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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 20, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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28 degrees still below freezing at 9:00. a decent warmup this afternoon, upper 30s for philadelphia, 38 degrees in new jersey and in delaware, while the lehigh valley hits 36 degrees this afternoon. if you're heading for the shore you'll see plenty of sunshine and close to 40 degrees. this are some 40s in the future. we'll tell you when to expect those in ten minutes. first, let's see how the traffic is moving. taking a live look outside where the schuylkill kpraesz way meets up with the blue route. very light traffic on both of those majors in pennsylvania. taking a look at mass transit, even at this early hour, the thorn dale line is running 10 minutes later. again it's 12 minutes late there. when i see you in a bit we'll take a look at new jersey and delaware roads. back to you all. this morning we have a warning to all of the procast
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nar -- procrastinators out there. >> chop chop. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the post office to tell us what's happening today. >> reporter: well the best part is that you don't have to ship my gift yop you c. you can leave it on my desk. for everyone else, you might have to head to the post office or u.p.s. or fedex. some of the deadlines do take effect and you have some more time but you might have to pay a little more for the next day air or the second-day air shipping. and there is an option for christmas day shipping. take a look. this is what we've seen in the past couple of days at post offices throughout our area. busy time of year. of course shipping centers throughout our area are busy. mail carriers trying to get everything delivered on time and in time for christmas day. we encountered a few long lines at these places as well.
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but a lot of major retailers you can actually wait until friday to place your order and choose the fastest shipping option to get your items by christmas. of course that's going to cost you a few extra bucks in shipping fees. here are the big deadlines to watch for each of the major shippers and retailers. the posting service, today is the last day for first class and priority day. for u.p.s., the deadline for second-day air will be on thursday and next day air, you do that by friday. and fedex, today is the last day for express. you can wait until christmas day for same-day shipment. you have some options there. many of the big retailers you've got until friday. some offer the option of picking it up at the store. the takeaway here is not to procrastinate. just get it done. the post office opening at 7:00
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this morning if you need to get the shipping done today. >> matt, thank you. 21 degrees outside. in philadelphia public school students are cashing in on last summer democratic national convention. yesterday the convention announced it's donated three-quarters of a million dollars. the check was presented to the superintendent. the convention unfolded at the wells fargo center in late july. ren dell exprand how the event is still paying off for the city. >> we wanted to make the city look good and develop the economy. but we wanted to have a lasting um pact on the children of philadelphia. >> the money will go to right books campaign that puts libr y libraries in classrooms. attorney general loretta
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lynch was at an open forum yesterday talking about how to decrease violent crime in city like wilmington and by breaking the psyching of cri icycle of c in prison. >> people with leave prison with a license or certificate for a particular job or skill for a job that they do significantly better than those individuals who don't have those options. >> they also visited the wilmington police department and the children's advocacy center at the dupont hospital. this morning, patients at a burkes county dental office are warned to get tested for hepatitis and hiv. >> investigators learned that mice and cockroaches were found in the same area that dental instruments were being clean. family and specialty dentistry is closed. the state investigation found expired medications. we spoke to the former office
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manager. she said she was let go for speaking up. >> it was two years expired. wasn't like a week. >> the state suspended the owner's dental license. a montgomery county pediatrician is dead weeks after he was jailed on child por noll fi charges. dr. kennedy was found dead in jail on saturday. it could take six to eight weeks before they know what killed kennedy. he was arrested late last week after a worker at his office discovered what appeared to be child pornography on his phone. happening today, a man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york will appear in a new jersey federal court. ra hey my is accused of setting of a pipe bomb, and two devices in manhattan. today's hearing is about the shootout he had with the police
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when he was arrested in north jersey. he's charged with attempted murder of police officers for that. we're following breaking developments in the deadly truck crash in berlin. authorities believe this was a terror attack. the driver who rammed a truck into the crowded market did it intentionally. the driver ran away but was taken into custody and now being questioned. president-elect donald trump is blaming islamic terrorism for the attack. he did not back up that claim but says isis must be erased from the face of the earth. >> passed by girlfriend, i think it missed me by 5 meters, missed her by 5. >> the truck smash into the popular christmas market late monday. a passenger in the truck died. 48 people are in the hospital. monique braxton is following the developments and will have a live report in our next half-hour.
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in turkey police are holding a man who fired shots outside of the u.s. embassy in ankara. this was hours after the assassination of the russian ambassador. rush hand investigators are headed to turkey. you can see an off-duty turkish police officer standing behind him at a photo exhibit yesterday. the ambassador was giving a speech when the officer opened fire. the assassin shouted don't forget aleppo. police then shot and killed him. now to the transition to president trump. yesterday vincent viola started several companies, the current owner of the nhl's florida panthers. he graduated from west point and trained as an airborne ranger infantry officer. coming up 8 minutes after 5 o'clock. it's a cold start this morning. clear skies over the city.
