to us about the top transition issues that are facing the president-elect and his team and they also talked about the allegations of russian hacking during the
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election. >> no one was really interested in this until after the election. what would have happened if someone would have won instead of trump. >> it's just another thing to distract. it's just another distraction. >> reporter: and trump has used these thank you stops to not only thank his supporters but also to lay out his agenda, he's talked a lot about what he would do in his first 100 days, also to announce his new cabinet posts. we'll let you know about any news that comes out of here as well as on the app and tonight at 11:00. >> in fact after the game tonight, because we have football on. >> we do football. >> good night to stay inside and watch football. >> it is. you don't have to be outside for any length of time, you have to keep your hands and your head and feet covered. >> and the ears and the fingers and the toes can really get
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frostbite in conditions like this. the next thing after the cold is the snow and the ice, we have first alert out for lehigh, chester, bucks, montgomery and philadelphia. but that's just going to be briefly. overall 11:00 p.m. friday through saturday morning, it's a limited time, accumulating snow, a brief icy mix and some slippery roads. but it's limited to saturday morning. the snow to the icy mix to rain, saturday afternoon, drier and milder. sunday morning rainy and warm. and sunday afternoon windy and colder. so most of the weekend is dry. philadelphia's 20 degrees right now, 19 degrees in the suburbs, 18 in the lehigh valley and we still have wind on top of that. 1 in wilmington, 4 in philadelphia and in allentown.
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nothing coming down from the sky, according to the radar. back out to the west, these areas of moisture, that's the system that's going to be getting together and moving in. the area it's going to affect the most, the lehigh valley, berks county, poconos and that's where we're zooming in here, there's berks, there's lehigh. there's the snow coming in midnight tomorrow night and then into saturday morning, snow, this is kind of an icy mix, and as the atmosphere tries to warm from the south, there's going to be a bigger area of that icy mix, and that's what i'm more concerned about, but that's only a limited portion of the morning. by 10:30 allentown has warmed up already. and the poconos are getting the icy mix then. we're just talking about limited areas for a limited amount of time. the wider view, shows some of that wintry mix, possibly starting north delaware, or new
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jersey adjacent to philadelphia. and warm air is going to come in. there's that area of potential icing, but it's just brief because that warm air is moving in. and philadelphia is mostly rain because you'reing rain mast 7:00 a.m. and then it dries out. saturday evening is going to be night. another area of rain comes in and temperatures start to plunge during the afternoon because it sure isn't going to be showing sunday morning. 5:00 a.m., 50 degrees in philadelphia even 53 in allentown. how much snow? up to three in philly, three to six in the poconos, wilmington, chester, greenwich, about an inch.
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trenton, west hampton, about an inch. one to two inches, limerick, norristown, warrentown, bed minister. and two to four inches plus the icing in greenwich, allentown, hellertown, three to six inches in the pocono mountains, and the wild temperature changes from the 20s night, going up to 62 degrees by sunday morning, and then way back down into the 30s by sunday night. hey, i'm danny pommells, csn, coming up, we're talking baseball despite the temperatures outside. to keep warm the fliers are outside and the eagles have laid out a plan for carson wentz. that's next.
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good evening, i'm danny pommells, csn, the temperatures outside don't really have anybody thinking about baseball. the phillys are making headlines, the team has signed gilbert herrera to a contract extension worth 30$30.5 million there are also club options for 2022 and 2023. late last night the fliers beat the colorado avalanche in denver to stretch their winning streak to 10. things are clicking for the
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fliers. >> we were perfect until the third period. we found a way to earn our two points. >> a lot of guys contributing in good ways. >> we turn to the gridiron now, just three games left for the eagles, hoping to finish the season on a positive note, in particular quarterback carson wentz. >> reporter: these last three games, it's really all about making sure the rookie quarterback carson wentz finishes on a high note. and doug pederson is trying to do a better job of managing the number of jobs carson is throwing the ball. over the last seven games, he's averaging 46 drop backs a game. that's too much. doug wants to have a better balance with the running game. it's going to be tough against the ravens, they have the best
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running defense in the nfl. >> i think it's putting him in a tough situation. i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much. we felt or i felt that he was capable of doing it, but you never want to expose a young rookie quarterback to that. >> it's hard to say i expected to throw this much, but it's the way games have gone so i'm not complaining about it or anything. >> reporter: only five quarterbacks this season in the nfl have attempted for passes. he's on pace to have the fifth most passes in nfl for any quarterback. at the nova care complex, i'm john clark, csn. to basketball now, sixers guard jared bailey out for the season. ben simmons was out on the floor during practice today. simmons recovered from a broken bone in his foot and he's
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getting closer to practicing. i'm danny pommells csn, we'll be right back.
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. special day for kids in need in nicetown. this is the safe just one child holiday celebration at edward t. steele elementary. santa made surprise visits to classrooms and dropped off gifts for the students. and tim kaine took time out to visit with the kids there. >> pete is so wonderful. >> so generous with his time. >> santa doesn't mind this weather at all? >> frigid weather tomorrow, and then we start off with some snow early saturday, we then warm one the rain, sunday starts exceptionally warm as you can see, some places getting into the 60s. and as we look at the 10-day, we'll be able to see more normal temperatures for much of next week, and we go all the way to christmas eve and christmas day,
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no white christmas this year, folks, sorry. >> nbc "nightly news" is next, see you at 11:00. tonight, nbc news exclusive. what high level intelligence sources say is the reason the white house didn't take more action against russia before the election. new developments after our bombshell report that putin was personally involved in the hacking operation. breaking news in the charleston church massacre trial. a white supremacist and cold blooded killer found guilty on all charges. will dylann roof be put to death? children under fire, shocking video from inside aleppo. kids trying to escape to waiting ambulances when snipers take aim. facebook fights back against an avalanche of fake news and hoaxes. tonight how they want you to get involved. and secret santa. surprising shoppers, granting wishes and


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