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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  WCAU  December 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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only from fios. the suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. we are following breaking news in south jersey where more than a half dozen people are hurt in this accident. it's tieing up traffic right now. >> an over dchs seas flight. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news right now on nbc 10 at least seven people are hurt after a track or trailer and several cars collided on a major south jersey road. this is route 130 south in logan township. the victims injuries are
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non-life threatens. it is having an impact on traffic in our area. >> that's right. how can we get around this? >> it will be a problem for anyone trying to get to the bridge this morning and into the afternoon if this stays put right now. that is route 130 southbound around route 44. the 295 southbound ramp is also closed down. route 322 route is also closed. they have detouring everything around the scene. this is traveling around the area and around the intersection there. you can see some of the delays there as well. 295 southbound just before route 644. everything else pretty much had an easy morning. it was cleared a few moments ago around 420.
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a 14 minute drive time left over. that's okay. it's just those problems getting over the bridge. back to you. >> thanks. german authorities launched a manhunt for a new suspect in the deadly attack at a christmas market in berlin. >> they believe he has ties to islamic extremists and they report he uses six different aliases. the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. police are look for a tu knee shan man. investigators found identification papers used in monday's attack. 12 people were killed and dozens of others were hurt. they had previously considered him a terror threat and had been trying to deport him. the site of the deadly attack reopened for business this morning. they checked bags at entrances.
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they felt people wanted to send a message by coming out in numbers to shop. the german president says he is impressed with how well some of the victims from monday's attack are coping. the president met with three victims today. one of the victims is injured in the aftermath of the attack. he stepped in to help others and walked into the path of a falling beam. > >> dozens gathered to sing in solidarity. they sang christmas carols and held signs that said you will not divide us. >> we take a live look at the blue cross at penn's landing. krystal klei is tracking the
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changes to our weather. >> yeah. that warm up is already noticeable. yesterday at this time temperatures were for the most part below freezing still. now we see we are above the freezing line. 35 allentown. philadelphia now at 36 degrees and we have got some 40s already. 40 degrees at millville and 41 in dover. these are numbers we see in spots. i expect a lot of us will make it through the low to mid-40s. here is a look at radar and satellites. some clouds still moving through. i do expect as we move in we'll see some sun. it will be a mix of clouds and sun there. although it's not going to produce rain you will notice it as you step out the door. great color in some spots. we are about to get into your
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afternoon hour. 39 by 6:00 p.m. and 33 by 10:00 in philadelphia. there is that cloud-sun mix. what we are looking at are temperatures that are still chilly as we drop into the overnight. 41 at 2:00 in the suburbs and in the lehigh valley. in delaware 43 degrees. mid-40s expected there. dropping down to 31 degrees by 10:00 p.m. in new jersey 41 degrees at 2:00. as we go into the overnight no chance of rain in the forecast. looks like we'll stay dry over the next several days across the area. moving into the holiday forecast we could see some rain. we'll track that a little more closely coming up. >> thank you. two adults and a child were hurt in a fire this morning. you can see there's barely anything left.
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a fire started just before 2:00 a.m. take a look as crews battled a house fire this morning. this is on east 3rd street. everyone got out a safely here. the cause of the fire is under investigation. this morning police investigating a deadly shooting in west philadelphia. officers say they found the victim slumped over a steering wheel with the car still running. it was near 51st and market street. officers are looking at surveillance footage from the neighborhoods. invest fating another deadly shooting this horning in southwest philly near 60th and and monday stree. he died from his injuries around 1:30 this morning. officers have not made any arrests in this case.
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23-year-old pleaded guilty of child endangerment and obstruction of justice for the death of her two-year-old. police responded to the home and found him unresponsive. they say the boy had a laceration of his liver and bruising on his body and tested positive for thc, an ingredient in marijuana. an accused killer -- police found the pickup truck. they searched the woods by air and on the ground. they say he stabbed his estranged wife to death in front of their children. her friends and family are speak out about her murder.