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live view from city hall from center city where it's 21 degrees. 16 degrees in the suburbs. 14 in the lehigh valley and delaware is right at 20. nobody is warm this morning. even some shore communities are in the teens. some neighbors in fechl are in the teens too. look, chestnut hill right at 20 degrees, fox chase, and not much warmer in center city. center city is at 24. it's going to be a cold morning and a cold wait at the bus stop. very cold and clear. look at allentown, quakertown, redding, trenton in the teens and barrelling into the 20s for philadelphia and wilmington at 8:00 this morning when skies will be nice and sunny. clears overhead, clouds offshore, nothing but sunshine. pretty nice day ahead even though it's a cold start. we'll likely stay in the 30s today and we'll likely not see
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any of the snow. it's going to stay dry for the next couple of days and there's a warming trend ahead. but today the warming trend will happen only into the 30s this afternoon. philadelphia 23 degrees at 8:00 and 21 for the suburbs at that hour. by lunchtime right at freezing in the suburbs and not much warmer, in fact just a little chillier in the lehigh valley. but the wind will be light. we're not looking at a lot of windchill even during the day. 21 degrees for delaware at 8:00, 4:00 sunny skies and middle 30s. warming into the 30s, just bf freezing at lunchtime. there are some cold spots at the shore, 26 degrees by 8:00, noontime, 36 degrees and 37 degrees at 4:00 this morning. getting closer to the 40-degree mark. but if it's 40s you're looking for, only have to wait until tomorrow. 48 degrees the high temperature on wednesday, 47 on thursday and
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winter accounts to see some milder temperatures for friday. look at the weekend. i'll take a closer look at hung that's going to last when i coomb ba come back with the ten on ten. a dallas cue boy's touchdown celebration may have been a good thing. >> we'll show you how ezekiel's leap into the salvation kettle could help a lot of people out. we'll tell you about the newest construction proonlt thattha project that's going to happen in center city.
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a new task foors will work to protect guelph children in lead poisoning. the number of lead poisoning cases in children is lower than ever. the city will take steps to speed up to process of removing lead paint from school buildings and increase efforts to educate parents about the danger of lead paint. >> it's one of these long standing problems that none of us had anything to do with but we're all responsible for fixing. >> the mayor says the city does plan too add more funding to the
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lead enforcement and removal efforts but he' not ready to say how much. the nbc 10 investigators spent months investigating lead across our county. look for our investigation "living with lead" right now on protesters are upset over a burkes county family detention center sending a message, they want the state too shut it down. the facility outside of redding holds immigrant families adds they goo through asylum facilities. claimi i a large office tour is planned for the empty lot at 13 and market streets. a developer says his company has a deal to acquire the lot near philadelphia's city hall. he wants to build a 38-story office tower with two outdoor
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roof terraces. should be finished by early 2020. in north carolina a state law widely known as the bathroom bill could be off of the books by the end of the week. the law requires people to use public bathrooms that match their birs gender. the law provides privacy and safety by keeping men out of women's rest rooms. opponents call it discre discriminatory. parents hope a new playground in tennessee will help heal the wounds. the play ground was built in honor of the six children killed last month, dedicated yesterday. a plaque with the names of the six victims will be etch into the playground in the next few weeks. today a former nfl star is expected in court ahead of his murder trial. aaron hernandez is accused odd killing two men in 2012. his lawyers are trying to get the judge to throw out the evidence found on his cell phone. hernandez has pleaded not
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guilty. right now he's already serving a life sentence for killing another man in 2013. 16 minutes past 5:00, let's get you to work with a look at the vine street expressway. >> what do you see out there? >> the vine has opened up since last i saw you. you can see the traffic is moving at a pretty swift clip. the construction was delaying or shutting down a portion of the vine has been lifted. we do have mass transit delays. last week the thorn dale line, train 1502 was running about 12 minute later. area bridges are free and clear of issues if you're headed to new jersey or pennsylvania or delaware, everything is looking really good. the majors in new jersey are looking clear, delaware are looking clear and when i see you in a little bit we'll look at the drive times on the pennsylvania turnpike. now let's get you updated on
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the forecast. it's a chilly 21, 22 degrees outside but wait until you see the warmup through the week. >> let's get to metrologist bill henl henley. >> just as winter starts, a day away from starting. this is the last day of autumn and we're looking at clear skies over the city. if you're heading out right now, the temperatures are falling. they're still coming down. already many neighbors are in the teens this morning. good news is we'll see some bright sunshine, nothing more than a few scattered clouds during the day. clear and cold tonight but not as cold as what we're experiencing this morning. we're not seeing the bitter windchills we had last week, a 3-mile-per-hour wind in allentown. satellite and rart, we're in the clear. you'll need your winter coat and sunglasses today. we'll see bright sunshine today and the clouds will stay to the south and northwest. don't see any wet weather, not in the next 24 hours.
