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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  WCAU  December 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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shopping is officially on. this morning we're live at the king of prussia mall as extended holiday hours start today. and that countdown goes for holiday greetings, as well. tomorrow will be the busiest mailing day of the year. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:00 on this sunday. thanks for being with us. the fog, moving on out. the rain that's moving in. let's check in with first alert meteorologist krystal klei to tell us what's in store for the start of the work week. >> we've just seen it all this weekend. yesterday we started out the morning, we had snow all over the place, then turned into an icy mess for everyone. well, let's fast forward 24 hours and now we're talking a huge warm-up. yesterday we were saying think warm thoughts. look at this 24-hour temperature change. it would be fine if we were seeing these temperatures for your morning lows. this is a difference between yesterday and today.
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as in we're that much warmer. 30 degrees warmer in trenton right now. that's a warm-up. 26 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 24 for wilmington. and 23 degrees warmer in vineland. so as promised, we have seen that warm air wedge right in. even allentown is 11 degrees warmer than yesterday at this same time. and you can see the difference. a lot of us in the mid, even upper 50s outside right now. what's going to happen is these temperatures are going to peak over the next couple hours and they're actually going to start to fall in the afternoon. so it won't be this way the entire day. still plan on bringing a jacket along as you head out the door, especially a waterproof one. radar and satellite showing us showers that have been moving in. it's been spotty overnight. now a little more filled out ahead of that line that's going to move through. we do expect pockets of heavier rain and isolated thunderstorm developing as we move along. what we're seeing here as we zoom in a little closer in chester county, berks county,
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pockets of heavier rain near doylestown. this is going to be tinge into your afternoon hours as well. we'll track this looking at your planner. that's all coming up in just a few minutes. plus we're going to talk temperatures really sloping off as we go into your monday. the slushy mix combined with the warmer temperatures that krystal was telling us about helped create the fog outside. a mix of rain, ice and snow fell across our region yesterday causing some folks to break out those shovels. wasn't too much snow here to clear the sidewalk in conshohocken just a lot of slush. today's skiing maybe not be quite as good as yesterday because of the rain this morning but still pretty decent out there. skiers and snowboarders definitely enjoyed some nice fresh powder yesterday. the holidays are practically here. next weekend marks christmas and the start of hanukkah. that means holiday shopping
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procrastinators are running out of time. monique braxton is at the king of prussia mall this morning where shoppers will be grabbing last-minute gifts. >> those folks who love to be part of the hustle and bustle of the last days leading up to christmas eve, ro es mary. we have seen all kinds of weather. there was a little bit of fog about 4:15 we started driving toward the airport only to see the fog diminish. take a look at what's here at king of prussia mall. you can still see some of the ice and snow remain on the pavement. when you're heading out this morning, this is what you may find has occurred. you want to exercise caution because the street is still very wet. but take a look up at the clouds. look at the clouds moving, and how fast they're moving. that lets us know the fog is moving out, the rain is moving in. when we first came over to king of prussia mall it was no fog at all. no rain at all.
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we did have rain drops move through in the past 10 or 15 minutes. but watching the clouds you can tell no doubt, another front is moving in. that krystal has been telling us about. when you head to the mall this morning, you're going to want to hang onto your hats, because no doubt it is windy out here. and you'll also want to grab a umbrella and even rain galoshes to keep your feet comfortable as well as dry. live for now king of prussia mall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> appreciate that, monique. new this morning in philadelphia, the american red cross is helping three families forced out of their homes because of a fire in kensington. crews were called to kensington avenue around 1:30 this morning. they put the flames out in just about 20 minutes. eight people living in apartments inside the row house got out safely. let's head to montgomery county where a man is facing a murder charge after authorities say he stabbed his aunt to death inside her home. police are holding matthew wertz without bail. investigators say he stabbed his
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aunt catherine wanamaker nearly 40 times. officers found the victim on the floor of her home in conshohocken friday. they say wertz was kneeling several feet away stabbing himself. authorities tell us he had been staying with his aunt after his release from prison last week. now to an update on a story we first told you about last night. the philadelphia water department says that they found the problem that's been causing a mysterious leak in feltonville. the leak ended up flooding parts of several homes on portland street. crews traced the leak to an abandoned home. they're now working to fix it. 25 votes. that's the official margin of victory for westchester mayor carolyn commit to in her pennsylvania state house race. the chester county democrat edged out the republican incumbent who led by 80 votes on election night, but a count of military and absentee ballots, plus a recount, gave the win to come it comitta.
