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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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for your friday morning. the vine street expressway there's construction that's will be lifting around 5:00 this morning. 95. folks we'll be okay. make many plans heading towards the philadelphia international airport. northbound we're doing okay. southbound woodhaven on 9513 minutes. everything you're good to go. when we come back we'll look at the schuylkill expressway. now to breaking news from montgomery county. >> a person is dead after fire breaks out overnight in an apartment. matt delucia is live on scene in pottstown. what do we know about the victim and the cause of this fire? >> reporter: several people escaped this fire but one did not. here is the scene behind me by north franklin street in pottstown. there's the building just behind this fire truck. most of the damage is inside that building. here's a look from a little bit earlier that started around 1:15 this morning. firefighters showed up and saw heavy fire on the second floor
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and when the call came in there was a report of someone trapped. i'll let the fire chief pick it up from there. >> knocked fire down fairly quickly and found one deceased subject in one of the bedrooms. all the other tenants self-evacuated safely. >> reporter: now the person who died the fire chief did not know if it was a man or a woman but that victim looked to be an adult. several apartments were damaged. this is an older building, made it tough to fight this fire. it is out. the fact, of course, that the fire department is still here at this scene this is an active scene. we saw that septa bus make its way through here a second ago. the fire is out. red cross is here helping the other residents who are inside this building. now the investigation begins into what really happened and what caused this deadly fire early this morning. live in pottstown, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> it's 4:31 and 32 degrees outside. two men are on the run after a
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bloody home invasion. it sounds like it was not the only home the men were trying to hit. investigators tell us before midnight two men knocked on the front door of a kensington apartment. they forced their way in as the woman opened the door. the men fought with her, then shot her and left without taking a thing. they seemed to be looking for something specific according to investigators. >> they knocked on the door next door and they asked for a name and the resident of that property was unfamiliar who they were asking for so he just shut the door and locked it. so there's a possibility they were about to commit a home invasion on the neighbor's door. >> the person who was shot was taken to hospital. the woman's roommate and her young son were in another room of the apartment but not hurt. a man was shot in the head last night in kingsessing.
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they were still searching for evidence. a witness tells us she heard gunfire. looked out her window and saw a young man laying in the street bleeding. he's listed in serious condition. happening now holiday travel is in full swing. expect to see long security lines at the airport this morning. this is what philadelphia international airport looked like yesterday afternoon and even with more flighyers than usual, things were moving smoothly. there's a winter storm brewing in the western part of the country, bringing rain this weekend. give yourself an extra hour or so to find parking, get through security. it's recommended flyers get two hours before your flight instead of the usual one hour. manning he put it up for grabs. >> the eagles turn into giant
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destroyers. this interception sealed the eagles victory. they snapped a five game losing streak. >> put a crimp in the playoff plans. the birds never trailed last night. they built a lead on big plays from jenkins. the team gave a shout out. >> those guys have a lot of pride. we all have a lot of pride in our jobs and what we do and every game is meaningful. >> a chance your team winning goes out the roof. any time we get an opportunity to catch the ball, pick up a fumble we're thinking about putting in the end zone. >> carson wentz left the game for a concussion protocol but later returned. >> the birds faithful were flapping their wings and happy to talk about the 24-19 win over
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the giants. >> let's go! >> just been amazing. great night. had a ton of fun. very respectful. >> the fans are passionate. win or lose, they know how to throw a party. >> take a look at the front page of this morning's "philadelphia daily news". it reads "all skidding aside, for a minute we thought they would never win." >> they wrap up the season a week from sunday with another rivalry game this one against the dallas cowboys. kick-off is at 1:00. sift through charred rubble in north jersey. >> fire destroyed a furniture store. ahead hear what we're learning about the cause. cheering on the cherry and white. temple owls prepare for battle in the military bowl. >> 4:35. very little wind this morning so
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the temperatures are falling. now 32 degrees here at nbc 10. the neighborhood forecast with some big changes coming our way. go through it neighborhood by neighborhood just ahead.
