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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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on the run, the manhunt for a suspect accused of killing hihis estranged wife in front of their children. ikea reaches a wrongful death settlement over the dressers tipping over. we've got reaction from a mother whose child died box of it. and mail rush. expected to be the busiest day of the year for the postal service. 6:00 a.m., 32 degrees outside. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. a little cool out there. let's get the latest from meteorologist bill henley.
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>> that's in spite of showers showing up in the area. media, pennsylvania, completely dry. those showers are falling apart this morning. there's not much. you see a few snowflakes in the allentown area. and just a wintry mix in the suburbs and delaware. most locations, this is not even falling out of the clouds and reaching to the ground. it's evaporating before it gets to the ground. you might see a snowflake up in lehigh valley. upper montgomery and bucks county. a few sprinkles being reported in delaware. 37 degrees will be the high temperature. clouds will be moving out. 37, actually the current temperature. 37 right now in philadelphia. in fact, most areas are above freezing. the exception is in the interior new jersey where it's now 32 degrees. and afternoon temperatures, we'll get sunshine. sun is breaking through this morning. this afternoon, near 50 degrees for philadelphia. and up to 50 for delaware, at the shore. so close to 50 degrees later
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today, too. and any snowflakes will be long gone. we'll go through the forecast, futurecast, hour by hour, and show when you the clouds will be moving out. but first, jessica boyington moderating the "first alert" traffic. >> starting from the platt bridge. looks great right there. the rest of the bridges okay. checking with the tacony-palmyra and the burlington bristol. the ben franklin bridge, if you're moving into philadelphia also looking great. the schuylkill expressway, a good looking drive time. still looking light. yesterday was a pretty light commute as well. maybe we'll see the same thing today and this morning. also watching a 13-minute drive time eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. speeds still in the high 50s as well. today, the postal service is facing the busiest day of the year for its postal workers as time is running out to get the cards and holiday gifts in the
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mail. matt delucia is at the deptford post office. what's happening there? >> reporter: time is running out but still a little bit of time to get the packages out and gifts delivered here. monday was the busiest for shipping. today will be the busiest of delivery of those packages. another bins and workers here that worked here very early this morning. and they will be here for a little while today. all of the bins ready to go out to destinations. all together, 30 million packages are expected to be delivered through the day through the u.s. postal service. still working hard. a couple big trucks came in this morning, bringing in a bunch of packages to sort out. ready to go out with the mail carrier. i asked the postmaster earlier how the folks prepare for a very busy day, other than drinking lots of coffee. >> they know their expectations. they know this time of the year that we have to step up a little bit. move a little quicker to get the
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volume moved out to our customers. >> reporter: right. things will start getting busier as the day goes on. it might seem quiet right now. but these folks are moving around quite a bit getting things ready and sorted out before the mail carriers comes in. there is time to send your mail. if you want to get it where it's going by christmas. that final deadline is tomorrow. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." police in columbia, are continuing the search for a man who killed his estranged wife. they discovered his truck but didn't find him. he's wanted for the murder of kara o'shea watson killed monday morning in her home monday morning. a man accused of kill two women may be a serial killer. he's facing charges in two
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separate murders. law enforcement sources tell us that their investigation leads to a third victim, a philadelphia woman, who was found burned to death in essex county. tunisia's anti-terrorism police have questioned the family of anis amri, the suspect that they're trying to track down. amri has requested asylum in germany but was denied. german authorities have been monitoring him for six months. police say i.d. papers were found in the truck. president-elect trump is calling the attack disgraceful. he said it targets more than just christians. >> it's attacks on humanity. that's what it is. it's attacks on humanity. and it's got to be stopped. >> mr. trump defended his position on creating a muslim registry or a ban on certain into the u.s.