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>> just had pure hatred in his heart to do something like this especially with the kids in the house. >> yesterday police also searched the house where he use today live on main street. they say they didn't find any evidence. they asking neighbors to be vigilant and to lock their doors. crews rescued two people from a car. sky force 10 was over this scene just before 8:00 this morning. you can see crews pulling one person out of the car. they had already rescued the other person. there were no serious injuries. a business is destroyed after a fire broke out. we spoke to an employee who tells us the fire started in a popcorn machine last night and she couldn't put it out. the flames damaged two cars and destroyed the business. they are hopeful this community will come together to help them rebuild. leaders from all across
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pennsylvania are meeting to discuss a $300 million investment in the port of philadelphia that will create thousands of jobs. >> we are live in south philadelphia with more on what this means for city. >> reporter: it's about spending money to make money. it's about what comes into and out of our area. you can see the ships on the delaware river. $300 million, the folks who gather here say it is a big deal. union workers and political workers were in the room. the majority of this will go to the backer avenue marine terminal leading to about 7,000 indirect jobs for this project. the idea is to become one of the leading sea ports on the east coast. they say this expansion will be needed in the years to come especially with the deepening of the river. they told the crowd it is to make philadelphia and this port a leader.
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>> that's what this is about. this is about turning philadelphia from just another competitor along the east coast to being the preeminent port. this is the only port that is in pennsylvania. this is the only port that can claim to be the gateway to that rich market. >> reporter: a lot of food and goods come into our area. again, you can see the ships here right now. work on this project will continue through the year 2020. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. penn state is counter suing. they say he violated his employee agreement by not disclosing what he knew about sandusky before sandusky's arrest. penn state's kounlter suit said he didn't fuelly review what he
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knew about the grand jury investigation. the school wants him to pay back millions of dollars he earned as president over the last five years. up next, deadly blast in mexico. >> an explosion rocked a popular fireworks market in mexico. we are watching new developments out of north carolina where legislators may take action to reverse a controversial law. and as we move through the next several days we are tracking more mild air moving into the area. a temperature boost for your holiday weekend. we'll track that coming up.
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authorities trying to determine what caused a massive explosion just outside of mexico cit city. >> we have the latest from mexico city. >> reporter: a thick cloud of smoke seen from miles away after an unexpected exlotion set off a chain reaction of fireworks. explosives going off in all different directions. terrified market goers running for their lives as one of mexico's best known fireworks markets is engulfed in flames. drone footage shows the devastation. on the ground panic and shock.
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bodies too grew some to show. this man saying there's no life there but there are bodies. it's a very tragic scene. the blast so strong near by homes were damaged and cars were reduced to burned out shells. so far the cause of the blast is unknown. the market has seen this kind of devastation before, once in 2005 when a chain of fireworks exploekss levelled hundreds of stalls and then again in 2006. the officials saying the market is the only source of work for many in the area. the authorities are keeping people back from the market because even though it's been
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levelled they fear there could be hot spots and unexploded fireworks that could be still just as dangerous, mexico city. north carolina lawmakers are back at the state house casting votes that could repeal the so called bathroom bill. it comes after charlotte city council voted to fully repeal the transgender ordnance. it requires transgender people to use most public bathrooms according to the sex on their birth certificates. happening right now a live look at the new york stock exchange getting close to the 20,000 mark. down 16 points right now after coming within 13 points yesterday. the dow closed at a record high, the 17th time it happened since the election. our eyes are on those temperatures because finally
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we'll start to track the warm up we have been wishing for. we are look at temperatures above freezing in our new jersey neighborhoods. we are look at 37. how about the same here? 37 degrees here as well. as we continue to track this we don't see much change. the lowest we have got is princeton. it is still chilly out there. we are seeing improvement compared to the last couple of days. we have got more clouds that have been rolling through. they will not be bring rain. you can see it's -- still some sunshine expected. not quite as much as we saw yesterday. regardless temperatures will boost a bit. what we are looking at are 40s orn the map instead of 30s. summerton at 43.
