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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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temperatures to peak into the 20s where you are. but first pamela osborne has your first alert traffic. >> we were watching 76 at gerard, there was an accident in the westbound ramp of the eastbound lanes, there was police activity in that corner so you are going to want to watch out if you're heading that way. traveling mass transit this morning everything looks good, everything running on time as of now and if you're driving 95 this morning everything looks good there as well. one thing i do want to mention to you before you go is that there were reports of some icy conditions on route 70 in new jersey so watch out for that as well. new this morning, three teenagers are under arrest after a shot was fired at philadelphia police officers. it happened in an alley just off roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. the suspects were wanted in a robbery, police chased them into the alley after investigators say the teens abandoned their car. investigators tell us the
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officers did not return fire after the shot came their way. nobody was hurt here, police did recover a gun at the scene. in south philly a bumper and other car parts were left on broad street after a police cruiser crashed into another vehicle. you can see the front end of the cruiser smashed in. the impact was so hard the air bag inside the cruiser deployed. two officers went to the hospital but they are expected to be okay. the person in the other car was not hurt. okay. now, back to our weather as bill henley mentioned we are waking up to dangerously cold temperatures. >> it is frigid outside and layers are a must. about a dozen construction workers are braving the cold overnight to shore up the overpasses for the improvements along the vine street expressway 676. temperatures in center city have dipped close to single digits and the wind is picking up, too. workers tell us when they do get a break most of them just sit inside their trucks with the heat blasting. >> a lot of layers, brother, that's all. got to stay layered up and stay
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warm. you know, we can't afford to get cold out here, it's a long night if you get cold. >> now, when you have to go outside to head out to work or school this morning, it's going to be a bitter commute for you. this dangerous cold is especially tough for people with no place to live. outreach crews in philadelphia are working to get people off of the streets. last night project home found a shelter for a man in a wheelchair who had planned to sleep outside. the pennsylvania convention center -- inside there folks who want to help the homeless attended an open house to learn about what they can do. >> and make sure you have the free nbc 10 app so you can track the cold weather and weekend snow. you can also get a customized neighborhood forecast and school closing information. new this morning support staff in the chester upland school district have a new contract. last night the district announced that the association representing secretaries, school aides and other support personnel approved the new six-year deal.
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the contract includes pay increases and benefit savings. now district officials say they're focused on continuing talks with chester upland teachers. they have been working for three years without a contract. in burlington county police are investigating a deadly crash involving a car and a tractor-trailer. sky force 10 was over the scene last night near 295 in borden town. the car was wedged beneath the trailer there. the driver of the car was killed. there are no reports anyone else was hurt in that. in bucks county police are testing a driver for possible dui after she crashed her car into two homes, including her own. nbc 10 was on indian red road in bristol township last night where repair crews were fixing both homes. police told us the driver floored the car out of her neighbor's living room ray cross the street and then sped back into her own home with her adult children inside. the impact left a gaping hole.
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no one was hurt fortunately. we did speak to the neighbor moments after he saw the damage to his own home. >> talked to my neighbor and he goes, yeah, dan, you are going to need a whole new house. if anybody was home they would probably be dead. the car has tread marks in my living room. >> another neighbor told us the driver complained about something happening to her car to cause the two crashes. both the neighbor and the woman's children are staying somewhere else this morning with police calling the woman's home unlivable. today u.s. senator bob kasie will be in philadelphia discussing ways to help keep children safe from guns at home. senator kasie will join community advocates and medical professionals at temple university a little bit later on this morning. he's calling for new gun safety laws following the accidental shooting of a two-year-old boy in thanksgiving in north philadelphia. the child's four-year-old cousin was playing with a loaded gun inside the house when it went off. the toddler was critically wounded, the victim's parents
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are facing charges. moving to the jersey shore, police are trying to figure out if there is a connection between two home invasions at retirement communities in ocean county. dorothy rant who was 83 years old was thrown to the floor by two men who got into her berkley township home thursday morning. her front door was unlocked, the robbers stole money and other valuables before running away. two weeks earlier a pair of armed men posing at delivery workers armed elderly victims at a different retirement township in the community. rant who lives with her 102-year-old mother still pretty shaken. >> i'm so good to everybody. >> rand scraped her knees as you see there but was not seriously injured. if you own a home in montgomery county your property taxes are going up next year. the county board of commissioners voted to approve a
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$419 million budget for 2017, that includes an 11% real estate tax increase. officials say somebody who owns a 3 o $00,000 house will be an average of $66 more per year. it's hard to get into the holiday spirit when you're spending the holidays in the hospital and not at home but this four-year-old girl is trying to make this year special for other young children because she knows just what that is like. this is jillian massey and she's battling an aggressive form of cancer affecting her brain and spine. she spent the last six months at children's hospital of philadelphia undergoing treatment, but she will be home for the holidays. 1p not all. she, her mom and mer mother's coworkers began a toy drive for children who cannot get out of the hospital and be home this holiday season. >> to be able to give back to chop and everything they've done for our family and jillian, it's super special to reward those
