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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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moment. we'll keep you posted. turning to the weather, bundle up. these people were wearing layers as they made through their withdraw philadelphia's city hall on this chilly monday. here say live look at camelback mountain resort were people are braving the winter weather as they always do, on the slopes. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us. >> what happened to the warmer temperatures? >> yeah, remember? it was 60 degrees yesterday afternoon. today there are places that are 30. 30 degrees in philadelphia now. 28 in many of the suburbs, parts of new jersey, the lehigh valley, delaware 32 degrees. these are 15 to 20 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. in dover, 32 degrees colder than it was just 24 hours ago. now, we have dry conditions all
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across the east, except for the lake-effect snows which are not going to be affecting us. and it's going to be a cold night, as we head through the night, at least it will be dry, at least there's not any wind to speak of. it's going to feel like 22 when you get up in the morning, because the wind will be calm. the p.a. suburbs, chester, bucks, montgomery, 18 degrees by 6:00 of a. 6:00 a.m. you can see it's in the 20s before then. lehigh valley goes down to 17 degrees, and other areas down close to 20. dry conditions overnight. we do have a warm-up on the way. and we'll see if that goes all the way into the holiday weekend, coming up in just a few minutes. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with new details in the case of a montgomery county pediatrician. nbc 10 news has learned the doctor died weeks after his
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arrest on child porn charges. let's go back to nbc 10's erin coleman in the breaking news center. >> jim, jacqueline, all we know the montgomery county pediatrician was facing child pornography charges, as you mentioned. it has been confirmed he died in custody while at the montgomery county correctional facility yesterday. but they did not say how he died. the district attorney's office says they investigate all deaths behind bars. police found what they say appeared to be child pornography on an iphone that he gave to an employee. kennedy owned a pediatric practice. the state medical board had temporarily suspended kennedy's license due to the charges. his arrest shocked parents and sent them looking for a new doctor for their children. the medical examiner yesterday performed an autopsy on kennedy.
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it could be six to eight weeks died. into kennedy will continue as investigators will look to determine who the victims are in the alleged child porn found on his phone and if there are any local victims. from the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc 10 news. a blow for opponents of the so-called soda tax today. a philadelphia judge dismissed a lawsuit aimed at blocking it. mayor jim kenney is hailing that decision. the beverage industry filed the suit, arguing the tax is a double whammy, duplicating the sales tax already on soda. they vow to appeal. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a woman trying to fight back during a robbery outside this philadelphia grocery store. police say she tried shooting him with her own gun but shot the wrong guy. >> nbc 10's deanna durante joins us live. deanna, this woman is not the
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first we've seen in the past few days trying to fight back against crime using a gun. >> reporter: she is not. in this case, though, it was about 7:00 this morning. police were called here. they say the incident occurred inside the vestibule. the woman had her purse in the cart. police say a man came at her, started an argument with her, threw coffee on her and threatened her with a stick. >> it was crazy. i mean, two wrongs don't make a right. >> reporter: when you tell shoppers here what happened, they're surprised. at first it was thought the woman, who hasn't been publicly identified, shot the robber in the leg. >> that's why you shouldn't just go around trying to rob people. >> reporter: but as the investigation went on, it turns out the woman used the gun in self-defense, but did not hit the alleged robber. >> the female complainant pulled out her firearm, and shot at the male, missing him and hitting a security guard who was going to
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assist her. >> reporter: while the woman had a conceal carry permit, police say the case is still under investigation. >> we don't want people to just get themselves in situations where they can avoid the escalation to the point where someone is shot. we would rather them take evasive action when they can to avoid this from happening. >> reporter: now, investigators say the incident was caught on video. again, they expect the security guard to recover. they're still investigating what went down here this morning. live in germantown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. more commuting headaches this afternoon for septa passengers. right now there are still delays, up to an hour, because of a power problem from this morning. the good news is that problem has been fixed. the trains are still delayed though. this morning some trains were as much as three hours late. septa says it was caused by downed wires at the jenkinstown station. a silver mercedes slammed
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into a bus on the northbound roosevelt boulevard last night. the bus from huntington valley christi christian academy was stopped at a red light. a woman and man died at the scene. the bus driver had dropped all his passengers off minutes before the crash. the mercedes was speeding, according to witnesses, just before the accident. skyforce 10 over another serious accident, this one in fountainville. one car was overturned, another hit a tree. a parked car had its hood smashed in. no word how many people were hurt or how the crash happened. skyforce 10 over a tractor-trailer fire in chester county. that truck caught fire on the eastern side of the turnpike in chester spring at 7:30 this morning. officials had to shut the turnpike down eastbound between downingtown and valley forge for several hours.
