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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 17, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EST

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of the country could slow you down if flying from philly international. we have you covered with what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. good morning. i am rosemary connors. the worst of the weather is this morning. one place folks are welcoming the snow is the pocono mountains. flakes have been falling since early morning hours. this is camelback resort for skiers and snowboarders who will have plenty of fresh powder on the slopes. our team has been on this all morning so you're prepared and know what to expect when you head out today. we begin with bill henley. >> when we went on the air at 5:00 this morning, it was all snow. it has all changed. we just updated it. it is for dangerous ice, and it is falling in philadelphia, the suburbs and lehigh valley and
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berks county. this first alert until noon today. going to see accumulating freezing rain, ice accumulating, making for slippery roads and many surfaces are ice covered this morning. the roads, that's rain that's falling on the schuylkill. temperature is below freezing. not a problem because it is treated. untreated surfaces will be very slippery. we're now seeing freezing rain move into the lehigh valley, too. saw snow steady first thing this morning. now it is fog and freezing rain and even extending into the pocono mountains. was a steady snow, but warmer air is pushing into the mountains above ground level. the ground is still frozen. that's where we have a problem with ice. this large pink area from lehigh valley, philadelphia, wilmington into delaware, a very large area is seeing temperatures below freezing. as the rain comes down in philadelphia, the suburbs, richland, all seeing freezing rain leading to accumulating ice
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and moving into allentown area, even some portions of the pocono mountains. so the temperature is critical. once it warms up, we will only be looking at rain. next few hours, we have very cold temperatures. warmer air is just to the south where steady rain is falling in delaware and south jersey. with a closer look at the temperatures and how they're changing, meteorologist krystal klei is standing by. >> we have been saying all morning temperatures are critical to when you see rain versus ice conditions over a large portion. here's the jersey shore neighborhoods. temperatures haven't warmed much in the last several hours, but a lot of us are starting to see it in neighborhoods slightly above freezing temperatures. upper township at 33 degrees, same for summers point. atlantic city is 35. these are locations we are tracking rain. then go into lehigh valley, berks county, 30 for gland in. below freezing temperatures. warmer than a couple hours ago
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in the low 20s. we're seeing low 20s. bath at 23. these zones are just now seeing icy mix move in. then philadelphia neighborhoods, we have been seeing freezing rain reports the last couple hours here. 31 degrees for society hill, same for graduate hospital and the official report at the airport. temperatures are right near freezing. this is what we are looking at for the ice threat, falling freezing rain or sleeting conditions. we're already seeing mostly rain in new jersey, but icy spots are possible for the next couple hours of the morning. some icy precipitation is still expected through 10:00 a.m. philadelphia to northern delaware and up through the suburbs, along lehigh valley in berks county that will be until noon. then we should see spotty scattered activity in the early afternoon. we will explain that more and be tracking that in a few minutes. >> see you shortly. thanks for that, krystal.
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we have you covered from snow in the pocono mountains to the rain in new jersey and delaware. randy gyllenhaal has been driving across the region in storm force 10. he is on route 309 approaching quakertown. any problems out there? >> reporter: we are heading to quakertown. 30 minutes ago were on 476 north. that's where we saw a significant accident, in stand still traffic about 45 minutes. i'll give you a look at road conditions now. this is why we are seeing trouble. most of the snow melted as you can see. now we have sleet falling to the ground shifting into a cold rain and all of the snow on the roads is starting to melt, so it is a slushy mess out here. we will slow down on the right, we have somebody who seems to have spun out. we're seeing problems, so much so that pennsylvania turnpike issued a weather emergency on the turnpike asking folks to slow down to speed limit now on the turnpike, it is 45 miles per
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hour. people urged to reduce travel if possible especially now as we're seeing that turnover and icy conditions beginning to accumulate. one last thing, we were at a chick-fil-a getting breakfast. the parking lots in untreated areas are iced over. even if you're just walking somewhere, be careful out there. randy gyllenhaal, back to you guys. >> thanks for that. good advice. salt just outside the front door. let's look at 76 from the camera at city avenue and presidential boulevard. it is raining now on the schuylkill. traffic is moving fine. be careful. icy mix could still be coming down in spots of philadelphia until 10:00 this morning. let's check in with tim furlong, live at 30th street station. tim, we saw you first at 5:00. snow was coming down. then it turned to freezing rain, then rain. what have you got there now.
