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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 23, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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a holiday tragedy, a fire helped several families needing a new place to say. >> people head out of town for the holidays. hitting the road this is a live look at 76 and the vine street expressway. a lot of people are heading to grandma's house. >> if you're driving today you'll have clear weather conditions today. changes are on the way. >> erika martin is here with the
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holiday photograph. >> we do have dry conditions here and we are expecting rain by tomorrow. right now we are seeing partly cloudy skies. everything is high and dry m . we are under the influence of high pressure. here is a story that's coming up through the overnight hours. satellite and radar is dry. we do have a system that's developing across the upper midwest. we can see light snow here starting to move across the high plains. we are also tracking the potential for showers to get here overnight friday into saturday. what does that mean for us right now as far as airport delays across the country? it doesn't look like there's much being effected right now. we will keep track of that for you. we will keep you updated. here is your hour by hour forecast. starting this at noon and then get this going, pause this at 5:00. notice the clouds start to
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develop. at 1:30 a.m. we start to see a change for allentown and redding. we do have a warm front that will start to approach from the. everything changing over the rain very quickly. so the issue for tomorrow would be widespread rain showers, one or two downpours. everything is clearing just in time for sun down. so christmas eve and hanukkah look fantastic. the rain clears and we are seeing temperatures mainly in the upper 30s and 40s at 6:00 p.m. and keeping it in the upper 30s by 10:00 p.m. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. we'll get a check of the roads with francesca ruscio . >> how do they look? >> not all that great. we saw a disabled vehicle that just recently cleared. it is westbound headed here. we have a disabled vehicle that's causing quite a bit of delay actually.
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travel speeds are in the 50s and 60s. expect a lot of heavy volume. we are looking at an accident here. this is at lancaster and south church road. do expect delays in that area as well. take a look at this. we are running on a holiday schedule for regional rail on december 23rd through december 26th. for further information head to everything seems to be running on time. there was an accident on 95 that rekrntly cleared. for the most part we are looking pretty good. >> thanks for that update. lots of people are hitting the roads at this hour boarding trains and taking to the skies to head to their holiday destinations. matt delucia is live. there is something different about the holidays this year that might have more people taking a trip, huh?
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>> reporter: yeah. and the weather is nice too at least for the moment. a lot of people heading out for the holidays. every now and then we get a bit of a long line. it doesn't look too batd right here. more folks traveling today through january 2enend. it is a little more than last year heading out of town. gas prices are still low but there is something else. that reason in a moment. most people are going by car but clearly plenty of folks are flying. juan is heading to mexico to spend christmas with his brothers and sisters. >> christmas time is very special for us, the whole world. >> one of the key factors is the way holidays fall.
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we have christmas day so it allows people to travel on saturdays. >> reporter: so you get these three day weekends which make it a little bit easier. you should get to the airport two hour ace head of time. the tsa wants you to be prepared. i'm about to tweet a link for tips on that. probably the biggest right now is wrapped gifts. they are allow bud not encouraged. if something looks suspicious they might have to unwrap your christmas gift a little early. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we are following a developing story overseas. the manhunt in the deadly christmas market attack is now over. italian authorities confirm he was killed in a shoot out with police early this morning. he had traveling before arriving overnight. two officers stopped him during a routine patrol.
