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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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christmas market massacre. 12 people dead after a truck plows through a crowd in pberli. >> the clock is ticking. we'll tell you about today's mailing deadlines. stocking up, a throwback gaming console has people waiting in line for hours as a new shipment hits store shelves this morning. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'mconnors. let's get the latest from meteorologist bill henley with the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> the warmup will come once winter starts. today is the last day of autumn
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and it's going to be much colder than the next several days. look at the numbers this morning, teens for so many neighborhoo neighborhoods. the wind is calm and will stay light. sunshine is on the way. but it's a very cold morning. 20 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, 29 degrees. 16 degrees in the suburbs, now 22 in philadelphia. it had cropped to 21 degrees, a little bit of a breeze getting some mixing in the atmosphere. it's not going to go up much at 8:00. the sun will be up but for less than an hour. 30 degrees, still below freezing at 11:00. but we'll make it above freezing but not be a lot. mostly sunny, 37 degrees, it's going to feel warmer that afternoon. 35 degrees in the suburbs, 36 degrees for the lehigh valley. a little warmer at the shore.
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38 degrees with sunny skies for delaware. a look at the warmup that's on the way when i'm back in ten minutes. first, katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> this is northbound traffic obviously light are than the southbound flow. that's picked up a little bit. no issues to report on 95. you make your way southbound, about a 17-minute drive there. this is good news for drivers in hatfield township. there was a disabled vehicle but that has been cleared. take a look outside up in the lehigh valley, this is 78 at lee high street. the construction is cleared. 309, 22 and 222 are all looking good. we have mass transit updates to tell you about. amtrak, new jersey, everything has the green light. you might see a little slowdown
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of a service for septa. now back to the breaking news. new details about the terror attack in berlin. german chancellor angela merkel said a short time ago she's shocked, shaken and saddened by the christmas market attack. she told the reporters it would be more sickening if it turns out that the attacker was an al asylum seeker. the truck crash into the christmas market last night. the driver did it intentionally. we just got this in to the nbc 10 newsroom of the suspect in police custody. the man arrested was a pakistani citizen who came to germany in the last year. german investigators are not confirming that though. monique braxton will have a live report in our next hour. in turkey police are holding a man who fired shots just outside the u.s. embassy in the
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capital of ankara. yesterday's gun fire came just hours of the shooting death of the russian ambassador. you can see an off-duty turkish police officer standing behind him at a photo exhibit yesterday. the ambassador was giving a speech when the officer opened fire. the assassin shouted don't forget aleppo, an apparent reference to russian's involvement in the syrian war. police shot and killed the man. the man accused of setting of bombs in new jersey and new york will appear in federal court. ahmad rahami is accused of setting up two devices many manhattan, hurting dozens of people. today's hearing is about the shootout he had with police when he was arrested in north jersey. he's charged with attempted murder of police officers for that incident. 22 degrees outside and now
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to the transition to president donald trump. yesterday the president-elect tapped a billionaire businessman and former army ranger for secretary of the army. vincent viola is the counter owner of the florida panthers, graduated from west point and trained as an airborne infantry officer. public school students are cashing in on the democrat uk convention. yesterday the dnc convention donated three-quarters of a million dollars to the district. this morning patients at a burkes county dental office are being warned to get tested for hepatitis and hiv. the investigators have learned that mice and cockroaches were found in the same area where state inspectors say that dental sbroumts are being cleaned. family and specialty dentistry in redding is closed.