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the president-elect made those comments from his resort in palm beach, florida. >> billionaire carl icahn will be special adviser or regulate tore reform. icon owns the tropic qana casino and the shuttered taj mahal. earlier this week, new jersey lawmakers approved a bill that would prevent icahn from reopening the taj as a casino for five years unless he reaches a deal with workers. the bill still needs chris christies signatures. a member of the dent of defense is considering using military options if they can find caitlan coleman and her husband. and coleman and her canadian husband were kidnapped in 2012 during a hike in the mountains in afghanistan. both of their children were born in captivity. the taliban released video of
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the york county family pleading to president obama to rescue them. ikea will pay the families $50 million after dressers tipped over and killed toddlers. following the deaths, the furniture store issued a nationwide recall of 29 million dressers. after yesterday's settlement, kerin's mother issued a statement saying i am so proud that we were able to negotiate such great terms to know that my little boy was able to help save so many children makes my heart happy. >> since ikea recognizes that it made a defective product and a product that exposed kids all over america. >> ikea will donate $150,000 to children's hospital. that includes philadelphia's
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children's hospital. it's warming up. >> yeah, it's going to be a warmer afternoon. we're attracting some clouds and the wind is blowing, too. this is above building level. later today, that wind will come down to the surface. so the wind will be increasing and we'll see that wind stick around for the evening. it will get chilly in the evening. 13-mile-per-hour wind this afternoon with a few scattered showers this morning. very light showers in lehigh valley. wilmington reporting a little light rain right now. it's not going to last. the snowflakes won't last either. you might see dusting in some neighborhoods but with sunshine taking over we'll see that disappear. you'll see showers in the trenton and mt. holly area. watch as they move offshore. and skies clear out by 11:00. continues to warm up from there. 47 this afternoon in philadelphia. sunshine takes over for the suburbs and for the lehigh valley.
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both locations will heads into the 40s today. any showers first thing for delaware, long gone. 47 degrees at 1:00. and 47 also in new jersey. at the shore, those clouds this morning will be breaking out into sunshine this afternoon. 1:00 this afternoon, 48 degrees. but with the wind blowing out of the northwest, 10 to 20 miles an hour. it's going to get cold in a hurry for the eagles game. 40s to start with for the tailgate. by kickoff, it's in the 30s and going to feel like the 20s. as you're heading out, definitely bundle up. there are warmer days ahead. look at that with the 10 day on 10. >> nine minutes past 6:00. i don't want to jinx us, but we're doing all right with traffic. >> jessica boyington doing the work. jess? >> we noticed that yesterday, as well. we're not seeing a morning rush as we usually do.
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assuming that some people are taking their holiday earlier. still seeing light roads on the boulevard. 9th street, no problems or delays. just a few cars out the door. a few accidents to report as well. upper gwynedd and dekalb at 202. and 22 minutes late at chest nut hill. and other than that patco and new jersey transit all running on time. and patco, eastbound, armand hammer boulevard, you can see a delay there. checking in with 95. still seeing nothing here. usually by this time, 20-minute mark, for drive time heading southbound, 14 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. and speeds still into the very high 50s. back to you, guys. community leaders are rallying around two women after a shopper goes on a racist rant
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while standing in line at a mall. >> you're nobody -- just because you come from -- that doesn't make you nobody. >> we will show you how the scene played out. and we'll hear how mall representatives are now taking action. >> plus, the oldest resident of montgomery county has died. that goes back to a 108-year-old world war ii veteran.
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6:14 on thursday morning. good morning, delaware county. a live look along state street in media where it's 32 degrees right now. bill henley is back in a few minutes with your neighborhood forecast. a kentucky mall said it plans to permanently ban a shopper. >> the woman was caught on
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camera berating two hispanic women in a racially motivated tirade. >> hey, tell them to go back where they belong. >> video appeared on facebook and youtube tuesday night. it appears to show a woman insulting another shopper to bringing items to the cashier while checking outside. the mall said it will not condone this type of behavior. and the woman will not be allowed to shop there anymore. back here in the area, a world war ii veteran from montgomery county has passioned away at the age of 108. william moore, the oldest residents of hatboro died sunday. it shows a meeting with president obama at a veterans day breakfast at the white house. moore was born in philadelphia. he enlisted in the army in 1940, and served in north africa, italy, france and germany during world war ii. he also helped to liberate a concentration camp. today, the temple team is
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heading to washington, d.c. to take on wake forest in the military bowl. the team is returning after winning the first acc championship game this month. the game is this tuesday in annapolis. many will get to see them free. the organizers said they are donating tickets to military families. vice president joe biden could be coming to the universities of pennsylvania after he leaves office next month. according to politico, biden has hinted he will set up shop at the university. he's apparently looking for a university to help his staff and post government work. flyers celebrating a win then video of biden in the crowd at the wells fargo center. biden who grew up in the scranton area said he's a big flyers fan. by the way, the flyers beat the caps in a shoot-out, 3-2.