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>> reporter: it looks great. you can see i am a drenched mess chl . it is that drenching rain. now we have a dangerous slushy mess. the roads are not too bad now, you can see this is how much slush we're dealing with. that went into my nonwaterproof shoe i had on. that wasn't a good thing. you have to be careful. eli is an uber driver, came from northeast philly. tell everybody watching at home what were the roads like out there today? >> everything was slower than normal, took twice as long to get to center city. i haven't seen any cars stopped but light traffic on i-95, highly unusual for this time of morning. >> as an uber driver, do you think a day like this maybe you don't want to go to work? it has to be slow.
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>> that's true, yes. there was definitely higher demand because passengers preferred, don't want to wait for public transition i am guessing, too early in the morning, but definitely. this kind of weather keeps drivers at home. even though the companies encourage us to get outside and drive. >> if you call eli, you get a driver with a nice toyota highlander, and a cool hat on that makes it better. you also find when you walk to his car. i will start to walk with him, you have to walk like you're on the ice at a flyers game, you have to shuffle. you have to do the penguin walk. they salted some of the areas but not all areas. >> i tell passengers when they approach the vehicle, tell them be careful from the ice. some of them may not be aware of that. get out the door, think the car is there. i always yell out to them when they enter and leave the car, be careful of the ice. >> i am telling you, be careful, too.
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thanks for coming out. go get dry. this isn't a rain coat. get dry. wherever you're going, be extra careful. it will get better as the day goes on. as of now in center city, philadelphia, it is not great yet. it is slick. be careful. back to you. >> tim furlong live in center city. get the latest on the wintry weather with the nbc10 app and on we are continuously updating the first alert forecast to help you plan your day. it is an icy mess, not just a small part of the area, it is philadelphia into delaware and south jersey and into lehigh valley. but it will be improving during the day. take you through it hour by hour when we come back.
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well, we are looking at a
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rainy situation, unfortunately that's freezing rain falling on 30th street station as warm air moves in, the visibility is dropping. more likely to see fog later this afternoon than you will see rain coming down. as randy gyllenhaal reported, we are seeing sleet in the lehigh valley, starting to change there from snow to sleet and freezing rain in the lehigh valley. camelback mountain is seeing some snow change over to freezing rain there as well. here's the radar. a large area of freezing rain is the issue. it changed to rain in cape may, atlantic city, still snow falling to the south, but look at this, this is the back edge of the system. that's moving through the area as the morning progresses. allentown still seeing a mix of snow and sleet and there's the freezing rain that's just to the south in douglas, pottstown, marlboro seeing freezing rain as wem. the rest of the day we will see this morning freezing rain and
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rain in the area. it is slowly changing from freezing rain to rain. still ice on the ground. lingering rain this afternoon. as temperature warms up, rain is drying out later this afternoon. then turning milder. a nice warmup tonight. temperatures will be surging into the 40s. tomorrow even warmer, headed into the 60s. that will not be the end of the rain. a look ahead to the rest of the weekend when we come back. we got word that the faa issued a ground stop for flights departing philly international because of the weather, they're recommending if you head out of philly international today, check your flight status with your carrier as you can see from the live picture. not only dealing with wet weather, we have fog that's rolled into philadelphia. presumably this may be part of the ground stop. we will continue to get information and keep you updated. again, just to let everybody know in case you're headed out of philly international, ground
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stop at the moment for departing flights. new from overnight. a woman and toddler in the hospital with burns from a row home fire at 61st in west philadelphia. they escaped the flames by jumping from a second story window. once crews arrived, they were able to quickly put out the fire. we are working to learn more about the woman and toddler's condition. investigators looking for the cause later today. 8:42 this saturday. coming up on nbc10 news today, a performer invited back by the 76ers to sing the national anthem after a controversy involving her clothing. we will show you what she wore last night. a live shot outside the building. we have ice on the camera and roadways. we will track it hour by hour for your neighborhood. coming up, here's a live look at camelback mountain where snow is starting to changeover to an icy mix.