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tomorrow new jersey lawmakers will be voting on a series of bills in trenton. one measure would change ethics laws to allow governor chris christie to secure a book deal while raising staff salaries. another bill would regulate ride sharing companies like lyft and uber. the state senate will decide that measure after receiving the okay from the assembly. in south jersey tomorrow a well-known diner will rise from the ashes of a fire. you're looking at the newly rebuilt crystal lake diner in camden county. a ribbon cutting ceremony will mark the grand reopening. this is a look at the original diner going up in flames in june 2014. the owners say a spark in a basement compressor ignited styrofoam containers nearby, and the two-alarm fire just spread from there. fortunately nobody was hurt. six minutes past 7:00 right now on this sunday. two separate attempted robberies in philadelphia last night end with the same outcome. police tell us the would-be robbers became the victims. we'll explain at 7:30.
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s. >> >> plus a pennsylvania man trapped in his car for twelve hours. we'll show you how he became trapped and how he was finally found.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good morning. and we are a very busy team right now because we're starting to track the changes. early this morning we're tracking the fog rolling out. now already we're tracking the thicker clouds rolling through.
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if you look close at this camera you can see how fast these clouds are moving. we're seeing rain starting to pick up as well across the region. this is the wider view of radar. the dense line of rain is still a bit off to our west. already scattered showers move into place. pockets of heavier rain. deeps greens and yellows starting to move in right now. parts of bucks and montgomery county we're seeing that. we're also seeing rain in chester, as well as bng io phil. current wind speed picking up in areaseer hour. dover 32 miles per hour. that's because the front is pressing in on us. so the air is really starting to get forced upward here. what's going to happen is the front is going to win out and shift our wind direction. so we should see guests, 25 to 35 miles per hour through this morning. windy conditions. the afternoon still at least breezy to windy conditions and that wind shifts from the west. we'll track more on these changing conditions, and the change in your temperatures as a result coming up. >> all right, thanks for that
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krystal. in northeastern pennsylvania, a driver is doing all right this morning after a rough day yesterday. here's the story. his car skidded on black ice, crossed the median, and flipped down on embankment trapping him for twelve hours. he worked saturday morning but never returned home. family members alerted state police. troopers tracked smith down by pinging his cell phone. >> the cell phone pings determined his location to be in this general area. and while walking along the interstate i just happened to notice the tracks, looked over the embankment and there was the vehicle. >> he was found and he's alive. he just lost his sister a couple months ago to cancer and we weren't about to let go of another one. >> first responders took smith to the hospital with hip and leg injuries. could have been a lot worse. all right. in other news on this sunday retailers are hoping sales from supersaturday, yesterday, will jingle their holiday cash flow with christmas and hanukkah now just one week away. when all the receipts are
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counted stores and malls expect final sales to rival black friday. nbc 10 was at the king of prussia mall yesterday where snow and ice delayed the crowds for a little bit but didn't stop them from coming out later on. >> there was like ice covering our drive so we couldn't even go anywhere. my step dad had to go outside and put the salt down so we could drive away. >> i'm fortunate my wife takes care of the shopping. >> i come to try to get my christmas shopping done. >> the mall reopens in just about 45 minutes at 8:00 with extended hours all week long. tomorrow will be the busiest mailing day of the year. the postal service expects to process more than 611 million pieces of mail tomorrow alone. tomorrow will also be the busiest day online for the postal service. more than 7 million customers are expected to logon.
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coming up on "nbc 10 news today," it's the most wonderful time of the year. for college football fans. it's bowl game time. this morning two incredible plays you got to see to deliver. then the birds are in baltimore ahead of today's game. you'll hear what linebacker jordan hicks has to say about playing perfectly and what the team is focused on today.