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over to new jersey trenton 44 degrees. 40s for ocean city and same thing as we move to delaware. wilmington at 45. here is a look at the temperature trend. our couple of days it peaked in the 30s, barely boosting above freezing. the average low is 40s. we'll be right around average at 44 degrees. thursday and friday we go to the upper 40s. we will see that trend rise as we move through the next several days. if you're traveling here is how it looks thursday and friday. you're looking tomorrow into the next day. in chicago 31 degrees thursday. pretty chilly but we could see some icier precipitation. make sure you check beforehand. into cincinnati we are looking
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at dry conditions. this is a good travel outlook. we go through pittsburgh. no precipitation. that's the same deal in washington. 50 degrees on thursday in washington. looking at pretty good temperatures. 35 degrees thursday which is nice for anybody hoping to get skiing in. we look into new york and boston also in the 40s. 42 to 45 for new york. boston the chance of showers moving through by your thursday. if you're look to stay here here is the forecast for christmas eve. 6:0045 degrees. we'll see scattered clouds. any chance of showers posted through the first half of your saturday. 36 dropping down as we move into the night. 45 degrees for the jersey shore and lower 40s for the evening at the shore point. we'll get to the ten day coming up. >> thanks.
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right here waiting the '80s singer that sprung into action when a passenger became unruly.
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moore is the president of unity in the community which is hosting its 7th annual operation
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holiday health. thanks for being here. >> thanks for inviting me. >> it's a crazy time. what's happening on saturday? >> it is an operation holiday help. a lot of people helped out with us. so many other people that just jumped in to say we want to help you. they don't even know we are coming. >> really? >> yeah. >> i was just asking a you that you get help from a lot of different places you just have to coordinate it all. >> yes! so many people that need help. you have comcast. you have mayor's office, jordan harris donating bikes. health partners, all of these different entities coming together to help these families. it's amazing. i remember at one time we met in my mother's kitchen.
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we were able to grow with big initiatives. the families are grateful about what we are doing. >> you show up with a serious christmas for them, right in. >> yeah. you have tickets to go to different concerts. you have all of the different things, bikes and some times i get jealous. it's like wow. >> yeah. >> but it's cool though. i think the important thing is having every day people get involved like a young lady, those type of people. it's like nay want to get involved. they want to be part of what we are doing. >> you have grown it. what's it like when you surprise these families? >> we're blocking off the block. we are getting all of the sponsors together.
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the families don't know because they are nominated and preferred by community organizations. we show up and say surprise and it will be about 100 people! good luck to you. take pictures. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> thank you. >> thanks for all of the things that you do. >> thank you. >> for more information go to our web site or check out the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 and the "today" show are looking for people to feature in the share kindness campaign. the goal is to inspire 1 million acts of kindness and we want you to get involved. tell us about someone you know who is sharing kindness so you can feature them. use facebook, instagram, twitter and use the #sharekindness. coming up, the manhunt that's spanning an entire continent, next, details and
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authorities have identified as a suspect. plus, holiday video gone viral, a member of one of the most famous families and lots of fans in japan as she dresses up as santa.
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a chilly start to the day. we are in for warmer weather on this first day of winter. here is a live look. let's get details of the warm up today and the rest of the week. let's go to krystal klei. >> yeah. for the last two days we have only seen highs tap out at 42 degrees in philadelphia. we are at 36 degrees right now. the average for this time of year is right around the lower 40s. we should make it to close or a little above average today.
