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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  December 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now on "nbc10 news," the busiest delivery day. that's what the postal service is dealing with today as the holiday deadline gets closer. just inches away. we'll tell you about a close call for two detectives on the job. and a man who finally walked out of prison after convicted of a crime he says he didn't do. >> announcer: "nbc10 news" starts now. 5:30. 36 degrees outside. good morning, welcome to in the i "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors.
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>> good morning, rosemary, it's not looking very impressive. but showing up on doppler radar. fairly light showers coming down in berks county and montgomery county. even though there's a snowflake or two, most areas are going to stay dry. it's evaporating as it hits the grounds. temperatures coming up. 36 degrees. above freezing in the suburbs. new jersey just above freezing. interior new jersey, right at freezing for delaware. clouds, yes. but shower, mostly, you won't see a drop or snowflake this morning. then this afternoon, we'll get sunshine. any snowflakes will be long gone. 46 degrees in the lehigh valley. up to 50 degrees in delaware. near 50 in interior new jersey and at the shore. 49 degrees the high temperature. clouds this morning. sunshine takes over this
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afternoon for philadelphia and the suburbs. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour. i'll show you when the clouds move out. when you'll get to sunshine and when the temperatures will peak into the 40s. first, jessica boyington standing by with the "first alert" traffic. >> the vine street expressway, this morning, we're completely back open in the last half hour. no problems headed westbound as you're headed towards the schuylkill eastbound towards 95. doing just great. throughout new jersey, it looks the same as well. on the 42 freeway. heading northbound from 55, moving towards philadelphia. it's a four-minute drive time and speed also into the 60s. we'll end also in new jersey. watching this accident seen in vineland where injuries were reported. the intersection is closed. and directing traffic around the scene.
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rosemary, back to you. new this morning, two people are out of their homes forced out of the cold following a house fire in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. it happened around 2:30 around the 400 block. the fire was under control. today is the busiest day at the post office as we're counting down to christmas and hanukkah. >> nbc10's matt delucia is live at deptford. >> reporter: it's getting busier here, rosemary and tracy. here at the deptford post office. look at the packages ready to head out. 30 million packages today being delivered by the u.s. postal service across the board. you see packages, greeting cards, all of them ready. when they do, it is important to keep your items safe. we talked about the porch pirates before. thieves who steal packages.
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one survey from last year, 23 million people have reported packages being stolen from their homes in the past. we asked the postmaster. the top three things you can do if you're expecting a package. >> you can go online you can have your mail held to set up a delivery for when want the package delivered. the second thing is you can call a neighbor or friend to go to your house. the third thing, what i'm saying is proactively schedule when you're going to have it delivered. at that point, you know, things will be safe for you. >> reporter: things will be safe. this is about the time when things are going to start getting busier at the drexel post office. the majority of workers come in the next hours. one note, we were talking about delivery, but you can do to shipping. the deadline for priority express is tomorrow. expect to see even more packages
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coming in over the next couple days. folks tell us they even do some deliveries on christmas day. you can imagine that. a lot of people going to be getting a nice gift this holiday season. now live in deptford. matt delucia. "nbc10 news." a philadelphia man is free after spending a decade in prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. >> nbc10 was there when dante rolands walked into his mother's arms yesterday. two other men are serving 125-year sentences in the case. the d.a. said new evidence cast doubt on his guilt. roland said he feels vicinity indicated. >> it wasn't me. can't get more true than that. it wasn't me. i'm older now, go on and start my life. >> i feel like it's everything. those 12 jurors decided.
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>> mother of the victim tells nbc10 that she feels the case has moved too quickly and officials have lost sight what the shooting has done to her family. quite a close call. a forklift driver plowed an unmarked car with the two of them inside. if the forklift had hit just a few inches over, the detectives could have been seriously injured. fortunately, nobody was hurt here. but there was major damage to the car. 5:36. family and friends gathered for a vigil last night in philadelphia to remember a boy killed when his home that cobb creek went up in flames. >> the emotional vigil for 11-year-old elliott jenkins outside of his damaged home on millage street. family and friends also released balloons to honor him. jenkins died when a fire tore through the complex friday. his father suffered serious burns but has been released from
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the hospital. we still don't know what started that fire. today, investigators will be looking into what started this fire at a furniture store. the fire began around 11:45 in north bergen. it wasn't long until flames engulfed the entire building. you can see thick black smoke from as far away as midtown manhattan. police say there were no serious injury. >> the family of a murdered singer is suing the promotion company and the orlando concert venue where she was killed. ♪ christina grimmie's family says aeg and the venue failed to have proper security in place. a 24-year-old man shot and killed the singer while she was signing autographs in june. and then he killed himself. starting next month, pennsylvania will begin accepting applications to grow
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and distribute medical marijuana. it's the first step in the month-long process to get approval. health officials expect about 900 applications from philadelphia alone. a law signed earlier this year makes medical marijuana legal in pill, oil, vapor or liquid in pennsylvania but you're not allowed to smoke it here. medical marijuana is legal as well in delaware and new jersey. new details on a story we first told you about yesterday morning. the state of pennsylvania is investing hundreds of millions of dollars into the port of philadelphia creating thousands of jobs. $300 million infusion will go towards the port's infrastructure, warehouse. most of the money will go to the packer avenue marine terminal. >> port of philadelphia is the gateway to the keystone state. that's what this is about. >> work on the port project will start next year and continue through 2020.