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they also found expired medication. the owner's dental license has been suspended. to a follow-up of a story last month. a montgomery pediatrician is dead just weeks after he was jailed on pornography charges. he was found dead in jail on sunday. it could take six to eight weeks before they know what killed him. he was arrested last month after a worker at his office discovered what appeared to be child por nothithin pornography today people face another deadline to make sure that the packages make it for christmas and hanukkah. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the post office in university city to break it down for us. >> reporter: we're less than a week away until christmas. time is running out. it's going to cost you a little more if you want to start shipping the items later and later this week, especially as
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we get to the end of the week. it is the big week of deadlines as we head into the holidays here. take a look, we found quite a few post offices had long line, people in there trying to get the holiday packages out. mail carriers, they are trying to get everything delivered on time and in time for christmas. we've also encountered a lot of the major retailers, they say that you can wait until friday to place your order and choose the fastest shipping option to get your items by christmas but of course that is going to cost you a little more in shipping fees. we met with quite a few people who are trying to avoid all of that. >> i've been in the line for like two hours sometimes. so yeah, i'm really happy that i made it on time. >> reporter: happy person there. and here are the big deadlines to watch for each of the major shippers and retailers. the postal service today is the last day for first class mail. friday is the deadline for
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priority express. u.p.s., the deadline for second day air is on thursday and next day air you can do that by friday. and for fed ix today is the last day for express save shipments and you can wait all the way up until christmas day if you want same day shipping. many of the big retailers have until friday if there's something to ship. some offer the option of in-store pickup. it's better not to procrastinate. you see the post office here, opening at 7:00 if you need to get some shipping done today. i'm live outside 30th street, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:08 happening now. these people are counting down the minutes until 8:00. that's when this best buy opens up and some of these people have been waiting in this line for 12 hours. why? because they want to get the nintendo nes, one of this year's hot holiday toys. the mini version of the console
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from the '80s. the game system is selling for about $60. but a cold night to wait overnight, i would say. >> maybe that's why the line is so short. it has a lot to do with it. it is cold outside. right now clear skies, a beautiful view of boathouse row. it's all lit up but it is a cold. 22 degrees in philadelphia. and look at the suburbs and the low high valley, even colder. and delaware dropped to 17 degrees. that 20 degrees in south jersey, many neighborhoods are in the teens, pem berton is down to 17 degrees and princeton has made it down to 10 degrees the morning. a cold start. it's going to be a cold wait at the bus stop. but fortunate lit not as cold as last week and nowhere near as windy. the wind is light. bundle up and you'll be able to handle it a little better today
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than what we saw last week. still in the teens though for 8:00 this morning, redding 19 degrees, not much warmer in wilmington, philadelphia. bundle up and grab your sunglasses. we'll see bright sunshine. we'll start to warm up. to the south, the cloudiness, you can see rain showers there. snow showers to the northwest. we won't be getting snow. we'll be dry but we're getting the cold. philadelphia sunny skies, up to 25 degrees at 9:00, just above freezing at 1:00 this afternoon. nothing but sunshine for the suburbs. by 5 o'clock the temperatures start to come down. the sun will be down and for the hey lie valley, 21 degrees at 9:00, right up to freezing at 1:00 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine for delaware and in new jersey, the winds will stay light. 35 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon in delaware. 5 o'clock new jersey is cooling down to freezing and you'll see
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a nice warmup at the shore, not quite as warm this morning. and warmer weather is on the way. 37 degrees today. look at the 40s for wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. and these are the first days of winter. winter arrives first thing tomorrow morning. the chances of wet weather, i'll take a closer look at that in ten minutes. >> we get into winter, 40s? 50s? let's get you to work with a check of the blue root. >> katy is watching a car fire there. >> there was a car fire in the southbound lane as you make your way between exhibit 13 and exhibit 9. this is just north of the exit for route 3. you can see the camera is focusing in on the firefighters who are at the scene. the car fire is taking place inside a vehicle inthe shoulder. so all of the traffic has been
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reduced as we pull out to one lane in you can follow the tractor trailer. it's affecting your drive times. that drive time on the blue route is going up as we speak. i'll have an exact time when i see you next. this is between exhibits 13 and 19 as you make your way southbound. north carolina controversial bathroom bill could soon be a thing of the past. we'll tell you what's happening today that could fast track a repeal of the state law. nature in action. we'll show you the drone video that captured a rare attack at scene between two of the oethces most feared creatures.