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the 36 in philadelphia is nearly matched 36 in the suburbs. 35 new jersey. also at 35 in the lehigh valley. we are also sitting now above the freezing line. we are also looking at live camera shots that show we have more clouds than yesterday at this time. yesterday was mostly sunny conditions. today i think we should see sun breaks throughout the afternoon. a little mix of clouds and sun expected as we move along throughout the rest of the day. your wind is not an issue. today it won't be a problem. tomorrow they will start pick up. we'll even see just to the north of us a little clipping of precipitation possible. most of us staying dry and today certainly staying dry. we see some of the clouds moving through. that's the white color that we see. there's nothing heading our direction. we'll be staying on the dry side as we move throughout the day. looking at your temperature trend, there is the warming. we are starting at 2:00 in the
11:31 am
afternoon. temperatures should make their way to the low to mid-40s and over much of our area. chilly overnight. we get to the lower 30s by 10:00. details are coming up. >> thank you. the manhunt intensifies throughout europe. they are looking for a new suspect in the deadly truck atta attack. authorities believe the suspect has ties to islamic extremists and was previously considered a terror threat. >> this morning in berlin the manhunt is intensifying as the person responsible for driving a truck at 40 miles per hour through a christmas market is still at large. police warning people here to be particularly vigilant as christmas markets are cautiously reopened. it comes after an embarrassing
11:32 am
day for police. police determined there wasn't enough evidence to connect him to the crime. the media arm of isis describing the attacker claiming responsibility for the incident but offering no proof. authorities say they won't rest until the perpetrator is found. investigators going through video and searching the truck for clues. in the cab a man found shot. the attack wounded the holiday heart of the city. under the festive decorations heavily armed security forces on alert for trouble but also helping berliners express their grief at what was once a happy time of year.
11:33 am
they urge people here not to be afra afraid at this moment of great uncertainty. back to you. >> here is a live look at the scene. the market did reopen for business this morning. police were patrolling the market and checking bags. visitors felt people wanted to send a message by coming out in numbers to shop. back here in the u.s. major cities across the country including philadelphia are on high alert this morning following the deadly attacks. edward lawrence reports that isis wants to inspire similar attacks here. >> reporter: a special nypd team patrols time square they mingle with officers holding assault rifles, the same scene in philadelphia. >> we don't want to alarm people unnecessarily but we'll be there. >> i am not going to let it steal my joy.
11:34 am
>> reporter: shoppers say they won't live in fear, the same for angela at a christmas market in washington, d.c. >> we can't stop living. we should be aware of what's around us. >> reporter: the state department issued a warning highlighting the potential of a truck attack. >> we wanted americans to be vigilant if they were going to travel over the holiday season. >> isis claimed the responsibility for the attack. >> we have to rely onto utilize intelligence to try to identify and mitigate these attackers before they can bring harm to innocent civilians. there's no easy answer here. >> police are still looking for the driver of the 18 wheeler that crashed into the market there. president obama called the german chancellor to offer his condolences. nbc news, washington. this morning a philadelphia man whom prosecutors is accused
11:35 am
in the murder of a woman from delaware county. the defense attorney says the suspect didn't even know the victim and his motive was to kill for sport. >> we don't believe that the motive for this particular murder is robbery. this is a callus brutal heinous crime. it's a devastating murder. >> investigators used this surveillance video to find allen. police say he is responsible for dozens of sex assaults. a man in custody after police found what they believe is the body of a missing reality tv show contestant in a grave in his backyard. lisa marie was last seen at a
11:36 am
party with jackie rogers. security camera showed them leaving together. they questioned rogers and he indicated her body was at her home. she was a contestant on brid bridalplasty where she competed. witnesses say the escalator was stationary when it suddenly started moving. it set off a chain reaction down the line. >> you can see there were a lot of injured people. >> staff quickly took the escalators out of service. the injuries are not life threatening. if you have asthma you may want to avoid eating ham or other processed meats.
11:37 am
asthmatics who ate the most processed meats were more likely to see symptoms get worse. it also shows people who ate processed meats four or more had the greatest impact on their symptoms. > . the pair was scheduled to travel by train today to the queen's country estate north of london. they usually attend a church service. the palace did not say when they will be well nuf to travel. the queen turned 90 this year. phillip is 95. elizabeth will be lightening her workload next year. richard marx when they talked about stopping a crazy passenger.
