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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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stretch of road. ignore this graphic. i'm going to stand in front of it. your drive times are looking good, 95, and the blue route. no accidents to report. a quick look at the drive time on the pennsylvania turnpike. if you're making your way between the exit for route 1 and valley forge it should take you 20 minutes. 4:30 on this tuesday. we're following breaking developments in berlin. authorities believe this was a terror attack that left a dozen people dead at a christmas market. the driver who rammed the truck into the crowded market did it intentionally. the driver ran say way but was taken into custody and is now being questioned. president-elect donald trump is blaming islamic terrorism for the attack. he did not back up his claims but said isis must be erased from the face of the earth.
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now l as you the see, the investigators remain here looking for evidence. the passenger in the truck died. 48 people are now in the hospital. new from overnight, the pentagon confirms that china has given back that u.s. navy underwater drone that was seized last week, said a noncombat american naval ship was recovering two drones in the south china sea when the chinese nay vid picked one of them up. china returned the drone yesterday. no time to waste. this morning another deadline if you want your christmas packages to get there on time. >> time to get cracking. matt delucia is live at the post office to break down the dates. >> reporter: time is running out, rose mary. the longer you wait, the more it is going to cost you to get those packages out. this is the big week of deadlines. we've seen long lines and very
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busy scenes at most of the shipping areas, the post office that are in the area here, the past couple of days have been busy. mail carriers trying to get everything delivered on time and in time for christmas. we've also encountered a few long lines. ala lot of major retailers youn wait until friday to place your order. of course that will more than likely cost you a few extra bucks in shipping fees and these folks have been trying to avoid that. >> i stand in the lines like two hours sometimes. yeah, i'm happy i made it on time. >> reporter: coming up at 5:00, i'm going to break down the deadlines to watch for each of the major shippers and retailers. but you see the post office is inside here, 30th street station, the u.s. postal service. there's a big deadline today of course with the priority mail and first class mail, today is the last day to get that out
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there. this post office opens up at 11:00 this morning to get last minute shipping done. later on today. matt delucia nbc 10 news. new this morning, at half a dozen people are waiting outside of the best buy in south philly to get their hands on a hot holiday toy. best buy is restacking the nintendo nes today. the man who was sixth in line at the store told us he got there at 6:00 last night. the mini version of the game from the "80s has been very popular this year selling for $60. the so-called soda tax will go into effect next month as scheduled as a judge threw out the lawsuit to block it. >> the judge rejected the argument that the new tax doubles down on an existing sales tax. under the soda tax beverage distributors will pay an extra
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1.5 cents starting new year's day. the american heart association commending the ruling releasing a statement saying the aha believes that the tax had the potential to positively impact the public health by reducing the consumption of unhealthy sugary beverages. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. yesterday the electoral college gave him the votes needed to claim the whout despite protests around the country. >> deny donald trump the presidency. >> those demonstrations included pennsylvania. in harrisburg protesters carried signs and tried to make their voices heard. but the state's 20 electors voted unanimously for president-elect trump. some voters want to change the concept of the electoral college. >> i don't like the system. i would be much more willing to accept the popular vote.