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8:45 this saturday. here's a live look at the roads from storm force 10. heading southbound, route 309 in hatfield, montgomery county. it is slippery out there. do not be deceived by the fact we don't have a ton of snow on the ground. keep in mind while you were sleeping after the snow we got some ice and now the rain and the ground has been very cold. again, if you're heading on the roads, give yourself a few extra minutes and go slowly. a live look at philadelphia international airport. the faa issued ground stop for flights coming to the airport due to weather.
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any flights departing, more than 20 flights cancelled through the morning. philly international tweeting arrivals are about an hour late. best advice, if you have plans to fly or are picking up anyone, check the status of flights before you head out the door. in other news, two people being treated for serious injuries. sky force 10 over the scene at 2nd and broad street in millville at 8:30 last night. the driver did stay on the scene. let's head to montgomery county. the district attorney's office tells us a suspect is in custody, accused of stabbing and killing a woman in con sho who can en. they were called to the home for report of disturbance. once they got inside they found she had been stabbed several times and died at the scene. police haven't released the suspect's name. of course, what we are
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watching all day long is the wintry weather creating a real mess. let's get more from meteorologist bill henley and krystal klei. we begin with bill. >> we started with snow. that didn't last long. now it is rain coming down while the ground is still frozen. major roads have been treated. this live view from wilmington, you can see traffic on the highways moving just fine but everything else will have ice on it, sidewalks, driveway, car, railings, be careful. it will be a slippery situation. here's wilmington. you can see the radar showing mix of freezing rain and rain. this is a sign the atmosphere is warming up and it is finally starting to warm up on the ground. this area extends through philadelphia, through the suburbs into portions of new jersey, upper burlington county, into mercer county and lehigh valley. not lasting all day. here's the tail end of the system. it is going to take time for
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that dry out to happen in the lehigh valley and for the rest of the area. we will likely see lingering showers into the afternoon. good news is that temperatures are slowly climbing. it is still frozen north and west, that's why we see icing this morning. it is up to the freezing mark in wilmington and philadelphia. that's an improvement. that warming continues. once we get above freezing, any ice on the ground will disappear and it will just be rain falling from the sky. 33 in millville, atlantic city is barely above freezing there. it is going to be a fairly slow warmup but temperatures will be climbing hour by hour forecast, showing 33 degrees by 9:00. icing is still an issue north and west. watch, the temperatures are slowly climbing in lehigh valley. before it gets above freezing, most of the lehigh valley sees it dry out. this afternoon going into the afternoon hours, there will be lingering showers into the early afternoon hours but not later in
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the afternoon. we will see dramatic changes during the day. take you through neighborhood by neighborhood. krystal klei is standing by. >> we have to focus in on temperatures. really seeing improvement now that we are near freezing in a lot of locations. talking frozen precipitation, including freezing rain from 9:00 to 10:00 in philadelphia. then we change over to all rain, and rain that's not freezing on the ground any more. that's the good news, helps melt off anything that's frozen on the surface. temperatures creep to the upper 30s through the afternoon. but lingering showers are possible. 1:00 to 2:00 they move out. 31 at 9:00 a.m. with freezing rain conditions. through noon, the changeover by the lehigh valley. notice at 11:00 a.m., still freezing rain around 30 degrees for that temperature and warming up to 35 by 1:00 p.m.
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now through delaware and new jersey and the shore. the shore is already above freezing, keeping with rain. scattered showers hang in the afternoon. more isolated for delaware and new jersey. notice quickly by 11:00 a.m., already we made it above the freezing mark and seeing that changeover to rain. this is what we are looking at saturday into saturday night and sunday morning. cold air in place will edge to the north. more mild conditions. sunday evening or saturday evening into sunday morning, we're going to see temperatures really start to pick up, meaning temperatures you see on the board for saturday, those highs we see are going to hit tonight and sunday in the morning hours, 50s and 60s that start with rain as well. >> unbelievable. you think the teens yesterday morning, what a company swing. >> you read my mind. that's what i was thinking. we will take it, at the very least with the wet weather, we know it will melt, not create too many problems out there.