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he pulled out a gun when officers asked to show id. that officer is recovering from surgery. the hunt began monday night after he crashed a truck into the market killing 12 people. this new dash cam video from a near by taxi cab shows the truck barrelling through traffic. the attack killed 12 people and injured dozens more. people are continuing to pay their respects this morning. they offered flowers and candles at a makeshift memorial. it reopened yesterday. concrete blocks were placed around the market to separate it from near by traffic. they have also increased patrols in the area. police have two brothers in custody on suspicion they were planning an attack in western germany. authorities are trying to determine how far along the brothers were with their plan and whether anyone else was
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involved. they say there's no indication of any connection when the brothers and monday's attack in berlin. it is 11:06. more than a dozen others out of their homes after an apartment building fire overnight. we were on the scene this morning. the fire began a little after 1:15 a.m. firefighters found an adult that was inside the room on the second floor. people living there tell us the other victim is a man. they are out of a home this morning. one of them walked us through how he escaped. >> i opened the window because it was hot. i smelled a bunch of smoke, a bunch of flashing lights. any girlfriend, she went into our bathroom and everything started coming up in smoke. it was crazy. we got the little ones out, rushed out of there as fast as possible. >> several apartments were damaged and the red cross is
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helping six families that lived in those units. also in mom gntgomery count mother and her newborn child were the victims of a home invasion and the search is on for the robbers. grant and gibson forced their way into the home on east broad street yesterday morning. gibson was armed with the gun. the pair allegedly ransacked the home. she and the baby were not hurt. a mother is a person of interest in the death of her teenaged daughter. they found parker's body dismembered. her mom reported grace missing. grace is in jail facing child endangerment. they say she mislead detectives. >> detectives were here in november and we found out there was a little more going on and
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she was missing. >> they are urging anyone with information to come forward. we have details on the princeton university mens swim and diving team. the school cancelled the season after vulgar posts were found. the university made that announcement yesterday. last week we told you the team was suspended after officials discovered racist comments made by team members. some of those comments involved the womens swimming and diving team. we have less than two days before christmas. lot of people doing last minute shopg right now. we found shoppers taking advantage of early opening hours at this kohl's. one man says he was able to check a gift off of his list before he headed into work. >> i had a last minute gift i want today get for my wife and i noticed that the place was open so i stopped and satisfied that gift and i was able to accomplish that.
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>> he said it was nice being able to avoid the lines. he had been searching for one particular gift and saw it was available at this store. just put it up for grabs. it is intercepted. >> the wait is over. the eelgs snapped a five game losing skid at the link last night. it was all televised right here. it was a close one after losing so many games. the eagles finally won a game decided by a touchdown or less. >> it also put a crimp in the play off plans t. birds never trailed last night. they built a lead on big plays like this. carson wentz threw a long touchdown pass. >> we have been in so many close games. to finally finish one like this,
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we knew we could do it all along. we were struggling. to finally finish one puts a good taste in our mouth for sure. >> sweet. >> the eagles wrap up the 2016 season a week from sunday. another rivalry game against the cowboys. kick off for that is 1:00. we are following a developing story overseas. >> a tense stand off after a hijacked plane lands. we'll have an update coming up next. and this one involving soon to be first daughter, ivanka trump. we'll tell you why the whole thing may have been planned. >> i'm tracking showers moving in overnight tonight over saturday morning. i do have the full forecast coming up and of course the ten day on 10 coming up in just a bit.
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the a plane was diverted mid-morning. negotiators convinced the hijackers to let the passengers and crews leave the plane. the hijackers surrendered and
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police took them into custody. they are stunned bay tweet from president-elect trump. he tweeted the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. the president of a global security foundation is deciding whether or not it could cause an arms race. putin told generals they need to enhance the combat capability. a trump spokesperson said it was on improving nuclear deter rans. donald trump tweeted the so-called a list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration. the rockettes and tabernacle
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choir confirmed they will be there. mr. trump will be sworn in on january 20th. there was tense moments. >> a fellow passenger confronted her before he was kicked off of the plane. family was heading to hawaii for vacation. a fellow passenger who was overheard saying they ruined our country now they ruin our flight. daniel and her husband were kicked off of the plane! he was agitated. i wouldn't take the chance either. >> the whole thing may have been planned. they tweeted that ivanka and jared were at jfk and his
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husband was chasing him down to harass them. jet blue says if a customer is causing conflict the customer will be asked to deplane. i'm meteorologist erika martin. conditions are partly cloudy. whether he see more clouds as the day to progresses. this is getting here overnight tonight into tomorrow. current temperatures right now are pretty mild, above average for this time of year. notice the westerly winds 6 miles per hour, a sign that we do have something approaching from the west. neighborhoods around philadelphia mainly seeing low to mid-40s. certainly very comfortable right now. chestnut hill at 41. center city 43 for you. look at this flow right now. we are seeing westerlies and
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northwesterlies. for the most part conditions are pretty comfortable and mild. we are tracking showers by early tomorrow morning. pem b pemberton at 42. florence at 42 and princeton at 42 degrees. so satellite and radar image a wider perspective here. this is what is going to head our way. notice this active system developing. the upper midwest. that will be here through the overnight hours. you'll see the increase in the clouds from west to east and you'll start to see the showers develop. i will show you what you can expect in your neighborhood but locally right now you can see those thicker clouds starting to develop. you can see the whites right there. it is telling me the cloud deck is getting thicker as the day progresses. hour by hour forecast starting this at 11:00 a.m.
