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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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that construction project, westbound and eastbound. you can see all of the cars are diverted off the off-ramp towards broad street. that will typically be out there until 5:00 in the morning. vineland, a crash reported on northeast avenue and garland road. and injuries reported on the scene as well. it might be there for quite some time. it will be diverting you around the scene. back over the bridge and into philadelphia. there's still a water main break from columbus boulevard southbound from 95 and washington avenue. we're only using the left lane there. new this morning, two people are out of their homes following a house fire in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. it happened around 2:30 this morning around the 400 block. the fire was under control for 20 minutes and nobody was hurt. today is delivery day. time is running out to ship your
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gifts and cards. >> and it will be the business yefts day for delivery. nbc10's matt delucia is live at the post office. >> reporter: monday was the deadline for shipping packages. today, a lot of those folks are going to be receiving packages. you see here at the departmetfo post office. 32 million packages are expected to be delivereded through the day to the u.s. postal service. the trucks came in already this morning bringing in packages. they're ready to go out with the mail carriers today. now there is still time to send your mail if you want to get it going where it's going for christmas. priority mail express. that deadline is tomorrow. coming up at 5:00, we're going to chat with the postman what
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this day entails. a busy one ahead. these workers just getting started. live in deptford, i'm matt delucia. a reminder to keep a close eye on your credit card statement. police in dover said they recently broke up a credit card theft ring. one worked at best buy and sears. police are looking for him, officers have arrested the other two menu see here for their alleged involvement in the theft ring. a philadelphia man is free after spending a decade in prison for a crime he said he didn't commit. a jury convicted him of attempted murder in a shooting that left a 6-year-old boy paralyzed. the d.a. says new evidence backs ron's alibi. he said he feels vindicated.
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>> i mean, it wasn't me. i'm older now, i'll go on and start my life. >> i feel like it was everything. those 12 jurors decided. >> the mother of the victim tells nbc10 that she feels the case has move toad quickly. and officials have lost sight of what the shooting has done to her family. detectives had a close call. a forklift driver plowed into their car with two of them inside. nbc10 as at carpenter street just after the accident. if the forklift hit a few inches over the detectives could have been seriously injured. fortunately, nobody was hurt. there was major damage to the car. 4:33, 32 degrees outside. a superintendent in camden county is on paid leave until february. that's what the waterford township decided.
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the world heard from residents of last night's meeting. some staff members have accused eichner of discrimination and sexual harassment. he's called the complaint frivolous. today in harrisburg, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will launch a new tool to help drivers avoid extended traffic problems. the new system is called 911 p.a. connect. it will send alerts to driver's smartphones about stops on state highways that last four hours or more. you can sign up for the app. instrumentation of this 911 system is aimed at preventing massive backups like this one on january 15th on the pennsylvania turnpike. nearly 500 travelers were trapped during a snowstorm. starting next month, the state will be accepting applications to grow marijuana.
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health officials accepted 900 applications for philadelphia alone. a law signed earlier this year makes marijuana legal in pill, vapor or liquid forms but not in smoking form. medical marijuana is legal in delaware and new jersey. the state is vesting hundreds of millions into philadelphia. that will create thousands of jobs. $300 million infusion will go toward improving the port's infrastructure and warehousing. the focus is to turn it into one of the leading seaboards on the east coast. most of the money will go to the marine terminal. >> it's the gateway to the keystone state. that's what this is about. >> work on the port project will continue through next year and continue through 2020. we have "thursday night football" this evening. >> yep, the birds battle the
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archrivals giants right here on nbc10. what's at stake even though they're out of the playoff run. this is the best that you could ever give a person. >> he made history in philadelphia as the first child with a double hand transplant. ahead, we have a great update on this progress. 32 degrees. the wind is blowing. and we're seeing a few snowflakes in a few neighborhoods. going through that and show when you it will be moving out. but the neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> announcer: your neighborhood weather in every forecast only on nbc10. count on it.
