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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 16, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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outside you know what we're talking about, bitter blast. you will feel it the second you step out to head to work or school this morning. temperatures feel like the single digits today and it won't warm above freezing. this morning the man arrested and shooting a delaware county police officer seven times will face a judge. and going rogue, now playing in theaters across america the much anticipated rogue one a "star wars" story. nbc 10 was with some of the first people to see it at a late night showing in king of prussia. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm katy zachry. >> and i'm rosemary connors and it is freezing outside literally. we remain under a first alert because we have another day of dangerous cold weather. let's get to meteorologist bill henley he has the details. >> a bitter wind blowing in morning. the winds are settling down but still enough to make it feel cold to start with.
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a 12 mile an hour wind in philadelphia, 13 miles an hour in wilmington. so the feels like temperatures have dropped into the single digits. we will get some improvement during the day today as it will warm into the 20s and a little bit warmer this afternoon than what we saw yesterday. 15 degrees right now in the suburbs with a 6 mile an hour wind, 16 at philadelphia international, the lehigh valley is at 14 degrees and 15 degrees in delaware. enough sunshine to warm us into the upper 20s for delaware, 26 degrees in the lehigh valley and 27 for new jersey. we have stayed below freezing all day today in the suburbs and philadelphia but that changes tomorrow, just as some wet weather moves in. we are talking snow and sleet but mainly rain for your saturday. a look at the timing of that and i will take you through today hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. but first pamela osborne has your first alert traffic. >> good morning. i think that's going to be the most difficult part of your drive this morning is actually those few minutes when you're walking out to your car and getting in and it's very cold.
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everything else is looking good on the roadways. route 202 at church road just a few cars out on the road, everything moving smoothly as well. i want to give you a look at all the highways. 95, 76, 476 all clear for you and before we go we're going to take a look at 95 -- well, i just told you about 95, everything is green, everything is good. >> two minutes past 5:00 right now on this friday. we now have a live picture from that breaking news out of west philadelphia. >> that's right. there firefighters are battling a house fire. let's get right to randy gyllenhaal who is at the scene. so far they've taken one person to the hospital. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: this large fire breaking out in a row home on millick street in west philadelphia. i will zoom in and show you the active scene behind me. firefighters having to knock down pretty large flames. millick street just off the baltimore pike. we will show you video of firefighters working in these dangerously cold conditions as they try to battle this fire.
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using obviously a lot of water that's been sifting into this neighborhood, beginning to freeze over. neighbors are telling us they reported a lot of screaming and saw people running from this home. officials tell us one person has been hospitalized in this fire, but do not have many other details right now. an active scene here in west philly and neighbors running outside into the frozen street to watch firefighters battling these flames. >> i just heard the people screaming and i just looked out the window and saw the house on fire. yeah. >> reporter: you came outside and the firefighters were working out here in the frigid cold. >> yes, and that was my first thought on one of the coldest nights of the year how the fire just started. >> reporter: no word on the cause, but back here live you can see all of this water from the fire department beginning to seep into the neighborhoods and it's starting to freed over on the street up here as these temperatures overnight into this morning hovering around 15 degrees. we're live in west philly, randy
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gyllenhaal. today in delaware county the man accused of shooting a folcroft police officer is set for a preliminary hearing. donte island is facing charges of attempted murder and related crimes. authorities tell us island shot officer chris dorman seven times. it happened while the officer was responding to a report of people smoking drugs in folcroft. officer dorman underwent surgery, he is now back on patrol. in the next few days we will learn of princeton university's men's swimming and diving team will compete in its two final meets. the team is suspended for allegedly posting offensive messages online. the school says a complaint was filed after several vulgar, misogynist i can and racist comments were discovered in an e-mail group for the team. the next meet is scheduled for january 7th. new details this morning, governor chris christie's administration has agreed to pay a former u.s. senator's law firm up to $400 an hour to oversee
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new jersey's takeover of atlantic city. that former senator has also served as the state's attorney general and counsel to christie. last month the new jersey department of community affairs announced that he would oversee the ac takeover, the gambling resort town is half a billion dollars in debt. today president obama will hold his final year-end news conference at the analyst. analysts say he will sum up the positive of his time in office and may direct comments towards president-elect donald trump on various issues. after the news conference the president and his family will leave for their annual holiday vacation in hawaii. no doubt that this next topic will definitely come up curing the news conference today, president obama of course promising to take action in light of the intelligence reports that russia tried to disrupt the election. the move came after government sources told nbc news why the president is it not respond more forcefully to russian hacking before the