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we'll pause this a few times. i want to show you clouds developing thickly and quickly tonight through tomorrow. at 2:00 a.m. notice here we are seeing a light wintery mix here. outer month cogomery county. so lots of widespread rain. the good news is everything does clear out just in time for hanukkah for your christmas eve. i do have your ten day on 10 coming up in just a bit. >> thanks so much for that. a free event today aims to make the holiday a little brighter for people who are less fortunate. we are talking about people in philadelphia. it will feature a free holiday dinner and what could kids want more but a toy give away. here with us is brown. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> merry christmas. >> you got to represent, right?
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>> yeah. >> all right. tell us a little bit about this event. >> yeah. i wanted to be kind of different instead of -- i wanted to bring it outside, decorate the tree. have a santa outside. i want today do something kind of different. >> for those who don't know, you're a member of a band, right? >> yes. a musical group. >> tell us a little bit about that. >> we have six kids from all parts of city bringing their energy. >> and from that evolved a foundation. >> yeah. johnson and harris and those guys supporting me every event. >> will they be out there supporting you today? >> yes. >> all right. tell us a little bit about your kick back foundation which you just mentioned. what are some of the events you organized? >> my festival.
11:21 am
>> in the summer. >> i'll be doing my fifth one. christmas give aways. the elderly. the list goes on and on. >> you do so much throughout the year. why focus on christmas if you have all of these things going on? >> i haven't done nothing in the past. my friends do a lot around christmas. i said i will put a tree on the corner of my block and i had a game truck out there, just outside with my community instead of being indoors. >> 55th from 3:00 to 5:00. >> you were telling me a thousand people you are expecting? >> that's what i usually do. before we go, i got you this. the season of giving. >> this is so nice. thank you. thank you so much. >> should i open it?
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>> yes. >> oh, sweet. >> look at that. your foundation representing. >> yes. >> southwest. >> all right. what's it like to see the looks on the kids faces when you give them the things they could normally afford? >> these things are coming up. i had a day care on the corner of my block too. i really can't wait to get there. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us. good luck later today. >> it will take place from 3:00 until -- >> 5. >> all right. thanks. you still have a gift to ship? you better act fast. we'll tell you about the deadline to get packages in the mail. plus important news for pregnant women, new research about an issue they may need to watch out for.
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behold our greatest opus! we have information from a new study that women will want to pay attention to. >> women who had prior kidney damage may need to be monitored closely during pregnancy. those who had recovered from kidney injury were more likely to go into labor early or have smaller newborns.
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doses are available in emergency situations for ebola. it claimed thousands of lives in west africa. are you looking to start the new year in a new set of wheels? >> we'll show you why the holidays may be a great time to buy and a car-buying option that could save you thousands of dollars. >> people should be checking their tickets this morning.
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authorities say he was killed in a shoot outwith police early this morning.