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families that are still at the hospital and won't be able to be home for the holidays. >> we will tell you how the toy drive took out and how you can help jillian spread the holiday spirit. this morning we have a survivor story with an important message. >> you will hear from the philadelphia man wounded inside the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando. we will hear what he and other survivors have been doing in the nations capitol this week. also coming up an nbc 10 viewer sent us this viewer of an anything but typical commute complete with these dogs running along the busy betsy ross bridge. 16 degrees is not kind to man or animal outside this morning. bundle up if you're heading outside. 16 degrees that's without the end with. factor that in it feels like zero degrees this morning. a live drive view of boathouse row. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. ,$88doooooorw
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4:40 right now on this friday. we have breaking news out of west philadelphia we want to make you aware of. firefighters are battling a house fire on the 1200 block of millick street. there's no word of any injuries but there are reports of heavy flames. we do have an nbc 10 crew headed to the scene. we will keep you updated right here on the air and on the nbc 10 app throughout the morning. and it is a pretty quiet start to the morning on the roads. we're taking a look at 476 this is the area of baltimore pike just a few cars out there, there you go, there you see some head lights there, easy travels this morning. let's take a look at all of the highways, if you're traveling 95, 76, 476 you are not going to have any trouble getting to where you need to go, same goes for mass transit. you just may want to get outside and warm up your car a little
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bit before you head out your door. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> do your best to warm up any way you can today. layer up before you head out of the house. this is the morning where you want to limit your time outside because it's just brutally cold outside, bitter cold morning. we will see some sunshine this morning and a slow warm up, but as the temperatures go up the clouds will also be increasing and that's going to lead to some wet weather overnight tonight, i think during the evening it is going to be dry, but clouds will be taking over later today. right now this is what you have to deal with, it feels like 0 with the wind in philadelphia, mt. pocono 11 degrees below zero, not exactly warm, it is a above zero feeling for vineland, mt. holly and trenton this morning, have to deal with that wind through the morning. 16 degrees the actual air temperature right now in philadelphia and that will be climbing, the temperature will wind up warmer this afternoon than it got all of the afternoon yesterday but the wind will still be present. not as strong as yesterday but
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just enough at lunchtime to make that 23 degrees feel like 19 degrees. the suburbs sunshine, a few scattered clouds, a windchill of 10 degrees at 10:00 and it will feel like 19 degrees at 2:00, the temperature climbs into the middle 20s today. increasing clouds this afternoon, you can see it in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley as well. start with sunshine, 15 degrees right now, in the teens through most of the morning and then just into the low 20s at noontime today. new jersey, you will see sunshine, too, clear skies right now and 16 degrees. still at 16 degrees at 8:00 so it will be a cold wait at the bus stop in morning. 21 at 10:00 and then 20s for the rest of the day, a little bit warmer this afternoon than yesterday afternoon, but the wind will still make it feel 7 degrees colder at 2:00 this afternoon. at the shore teens to start with, we will quickly head into the 20s, 28 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. those wind chills at the shore
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still going to make for a cold day today. and in delaware 15 now, into the teens through midmorning and then the 20s, we will see 26 degrees at bunch time today with a windchill of 20 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. the clouds will be building. yes, the clouds will lead to wet weather overnight tonight, the hour by hour forecast shows this afternoon you can see the clouds starting to move in, but the wet weather at 11:00 tonight looks like it's going to be in western pennsylvania. that changes overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. we will go through it hour by hour when i come back with a look at our ten-day on 10. rosemary. >> thanks, bill. certainly a cold day for a walk or hike, officials will cut the ribbon on a brand new trail. we will have the details on that plus more on the stories happening across our area county by county. also coming up next survivor's story, a philadelphia man who was wounded in the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando goes to washington to make a plea for change. also coming up, carson
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wentz's future, with just three games remaining on the schedule find out why less may be more for the eagles rookie quarterback.
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just about quarter to 5:00 on this friday. we have more breaking news this time out of south jersey. firefighters are battling a four alarm house fire in south hampton township. two firefighters are hurt but there is no word yet on their conditions, they were taken to the hospital in mt. laurel. the fire is burning out of control, we're going to continue to follow this one, we have a crew headed to this scene as well. stay with nbc 10 right here on the air and on the nbc 10 app for updates throughout the morning. in other news gun violence survivors are taking their demands for change to capitol hill. among those calling for action is a man from philadelphia who was hurt in the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando, florida. angel santiago was shot in the leg and foot when a gunman opened fire at the nightclub six months ago this week.