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>> i think it's important because it really gives the rural people in america a vote and suburban people a vote. >> electors told us that they received thousands of e-mails, letters and phone calls urging them to vote for someone else besides mr. trump. in their final push to get work down before the holidays, new jersey lawmakers voted on a number of laws yesterday. >> one closes a billionaire investor for closing the casino, proposing to put forward a five-year ban. icon says the bill is unconstitutional and bad for business in atlantic city. the measure needs approval from governor chris christie. >> now lawmakers gave the green light for uber and l.i.f.t., allowing the state attorney general to decide what kind of background checks are needed for drivers. >> two pieces of legislation are
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on hold until after the holidays. these are bills we've been telling you about for weeks in the new jersey legislature. one allowing the governor to get money from a book deal, the other removes a requirement that the state officials have to post legal notices in newspapers. a woman trying to defend herself at a philadelphia grocery store but accidentally shot a security guard will not be charged. >> this all started yesterday around around 6:00. the woman was trying to go into a safe a lot. the man attacked her at the entrance. one of the bullets ricocheted off the ground and hit the store security guard in the leg. the victim's son is not surprised his mom tried to defend herself. >> if you have a family, that gives you more reason to want to have something to protect yourself with. if it has to be a gun, it's a gun. if you have to use it, use it. >> police found the suspect with
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the woman's purse. police say that the woman had a license to carry and will not be charged. we know the names of the two people who died after a school bus crash on sunday night. roman rodriguez and romaine rivera were in their 30s. their car smash into a bus on roosevelt boulevard. no children were on the bus at the time of the accident. we're trying to find out ou a lehigh valley police officer is doing after being hit by a car last night. he was directing traffic near center street and white house township when he was hit. the driver did stop. some surveillance video catches a close call in south philadelphia. we'll tell you what the city's licenses and inspections department has to say about this building. we asked for it and you delivered. take a look at what an nbc viewer sent us for the holidays.
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we te'll tell you how to get in the fun. 22 degrees on the last day of autumn. sunshine will be nice and bright but it's not going to warm up that much today. we've got your neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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goods tuesday morning. about 20 minutes before 5:00 a.m. i'm katy zachry with a check of the roads. the expressway which is closed for construction, a portion of it now. first let's look outside. this is 476, the blue route right where it meets up with the schuylkill expressway. no delays. average speeds in the 60s right now. if that's part of your morning commute, you're in the green for that. this is ruth 1, the boulevard at 9th street, again both directions traffic running smoothly. not too much volume at this
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hour. the bridges, everything is looking really good. . >> 19 minutes before 5:00 it's cold outside. look at this. the 2 degrees right now in philadelphia. fortunately the wind is light, 6 miles an hour and it will stay light this morning. we're going to get sunshine but a slow warmup, 29 degrees at 10:00 then up to freezing by lunchtime. peaking in the 30s this afternoon. lots of sunshine in the suburbs and need it. 19 degrees right now. the wind is calm. this temperature could come down a bit before we get sunshine after 7:00 this morning. we'll see bright sunny skies all day in the suck bushes and the lehigh valley. 14 degrees at this hour. still in the middle teens at 8:00. then into the 20s and into the 30s this afternoon. by 2:00 a little bit of a
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breeze, 34 degrees this afternoon. a little warmer than yesterday. not by a lot. 19 degrees this morning. just above freezing at lurch time and holding in the 30s for new jersey. at the shore a little warmer. this morning it's 29 degrees. it will cool down a little more before the sunshine starts to warm things up. up to freezing at 10:00 this morning and 37 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon, holding in the upper 30s later today. for delaware, plenty of sunshine there but another cold start like everybody else. 19 degrees, 6 mile an hour wind, through the 20s this morning, into the low 30s this afternoon. a degree above freezing at lunchtime. but with the sunshine bright it will feel warmer this afternoon. 35 degrees at 2:00. not warm enough for you? there's warmer weather on the way. a look at that in ten minutes. 4:42. easier access at the jersey shore. >> we'll tell you about the
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project at ocean city that could make your trip to the beach better. plus a team effort to make the holidays brighter for one local family. we'll tell you the annual tradition of this high school basketball team to spread holiday cheer.