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>> biggest problems this morning, not a whole lot going anywhere until this afternoon, dramatic improvement for the area. >> thanks for that. when we are not on the air, you can check the forecast for your neighborhood on the nbc10 app. if you don't have it, please download it. you're going to want it through the rest of the season. in addition to first alerts we sent out, we also send out delays, at the airport or your kids' school. 8:51 this saturday. let's check in with this week's wednesday's child. a great young guy that loves sports, music, playing video games. one thing missing in his life is a forever family to support and encourage him as he strives for success. nbc10's vai sikahema introduces us to terrell. >> we brought terrell to a wednesday's child staple, arnold's family fun center where there's everything from bowling to gocart racing.
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>> i like to play video games, watch football. watch tv. >> terrell, got news, we're not watching today, we're going to be in it. terrell is 17 and a junior in high school. very polite, very sweet. what does terrell want most in a forever family? >> friend of mine wanting me to be good because, saying did you have a good day at school. >> he enjoys sports, listening to music, being outdoors, perhaps riding a bike. >> terrell is very curious. he asks a lot of questions. he really likes learning these things. he's good with directions which is great because i am terrible with directions. he loves being out in the
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community, he does really well with me and he really likes being helpful. he would do well with a two parent family, a mom and dad or two moms, family with parenting experience, family, do well with kids his age or maybe a little older. this is a family that can help him gain the skills he needs to be successful. >> terrell is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make terrell's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do adopt. time running out to check everything off your holiday gift list. believe it or not, this is the last weekend before christmas. we will have more on the rush of super saturday next.
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8:55 on your saturday. this is camelback mountain. talk about a winter wonderland. the snow tubing park opens in a few minutes at 9:00. the slopes have been open since thursday. this is also opening weekend for several other ski resorts in the pocono mountains. the fresh snow of course adding a few inches to the trails. should be a great day for skiers and snowboarders and snow tubers. today is super saturday. as you heard bill henley mention a few moments ago, if you can hold off on doing shopping until this afternoon, that's your best bet. today is considered one of the biggest days for holiday shopping. a lot of folks try to finish gift lists. the experts say one in ten shoppers completed their shopping. i am one of the nine that haven't completed shopping. stores are offering sales to get last minute shoppers in. 8:56.
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we continue to watch the weather, the snow, ice, rain, we're tracking it for you this morning. let's get to meteorologist krystal klei, bill henley with the latest on it. krystal? >> look at the radar. that area of purple getting smaller, but the pink is expanding farther north. we will track where the icy conditions are now and where they'll be the next few hours coming up after the break. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope.
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snow, sleet and rain have left an icy mess on the streets and sidewalks. they're wet and slick. this is a live look near 30th street station where there are just a few cars on the road and people are taking it easy. first alert radar tells the story. our team of meteorologist tracking the timing and totals so you know what to expect. the slippery conditions causing trouble on the roads. this is 95 in south philly. the warning for drivers, take your time. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 9:00 on this saturday. we have a lot to get to this saturday. we're in a first alert because of the wintry mix blanketing the region since the early morning hours. this is another live look at conditions from the camera on presidential boulevard near city avenue overlooking the schuylkill expressway.
9:01 am
you can see traffic is moving along just fine but fweagain it slippery. we have coverage from our meteorologists and reporters. want to get you started on what to expect hour by hour, specifically in your neighborhood. for that, more from meteorologist bill henley. >> rosemary, it is changing hour by hour. at 5:00 this morning when we first went on the air, it was just snow. now the snow has ended. the biggest threat is the dangerous ice. for philadelphia, new jersey, northern delaware, suburbs and lehigh valley and berks, until noon today, icing is going to be a problem. we will see some improvement in the area, freezing rain changing to rain for many neighborhoods as the atmosphere warms up. it is still coming down, ground is still frozen, still seeing accumulating ice in the area, leading to slippery roads. the majors, 95 in south philadelphia doing fine because they are treated. untreated surfaces are a real issue. you'll find a layer of ice on
9:02 am
the car, if you go out, may have to do scraping this morning. doppler radar shows this area of pink, that's icing conditions. freezing rain not just in philadelphia but extends into new jersey and delaware and far north and west into the lehigh valley. berks county seeing that sleet and freezing rain now, and it is changing from snow to sleet and freezing rain is on the way to allentown as well. across delaware and south jersey, you can see some pink but also some areas of just rain. this is indication that the atmosphere is warming up. it is this warming that leads to improving conditions during the day today. temperatures are critical. that's what meteorologist krystal klei is keeping a close eye on this morning. >> we have had an eye on temperatures all over the place throughout the morning. we watched them gradually climb as we were expecting. looking at new jersey neighborhoods, you can see areas like clinton, barely below freezing. some areas are seeing 32 or
9:03 am
above. mount laurel, slightly lower, lumberton slightly above. as bill showed off, we're still seeing a mix of freezing rain and some purely rain conditions across parts of the new jersey neighborhoods. we move into pennsylvania suburbs, most of us are still dealing with that icy wintry mix. take a look why. numbers are around freezing or below. unionville, 31. we continue along. we will see much of the same. bed minister, upper 20s and collegeville at 30 degrees. here's what we are looking at for changeover conditions. seeing more rain and pockets of heavy rain in new jersey. checked the millville location, heavy rain reporting there. then we see a mix through delaware and some sports of new jersey. icing through the suburbs, creeping into allentown and snow has been moving off. that's at 9:00 a.m.