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an international hunt began when he crashed a truck through the market killing 12 people. the fire chief in potstown says he believes careless smoking caused a deadly apartment fire. they found an adult man inside a room early this morning. the american red cross is helping more than a dozen people who were forced out of their homes by that fire. it is a busy day. people will be on the roads and rails and in the sky headed to visit family. we saw long lines at check points. everything seems to be moving along. clear driving conditions if they are driving to their holiday weekend destinations. a live look where the weather will not cause any problems today but there are changes ahead. let's get you updated with erika martin. >> we do have changes on the way. they will be here tonight into tomorrow. right now we are just seeing developing clouds and
11:31 am
temperatures mainly in the low 40s. keep in mind we are watching a system developing out west. it is headed in our intersection. i'll time it out for you in just a moment. mainly comfortable conditions. low to mid-40s across the area. here it is. this is the system we are watching for you. it is a pretty wide one. the good news is what we are going to get is mainly rain. keeping temperatures above normal and as that presip makes it here it will be widespread rain. hour by hour forecast i want to show you what to expect. we start this at 11:30 a.m. clouds develop quickly and we start to see showers develop overnight. a little bit of a wintery mix. at best possibly freezing rain. one or two and otherwise it will be a widespread rain event. it is clearing just in time for
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hanukkah and for christmas eve. something to look forward to. it is a sunny christmas. i have your ten day on ten and your full forecast copping upmi just a bit. >> right now people are preparing for holiday meals this weekend. workers were cranking out rolls and sweet treats that will soon be on the table for christmas dinner. >> everybody is ordering extra rolls. we are a little bit busy. >> they have been taking orders for their tomato pies and cookie trays for weeks now. shoppers are also picking up the items they need for holiday meals in center city. we saw people wandering through the stalls. they will have delicious meals ahead this weekend. today marks the final deadline to get your holiday package where it needs to go by
11:33 am
christmas. the deadline applies to post offices priority mail express service which guarantees overnight delivery. right now mr. trump is putting other countries on notice with his tweet calling for greatly expanded nuclear capability. andrea mitchell has the latest. >> reporter: overnight putin holding his annual marathon news conference rejecting democratics who blame the election loss on the hacking of e-mails. according to a russian government trancelation that says the party that looses always tries to pass the buck adding one has to know how to lose decently. putin saying if anyone speeds up the arms race it's not us.
11:34 am
the president-elect went even further thursday tweeting the united states must greatly strengthen and expand nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses. reversing u.s. policy since ronald reagan to cut the number of nuclear weapons. president obama proposed but not increasing the number of weapons. last spring trump threw fire for saying he might use nuclear weapons or against isis. >> maybe using nuclear weapons. nobody wants to hear that. >> why do we make them? zwl o >> one month later. >> would you rule out nuclear weapons and the fight against isis? >> i don't want to rule out anything. i will be the last to use nuclear weapons. it's a horror to use nuclear weapons. >> jason miller telling nbc news the latest tweet was referring
11:35 am
to nuclear prelif ration and the need to prevent it. newly named presidential counselor says she spoke to mr. trump directly. >> what he is saying is we need to expand our nuclear capability to be ready for those who also have nuclear weapons. >> they say the president-elect words matter. >> what is your concern when you see what sounds like new policy being made on twitter in. >> it is no way to run a country. every word matters. you want to strengthen it, fine. whether donald trump meant it or not he is changing u.s. policy. two women charged with a deadly shooting in a lyft car last month. police arrested one woman in trenton and mercer county. the two worked as accomplices
11:36 am
from collinswood. dudly was using the ride shares service when someone got in the car, demanded money and shot her. police have not said how the women are involved. they say they are still looking for the shooter. philadelphia police officers are we remembering their fallen colleagues this holiday season. they hosted a dinner for officers who died in the line of duty. breakfast serves as a reminder that the families will never be forgotten and they will always be a part of the police family. if you're plan to go buy a new car you may want to do it over the holidays. >> they tell us why the end of the year is a buyer's market. >> if you're going to wish, wish big. >> it's nearly impossible to avoid car ads during the holiday season. if you really want to save big on a set of wheels experts recommend taking advantage of this year's bumper crop of
11:37 am
vehicles recently returned from a lease. >> i was ecstatic. i was extremely happy. i walked out of here like i just got a deal. >> she said she saved $8,000 by purchasing a dodge challenger leased only for about a year. 33% more being returned compare today a lease in 2015. the average lease three years. buying one avoids a 20% drop in value when a new car is driven off the lot. >> the bank takes the depreciation value. you from a consumer standpoint are buying a new vehicle at a reduced cost. >> and buying a car at the end of the year gives more bargaining power too. car sales are leveling off. dealerships are working harder to move their inventory. you see better deals on compact,