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. >> the iconic boardwalk in ocean city is getting a major facelift. construction crews are replacing the boards between 8th and 10th street. the latest phase of a multi-year prongt. new decking is done in front of the ocean city music fear. the city leaders tell us that the gaston boardwalk will be gone giving people easier access to the pier for the big event. >> crews are ordered to open up the area. >>. it's a quarter to 5 on this
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tuesday morning. taking you tate state by state and county by county for a look at stories across our county. we begin where dozens of kids will get a warmup thanks to a coat project. in camden county, police and citizens volunteers will take to the streets of downtown camden to raise overdose awareness. they'll be handing out informational cards directing people what to do in the event of a drug overdose. staffers who work for the state are taking a day off to serve holiday meals at the kairos house. part to have new jersey's sixth annual service. in lee high you can hear the sounds of the season. tonight, students are performing in allentown. the concert is open to the public, beginning at 7:00. bucks county will have new
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firefighters after a graduation ceremony tonight. they've completed the programs and two of the new firefighters will be given outstanding student awards. 4:47 right now on this tuesday. you've got to figure quite a few people taking the week off.elp c a little bit unless you're getting out super early to get things done. traffic yesterday was crazy. katy zachry is watching it for you. >> we're seeing things consistent with what we normally see as we approach the 5:00 a.m. hour. taking a live look outside, this is 95 at girard avenue. southbound lane is where later this morning we'll see the volume pick up and where you know any delays that usually are expected in the southbound lane. if you're driving between wood haven and the vine street expressway on 95 southbound, that's going to take you 15 to 16-minute drive, everything free
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and clear of the issues. the rest of the majors in pennsylvania looked good. i checked majors in new jersey and delaware, those are looking good. when i see you in a bit we'll take a rook look at the area br. >> i love the fact that it's a little warmer than last week. i'll take the 20s compared to the teens and the single digits. >> and i think we'll see the sun again today. >> a great last day of autumn. hard to believe when the temperatures are in the teens and 20s it is still fall. one day 55 minutes left of awe testimo autumn. enjoy it. camelback mountain is making snow this morning. the winds are light. not blowing around that much. that's good. it's cold enough without the wind. 20s in philadelphia, teens for delaware. there are some colder neighborhoods in new jersey right now. voorhees, piney hollow in the teens this morning.
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swedes bure bureabureau, robbin 19. we'll see bright sunshine today. there are the high clouds out of the picture. no sign of wet weather today. the only nearby weather, that's rain to the south, not going to impact us. we won't get the snow to the north but the cold, yeah, that's coming into the area again today. the temperature and the windchill temperatures. the temperature is going to peak in the middle to upper 30s with a little breeze it's going to feel a little colder during the day. we'll see bright sunshine for philadelphia, 36 degrees. in new jersey and delaware, sunny skies with nothing more than a few high clouds, upper 30s for wilmington while ocean
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city could hit 40 degrees, 39 for cape may and atlantic city. and there are warmer days to come starting tomorrow. after we hit 37 in philadelphia today, 48 degrees tomorrow afternoon after a morning tomorrow that won't be as cold as this morning. 32 degrees for morning temperature on thursday, a few clouds build on thursday, 47 degrees the high temperature, sunshine is back for friday and it's looking good into the weekend, at least for saturday it will be dry. 52 degrees and pretty quiet for christmas eve. we could see some showers on christmas day at 54 degrees. 60 degrees on monday but that's where it peaks. back into the 40s for tuesday and wednesday, wet weather next thursday. 10 before 5:00 right now, marriage mystery. a local dog walker stumbled on a marriage proposal in center city and captured it on camera. we'll tell you the story behind the picture and how you can help. also caught on camera, this
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building facade crumbling and nearly hitting a fan in philadelphia. we'll tell you what the officials first started to notice a problem with the building.
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good tuesday morning. just a few minutes before 5:00 a.m., i'm katy zachry requestwi look at your traffic. the left side of your screen, southbound lanes, not much volume there but that's about to change this morning. drive times between wood haven and the vine are about 15, 16 minutes. good news. we did have some roadwork on 95 southbound that clear not too long ago. it's 7 before 5:00 right now, 22 degrees outside. look at this. a rain boot is being used adds evidence in a shooting in kensington this morning. police were flagged down by a woman at 3:30 after she found another woman shot in the head
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on north 3rd street. he was taken to the hospital. police say she had a lot of bruises. the area she was found is fairly secluded but police are telling us they're asking for businesses a block away for surveillance video. also now this morning, investigators are looking at the cause of a fire at this home on gillespie street. fire crews put it out within minutes. no reports of anyone hurt. a south jersey man accused of killing his estranged wife is on the run. >> and state police are asking you to to be on the look out. his name is jeremiah mo them. they found his estranged wife dead yesterday morning in couple ber lan county. monel was last seen driving a mu chevrolet s-10 pickup. if you seal monel or his truck you're asked to call police.
