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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  December 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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christmas is here and the celebrations are in full swing. we'll show you how people across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are marking the holiday. no white christmas but the weather couldn't have gotten much better. now, we have a bigger warmup in store for the week ahead. a christmas grinch. people in one philadelphia neighborhood woke up to presents under the tree and a not so nice surprise outside. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. ♪ right now at 6:00, celebrating christmas. people across our entire region are marking the occasion in many ways, from church services to festive meals and giving back to those in need. some even getting outdoors to
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take advantage of the mild christmas weather. good evening, everyone. merry christmas. i'm ted greenberg. thank you for being with us tonight. we have team coverage of christmas celebrations across our area. but we begin with nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika mart n martin, who is tracking change after a nice christmas day outside. >> great day, in fact. 50 degrees at philadelphia airport. that was the official observation. outside, it is still quiet. at the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast conditions. in and around philadelphia, we're seeing 44 for kensington. society hill, 48. look at all these 40s. upper 30s for chestnut hill. satellite and radar image showing a few clouds. really, we'll see partly cloudy
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skies. mostly clear for some tonight. we'll pick up showers moving in. in fact, you can see the arrows showing us rain headed our way. we could see a little changeover for parts of lehigh valley. otherwise, mainly dry until tomorrow. coming up in the full forecast, we'll talk about what to expect for your monday. looks like widely scattered showers. >> see you then. many people kicked off their christmas with church services. nbc 10 was at the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul. hundreds of worshippers attended mass this morning. that's not the only way people are celebrating the holiday. for many, it is all about getting together with family or reaching out to the less fortunate. nbc 10's drew smith is live on penn's landing with the story. drew? >> ted, this is all about happiness for a lot of families. take a look at people having fun outside here tonight. spreading the happiness goes
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beyond family and friends. they made sure people had a great christmas who otherwise wouldn't be able to. >> reporter: a festive give away in west philadelphia got christmas off to a great start with toys going to both children and seniors. and to add to that, a live animal nativity scene got everybody into a hands on presentation of the story of christmas. the chosen 300 ministries fed hundreds of homeless people in montgomery county. >> the amazing thing is we had the opportunity to help out those who are poor and less fortunate. >> reporter: the scrovolunteers helped those who wouldn't have anything. >> now he is going to get a gift and now the smile is going to come. >> reporter: in kensington, it was outdoor outreach. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: a group came over to serve a hot meal.
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>> it is not about going to a store. it is about a lot, lot more. it's about giving back and giving these people something to eat. >> reporter: some of the volunteers have been down on their luck for past christmas days. now, they're trying to help overs get back on their feet. >> whatever it takes. it just warms my heart, to be able to give back. >> christmas is clearly not over for a lot of the people out here who are unbelievably not tired from all the opening of presents this morning. people telling us they'll stay out here and enjoy the festivities, take a skate around the rink. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thanks so much. a 64 year tradition on the delaware river today. ♪ >> thousands of people attended the reenactment of george washington's christmas day river crossing. everyone really seemed to get into the spirit, as you can see there. they were all decked out in continental military uniforms. the army crossed the delaware on december 25th, 1776, to take on
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the hestians in trenton. spending christmas away from loved ones isn't easy but that's the reality for hundreds of young people training in cape may to be the newest members of the coast guard. thanks to generous folks in south jersey, the recruits were treated to a special christmas. lauren mayk has the story from cumberland county. >> reporter: here at the elk's lodge, the coast guard recruits coming here don't know what's in store for them. a christmas day surprise and celebration. [ applause ] the young recruits have a break from training today, and they're filing in for a party. christmas feast is thanks to volunteers. something else they've been craving. >> what's up? >> reporter: a rare chance to call home. look around the hall and you'll see the cell phones come out. a special treat for the holiday. >> hi, grandma. >> hey, mom.