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no one was hurt. in south jersey, investigators are looking at what started a fire at an assisted living facility in burlington county. flames started in the basement of brandywine assisted living on north chump street in morristown. another part of the building. no one was hurt. at the jersey shore, poker pro phil ivey and his friend have been ordered to return $10 borgata in atlantic city. the judge ruled they had a dealer arrange baccarat cards in way that allowed them to know what was coming up next. ivey says his winnings were the result of skill and good observation. state lawmakers in new jersey are set to vote on a bill to punish billionaire carl icahn for closing a casino in atlantic city. the bill would prevent anyone who shut down a casino from
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getting a license for five years. the taj mahal closed in october after a workers union went on strike july 1st. in new jersey, lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would allow governor chris christie to sign a book deal before he leaves office. it would also give legislative staff, judges and other officials a pay raise. governor christie would need to sign that bill into law. of a police officer assassinated russia's ambassador to turkey today. ambassador andrey karlov was giving a speech in the turkish capital had this gunman came up behind him and opened fire, killing him. the assassin shouted "don't forget aleppo." police killed the gunman. in this country, north carolina's outgoing governor says he will call a special session so lawmakers can repeal the state's so-called bathroom law, which forced transgender people to use restrooms in most public buildings that matched the gender on their birth
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certi certificate, not the gender they identify with. the bill cost the state financially. it is election day all over again. members of the electoral college are gathering in every state today to formal elect donald trump as president, amid an effort to deny mr. trump the white house. the president-elect is poised to win 306 of 538 electoral volts. 20 of those votes come from pennsylvania, the fifth most in the nation. but hillary clinton won in both new jersey and delaware, so the garden state's 14 electoral votes go to her as do delaware's three votes. nbc 10's lauren mayk is in harrisburg, where electors were met by protesters. >> reporter: inside it was very much your typical formal electoral vote. but outside, like many things this election cycle, it was different and dramatic. on the steps of pennsylvania's capital, they had messages for the 20 men and women voting
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today. a father and son with a sign that read, dear electors, you can make history. >> the electoral college is kind of the last hope to prevent this mistake. >> reporter: three women from lafayette hill drove in together and held signs about the president-elect. ci cies. >> i feel that there werump is t to democracy here and all over the world. >> reporter: she voted for hillary clinton, and this was a cathartic thing to do, but it didn't change anyone's mind today. inside, the electors voted unanimously for donald trump and mike pence. these are republican electors, here today because trump won pennsylvania. for supporters, it was the end of a long campaign. carolyn from chester county had been an rnc delegate. >> what an honor and privilege
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to be part of this today. >> reporter: elector ted christiansen was trump's state director. >> thinking back a year ago and getting back to where we are now. >> reporter: they were lobbied at home. >> lots of e-mails, sacks of male and pho mail and phone calls. >> i had two postal trucks bringing me letters. >> reporter: protesters lobbied them at the capital. pennsylvania's 20 electors stuck to their vote. >> it's a hopeful time. i pray for all presidents as they move forward. >> reporter: that last elector told me someone even showed up at his house to talk to him. he said they had a good and candid conversation and that he didn't run into anything threatening. there were extra security measures taken here today. lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. as we mentioned, hillary clinton won the electoral college vote in delaware today. this is cellphone video of the vote in dover. all three electors voted for
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clinton as expected. she won the state in last month's presidential election. meantime, president-elect donald trump took to twitter to react to those trying to prevent him from winning the electoral college. mr. trump wrote, if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. it comes as the president-elect announced his pick as secretary of the army. mr. trump chose a millionaire businessman, vincent viola, the founder of several businesses including an electronic trading firm. he also owns the national hockey league's florida panthers. philadelphia public school students are cashing in on last summer's national democratic consequential. the 2016 dnc host committee announced today it's donating $750,000 to the school district of philadelphia. former governor ed rendell was the host committee chair. this afternoon he presented a
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check to the school superintendent. the convention took place at the sports complex in south philadelphia for four days at the end of july. governor rendell explained how the event is still paying off for the city. >> we wanted to have a great convention, we wanted to make the city look good and develop the economy. we also wanted to have a lasting impact on the children of philadelphia. >> the money will go to the school district's right books campaign, which puts libraries in classrooms around the city. the funds had been held in escrow to secure credit for the host committee. the nation's top law enforcement officer spent the day in delaware. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch joined senator chris koontz. they talked about decreasing violent crime in cities like wilmington and breaking the cycle of crime by improving educational options for those in prison who will eventually reintegrate into society. >> people can leave federal