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6:167, 22 degrees outside. new this morning, everyone made it out of the fire in west philadelphia safely. the fire started just before 5:00 this morning. it was quickly put under control. new this morning, investigators in philadelphia will be looking from the cause of this fire at a home in the what coney neighborhood. this is where the flames broke out before 3:30 this morning. they put out the fire within minutes. no reports of injuries. let's head now to north carolina where a state law could be off of the books by the end of the week. the law requires people to use public bathrooms that match their birth jend. the law provides privacy and safety by keeping men out of the women's rest room. proponents call discriminato
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discriminatory. at the jersey shore, poker pro phil ievy and his friend wil have to return more than $10 million in winnings. yesterday a yuj ruled that ivy and his friend had a dealer arrange the corards to allow hi to know what was coming next. well a safe bet eagles fans don't much care for the dallas cowboys. >> but even die hard fans might be able to cheer on what one of the boys did on nbc football. take a look. after scoring a touchdown, ezekiel elliott jumped into a salvation army car. elliott will make a donation to the charity. his jump boosted donations by 61%, many of the contributions coming in amounts of $21, the same number that elliott wears. stay with football, the
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eagles back at the link on thursday night taking on their division rivals, the new york giants. the game is at 8:20. we'll have pregame coverage at 7:00. only on nbc 10, your official eagles station. katy zachry takes us back to the car fire. >> from the traffic camera you can see that traffic is now stopped right around the scene of the car fire. a vehicle is on fire. it's moved into the should are. there are emergency crews out there. you can see the traffic crews are out there pushing all of the cars and truck to one lane. firefighters were out there when i last saw you. they're actually extinguishing the fire. it does seem to be out but it's still quite a scene. this is happening on 475, the blue route southbound between exhibits 13 and exhibit 9. and this is just north of that route 3 exit which i surmised is why this's so much backed up
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traffic. people have to get over if they're exiting at route 3. normally your drive time between the schuylkill expressway is 17 minutes. i would say it's upwards of 30 minutes at this time. be aware if you head out on the blue route southbound, there is that car fire north of exit 9. so now you know the problems on the roads. now let's talk about the chilly weather that will warm up as we go through the week. >> yeah, look at these numbers. 12 in the lehigh valley, 16 in the suburbs, 17 in delaware and there are teens in the city too. parkside, weathst month all in teens. eaton, pennsylvania clear skies. 12 degrees in easton.
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clearing skies in atlantic city and cape may. temperatures into the 30s, above freezing for philadelphia. that's a good increase for this afternoon. and there's warmer weather to come. you see the snow falling to the northwest but our chances of any wet weather over the next several days really limited. looks like we're going to see a breezy day today, just a light breeze at 3 miles an hour. winds a little stronger tomorrow but fortunate lit nly not all t windy. winter arrives first thing in the morning. today 37 degrees. sunshine today and mostly sunny skies tomorrow. a beautiful wednesday. and the first full day of winter, thursday will come with a few extra clouds. if we have a chance of showers it's thursday. but i think it's not all that likely so i've left it as mostly cloudy for you. 47 degrees the high temperature. sunshine is back on friday and we're maintaining the milder
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temperatures, 48 degrees on friday. lock at the weekend. saturday, 52 degrees and warmer on sunday, christmas day, but it will come with a chance of showers. no white christmas here. raindrops are a possibility. and some lingering clouds on monday. look at that. the first monday of winter, 60 degrees the high temperature. and in the 40s, back to normal for tuesday and wednesday, just a bit warmer on thursday. another chance of rain showers. tracy? >> 67:21 right now. philadelphia police are collecting evidence after someone found an unconscious woman with a gunshot wound to her head a few hours ago. plus, a courtside homecoming reunites two brothers who didn't they would get to see each other over the holiday. we'll show you how the surprise played out.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. take a look at this. a drone was flying over a pod of
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killer whales right as they were snacking on a shark. this video was taken in monterey bay, california. the photographer said there were 25 whales feeding on the shark. the video was posted on facebook on december 13th. it's been viewed more than half a million times. a win for notre dame is usually enough to make basketball player matt feral feel pretty good after a game. but this is over the top. >> for us home is anywhere we're together. i look forward to being home with you. >> feral was watching that message from his brother bo on the jumbotron. he had no idea that he was actually in the arena. he was supposed to come home from afghanistan in february but was able to come home to see his brother play. there was not a dry eye in the pavilion. ♪ the best is yet to come and
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won't that be fine ♪ >> you know that voice. legendary singer toni bennett will celebrate his 90th birthday tonight with a show on nbc. don't miss toni bennett celebrates 90, the best is yet to come tonight here on nbc 10 at 9:00. 22 degrees outside. coming up next at 6:30, hundreds of state workers in pennsylvania are facing layoffs today. we'll explain why the dispute between the governor and the senate republicans appear to be at the root of it. we're following the developments of the deadly crash into the christmas market in berlin. we'll have an update next.