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>> i started crying before i even heard her voice. >> reporter: these recruits are from all around the country. for some, their first christmas away. organizers know it can be hard to be so far from home. >> thank you for your service. anybody need a cell phone? >> reporter: everyone gets a chance to make a connection. >> it's ringing. >> reporter: amanda hasn't talked to her mom since thanksgiving. >> hey, mom. i'm good. merry christmas. >> reporter: mom's cooking, she says, as she describes the scene here. >> they have pool tables here, an entire buffet. they have brownies. >> reporter: little things make the difference. ann smith was surprised with what they had waiting for them here. >> it felt really good. happy, like i was at home. it was nice. >> reporter: they welcomed and fed 108 recruits today and they're already working on next year. in millville, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. pope francis wished for peace during his christmas message today. thousands packed st. peter's
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square in vatican city to hear him speech. he sprayed for those who lost loved ones to terrorism. he pressed the international community to find a solution to the war in syria. president-elect donald trump is celebrating christmas in florida. mr. trump and his wife melania attended a church service in palm beach, the same church where the couple was married in 2005. the president-elect tweeted this morning, wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. now to a developing story out of russia. a russian plane carrying a famous military band crashes into the black sea. crews have found the debris from the plane about a mile from where it took off in sochi today. there were 92 people on board, including the russian army choir. 11 bodies have been found in the water. it is not yet clear what caused
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the plane to go down. russian president vladimir putin has declared monday a national day of mourning. this just in. back here at home, scary moments for a montgomery county family. a woman walking in the neighborhood saw smoke from a second floor apartment in willow grove and called 11 th911 this afternoon. a family was still downstairs on the first floor when firefighters showed up. a fire started in one of the upstairs bedrooms but the people living there was not home. no one was hurt. a somber christmas in a south philadelphia neighborhood a day after a beloved 81-year-old store owner was gunned down. flowers and candles sit outside marie's grocery store at sixth and titan streets. marie roamed the market for 43 years. many customers have been dropping off tributes to her. a man dressed in all black shot and killed buck inside her store on christmas eve. police don't have a motive for
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the murder but say nothing was stolen from the store. no one has been arrested. who would do such a thing on christmas? that's what neighbors woke up saying this morning in the summerdale section of philadelphia. ten cars had their tires slashed on the block. police are still searching for the slasher. dashing through the snow. a deer comes within inches of getting hit by a police car. we'll show you the rest of the video that's got everyone talking. plus, it's out of this world. we'll show you how some american astronauts are celebrating christmas in space. nbc 10 viewers have been sharing their holiday photos with us. we're sharing some of them with you tonight. shannon walsh posted this photo of her christmas tree all lit up. lots of presents underneath. we hope they are enjoying the holiday this evening. we're back in a moment.
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talk about a close call. watch as a mule deer darts across a snowy oregon highway, nearly colliding with a police cruiser. luckily, neither the deer nor the officer was hurt. a lot of snow there. >> pretty close. new year's eve forecast. what can you expect to kick off the following new year? looks like it will be chillier. will it be dry for the fireworks? i have details in a bit. >> sounds good. thank you. another holiday photo to share with you. this one is from the philadelphia fire department, engine 41, ladder 24. they want to thank everyone working this holiday weekend, from the police, doctors, nurses and waitresses. they want to wish you all a merry christmas.
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we'll be right back.
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one local family has two reasons to celebrate tonight. not only is it christmas but they have a new addition. meet scarlet knnoel, born today. congratulations to her happy family. we want to see your photos and videos. share your photos with us on facebook, twitter skpand instag. ♪ a church service in their pajamas. people were encouraged to wear their pjs this morning at the lutheran church of our savior in haddenfield. they held a mass this morning and several other services last night. members of the jewish faith are marking the second night of hanukkah this evening. you can see boat house row is lit up in white and blue to mark
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the occasion. tonight, the national menorah is shining bright outside the white house. it was lit over an hour ago. tonight is the second night of hanukkah. the event featured music and traditional jewish food. there was also a celebration today for those who don't celebrate christmas. the national museum of american-jewish history on independence mall hosted its annual bay of family fun. people of all religions and background were welcome. the event had music, food, holiday arts and crafts for the kids. let's head over to erika now. it was a nice day. bright, blue skies. mild temperatures for late december. >> yeah. >> i mean, could have been bundled up but we weren't. >> ideal conditions for today. really mild. lots of sunshine for today. we topped out at 50 degrees, the official observed high at philadelphia international airport. now, mainly 40s. 45 on average for new jersey. upper 30s for the pa suburbs.
