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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 5am  NBC  December 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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right now on nbc10 news today, the clock is ticking. just hours left to wrap up holiday shopping. we have information you need for any last minute trips. the travel rush is on, families reunite at philadelphia international airport and other areas in the region. the holiday weekend is off to a soggy start. this is center city. watching rain that will be with us the first half of the day. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:00 this saturday. a mild holiday inn store for us. let's get to krystal klei who is tracking a wet start to the weekend. >> hi, rosemary. good news, when you get this
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rain out of the way before christmas eve or hanukkah celebrations or christmas day, we are dragging rain out, it is starting to move in. what you're seeing is rain passing through philadelphia into parts of new jersey and delaware. actual reports of rain to the surface extend through delaware and western edge of the viewing area. berks county, chester county. the rain is catching up with radar, meaning it is making it to the surface. sometimes it picks up moisture higher in the sky not yet on the ground. this is starting to make it to the ground. seeing a steady pocket of rain in chester and berks county. also radar showing off a rain, snow mix. most of this just making it to the ground as rain, temperatures at the surface are a little too warm to support any frozen precipitation. we are seeing showers, that's for sure. limb rick and south into chester county and through delaware. that's where we have the most
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steady rain. cape may and stretching north to the border between pennsylvania and new jersey. those showers moving through. here's a look at temperatures. this is why i am saying it is just rain. areas like allentown, reading, upper 30s. millville, 41 degrees. it is a fairly mild start. the only area we may see issues is if you have travel plans and going through the poconos. the poconos sit on the cusp of freezing conditions. we will track it the rest of the day for this saturday in a few minutes. >> see you shortly. thanks, krystal. breaking news out of ben sail salem. 15 people are hurt after a crash on noift, went off the highway, into the woods. medics took 15 people to the hospital. some injuries said to be serious. officials say they're not life
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threatening. a crew is on the way to the scene, we will get an update from the crew later this morning. tonight is christmas eve and beginning of hanukkah which means shoppers will be spending today looking for last minute gifts. this is what it looked like at malls all over the area. people shoulder to shoulder. it will look a lot like that today. nbc10 was at cherry hill. folks tried their best to get in and out quickly. ran into a family in crazy christmas clothing who live for last minute shopping days zpl running around, streets are crowded, mall is crowded, stores nuts. you have to be here for the season. then there were shoppers waiting patiently for shoppers.
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talked to several husbands and others waiting at stores. >> that's why i am out here. party before christmas, oh my god. >> all these things on the list or is she going off the radar? >> off the radar. >> she's getting it done. we were still there when she finally arrived. hopefully all of the shoppers can enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend knowing they got everything they needed for the days ahead. holiday travel in full swing. more people than ever before -- a live look, pull it up. philadelphia international airport. this is where we will see lines of people working through security today. hopefully not too long lines. the roads and rails will also be busy handling heavy traffic.
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susie hoped her son and daughter-in-law would be next to walk caught ebb and of the crowd. he couldn't wait to see his parents and vice versa. >> kind of surreal, there were points feeling like i would never get home. >> three brothers, too, looking forward to having them home for christmas, a nice holiday. >> tap the nbc10 app or log onto for travel information and traffic updates. the holiday travel rush is also moving by bus. last night university city was crowded with megabus passengers and then people traveling by train. dealing with the delay, trying to get to florida. >> left home 9:30 to catch the train at 10:00, got here at 2
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and been here since. federal officials are worrying about attacks at gathering sites. what the fbi is advising this weekend. actress carrie fisher is spending the holidays in a los angeles hospital after suffering a major health scare on a plane. we will explain what happened and update her condition after the break.
