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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  December 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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time to celebrate. people across our area are not only marking christmas eve, but also the start of hanukkah. will mother nature cooperate? well you can't expect a white christmas, we're hoping for nice weather. a look at your neighborhood forecast coming up. holiday tragedy, loved ones are mourning the loss of an elderly woman shot and killed in the store she owned for decades. right now at 6:00, the holidays are here, that means people are celebrating with friends and family. after a day of preparations for christmas eve and the first night of hanukkah. boat house row already looking festive. we hope to show that to you in a moment. we can tell you happy hanukkah is spelled out in blue lights.
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just days ago it was lit up in red and green for christmas. there it is, looking festive there along the schuylkill river. good evening i'm ted greenberg thank you so much for being with us. merry christmas eve and happy hanukkah. tonight we have team forecast from your forecast to holiday preparations, we begin with nbc 10's drew smith live in logan's square where the festivities have just beginning. good evening. >> the first mass of many planned down here of st. peter and paul is happening right now, the menorah is lit as hanukkah has begun. everybody we're talking to is very happy to be spending time with family and getting the holidays started. it was packed for the final minutes of the christmas village at philadelphia city hall. people making last-minute gift purchases. we caught an exchange on camera. >> here, alex, this is a gift for you. give me a hug.
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>> vendors closed for the season tonight. the hectic shop something finally behind us, now it's family time. >> i love it it's a time that everyone can come together. you know put all your differences to the side. whether it's just family or yourself or anyone you might know that's close. >> at independence hall, the menorah is now lit as hanukkah celebrations now begin. >> over at the cathedral basilica. christmas eve mass gets the holiday started for many families. >> it helps you get in the christmas spirit. >> christmas mass, that's why we do it first at 5:00, then we go to dinner, go home and sit around the christmas tree and maybe wrap some gifts. >> there's so much more planned for tonight. events dinners across the city at the cathedral. a mass in spanish later on followed by the traditional carols. midnight mass to welcome on in christmased a midnight. life in logan square, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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christmas eve at the vatican. pope francis celebrated mass in a packed st. peter's basilica. the late-night mass is the first major event of the christmas season for the pontiff which will include his noon blessing on christmas day. mass is happening right now in the little town of bethlehem, you're looking live at the christmas eve service at the church of the nativity in the biblical west bank town. right now thousands of visitors from around the world are in bethlehem, the traditional birth place of jesus christ. back at home we continue team coverage with a look at your holiday forecast after a rainy start to the day. things are finally looking up. let's go to nbc 10 first alert erica martin. >> i'm looking with a live look from boat house row. conditions are ideal. we're seeing partly cloudy skies and comfortable all around. so not much to complain about. we did see some light rain
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earlier today. moderate rain showers for you farther south and reports of fog. otherwise, satellite picking up on a few clouds. we have lots of sun in the forecast for christmas. right now neighborhoods locally, philly metro seeing lots of 40s, look at the mild temperatures, 47 for fox chase park, 46 degrees, chestnut hill, 43, center city at 46, port richmond 46 and graduate hospital at 45 degrees. so a very mild night, now that the rain showers are clearing. a quick look at what to expect for christmas eve at 8:00 p.m. seeing 30s and 40s, at 11:00 p.m., approaching midnight. seeing 30s. back to you. as we mentioned, it's the first night of hanukkah and christmas eve. tonight families across our region are gathering around the dinner table to celebrate with food. today we found folks picking up the last-minute items to complete their holiday feast. here in lower marian people were
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buying bread and other baked goods, along with latkes and soup. in port richmond it's all about sausage and pierogis, the family has made authentic polish kielbasa for almost a century. folks line up to get the must-have items for their traditional polish holiday feast. for hundreds around philadelphia, getting christmas treats from termany brothers, many wait in long lines for the south philadelphia bakery's popular cannoli. if you're still planning on hitting chain stores, target, k-mart and big lots will be open until 10:00 tonight. each location might have a different time. so be sure to check with your nearest store and tap the nbc 10 app for our holiday gift guide and get a look at how people across our area are observing the holidays and get a look at your christmas forecast.