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prison with a license or certificate for a particular skill, or even a job. we found they do significantly better than those individuals who don't have those options. >> the attorney general and senator koontz will be visited the wilmington police department and the children's advocacy center at a.i. dupont hospital for children. mayor jim kenney unveiled a new task force to prevent lead poisonings in children. the rate of such poisonings is lower than ever about more needs to be done. they'll increase efforts to educate parents about the dangers of lead paint. >> it's one of these longstanding problems that none of us had anything to do with but we're all responsible for fixing. >> the mayor says the city does plan to put more money into lead enforcement and removal efforts but he's not yet ready to say how much. pennsylvania's department of health has issued a health alert
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over a berks county dental clinics's sterilization practices. mice and cockroaches were found in the same area where state inspectors say dental instruments were being cleaned. family and specialty dentistry in reading is closed but state officials say patients should get checked for hepatitis and hiv. the state has suspended the owner's dental license. the nbc 10 investigators are also talking to the clinic's former manager. we'll hear from her, coming up all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. in south jersey, the city of camden will offer free meter parking throughout the city today through january 2nd. the annual free meter parking is a courtesy to residents and visitors aimed at encouraging shopping and visits to camden. at the jersey shore, police say twin brothers stole 180 bars of soap from a supermarket but weren't able to make a clean getaway. the police say kenny and lenny stewart stuffed 36 packs of dove
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soap into a large bag and trying to run out the store. on their way out they ran smack into a police officer who happened to be investigating an accident right there in the parking lot. the twins are now charged with shoplifting. to ocean city, where the race is on to finish a boardwalk reconstruction project by the end of the year. the town wants the boardwalk back in order by new year's eve. as ted greenberg shows us, there's now less than two weeks to make that happen. >> reporter: building a new wooden way means lynn adkins has to take a detour off part of ocean city's boardwalk. >> probably ten minutes out of the way to go around to be able to get back to the part of the boardwalk that was open again. >> reporter: construction crews are business replacing the boardwalk between 8th and 10th streets. the fourth phase in a multiyear project. >> it looks like they have to work pretty quickly to get it done by first night. >> reporter: no need to worry, city officials say, about the
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resort's annual new year's eve celebration. >> crews are under orders to open up the section in front of the music pier in time for first night. >> reporter: new detecticking i already down in front of a key first night venue. the gap at 8th street is expected to be closed before the big event. >> the events down at the civic center and high school will be accessible from the boardwalk. >> reporter: on first night you won't be able to go south on the boardwalk from the music pier. safety railings will be set up here at moore land terrace. but officials tell me there won't be any first night events between here and 10th street. but the boardwalk construction will mean a slight change for this frigid tradition on new year's day. >> typically the polar plunge is here at 9thstreet. that will move to the other side of the music pier at 8th street. >> reporter: this phase of the project is expected to be wrapped up by late march, well
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ahead of the busy summer season. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> i'm ready for the summer season now, how about you? >> i know, we've got a ways to go. >> back to the weather and back to the cold in our area. >> yesterday was a great day, pil mild, to get out and do that last minute shopping. not today, glenn. >> if you went outside yesterday at this time or earlier in the day when there was amazingly warm and all that snow and ice just disappeared. 30 degrees at philadelphia right now. we've had some sunshine, and that really hasn't helped any. this is a very, very cold air mass. at least we have very little wind. look at this, five, five, seven, s six miles per hour. it's already down to 29 in reading, 29 in blandon, 26 in
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allentown. this is at 4:00 in the afternoon. this is really cold. 27 at bethlehem, 26 degrees in easton. the temperature trend is kind of crazy. as we were telling you last week, we were going to be chilly at the start. there's going to be snow and ice. then by sunday, up to 60 or above. today's high of 33 occurred at midnight, tomorrow getting back up closer to average for this time of the year. we're dry across the area. we have some clouds out to the west. but much of the country is dry. we don't have any kind of storminess this week. it will be a pretty good week for travel overall, all around the country. but here we go with these temperatures tonight, down into the teens by 6:00 a.m. across a good bit of the suburbs, reading at 20, allentown 18, lancaster 19 degrees.