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hey, good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a quick check on the roads. we're watching through center city right now, the vine street expressway is closed with that ongoing project. we're watching the cameras right around the broad street area. right here is where they're diverting off traffic on that
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westbound side. westbound and eastbound closed between broad street and the schuylkill for about 20 minutes or so. route 202. the drive times here, we are in the green. 11-minute trip. northbound to the schuylkill, also in the 60s. in new jersey, over in vineland, an accident on the scene there, at garland road. they will be diverting you around for quite sometime. as long as the accident investigation is under way. we'll have that in the morning when i come back in about ten. now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather. 21 minutes before 5:00. cold outside. cold enough for snowflakes. we're watching the camera east and not too many around. light snow in the area. very scattered snow showers, allentown in the easton area. you might see a flurry or two. most of it so impressive on the radar, moving into read, not
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even reaching the ground. actually evaporating before it gets to the ground. you might see a snow shower, a dusting at the most is possible. to the south and east, dry for philadelphia. later this morning, before sunrise, we could see snowflakes even in the city, less likely in delaware and south jersey. there are clouds around. right at 32 degrees in philadelphia. the clouds, this morning, gone this afternoon. look at these temperatures near 50 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon in philadelphia. the clouds will thin out in the suburbs too. we'll start to see sunshine later this morning. 40 degrees and then 44 degrees by lunchtime. the lehigh valley, there may be a snowflake this morning. not much. 32 degrees. still cold at 8:00, 30. with the clouds persisting into the 10:00 hour. then we'll start breaking out of the clouds at noon time. a pretty good warmup in the lehigh valley. up to 44 degrees. just warmer in new jersey. clouds moving through first thing this morning, 32 degrees. actually ahead of schedule which
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is great which means we'll get sunshine earlier. 42 degrees at 10:00. starting at noon, temperatures in the 40s. at the shore, 35 right now. might see a sprinkle at the shore. i'm not sure all. showers are holding together. just not looking all that impressive. clouds, though, at 8:00. by 10:00, breaking into sunshine. near 50 degrees at 2:00 at the shore. the cloud, swinging through delaware, too. it will likely stay dry. completely dry. 8:00, start to see sunshine. by 10:00, into the 40s. here comes 50 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. now, the wind's going to be a little stronger today than yesterday. we'll feel that chill with the wind. 13-mile-per-hour at lunchtime. 14-mile-per-hour, wind speed at 2:00. then the temperatures start coming down at 4:00 today. and we are heading into another cold night tonight. but things are looking up for the weekend. perfect timing for the holiday weekend. we've got the 10 day on 10 when
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i'm back in a few minutes. looking for a free turkey for christmas dinner? all you have to do is drive safely. we'll look at events happening county by county. speaking of that holiday dinner, are you all set. advice from the experts how to make your meal less forgettable for your guests and less stressful for you. and we have encouraging news about 9-year-old ryan hogan's road to recovery.
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4:44 right now on this thus. today, investigators will be looking into what started this massive fire in a furniture store yesterday morning. it wasn't long before flames engulfed the entire building. you could see the thick black
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smoke from as far away as midtown manhattan. witnesses saw a first responder being carried away on a stretcher. family and friends gathered to remember a boy killed when his home went up in flames. the emotional vigil for the 11-year-old elliott jenkins on mill street. families released dozens of balloons in the air to honor him. he died when fire tore through the house. his father suffered serious burns. the murder of a south jersey singer family is suing a promotion company and the owner of the venue of the promotion where she was killed. christina grimmie's family said aeg failed to have proper
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security in place. someone killed the singer while she was singing in june. it's a quarter to 5:00 this thursday morning. 32 degrees outside. let's take it state by state and county by county, for a look at stories happening in your neighborhood. more than a dozen to support the food bank of new jersey. will get resources needs to accept more food donations. a $25,000 grant from walmart will pay for freezers and other items. in camden county, two dozen recruits will graduate from the police academy. it will be held at the camden county college in blackwood. and now to north jersey where two septa buses will deliver toys to children. operation ho ho involve santa claus arriving in one of the buses they will arrive at st. verronicaveronica's school saturday. in delaware county, police officers will be spreading holiday cheer in chester today.
