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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, firefighters are battling a house fire in west philadelphia, one person is hurt and water used to fight the flames is now freezing on the streets. a live report from the scene is just ahead. also right now on nbc 10 news today bone chilling cold.
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we are waking up to another morning of biting winds and freezing air and snow is in the forecast. if in the line of fire, philadelphia police arrest three teenagers after someone fired shots at the officers early this morning in feltonville. dressed for winter, a nationwide mystery is now happening in pennsylvania. somebody is decorating poles and trees with scarves and other items needed to brave the elements. we will have the details on this story coming up. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm katy zachry. it is just after 5:30 on your frigid friday and we remain under a first alert because it is another day of dangerously cold temperatures. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he has the details with our first alert neighborhood weather. >> we're seeing the coldest temperatures we have seen in a long time. the coldest part of the air mass is here right now with the wind making it feel even colder this morning. the wind is at 12 miles an hour
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in philadelphia, just a little bit stronger in wilmington. it doesn't take much wind when the temperatures are this cold to make it feel older. right now the feels like temperatures for philadelphia 3, the current windchill, 3 is what it feels like in vineland and 1 degree in allentown, while the winds are stronger and the temperatures are colder in the pocono mountains, 14 degrees below zero is what it feels like right now. actual temperatures in the tens, 14 in the lehigh valley that's with the wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour and it will still be at 14 degrees at 8:00 and then a slow warm up but into the 20s by 11:00 this morning, in fact, the entire area will warm into the 20s this afternoon. upper 20s for philadelphia and the suburbs, 26 in the lehigh valley and 27 degrees in new jersey while the shore gets closer to 30 degrees. we will see sunshine but later on some clouds, too, and that's going to lead so wet weather heading into the weekend. i will break these forecasts down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes.
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let's see how the traffic is moving, pamela osborne is watching your first alert traffic. >> good morning to all of you at home. if you're headed out your door everything is looking pretty good so far for your friday. a look at 676 at 24th street, traffic and volume starting to pick up but no problems to report there. we're also monitoring has do you see road conditions, this is upper dublin, dairy drive, if you are in that area watch out because on those roads there's something going on there. let's get to that breaking news out of west philadelphia. >> that's right. there firefighters are battling a house fire in these bitterly cold temperatures. let's get right to randy gyllenhaal who is at the scene. we know that these frigid temps make it harder for firefighters to get those flames under control. tell us what's happening where you are. >> reporter: it's tough overnight for firefighters, temperatures hovering around 15 degrees, feels more like 2
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degrees, maybe even zero. they are on the scene still here on millick street in west philadelphia, in the last few minutes we have seen the smoke starting to die down. let me show you what we were seeing a little bit ago. heavy smoke and active fire as firefighters were working to knock the flames down in this row home on millick street in west philadelphia. neighbors told us they heard screaming and ran outside and say one woman was actually taken from the home. officials do tell us one person was hospitalized. with these frigid temperatures all of the water that the firefighters are using is beginning to spray into the neighborhood, some of it freezing over as neighbors watch this go down. >> one thing we're going to have to worry about in the morning but we just concerned that we hope and pray there's nobody in that house. >> i heard the lady -- you know, people screaming and the policemen were taking the lady down the street. it was just terrible. >> reporter: and back here live you can see actually some of that water the firefighters are
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using freezing over here on the sidewalk. again, we are told one person was taken to the hospital. firefighters still on scene here beginning to finish knocking those flames down here on millick street in west philadelphia. live today i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. this dangerous cold is especially hard for people who don't have a place to live. outreach crews in philadelphia have been working overtime to get homeless people off the streets. last night project home found a shelter for a man in a wheelchair and that man had planned to sleep outside the pennsylvania convention center. now happening inside the center, people who want to help the homeless attended an open house to learn about what they can do. moving to camden where dozens of people without a place to stay braved the freezing cold last night. nbc 10 was outside joseph's house as they waited for the shelter to open. budget constraints don't allow shelters to open until 7:00 at night. >> joseph house won't let us in.