9:04 am
watch through 10:30. big change. the end of this point of precipitation starts to move out of the lehigh valley and bureaucracy county. still lingering ice but more rain across the board. that starts to move off. we have lingering scattered showers through early afternoon as well. we will talk more about the conditions and temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood through the afternoon coming up. >> see you shortly. thanks for that, krystal. four minutes past 9:00. this is a live look over 8th and mashlgt stree market streets. the clouds are blocking the view. this is the day to break out the winter boots. tim furlong and randy gyllenhaal are checking conditions in neighborhoods across the region. tim is outside 30th street station to show conditions there. tim? >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, i have been keeping an eye on temperatures. heard bill and krystal talk about this. on the dashboard we have a thermometer, it has been saying
9:05 am
32. just hit 32. that's a good thing. you can see what's going on on the ground. it is slushy but there's a layer of ice. this was salted about 5:45 this morning. didn't do a lot of good then, certainly not doing any good now. needs to be done again. this is the walkway to get to 30th street station. look at 30th and jfk. you can see people walking, a lot of umbrellas, people just grinning and bearing it, getting through the weather. you can also see heavier traveled areas are fine, but some of the turning areas are slick. we have seen spinning tires through there, people going too fast for conditions and gliding before the tires catch. wherever you are going, be extra careful. i want to tell you all of that beautiful snow we had is crunchy. that's what we are talking. it is crunchy and gets wet and slushy. wherever you're going. my son has a concert, supposed to play outdoors today, his
9:06 am
school, outdoors. the stage is covered, rosemary. the audience where mom and dad sit, not so covered. i hope it clears up by then. the forecast sounds like it will clear up. it can't be like this. i am not sitting out there watching my kid, love my kid, not sitting in this kind of weather. >> something tells me you will be there whether covered or not. at least you have nbc10 keeping you a little dry this morning. the weather is causing travel times for anyone hitting the skies. philadelphia international airport tweeted that the faa has a ground stop for flights headed from the airport. expect delays this morning. there are two dozen cancellations so far today. if you plan to fly two or from the airport, you're picking people up. no matter what you're doing, check with your airline for a
9:07 am
status update on your flight. another quick note, if you have to cancel your flight, can't make it, flight has been cancelled, certain airlines allowing you to change with a no change fee. american, delta and united will let you do no fee to change your flight today. let's check in with nbc10 randy gyllenhaal, live in storm force 10, on the ground, on route 309 headed south near montgomery county. tell us about the problems you have run into. >> reporter: about a minute ago as you chatted with tim, saw an suv turn backwards on 309. appears they have spun out, moved to the shoulder. we have been seeing a lot, even though the snow turned over to rain. a live look along route 309. the road looks clear. what's happening is all of the snow on there before is starting to melt, it is slushy, some is refreezing. combine that with rain and mix of sleet you saw earlier and
9:08 am
driving conditions are tricky, especially further north you go. i should mention the turnpike announced a weather emergency. asking you to slow down. the speed limit on the turnpike is 45 miles per hour. we were on the turnpike an hour ago when stuck in stand still traffic for about 45 minutes, dealing with an accident there, so even though it has stopped snowing, it is raining, conditions are still extremely slick. we have seen people spinning out. good news, we have seen salt trucks, penn dot trucks and contractors working the roads as more people wake up and get outside this difficult day. randy gyllenhaal, back to you guys. >> randy gyllenhaal with storm force 10, thanks for that. get the latest information on the snow, ice and rain with the nbc10 app and on remember, you can always customize the app to your neighborhood so you know exactly
9:09 am
what to expect when you head out the door. 9:08 this saturday. honoring the fallen. still ahead this morning, the special ceremony planned across the country and here at home to remember those who fought for our freedom.