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this is nbc 10 news. quarter after 7:00 right now on this sunday. the weather is impacting flights at philadelphia international airport this morning. the airport just tweeted out that there is a dense fog advisory that's in effect. though some flights are being canceled and delayed. if you are heading to the
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airport today to either pick somebody up for leave philadelphia, just make sure you check with your airline before you go. let's out to california where a woman is dead and a 4-year-old girl is critically injured after a large tree fell right over on top of them at a wedding. police say it happened as family members were taking pictures athe a park just outside of los angeles. firefighters rescued 20 people trapped underneath the eucalyptus tree. it's unclear what caused the tree to fall yesterday. back here in our area, today family and friends will mark the one-month anniversary of the deadly hit and run with a vigil in west philadelphia. they'll release balloons to remember 8-year-old jayanna powell. after such tragedy the family had a reason to smile yesterday. thanks to those tow truck drivers. it was all part of the tow for tots program.
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drivers dropped off gifts for jayanna's siblings. nbc 10 was there for the surprise. >> at a time like it was hard. i wasn't going to be able to help my children with a christmas. >> police have rnlg chaed the suspect earlier this morning. he's due back in court later this week. holiday gifts handed out by hundreds of volunteers are making spirits bright in delaware county. the city team organization made special deliveries to more than 2500 families yesterday. nbc 10 was in chester where the volunteers dropped off thousands of presents. each family also received a box of food and a turkey. organizers tell us they couldn't have done it without the hundreds of people who woke up early yesterday to help out. in the midst of the snow and sleet and rain, we don't work without people coming out. people and businesses donated all of the gifts, and food over the past several months. today volunteers in manayunk will be cooking up a storm in 
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order to feed families in need. the manayunk development corporation is teaming up with area restaurants to bring 700 hot meals to families in the area this morning they're cooking the food and organizers will deliver the meals around 9:00 a.m. to some local seniors and disabled. also in philadelphia, you can get a tasty jump on hanukkah with the annual latke palooza festival. runs from 2:00 to 4:00 in center city. local chefs will prepare some 300 latkes or potato pancakes in a variety of styles within those two hours. just ahead, there is a small admission fee. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. keeping our eyes very close on the temperatures. they've been climbing and climbing this morning. in fact, we have seen a shift from 40s to already mid 50s in philadelphia only over the past few hours. millville 55 degrees. dover 59 degrees. and some spots in dover have
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already made it now to the 60s. trenton, 55. lancaster almost into the 50s. impressive warm-up throughout our morning hours. we've been calling for this if you watched the evening forecast last night, you're going to see that huge bump in temperatures in the morning. that's what we've been seeing. the temperatures are rising. that's not going to continue the whole day or we'd be in the 70s and 80s. that's not going to happen. a cold front from the west is going to pass on through and that is going to drop our temperatures right back down in the afternoon. look at radar and satellite. this is the most recent update to radar. right now in your neighborhood, berks county, moving through reading right now, more dense following through perkasie and into allentown, as well. farther south light now moving through chester county, delaware county into philadelphia, as well. not yet making it through much of delaware, new jersey, don't
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worry you'll see your rain, too. showers moving from west to east so they're going to be passing through the entire viewing zone and it's not just this morning. it's a big cold front behind the rain much colder air. colder air moving in, as well. so later today, and especially tonight into tomorrow, temperatures just splung. enjoy this while you can. 56 right now the time is 7:20 a.m. we'll stay in the upper 50s, close to 60 degrees for the high today. and that will hit late morning, early afternoon. notice the rain icons. those continue as we move through your afternoon. right through about 2:00, i think 2:00 to 4:00 is when rain will start to taper out. also we're not going to see constant rain. in/out showers moving through. some pockets of heavier rain or a thunderstorm are possible. look at the morning changeover here. we're going from mild conditions to more cold air moving in later today and into your monday, especially so a big difference
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in your temperatures as we move from your sunday morning into your sunday night to monday. these are the highs. today, 60 philadelphia. tomorrow, only 35 degrees. we're also seeing rainy conditions across the map. 61 at the shore and the same for delaware, as well. your ten day on ten in the next half hour. >> all right. now to some news overseas. a new deal is being negotiated to finish the evacuations of aleppo in syria. evacuations came to a halt on friday. this is the best hope of escape for rebels caught in the now government controlled neighborhoods. in china authorities say they will return a u.s. navy research drone that the country snatched from international waters last week. this all started when a navy survey ship recovered two of the unmanned gliders near the philippines. a chinese ship took one saying it was in a part of the south china sea they claim as their own. the pentagon has reached a deal to get the drone back. this weekend pope francis celebrated his 80th birthday.