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turning to a christmas eve tragedy, a philadelphia neighborhood is in mourning, after an elderly woman was shot and killed in the corner store that she has owned for decades. >> i hope somebody turns in any information on whoever did this to her. she didn't deserve this. >> police responded to maureen's grocery store on south sixth street in queen village just before 9:00 a.m. it seems everyone in the neighborhood knew marie buck. nbc 10's andrea cline-thomas joins us live outside her corner store with more on the grief in that community. andrea? >> well ted, we've heard so many stories about marie buck. like how every christmas she dresses up like santa. how she used this store as a way to help people out. how she was born and raised on this very block. and if the tears we've seen are any indication, she will definitely be missed.
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>> the news spread quickly but it's taking much longer fon it to sink in. >> it's christmas eve, who does this. >> police responded to marie's grocery just before 9:00 this morning. a man described as wearing a black hoodie fired a dozen shots. the 81-year-old owner was hit multiple times and was pronounced dead at the hospital. she's identified by family as marie buck. >> i can't believe it. how people can be like animals. you want to go in and rob the store. rob the store. you got to kill them? >> police say it does not appear that anything was stolen. those who know aunt marie say if robbery was the motive, all the suspect had to do was ask. >> the person who came in and did this to her she probably took care of them. she took care of everybody. >> that's including her customers who became like family. >> i've been in there and she gave me stuff. when i was short of change. she had love.
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>> four more than four decades, marie's grocery has been a staple in the south philly neighborhood. >> she would curse you one second, love you the next zmxt standing shorter than five feet tall. customers say it was marie's larger-than-life personality that kept them coming back. that's why this hurt so much and no one can understand why it happened. ? not once did this store ever i get robbed, for living in this neighborhood my whole life. what the hell was someone thinking? >> right now there are flowers outside of marie's grocery store. police pulled surveillance a few doors down. they're not sure if that will help. they're asking you to give them a call if you have any information. reporting live in south philly, andrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. 15 people were sent to the hospital this christmas eve after a passenger van veered off the highway in bucks county, it
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happened just after 3:30 this morning on i-95 in bensalem. we're told some injuries are serious, but not life-threatening. new details about the strange smell that made its way through part of the philadelphia area last night. we have learned that a power outage at a south jersey refinery is to blame for the sulfur odor. officials at pbf energy in paulsboro, gloucester county. happened last night. philadelphia's 911 system started getting flooded with calls. we're told the odor was not dangerous. stranded in the snow, how crews came to the rescue of one local family on a trip to the grand canyon. plus the special delivery, while most children are waiting for santa to come to their house, these kids dressed up like elves to give back. and we're keeping close tabs on santa tonight. we're still waiting for him to
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arrive in our area. santa has been busy for hours. delivering gifts to boys and girls around the world. the north american aerospace defense command or norad is tracking the big guy, and right now he's in algeria. we'll update you on santa's whereabouts next.
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celebrating christmas eve in new york city, a live look at the rockefeller center tree. the 78-foot tree is lit up by thousands of multicolored l.e.d. lights, staying lit until january 6th. a special christmas eve visit for some kids battling serious illnesses, this holiday season. >> ho ho ho, merry christmas! >> santa! >> how are you doing! >> santa got quite a welcome as
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he made a special house call this morning in springfield, montgomery county, he visited with sick kids who got to leave their beds at st. christopher's hospital for children. spend christmas with their families. of course santa brought presents for all. erica in. >> well ted, mild conditions for hanukkah and christmas. conditions will get a lot chillier by next week, a sneak peek at your new year's forecast. it will be dry through midnight. details coming up in the ten-day on 10. see you then.