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. tracking terror, investigators over seas now say a deadly attack at a christmas
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market in berlin is likely the work of terrorists. someone finds an unconscious woman with a fun shot wound to her head just hours ago. lawsuit fizzles, a judge reacts legal action against philadelphia's soda tax clearing the path for the tax to take effect during the new year. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast for you. >> 21, that's in philadelphia. and some of suburbs have dropped sbo the teens or below. lehigh valley 12 degrees right now. it will be in the 20s in the lehigh valley at noontime. philadelphia at 22 degrees will slowly be climbing, 22 degrees at 8:00, and then we'll hit
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freezing at lunchtime and go above it. and the wind is laight. mostly sunny skies, temperatures above freezing. 37 degrees in philadelphia, 38 degrees for delaware and at the shore a little warmer, up to 39 degrees. i'll break it down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. but first, katy zachry has your first alert traffic. bill a couple issues. the bigger issue that we're dealing with is on the blue route southbound as you approach the exit for route 3. you can see to the right of your screen in the shoulder, this is the week that was on fire. firefighters were out there. they've put it out. but still quite a scene. a lot of emergency crews are in the area. traffic is whittled down to one lane at'snd it's affecting your drive time. expect delays as you approach the exit for route 3 which is actually exhibit 9.
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taking a look at 76, the issue we have there right at south street, there's a tractor trailer crash involving one other vehicle and it has been moved to the shoulder. not causing any major delays but drivers are having to tap the brakes. >> mass transit, amtrak, everything is free and clear of the issues. unfortunately septa we're seeing some delays. nothing like yesterday. but the route 101 trolley eastbound you're expecting 15 minutes delays. world leaders reacting to the deadly christmas attack in per lynn that killed 12 people. investigators overseas say it's likely an act of terrorism. monique braxton is following the developments. >> we've learned that president barack obama's has phoned
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germany's chancellor to offer hiscondolences. in germany flags on all of the federal buildings are flying at half-staff. we've been gathering video. this growing memorial of candles and flowers now placed where one dozen people died and 48 others were injured. the polish prime minister says it's with pain and sadness, the first victim of this heinous act of violence was a polish citizen. europe must become unified in the fight against terrorism and europe must take action to protect its citizens. and german news agencies say hundreds of officers have combed over the now defunct airport overnight. president-elect donald trump is flaming islam uk terrorism for the deadly violence in turkey
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and germany. saying their networks must be eradicated from the earth. also germ man media is reporting a suspect arrested of the attack was a pakistani citizen who came to germany in late 2013 or early between. and this morning the bbc is reporting it's reviewing security measures, also enhancing them at the m.e.t. for news year's eve as well as christmas celebrations. we're also reaching out to our officials here to see if there are any enhanced measures taking place as we speak. we'll continue to monitor the developments in germany. e. have some new details from overnight on that seized u.s. navy drone. the pentagon confirms that china has given it back. china plucked the drone from international waters last week. chinese authorities say they
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returned the drone yesterday. new this morning, the rain boot is part of the evidence philadelphia police are gathering in a shooting in kensington. a woman flagged down officers around 3:30 this morning after she found another woman shot in the head on north 3rd street. police tell us they're asking businesses about a block away for any surveillance video. this morning we're working to get you more information about how a lehigh valley police officer is doing after being hit by a car yesterday. he was directing traffic when he was hit. the driver did stop. 6:35, 22 degrees outside. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> yesterday the electoral college gave him the votes needed to claim the white house despite protests around the country. >> deny donald trump the presidency. >> some of those demonstrations happened in pennsylvania. in harrisburg, protesters carried signs and tried to make shire voices heard but the