11:38 am
he started attacking a flight attendant. marx stepped in. a flight attendant appears to have a stun gun there. police took the passenger into custody. today is the first day of winter and the longest night of the year. >> that's why it is national homeless persons memorial today. they are remembering the homeless who lost their lives ton streets. a roll call of 200 names who have died. in camden they go out every week and are seeing younger and younger faces living outside. >> very heartbreaking. there is a lot of sigma that's tied around homelessness. they are not all on drugs. a lot of them for financial reasons ended up homeless. it's very heartbreaking but it keeps you motivated to keep doing what we can to end this. >> it offers links to resources
11:39 am
such as housing and food pantries. our nbc 10 digital team spent two months investigating the growing problem of young people without a home in philadelphia. you can meet the faces of homeless youth and read more about the fight to end the epidemic right now on the nbc 10 app. time to check in on this week's wednesday's child. she is a wonderful girl. >> nbc 10 vai sikahema introduces us. >> the art museum is a gem primarily because it showcases the work of delaware valley artists. we brought some of her drawings to be displayed. >> i wanted you to realize you're a good artist.
11:40 am
>> it seems it's in her dna. >> she sews. >> adora is adorable. she is doing incredibly well in school. >> she loves running, playing, dancing, singing. she is a real joy to have around. >> this budding artist will be a star. adora is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make her dream come true go to and you can call the national adoption center.
11:41 am
from u.s. ambassador to jolly old saint nick. >> a holiday video from kennedy is going viral in japan. >> she was coming down the chimney to with wish everybody a merry chris matter of minutes. philadelphia -- the mayor, school district, superintendent sparked a big honor this morning. the university will use the education grant money to help launch programs and services for at-risk kids. you may remember the obama administration declared it a promise zone two years ago to help fight childhood poverty
11:42 am
there. >> newark is offering free marking downtown. it is free today through the 26th and then again on january 1st and 2nd. we are getting set for santa's arrival in a few days. you can keep tabs on his where abouts starting right now. we'll show you how to do it coming up. we have a holiday warm up to talk about. we'll look at your holiday weekend forecast coming up right after the break.
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we are live in our digital operation center. >> that's right. they will join me just about 15 minutes from now. we will take you behind the scenes to learn about how the investigators dug into some of the biggest stories of the year. we'll always talk about what results have come about because of their reports and there are a lot of results to tell you about. it is all live on our facebook page beginning at noon. you can ask them questions. they will answer them in realtime. we hope you'll join us on the nbc 10 facebook page. we'll see you at noon. >> thank you. they very working hard to prepare for a show down.
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philadelphia eagles joins us this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> normally you have vai sikahema here. >> let's do it. >> i admit, i worked early sunday. my husband got me up to watch this last play. it was either the two point conversion or the kick. go for the win on the road. that's what they say. go for the win on the road. unfortunately the eagles couldn't get it done. they are 0 and 6. it is really frustrating. >> they certainly had a lot of momentum going in for that. >> yeah. and it was really good to see the young quarterback in the last minute of a game lead the team down the field for the
11:47 am
touchdown. he scored it. it's been a short and hectic week. >> johnson will play for the first time. what do we expect? >> yeah. it is very disappointing. it really hurt the team. lane came back. he has been contrite, apologetic, mad at the world. understands that if this ever happens again he is lost for two full seasons. he will be out there tomorrow night, how long he can go after literally playing no football, no pads, no contact for ten weeks remains to be seen. they will welcome him back. they really need him at right tackle tomorrow. >> all right. so jason peters just elected to the pro bowl yesterday. your thoughts in. >> i think jason peters -- seven
11:48 am
as an eagle. cox a disappointing season at times this year has really come on late. both very good players. jason peters is one of the all time great left tackles. he has come on strong. congratulations to both of them. hopefully they make it. a few days until the start of hanukkah and christmas this weekend. there is one thing you can get them. >> for all of the men out there that say i can do that. here is your chance, guys. eagles fantasy camp april 6th through the 8th. former eagles on hand to teach you how to play the game, your own personalized jersey. you'll go on the field and play football. eagles fantasy
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sign up now. show us what you got in april. >> hey, we also have posted that on our web site, and on the nbc 10 app. have you done it? >> i have not. i know i can't play. no fantasy for me. >> you just witnessed it. >> i did. >> thanks for your help this morning. you can watch the eagles right here tomorrow night. we get you started at 7:00 p.m. and it's the birds against the giants at 8:25. nbc 10 is your official eagles station. launching a new way to fly down the mountain. it is called snow tubing. it features lasers and an led light show. there is also the base that begins at 5:00 this evening. happening now norad is tracking santa around the road.
