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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at nbc 10 at 11:00 a.m. winds are dying down to make it feel a little less bitter than yesterday. it's not just the cold you'll be dealing with this weekend. right now we are tracking snow and ice and we have leave team coverage to help you get ready for it tomorrow morning. and fire and ice. one man is dead after fire tears through this home in philadelphia. we'll tell you why firefighters had to fight more than flames this morning. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 at 11:00 a.m. i'm katy zachry.
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the dangerous cold is sweeping across our area. take a look at the cold commuters we were at the transportation center. people were getting bundled up as they were getting ready. this won't be the only place seeing snow this weekend. we are live team coverage for you this morning to track the dangerous conditions, the cold and the ice and the snow we are expecting tomorrow. let's check with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. hi, glenn. >> hi. things are progressing pretty much the way we have seen them the last couple of days. for the lehigh valley and pa suburbs and philadelphia at least far brief period of time. 11:00 p.m. friday into saturday morning is a limited time period of problems with accumulating
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snow, a brief icy mix and slippery roads. here is the timing. it's started morning we are focusing on. that's where the difficulties will be. snow to icy mix to rain. drier and milder. a nice afternoon by comparison. sunday morning is warm but rainy and sunday afternoon windy and colder. now, what do we see on the radar? the clouds are over the end. we are seeing a few returns back to the west. the main area is pretty elongated, not all that way organized. it will be racing down as we go through the night tonight. in the middle of the night is when the first flakes may fly. the atmosphere is trying to warm up. this is a giant area of icing. so traifl to the west will be very difficult and snow from the philadelphia area northward.
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it doesn't last because the warm air comes up. it's changing to rain around 8:00 a.m. and even at allentown it's changing over to rain. there may be a period of icing up until that period. as we go through the rest of the day we dry out a little bit as we wait for more rain to come in. now with more on those extreme temperatures and how they are going to change, sheer here is martin. >> it will stay the same for the next 36 hours. right now across the delaware involvely we are seeing upper teens to low 20s. it is a sign that we have unsettled weather moving in in the form of snow and of course that ice and wintery mix. feels like temperatures mainly in the single digits.
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but the winds are diminishing. they do have a northwesterly component. they not as strong as they were yesterday. definitely dying down, helping us out quite a bit. it is for the next 24 hours. we will stay in the teens for the most part today and some 20s. keep in mind that through the overnight hours we do have the threat of snow as glenn mentioned. it's all about what is going to happen tomorrow as temperatures start to climbment we will see a shift in the winds and it will come out of the south. it will help us as we start to climb back up into very warm temperatures by the second half of the weekend, katy. >> thanks for that. if you're flying this weekend no doubt the weather is and your mind. take a deep breath. depending who you're flieg with you might be able to change your dpliegt with a no change fee.
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you can change today or tomorrow if you're flying to cities where this winter weather is. there are four delays so far today. we'll track dangerous snow and cold coming overnight right from your phone and tablet. it puts a customizable plus delays at your fingertips. 5 after 11:00 this morning. this morning a crash between an suv and philadelphia medic suv is still tieing up traffic on the road. if you ride the roost 13 trolley expect delays. the crash happened at 52nd and chester this morning. the suv was accompanying an ambulan ambulance. it was responding to a call when that crash happened.