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time to check in again on santa's travels. norad is tracking the big guy this christmas eve. right now he's in mauritania, he's already delivered more than 3.5 billion gifts. back at hole, philadelphia's christmas village has been the place to go to pick up some
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great holiday gifts, a live look at the outdoor market. which closed for the season just a short time ago. a northampton county family is safe after they became stranded in snow two days ago on a forest road near the grand canyon. searchers in northern arizona found karen klein of easton early this morning after she walked some 26 miles since thursday, trying to find help. authorities rescued her husband and the couple's 10-year-old son yesterday. all three treated for ailments related to cold exposure. officials say the family was trying to reach the north rim of the grand canyon, which is closed for the winter. a gloucester county fire company is making christmas special for a mom and her children in west deptford. [ sirens ] >> the verga fire company found out that roxanne cook had fallen on hard times and was working
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hard to care for her two children who have special needs, so today the firefighters brought their trucks and invited santa to the family's home. dropped off presents and food for the family to enjoy for the holiday. well while most kids are waiting for santa to awe rife, students in one philadelphia high school are taking on the role of elves. 12 teens from nazareth academy high school visited more than two dozen families, delivering 600 presents to children in need. the students dressed up as elves and kicked off their efforts with a prayer service this morning. it's another year without a white christmas. but it won't be quite as warm as last year. remember this? we found people at the shore wearing t-shirts and shorts on christmas eve. last christmas brought record-breaking temperatures, mostly in the 70s and it's going to be mild again this year. just not as warm as last year.
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you might want to opt for the long sleeved tee instead of short sleeves. let's check the forecast from meteorologist erika martin. still going to be a mild christmas, erica in. >> ted, no matter how you slice it, a nice christmas in the forecast with lots of sunshine. temperatures are going to be in the 50s, i'll get to that in a moment. however right now we're seeing mild conditions as well. 43 on average for new jersey, p.a. suburbs, 41 for you. partly cloudy skies, we had some rain passing from west to east. otherwise everything improving. i do like the hanukkah graphic. we're going to keep things mild in the 40s and very light winds. so winds will not be an issue for tonight. your neighborhood forecast, notice that west-southwesterly flow as far as the wind goes, at the current temperature of 42 degrees. lumberton, 44. florence, 45. vineland, 43 degrees, we see mainly 40s around the delaware
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valley. hopewell township at 42 degrees. if you look at what to expect along the jersey shore, it looks nice, egg harbor township at 40, mullica township at 40 and cape may currently at 45 degrees. what about christmas? lots of sunshine in the forecast. we're dominated by a high pressure system that will be our weather-maker, so look at the temperatures for tomorrow. 47 is the expected high temperature for bethlehem. 43 for easton. lots of sunshine. newtown expected to reach mid to upper 40s, west chester, mid 40s for you, overnight in the 40s. byeberry, mount airy, 46. temperatures above normal for this time of year. trenton, 46. lots of sunshine. galloway, 47. avalon, mid to upper 40s. and in delaware, wilmington 50, dover, 46 degrees, our hour-by-hour forecast shows us the next system moving in
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tomorrow we'll see lots of sunshine, i started this on monday. monday afternoon it looks like we'll start to see light rain showers, a wintry mix for parts of the lehigh valley. everything clears by tuesday. so conditions pretty much just mainly dry, new year's eve, a look ahead, chillier temperatures across the delaware valley. because we have a cold front moving in so much colder air sliding into place, 20s by evening. but it will be dry just in time for the fireworks, your ten-day on ten looks like this, temperatures above normal for monday and tuesday, expected high temperature, 57 degrees on tuesday. it will be breezy. tracking some showers on thursday. a gusty friday. and of course it looks like new year's eve will be a great night, especially for those fireworks. here's danny pommells with sports. no birds this weekend but a full slate of football scheduled for today. we'll show you how one team still managed a huge first on the penultimate week of the season. the 6ers gave fans their
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. time to check in with peter alexander for look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." peter, good evening. >> merry christmas, happy hanukkah to you, breaking news on this christmas eve, donald trump announcing he'll close his controversial charitable foundation to troy to avoid potential for conflicts of interest. we'll bring you the latest details. we're watching a major winter storm that's threatening the middle of the country just in time for christmas. everything from freezing rain to snow in the forecast. an ad jingle that's become a holiday tradition in one american community. been around there for 60 years.