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good morning, everyone. folks are watching traffic towards the philadelphia international airport. this is 95 and so far we're doing okay. heading out the door for your flight you won't run into issues or problems or delays. still very early. 95 towards the philadelphia international airport very good. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway. everything is in green right now. eastbound blue route to the vine, travel speeds are in the 60s. take you 13 minutes. very similar conditions for the westbound traffic from the vine towards the blue route you won't run into issues on schuylkill, 95. if you're in the upper moreland area watch for an accident that
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hasn't cleared yet. center avenue and 611. no delays. we'll be watching this accident. when i come back we'll look at the rest of the majors and what it could mean for you. 21 minutes before 5:00. we're at 32 degrees in philadelphia. skies are clear. no problems getting around today. last minute shopping, traveling shouldn't be an issue. not today. 32 right now. in the 30s at 8:00. heading for the 40s later this morning. by lunch time 42 degrees and then middle 40s this afternoon. not quite as warm as yesterday. temperatures right now 27 degrees. still below freezing at 8:00. that changes later in the morning and then this afternoon lower 40s. there will be some clouds later this afternoon, start moving in. no rain today but those are rain clouds that are building for tomorrow. lehigh valley is dry. 32 degrees. colder at 8:00 but by 10:00 above freezing and then into the
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low 40s this afternoon with a light wind out of the west. southwest at 7 miles per hour. not quite as cold this morning in new jersey, 35 degrees. few scattered clouds but mainly sunshine in a afternoon hours bright sunshine. low to mid-40s this afternoon. turning chillier tomorrow with that rain that comes in. for today dry at the shore. sunshine nice and bright and near 40 degrees at 10:00 and middle 40s this afternoon. the winds westerly at 8 miles per hour at 2:00 this afternoon. at 32 degrees in delaware, clouds, a few scattered clouds this morning, lots of sunshine at noon time, 43, up to 45 degrees at 2:00. the temperatures start to slide just before sunset as more clouds start coming in. those clouds are building from a storm system that's to our west. it was in los angeles and arizona yesterday but it's starting to make some progress and so are the clouds. the cloud shield is extending into the ohio valley. there's the wet weather, snow and rain.
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i'll show you what we'll be getting when we come back. we'll go through the future cast hour by hour and show you when that starts moving in tonight. ♪ the one and only hooter joins the temple band and spirit squad to give the owls a big send off for their bowl game. they will play in the military bowl on tuesday. head coach will lead the team after matt rule left for baylor. >> for me, to be here and be at the helm is a thrill. personally this place is a great fit for me. i love coming to work every day. >> kick-off for tuesday's military bowl is 3:30. >> 4:41. 32 degrees. new jersey governor chris christie is playing the blame game. >> coming up next hear who he says is behind the effort to kill a bill allowing elected officials to make money off of books they write while in office. and deadline day is here.
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if you still have gifts to mail here what you have to do by today to avoid christmas shipping disappointment.
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we have new details this morning on the massive fire at a new jersey furniture store. officials are saying it may have been caused by a roofer who didn't have the right permit. the cause of the blaze will be listed as accidental but the fire inspector say investigators have yet to find any permit application for the work that was under way when the fire broke out wednesday morning. >> the roofing work was being done and they were using a torch. roof work goes on all the time. the proper precautions have to be taken. if they are not taken and which the investigation will uncover then things like this can happen. >> under new jersey state fire
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code roofing work in which any kind of flame is used requires one person on the roof with a fire extinguisher. no one was hurt in that fire. a new jersey county suing chemical giant dupont claiming the company avoided paying more than a billion dollars it cost to clean up hoazardous waste. the suit says it dumped 1 million pounds of toxic chemicals. it's predicted it will take 1,000 years to clean up the chemicals. dupont headquartered in delaware sent us a statement about the lawsuit which reads in part, quote, we have always taken very seriously our commitment to the health, safety and well being of our employees and the communities in which we operate. end quote. it's 4:45 this morning. new jersey governor chris christie says his haters stopped him from profiting from a book deal and giving state workers a
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raise. >> obviously, the haters out there made it personal about me. not only haters in the legislature but haters on this radio station. >> that was christie yesterday morning on his monthly ask the governor radio show. he's talking about legislation that did not get passed this week by new jersey lawmakers. as for his haters he was referring to well turns out he has a lot of them. christie's approval rating hit an all time low last month. the poll showed 19% of new jersey voters have a favorable view of the governor. 4:46 now. take you state by state and county by county for some of the stories. fir today is graduation day for the newest class of cadets for the pennsylvania state police, federal, county law enforcement officials will join family members to honor the cadets. in south jersey a high school students will donate warm winter clothes to dozens of homeless veterans in atlantic county. corbin is a senior.