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election. those sources said president obama did not want to appear to be interfering with the election. they added his administration thought hillary clinton was going to win and didn't believe the cyber war was worth it. but president obama told an interviewer it is now time to act. >> when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> on wednesday nbc news exclusively learned that u.s. intelligence officials believe russian president vladimir putin was personally involved in the cyber attacks. it's 5:06. bitter cold could not stop 10,000 trump supporters from packing the arena in hershey for the president elect's thank you rally in pennsylvania last night. mr. trump and president elect mike pence thrilled the crowd and they didn't even seem to into end this comment about the election. >> i love pennsylvania, but we didn't even need you guys, isn't
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that terrible? >> i'd rather be freezing out here than have hillary in the what u.s. >> we're following him around watching history be made. >> if he does what he says it's amazing. >> mr. trump predicted he would win pennsylvania again in the 2020 election. now, after the event the president elect tweeted this kb message: thank you, pennsylvania. together we are going to make america great again. today mr. trump continues that thank you tour in florida. a singer who was asked to leave a sixers game because of the message on the t-shirt she was wearing will be back on the court tonight to i think is the national anthem. seven streeter posted this video after she says she was asked to leave a sixers became in october. she was invited to sing the national anthem but says she was told she wouldn't be allowed to because she was wearing a shirt that says we matter. the sixers ended up apologizing and invited her back to sing at tonight's game. the new "star wars" movie is here. sort of. >> right. as you're waking up early in
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morning and getting on facebook and twitter and checking all those messages you will probably see a lot of buzz about it. the movie is highly anticipated. we saw people hustling into the movie theater in king of prussia just before the first show time last night. the stand-alone spins a tale of a slightly different galaxy far, far away, a small rebel group is trying to stop the empire from building the death star. it is rated pg-13. no death star to worry about but we do have cold weather. we could use our star right now, the sun is not up so temperatures are still falling right now. to make matters worse, look right along broad, you can see the panels blowing in the breeze, that wind is making it feel like it is in the single digits right now. even without the wind it's plenty cold. 14 in the lehigh valley, right in the center of the teens for south jersey and philadelphia,
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16 degrees, actually down to 15 in chestnut hill, 16 rittenhouse, parkside 15 degrees, teens for tars dale and port richmond. nobody is in the 20s this morning. you factor in the wind and those teens feel like 3 degrees in philadelphia, 2 the current windchill in atlantic city and feels like 1 right now in allentown. the pocono mountains a bitter cold start with the wind blowing during the day. the temperatures will be climbing but we will stay below freezing all day, peaking right around 2:00 into the 3:00 hour into the upper 20s for philadelphia. the feels like temperatures, the wind chills, they will still be a factor later this afternoon but it will peak above 20 degrees, that's at 2:00 this afternoon. the cold stays in place tonight and overnight tonight we will start to see wet weather. completely dry this morning, don't have to worry about that, it's dry in wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, allentown. to the west you can see snow moving into ohio, that's the
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system that's going to start moving into the area late tonight and early tomorrow morning. for today, though, just have to bundle up and prepare for bitter cold. coldest of the season by a long shot. 26 degrees by lunchtime with more clouds later this afternoon as that system moves in from the west. 27 degrees at that time. for the suburbs 15 at 8:00 this morning, 24 degrees at noon and 25 degrees at 4:00. you will see sunshine in the lehigh valley so into the low 20s at lunchtime, dry later this afternoon. in and out of the clouds later today. for delaware teens to start with, into the middle 20s, that's warmer than it was during the afternoon yesterday that's at noontime and up to 28 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. you will see a similar increase for new jersey, dry and the wind will be blowing, though, nowhere near as strong as yesterday afternoon. for the jersey shore teens this morning with scattered clouds at lunchtime and a few more clouds later this afternoon. yes, that will lead to some wet weather over the weekend. look what we're also getting
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over the weekend, a big bounce back in the temperatures. 45 on saturday and sunday the temperatures will peak in the 60s. but even though it's in the 40s on saturday we will see some snow and some sleet and freezing rain, too, i will break it down neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. we are seeing quite a roller coaster in the weather rolled and we just can't wait to get out of this stretch. >> hopefully a little bit smoother on the roads. pam osbourne starts us off on 95. >> that's going to be your biggest trouble this morning when you get into your car and those first few moments before it gets warm and gets going. 95 we're beginning to see a little bit more traffic picking up on the roadways at this hour as we normally expect to, this is right at cottman avenue. you can see everything running smoothly there right now. i do want to pass along one alert. september at that route 34 except some delays if you travel that way.