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>> jessica boyington starts us out on the schuylkill. jess. >> watching the schuylkill expressway. no major delays so far. as far as the morning commute. we're a little late in the game but on the schuylkill, belmont avenue, a little brakes here, with that drive time doing okay. a 12-minute trip from the vine street expressway headed up into the blue with speeds in high 50s. a crash at lower pottsgrove, eastbound from armand hammer boulevard, you have a lane blocked there. west trenton inbound service for septa, dealing with 20-minute delays for all trains dealing with signal problems. you definitely want to check. we'll keep you updated for the rest of the show. other than that, patco, new jersey transit and amtrak running on time. at upper gwynedd and dekalb pike and route 202.
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relatively warm, the temperatures will increase but so will the winds, right, bill? >> yeah. the winds will be picking up that's going to blow some clouds outside of the area. camelback, there are scattered showers and rain showers just moving through wilmington. just a very light rain this morning. the clouds coming through and showers won't last. we'll see sunshine take over. there it is. light rain, 37 degrees in delaware. we have seen a few snowflakes from lehigh valley and some in the suburbs. really, it's not too cold. the temperatures climbing from the 30s into the 40s this afternoon. once we get sunshine, these numbers will take off. new hope, warrington, newtown on the chilly side. melford township. like snowflake information lie he valley and rain drops in philadelphia and delaware. into south jersey, cumberland
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and salem counties getting some of that light rain. but it won't last. sunshine will be bright. even in you see a snowflake this morning it will be long gone this afternoon. then we're dry, actually more than 24 hours, until we get to saturday. this is our saturday rainmaker. the temperatures will be warming up over the weekend, so we're only looking for rain for our area. that storm has a long way to go. once we get past the few light rain showers this morning. dry for this afternoon. dry tonight for the eagles game. dry and sunny tomorrow. but the clouds are here. first thing on saturday. saturday morning at 4:00 in the morning. cold enough in central pennsylvania, a few light snow showers. this will look more impressive during the morning, once rain take over. that's 10k. we'll see enough rain to keep the temperatures in the 40s on saturday. the rain will be clearing outside by evening time. christmas sieve and hanukkah, beginning of hanukkah will be
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dry. today will be dry, too. with an impressive warmup, near 50 degrees in philadelphia. lansdale. and sunshine takes over in new jersey and at the shore. upper 40s, 50 degrees in atlantic city. look at 48 in hamilton. and we'll see the clouds take over on saturday. it won't be as cold in the morning. that cloudiness coming in first thing in the morning. rain during the day. by the time hanukkah begins it's dry. and for christmas day, sunshine nice and bright. a morning low of 42. clouds start to return on monday. look at the temperatures. into the 50s on monday and tuesday. with rain tuesday and another rain of rain showers, this time with a cold front on thursday. which brings the cold right back into here for friday and saturday. 20 minutes past 6:00. uber is still driving cars but a
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speed bump in california. plus, close call. we'll show you how close two philadelphia detectives came to serious injuries when a forklift plows into their car. and taste of freedom. how a philadelphia man is free after decade behind bars.
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don't expect to be riding around in this drivers uber anytime soon. just hours after launch the dmv demanded that it stop saying that the cars needed special permits. uber did take the 16 self-driving cars off the road. but the company says the cars aren't specially advanced enough to require the special regulations. as you're getting ready to travel for the holidays, aaa says a record 103 million
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americans will be traveling this weekend. most driving. you won't find any relief in the skies either. aaa said the number of flyers are up 2.5% from last year. >> really attributing it to improvements in the economy. the labor market is doing well. wages are up. and consumers are more confidence and so they're spending and traveling more. >> experts can't say enough. leave yourself extra time. and check the status of your flight as the storm can bring snow to the rockies and northern plains on christmas day. most people seem to want to head somewhere warmer. the top destinations are vegas, orlando and san diego. 6:25 on this thursday. next at 6:00, we'll explain what the post office is up against today as the holiday weekend is right around the corner. plus, tickets master. we'll hear from the eagles fan about his impressive streak of winning free tickets of the game.