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this morning in philadelphia one person is dead and another is in the hospital after an early morning house fire. you arrived soon after the fire broke out early this morning. from the beginning the elements played a major role in the fire fight. >> yes. they had to battle this aggressive blaze as well as extreme cold. look at what's left behind from all of this water. the car is iced over. one person was found dead in the upstairs bedroom in this r rowhome. firefighters worked in dangerous conditions to knock down the stubborn blaze. >> on one of the coldest nights of the year how the fire just started. i heard people screaming. >> neighbors say loud screaming and heavy smoke, they ran out into the cold to see a
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39-year-old man taken away in an ambulance. >> there is nobody in that house. >> once crews got inside the firefighters found the body of a young man in the upstairs bedroom. >> they really were risking their lives in there today. they heartbroken. they say 75 firefighters and medics were on scene. in total three houses suffered fire damage and water was freezing on contact and by daylight cars parked on the street was covered in ice. >> all of the crews are iced up. the wind actually drove the fire as it exited the initial occupancy, drove it into adjacent exposure. we ended up having fire in three
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rowhouses. >> reporter: fire officials say generally they are reminding people to check on your space heaters if you're using them make sure your smoke detectors are working. nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that. we have an update on a fire in south jersey that we brought to you first this morning as breaking news. they posted four firefighters and one person who live in this home were all treated and released from the hospital so far. we flew over the scene. you can see that the home is set pretty far back in a rural area. it made fighting the flames pretty difficult. even our grounds crew could not get close to the home. we are expecting to learn more about the fire and possibly what caused it later today. new this morning, three teenaged robbery suspects under
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arre arrest. one of them took a shot at officers. it happened earlier this morning. the suspects were wanted in a robbery in that area. police chased them into the ally after investigators say the teenagers abandoned their car. the pursuing officers stood up to the danger. >> one of the uniformed officers got close that's when they heard the shot and realized they were actually shot at. luckily none of the officers were shot by gunfire. police were just feet away. >> they added the officers did not return fire after the shot came their way. no one was hurt. police did recover a gun at the scene. in south philadelphia pieces of a police cruiser peppered broad street. two officers were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. the passenger side air bag did go off. the person driving the other car that collided with the cruiser is okay as well.
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new this morning, support staff in the chester upland school district, they have a new contract. the district announced the association representing secretaries, aids and other support personnel approved the new six-year deal. it includes benefit savings. district officials say they are focused on continuing talks with teachers in the district. they have been working for three years without a contract. >> this gentleman is charged with attempted murder and other charges. he is being held on $1 million bail. police say an officer was shot by him in june seven times when he was responding to a drug call in july. he went back to work in september. just ahead on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m., police perspective. we'll give you a first person look at how doctoofficers stopp
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15-year-old student after he opened fire inside a classroom. the annual mission to drive hunger out of philadelphia. next in a live report we'll show you what toyota is doing right now. well, we have some snow on the way. it is bitter cold already. you know it's going to stick when it starts. i'll have the timetable and the full forecast coming up. fios in the house!
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welcome back. rosemary connors is live at citizens bank. quite an undertaking this morning, right? >> reporter: absolutely, katie. talk about a team effort here. lending the space for the event. the trailers ready to go. within the next hour and early afternoon these trailers will be packed. these guys helping to pack that donated food into these trailers. this is the tenth year for the food drive. i got to tell you, this operation is a well oiled machine. let's take a live look. sky force 10 is over a convoy of
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75 trucks. they are hauling some of the food all the way here to south philly. they will roll in here to citizens bank park. they will be out here today. we'll be out here at 11:45. that's when this convoy of trucks is expected to roll in here. we'll talk about the effort and event coming up at 11:45. nbc 10 news. thank you for that. the goal of the share kindness campaign is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness. reach out to us on facebook, instagram or twitter and
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use #sharekindness. we want to introduce you to a little girl who is making very big wishes come true. she reminds us of the importance of giving. four-year-old jillian mass si a remarkable little girl. she is making this christmas brighter for her friends at the childrens hospital of philadelphia. >> to be able to have her home for the holidays is probably the best gift we could have ever imagined. >> she is battling an aggressive form of cancer. so far it's worked. much of the cancer is gone and she is home two months earlier than doctors thought. >> her mom's coworkers supported a toy drive in her honor.