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state's 20 electors voted unanimously for pleblth trump. two new jersey legislative bills on on hold until after the holidays. one would allow the governor to get money from a book deal while in office. the other removes a requirement that state and local governments post legal notices in newspapers. the so-called soda tax in philadelphia will take effect next month as scheduled after a judge rejected a lawsuit aimed at blocking it. the beverage industry filed the suit and says it will appeal the ruling. money from the new taction will go to fund universal pre-k and other programs. a south jersey man accused of killing his estranged wife is on the run and the state police want you to be on the lookout. his name is jeremiah monel. investigators say they found monel's estranged wife dead yesterday. he was last seen driving a 1994
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blue chevrolet s-10 pickup with the new jersey license plate x 91-gjv. we have some new details now in a shooting at a philadelphia grocery store that happened yesterday morning. a woman stently shot a security guard and we're learning that she will not be charged. >> and the woman's son is speaking only with nbc 10. it all started yesterday morning about 6:00. the woman was trying to go into the save a lot. she opened fire when a man attacked here at the entrance. one of the bullets ricocheted off of the ground and hit a security guard in the leg. the woman's son says he's not surprised that his mom tried to defend herself. >> if you have a family with that gives you more reason to want to protect yourself. >> police found the suspect, brian prater a little while later with the woman's purse.
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she's charged with robbery. the woman had a license to carry and will not be charged. a worker in south philadelphia is lucky he isn't hurt after parts of the building collapsed. take a look. within feet of them. the facade crumbled during a thunderstorm two years ago and that's when lni declared the building unsafe. nbc 10 contacted the property owner who tell us that final repairs are under way. the officials are trying to get the case into court this week. at the jersey shore construction crews are replacing the boardwalk on ocean city between 8th and 10th street. the latest phase of a multiyear project. new decking is down in front of the new pier, a focal point of the new year's eve celebration. a gap in the boardwalk at 8th street will soon be gone giving people easier access to the pier. >> it may be decent weather down the shore for new year's.
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we've got a trend going on. fill us in. >> today is the closest of the next several days. and today is the last day of autumn. tomorrow, wint wier will arrive. camelback, they're back to making snow. and we have clear skies. this is a live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. sunshine is on the way to warm things up but it's going to be slow to start with. look at the temperatures. it's cold outside. teens right now if wilmington, northeast philadelphia and trenton, down to 30 12 degrees. pottstown at 12, allentown, where they're making snow in the pocon poconos, it's 4. it's going to be a write sunny day from the 20s into the low 30s right at the freezing mark at lunchtime and then a bit above this afternoon. light winds, calm at noontime. just a 3-mile-per-hour breeze at
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2:00. the sunshine is going to feel warmer than these temperatures actually show. it certainly feels cold this morning, 18 degrees but just a 3-mile-per-hour, not the strong wind that we saw last week. 8:00 this morning suburbs into the teens, this morning into the 30s. your day in the lehigh valley starts with 12 degrees, 20s this morning at 10:00 and at noontime and then just above freezing at 2:00. still above freezing at 4:00. just a few scattered clouds at 4:00 but no wet weather. mainly sunny skies for new jersey from the teens this morning and at 8:00 still in the teens through the 20s and right up to freezing at lunchtime. at the jersey shore we'll have a quick warm up, freezing park at 10:00, 37 degrees this afternoon. a little warmer, closer to 40 degrees at the show. delaware, 17 degrees right now,
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freezing mark by noontime and then 35 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. the winds stay light at 3 miles an her at noon and at 2:00 today. and the trend is for a warmup. here's your first day of winter. 48 degrees. we stay in the 40s until we get to the weekend when it gets warmer. take a look at when you can expect to see showers when i come back with the ten day on ten. >> 6:41 right now. let's get you to work. we continue to stay focused 0en the blue route. >> not good news for drivers who take the blue route southbound. traffic is now at a complete stop around what was a car fire. actually a truck fire we're learning. in the extreme right-hand lane it's move off to the shoulder. but a ton of emergency crews are out there. traffic is whittled down to one lane. this is as you approach the exit for route 3.