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they say that there's no staff for it. >> there should be someplace open 24 hours. i mean, it was code blue all day. >> and for those people who could not get a spot inside joseph's house the facility does work with other shelters in the area to find a place for everyone so they can spend a night inside. >> make sure you have the free nbc 10 app so you can track the cold weather and the weekend snow we're talking about, also get a customized neighborhood forecast and school closing information right to your tablet or phone. support staff in the chester upland school district have a new contract. last night the district announced that the association representing secretaries, school aides and other support personnel approved the new six-year deal. they include pay increases and benefit savings. now district officials say they're focused on continuing talks with chester upland teachers, they have been working for three years without a contract. >> in burlg con county police are investigating a deadly crash
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involving a car and tractor-trailer. sky force 10 was over the scene last night in route 206 in borden town. from this video you can see the car wedged beneath the big rig. the driver of the car was killed. there are no reports that ninld was hurt in that. today u.s. senator bob kasie of pennsylvania will be in philadelphia discussing ways to help keep children safe from guns inside the home. senator kasie will join community advocates and medical professionals at temple university a little bit later on this morning. he is calling for new gun safety laws following the accidental shooting of a two-year-old boy on thanksgiving in north philadelphia. police say the child's four-year-old cousin was playing with a loaded gun inside the house when it went off. the toddler was critically wounded, the victim's parents are facing charges. let's head to northeastern pennsylvania where dozens of nurses will be losing their jobs just before the holidays. the pocono medical center plans to lay off 61 registered nurses, that's about 2% of the hospital's workforce. officials say the cuts are
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happening while they wait for regulators to approve a buyout by the hospital's parent company. in if you own a home in montgomery county your property taxes will go up next year. the county board of commissioners voted to approve a $419 million budget for 2017. that budget includes an 11% real estate tax increase. officials say somebody who owns a $300,000 home will pay an average of $66 more per year. 5:38 on this friday. let's get back to our weather. as bill mentioned it is going to be very cold throughout the morning. >> players are a must, even if you spend a minute or two outside. a dozen construction workers are braving the cold overnight to shore up the overpasses for the improvements along the vine street expressway, temperatures in center city have dipped close to single digits and that wind is picking up, too, workers tell us when they do get a break most of them choose to sit inside their vehicles with the heat blasting. >> a lot of layers, brother,
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that's all. got to stay layered up and stay warm. we can't afford to get cold out here, it's a long night if you get cold. >> when you have to go outside to head to work or school this morning it is going to be bitter cold. it's not going to be a day you will want to spend any time outside z7today. limit your time and limit your pet's time outside as well. philadelphia solidly in the teens right now, it is frozen solid for the lehigh valley, south jersey all in the teens, even the shore is looking at 16 degrees right now. some of the coldest readings in the suburbs, that 15 degrees that's just one location, look at west callen is down to 10 degrees, uk land township is at 12, 13 exton. low teens for bed minister, 15 right now in new hope and
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newtown. everybody is feeling the cold. if you factor in the wind that feels even colder, that's a 12 mile an hour wind blowing in philadelphia so it feels like 3 degrees. we will see improvement throughout the day. sunshine, a few scattered clouds, the temperature will make it into the 20s starting at 10:00 but it stays below freezing all day, the windchill 21 at 2:00 this afternoon. the suburbs 12 right now, into the teens and through the teens this morning, by lunchtime 24 degrees but the wind will still be blowing. we will see wind chills in the teens right on through this afternoon in the suburbs. for the lehigh valley we have some sunshine on the way, 14 degrees right now, it will be colder at 8:00, down to 12 degrees, the windchill 2 degrees at that hour. look at the improvement this afternoon. by lunchtime 22 degrees, 24 degrees at 2:00, still a bit of a breeze but not as strong as it was yesterday in the lehigh valley. sunshine is on the way also for new jersey. 16 degrees right now, there's the wind at 10 miles an hour, doesn't take much to make it feel colder this morning.