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officers will issue turkey citations for people who obey traffic laws. police will stop drivers and hand out turkeys. well, it's been more than a year since children's hospital of philadelphia performed the first ever double hand transplant on a child. ryan who lives in baltimore is learning how to do the small thing like pinch and write. he's even learning how to play baseball. doctors say the hands are functioning well. his mother says her son's continued improvement makes the holidays even more special. >> with his hands, i'm the richest woman in the world now. >> he lost both hands and legs from an infection as a toddler. he and his mother are writing a book about his journey. >> how cute. i love his spirit. most of the majors are pretty quiet right now.
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it's a little early to start to see that bought we're watching the closure on the vine street expressway. traffic is being diverted off. we have ten minutes, maybe 15 as they run behind schedule as crews clean that up. for now, westbound and eastbound lanes blocked off. the traffic in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. we're also watching the train cancellation this morning. reported to be from a crew shortage. thorndale 602. patco and amtrak on time with no delays. over to philadelphia, a water main break on columbus boulevard southbound from 95 and washington avenue. now, we have one lane getting by right now. this is from a few days ago when we did have traffic completely stopping through the area. they got the water main break under control. right now, pretty much the same story, we see major delays at least right there.
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watching out in vineland across from northeast avenue. at the intersection, we see a little backup and delay. for the most part, we'll be directed around the scene and move along just fine. we'll have more when i come back in ten minutes. on this thursday, a little bit cold outside, but i'm hopeful that we're getting closer to the warmup. >> the warmup starts. let's find out the details from bill henley. >> 11 minutes before 5:00. it's not as cold. the temperatures are running anywhere from 2 to 13 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday morning. but there are some clouds overhead. watch state street in media, pennsylvania. there actually could be a few snowflakes this morning. tracking isolated snow showers. just cold enough for that pun degrees. actually, everybody is cold enough for that. 31 in south jersey and delaware, lehigh valley. at 32 degrees. just two days ago we were looking at teens. yesterday, most of the neighborhoods were in the 20s.
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west bradford township. unionville. exton at 37 degrees. melvern is 35. collegeville a little colder with milford township. warrington 31 degrees. dry right now but showers are a possibility. here is very light snow shower activity moving through lancaster county into berks county. just touching out in chester county. barely moving in there. it's moving into dry air. it will show up on the radar but not necessarily reach the ground. by the time it reaches the ground, just a few snowflakes. a dusting is possible in some neighborhoods but most the area will be dry. it will be dry over the next couple of days. but the next wet weather for us for saturday is in the southwest. it's got a long way go. but it's due in here during the day on saturday. that's when we'll see lots of clouds. still be mild. when the showers move in, we're
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looking at rain for the area. we've got a long way to go. early saturday morning, northwestern pennsylvania, really doesn't look all that impressive. but it will be more impressive as we move during the day on saturday. out of here for christmas day. the forecast is calling for temperatures in the upper 40s this afternoon for philadelphia. near 50 again tomorrow. and then that rain will keep us in the 40s on saturday. 37 degrees below temperature. and by christmas day, 50 degrees. with a low of 42. a milder day for monday. look at the 50s monday and tuesday. tuesday, there's a chance we'll see more showers in the area. another round of showers coming in on thursday. then it gets cold for friday and saturday. >> imagine the electricity bill on this block. >> neighbors in philadelphia's mayfair area hold a christmas
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decoration contest. more than 140 entries this year. ♪ >> over in chestnut hill, another holiday tradition ended in harmony. last night was the final bag and donate for the season. it's been a celebration of shopping and performances in chestnut hill. we've seen proposals happen all the time at sport events but what about an actual ceremony? >> last night during the flyers game which was an awesome game. fans could hear the goal horns and the wedding bells. a couple tied the knot during the game. also, he is the champion. this eagles fan has more wins than the team. next how he manages to snag three seats each time they're offered up.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads and watching the vine street expressway still.