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for today, sunshine, 37 degrees this afternoon. and look at the warmup for tomorrow. after a cold morning we'll be at 27 degrees in the morning but 48 degrees in the afternoon and into the upper 40s again on thursday. winter arrives first thing in the morning, 5:44 in the morning and that's our first full day of winter which we'll see some cloudiness around. it should stay dry on thursday. friday, sunshine again, temperatures elevated. 32 in the morning. and warmer this weekend. saturday 52 degrees, up to 54 on christmas day which could see some showers but no white christmas here, just some rain showers on sunday. look at monday, 60 degrees the high temperature, back to normal for tuesday and wednesday with readings in the 40s. with another round of wet weather on thursday. 5:18 right now on this tuesday. a local dog walker was on the job in center city when she captured this magical moment. take a look. we'll have the story just ahead
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behind the picture she snapped and why she now needs your help. plus, out of luck. we'll explain why a famous poker player has to give back millions of dollars to a casino in atlantic city. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it.
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courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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safe to say that's ls fan don't care a whole lot about the dallas cowboys. >> but even die hard fans might cheer on what one of the boys did on nbc football.
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after scoring a touch down, e deke yell jumped into a salvation army tin. elliott's jump spiked the contributions during the day and many came in the amount of 21 dollars. the eagles will take on their division rifle the new york giants and nbc 10 has the game for you. we'll have exclusive pregame coverage starting at 7:00. only on nbc 10, your official eagles station. at the jersey show, poker pro bill ivy and his friend will have to return more than $10 million in winnings. and his friend had a dealer to arrange cards in way to allow them to know which car would
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come next. 5:22, a holiday break for walmart workers and "rogue one" goes sky high for disney. landon dowty as both of those in nbc business news. >> disney is the mu movie stud you yo to make $7 billion in one year. that's thanks to "rogue one", other captain american civil war, finding dori and zootopia. people like to tweet about live events such as the globes an the oscars. you can watch it on your phone without a cable tv subscription. get your holiday shopping done now, walmart is closing at 6:00 p.m. on christmas eve al w allowing workers to get home to spend time with their families is important. over on wall street,
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positive in today's session. futures are higher this morning. but trading volume was light of the holiday weekend. earnings from nike and fed dex. the dow raising to 883. back to you. >> land down dolandon dowdy tha it's cold outside, teens and low 20s. 21 degrees here at nbc 10. that's a live view of the bridge which is going to see lots of sunshine today. in fact, i can guarantee that for the entire region, all of the bridges. have a look at that with your neighborhood forecast just ahead. first, kay zi zaty zachry. >> so far things are looking forward. the left side of the screen, the
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traffic running pretty smoothly. after the break we'll talk about an issue in montgomery county. plus, still on schedule. we'll tell you about a judge's decision to allow philadelphia's soda tax to take effect next month.
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breaking news on nbc 10 news today. a possible terror aak the. that's what investigators in germany are calling a truck
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crash that killed a dozen people. philadelphia's soda tax on schedule. we'll have the details on the court decision that allows the tax to take effect in the new year. we spoke with a man whose mother accidentally shot a security guard in philadelphia while she was trying to protect hersel herself. 5:28. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. let's get more from bill henley with the first alert forecast. >> 21 degrees here at nbc 10. you'll find teens and 20s in the city and mostly in the teens for the suburbs this morning. clear skies and very little wind. and the air is so dry it's really let the temperatures come down. south jersey at 22 degrees. some portions of the shore at 19 degrees and very low 20s for philadelphia, delaware while the suburbs and the lehigh valley are solidly in the
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delaware, 19 degrees in greenville. to the south, 20s right now for dover, 25 at lincoln. a cold morning to start with but we'll see some sunshine today. delaware will see a warmup from 20 degrees into the upper 20s by 10:00 this morning. you can see it's a fairly slow climb. a little breeze out of the north. that's a light breeze. won't be much stronger during the afternoon hours. sunshine will be bright in the suburbs and the 21 degrees in philadelphia with a light breeze will. climbing slowly. 7:00, the sun just coming up, 28 degrees, the temperature coming up. 30s this afternoon. 37 in philadelphia, 36 for the lehigh valley, just a little warmer along the coastline, for the shore 39 degrees, middle 30s for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. i'll break this down hour by hour when i come back to show you exactly when we'll hit
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freezing and go above. first, katy zachry is watching the first alert traffic. good morning. taking a live look outside at 9 and girard area. we're seeing lighter traffic compared to southbound. we have a lot of commuters even at 5:30 heading into center city philadelphia. your drive time between wood haven and the vine street expressway, a 16 to 17-minute drive. u montgomery county, we have a stalled vehicle. also a minor vehicle car crash in lameric township. and then a check of the area bridges. everything is looking clear. the ben, the betsy, no reports there. when i see you in a bit with we'll look at delaware drive times. new this morning, this rain boot is part of t


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