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9:11 am
live view of cape may where
9:12 am
it is only rain this morning. you will find no snow on the ground and none expected. the warmup that happened at cape may will be like the rest of the area. takes some time. where the rain meets the cold in easton, sleet and freezing rain, a dangerous icing situation now reaching into the pocono mountains. they're seeing the atmosphere warm up above ground level. the ground is still frozen, now it is a mixture of sleet and snow and unfortunately freezing rain even in the pocono mountains. there's a large area seeing icing for the region. the snow farther to the south now, indication of warm air surging into the area. there's that rain in cape may and atlantic city. as krystal mentioned, parts of south jersey are reporting heavier rain. freezing rain to start with, lingering especially farther north and west. rain for much of the area will changeover slowly heading to
9:13 am
noon hour. improving conditions. lingering rain showers early this afternoon, temperatures are too warm for anything other than rain. then we are drying out this afternoon, turning milder during late afternoon hours and a big warmup tonight. more on the warmup with a look at the ten day on ten when we come back. >> thanks for that, bill. today in bucks county despite the weather, military families participate in a solemn show of respect for their loved ones who passed away. at noon, families and volunteers lay wreaths at the headstones in washington crossing cemetery. similar certificate moaemonies remembrance. we will take a break. be right back.
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i want to be around just to be a grandma. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. a dreeary situation. philadelphia seeing rain out of the clouds, temperatures are still borderline, right at freezing or just below and that's leading to icing. treated roads are just fine. all other surfaces will have a layer of ice on them. you'll find it on trees, power lines, sidewalks, on your driveway. many areas saw snow to begin with. snow pushed north as warmer air moves in. the ground has stayed frozen, been so cold the last few days. as the rain comes down, that's leading to icing from allentown to reading, philadelphia, trenton and wilmington. but farther south you go, the
9:17 am
more likely to see breaks in icing. that's warm air that's slowly but surely moving into the area. hour by hour forecast will see big improvements later this morning and especially this afternoon. this is 10:00 this morning. still seeing icing in allentown and reading, into wilmington and philadelphia with borderline temperatures. that's at 10:00. going to 11:00, drying out in reading and allentown. that's rain with temperatures above freezing for wilmington, philadelphia, trenton. we will see lingering showers into the afternoon hours. as the day goes on, feel have fewer and fewer rain drops and temperatures once above freezing are staying above freezing. that's why it is going to be dramatically better later today and especially tonight. tracking neighborhood by neighborhood, meteorologist krystal klei standing by. >> and we are starting with a look outside our live camera. look at the ice on the camera. this is the result of the freezing rain that's been coming down. looking at twitter, seeing
9:18 am
retweets of pictures of ice covered trees out there. you know what that means, ice covered windshields and roads. take it slow or if you can wait a few hours. watch the temperature trend going through the next several hours. already seeing temperatures in the forecast that start to boost above freezing, especially south. 33 in philadelphia by 9:00 a.m., and watch as we move along. allentown by 11:00 a.m., now above freezing. now across the board, the changeover to rain, with slight icing potential in the northernmost edge of the viewing area. winds continue to press in from the south. pulling in warmer air. temperatures keep climbing. afternoon, now in the upper 30s over central portions of the area. and keep warming into the night, that's not bad. overnight, looks like the high temperature for today will hit right before midnight. 11:59. we are seeing mid to upper 40s. temperatures continuing to warm as we go along into sunday morning. so a huge difference for sunday
9:19 am
morning compared to this morning or yesterday morning when we saw teens. 56 in philadelphia by 7:00 a.m. 57 in westchester, 60 for egg harbor. we will see temperatures that won't flip until sunday afternoon. that's when they start to fall back down. really seeing a huge difference with temperatures because of this pattern change. looking at the ten day on ten, temperatures up to 62 degrees sunday. still seeing rain sunday as well. then a break from precipitation and back to reality. 36 that temperature on monday. we will be in the 40s moving through the rest of the week. rather mild conditions. next chance for rain is thursday and there's the holiday weekend forecast we're looking at with temperatures also fairly mild for this time of year. >> certainly bertha we are getting it this weekend compared to next weekend. we have the ground stop for flights coming into philly international, that will create problems for anybody heading here for the holidays. >> timing is not bad.