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camden has plans to build a new high school and now the district is asking parents for feedback on where students should go once the old building is gone and the new building gets ready. there are three potential options. one would be to share a building with another school. another is to move the high school students into an elementary school. and move the younger students to another building. the third option would be to split camden high school students into two different buildings. parents can using the option they like on the district's website. the new school won't be ready until 2021. 5:39, and we are looking at a cold start this morning. cold enough for some snowflakes. and you may see a few. this is easton, pennsylvania. looking pretty dry right now. very isolated stuff on the radar. there's easton, clouds overhead, but it's dry. showers are in allentown.
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and to the south, a little warmer. you might see a rain drop or snowflake. absolutely nothing big. and it's not going to last long. it's going to be moving out along with the cloud which is means we'll see more and more sunshine. 36 degrees right now. temperatures actually come up this morning. 36 degrees, a five-mile-per-hour wind. a little bit of a southwesterly wind. hoping to boost the temperatures by 8:00. a sprinkle is possible in philadelphia. but dry for the rest of the day with plenty of sunshine. 46 degrees by lunchtime. near 50 degrees at 2:00. suburbs, those clouds are around this morning. they won't last. sunshine takes over, 44 degrees by noon time. this afternoon, nothing but sunshine. and a little bit more wind than yesterday. that wind up to 14 miles an hour, 2:00 to 4:00. a little bit of a breeze going to make it feel chillier. fortunately, we'll see sunshine take over in the lehigh valley. 34 now. the clouds linger this morning. breaking out into bright
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sunshine this afternoon. 44 degrees for the lehigh valley. new jersey you're in the upper 40s this afternoon, after morning temperatures in the low 30s. clouds, yes. showers a slight chance of a sprinkle this morning. most areas of new jersey and at the shore will be staying dry. 39 now at the shore. upper 40s this afternoon. 48 degrees at 2:00. up to 47 at 4:00 today. clouds thin out in delaware, too. that's going to happen fairly quickly. still in the 30s by 8:00. by 10:00, 40s and heading to 50 degrees. that's at 2:00. chillier as the sun's coming down. 44 degrees at 16-mile-per-hour wind. that wind is going to shift. later today brings in cold air for tomorrow morning but doesn't last for the holiday weekend. we've got the answer on the 10 day on 10 back in five minutes. 95 starts to get a little
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bus busy. >> we're not seeing any backups or delays jet. 95 around girard avenue. the southbound side, traffic is moving along nicely. lighter than normal. 13 minutes southbound from woodhaven road. average speeds into the 60s. there's an accident reported in newark. out on 442 in lower pottsgrove, on the eastbound side. just before saarm and hammer boulevard. southbound from 295 to 495. speeds into the 60s. and your drive time is about 11 minutes. rosema rosemary, back to you. going the extra mile. make that hundreds of miles, a chance to watch the eagles for free. we'll show you what one fan has been doing all season long. plus, a new way to help
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drivers get around major traffic problems. we'll tell you about the new tool you can use in case of an emergency.
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a philadelphia man whom police arrested for a series of
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sex assaults in kensington is now also charged with murder in a brutal stabbing of a delaware county mother. byron allen allegedly killed her just steps away from a friend's home back in yaden in september. after the attack, allen was caught on surveillance video going to get beer at a store. investigators called it one of the most brutal attacks they've seen. >> seeing this brutal murder and the motive, the stalking in the night, just to kill. the sport of killing is the motive. >> according to prosecutors, dna has also linked allen to four sex assaults in kensington. in each case, the women's throats were slashed or choked unconscious. those women survived the attacks. a philadelphia mother said she will be at every court appearance for the man accused of killing her 8-year-old daughter. paul woodland was expected to be in court yesterday but his hearing was pushed back.
