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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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. on this sunday night of a big chill, melting ice causing treacherous conditions on the highways. the living nightmare left alive in aleppo nearly on the ground and the city and of desperate women and children battling for food. patriots day, we'll get an exclusive inside look how the case is solved for the boston marathon bomber. dead tonight at the age of 99. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world
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headquarters in new york. this is nbc nightly news with kate snow. >> good evening, i am kristen welker in for kate snow tonight. >> we begin with the dangerous weather. frigid air mixed with freezing rain created travel mignightmares claiming 16 lives and nine states from california to maryland. a weekend of multi cars piled up. windchill advisories issued areas affecting 22 million tonight and tomorrow morning. chicago with the coldest weather, that's where we find nbc's blake mccoy. >> it is frigid and missouri. this arctic air is not done with us. here in chicago and detroit and many cities, temperatures are set to plummet once again. >> reporter: a travel
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treacherous across the country. in denver, nine inches of snow caught airlines off guard leading to cancelled flights and problems inside the terminals. >> if your flight have been cancelled. it wi bags are at baggage claim. >> drivers spent twelve hours stranded in freezing temperatures at the bottom of the hillside. his vehicle rolled after sliding on black ice. family reported him missing and police used his cell phone to ping a location. >> i happened to notice tracks and looking over the embankment, there is the vehicle. >> he was happy to see my flashlight. >> rescuing two homeless people from a warehouse fire. in kentucky, lexington, lightning sparked the barn fire that claimed the lives of 22 horses. >> the flames just roar, i have never
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seen it like that. it was terrible. >> the arctic chill could not keep fans away from chicago's soldiers field. today's game is the seventh coldest ever. 11 degrees kicking off the packers. >> they're playing the packers, how could you not enjoy that. >> reporter: tomorrow will be the coldest weather yet in chicago, 10 below zero which is near a record of frostbite and hyperthermia. here in the city where so many people walk to get to work. >> indeed, blake mccoy stay safe out there. it is not just chicago that we could see record lows tomorrow. for the latest of what we can expect all around the country. >> aftrafael, how bad is it? this is our arctic front now glynnibeginning to
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slide offshore. right now we have a temperature of 24 degrees in nashville. that's 44 degrees colder than we were yesterday this time. also, houston of 41 degrees temperature drop and jacksonville, mississippi, of the same story there. temperatures dropping yesterday from today. now, this is tomorrow morning where we may see record lows places like austin of 25 degrees and windchills in the teens and tomorrow, 14 below. that windchill of 25 below could cause frostbite in 30 minutes or less. if you are not protected from the cold and birmingham, alabama, feeling that chill tomorrow morning. chicago out of the deep freeze by wednesday. we are back to freezing and memphis, tennessee, 30 to up to 45 on wednesday and new york city, 31 tomorrow and mid-40s by wednesday, that warming trend may continue as we head towards the holiday weekend, coming you, kristen. >> lets hope so.
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ha rafael. thank you for that. thousands of people are waiting for their chance to move out before the government regain control. those who have made across the dividing line carrying with them the desperation and the scars of war. in aleppo with the report tonight. >> reporter: they survived air strikes and escaped the siege. they just come from rebel held aleppo where hunger was never far away. so when food suddenly arrives, they chase it. men and women and children in a crush to eat. >> this is what desperation looks like. these people have not had access to proper food for years. >> the syrian army had tried to starve them to surrender. the food is being thrown from the back of the vehicle and people are fighting to
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try to get their hands on it. >> they now live in pitiful conditions and lost almost everything. this woman's son to a blast. her surviving son is crippled. >> doctors here treat shrapnel wounds and russian doctors treating injuries from russian air strikes. aleppo survivors guarded by russian troop from the camp. evacuation deal between rebels and regime maybe collapsing after rebels burned buses and sent to free regime supporters they trapped. rebel aleppo have fallen almost literally. the damage to its
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people in calculatable. >> nbc news, bill neely, in aleppo. to politics now. the country weighs in on his transition. the number in our nbc wall street journal polls reflect the nation is still sharply divided and how much impact russia may have had of our 2016 election. nbc's kelly o'donell is tracking all the ankl angles. after soaking up the last of his thank tour. the president-elect trump will spend his working holiday in palm beach. new today, on the trump transition, in a certain way, the hard work begins. >> 50% aproveproves of the way trump handles his position.
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73% disapprove. 55% say they are bothered by russian hackers attempting to influence the election. that reaction falls sharply on party lines with democrats more likely to think hacking affected the outcome. >> that's serious, serious stuff. >> today new bipartisan call for a special incentive investigation. chuck schumer. we want to find out what the rulgssians are doing and what foreign government may do to our political system and figure out ways to stop it. >> and republican john mccain. >> we foneed to get to the bottom of this and find out what was done. >> today, john podesta whose own e-mail was hacked and exposed and out on team trump. >> what did they know it and were they in touch with the rul
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russians. >> kellyanne conway says there was no contact with russia. >> absolutely not and i discussed that with the president-elect trump last night. those conversations never happened. >> the u.s. should respond firmly but how to strike back is a challenge >> my view is a cyber may not be the best way to go because once you get into that kind of as escalation, we are in truth more vulnerable than they are. >> reporter: donald trump has not acknowledged russia being behind the hacking despite his access to intelligence. tomorrow is another mild stone in the transition of power as members of the electoral college meet in their state capitol at noon to vote. that request was de denied boo i tden denied by the director. tomorrow is the big day. the united states and the philippines have had a long relationship. the party is being tested by the new president of the philippines who was
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marched on his own beef and his war on drugs have also raised concern. as we hear from matt bradley. >> reporter: in the philippine, the drug war looks like real war. the count-- nearly 6,000 killed in a bloody attempt to shut down what he calls a pandemic. now, president duterte says he too killed drug suspects and pulling triggers on three men when he was a mayor. he's turning his site on america. >> we can survive without american money. he wants to end seven decades of american military corporation. >> on manila street, he has some fans. >> i like the guys, he gets things done.