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yesterday a group of catholic volunteers sang happy birthday to the pope at the vatican. the pontiff then took pictures were dozens of kids, and met with families in need. hope francis ended the day by celebrating mass. thousands of people are remembering john glenn's final salute in his home state of ohio. ♪ a memorial service for the form astronaut and u.s. senator was held at ohio state university yesterday. speakers praised glenn for his accomplishments in space and in government. vice president joe biden called glenn a true hero. >> i think john defined what it meant to be american. what it meant to be an american. what we were about. just by how he acted. always about promise. >> glenn was the first american
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to orbit the earth. he also served 24 years in the senate. he died last week at the age of 95.
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we're calling this one a dummy mix-up for police in new york. officers in hudson broke a car window to rescue this woman, only to realize that she's a mannequin. police got a frantic call about a woman being frozen inside this car with temperatures outside at 8 degrees at the time. police eventually tracked down the owner who works for a medical company. the mannequin is used as a cpr training device. all right. it is now bowl season in college football and it's off to an exciting start. we've got two fantastic catches to show you this morning. the first, take a look at this one. it's a grab in the snow in kansas city. a receiver for northwest missouri state made this one-handed catch while keeping one foot inbounds as required in the college ranks. this team went on to win the
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division ii championship. fantastic catch number two out in washington state. last-second grab made off the defenders back. take a good look. youngstown state's quarterback found his tight end in the back of the end zone. the refs ruled he had possession to the ground. the touchdown ernd youngstown a spot in the title game. the philadelphia region will take a seven-game winning streak into the big game against wake forest at annapolis, maryland. just a few minutes before 7:30, still ahead we are in the final week in the countdown to christmas and hanukkah which means if you haven't done any of your holiday shopping yet you are running out of a bit of time. we're going to check in with monique braxton with a live report from the king of prussia mall which opens in 30 minutes. travel shouldn't be too bad for anybody heading to the mall, right? >> that's right. but you do have to keep in mind that we're tracking this. so if you're doing last-minute shopping grab the umbrella and switch out the snow coat for a
7:28 am
rain jacket. a live look outside the cloudy conditions starting to bring rain to our area. details coming up.
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on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. dreary drab and rainy. the good news is that we will get a big warm-up today but don't get used to it. we'll tell you when the cold air is coming back. plus more on delays happening at the airport. we're live at the king of prussia mall where the shopping starts early and ends late today. plus two attempted robberies, the came outcome. two would-be robbers become the victims after they try to commit crimes. we'll explain. >> nbc 10 news starts now. thanks for being with us. i'm rosemary connors at 7:30 on this sunday. what a difference a day makes.
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let's get more on the forecast from krystal klei. talk about a roller coaster of a forecast. >> seriously. >> extremely cold temperatures. rain, snow, sleet and even freezing rain. now it's all rain. we are talking slick roadways. scattered showers already moving in to our area but the more serious rain still sits off to the west of us. we have not really hit the peak of what will be in a few hours moving through. trenton, warrington, abington. some of this is not making to the ground. and you're going to start to notice the rain over the next several hours. visibility has got much better in the last couple of hours, as
7:32 am
well. but still seeing dense fog allentown to reading as well as mount pocono. we're going to watch temperatures increase then take a big drop with the cold front and the rain. neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. >> we'll see you shortly. we are certainly not the only ones contending with the wicked weather this weekend. rice and snow battered a large portion of our country from new mexico to new england. at least five people died on the roads with hundreds of accidents reported. like this one. take a look. the icy weather certainly played a role in this deadly tanker truck crash and pileup in baltimore. watch the truck burst into flames just moments after it slipped off a bridge on i-95 early yesterday morning. a driver who decided to pull over because of the ice took the cell phone video of the crash. debris from the explosion flew across the highway triggering a
7:33 am