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the windchill 11 at 10:00, by noontime it will be in the 20s, upper 20s this afternoon and dry all day at the shore today, 17 degrees right now, 20s this afternoon with the wind chills hovering around the 20 degree mark later today. for delaware completely dry this morning with clear skies, down to 15 degrees and still at 15 degrees at 8:00 this morning. into the 20s with clouds increasing later this afternoon and that is going to lead to a damp weekend. some of that is going to be snow. i will look at that when i come back with the ten day on 10 in ten minutes. about 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m., a lot of people getting up, thinking about getting out the door at this hour but that's really hard to do. >> it may take a few extra minutes. pamela osborne is watching the traffic cameras for us. >> so everything is moving really smoothly. so if you are in bed stalling this morning, now is your time, you're going to want to get out on the roadways. this is a look at 76 at the
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conshohocken curve. this is going south. an increase in volume on the roadway in morning but not too much as far as accidents to report. although everything is showing up clear here as i was coming out i just saw an accident on 95 right near mile marker 4 so i will get more information about that and i will update you on it when i come back. this morning we have a survivor's story with a message. coming up next hear from the philadelphia man who was wounded in the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando and find out what he and other survivors are doing in the nation's capital. also less is more for eagles quarterback carson wentz. next hear what is changing for him as the birds prepare for their final three games.
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gun violence survivors are taking their demands for change to capitol hill. among those calling for action is a man from philadelphia who was hurt in the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando, florida. angel santiago was shot in the leg and foot when a gunman opened fire at the nightclub six months ago this week. 49 people were killed. yesterday santiago and dozens of other survivors and victims'
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families met in washington. >> it's empowering, it's an honor and we feel like when we're united our voices are stronger so we can actually be heard and cause positive change. >> san antonio tells us people impacted by the newtown shooting were also in attendance yes. montgomery county this video shows a man who police say broke into a restaurant after hours. a surveillance camera spotted a man trying to open the door of the bonn bonn restaurant. a man later returned with a shovel, he then went in, grabbed a cash register and took off. new jersey lawmakers are accusing governor chris christie of trying to get what they call a revenge bill passed. a state senator claim the measure is targeting newspapers that covered christie on the bridge-gate scandal. the bill would eliminate the law that requires legal noticing to be posted in the papers, those notices make up a large part of
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revenue. this comes weeks after two former christie allies were convicted of causing a traffic jam on the gw bridge in 2013. prosecutors said the aides retaliated against a democratic mayor who refused to endorse governor christie. the governor was not charged and denied knowing about the scheme. less may be more for eagles quarterback carson wentz in the remaining three games of this season. the birds are looking to cut down the number of throws wentz makes every game. right now he is on pace to set eagles team and rookie records for passing attempts. they agree more balance is needed between throwing the football and running it. >> i'd love to manage that a little bit more for him. i think it's putting him in a tough situation. >> i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much. >> i guess it's hard to say that i expected to throw this much but it's just the way games have gone. by no means am i complaining
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about it or anything. >> through 13 games in season only five quarterbacks in the league have thrown the ball more than carson wentz. on sunday the eagles visit the ravens in baltimore. kickoff is at 1:00. it's 5:48. no you to breaking news that we first told you about just about an hour ago. a house fire in burning at this time in south hampton township, burlington county, you can see it there. this is the scene on ridge road. sky force 10 is overhead. hurt. so far there is no word on their conditions. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for updates on this. certainly the weather out there making it very difficult for the firefighters. >> nearly impossible. it looks like they got most of it out but it is brutal to fight a fire, do anything outside when the temperatures are this cold. we haven't seen it this cold in a very long time. we are in the teens right now and there is still some wind leftover from yesterday. if you're heading out right now
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we have a bitter cold morning, definitely need to add the kbra layers on this morning and limit your time outside. it is going to be a cold morning, but we will see below freezing temperatures through this afternoon. even though we are warming up we will say below the freezing mark, 20s for in afternoon. tonight clouds arrive, it should be dry during the evening hours but overnight tonight we will get some snow starting to move into the area, the beginning of the big change for the weekend. right now the temperatures have lumted overnight, teens for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware and south jersey, 16 degrees right now in philadelphia, 16 in mt. laurel. no warm spots. 14 degrees in piney hollow, lumberton 16 degrees, trains ton has dropped to 11 degrees this morning, that's without the wind, with the wind it is closer to zero at this hour. radar and satellite we are in the clear. so we will get some sunshine, sun is coming up just after 7:15