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and we don't exactly warm up quickly. at 11:00 a.m., it's still 26 degrees in allentown. so yeah, tomorrow's going to be another very cold day for this time of the year, not quite as cold as today. and then we really start to warm up in the middle of the week, and by the weekend, oh, here's temperatures in the 40s by wednesday. but you don't see any kind of significant cloud cover. so we do expect the dry weather for at least another couple of days. that arctic air that was with us over a portion of the weekend has grazed the area. we didn't get anywhere near the worst of this thing. and it's just going to be seasonably cold toward the middle of the week. toward the holiday weekend, the mild air starts to spread in and just surge up to the north. there's colder air back behind it. but that's not going to be coming in by this weekend. look at the next few days. they're dry, most likely, just a
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slight chance of a shower on thursday. temperatures going up a little bit each day. as you can see, even 50 degrees at the jersey shore. and in delaware by thursday. so those temperatures actually starting to get a little bit above normal as we go into the holiday weekend. for christmas eve itself, expect temperatures to be a little bit above average. dry weather expected on saturday. and then christmas day itself, temperatures going into the 50s. but there is a chance of showers. more on that, and when the colder air will return, coming up later. >> okay, glenn. this is the season of giving. and there's one group of students who could teach us all a little something about generosity. >> they provided one classmate with a christmas he won't soon forget. the heartwarming story, next. plus bah, humbug.
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a massive holiday light display that some aren't too pleased with. the reason why. and a woman's touch. what research reveals about female nurses and your shot at survival. the closing on wall street, an up day across the board.
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talk about a winter wonderland. look at this, a sight that will help you better appreciate the weather this time of year. a drone captured this video of a lighthouse on lake michigan that looks like an ice castle. it will be interesting to see just how long this lighthouse will stay just like this. gorgeous. temperatures staying below zero. [ cheering ]
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classmates at a san antonio, texas high school came together to help out a fellow student with special needs. when they found out he was wearing sneakers 2 1/2 sizes too small, they took action. 20 students pitched in, raising $80 to buy the sophomore two new pairs of nike sneakers. the video went viral on social media with almost 4 million views. >> imagine how good that feels, physically and emotionally for him. >> definitely. great. the week is off to a chilly start. >> now everyone wants to know what to expect for the upcoming holiday weekend, glenn. >> we've got a really cold night on tap. next at 4:00, i'm tracking when more wet weather might move into the area. plus what we can expect on christmas weekend, next. also, new information on that deadly truck crash we're following in germany. it's our breaking news we
4:27 pm
brought to you at the top of the newscast. we'll be right back.