67-car pileup. two people died. several others were murt. it took maryland state police and tow truck crews about 12 hours to clear the scene. the clock is winding down for you to get all of those gifts on your holiday list. we saw the big deals in sales for super saturday. that's going to continue this week. nbc 10's monique braxton live at the king of prussia mall this morning. >> since we last talked to you. we have seen intermittent rain. let me show you what you're going to face. looking at the curb now you can see that there's still some snow and ice there. you want to exercise caution. grab your rain boots or snow boots as you're heading out this morning. you can see looking at the parking lot. not a lot of cars. we have seen a few workers
7:34 am
arriving this morning. you can see a few of them walking up now from the transit stops, and just a half hour ago, we showed you the skyline. the clouds were racing, well now it's all gray. that's because the rain has arrived with the light of day. it isn't windy, about an hour and a half ago we were out here. i was holding onto my hat because it was so windy. so now the wind is gone but the rain has arrived. a good day to go shopping, or go check out some of the holiday movies that have been debuting over the past couple of weeks, because if you got last-minute shopping to do, no better place to do it, especially on a rainy day than be at the mall. live for now, king much prussia mall, monique braxton, nbc news ten news. philadelphia police say two would-be robbers became the victims when they were shot in separate incidents. a man is in the hospital after being shot by the pizza delivery
7:35 am
driver he allegedly rabed. it happened on wellington street. the delivery driver told police after the robber got his cash the driver pulled a gun and opened fire. this morning the suspect is in stable condition. southwest philadelphia, another armed business owner stopped an attempted robbery. police tell nbc 10 a 30-year-old man tried to hold up this auto repair shop on paschall avenue around 6:30 last night. that's when the owner pulled out his gun and shot the suspect several times. medics rushed bought-be robber to the hospital. no word on this country. now investigators will be looking for the cause of a fire at this row home. the flames broke out here on headley street yesterday morning. once crews arrived they quickly put out the fire. there are no reports of any injuries. that's the not the case for a woman and her child who jumped from a second floor of a burning row home in west philadelphia remain in the hospital this morning. firefighters rushed to the row home here on north 61st street early yesterday morning. they managed to get the woman and 3-year-old girl to safety
7:36 am
but both suffered serious burns. there's no word on their conditions. fire officials are now investigating the cause of this fire. president-elect donald trump has wrapped up his thank you tour and now he and his supporters are looking ahead to the inauguration on january 20th. yesterday president-elect trump wrapped up his tour with a rally in mobile, alabama. he responded to first lady michelle obama's latest comment about the election. the first lady said americans now know what it's like to feel hopeless. >> i assume she was talking about the past, not the future, because i'm telling you, we have tremendous hope, and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. >> mr. trump added he thought the first lady meant her statement in a different way than it came out.
7:37 am
the trump transition will be the focus of discussion for former defense secretary robert gates and former clinton campaign manager john podesta. they will both be guests on nbc's "meet the press" this morning with chuck todd. we will be talking to chuck live in just about 10, 15 minutes or so to get a preview of today's show, "meet the press." talk about ending your career with a bang. we'll tell you about the dramatic finish for philadelphia boxer bernard hopkins last night. plus, too good not to be playing. the sixers playing noel and coach brett brown have to say this morning.
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this is sportsdesk brought to you xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. not only was bernard hopkins on the ropes in his final career fight last night, he was through them. joe smith jr. knocked the former boxing champ from philly literally out of the ring in the eighth round in l.a. last night. we can't show you the video because of pay-per-view rules but here's what we can tell you. the referee gave hopkins a count of 20 to climb back onto the canvas. hopkins just couldn't do it. hopkins is 51 years old. it was his first bout in two years.
7:41 am
now here's the rest of your sunday morning sports. >> marshall harris here from csn. the flyers entered saturday's game in dallas the hottest team in pro sports. winners of ten straight. an eleventh straight victory would tie the second longest streak in team history. to the action on the ice, first period taylor leier follows up nick cousins' shot puts home the rebound. that's leier's first career nhl goal and gives the flyers a 1-0 lead. tied at one, steve mason, but adam cracknell there to put the rebound home. flyers go down 2-1. under 90 to play, flyers on the first power play of the game, some room but he can only strike the post with the shot. flyers ten-game win streak is over. they fall to the stars 3-1 the final. >> we know we're a good team. you know, i think even without the streak we knew we were a good team before. before we even started it. we were playing good hockey.