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low 40s in and around philadelphia. upper 30s for the lehigh valley. delaware, an average of 40s. low 40s there. the bottom of your screen, you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. now, we're tracking partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. green on the screen is headed our way. i'll time it out in a moment hour by hour. now, temperatures are mild. 48 for blandon. the temperatures are really mild all day long. bethlehem, 41 degrees. pa suburbs seeing lots of 40s. upper 30s. collegeville, 42. the winds are mild and will start to shift. however, right now, everything is pretty calm. along the jersey shore, lots of 40s. upper 30s for upper township. atlantic city, 43 degrees.
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wholegate is at 43 for you. hour by hour, picking up on clouds developing overnight into tomorrow. tomorrow morning, we may see a little bit of a changeover. perhaps a little bit of a freezing rain for parts of the lehigh valley. i think the system will be mainly rain. it is a warm front that'll slide in from the southwest to the northeast. 7:00 a.m. tuesday, we're still seeing showers on the screen and then everything clears. now, it is mild and dry. tracking warmer temperatures. your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow, seeing 50 for philadelphia. overnight lows in the 30s. cre chestnut, mid to upper 40s. dover, 451, the expected high temperature. for new year's eve, it certainly will be chilly. the good news, it is going to be dry. your ten-day on 10. bringing us a little bit of a mixed bag.
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we have a major warmup by monday into tuesday. upper 50s. tracking a gusty friday and, of course, what to expect for the end of this year to kick off the following new year. notice, it'll be dry saturday. increasing clouds sunday and monday. hi. i'm amy from csn. eagles coach doug pederson explains how a few plays could have changed the birds' season. and wentz made a reappearance against the giants. all that next.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk brought do you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hello, everyone. happy holidays to you and yours. i'm amy from csn. the eagles are off, having
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beaten the giants thursday night. one more game to round out doug pederson's first season in charge. the birds will finish bel below .500. pederson says this group isn't far from sustained success. >> when you look back on the season, it'll come down to about six or seven plays that could change the outcome of your season. and flip it for ya. so we were right there. and the guys believed it. by no means was anybody thinking rebuilding or retooling or looking to next year because, you know, we're only guaranteed the next day. the next week. and that's all we were focused on really. and trying to win that next game. >> as for quarterback carson wentz, he connected with agholor for the lone touchdown pass again it's giants thursday. it was encouraging to see not just because of the the well documented struggles this season but showed something the offense has been lacking.
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>> we've been lacking that big play touchdown, as well. it's been a while. for us, it was huge for him personality. it was something to build on. college football. going for the 11th win of the season in the military bowl against wake forest in annapolis, minnesota. they've been rocked by the de p departure of their head coach to baylor. history. >> definitely something talked ability througho about throughout the year. greatest temple teams ever. we know 11 wins has never been mindset but it'll be a blessing to go out there and get this for the university. little christmas day basketball. rematch of last year's nba finals. cavs hosting the warriors. they blew a 3-1 lead in the series, and the cavs claimed the title.
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tied. lebron. under ten seconds to go. warriors up one. klay thompson, up and over. huge spot. cavs back in the lead. last shot for golden state. kevin durant. richard jefferson. no call. cavs win it, fourth straight over the warriors. 109-108. that'll do it for sports. back to you. >> thank you so much. time to check in with peter alexander for a look at what's coming up next on "nbc nightly news." good evening. >> merry christmas to you. coming up tonight, investigators are searching for answers after a russian plane crash left 92 dead. is terrorism to blame? before you log in, you'll want to listen up. a warning tonight about your e wi-fi. how the information you think is private may already be in the hands of thieves. we'll have that on "nbc nightly
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news." ted v a gre ted, have a great holiday. >> merry christmas to you, as well. see you at 6:30. back in a moment.
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from the expedition 50 crew, merry christmas and happy holidays. >> a christmas celebration in space. american and french astronauts marked the holiday on board the international space station. the crew enjoyed a dehydrated feast of traditional food from their hometowns. we're following breaking news that's coming in. singer george michael has passed away at the age of 53. more on that coming up next on "nbc nightly news." thanks so much for being with us. i'm head greenberg. for erika and all of us, have a great night. merry christmas.
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on this sunday night, holiday storm, snow and ice and rainmaking a white christmas for many. millions are bracing for travel headaches for the rush. no survivors as a russian jet goes down in crystal clear weather killing 92 on board and including a famous choir, was it terrorism? vladimir putin vows to get answers. >> you think you are safe but thieves are. >> -- snooping through your information. a baby born just 11 ounces given 20% chance of survival, wait until you see her now. "nightly news" on this chst


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