11:38 am
mid-sized and economy cars. she stuck to her budget and got features she couldn't afford. >> it has back up cameras and heated seats. >> buying an off leased car is a great idea if you don't mind having mileage on it. cars are a lot better than they were ten years ago. >> hitting the road with a bigger bang for your buck. someone in lehigh county may be in for a very merry christmas and may not even know it. a power ballot lottery ticket w purchased. the ticket matched four of the five white balls and power ball from wednesday night's drawing. a ticket was bought in delaware. it's the second highest delaware
11:39 am
jackpot winner on a single ticket. many kids will be getting tech toys and video games for christmas. since winter break they will have all day. >> a lot of time. >> edwards has suggestions on how parents can help their kids maintain a healthy screen time balance even during the holidays. kids will want to spend as much time as possible on their new tech toys. screen times will understandably increase but pediatricians say maintaining a balance over holiday break is important. one tip, before you kids even open their gifts it may be a good idea to set ground rules so they don't overdo it. >> have a discussion that these are the holidays but this is not how it's always going to be when yes get back into school. we'll get back to our usual re routine. >> make sure children are a part of all holiday festivities and they are engaging with friends
11:40 am
and family. setting up technology free zones are important. >> put our cell phones away and interact and have conversations. nothing is -- nothing takes place of that important face to face interaction. >> for moms and dads still considering whether to purr chase their child's first mobile device. they say it's in the really the age but maturity level. >> if they are losing their backpack or home work folder it will be expensive to lose a cell phone. >> what better way to keep an eye on the media use than to play the games with them? nbc 10 news. >> there's an idea. want to know what the hottest tech gadgets are this year? you may want to think about the hottest gadgets of yesteryear.
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>> what can we expect for new year's eve? it will show us what to expect for this weekend. i do have your ten day on 10. i'll see you in just a bit.
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many people will be going retro this holiday. ryan moore has the latest on the vintage technology trend.
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>> the nes classic sold out in seconds. more people playing records than they have in 20 years. in an age of smart phones and selfie sticks it should be no surprise polaroid are back again. >> fugi film is another top seller and they vechb swappable lenses. cameras sell for under 100 bucks but film costs about $1 a shot. >> you're always holding up your phone and looking around like that. when you a polaroid i try to use it in specific places and specific moments. >> being able to turn something into a photograph you can hold in your hand and share with people and treasure is more powerful and compelling for the images that you really care
11:45 am
about. >> cameras are a hit with consumers whose grandparents might have used them. >> they can see it instantly and takes you back to when we use today have images in our hands. >> polaroid will turn 80 but it will be in the hands of a whole new generation. amazon says procrastinate all you want. they are extending the deadline to order items. they have until 9:45 tomorrow night as long as you use the rush delivery service available in more than 30 cities you package will be deliver bed by midnight on christmas day. it may be in areas where you have families so you can ship it distri directly to them. people have a couple of options on christmas day.
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d denny's will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. hours may vary by location. you'll to check with the location closest to you, tracy. you probably know they help fight hunger and help low income men and women by training them for careers in commercial kitchens. it is aell us more is dean of students and life coach. thanks for being here. >> thank you for inviting me.he. >> it is a job for low-income emphasize lif f looking far second chance from various different walks of life, mi citizens from the criminal justice system or men leaving the welfare
11:47 am
system. peoplensobs that have been downsized and no longer exist anymore. it has been around for about 15 years now. >> what's the biggest c hallest? >> managing life. >> that's where you come in, right? >> that's where i come in. >> being from the community and overcoming some of those hurdles it helps me to coach or assist individuals in managing what to do, how to stay in the kitchen even when life shows up and really holding them accountable for what they say they want to do. >> yeah, skills they will take with them when they go onto their next job hopefully, right? >> yes. >> how can people get involved? how can they get eninvolrolled? >> we have a class that begins the day after martin luther king's birthday. they must come to an open house.
11:48 am
it is january 4th. we are also looking for individuals that are interested in investing in human capital. we have -- people have donated funds to take care of students. it is free for the students. it costs about $3,500 per student. >> right. you can go to our web site and get the information they need from there. >> and you're looking for restaurants to connect with. >> yes. chefs, if you're out there and you want to demonstrate your favorite dish coming in or extending a hand to take an intern we do two week internship or we have graduates waiting for the next opportunity to become the next top chef in your kitchen. >> that's terrific. thanks for being here.