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we're gathering new information about the breaking news we're following out of berlin, germany. police say nine people are dead after a truck slammed into a popular christmas market there. officers say the driver of the truck was arrested. and in the past few minutes, u.s. intelligence officials have been weighing in. they're saying this attack bears slaye similarities to the attack in the popular tourist spot in nice, france. security is being beefed up in new york city because of this incident. we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. a frigid start to the week. nbc 10 in wilmington where this
4:31 pm
group has the right idea, lots of layers as they walked along the riverfront this morning, the doggies too. >> the cold might help you get into the holiday spirit. you're definitely needing to bundle up if you're doing shopping tonight. first alert meteorologist hurricane schwartz is here now. >> it felt pretty good to shop yesterday, great weather. >> yesterday was a different story than saturday. we started off with snow and ice, dangerous travel. then we had fog saturday night, then we had much, much better weather yesterday. then we got a lot of wind to bring in that colder air. the wind has really died down. look at that flag, that's usually coming straight out. it's 30 degrees in philadelphia now, 28 in coatesville and in allentown and trenton and mt. holly, and of course there's no windchill, because there is no wind to speak of. it's very, very light.
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we have mostly clear conditions now. just some fair weather clouds. and that's not going to really prevent the temperature from dropping to about 22 degrees by 6:00 a.m. in philadelphia and other parts of the area outside of the city, dropping into the teens. however, this may be the coldest weather that we're going to see for the rest of the month. we'll show you that with the ten-day, coming up a little bit later. turning to nbc 10 responds, one viewer was surprised when her satellite tv was cut off after two months of service. >> that would be a surprise. she turned to nbc 10 responds. reporter ines ferre got on the case. >> reporter: lou soto ordered dish tv so she wouldn't miss her favorite soap operas. she said she made the first two payments with her daughter's credit card. she called them and told them to
4:33 pm
stop charging that card and send the bill directly. instead the company disconnected the service and sent an early termination bill for $400. she called us. we contacted dish tv. a few days later the company called soto cleared, a total of $483. in a statement dish tv said in part, top notch customer service is a priority. we regret the frustration and are pleased we've been able to resolve the issue. >> i'm happy. >> reporter: ines ferre, nbc 10 responds. >> and adding her recovery to our counter, now at $240,780. >> if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. fill out our complaint form online or give us a call and we will respond to you. >> tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a man tries for months to get
4:34 pm
his suv fixed. he finally called harry, tomorrow on "nbc 10 news today." ♪ time to get into that holiday spirit. the ridley elementary school band performs christmas clacks today in front of the court house. the d.a. was among those who gathered to watch. a christmas wish come true at the jersey shore. a specialist in the u.s. army returned to beach wood, ocean county this weekend. it came as quite a surprise for his loved ones. his little sister had asked santa to bring him home for christmas and the fire department made it happen. [ cheering ] in delaware county, santa himself hand-delivered gifts to more than 1,000 chester community charter school students. it was part of the school's 17th
4:35 pm
annual santa brigade holiday program, established to make sure each student at the school will receive a gift for the holiday regardless of their family's financial situation. up next, remembering a hollywood legend. plus java jolt. what doctors found drinking three cups of coffee per day can ward off 4 .
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. flowers are on zsa zsa gabor, who died sunday from an apparent heart attack. gabor became a fixture on hollywood's social circuit in her prime. her exotic mystery, nine marriages, and famous advice about men helped keep her legend alive. she suffered from a number of health problems recently that kept her out of public view. zsa zsa gabor was 99 years old.
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female doctors make about $20,000 less than their male colleagues. a new study shows it's doctors who are women who may save more lives. researchers at harvard university followed patients, and those treated by female doctors were 4% less likely to die. good news for coffee lovers. drinking more can lower your risk of alzheimer's, dementia, and parkinson's disease. researchers from the institute for scientific information on coffee found that people who drink between three and five cups a day lowered their risk of cognitive diseases by 27%. scientists say it's a combination of caffeine, antioxidants and other natural ingredients. drivers at one new york city neighborhood are if he hfed up holiday season. this elaborate display in
4:40 pm
brooklyn have caused traffic problems. some drivers say the ban eliminates dozens of spots they need on a daily basis. >> look at that, can you imagine their electric bill? >> they went all out. >> they did. up next, eagles aftermath. the birds' coach defends his decision that has the local sports world buzzing today. plus profitable leaps that continue to score points after the game end, those stories ahead. and glenn? the temperatures have tumbled again. after a warm end to the weekend, the cold air has returned. i'll tell you how long that's going to be with us. plus the all-important holiday weekend forecast, next.