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>> the holiday crunch is on. the post office is getting ready for the busiest delivery day of the year. we are live with a look at what it means for you. close call. two philadelphia detectives barely escape injury after a forklift crashes through their car. game daegu rue. we'll hear in a eagles fan who gets free tickets to the game. >> he's going thro ing to be th tonight. good morning, this is "nbc10 news." i'm rosemary connors. >> let's start with a track of the forecast. >> we are tracking a few showers this morning. most of the area looks like this. dry, a live drew across the delaware from the adds venture akw
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adds v adventure aquarium. and snow showers have cleared out of the reading area. light snow shower activity that's moving through upper bucks county and northern new jersey not going to last long. getting a few snowflakes right now. rain drops have fallen in parts of the area. light rain reported in delaware. 33 in lehigh. the real cold air, just a couple days, the teens, that's not around today. the few snowflakes for this morning, gone this afternoon. sunshine in the 40s. 50 degrees in delaware. up to 49 degrees. as far as new jersey is concerned you see the rain drops. and for the inland location. each of the forecasts hour by hour, i'll show you when the clouds are going to move out. we'll get that sunshine and nice warmup when i'm back in ten minutes but first, let's see how
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the roads are looking, jessica boyington has the "first alert" traffic. >> we've had vineland closed all morning box of reports injuries on the scene as well. an accident investigation has it directed around the area for now. and septa dealing with 15-minute delays on the whole signal problems. patco and new jersey transit running with no delays. trooper road, the eastbound side, moving towards the schuylkill expressway, so from 29th to that point. you can see slowdowns for sure here. we're not seeing it in the drive times yet. average speeds into the 50s. back to you guys. >> 6:31. new this morning, a house fire in the cold on philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. crews were able to quickly bring that fire understand contro con.
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no one was hurts. the holiday is on, and the post office expecting it to be the busiest day today. >> reporter: i'm in the thick of it guys. i'm glad i'm not one of these folks. if you're one of many folks standing in line the past few days sending out items well, it may be one of these bins behind me. look at packages and boxes here ready to go out. you see it a little busier. yeah, you can come on through. i know we're a little bit in the way here. things are really starting to heat up here at the deptford post office. altogether, 30 million packages expected to be coming through the post office. these folks are busy. a couple of big trucks already came in this morning, bringing in a bunch of packages so they can be sorted and ready to go out with the mail carrier today. some of those folks have started
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showing up. by the way, if you still have gifts or cards to send out, you do still have some time. >> we are accepting our priority express service, which we can get it there within a day or two. that's pretty much the option you that have now. that it's thursday. and christmas is sunday. we will be delivering out express mail going christmas day. if you do put it in the system, you will get that package on christmas, should you need it there. >> reporter: there you go, get your christmas gifts right to your door there. we is seen things throughout the day. even busier, agens the day goes. matt delucia, "nbc10 news." two philadelphia detectives survived quite a close call. a forklift driver hit their unmarked car with the two of them inside. it happened on carpenter street. if the forklift hit a few inches
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over, take a look, the ticketses could have been seriously hurt. they were in their front seats. a school superintendent in camden county understa fire wil remain on paid leave. that's what the washington township school board decided. according to public reports from by staff members, they've accused eichner of it. the family of a singer is suing the concert venue owner. the family says they failed to have proper security measures in place. "the voice" singer was signing autographs while singing in
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june. the family wants to bring attention to securities. family and friends gathered for a vigil last night in philadelphia to remember 11-year-old elliott jenkins who was killed when his home in cobb creek went up in flames. the vigil was held outside of the damaged home. they also released dozens of balloons. jenkins died when the fire tore through the house last friday. his father suffered serious burns but has been release from the hospital. no word on what started that fire. well, a man will be free after spending a decade in prison after being there for a crime he said he didn't commit. a jury originally convicted rollins in attempted murder in a shooting that left a 6-year-old boy paralyzed. two other men are serving 150-year sentences in the case. the district attorney said that