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he's accused of hitting 8-year-old deanna powell and then driving off. powell's mom was at the courthouse yesterday. >> it's hard. it's the first step. >> she was walking home from school with her siblings last month in the overbrook neighborhood when she was hit and killed. a school superintendent in camden county under fire for discrimination complaints will remain on paid leave until the end of february. >> that's what the waterford township school board decided last night involving jason eichner. some staff member has accused eichner of age discrimination and sexual harassment. he's called the complaint frivolous. if you're not on twitter you're missing out on free tickets to the game. >> yeah, even if you're trying to get the free tickets, even new know about this, you're probably losing out to this guy. >> he may be one of these -- i
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don't know, the ultimate super fan. >> for sure. >> his name is kyle lloyd. he's won three tickets to eagles home games 13 times. here's how it works. every friday before a home game or on tuesday. the eagles post a location on twitter. the first person to show up there and high five wins two free tickets. once, lloyd even drove two hours through two states to high five the eagles mascot. >> i ran across the street. almost got hit by a car and high fived. my boss knows on friday, i'm going to clock out early for break. and then race to the location. i know i'm going to have some competition now. i already have competition. my sisters. my mother. >> but they've never beaten him. lloyd will, of course, be in the stands this evening because he got this free tickets. >> of course, he did. >> you do not need free tickets to watch tonight's game. you can just turn on nbc10 and
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watch the game for free in your living room. >> the giants are making the trip down the turnpike. even though the eagles will not be in the playoffs this year, it's a meaningful game for them. the team is trying to win its first division game defense a division rival. >> i think the division speaks for itself. i think it's one of the toughest leagues in the national football league. it's one of those divisions that any team obviously has high hopes and expectations to win that division. we were one of those teams. nobody wants to not win a game in their division. we're doing our best. >> and "today" show will be at today's game. they're highlighting friends and family as their part of the initiative. >> it's a friendly initiative. the two families meet tonight and tailgate together. free game coverage begins at 7:00 with eagles kickoff.
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after the game we have you covered with eagles game day final followed by "nbc10 news" at 11:00. big question, anybody who's going to be tailgating at that game, like those families, what's the weather going to be like? >> who knew it would be this warm in december. >> yeah, getting here in 50. but the wind's going to be blowing and that's bringing temperatures down. you have to bundle up if you're going to the game. this morning, not as cold the last couple mornings. a little damp. ever so slightly. philadelphia, nice view. look at boathouse row. the art museum all lit up. clouds are overhead so the temperatures are not as cold. 30, above freezing for lehigh valley. delaware is right at freezing. south jersey is at 37 degrees. that's a warm start there. we'll see the temperatures climb into upper 40s this afternoon. even though there are clouds, audubon, voorhees and mt. laurel, they're clearing up.
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temperatures warming, lumberton into upper 40s. closer to 50 degrees this afternoon. now, as far as showers are concern. this is barely coming down. most of the rain drops and snowflakes are not even reaching the surface. they're evaporating before they hit the ground. you might see a sprinkle leaving a snowflake in delaware. reaching into south jersey but not by much. then we'll be dry until we get to saturday. then this is coming our way. in los angeles right now. and new mexico and arizona. but saturday, that's going to be a rainmaker for us. and it's going to be coming in during the morning hours. fortunately, the temperatures will be coming up. we see the rain chances for philadelphia, for reading and dover go way up on saturday. now, there's less of a chance of those showers at the shore. saturday will be clearing out on sunday for christmas day. so the weekend forecast, looking 50/50. we will see 50s on sunday.
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it looks like it's going to stay cooler with the rain coming in for philadelphia, suburbs, lehigh valley. the shore makes it into the low 50s with a chance of showers. mainly a break of sunshine in the afternoon. then we clear out for christmas day. plenty of sunshine. and temperatures warm up just a little bit on sunday afternoon. and the improvement actually happens for christmas eve. as the skies clear out, the temperatures will remain mild. not looking bad. at 6:00 in the evening, temperatures, in lehigh valley by 10:00, numbers come down a little bit but not a lot. still el vaevatlevated. if you're goinging -- going to the game, bundle up by the time hanukkah starts in it's evening it will be dry as well for christmas day celebrations. look at the warmup monday and tuesday. for tuesday, it's going to come with more rain. another chance of showers on
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thursday. then the cold returns next friday and saturday. >> santa will have no problem with travel. 8 minutes before 6:00. let's check on your travel, especially if you're traveling on 78 today. >> jessica boyington has the details. >> right. 78 at lehigh street looks great right now. you can see traffic moving along just fine. roads are fine. we're not seeing problems or delays. lower pottsgrove road, an accident on eastbound side. moving eastbound at lanes dale moving by. a little delay there before arm and hammonds boulevard. still a little bit of repairs in place on the southbound side. rosemary, tracy, back to you. pulled off the road. uber is now being ordered to stop a test program that they just announced earlier this week.
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all new on "nbc10 news" at 6:00, we'll tell you why the popular ride sharing service after that announcement.
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today in harrisburg, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is launches new tools to help drivers avoid extended traffic problems. the new system is called 911 p.a. connect. the system will send alerts to smartphones about stoppages on the state highways up to four hours or hour. you can get the app. a viewer tells us a trip to florida was nearly ruined when her husband got bumped from their flight. next, how "nbc10 responds" helped sort out the situation when the company went nowhere. plus, they may have a serial killer in custody. we'll tell you how a murder in our area is playing into the case. >> 5:57 this thursday. you're watching "nbc 10 news today." traffic is moving smoothly along
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the schuylkill. >> make sure you have the nbc10 app. one stop resource for breaks news, "first alert" weather and traffic all day long.
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on the run, the manhunt for a suspect accused of killing hihis estranged wife in front of their children. ikea reaches a wrongful death settlement over the dressers tipping over. we've got reaction from a mother whose child died box of it. and mail rush. expected to be the busiest day of the year for the postal service. 6:00 a.m., 32 degrees outside. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. a little cool out there. let's get the latest from


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