11:50 am
they have been following him for 60 years. you can also play games and watch videos. of course on christmas eve you can watch as santa passes famous monuments to deliver presents to all of the good girls and boys. here is a look right now at some of the temperatures out there. 38 degrees in our philadelphia neighborhoods for society hill. we see a lot of areas in the upper 30s getting to around 40 degrees already. as we move along throughout the day we'll see temperatures a little warmer than the last two days. we are going to make it through mid-40s over much of our neighborhood. here are the highs for today. 44 in philadelphia. that's the same for the l heehi
11:51 am
valley. we go through your hour by hour. duo have clouds in place right now. we'll see clouds throughout the day. a mix of sun and clouds. not completely cloudy. we go through your future model here. the model really thins the clouds out. we may be holding onto some clouds. you see those continue into the overnight. it is giving us a little wintery mix along the viewing area. this is a very isolated short lived chance. it will be brief by 10:00 a.m. it is out with maybe a few drop of rain. the rest of your day on your thursday things are looking pretty dry out there. some of those clouds will start to clear. if you're going to the game conditions will be fiechbne. they will be chilly though. kick off starts at 39 degrees. winds will be up but breezy out there at 10 to 20 miles per hour. it will be feeling colder than
11:52 am
it truly is. so christmas eve actually ends up on the same night as the beginning of hanukkah. your hanukkah forecast, we are looking at mid-40s for temperatures. we are also looking at light winds saturday evening. we are looking at a very nice forecast as we move through. saturday morning chances of rain but not by evening. here is a look at your christmas planner. 37 at 7:00 a.m. 45 by 10:00 a.m. low 50s moving to 3:00 for the afternoon high. most areas will see high temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. we'll be right back.
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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coming up this afternoon ellen welcomes chris pratt. a driver expecting a speeding ticket ended up learning a life lesson. we are following breaking news. this is a two-alarm fire. we are working to get you details on this. you can see heavy black smoke. firefighters just arrived. we'll keep you updated on air and on our nbc 10 app throughout the day. let's get over to krystal klei. >> yeah.
11:56 am
we are finally going to track the temperatures over the next few days. if you wanted a white christmas that's not going to be happening. we are looking into the 50s by christmas. today at 44. upper 40s for your thursday, friday and we see a chance of rain saturday morning. that moves out by the afternoon though. dry for sunday at 52 degrees. >> really really mild. >> yeah. >> more like spring than winter. >> we have 50s. overnight lows. we check it out upper 30s to 40s. really as we end your year we are looking at temperatures that will be warmer than average. we saw the coldest temps of the year. >> good news is there's no problem with travel. all the well. >> yeah. it is looking well. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. for all of us here at nbc 10 have a great day. tune into nbc 10 at 4:00.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> andre: [exhales forcefully] oh, thank god. i thought you already left town. well, you came to your senses. you realized that you can't leave your husband and your child behind. >> abigail: no, i'm-- i'm leaving today. the only reason i stayed the night was because my mom begged me to. >> andre: and what does jennifer think about your leaving? >> abigail: she hates it as much as you do. but i made up my mind. chad is in love with gabi. i can't just ask him to give her up. >> andre: of course you can ask! all you got to do is walk in that bloody room, and he'd forget gabi hernandez in an instant. >> abigail: what do i have to offer chad and thomas? >> andre: a wife and a mother.


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