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new dna evidence cast doubt on his guilty. >> i wasn't there. i wasn't there. it's over now. but i'm going to start my life. >> if you feel like it's anything, let 12 jurors decide it. >> mother of jabar wright who you just heard from tells nbc10 that she believes the case has moved too quickly. if you're not on twitter following the eagles, you're missing out on free tickets. chances are you're losing out to this guy. kyle lloyd has won free tickets to the eagles homes games 13 times. here's how it works, every friday, or this week, it was tuesday. the eagles posts a location on twitter. the first person to show up there and high-five the mascot
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gets the tickets. >> i ran across the street. almost got hit by a car and high fived. my boss she knows when it's fan friday. and i'm going to clock out early for break. and then race to the location. i know i'm going to have some competition now. i already have competition. my sisters, my mother. >> yeah, they've never been there. lloyd, of course, will be in the stands tonight because, of course, he'll be using his free tickets. >> lloyd and everybody else is going to be at the eagles game, you better bundle up because it's going to be a chilly one. "first alert" meteorologist says it will be in the 30s by kickoff. >> if you're not going to be down there, you can, of course, watch from your couch. starts at 7:30 with game day kickoff. and watch games day final followed by "nbc10 news" at
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11:00. >> bill? >> we're watching for snow and rain this morning. a few scattered light showers east of the pennsylvania, seeing a few snowflakes. the showers are so light and on the move. media, pennsylvania, state street this morning, clouds are overhead. if you look close, you can see a line of showers that extends just past the lehigh valley to the philadelphia area, into new jersey, south jersey and delaware too. now, where it meets in new jersey, we're seeing a little bit of a mix. we've had light sleet being reported. but that's on the move, too. it won't last. the south is looking at rain drops and south jersey as the temperatures are too warm for anything else. but we'll be surprised to see a little fall out of the sky. temperatures haven't fallen all that much. 37 degrees in philadelphia. once we get sunshine which will happen. look at the warmup, 46 degrees
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by lunch time. clouds will be blowing through the area as temperatures warm up to 35 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. though it's cloudy right now in the lehigh valley. looks like the precipitation is ending there. the clouds will linger. once we get sunshine, that's going to see the sunshine from the 30s to 40s. yes, the winds will be increasing in new jersey that will help blow the clouds out this morning. we'll see sunshine at 10:00, if not before. sunshine, a few clouds, clear skies at 4:00. look at the winds starting to pick up at 12 miles an hour. actually increasing for the evening making for that chilly game. near 50 degrees by lunchtime. that's 48 degrees at 2:00. we'll feel a bit chillier if you're exposed to the wind. a 14-mile-per-hour wind at the shore. a few rain drops moving through delaware. they're already on the move. we'll be clearing out in a hurry with sunshine, warming to 50
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degrees. early this afternoon. then the wind starts to kick in later in the day. a little stronger at 4:00 when it's 44 degrees. that's going to bring in chillier air for tonight. but the warming trend, well, that's really going to take off next week after the holiday weekend. after we get more wet weather. look at that when we come back in ten minutes. 6:40 right now on this thursday. a lot of students, a lot of people off for school and work. i think we're seeing that. >> so far so good. "first alert" jessica boyington is looking at 95. what's that look like, jess? >> we're doing great so far. right around cottman avenue. a 19-minute drive time. normally, this traffic is almost stopped headed southbound. looking at the lanes there as well. 19 minutes from the woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. average speeds into the 40s. in kni at 95, moving towards center city, an accident, dekalb pike
6:41 am
and that intersection. upper pottsgrove. the eastbound side of 422 before armand hammer boulevard. and now the mass transits, 15-minute delay for septa service due to signal problems but for the most part, mass transit is doing great. with no reported delays. doctors say a little boy who became the first child to receive a double hand transplant is making remarkable progress. >> we'll have an update. more than a year after the groundbreaking surgery at children's hospital at philadelphia. plus, a viewer tells us her family's christmas was nearly ruined when her husband got bumped from their flight. we'll show you how the "nbc10 responds" got them a good deal.