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you can tap the nbc 10 mobile app or we have linked the site and full disclosure. thanks for being here. >> thank you. i'm erika martin. your holiday headlines include a great day for last-minute shopping. conditions will be dry. we are expecting some rain developing overnight especially around 2:00 a.m. from west to east. so saturday rain showers in the forecast but the good news is we do have a dry and sunny christmas. not this dry and not this sunny but certainly will be very nice above average temperatures. neighborhoods right now mainly 40s for the lehigh valley. bethlehem currently at 41 degrees. look at the bottom of your screen for your local neighborhood forecast.
11:50 am
suburbs seeing upper 30s and low 40s. milford township at 39 degrees. the issue right now will not be temperatures. a really nice day all around with above high temperatures. live look outside right now. clouds will start to develop as the day progresses. keep that in mind. so right now satellite and radar picking up on those whites here. notice here that they are moving in a little bit quicker here. we do have a system approaching from west to east. here it is. it is hovering arcound the uppe midwest by the overnight hours. right now as far as delays go there is nothing to complain about. if you follow us on social media, facebook and twitter you will have updates readily available. hour by hour forecast starting this at 11:30 a.m. you will not see much going on with the
11:51 am
exception of clouds developing as that system pushes from best to east. by the 2 30 we start to see pinks telling us we may see a couple of flurries otherwise a little bit of a wintery mix. everything start to change over. we do have warmer air at the surface. it clears just in time for sun down. your christmas planner looks pretty good. temperatures in the mid-to upper 30s by 7:00 a.m. and 40s by 10:00 a.m. a look ahead to new year's eve. chillier temperatures. 20s by evening and dry through midnight. i mentioned that because our ten day on ten does have a little bit of a change. we start with our friday. temperatures topping out in the upper 40s with westerly winds. we are seeing a couple of clouds that will start to decrease by saturday into sunday. for the most part the first half -- on monday we start to
11:52 am
track a system that will pick up the winds and possibly showers monday into tuesday and going ahead to new year's eve. we are going to ping up clouds saturday into sunday. we may see a system move in for the first day of the year. more news coming up after the break. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on.
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we are following break news near kansas city. reports of a man pointing a gun at a rest stop. traffic is backed up as police are investigating that report. no word if any shots were actually fired. we'll continue to monitor this and we'll have an update on the nbc 10 app. all right. so the eagles may not have a super bowl ring. >> but a die hard fan has a diamond engagement ring as they celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss. a great story. they are from delaware county. they were tailgating and he decided to pop the question all over again. their friends captured the repeat proposal nearly half a century after the couple was first engaged. >> in front of all of these witnesses my wife and i have
11:56 am
been together over 50 years. we have been married for 49 plus and right now tonight i would like to propose to you. >> oh, my gosh. >> i know. >> charles did not have a diamond ring for her the first time around. as you saw, he did not make that same mistake again. it was so sweet. >> it doesn't get oechltd. let's get an update on the forecast. >> it will be a great day for the last-minute shoppers like myself. look at this. we are starting to watch a system move in. it is all about what's going to happen, changing over very quickly. the good news is widespread rain and it all clears by sun down. it is not going to run santa's plans at all. no issues there. >> awesome. >> clear flying.
11:57 am
>> thanks for watching. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm katy zachry. have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00.
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>> steve: oh! >> kayla: thank you, joey. >> steve: man. that was a good meal, sweetness. >> kayla: kind of a somber christmas eve, isn't it? >> steve: yeah. but, you know, we're together. >> roman: that's right. >> steve: i think that's some kind of a christmas miracle. >> roman: yup. >> steve: hey, hey! there's some christmas cheer. the little mama-to-be. >> joey: hey. merry christmas. >> jade: hi. you know what? now that i'm here, it seems like a bad idea. i'll just go. >> joey: what? you can't. we always open up at least one present before we go to the kids' party at the hospital. >> jade: then i really shouldn't intrude. >> kayla: no, you're not intruding. you're family now. >> steve: lucky you.


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