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a live look inside lincoln
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financial field. the eagles will be back home this thursday night against the giants, a game you can watch right here on nbc 10. today the birds' coach is defending his decision that came at the end of yesterday's loss. >> another loss. csn's john clark joins us now. >> what unfolded in baltimore, john? >> doug pederson said today based on statistical analysis, he believes he made the right decision to go for a two-point conversion against the ravens instead of sending the game to overtime. they were down in the fourth quarter when carson wentz couldn't find anybody open. instead he uses his legs to get into the end zone. from there pederson decided to go for two and the win. but wentz' pass falls incomplete. eagles lost 27-26, mathematically eliminating them from all playoff contention. now a short week lies ahead and it's a tough turnaround for the players. >> i think it can be better.
4:45 pm
teams that got thursday night games should at least play on saturday or cellearlier in the , to have more days to get ready for the game. >> there is a fine line between what you can do on the field and making sure they're fresh and ready to go. you spend a lot of time in meetings. it's more walkthrough situations to keep these guys as fresh as possible. had a thursday night game and had this quick turnaround. we've just got to move on from this one as quick as we can and get ourselves ready to go. >> pederson said today that darren sprewell should be ready to go on thursday. tackle lane johnson returns from that ten-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs. pederson said he'll be back in the lineup as well. jim, back to you. >> all right, john. remember, you can watch the eagles game this thursday on nbc 10, we get you started at 7:00 then it's the birds versus the giants with kickoff at 8:25 followed by eagles game day final after the game.
4:46 pm
many philadelphia fans will have a hard time celebrating anything done by a member of the dallas cowboys. check out what running back he zekial elliott did after scoring a touchdown last night. he jumped into a salvation army kettle. she was flagged for excessive celebration. the nfl says it won't sign him but he says he'll make a donation to the salvation army, apparently a sizable donation for doing that. >> so it all kind of worked out. >> bringing good attention and money to the cause. >> exactly. let's go back to glenn now, you're looking ahead to the holiday coming up. a lot of people want to know what to expect. >> right. it won't be anywhere near as cold as it is now, or as it's going to be tomorrow morning. as a matter of fact it looks like temperatures will be well above average overall. right now they're well below average. the average temperature this time of the day, at this time of the year, is about 44 degrees. not exactly very close. let's go even into the state
4:47 pm
that's generally warmer. it's not so warmer. greenville, 28 degrees. glasgow and newark, and odessa, reedy point, 30 degrees. in southern delaware, we were in the mid-60s yesterday. mid-60s. and now it's 31 in dover and harrington and ellendale and lincoln and milton, 32 degrees at rehoboth beach. that is a huge difference. tonight we got the teens for some folks. 40s are coming for the rest of the week. temperatures are getting into the 50s as we go into the weekend. so we do have some pretty big changes. we have nothing on the radar close by, despite some clouds to the west. a lot of dry air all the way out to the rockies. so there's no threat of any kind of storminess like what we had this weekend, early in the weekend. it was pretty nasty. for tomorrow, a fair amount, may
4:48 pm
get actually up above the 40-degree mark. most places will not. chestnut hill, 36. schwenksville, 39. allentown, 37. you see some of those temperatures in the morning in the teens in many places, robbinsville, new jersey, at 17. voorhees township at 19. egg harbor city tomorrow getting up to 39. dover up to 39. newark getting up to about 42 degrees. now, chanukah and christmas are occurring on the same weekend this year. we don't see that very often. temperatures will be in the 40s on saturday night with some relatively light winds. and for christmas day itself, temperatures about 10 degrees above average. we do have a chance for some showers. it does not look like a washout. and there are computer models that get us through the day dry, but as you can see, lehigh
4:49 pm
valley at 49 degrees, even there, that is considerably above average for this time of the year. the ten-day forecast, the temperature jumps on wednesday. thursday, clouds keep us about level. of course eagles are playing thursday night, 40 degrees and kind of breezy. friday is nice and sunny. the weekend is kind of mild. then it gets 60 degrees again on monday. some indication, some computer models, it could get even warmer than that. that's the day after christmas. now, temperatures go back down a little bit next week. but what you notice here is there's not a single day in that ten-day that is colder than today. there's not a single night that is colder than tonight. the rest of the month. >> i have a feeling it will catch up to us eventually. >> there's no sign of a change back to extreme cold for a
4:50 pm
while. the computer models go out for a couple of weeks with a fair degree of confidence, there is no extreme cold pattern returning anytime soon. >> i'm not going to complain about that. >> i didn't think you would. >> we'll just wait for it. >> thank you. she is just 4 years old. and she is beating cancer. >> and now she's making this christmas brighter for fellow patients in our area. the remarkable story, straight ahead.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. special delivery. more than 3,000 toys arrived at children's hospital of philadelphia, just in time for the holidays.