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6:44 right now on this thursday. here's a live look at beach avenue in cape may. meteorologist bill henley tells us it's 32 degrees at the shore. not bad. cloudy right now. you'll see the neighborhood forecast. now to "nbc10 responds," a changing of plane ticket nearly ruined a family's plan to be together during this holiday season. >> calls for help went nowhere. she contacted "nbc10 responds" and harry hairston on the case. >> reporter: she purchased plane tickets for expedia online. the plan was to fly for florida to celebrate her mother's birthday for a special birthday on new year's eve and fly back. >> i planned to all be together. >> reporter: but she says, a few
6:46 am
months later, she got bushidistg news. >> in september, i got an e-mail from expedia that said my husband was bumped off the flight. re called expedia to ask why. the company told her the flight was overbooked and her husband was on a separate reservation. jackie said that expedia did offer to book her husband on a different flight back to philly but the timing didn't work out. >> the whole point of him coming down to florida over the holidays is to be with us. >> reporter: jackie reached out to american airlines where expedia booked the ticket. but she said america told her they couldn't help. so she called "nbc10 responds." we contacted expedia and american airlines. expedia told us it doesn't comment on a customer's issues but american looked into the problem and was able to find
6:47 am
jackie's husband a seat on the flight. going above and beyond. >> thank you for making sure we're together for the holidays. >> reporter: great. high five. harry hairston, "nbc10 responds." >> american airlines tells us when you book through a third party, the airlines has no control over the itinerary. you give that third party authorization to change it if necessary. understand the terms and conditions and relationship with the airlines before you book. >> good advice. harry gets that hug. if you have a consumer problem for "nbc10 responds" or telemundo responde, if you reach out, we will respond to you. 6:47. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> matt lauer joins us. good morning. >> hi, ladies. coming up on a thursday morning on "today," the overnight raids
6:48 am
in germany. of course, tied to a search for a tunisian man tied to the deadly truck crash in berlin. and also, the president-elect, why small businesses around trump tower say they are paying the price for increased security. and then we're going to take a look back at the biggest stories of the past year and how we covered them here on "today." and the big news in the year. we want to you watch, too. >> we'll be watching. >> all right. >> thanks. >> bye. >> let's head up to the pocono mountains now for a live look at camelback mountain resort. not making any snow this morning, but that's all right. meteorologist bill henley has more on the "first alert" forecast. hey, bill. >> the snow guns aren't working but we have seen snow showers in parts of the area. look at the clouds a live picture from the nbc10 studios.
6:49 am
the clouds will thin out. we'll get rain drops falling in wilmington. temperatures aren't bad at all. that's why only into south jersey, though. there is colder air around. we've heard of light sleet falling in new jersey. and light snow in the lehigh valley. temperatures really aren't bad. above freezing, this won't be an issue. kensington at center city. rittenhouse, closer to 40 degrees. just above freezing at 33. here go the showers, they're quick moving and falling apart to the north. rain drops to the south, they're going to move offshore. so a sprinkle in some neighborhoods and we're dry for the rest of the day. and dry for tomorrow. look how clear it is. that's our sunshine for tomorrow. saturday, that's a different story. this is in the southwest right now. it's going to haul our way and come our way with rain on saturday. you can see the clouds extending
6:50 am
the farthest. this is by 8:30 this evening. so we'll see sunshine tomorrow. nice and bright sunshine, those clouds will be due in friday night and into saturday morning. look at the snow and rain. it's going to be a mix in central pennsylvania. but it's warming, moving into warmer air. so any mix farther to the north is not going to last. that's going to be rain pushing through the area. and then clearing out by saturday evening. so, we have some changes on the way. we've got in sunshine this afternoon, later this morning. that will warm temperatures to near 50 degrees. that's well above the high temperatures in the 40s. tomorrow night, it's going to be cold for the eagles game with the wind blowing. by saturday night the rain is here. saturday evening, hanukkah, drying out. and christmas day 50 degrees in the afternoon. warmer temperatures. still next week, monday, tuesday, 46 degrees.