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this morning and we will see some bright sunshine so start w look at the clouds that are moving in from the west and that snow that's going to be here overnight tonight. hour by hour forecast shows clouds arriving by 7:30 this evening. still below freezing at reading and philadelphia, cape may will be below freezing. as far as the snow that's going to wait until early in the morning, 1:00 saturday morning this is light snow developing in philadelphia and into the pocono mountains. we will get a break from that for a few hours before the next round moves in at 6:00 in the morning. you can see it's not just snow, it will be for allentown and reading, but to the south that's rain and where the snow meets the rain that's where there is the potential for freezing rain and some sleet, too. the warm air that is to the south at this hour at 6:00 in the morning is going to push to the north. so we will see improving conditions as the morning progresses tomorrow. at 9:00 it will be rain in wilmington, and the rain will be
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pushing through the suburbs as well. we can see sleet and reign into allentown and upper berks county at 9:00 while there's still snow falling in the pocono mountains. later in the morning it switches to plain old rain or tapers off completely. we will see a few lingering rain showers in wilmington and philadelphia. it is going to be a wintry start to your saturday. we've issued a first alert for philadelphia, the bushes and the lehigh valley late tonight and tomorrow morning. some accumulating snow, a brief icy mix and then come slippery roads to start with on saturday. the temperature will be warming into the 40s on saturday afternoon. the ten day on 10 has up warming on sunday, into the morning on 60s and dropping into the 40s sunday night as colder air arrives for monday and tuesday. another warm up next week, 52
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degrees on thursday, we will get some rain thursday into friday and then temperatures will be closer to normal or a little bit next weekend, saturday and sunday. >> we will get that wet weather tomorrow morning when most people will be sleeping. >> if you're driving on 95 you might encounter an issue. >> there is a multi-vehicle accident here. disregard 76, this is 95 right at upland street. multiple vehicles involved in this accident, there are injuries reported as well. take a look at all of those brake lights, these are our cameras looking southbound. we are going to keep an eye and we will continue to monitor that situation for you as well. if you're driving mass transit this morning everything is running on time. we will update you on that accident when i come back. it is 5:52. a frigid 16 degrees outside. dress for winter. we are not talking about people. coming up next someone across
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the country is wrapping poles and trees in warm knitted gear and now it's moved into pennsylvania.
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welcome back. it's five minutes before 6:00
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a.m. in bucks county today officials will cut the ribbon on a newly built segment of the delaware lehigh trail in bristol borough. it links two existing branches of the tow path. it is now a continuous seven mile trial from bristol to falls township. fighting the bitter cold is getting easier in york count gee. >> somebody is tying winter coats, winter hats and scarves to poles. each one has a note saying if you need a scarf to stay warm take it. also on the note is a final verse. >> i think that is very thoughtful, it's very considerate of the people donating them or making them and leaving them for people because there are people who come who don't have proper clothing or stuff to keep warm. >> this is really cold outside. other acts of kindness like these have popped up in michigan, maine and philadelphia. this holiday season help us share stories of people you know sharing kindness like leaving
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scarves and hats for people who might need them out there. >> nbc 10 and the "today" show are looking for people to feature in the second annual #share kindness campaign, it is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness through the holiday season. tell us about someone you know who is sharing kindness so we can feature them. use facebook, instagram or twitter and use th the #sharekindness. a viewer tells us she tried to buy tickets to a show as a comprise christmas gift for her daughter and was scammed out of her hard earned cash. >> the nbc 10 response team has a warning on how to protect your money. plus new information about breaking news we have in west philadelphia. we just learned this house fire has turned deadly. coming up in a live report from the scene, hear what firefighters found inside. 5:57 right now on this friday. here is a live look at some of the traffic moving along this morning over the gerard point
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bridge. moving all right out there, i'm guessing people will be cranking their heat as they get into their cars, you are watching nbc 10 news today.
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arctic blast. this morning we are bracing for more bitter cold weather and snow is on tap to start the weekend. we have you covered with what you need to know. deadly flames. minutes ago we learned that crews found a body inside a house that was on fire in west philadelphia. we have a live report. shots fired, three teens are under arrest this morning, philadelphia police say they took a shot at officers who were chasing after them following a robbery. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rows mary connors. >> and i'm katy zachry. it is just 6:00 a.m. and frigid outside. this morning we have once again issued a first alert because of that brutal cold. let's get right to meteorologis bill henley he has the neighborhood forecast. >> good morning,


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