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pretty soon presents were piling in. there are too many to fit in one truck so a second has been donated. on monday jillian and her family will hand deliver these gifts to some very deserving children. >> to be able to give back to chop and everything they have done for our family and gjillia, it is super special to reward the families that won't be able to be home for the holidays. >> go to or the nbc 10 app. today is the final day to donate toys before jillians elveelves, family and friends hand them out. it will be an eventful night at the sixers game. tonight the sixers are honoring allen iverson. he was drafted by the sixers in 1996 and played his entire
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career near philadelphia. there is a lot of hype around the national anthem. a singer whose shirt stirred up controversy earlier this year will be back. you might remember she posted this video after she says she was asked by the sixers organization to leave before she was able to perform if national anthem. she said it is because her shirt said we matter. the sixers ended up apologizing and inviting her to sing at tonight's game. anchts somber moment will be held. they will pause far moment of silence for craig sager. the man known for his wild outfits died yesterday after battling leukemia for nearly three years. he died just days after being inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. tributes are pouring in
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online. he posted this picture with the caption, quote, we lost a great one. nothing but love. news this morning. it's a colorful life. no funeral arrangements have been made yet. craig sager was 65 years old. well, we have first alert for snow and some ice in a good bit of our area, mainly pennsylvania counties for tomorrow. lehigh valley, montgomery county and philadelphia at least briefly. the general time is 11:00 p.m. tonight to saturday morning. not the whole weekend. accumulating snow and slippery roads. the timetable looks like this. the problem is saturday morning. snow to ice terrain then drier
11:20 am
on saturday afternoon, rainy but just regular rain. sunday morning and sunday afternoon it's windy and colder. right now it's very cold. it's 20 in philadelphia. we have clouds in. it's close to 20 degrees across much of the area. it still feels like single digits. up to 12 in philadelphia. we are going to be following the neighborhood temperatures hour by hour and neighborhood by neighborhood as we have this precipitation coming in late tonight and tomorrow. these are all going to be critical. redding is only 19 degrees. cooks to cookstown at 18. be bethlehem 19. we have to get them above 32 degrees to have rain and it melts on the road. remember, the roads are cold because it of the last cold blast we had.
11:21 am
there are radar returns we have had. some of this stuff is not only that well organized at this point. here is a close up of the area that will get hit the hardest l es -- lehigh valley. darker blues indicating heavier snow. this is pretty heavy accumulating snow in the lehigh valley. by 9:00 a.m. we are starting to get some icing as the atmosphere warms up but not at the ground. that could cause more problems on top of the snow. the snow continues farther to the north. that warm air is coming up. there's nothing to stop it. so we veeventually the whole ar will be warm enough for just rain. watch the wider view of the hour by hour temperatures.
11:22 am
as the snow starts we are in the 20s. about 5:00 a.m. it's cold enough to cause some problems. watch those temperatures go up. borderline philly at 7:00 a.m. there we go. by 9:00 a.m. it's 34. by 11:00 a.m. we are above freezing in allentown. as you can see, we are improving with those temperatures. all day saturday night temperatures still going up. by sunday morning it's kind of crazy. it's in the upper 50s to near 60. that's the next area of rain as it comes in. at some point we are going to get above freezing as we just showed you. basically rain farther to the south. 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. from wilmington over to washington township for example it's above
11:23 am
freezing and starting to improve. 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. in philadelphia much of delaware county. it will take a little bit longer farther to the north. 8 to 10:00 a.m. in potstown and then 10:00 to 12:00 farther to the north and then it's okay for the rest of the weekend. >> great note to end on. thanks for that, glenn. just ahead, why wait? that's the question president-elect donald trump is asking after reports that russia influenced the presidential election, why officials may have waited bfr efore releasing thos reports. a celebration of african american community. next, we are speaking with the head of a local theater production company about the impact of their latest production during this time of year.
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♪ for ten years now john graves and his production company have been putting on plays. graves is back with another play
11:27 am
which explores a little boy's journey through time. joining us live in studio this morning writer and director -- i know there are a bunch more titles we can add to that, gravegravjohn graves. let's get right into it. >> it is about a young man that suffered through tragedy but he learned through the history and value of his life. we do that through music, dancing, a number of different scenarios. the big point is bringing joy back to the community at large not just to the black community but to the community at large especially philadelphia because that's where i'm from. all of the performers are from philadelphia or surrounding areas. >> tell me what part you play in this. >> i attended all of john graves
11:28 am
productions this year. when auditions opened up i came in as a dancer to perform. i'm excited about it. >> it's good. it's a really good exciting work. >> you're proud of this one? this one stands alone a little bit? >> it does. ten years means a lot to us. this is all of the things we are gone through creatively and in the city of philadelphia. >> why do you think the response is really overwhelming? >> honestly, i don't know. we have been working hard far very long time. i don't know why it just happened but i'm glad it did. i hope people are looking for something festive and different and to bring joy. some people are going through hard times especially for the holiday season. ? yes. >> maybe if someone has undergone tragedy. >> and then uplifting part about
11:29 am
it. it gives them some kind of hope and relief. >> it's like dance therapy. everyone is out. they are looking for fun things to do, family centered activities to do. it was perfect timing. >> and it speaks to them, right? >> correct. >> all right. thanks so much. i want to let everyone know what is going on and where everyone can see it. we are going to bring it up for you. "black kid joy", all three performances are sold out. another show on january 14th. thanks for adding that. for more information log onto the nbc 10 app. thanks so much. what's next we have like five sen seconds. >> that's it. >> you won't give us a preview of what's next for you? >> no. >> thank you so much. >> you're making us stay tuned. our live team coverage continues this morning.