6:51 am
clouds build on monday. we look for rain showers on tuesday. and another chance of rain with a cold front on thursday which brings the told back next friday and saturday. >> bill, we'll be ready. >> 9 minutes before 7:00. we'll get out the door to the schuylkill expressway. >> jessica boyington is watching the cameras. jess, what do you see? >> a little bit of a slowdown, but nothing too major. we're seeing drive times and quiet roads as well. on the schuylkill expressway, the westbound side. 17 minutes. this is typically about a 13-minute trip or so. you can just see a couple minutes outside of your morning commute. right now at a standstill. westbound from the vine to the blue route. we're doing well on most of the roads. there are a few accidents out there. one in vineland, in new jersey. it happened earlier this morning and there were severe injuries. so an accident investigation is under way. and around the area, garland
6:52 am
area, you may detour around that. and northbound from 55 to walt whitman bridge, we've seen a minute or so increase on that northbound side. moving into philadelphia. speeds are almost into the 50s. rosemary, back to you. >> thanks, jess. it's been just over a year since the children's hospital of philadelphia performed the first ever double hand transplant on a child. doctors say 9-year-old zion harvey is making changes. doctors say the muscles in his hands are functioning well. miss mom says seeing the improvement makes the holidays even more special this year. >> it's a fairy tale for me. my son got hands. and i'm the richest woman in the world now. >> zion lost both hands and legs after an infection as a toddler. he and his mom are now writing a
6:53 am
book together about this struggle. >> philadelphia is getting help despite the city's lead crisis. we'll tell you about the efforts to take on that problem. and plus, on the highways, for drivers, what could come in hand during an emergency. and home for the holidays. we'll have an update from the airports for travelers flying the friendly skies.
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here's some of the stories we're following today. >> today is the busiest delivery day for package it's and greeting cards for the postal service. all of the bins at the deptford post office ready to go out. all together, 30 million packages are ready to be
6:57 am
delivered. today, a pennsylvania senator will announce a $125,000 state grant to address problems from lead pipes and paint in philadelphia neighborhoods. also talking about creating a $250 million fund for training. and if you sign up for the 911 connect ap you get alerts sent to your smartphone about emergency it's on the state highways that last four hours or more. three minutes before 7:00, the temple team is heading to washington, d.c. to take on wake forest in the military bowl. the team bus is leaving at noon and meeting next tuesday at memoir stadium in annapolis. the giants making the trip down to the linc tonight. nbc10 has you covered for tonight assess prime time game.
6:58 am
kickoff at just 8:25. after the game, we're live with eagles game day final followed by "nbc10 news" at 11:00. happening now at the philadelphia international airport. busy holiday travel, the airport tweeted late last night, if you're traveling this weekend, you should get to the airport two hours before your flight. hey good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. you're watching center city, the vine street expressway cameras around 8 street. a little slight riglight right . for a crash 422 headed eastbound. before armand hammer boulevard, we have lane blocked there. and 202, mass transit, we're seeing about 15 minute delays in total for center city.
6:59 am
running on time and on schedule. a minute before 7:00. tracking a few light showers in the area. those are rain sure howers to t south and cape may, and has disappeared from lehigh valley and the suburbs. there it wasn't much to it. and the clouds still seeing them. 35 degrees in the suburbs. the clouds will be thinning out. temperatures climbing 44 degrees. that's by 11:00 this morning. we'll get it closer to the 50 degree mark. clouds clear out. there's that 50, at the shore, just a little warmer, up to 49 degrees. and temperatures will be climbing into the 40s and then near 50 degrees today. but that sunshine taking over later this afternoon. still looking for rain this weekend on saturday. but looks like it's going to be nice and dry for christmas day. you can always get my "first alert" forecast on 101.1 fm. >> we'll have real updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning. plus you can get updates on the app. "today" show starts right now. have a great day. breaking news. police in riot gear carrying out raids in germany overnight, officials desperate to find a tunisian man named as a suspect in that truck attack on a christmas market. the 24-year-old known to authorities before the massacre. so how did he elude the police? christmas blizzard. heavy snow and ice set to make a mess of the holiday weekend for millions. this morning the storm's potential impact on your travel plans. health scare. 90-year-old queen elizabeth and her husband, 95-year-old prince philip, battling heavy colds. their holiday plans on hold. we're live at buckingham palace. and burst of flames.


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