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take a look at this close call in south philadelphia. you see a worker running to safety as bricks from a build the city deemed unsafe tumbled to the ground. the problems began if 2014 when the facade of the building came down during a thunderstorm. licenses and inspections admitted to declaring the property unsafe but emphasizes that the owner is ultimately responsible for maintenance. we spoke to the neighbor whose camera caught the problems last week. >> this was totally avoidable. i think it was a little irresponsible to let it go for this long. two and a half years of being in that condition is just not right. >> nbc 10 contacted the property owner who said final repairs are now under way. meantime the city says it's ca courts this week. in montgomery county last
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week, the orthodox church in hatfield held a prayer vigil in honor of a church attack in cairo earlier this month. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. today in philadelphia, independence mall will be putting up the largest hanukkah minora. you're looking the a the candelabra from last year. monday will be the end point of the hanukkah parade. hanukkah begins on saturday evening. well some hall dare cheer is arriving early for a family in montgomery county. >> every year at this time the lady ghosts adopt a family in need. this year in different. the girls collected food, gifts and money. they presented the goods last night. they even posed for pictures with the family. members of the phillies
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family helped spread good news yesterday. the bethesda project. they prepared and served a traditional holiday meal to 200 members of philadelphia's homeless community. firefighters in philly and da dare county will get a catered meal today. state senator andy williams whether will be there as the meals will be delivered to six fire houses and later to two elementary schools to give out bikes, helmets and toys to the children. help us share stories of people you know sharing kindness. nbc 10 and the "today" show are looking for people to feature in the #sharekindness campaign. the inspire 1 million acts of kindness. tell us about someone you know sharing kindness so we can feature them. use the #sharekindness. here at nbc 10 we've been
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asking for your holiday pictures and video. >> here's a look at one of them. it's going to be hard to beat. you're looking at part of a cube cal cubicle. melissa o'neal decided to turn her workplace into a custom made log cabin. >> that's sweet. >> i would keep this up for the entire year. >> your cubicle house. >> again we'd like to see your creative holiday photos and videos. use the #nbc10holiday and you can send them through the nbc 10 app and we'll be posting some of them online and showing some of them right here on nbc 10 4:58 right now. now more of the stories that we're following right now on nbc news at 5:00. the countdown is on right now. more holiday shipping dlans happening today. we're also following a develop story overseas in
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germany where authorities are investigating a crash that killed 12 people as a terror attack. the man accused of setting of bombing in new jersey and new york will stand before a judge this morning. just before 5:00 a.m. and 22 degrees outside. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm traydy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. >> we had a couple of cold days last week but it's definitely colder this morning. we don't have the bitter windchill that we had last week. 16 degrees many the suburbs, teens for new jersey and the lehigh valley at 14 degrees. the 21 degrees, there's a little bit of a breeze at philadelphia international but the wind will stay light and sunshine will be bright. 6:00 this morning, 22 degrees,
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28 degrees still below freezing at 9:00. a decent warmup this afternoon, upper 30s for philadelphia, 38 degrees in new jersey and in delaware, while the lehigh valley hits 36 degrees this afternoon. if you're heading for the shore you'll see plenty of sunshine and close to 40 degrees. this are some 40s in the future. we'll tell you when to expect those in ten minutes. first, let's see how the traffic is moving. taking a live look outside where the schuylkill kpraesz way meets up with the blue route. very light traffic on both of those majors in pennsylvania. taking a look at mass transit, even at this early hour, the thorn dale line is running 10 minutes later. again it's 12 minutes late there. when i see you in a bit we'll take a look at new jersey and delaware roads. back to you all. this morning we hav


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