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49 people were killed. yesterday santiago and 80 other survivors and victims' families met in washington. >> it's empowering, it's an honor and we feel like when we're united our voice is stronger so we can actually be heard and cause some positive change. >> santiago tells us people impacted by the sandy hook shooting in connecticut were also in attendance yesterday. some new jersey lawmakers are accusing chris christie of trying to get a revenge bill passed. they claim the measure is targeting newspapers that covered christie on the bridge-gate scandal. it would do away with the law that requires legal notices to be posted in newspapers and those notices make up a large portion of paper revenues, a spokesman for christie denied the claim. the bill proposal comes two weeks after two former christie allies were convicted of causing a traffic jam on the gw bridge in 2013. prosecutors said the aides
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retaliated against a democratic mayor who refused to endorse governor christie. the governor was not charged and has denied knowing about the scheme. it is 4:48. let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories across our area. >> camden county chili's váu$e city for family onation to services holiday gift project, the annual drive helps kids and teenagers all across south jersey. you can drop off new hoodies, pajamas, toys, books, winter coats or even cash to chili's cherry hill location at the marketplace at garden state park, that begins at 9:00 this morning. in bucks county today officials will cut the ribbon on a newly built segment of the delaware and lehigh trail in bristol borough. it thinkings two existing branches of the walkers, runners and cyclists have a continuous seven mile trail. delaware county a nonprofit group will hold a holiday gift
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wrapping party for families in need today. volunteers for the village in rosemont will prepare presents to be delivered to hundreds of children all across the region. a number of families in need will also receive donated household items. in camden county in evening first responders will receive top honors at a holiday awards bank went in blackwood. officials recognize emergency medical personnel who have rescued victims and saved lives over the past year. all right. so take a look at this, a couple of dogs got caught up in a little bit of traffic on the betsy ross bridge in philadelphia. >> we have video of it. a viewer sent us this video yesterday. you can see the two dogs loose on the bridge. officials say they got on the bridge from the richmond street ramp. one dog jumped a concrete barrier and landed on a metal great. the other dog got away and has not yet been found. >> come home. >> i know. you hear those people gasping, it's not a sight you typically see on one of our bridges. >> i'm guessing at this hour of
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the morning hopefully no dogs out. >> everything is looking pretty clear this morning. glad that they made it over the edge of that, though. the only thing i'm seeing right now, i've been checking out the cameras this morning is this situation right now, 676 at 24th street, this is a typical closure that happens in the morning. driving the blue right 95 to 76 will take you 15 minutes. 76 to 95 it will take you 15 plins there as well average speeds in the 60s. if you are on route 202 this morning that's also looking pretty good, average speeds in the 60s. all right. it is 10:05 and it is just bitterly cold. we can't emphasize that enough. >> if you don't have to be outside today, stay inside. you've got to feel for everybody who may work outside, a lot of guys working construction, men and women out there. meteorologist bill henley has the details on this frigid air that's going to be with us for a
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little while. >> unfortunately it will be in place when we start to get wet weather tomorrow. we are under a first alert for the cold, we've also issued a first alert for the snow and wintry mix on the way tomorrow. the suburbs and the lehigh valley tomorrow morning. it will start late tonight, after 11:00 p.m. we could start to see the first snowflakes in the area and into saturday morning. it's not going to be snowing or even icing all night long, there will be some breaks in the precipitation to it doesn't look like a huge event but it is going to make for slippery roads first thing on saturday morning, accumulating snow and brief icy mix as warm air pushes into the area. the camelback mountain is getting ready for some not man made snow but real snow, it's going to be coming in tonight and it will be staying into the area tomorrow morning. radar and satellite we are completely dry right now but look to the west and you can see the snow moving into the ohio valley, that's part of a system that's going to be arriving here first thing tomorrow morning.
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in fact, overnight tonight is when we are going to start to see it. hour by hour forecast shows those temperatures so fridge j id this morning, 16 degrees, that's at 9:00, that's where we are right now and the wind will still be blowing. so we will see wind chills around 0 to the very low single digits at 9:00 in the morning. the clouds will be increasing, they will be in and out but they will really increase this afternoon. along with the temperature, 21 degrees in philadelphia at noontime, 20 in allentown and 22 in millville. as we go into the late afternoon and evening hours those clouds will take over, still dry at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, but now you can see that snow starting to move in from the west, it will be light snow and most areas will see a little bit to start with. it's about this time tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. that we will see some steadier snow from reading and pottstown and philadelphia. this is rain coming up from the south and warm air is going to push across all of these neighborhoods and eventually change the snow and the sleet and freezing rain to all rain.