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welcome back. problems with a wet start to christmas eve. hanukkah saturday. what we are looking at is showers moving in for most of the area, it is just rain. see the purple, pink color, most is falling as rain in berks county, north hampton county. some of it we see to the north may be seeing a mix switch over
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because we start to see temperatures a little colder farther north you track. everywhere else starting to see showers. cloudy and rain is moving in from west to east. going to spread across the viewing zone. we are getting reports through philadelphia, meaning radar is reflecting what's making it to the ground. showers first half of the day. picking up in the afternoon. upper 40s to 50 degrees in philadelphia. and low 50s for the shore and delaware. you're more concerned about the evening for the christmas eve forecast, temperatures at 6:00, 46 degrees. by 11:00 p.m., 41 degrees. going to be perfect conditions for santa to move through. clear to mostly clear conditions by the overnight. lehigh valley 41 degrees, into the 30s overnight. getting chilly out there. shore points mid to low 40s, same for delaware as well. details on the hour by hour forecast for christmas day and talk about the extended ten day
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forecast coming up. santa and his elves get a head start by bringing gifts and joy to medically challenged children across the region. nonprofit committing to benefit the children is behind secret santa visit to kids receiving cancer treatment at saint christopher's hospital. the program in the fourth decade, raised more than $2.5 million for this effort. ten minutes past 5:00. coming up, details on the world famous rockettes kicking up a fuss about performing at the inauguration.
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saturday. a live look at the philadelphia museum of art, looking festive. and start of hanukkah. you can see the ground, looks like it may be wet. krystal klei tells us we have a little showers moving through this morning. she's going to be tracking that in the first alert forecast. we'll see her a little later on in the morning. so what smells? that's what people living in philadelphia and south jersey want to know. police and city officials started to get reports about a strange odor in center city and south philadelphia. i smelled it last night. here at nbc10, the newsroom got calls from people roaring a bad sulphur smell. authorities tell us they decided there's no gas leak in the area, but are continuing to investigate. if we find out anything, we will keep you posted. in other news, police investigating the shooting of a ups driver while he was making deliveries before the holiday.
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>> reporter: a 13 year veteran getting packages to your doorstep, especially in the holiday gift crunch time made a delivery at the rite-aid before pulling onto highland avenue. >> crazy stuff goes on around here. >> reporter: we are told the driver stopped to let a man cross the street and heard a bang, thinking it was just the truck, kept driving taking time to see his shoulder was hit. >> you can see the bullet in the jacket. >> reporter: he pulled in where they get service and emt was there to help. >> i hope he can return home with his family on christmas. >> reporter: the driver will be okay, but for neighbors another reminder how dangerous this area is. >> out here bringing packages to us and make sure our stuff get here, somebody just shoot him. doesn't make no sense. >> reporter: we saw another worker moving supplies, escorted
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by armed security. police haven't found the shooter, aren't sure what the motive was, but other drivers are worried about working here. >> i have to watch my back 24/7 could be me next. i could be the next one shot. >> reporter: while doctors took care of the driver here, ups got another crew to get the packages and deliver them to families in the area. drew smith, nbc10 news. now to the latest on actress carrie fisher's heart attack. her brother says she's in intensive care at a los angeles hospital. she suffered the attack on a flight from london to l.a. she's 60 years old, best known for her role in "star wars" movies. her parents are debbie reynolds and the late singer eddie fisher. authorities in europe say a routine request for id led to the shootout that killed the suspect in the berlin christmas market attack.
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two noticed him acting suspiciously when they approached him at a deserted train station yesterday morning. didn't know who he was, asked for his id. that's when he shot one of the officers. both returned fire killing him. he hi jacked a truck, and employed into the market monday killing 12 people and injuring dozens of others. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. in our country, federal officials warn about a call from isis sympathizers foray tax on churches and other holiday gathering sites. new york police on control outside saint patrick's cathedral yesterday. the warning came after a militant social media site posted a list of churches. the u.n. secretary general says resolution to condemn israeli settlements keeps alive a two state solution. yesterday, the u.s. abstained
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voting, demanding israel stop building settlements on palestinian territory. marked a rare instance of america not coming to israel's defense. the israeli and president-elect donald trump wanted to veto the resolution. mr. trump tweeted things will be different with the u.n. after his inauguration. speaking of the president-elect, he is raising nuclear concerns after an off camera comment that said let it be an arms race. yesterday mr. trump insisted the u.s. will surpass rivals, outlast them all in a push for global weapons dominance. made the remarks after calling for strengthening america's nuclear capability. the famous radio city rockettes are set to perform but some of them are reacting on
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social media. after finding the news, some fellow performers went on stage with tears in our eyes and heavy hearts. >> because of things that have been said that we would be sending a message. >> the company that employs them says the appearance is voluntary. they added they had more that wanted to perform than spots available. four people get a fresh start in the new year. chris christie pardoned them yesterday, includes two navy veterans that went to prison for drug and nonviolent charges. he pardoned a kentucky resident
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arrested for illegal possession of firearm and retired iron worker who struggles with addiction issues. a new jersey judge refused to appoint a special prosecutor in the criminal case against governor christie in the bridge gate scandal. they first denied the request this month. last month a jury convicted two former aides in connection with closures on the bridge. governor christie has never been ha the starting off with temperatures in philadelphia neighborhoods. the temperatures aren't cold enough to see snow this morning. instead rain is moving through, it is going to stay rain. our ground is warm. last few days warmer than average temperatures. we aren't talking icing concerns for most of the area as well. temperatures in philadelphia area, endora, 39 degrees.