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good luck trying to get this out of your head. we'll have it ahead in a few minutes. for now, ted, back to you, have a great holiday. >> you as well, see you at 6:30. hey hey, danny pommells with you, happy holidays. all philly sports teams off this christmas eve. able to spend well-earned time with their families, here's 6ers coach and joel embiid with what the holiday season means to them. >> i'm a christmas romantic. i feel like i've been an all-star christmas dad over the years, i love it. i grew up in new england with snow. and i really love the holidays. >> one of the biggest celebrations back home and in my family. so et cetera a big deal. >> 6ers were in good shape against the suns last night.
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up by as many as 13. but a furious second-half comeback saw phoenix beat the 6ers by seven. embiid spoke after the game about how he felt on the court with noel. >> i thought we did pretty good. all the shots watched the tape a little, see but i thought defensively we were pretty good. we got to figure out the same thing, i thought we still got to figure it out. >> embiid not on the first noel, but good enough, right? i couldn't resist, all right to the nfl 12 games on the docket, leaving two for tomorrow's christmas day slate. one a match-up between the broncos and chiefs, kansas city needing a win to clinch a playoff spot. while denver is looking into the playoff picture. with more, here's final night in america crew. >> welcome to the set football night in america.
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dan patrick, tony dungy, rodney harrison. denver/kansas city sunday night on nbc. >> merry christmas, dan. >> thank you, ron. >> did you get some new glasses? >> santa got those for me so i could see your mistakes a little bit clearer. >> oh! >> who do you got on christmas night? >> well speaking of mistakes, i look at the denver broncos and they make a lot of them, especially on the offensive side of the ball, coach. >> denver is struggling, i said last week i didn't think they'd make the playoffs, they have to win out. i don't believe they will in kansas city. >> tough to figure out kansas city, lose at home to tampa, lose at home to the titans as well. denver at kansas city, sunday night on nbc. >> one of the dozen games today, the browns staring at a winless season. hosting the chargers, san diego up a field goal in the second. isaiah crowell does the honors, he's got reservations for six, browns up 14-10.
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later a seven-point game in the third. browns need a field goal, our old friend cody parky. cannot kick it? yes, you can. knocks it home, browns up ten, those three points would prove to be crucial because the chargers trimmed the deficit to three, under ten seconds to go. we've got more drama than a soap opera, they're in field goal range, the kick is up, but it's wide. the browns win it first of the season coming in week 16, 20-17 the final. that's your look at sports, i'm danny pommells, csn. back to you. santa will be arriving in our area a few hours, let's check again to see where he is right now. norad satellites are keeping tabs on his travels, you can see santa and his reindeer traveling. and he just left ghana, when they get here, they'll have no problems, clear skies for them. >> really nice conditions. so he gets around really quickly
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and tonight we're going to see partly cloudy skies to mostly clear skies. i say ideal, because it's going to be pretty warm, mid 30s for the most part. the winds will be mild and then ted tomorrow, sunny, warm christmas, how about that? just like so cal kind of. not really. 57 on tuesday, we're seeing an increase in the wind speeds and wind gusts, and then it looks like we'll see rain showers overnight monday into tuesday and tracking the potential for some showers thursday. but the big story is after this is what to expect for new year's eve. >> probably in so cal 50 on christmas they're freezing. "nightly news" is next, see you at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. president-elect trump is shutting down the trump foundation. word after a storm of controversy and an investigation. the nightmare before christmas. slick roads and runways. treacherous travel as millions head home for the holidays, and the last-minute shoppers trigger madness at the malls. holiday tragedies. a pair of house fires claimed the lives of several children strapped unes able to escape. frightening new incidents raising concerns about the safety of a habit soaring in popularity. and jingle all the way. a tv commercial now a christmas tradition where the wind comes sweeping down the plains. you might not be able to get it out of your head. "nightly news" begins


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