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there is a shuttle bus service in effect right now 58@and baltimore avenue to the portal this is due to fire department activity. i will monitor that and let you know as soon as that changes. coming up a four-year-old girl passionate about toys. you don't say? not for herself. we will introduce you to a brave girl from the lehigh valley on a mission to play santa. how you can help her coming up. also remembering craig sager. next we look back on the career of a sports broadcaster who became a favorite to the fans and to the players he covered.
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and back to breaking news in west philadelphia that we're following for you this morning. in this dangerous cold firefighters are battling a house fire, it sent one person to the hospital already. the fire broke out in a row home on millick street, it's right near baltimore pike, just after 3:30 this morning. some of the water used to fight the flames has been freezing on the street. so far there is no word op what caused the fire. we will have another live update from the scene coming up at 5:30. this holiday season we need your help sharing stories of people you know doing acts of kindness. the goal is the "today" show second annual #sharekindness campaign to inspire 1 million acts of kindness. reach out to us on twitter,
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instagram and use the #share kindness. we want to introduce you to a little girl from the lehigh valley who is making very big holiday wishes come true, she reminds us of the importance of giving this time of year. four-year-old jillian massey is a remarkable little girl. >> merry christmas. >> who is making this christmas brighter for her friends at the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> to be able to have her home for the holidays is probably the best gift we could have ever imagined. >> jillian is battling an aggressive form of cancer affecting her brain and spine. she spent the last six months at chop undergoing chemotherapy and stem cell transplants. so far it's worked, much of the cancer is gone, and she's home two months earlier than doctors thought. during jillian's treatment her mom's coworkers at ryan homes supported a toy drive in her
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honor, pretty soon presents were filing in. there are now too many to fit in one truck so a second has been donated and on monday jillian and her family will hand deliver these gifts to some very deserving children at chop. >> to be able to give back to chop and everything we've done for our family and jillian, it's super special to reward those families that are still down at the hospital that won't be able to be home for the holidays. >> so this little girl is shattering expectations as we mentioned she was anticipated to be in the hospital over this holiday season, she got out two months earlier than doctors thought and just doing some wonderful, wonderful things when life has thrown her such a curveball. >> you can help pay it forward by going to or the nbc 10 app and today is the last day to donate toys before jillian's elves deliver them to the hospital on monday. despite the bitter cold today across the country thousands are still expected to
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say good-bye to an american hero. a week after his death john glenn is being remembered this morning in his home state of ohio. he will lie in state inside the capital reton da. he returned to space 77 years old. tomorrow joe biden and bill clinton are expected to speak at a memorial service at ohio state university. before the sixers game there will be a moment of silence for nba sideline reporter craig sager. the man known for his wild outfits died yesterday after battling leukemia for nearly three years. sager worked with turner sports for more than three decades. he died just days after being inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. craig sager was 65 years old. tributes are pouring in online including from allen iverson. he posted this picture of himself and sager with the caption rest in peace to craig sager my condolences go out to his family and friends. we lost a great one. heavy heart.