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his father told us he saved up all year to make the donation to the veterans. a hanukkah celebration in south jersey for young and old. kindergarten students and older adults will share a traditional lunch. the jewish festival of lights begins tomorrow evening. we have breaking news in the truck attack at a berlin christmas market. italian security sources says the suspect anis amri was shot dead in a shoot out in mylan. nbc is working to confirm that information. the italian interior ministry is holding a news conference shortly. an international manhunt for amri has been under way since monday night when he allegedly crashed the truck into a crowded market killing a dozen people. we'll bring you updates on this breaking news as soon as they come in. 4:47. 32 degrees. today likely a travel day for a
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lot of people. let's check the roads starting with the vine street expressway. >> not all that bad. it's 32 degrees so car heater is a great idea for last minute holiday travel or shopping. vine vaccinate expressway at 8th street from light traffic on all the majors in center city. 95 earlier i checked, we're good to go on 95. i got a tweet about the majors. 295 the new jersey turnpike as well as the 42 freeway northbound in the philadelphia area, no problems or delays. still pretty early. checking up on 422, not all that bad. route 29 towards the schuylkill, travel speeds are in the 60s. short travel ride. when i come back we'll take a look at the 95 and blue route not all that bad. it's about ten minutes before 5:00 a.m. and we were talking about how many more cars we did see on the road this morning. >> usually we come in overnight. no cars on the road. more cars.
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i know it's 32 degrees but it feels warmer. >> it did feel warmer. i agree. >> we're not crazy, are we, bill? >> no. the wind died down. you're on spot. temperatures are in the low 30s. not bad. a few days ago we were looking at teens at this hour of the morning. beautiful view of boat house row. this camera shaking a little bit. a little bit of breeze above building level. at the surface very little wind. camelback, nice clear view. sunshine on the slopes. great day for skiing on the slopes. actually for any activities outdoor. we won't have any problems today. temperatures are pretty uniform. cooler in south jersey at the shore. 28 in south jersey and delaware, philadelphia at 32 degrees along with lehigh valley. 34 degrees in the suburbs. there are a few neighborhoods that cooled down a little bit more. chestnut hill right below freezing. right at freeze are for
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carrsdale. not exactly warm but not bad for this time of year. temperatures normally would be in the 20s. radar and satellite we're clear. clear for sunshine today. no sign of any snow showers in the pocono mountains this morning. that will change tomorrow. wet weather ahead and mean some snow for the mountains. there's the storm that's coming together moving into missouri right now, into western missouri, northern missouri. that snow just to the south is rain. this system will bring warm air with it. we'll get mainly rain out it as it moves into our area. the clouds they will wait until late this afternoon or this evening. this is 6:30 this evening. that's when the midwest will get that storm. while we get scattered clouds. after lots of sunshine and nice warm up? to the 40s, clouds coming in. that will help hold the temperatures up overnight. first showers could happen early in the morning. this is 3:00 in the morning. just a light shower moving through. it's out of here. then rain moving in for reading and philadelphia.
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meantime we will see some wintry weather in the pocono mountains. not a lot. mostly this is rain and most of it stays south of the mountains tomorrow and continues in the morning and afternoon hours. that's lunch time tomorrow. rain from philadelphia and south jersey and delaware. light rain. then slowly starts to clear in the afternoon. by early evening that rain is out of here just in time for the beginning of hanukkah and for christmas eve. changes ahead on the ten day. for today 48 degrees the high temperature with sunshine and some clouds. those clouds holding off until late in the day today. tomorrow rain moves in. that will keep us in the 40s. 47 are a a morning low of 36 degrees. bright sunshine and christmas day and we may make it up to 50 degrees on sunday after a morning low of 34. clouds build on monday and some wet weather. doesn't look very likely for tuesday. 56 degrees. warm up, wait until the end of the week. thursday afternoon, 43 trees the
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high temperature. that rain moving through that's a cold front that will come through the area. once it clears that's when the temperatures start dropping and you'll feel those colder temperatures on friday and saturday, by sunday just a little bit warmer, a high of 43. >> looks good, bill. eight minutes before 5:00. today marks the final deadline from the u.s. postal service to get your holiday package to where it's going by christmas. the deadline applies to the post office priority mail express. the service guarantees overnight delivery. other deadlines including standard post and first class mail have already passed. autistic children and their parents are finding now toy options. toys "r" us turned off its music for three hours and turned its break room into a quiet zone. hasbro is offering tips on how parents can teach their autistic children to play with various products. it was supposed to be a quick trip to the store.