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right now below freezing, our entire region dealing with dangerously cold temperatures. bundle up, crews working outside this morning are using everything they can including their equipment to stay warm. and it's not just the cold that's the concern. take a look at the first alert weather radar. we are tracking snow and ice for your weekend. good morning. i'm katy zachry. we have issued a first alert because of the dangerous cold sweeping across the region. we are tracking the dangerous
11:34 am
cold and snow you could see this weekend. let's start with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. tell us, glenn. >> yeah. the extreme cold is going to set us up for problems related to snow and ice for the lehigh valley and pa suburbs and philadelphia area, philly and delaware county. that's just brief. we issued a first alert two days ago for this threat that goes from 11:00 p.m. tonight to saturday morning for accumulating snow, a brief icy mix and slippery roads as a result. combination of cold roads to start off with after this frigid air mass and then below freezing temperatures and snow and ice. that is not a good combination. at least @not going to last too long. the problem is saturday morning. snow to ice to rain. saturday afternoon we are fine. sunday morning it's rainy but
11:35 am
it's warm. sunday afternoon it's windy and doe colder. the clouds are in. we are starting to see returns. radar is looking up into the clouds. it's not quite reaching the ground as a lot of this stuff is. it's just starting to get organized out there. as we go through the night tonight the first little batch of snow kind of races in right in the middle of the night. by tomorrow morning it will be snowing from philadelphia area n northward. it will improve from south to north. like at 8:30 here we have significant rain in philly and delaware and south jersey. some icing in between and then areas of heavier snow to the north and even to the north it's going to change over first to the ice and then to the rain. now, of course the cold is setting all of this up.
11:36 am
erika martin has more on how cold it is. >> conditions right now are below the freezing mark. seeing lots of 20s and upper teens. right now across the delaware valley we are seeing 20s for the most part. it looks like 20 from philadelphia. all allentown in the upper teens. something i wanted to show you this -- and this is why glenn is talking about the snow/ice mix. we are seeing a northwesterly push of winds. notice how the winds shift out of the south telling us we have much warmer air sliding into place. strong southerly winds. it is 20 for dover. philadelphia will be in the upper 20s to low 30s. so what can you expect in your neighborhood tomorrow? it looks like a mix, a wintery mix. depending on where you live you will have the details. follow us on social media.