6:42 am
you can see the traffic is just stopped. and you drive time as you make your way between the schuylkill expressway and 95 on the blue root, it's going to take you an hour to go that stretch. we also have an issue on 76, the schuylkill expressway right at south street, there's a two-car crash involving a tractor trailer and a vehicle that's moved off of the should are. expect some minor delays around there. and septa is experiencing a number of delays on its trolley service route 101 eastbound, some equipment problems. the thorndale line running two cars short. you may be delayed. and trenton 705 is running 30 minutes late. a woman walking a dog captured a couple's intimate moment on camera. >> we'll tell you about the search for the people in this picture in what appears to be a holiday proposal. plus, a viewer says he found a problem with his brand-new rv but got the run around when he tried to get it fix. we'll show you how the nbc 10
6:43 am
responds team helped him save nearly $2,000.
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robert latch is showing us his winnebago view rv. latch says he's taken 20 road trips in the rv since buying it in september of 2015. >> this whole room is called a slideout. >> he tells us this past spring he noticed a problem. >> the issue was the speedometer cover was starting to crack. >> latch says he took the vv to the dealer where he bought it.
6:47 am
he tells us they referred him to westchester mercedes saying that the damaged part was covered by them. but westchester mercedes told him the part was not covered under the manufacture's warranty and referred him back to the rv compa company. after five months he tried a different approach. >> we contacted nbc 10 responds and your team got right back to us. >> we contacted them and the two companies worked it out and as a gesture of good will, mercedes benz covered the damage free of charge. both companies tells nbc 10 responds they're happy that the customer is satisfied. >> i'm back to 100%. >> nbc 10 responds. >> he says he received an estimate of 2,000 dollars he were to pay for the repair out of pocket. >> if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, let
6:48 am
us know. the best ways to reach us would be right there on your screen. you see it right there. if you do reach out to us, we will respond to you. >> 6:48 on this tuesday, 22 degrees. and it's inching up a little bit. seems like it's getting a little warmer but not really. what's to come for today and into the week. >> good news is that the skies are nice and clear. we're half an hour away from sunshine, we're starting to get light. you can see the city is glowing right now. but at this hour the temperatures are still falling, not by much and just enough to make you bundle up this morning. bright sunshine through the day and we'll warm up nicely. i think we'll stay in the 30s today. another cold day tonight but not as cold. temperatures dropping in the 20s by tomorrow morning. right now though many neighborhoods are in teens and below. lehigh valley 12 degrees, 16
6:49 am
degrees in the suburbs. and some of the neighborhoods are clinging to the middle teens, a little colder right now in glen, look at milford township, 10 degrees this morning, 12 for ft. washington, bedminster and new hope. bundle up this morning. y you'll see some sunglasses. the clouds have pushed offshore clearing the day for sunny skies. last day of autumn and it will be a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, first day of winter, no wintry weather. no chance of showers for tomorrow. though we'll get a few more clouds around an thursday. today, sunshine and warming up into the middle 30s for somerton and chestnut hill, easton it's 35 degrees this afternoon.
6:50 am
for new jersey, the winds stay light. a warmup, look at voorhees 38 degrees, sunshine is going to feel like in the 40s thanks to the light winds. you'll experience those light winds in delaware too, 38 degrees. well if that's not warm enough, maybe i can introduce you to winter weather which includes warmer temperatures. tomorrow, 48 degrees the high temperature, in the 40s for thursday and friday. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle, maybe a raindrop or two but not enough to put anytime the icon. sunshine on friday and then clouds will be increasing. a few clouds around and a warmer day on saturday. looks like we're in for a nice evening, saturday evening as hanukkah arrives and christmas day, could see some showers. no white christmas mere. those will be raindrops. warmer on monday.