7:42 am
so we had full confidence in ourselves and you build up a ten-game winning streak it's pretty cool. but it's over with now and you know, you know, we start again, and we continue building on the positives that we had during the streak. >> to the eagles who arrived in baltimore yesterday ahead of today's game with the ravens. the birds entered a match-up on a four-game losing streak. with more here's john clark on the eagles. >> the eagles are here in baltimore. trying to avoid losing seven straight games on the road in the same season for just the third time in franchise history. the last time it happened was 18 years ago in ray rose's last season. take a look at the birds arriving at the team hotel. some of them stopping to sign autographs for a very special eagles fan who made the trip. the ravens are a team that is fighting for the playoffs. fighting for their division. they face the steelers after this, and ravens safety lardarius webb said when we beat the eagles, we'll definitely talk about the steelers. the birds are playing for pride here. >> obviously, we're at a situation where it's going to be hard for us.
7:43 am
things have to go perfectly for us to get in. we understand it. but we're more focused on this stuff than anybody else. doesn't matter what they do. just about what we do. >> in baltimore, maryland, john clark, csn. >> thanks, john. basketball now the sixers finally got all three of their big men healthy enough to play in the same game friday night but following a loss to the lakers, frustration boiling over into a profanity laced rant due to his lack of playing time. here's a look at noel working out after practice. the center only got eight minutes while okafor and embiid both got 20. noel spoke to brett brown about the comments he made friday night. >> we had a conversation. he got more real with me. you see some things that are a little more exciting you know -- how you want to and you know, the right way. >> we appreciate it's a challenging situation. and you know, to kick off on untenables, to kick off on, it's impossible, i'm not going there. i think, you know, it is most
7:44 am
definitely a challenging situation. >> college hoops, southeast florida gulf coast temple took care of them. that's a look at your sports. i'm marshall harris, csn. take a look at radar and satellite. light rain moving through. still the bulk of rain sitting to our west and it's heading our way. gray skies with a live look outside. that's going to turn into a rainy forecast for your sunday. details coming up. it seems like the right thing to do, giving the homeless a few bucks when you pass them on the street. but the experts want you to stop doing that. join me later today when we explain why. >> it's not necessarily what's best for the individual. >> that, plus the ultimate eagles fan. even so the way he shows his love for the team may shock you a bit. you got to see it to believe it. that's coming up this morning at 11:30 following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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7:47 right now on this sunday. the american red cross is helping three families forced out of their homes this morning because of a fire in philadelphia's kensington
7:48 am
neighborhood. crews were called to the scene at kensington avenue around 1:30 this morning. they put the flames out in about 20 minutes. >> icy weather played a role in this deadly tanker truck crash and pileup in baltimore. take a look as the truck burst into flames just moments after it slips 0 offer a bridge on i-95 early yesterday morning. the fiery crash caused a 67-car pileup. two people died. several others were hurt. hatchimals are back. these purple bags are filled with the hot holiday toy. shoppers lined up this morning to get the item when the royce r us opened at 6:00 a.m. christmas certainly came early this year for a philadelphia based nonprofit serving thousands of people all across the region. it was a complete surprise when nrg presented a check for $1 00,000 to manna.
7:49 am
the donation kicks off nrg's new charitable giving initiative called nrg gives. >> $100,000 is a huge amount of money for this organization. and is going to really help so many people, and people that are fighting for their life. so this is a huge, happy, happy, happy today. >> manna was among three nonprofits nominated by nrg employees to receive the donation. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. starting off with your radar and satellite. good news instead of pinks and purples, snowy and icy conditions of yesterday, temperatures warmed up way too much for us to talk snow or ice. instead just rain out there. along roadsided you may, especially north of philadelphia, run into icy spots. for the most spots the rain has melted the roadways. what we're looking at is very light rain, spotty at best out there. near trenton and stretching along to the shore.