11:37 am
notice that temperatures will be more affordable for most. more importantly it really is about the southerly winds that will help break this cold spell we have been under. this arctic blast as we get warmer air sliding into place. >> thank you for that. you can drtrack the dangero snow from your smart phone and tablet. it puts interactive radar, school closings and delays at your fingertips. it's 11:37 now. we have an update to a deadly fire that burned three row homes. they tell us it is helping five families. we are waiting to learn what started the fire. we have more on how to cold weather effected this morning's
11:38 am
knockdown. >> reporter: with temperatures approaching single dikts overnight firefighters worked in dangerous conditions to knock down this stubborn blaze. >> on one of the coldest nights the fire started. i heard people screaming. >> neighbors say loud screaming and heavy smoke woke them up. they ran out to see a 39-year-old man taken away in an ambulance. >> we hope there is nobody in that house. >> once crews got inside the firefighters found the body of a young man in the upstairs bedroom. >> these folks do such an outstanding job. we all have kids. they are heartbroken. they couldn't do more. >> officials didn't release the victim's age but they say 75 firefighters and metddics were
11:39 am
scene. wa water from the hoses was freezing on contact and cars parked out on the street were covered in ice. >> you can see all of the crews are iced up. there was the wind actually drove the fire as it exited the initial occupancy. drove it into two other exposures. >> reporter: and you can see how much ice remains throughout this neighborhood. firefighters are still investigating the cause but they do generally give a warning to people as these cold temperatures continue to check your space heaters and make sure smoke detectors are working. nbc 10 news. >> good advice. thank you. we'll learn if mens swimming and diving team will compete in the two final meets. the team suspended this morning for posting offensive mess
11:40 am
anna messages. comments were discovered in an e-mail group for the team. the next meet is scheduled for january 7th. new details on the state takeover. christie's office will foot the bill for lawyer fees. after last night's stop president-elect trump is taking his thank you tour to florida today. the white house is explaining why it kept details about russian hackers under wraps before the election. tracie potts has the latest for us. >> reporter: president-elect trump reveling in victory in pennsylvania overnight and asking along with democrats, why did the white house wait so long
11:41 am
to act on russian hackers? >> whether it's by a mig or a mouse it's an attack. >> mr. putin is well aware of my opinions. we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing. >> they learned the obama administration warned russia, including putin, not to interfere. intelligence believes he the administration didn't want to appear hill and thought hillary clinton would win. >> they didn't want to be criticized for putting their hand on the scales. >> in retro spect it seems it was a mistake. >> reporter: president-elect
11:42 am
trump answers questions. ivanka trump talking about child care already. the trump team has yet to confirm or deany sny she gets a office in the west wing. we are getting a look at what happened when a teen brought guns into a school. the officer runs down the hallway. he catches up to the 15-year-old who is in the hall with his parents. you can see two guns on the ground. it happened in utah earlier this month. the video was just released. the boy's parents went to the school because they said their son was acting strange and said then they noticed that guns were missing from the home. students say the boy fired one shot in a classroom and that a classmate talked him down. he is facing criminal charges. hauling away hunger.
11:43 am
here is another look over the mission to drive away hunger in philadelphia. a live report is coming up next, glenn. the cold air is in place. the moist clure is on the way. snow and ice. i'll have the timetable and how much you're going to see in your neighborhood coming up next.
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welcome back. right now toyota are teaming up this year to haul away hunger in south philadelphia. nbc 10 is live for us at citizens bank park this morning with a closer look at these efforts. they have been all over the city so far this morning, right? >> reporter: they have, katy. the windchill may be in the teens but the spirit is bright here this morning. you can see behind me we have this police escort here. the convoy is 75 toyota tundras bringing food here. joining me is paul. thanks for being with us, paul. >> thanks for having us. >> we are very excited. this sour tenth year of doing this. the first year we had five trucks and came up with about 30,000 pounds of food. this year we had 75 trucks.
11:47 am
we are about a little over 330,000 pounds of food. >> reporter: obviously this time of year the need is great. this is something you're doing throughout 2017? >> yes. part of what we are trying do -- to give you an idea, 330 pounds of food just about covers them for a week. the whole idea of this is to make sure people understand this is a 52-week-a-year issue, not one week. that's what we are trying to draw attention to. we are thrilled to do this with all of our partners, all of the tv stations and radio stations you can go on their web site and you can get involved yourself and it's great this time of year. everybody feels good. you'll feel good the other 50 as
11:48 am
well. >> reporter: thank you so much for being with us this morning. thank you for your efforts. we appreciate it. all right. they will be loading up these trucks. we showed you about 30 minutes ago. they will be loading them up through the early afternoon. a lot of that donated food, again, donated from north philly to citizens bank. we'll have more at 4:00. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, rosemary. less may be more for carson wentz in the rae maini -- remaining three games. right now he is on pace to set eagles team and rookie records for passing attempts. wentz and his head coach agree more balance is needed between throwing the football and running it. >> i would love to manage that a little more for him.