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that's at 9:00 in the morning. that's rainfall tomorrow for wilmington, philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, still an icy mix at 9:00 in the allentown area. as we go during the day we will get breaks in the precipitation and the temperatures will go even warmer. there's a lot going on. today we just have to deal with the cold. layer up and limit your time outside and make sure you take the pets inside and keep them inside for most of the day today. it's going to be a cold one. 27 tomorrow morning, doesn't get much colder overnight, doesn't get colder overall and we will see a big warm up once that wet weather moves in. starting off with a little snow and becoming rain. sunday rain. look at those temperatures. 62 degrees. a little deceiving, that 62 is more likely to come in the morning at 45 at night it will be getting colder as things clear out sunday afternoon and you will feel that cold again on monday and into tuesday but a warm up next week will be in the 50s with the next round of wet weather on thursday and into friday, looks like it's just going to be rain and then
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clearing out next weekend. >> thanks for that, bill. the cost of a state mandated takeover. >> atlantic city is under the thumb of new jersey. we have the details on how much money the governor plans to shell out to a law firm to manage the cash strapped shore town. also is more, carson wentz, we will tell you what's changing for them as the birds prepare for their final games.
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4:56 on this friday. let's get you back to that breaking news out of west philadelphia. firefighters are battling a house fire on the 1200 block of millick street near baltimore avenue. there is no word of any injuries but there are reports of heavy flames. in fact, we're getting some reports from our reporter andy gyllenhaal who is on the scene, he said active flames there and in fact the cold weather is making things a little difficult for firefighters. obviously the temperatures feel like they are in the teens, even
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near zero degrees. he is going to check in with us a little later. we will have more with him coming up. good morning. i'm pamela osborne in the first alert traffic center for jessica boyington. we're taking live look at 76 at passyunk avenue, a few cars out on the roadway this morning. not a lot of problems to report so far, that's a good thing if you're headed out the door. when i come back i will give you a look at mass transit. this cold snap is causing problems for drivers. more than halfqlt of the emerge roadside assistance calls they've received are weather related. by mid afternoon they had 268 calls for dead batteries and 197 for tire problems. aaa says the cold weather can affect your tire pressure and set off sensors. keep that in mind over the next few days. a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. and less may be more for eagles quarterback carson wentz in the remaining three games of the season. they are looking to cut down the
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number of throws wentz makes every game. right now he is on pace to set seeing else, team and rookie records for passing attempts. wentz and his head coach doug petersen agree more balance is needed between throwing the football and running it. >> love to manage that a little bit more for him. i think it's putting him in a tough situation. >> i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much. >> i guess it's hard to say that i expected to throw this much but it's kind of just the way games have gone. by no means am i complaining about it or anything. >> through 13 games only five quarterbacks in the league have thrown the ball more than wentz has. on sunday the eagles visit the ravens in a battle of the birds in baltimore. kickoff is set for 1:00. take a look at this brilliant christmas light display we will have for you in just a minute in montgomery county. rosemary, i can tell you it's really impressive. >> here we go. really just puts to shame my dinky little lights. >> right. >> at my front door.
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>> most people i'd say, yeah. >> what's behind the rainbow of colors here embodies the true spirit of the holidays. michael brooks light display in king of prussia is a nightly fund raisel. he collects donations for cuddle my kids. they provide support services for families facing cancer. >> help try to raise money for a good cause. maybe people don't have decorations or the ability to do what i can do and it brings a smile to everybody's face. >> brooks says what began as six displays years ago has transformed into 120 displays with more than 20,000 lights. i think michael brooks there is definitely going to be a good candidate for our next story which is about the share can kindness that we want people to do throughout the holiday season. >> i know. such an awesome display and for such a good cause. more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. if you step
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outside you know what we're talking about, bitter blast. you will feel it the second you step out to head to work or school this morning. temperatures feel like the single digits today and it won't warm above freezing. this morning the man arrested and shooting a delaware county police officer seven times will face a judge. and going rogue, now playing in theaters across america the much anticipated rogue one a "star wars" story. nbc 10 was with some of the first people to see it at a late night showing in king of prussia. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm katy zachry. >> and i'm rosemary connors and it is freezing outside literally. we remain under a first alert because we have another day of dangerous cold weather. let's get to meteorologist bill henley he has the details. >> a bitter wind blowing in morning. the winds are settling down but still enough to make it feel cold to start


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