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>> it turned out to be a trek several hundred miles way. all new next on nbc 10 news, find out where a delaware county man ended up instead of at his local walmart store. new details about this deadly new jersey train crash. next find out why experts say the 100-year-old piece of equipment could be to blame for some of the everything devastation.
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beginning late next month if you live in pennsylvania flying could be a little more complicated four. beginning january 30th showing a pennsylvania driver's license or state i.d. will not be enough to get you on a commercial flight. that's because the pennsylvania state licenses don't meet federal requirements. the department of homeland security this week reportedly denied the state's latest request for more time to come fly with federal laws. >> new details about the investigation into the deadly
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new jersey transit crash in hoboken. experts are looking at whether a modern barrier the stages could have reduced the damage. the last thing train hit was a concrete and steel bumper installed more than a century ago. most bumpers today have shock absorbers. september crash killed a person and injured 100 others. if you drive in pennsylvania help is on the way with a new tool to keep new formed if you fine yourself stuck in a massive traffic jam. yesterday governor tom wolf announced the 511 connect tool. it will alert drivers about problems like this back up on the pennsylvania turnpike that lasted for 24 hours during a snowstorm last january. the new tool will buzz your phone like an amber alert if you're in a traffic jam that will last for two or more hours. the state will send you updates. >> people will know that their government is actually working for them. that there are people who are working to get to them. >> the state will also send updates to your phone every 15
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minutes if you're in a prolonged highway emergency. the interior department says the director of northeastern national park who is based in philadelphia broke federal travel guidelines on at least eight trips. a new report says michael caldwell took personal trips at the government's expense and took pay on days he wasn't working. park service spokesperson said caldwell is temporarily reassign while the department considers possible discipline. if you have a loved one who has a home health care provider there's a new way to keep an eye on them. new jersey is launching a program to detect abuse by home health care workers. they are long out cameras to people who suspect abuse. if you're interested in getting a camera contact the state division of consumer affairs located in cherry hill. families of fallen police officers were given an early christmas gift yesterday.
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highway patrol officers from across the delaware valley delivered holiday meals to five which dose. their husbands all died in the line of duty. >> those they have not forgotten richie. and it makes us feel his presence even more when they come around. the police are like a second family to us. >> the patrol officers have been doing this for more than ten years for christmas, thanksgiving and easter. first comes christmas then comes new year's so are you already planning your 2017 resolutions? >> possibly. a new survey takes a look at the top resolution. lose weight. get organized. spend less and save more. enjoy life to the fullest is number four and staying fit and healthy rounds out number five. >> enjoy life to the fullest. time management is all about that. decide what your priorities are and spend your time there.
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>> a research company found 8% of people who make new year's resolutions are successful. >> we would love to know about your plans. do you have your new year's resolution or just thinking about it? what would you like to do? what would you like stay with in the new year. share your goals with us on twitter or facebook. >> do you want to throw one out? >> time management. spending my time where i say my priorities are. >> mine is get organized. every day i say i'll be more organized. >> work on that. >> i want to be 10% successful. >> more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. >> deadly fire. right now investigators in pottstown, montgomery county want to know what caused an overnight fire in an apartment building. on the road again. more than a million people in philadelphia and suburbs will be in the car today and this
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weekend heading near and far for christmas festivities. >> primetime win. eagles won their first game in more than a month. 5:00 a.m. on the nose this friday morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today". i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachary. thanks for joining us. let's get to meteorologist bill henley because nbc 10 first alert weather. warmer weekend coming up? >> temperatures will be changing over the next couple of days. temperatures will climb into the 40s today. that's where they will be for most of the weekend. this morning right now got a little bit cooler in the lehigh valley. 26 degrees while the rest of the area is in the 30s. 29 at 8:00. sun will be up by then. temperatures are up into the upper 30s at 11:00 this morning. on track for 40s today from the lehigh valley to new jersey, the suburbs and philadelphia. at the shore, just 47 degrees this afternoon.


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