4:54 pm
it's all because of a 4-year-old little girl. jillian massey just finished cancer treatment. she's home for the holidays. >> as nbc 10's erin coleman shows us, jillian wanted to make sure her friend in the hospital had a reason to smile. >> reporter: it was the royal treatment for a 4-year-old who is making a huge difference in the lives of so many other kids just like her. >> you can't even measure the impact it's going to have. >> reporter: we first introduced you to jillian matthews last week. she had been in the hospital since the summer, battling an aggressive form of cancer. in and o now the cancer is gone. >> having her home for the holidays is the best gift we could have imagined. >> reporter: a toy drive in her honor took off. what started out as a push to get a few hundred toys, grew. they collected more than 3,500
4:55 pm
toys and $3,000 in gift cards. today with the help of a lot of elves, they dropped those toys off at the hospital. >> they've given us so much hope. if we can help other families to do that around christmastime, then what other better feeling? >> reporter: for jillian, this is about giving a little something to her friends who are still in the hospital. she knows what it's like. and for everyone else here, being able to spread a little joy around the holidays is what the season is all about. >> kind of like christmas morning for me, today, waking up to all this, seeing the people who have come out, knowing what all these toys will do for all the families. >> guys, we did the math. they raised enough toys to give every kid in the hospital six if the hospital is completely full. amazing. she's 4. >> one person doing that. and thousands of toys show up. >> and it's the biggest gift for jillian to be able to have her home for the holidays. what a gift she's still giving
4:56 pm
to other kids undergoing treatment. >> you said it best. and we're working on more stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. a philadelphia woman needs your help to solve a mystery. why she wants to find the couple in this photo so badly. dead mice and insects. investigators say that's why they're forced to shut down a local dentist's office. next at 5:00, a former employee talks to nbc 10 about the problems she witnessed. plus what patients are being told to do next.
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breaking news, a truck plowed through a christmas market in germany just hours ago. now the u.s. says the crash has all the signs of a terror attack. dentist shut down. the reason, dirty conditions found in this berks county office. why patients are being told to get tested. caught on camera. how a walk at rittenhouse square has led to an engagement mystery. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm erin coleman. right now at 5:00, dirty conditions uncovered at a berks county dentist's office. signatures state health department said it found dead mice and insects in the same space used to sterilize equipment. now they warn patients you may be at risk. >> nbc 10 investigator mitch blacher spoke to a worker at the dental office. what do patients needs to know, mitch? >> reporter: the pennsylvania
5:00 pm
department of health is working fast, reaching out to patients, warning them to get checked for hepatitis and hiv. state records say this dentist's office opened in january. when we visited, the blinds were drawn and those working here told us they're closed. >> there were dead mice next to the sterilization unit. the instruments were not clean because they were always wet, they never went through a dry cycle. >> reporter: marie kennedy is the former office manager, let go, she says, for speaking up. her son is also a patient. a joint investigation by the pennsylvania department of state and department of health questions how the clinic sterilized its instruments, including those sterilized in the basement, which the state says contained at least two dead mice, cockroach-like insects, and flies on the floor. the state investigation says it found expired medications inside the dental office. >> i was devastated. the material was two years expired, it wasn't like a


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