7:50 am
and then we do see in chester county, as well. but the bulk of the rain is still actually sits off to the west of us. this is a big area of rain that's tracking in. in fact, there's this cold front set up so it's going to force that rain in over the next several hours and really even into your afternoon. and then behind it, much colder air moves in. as soon as it starts to move in our temperatures are going to start to slowly decline. as we move into the afternoon they're going to see a pretty big dip, especially overnight. we'll get to that in aye second. currently, if you're getting out this morning trying to squeeze in some last-minute shopping temperatures are great out there. way warmer than they should be. 58 in vorhees, audubon the same, lumberton at 57. i love reading these numbers off, florence at 57. hopewell township 55. we've got a lot of 50s, even some 60s on the map out there, especially in delaware and along shore points. wind forecast for today, winds are up right now, gusting in some areas around 25 miles per
7:51 am
hour or above. what we're looking at here is even into the afternoon, right around 20 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour. windy day. and right now winds coming in from the south but they're going to switch coming in from the west once that front starts to pass through. you're really going to start to see the changes today with rain moving in. hour by hour shows us the showers, the more developed line of rain, and the potential for thunderstorms, starts to move in by 7:30 to 8:30 so we're already seeing it start to edge in and by 8:30 pushing into philadelphia. spread through to the shore by your lunch hour but the rain continues in and out, not constant, but in and out, as we move along here throughout your afternoon. by about 3:00 moving out of philadelphia, i think it could still linger by the shore, three to five o'clock p.m. but really we start to see the showers move through. a little break in clouds by late-day overnight. but those clouds do start to rebuild as we move into your monday. we'll talk more on those temperatures and ups and bounce of them coming up. thanks crystal.
7:52 am
>> with electors in all 50 states expected to certify donald trump as president-elect the cia and fbi have reached the same conclusion at russia and vladimir putin interfered with the election to help mr. trump win. it's the top issue on this morning's edition of nbc's "meet the press." joining us is moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. >> good morning, rosemary. >> so chuck, mr. trump continues to reject that conclusion. hillary clinton's former campaign manager john podesta, whose e-mails were hacked during all of the e-mails that came out through the summer and fall will join you on the show this morning. what stance do you expect him to take on russia's role in the election? >> he's made it pretty clear they believe russia that everything and obviously mr. podesta himself was hacked, his personal e-mails became a central focus for the last month of the campaign. so, obviously they believe it played a large role. i think the question is, what to do going forward. tomorrow you brought up the electoral college. i think mr. podesta put out an
7:53 am
op-ed in "the washington post" early friday, and i think there was -- there's been some pressure on clinton -- on the clinton campaign by clinton supporters, by people very upset about this election, to try to galvanize support in the electoral college, maybe -- maybe even have the clinton campaign ask all of their electors to vote for an alternative republican in order to stop mr. trump from getting to the white house. so i guess that's my question this morning to him is, is, is, is this, is this, all of this action before tomorrow designed to have an impact on tomorrow, to do something that somehow is get enough electors to pull the emergency brake that is in the constitution when it comes to the electoral college? so i'm going to be as curious as you are on what mr. podesta has to say about that. >> chuck, really quickly. what do you make of president obama's final news conference of the year? he says the u.s. will take action against russia? but at this point is it too little, too late?
7:54 am
>> it's obviously too little, too late. the biggest piece of news that came out of that press conference was president obama saying that he had a direct conversation with putin in september, face-to-face, in china, at a one of those g20 summits, and he told -- president said he told putin to cut it out. a month later the wikileaks podesta e-mails went public. so either putin didn't take the threat seriously or russia is not involved undermining the assessment of 17 intelligence agencies in this country. neither outcome is a good outcome for president obama's position on this issue. that's for sure. >> chuck todd moderator of "meet the press." chuck as always, thanks for your time. the trump transition will be the focus of discussion for former defense secretary robert gates and former clinton campaign manager john podesta as chuck just said they will both be guests on his show, nbc's "meet the press." you can watch it right here at 10:30 this morning on nbc 10. we'll be right back.
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and we're taking a live look outside from blue cross river rink. we see gray conditions out there. but also the ice looks a little wet because we're starting to see some rain pick up. temperatures are going to peak as we move through your morning hours. but upper 50s, close to 60 in philadelphia. notice the wind shifts direction as the cold front moves in. by 5:00, huge cooldown. we drop into those 30s. get even cooler overnight into tomorrow. >> i knew this warm air wasn't going to last. but that's all right. we'll take it for today.
7:58 am
we're going to be back with updates throughout the morning and a half hour of news at 9:00. see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
mr. putin is well aware of my feelings about this. >> we've been friends for a long time. >> saving humanity. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. good morning and welcome to "sunday today," i'm craig melvin in today for willie geist who is taking a well deserved sunday off. we start with some breaking baby news this morning. dylan dreyer is now a mom. she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy saturday. calvin bradley fichera is his name. he weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces. dylan tells us


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