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>> and i have talked to trump. he was very nice. very cordial. their parallel styles between the two plains speaking populous. critics in the philippines talking about impeachment. >> at some point people open their eyes and you cannot expect anything good to come out of an uneven man. >> for those swept up in duterte's drug war, it will be a long and painful wait. >> matt bradley, nbc news. there is breaking news tonight, a hollywood icon is gone. zsa zsa gabor, actress. >> zsas zsa gabor, the
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wit that would steal the show every time. you and the champagne. >> her film career began with "lovely to look at" in 1982. followed by her most famous movie "moulin rouge" she appeared in everything from horror movies to comedy. >> next, we have two cars, one limousine and one jeep. >> i would take the limousine. >> marriage is a 50, 50 proposition. s he should be at least 50 years old and have at least $50 million. >> zsa zsa in the
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middle of three sisters. >> she headed to the alter nine times. hotel magnet comrade hilton was her second husband. >> on her final marriage, she found her prince charming. >> zsa zsa had her share of legal headaches. she was convicted of slapping a traffic officer and spent three days in jail. in her later years, medical problems began to take her toll. a broken hip kept her in and out of the hospital and most recently, her right leg was amputated but to the end, zsa zsa, maintained a hollywood fun.
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guidance of the nasal vaccine. >> in the season of giving, the worse thing to get is the blanket and bone aching flu. 16-year-old jill shae got sick right before her high school winter break. >> she says that i rounded si-- sounded too sick. >> she's not just missing her final but her formal. >> the whole school district shuts down on thursday and friday because of outbreak of pneumonia and flu after nearly a quarter of all high schoolers came down with symptoms. >> i am trying to keep from getting sick. >> this month, flu cases are slightly up nationwide and the latest number shows about 40% of adults have been vaccinated so far this season. now, the cdc is r recommending against
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flu vaccine in nasal form because they may not be affected. >> there is concerns that the change could lead to fewer evacuations. a flu shot is the best protection. >> a lot of people did not get vaccinated last year so a lot of people double dipped. they got sick for a couple of weenks and they got better and they got sick again. the flu vaccine protected five million people. back ton the couch, jill tells us she was supposed to get her flu shot that day. as for her winter formal, snapsh chat will have to do. >> oh, nice, will you be my winter date. >> scotty schwartz
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the movie patriots day cast mark wahlberg as a composite of first responders and shows how facebook facebook -- fbi set up a place and helped. >> the fbi turned into this huge boston central turned into evidence. anything that should share a clue to the
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bomber's identity was rushed to the fbi's crime lab in virginia. in this room at the fbi in boston. the breakthrough, the agent was studying surveillance video looking for the bomber. >> there is really nothing that stands out. >> then came this picture from someone attending the race. >> we see one of the vic victims that's on the barricade that's slightly turned side way and on the ground behind her, you see the backpack. >> we have a man right there in a white hat. at that point, he was responsible for putting the bag on the ground. >> this was the moment. >> this was the moment. >> agents also discovered where the pressure cooker that held the marathon bomb came from. the fbi found a gps device in one of the tsarnaev's brothers
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cars. plotting out the data of two trips to a macy's store when three pressure cookers were bought there with cash. >> we over lay it on the map and determine the subject's vehicle at the square mall at the same time as the pressure cooker. >> joe tsarnaev visit visited in colorado. >> incredible inside look of that investigation. coming up in the season of light, bringing the magic of christmas to military bringing the magic of christmas to military fami imy moderate to severeng crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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families. many dads and moms won't be home to make the magic but that does not mean the magic won't happen. >> you never hear kristen johnson compla complain. working full-time and mommy to three little boys who have not seen daddy for a long time and won't see him for christmas. >> hunter johnson. >> she's doing it totally on her own into the fact that she has no family near by to help her. >> a handful of people who don't know the family are on a secret mission, they're here to deliver christmas. >> it is beautiful. >> we'll end up with about 10,000 lights all together. >> with kristen at work. the johnson's home will be come best dressed in indiana. to do something for a
6:57 pm
soldier that gives back really good. >> lights and wreaths and darling and bows. >> 20 families across the country are getting their homes decked, too. >> local installers donating the material and more valuable, their time. >> i cannot believe this. >> kristen overwhelmed after learning hunter nominated their family. >> i am very surprised. >> my husband never stops amazing me. >> it is a lot to take in. >> guess what if i told you there were 10,000 lights out here. >> it does not replace a dad, a husband who's in tears. it shows people care. >> christmas without him but this sure helps. >> and i hope he comes home soon. >> the hope of us all that military family enjoys bright holiday and their loved ones return home safely. >> i love you daddy, i hope you have a merry
6:58 pm
christmas. >> nbc news, indiana. >> the true spirit of the holiday. that's nbc nightly news for this sunday. up next, football night america. the tampa bay buccaneers take on the dallas cowboys. lester holt will be in tomorrow. i am kristen welker reporting from new york. from all of us here from nbc news, thank you for watching. have a great night.
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup, and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. in dallas, it's been a dream season for dak prescott and the cowboys. now, coming off their first loss since september, they face jameis winston and the red-hot tampa bay buccaneers. >> all we got is each other. >> we do it as a family. we need you. ♪ work >> the bucs have climbed into the playoff picture with five-straight wins. ♪ let's get it ly dominant defense, and a quarterback ready to take the
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