11:49 am
i think it's putting him in a tough situation. >> i didn't anticipate him throwing the ball quite as much. it is kind of the way games have gone. by no means am i complaining about it. >> only five quarterbacks in the league have thrown the ball more than carson wentz. a battle of the birds in baltimore. kick off is 1:00. ♪ yaereah, and there will be n in baltimore sunday afternoon and rain in philly next thursday for the thursday night game the eagles are in. we have a first alert for snow and ice for lehigh valley, the pa suburbs and philadelphia areas. briefly though the general threat is 11:00 p.m. friday for accumulating snow, brief icy mix
11:50 am
and the slippery roads. as we go through the weekend the problems are saturday morning in parts of the area, not the whole area. snow to icy mix to rain. the rest of the weekend at worst is wet. rainy and warm sunday morning. it will be the wettest part of the rest of the weekend. we are near 20 degrees right now. look at the wind. it really died down. gusts up to 45 yesterday. 7 miles per hour wind in new jersey and in delaware. that helps. so the feels like temperature all the way up to 9 in coatsville and 7 in allentown. below zero in some of these places. 12 in philadelphia and as we go through the afternoon it will feel less and less frigid. still going to be a cold day. it is 20 at the airport, 24 at graduate hospital and 22 in
11:51 am
kensington. it is 20 here. we have got to get these numbers over 32 degrees tomorrow to make sure the roads are okay. because the roads are so frozen might have to get a little bit above the 32, maybe 34 degrees tomorrow. so we'll be watching that hour by hour. there is some of the moisture. you can see it's not all that well organized into a storm. watch hour by hour. watch the precipitation come in and watch the temperatures go up. by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow 29 in philly and snowing. in wilmington it's sticking but it's above freezing already farther to the south. look. warm air surging up from the south. 7:00 a.m. the darker blue, that's heavier snow. parts of philadelphia, northeast philly all of montgomery and lehigh valley that's where
11:52 am
you're getting accumulation. in the next couple of hours accumulating snow is changing to steadier heavier rain which is melting the snow that already occurred. then it's drying out during the afternoon. how much snow? not a lot. 3 to 6 inches in the poconos. ice 2 to 4 inches plus icing in burkes county, north hampton counties. it could cause significant travel problems in the morning. i want to play that down. 1 to 2 inches in chester county. tlec even there it could be a brief period of rough travel. here is about an inch or maybe even a little less across wilmington and chester, philadelphia, salem, trenton,
11:53 am
buckingham. farther to the north we are getting more of the threat, the 2 to 4 inches. you can see that includes allentown and 3 to 6 inches farther to the north in the poconos. as we go through the rest of the weekend temperatures will be skyrocket. we go up to 45 saturday afternoon and then 62 by sunday morning. even net lehigh valley up to 49. we'll be be right back. (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries.
11:54 am
(alex) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible
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now to an update. check your space heaters and make sure your smoke detectors are working. flames spread to three rowhomes. we know a man was found dead inside one of the homes. neighbors are now dealing with slick sidewalks and frozen cars from all of the water. the red cross is helping five families today. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a break dowdown. >> yeah. the bottom line is if you sleep late enough on saturday you'll miss the snow and ice. the rest of the weekend will be warming up.
11:57 am
we do not get a white christmas. looks like it will be milder next weekend. >> thank you for joining us and for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. have a good day.
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>> jennifer: whoo... >> jj: let me give you a hand. >> jennifer: oh, yeah, here. thanks, honey. i bought every dress in abigail's size, and whatever she doesn't like, she can just take back. >> jj: she hasn't changed yet? >> jennifer: no, that's impossible--i just got back. >> jj: mom, she's not here. i thought she left to see chad. >> jennifer: what? di-did she leave a note? >> jj: no, and i checked the whole house. i kept telling myself that she was with you, that you were driving her! >> jennifer: it's probably not a big deal. maybe--maybe she realized that chad is not gonna care what she's wearing and...and she's probably in his arms right now. >> claire: you know, sorry that dating app turned out to be such a dud. >> ciara: it wasn't a dud. rory was. >> claire: [laughs] well, you know, i guess you have to encounter a couple frogs before you meet your prince charming. just give it a while. i'm sure you'll find someone as great as theo.


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