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the construction, looking a little bit behind schedule. typically, we're cleared out of the way by now at this point at least. looking around broad street. we're still closed in between this point at broad and schuylkill. we'll have it for you as soon as it opens up. i'll be back in the 5:00 hour. camden is building a new high school and now the district is asking parents for feedback on where the students should go once the old building is gone and the new building isn't ready yet. there are three potential options another is to share the building with another school. another is to move the high school schools into middle school. and split the building into two buildings. the new school won't be ready until 2021. in south jersey dozens of people came together to help families in need this holiday season. to give out free christmas
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dinners. more than 250 families showed under for the free meals. the dealership also presented a $10,000 check to the food bank. it's christmas and hanukkah, families all over the area are scrambling to host the big holiday meal. nbc10's pamela osborne went shopping with an expert for ideas and tips. christina pines took us through wynwood. she suggested getting game bird for your menu, goose and also had tips taking stress off the host. >> it doesn't have to feel just on the host. employ your kids make sure they answer the door. they put the coats away. even someone directing them to the drink cart. someone takes their coat and directs them to the drink cart. that gives you that precious five minutes of time. >> she also suggests providing activities that guests will
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enjoy doing. like having supplies of gingerbread houses on hand. we want to know tell us what you're doing to prepare. >> it's one of my favorite magazines. well, thursday night is football night in south philadelphia tonight. the giants are making their way down the turnpike to play the birds. even though the eagles will not be in the playoffs this year it's still a meaningful game. the team is trying to win its first game against the division rival. >> i think the division speaks for itself. it's one of the toughest divisions in the national football league. you know, it's been one of those divisions where any team, beginning. year, obviously, have high hopes and expectations to win those divisions. nobody wants to not win a game in their division. we're trying thursday night our best to try to eliminate that. >> nbc10 is your official eagle station. pregame coverage begins at 7:00 this evening.
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with eagles game kickoff. and stay with nbc10 for the game. after the game we've got you covered with "eagles game day final" followed by news at 11:00. if you're not following the eagles on twitter, you are missing out on free tickets for the game. >> even if you are following and trying to get the tickets you're losing out to this guy. kyle lloyd has won free tickets to eagles home games 13 times. here's how it works. the eagles post a location on twitter. the first person to show up at that location wins two free tickets. once lloyd even drove three hours. >> i ran across the street, almost got hit by a car last week. >> my boss, she knows when it's fan day. i give her that look like i'm going to clock out early for break. and then race to the location. i know i'm going to have some competition now. i already have competition. my sisters, my mother.
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>> but they've never beaten him. lloyd will, of course, be at the game tonight using his free tickets. so, you know, i'm going to be running in a couple minutes to high five. >> yeah, i'm going out for that coffee break. by the way, we're nod advocating getting hit by a car. of course, keep safety in mind. 4:59. here's more of the stories that we're following on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 a.m. the rush is on. post also service said today is the busiest delivery day as it scrambles to make sure your holiday packages get there. and ikea paying millions. and the family captured by the taliban for the last four years. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors.
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a cold start to our thursday. meteorologist bill henley has the forecast this morning. bill. >> yeah. cold enough for some snow. and i'm tracking snow showers in the suburbs right now moving into burkes county and chester county. this is very light snowfall and on the move. most of it is evaporating before it hits the ground. cloudy skies in new jersey and lehigh valley. delaware, 32 degrees in the suburbs. 34. no snowflakes on any of these cameras. 36 degrees in philadelphia. it's going to warm into the upper 40s this afternoon. near 50 degrees. 44 in the suburbs. 46 in lehigh valley. new jersey, clouds this morning, sunshine this afternoon. upper 40s at the shore and inland areas. 50 degrees for delaware this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour. show you exactly when the clouds will be moving out when i come back in ten minutes. but first, jessica boyington standing by with your "first alert" traffic. >> thank you,


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