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airport location at 40. that's not the official reading. center city, 40. graduate hospital, kensington. most of us around 40 degrees.ov or two through the morning, overall not seeing numbers dip below freezing. radar and satellite, the l ius, potential. temperatures shift over. i think the radar is going too graciously with the snow in berks and lehigh county. temperatures are warmer at the surface. closer look south.nto parts of south jersey, tracking a steady rain, deeper green and yellow extends through the area. then we go farther north, focus on philadelphia. it is lighter than gloucester
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county than evesham. going farther to the west, parts of chester county, seeing more wet and steady conditions. some of the pockets of yellow through coatesville and into berks county, those areas see steady to heavy rain as it continues to move through. through the morning you see showers in and out. seeing a lot to the west heading our direction. here's the hour by hour forecast. 6:00 a.m., we may see northern in berks county, lehigh valley and into the poconos, a little rain snow mix or icy patches. for most of us it is going to stay rain because of the temperatures. they boost up by 8:00 a.m. all rain in the viewing zone. around lunchtime, rain hanging in philadelphia, beginning to move off. as we go into later part of the day, we are clearing out. going to stay clear as we move into sunday for your christmas forecast. here's tonight for hanukkah
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forecast. we're going to see scattered clouds, mid 40s going into the evening. also looking at light winds. let's talk about the christmas forecast for philadelphia. 35 at 6:00 a.m. christmas day. by 10:00 a.m., 39 degrees. notice conditions going through the day, high of 50. 41 by 6:00 p.m. talk about your neighborhood forecast coming up. all the shopping you have been doing for the holidays could be leaving a mark on your credit score. purchases placed on credit cards utilization and cause damage to your score. if you pay on time, bring your credit utilization down, help your score recover over time. experts advise keeping credit use to no more than 30% of your limit. a lot of people receive gift cards for the holidays and they have different ideas how to spend them. according to national retail federation, 41% watch for good sales to maximize value of the card. 22% using it as soon as
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possible. 19% say they save it for a rainy day. santa and his reindeer are all ready for the christmas eve trip. this video shows him warming up the reindeer. he assigned rudolph to lead the way, assisted by dasher. the little ones can follow tonight, keep tabs on jolly old saint nick with santa tracker. tracking his whereabouts over 60 years. go to for a li watch games, watch videos and learn the history of santa. 5:23. more of the sights and sounds of the holiday season.
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foundation. st. peters episcopal church started lights of christmas. the free outdoor show includes a nativity scene that uses lights. they're synchronized to popular christmas tunes. it runs until december 31st. more than 100 kids in north philadelphia have clothes and gifts to help them through the winter. the christmas coat and toy drive at saint bash bus mission. cleveland browns player and neighbor helped organize the event. a few minutes before 5:30 this saturday. there's been a crash on i-95 that sent more than a dozenle o morning. nbc10 randy gyllenhaal just arrived at the scene in bensalem. we will check what's going on there in a few moments in a live report. krystal? holiday weekend, christmas eve, hanukkah, christmas day. details on all of that coming up.
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right now, the holiday shopping rush is on. you're against the clock to get last minute gifts. this morning, following the frenzy. hanukkah begins at sunset. we will preview the festival and local celebration coming up. and a crash in philadelphia leaves cars stacked on top of each other. take a look at this. we will explain how it happened. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. thanks for being with us. it is 5:30 this saturday. let's begin with the holiday forecast. meteorologist krystal klei has the first alert neighborhood weather. krystal? >> those of you that wait until the last second to go shopping, you have to grab the umbrella this morning. we have showers moving through the first half of our day. 40 degrees is the temperature in philadelphia. 41 in the suburbs.


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