6:51 am
sunshine on tuesday along with normal temperatures in the 40s for tuesday and wednesday and rain showers are possible on thursday. wish we had some better news in terms of the traffic this morning. >> still have a significant problem on the blue route because of a truck fire. >> wish i had better news for you as well but it looks like traffic is not moving on the blue route sou bound as you approach the scene here. this is a scene on the shoulder of an earlier truck fire. it has sense been put out but it's still quite a scene with the emergency crews out here. this is a crazy time on the blue route, especially south pound. this fire scene is just knnorthf the exhibit for route 3, exit 9. you're going to find the most delays between exhibit 13 and exhibit 9 as you make your way south dakota bound. it's going to probably take you an hour as you go between the
6:52 am
schuylkill expressway and 95 if you're using the blue route. 76 has a minor crash in the southbound lane at the shoulder, involving a tractor trailer and a car. again minor. also there is a crash in east norton at west germantown pike right at west crossing drive. be aware of that. 6:52. a photo is at the center of a romantic mystery. take a look. stop what you're doing. it's really important. this couple apparently got engaged sunday night and claire gibson is a dog walker, walking a clint's pet. she sees the proposal and snaps a picture. >> sorry if you were waiting until christmas to announce this the your family. hopefully we get in touch and hopefully you guys love the picture. >> if this is you in the foe totoe or you know these people, reach out to us and we'll gladly help
6:53 am
you make the connection. she said she was going to go up to them but the dog had different ideas. she was giving them a minute. hundreds of state workers in pennsylvania are expected to get ping slips today. we'll tell drou how a dispute between the governor and senate republicans is causing the layoffs. today we expect to learn more about the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. how the courts are playing a role in the information.
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6:567 right now. we have new breaking developments out of berlin. germany's top security official says the man arrested in the christmas market attack is denying any involvement. this is video of the man in custody. 12 people are dead after a truck
6:57 am
slam into the berlin market last night. here's a look at some of the other stories we're follow today. >> ahmed rahami is expected to face charges in court today. he's accused of setting off bombs across new york and new jersey, including a pipe bomb in see side park. north carolina lawmakers could repeal the bathroom bill today. the special session is expected to be called later on. the law requires people to use public bathrooms that match their birs gender. michigan's attorney general will hold a news conference this morning. so far eight state employees and one city employee in flint have been charged. today a federal court will release copies of documents that help reopen the hillary clinton e-mail investigation just days before the presidential election. >> in october the fbi found clinton e-mails on a computer belonging to former congressman
6:58 am
ant knee weiner. huma abedin is anthony weiner's wife. the e-mails contain no wrongdoing of hillary clinton. a judge ruled that the public has a right to see the copy of the search warrant. more than 500 employees are being laid off because of a funding dispute between governor wolfe and the state senate. the state is cutting the worker as closing call centers in allentown, land kers caster and tuna. folks have about an hour left before they can get their hands on a anyone tin do. the doors open at 8:00 this morning. some folks have been waiting since 6:00 last night. >> time is running out. today is the last day for first class mail at the post. deadlines for u.p.s. and fedex
6:59 am
are listed on our nbc 10 app. in is the blue route southbound right as you approach exhibit 9, the exit for route 3. southbound lanes are stopped. traffic is whittled down to one lane around the scene of an earlier truck fire. emergency crews are out there. as you're traveling on the schuylkill expressway, right around south street there's a crash moved to the shoulder. cold this morning, even at the shore. but we've got mostly clear skies, the clouds off are in the distance and the temperature wills be climbing. right now we're looking at reading in the teens for much of the area, 13 degrees in the lehigh valley, 18 for delaware. and the 21 degrees in philadelphia, that's going to be a slow climb but we'll warm into the upper 30s this afternoon. nothing but sunshine for the neighborhoods today.
7:00 am
we'll have local updates throughout the morning and you can get rel-time news weather and traffic on the weather happen. thanks for watching. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. breaking news. deadly attacks in europe. the man suspected of plowing a truck into a crowded christmas market in berlin reportedly identified as a 23-year-old man from pakistan. at least 12 people killed, dozens injured, and authorities now believe it was most likely terrorism. while in turkey, investigators try to figure out what motivated a 22-year-old police officer to assassinate a russian ambassador in front of a crowd of terrified people. we have live reports this morning. exit interview. first lady michelle obama sits down with oprah for a revealing conversation about her eight years in the white house. >> knowing that we've made it


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