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nothing but love. >> and the new york daily news with this cover this morning, it's a colorful life. into funeral arrangements have been announced yet for sager. it is a few minutes before 5:30. people are probably getting up and starting to think about getting out the door, but braving these freezing temperatures will be hard. >> if i didn't have to be here i'd be in bed bundled up and not braving the temperatures. you know it's going to be cold when you get out and have to wait a few minutes -- >> it's all about the heat in your car. >> that's right. in bed is a good place to be right now. if you can't be there we are watching some incidents on the road this morning, in upper dublin there have been hazardous road conditions reported at dairy drive. watch out for that if you're headed out this way this morning. also we will take a look at 476 at route 1. light traffic on the roadway this morning. not any real problems to speak of there as of now, we're also monitoring another situation for you with mass transit. septa route 34, there are some
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delays there, there's actually a shuttle bus service in effect right now at 58th and baltimore avenue to the portal, this is due to fire department activity. we will keep an eye on all of this and we will let you know as soon as it clears. 20 minutes past 5:00 right now on this friday. i mean, don't get me wrong, not that i don't want to be here on a friday morning, i'm thrilled to be here, but i have to say this morning it definitely took a few extra -- i was in bed a few minutes longer than i should have been not wanting to get out. >> if you were outside yesterday you know what you're in for today and it could even be worse, bill henley is here with those details. >> this is the coldest we're going to get, it's 16 degrees right now in philadelphia, right in the teens in wilmington and it is dry this morning, enough of a wind to make it feel colder. dry today but that changes tomorrow. we've issued a first alert for snow and wintry mix tomorrow morning, briefly in philadelphia and in the suburbs and they lehigh valley, we will see that in the morning. it starts late tonight, the
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first snowflakes, light snowflakes could be falling by 11:00 tonight and into saturday morning. it's not going to be snowing or sleeting or raining the entire time but there will be wet weather moving in making for slippery roads, some accumulating snow briefly changing to an icy mix. then the atmosphere warms on saturday above freezing so it will change over to rain. a vastly different series of events on saturday. for today starting off with cold and you can see the flags plowing in the wind this morning. it is cold outside. dry, though, the satellite and radar show nothing in the area just yet but the clouds are building in the midwest and the ohio sale, this first snow, this is what's going to start moving into the area tonight, but that is coming in with some warm air, so we will see that warm up during the day on saturday. hour by hour today, clouds moving in late this afternoon, a cold day but we will peak into the upper 20s, a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. the clouds will start producing some snow late tonight, this is 11:00 tonight, you can see snow
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in northwestern pennsylvania reaching into central pennsylvania, very light snow there where it's just cloudy in philadelphia. overnight tonight we will get a quick moving band and first thing in the morning, that's 5:30 in the morning some light snow developing in the pocono mountains, just scattered light precipitation, a little bit of freezing rain or sleet possible in new jersey and that's just rain farther to the south for atlantic city and cape may. a rainy morning ahead, but as the day progresses it will change over and become rain from snow to rain. so we are not expecting a lot of snow, in kt fact, very little in the philadelphia area, for some of the suburbs 1 to 2 inches before it changes over to rain. in the lehigh valley we will get the worst of it in our area, 2 to 4 inches of snow and then some freezing rain and sleet is responsible. while the pocono mountains gets 3 to 6 inches of snow. it's going to make for a rainy weekend. slippery to start with on saturday but those afternoon
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temperatures into the 40s for philadelphia and the suburbs, 37 degrees in the lehigh valley, even warmer on sunday. we will only see rain during the day on sunday, might end with a few snowflakes as colder air moves in later in the day on sunday. it is 5:23. a frigid 16 degrees outside. living outside in this dangerous cold, winter can be deadly for our areas homeless population. shelters are available, but coming up in our next half hour hear why some homeless people in camden say they are forced to stay outside. also pounding the pavement, it is part of the job for the men and women who deliver the mail every day, but next three letter carriers will be honored today in philadelphia for a rather remarkable feat. stay tuned.
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we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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welcome back. today the postal service will recognize a trio of hardy letter carriers who work out of philadelphia's spring garden postal station. the three will receive the 100 million step award, sounds impressive, it's a safety milestone earned by letter carriers who walk their delivery routes accident free for 30 years or more. fighting fake news on facebook, plus more self-driving cars, those are the day's top headlines for business news, let's check in with landon dowdy, she's got the details. hey, landon. >> hi, good morning to you. facebook is rolling out more tools to combat fake news.
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it's partnering with news organizations like the associated press and fact checking sites such as snos and politifact to evaluate articles flagged by users if they don't pass the smell test facebook will tag them with an alert every time someone posts or shares them with a link to the group that debunks the story. general motors plans to expand the testing of self--driving cars on roads in michigan. testing will allow gm to see how driverless cars perform in snowy weather, a challenge for the vehicles, cameras and sensors. >> thanks for that, landon. 5:27 right now on this friday. we are waking up to dangerous weather. here is a live look at the brand new comcast technology center right in center city, philadelphia. a lot of construction still happening there. coming up we will be talking to some of the men and women working outside in these harsh winter elements. >> also carson wentz's future with three games remaining on the schedule, find out why less
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may be more for the eagles rookie quarterback.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, firefighters are battling a house fire in west philadelphia, one person is hurt and water used to fight the flames is now freezing on the streets. a live report from the scene is just ahead. also right now on nbc 10 news t b


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