9:20 am
we will see dramatically better conditions this afternoon with warming taking place. i know, i heard a few people need to get shopping done, so you'll have no issue with that this afternoon. no excuse this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow is fine, too. >> good to know for the procrastinators. all right. bill, krystal, thanks for that. if you don't have it on your phone or tablet, now is a good time for that nbc10 app. when we're not on the air, our team of meteorologists bill and krystal are updating the forecast, making sure you're aware of the changes happening throughout the day. crews have been making sure the roads are safe, salting and brining in advance of the winter weather. we check in with penn dot to see what's happening at this moment. charlie metzger joins us by phone. good morning. >> good morning. how are you. >> charlie, you get the updates
9:21 am
quickly when there's a problem on the road, whether there's a problem on the road, the crews let you know. what are spots to tell the viewers about? >> as temperatures are rising, road conditions are improving. we still have over 300 trucks outputting salt on the roadways. we do have reports of a couple of accidents and people spinning out. this is the first winter storm of the season, first chance of driving in nonpristine weather. things are wrapping up as far as temperature rising and still working the roadways, putting material down. we're going to be working throughout the afternoon to make sure things are pushed back, roads are cleared and working through the rest of the day. >> charlie, we should mention as we talk, we're getting video
9:22 am
from storm force 10, i think we saw the nor istown exit. the roads look all right. but looks can be deceiving. >> it could melt on the roadway and refreeze, we will have crews out overnight salting, making sure trouble spots are taken care of. the temperatures are going to be rising throughout the day, so whatever is on the roadway now should be melted out over the next couple hours, so if you have to venture out now, take your time. watch your speed. watch the distance between you and the car in front of you or car next to you and get to where you're going safely. >> charlie metzger, thanks for that. >> thank you.
9:23 am
talk a little sports now. this is r&b singer sevyn streeter performing last night. she was supposed to perform in september but they said she couldn't because of the jerry with words "we matter" on it. the story went viral. the '6ers ultimately apologized and she was wearing that same jersey. fans are tasting success from the past. half time at last night's game against the lakers, they honored allen iverson for induction in the basketball hall of fame this fall. another sixers legend julius irving, dr. j, joined the tribute. later it was back to reality, 100-89. tomorrow. talking about darren sproles.
9:24 am
he will remain on concussion protocol after taking this hit against washington sunday. the offensive line is also dealing with some injuries and carson wentz sitting tomorrow. head coach doug pederson denies that. today the flyers try to stretch a win streak to 11 visiting the dallas stars. watch that game on csn this afternoon at 2:00. we're going to take a quick break, be right back.
9:25 am
9:26 am
just before we came back from break, obviously you were watching the temperatures rise. >> haven't gotten out of the danger zone yet, but making progress. in the lehigh valley, temperatures moving up to freezing. ended the snow. now freezing rain is still an issue. you can see breaks in freezing
9:27 am
rain in philadelphia, icing is still a concern, especially for suburbs and into the lehigh valley at least the next couple hours. >> krystal and bill will continue to watch this throughout the morning. that does it for now. i am rosemary connors. for bill and krystal and everybody here at nbc10, thanks for being with us this morning. again, you can always get the latest information with the nbc10 app. have a great day, stay safe. fios in the house!
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this week we are bringing you an exclusive tour of media titan rupert murdoch's exquisite, one-of-a-kind west village townhouse, and an impeccable and historic townhouse but first, a spectacular work of art high above the sunset strip. melanie mar: welcome to 1489 stebbins terrace, located in this coveted enclave of sunset plaza, los angeles. let's take a look inside. welcome to open house. today i'm coming to you from a beautifully renovated five story townhouse on a tree-lined block on the upper west side in manhattan. this home magnificently combines restored original detail with modern technology.


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