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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  December 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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way out to our west tracking some very spotty light rain that's starting to pick up. that's just barely beginning to move into pennsylvania. some of that may be able to clip that northern end of our viewing zone. some moisture may pop up from that system. tracking now take a closer look. we'll talk hour by hour temperatures for your monday. if you have to get back to work, those details will come up. >> starting out in center city, looking at the vine street expressway. 8th street, very light traffic. the rest of the majors look well. schuylkill, problem free. 95 problem free. looking pretty good. dark right now certainly because the cameras are problem free. majors in new jersey, 295, the new jersey turnpike as well as the 42 freeway, we are problem free. everything good to go in the free. when i look at the majors when we come back. >> francesca, thanks for the update. it will be a busy travel day
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across the entire area. here's a live look outside the area. give yourself plenty of extra time to park, check in and get yourself through security. for some at the airport yesterday morning, it was a last-minute rush home for christmas. we were there as travelers hurried off to catch their planes. fortunately for them there were no major problems or delays reported. passengers told us it was an easy day to travel and they were ready to celebrate with their families. aaa estimated 103 million americans traveled for the holidays, however, most chose to drive. happening along with the airport, expect malls and shopping centers across the region to be packed. >> that's right. in addition to post-christmas sales, many people will be heading back for returns or exchanges. "nbc 10's" matt delucia is live outside the cherry hill mall with more. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning. a couple of days ago it was all about people here for their last-minute shopping, finishing up their list.
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now you're going to see people bringing back some of those last-minute items here. it is time for the returns, exchanges and refunds after all. the odds are one out of every ten gifts, that you'll return one out of every ten gifts. more if you got them online. 30 to 40% of items bought online can be returned. that's interesting. on the other hand, if you are about to make a store credit or you got a gift card you want to use, you can pick up good after christmas deals. clothing, electronics, video games are among some of the items usually marked down. what actually happens after you bring your gift back to the store? here's an interesting note about what some retailers do with all of those returns. >> maybe they sell it like an open box store. best buy does that. or in some cases it has to be sent to a liquidator or
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wholesaler. >> reporter: either way, try to save that receipt if you do have one. now the cherry hill mall opens this morning at 8:00. a lot of retailers put a time limit on when you can return items. amazon, for example, you have until the end of january for things shipped in november and december, but you do want to check with the site or the store first before you bring that item back to see if you can exchange it for something else. live in cherry hill, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." thank you. today's legal christmas holiday is extending the joy of the holiday in philadelphia. the city skyline was glowing bright with christmas colors last night. landmarks like the art museum provided a brilliant backdrop for photos and selfies. a lot of families volunteered their time like in kensington and west philadelphia. they made sure there were christmas gifts and dinner for the homeless. >> receive gifts, receive hope.
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>> even struggle to go stay upright at penn's landing were smiling on a clear christmas night in the city. it is 4:34 right now. general george washington is safely across the delaware river again thanks to a decade's old christmas tradition. ♪ ♪ the reenactment of george washington's christmas day crossing in bucks county drew thousands of people yesterday. they were decked out in continental military uniforms. general washington's actual army crossed the delaware on christmas day of 1776 to score a crucial victory in the battle of trenton. kwanzaa begins today. the kwanzaa holiday dates back to the 1960s. each day of the celebration carries a core principle. the first day's focus is on unity, followed by self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose,
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creativity and faith. kwanzaa is capped off with a feast and thanksgiving. happening today, philadelphia's annual hanukkah parade will roll through the streets of center city, philadelphia. you're looking at last year's event. the parade begins at aikenville this afternoon at 4:00. it will end at independence mall where the world's largest menorah is already lit. you can enjoy music, dancing and treats for the kids. and here's a crossover of kindness. you're looking at some of the 1,000 christmas cookies baked by kindergarteners at the synagogue in northeast philadelphia. they deliver the cookies to hospital workers who had to be on duty yesterday. they wrote thank you notes to go with the treats. well, this morning, reaction continues to pour in following the death of pop music icon george michael. >>. ♪ wake me up before you go go >> ahead, we look back on the
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impact george michael left on the music industry and the world. also, tiger on the move. brandy wine zoo will soon be living elsewhere. hear where it's heading and why. and here's a live look outside boathouse row. dry conditions right now. we could see isolated rain today or in the days to come? we're going to track the potential as you get back in the second half of the work week coming up.
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good morning, everyone. i'm francesca ruscio. watching i-95 at columbus boulevard. very, very light traffic. speaking of columbus boulevard, it has been reduced to one lane. the left lane remains open due to a water main break between i-95 and washington avenue. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway.
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everything looking good to go in the green. in and out of center city. that will change in the next two hours. eastbound on the blue ridge to vine street travel, 14 minutes. westbound 12 minutes. take a look at the vine street expressway. we'll send it back to you. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. starting out with a look outside philadelphia. gorgeous look at the boathouse row. first off, the dry shot. no rain falling this morning and we are not worried about high winds today. this is going to be a nice start. we have to kind of ease back into going to work this morning. maybe you get today off. you can enjoy one more day of holiday. what we're looking at, most of us are going to stay dry. this is ahead of a system that's in the central part of the country. the closer look at our area shows increasing clouds starting to move through. what we are going to track is isolated chances of rain or even freezing rain just along that northern edge of berks county,
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lehigh valley and the poconos. spotty rain showers along the shore points as it goes into later today. tonight into tomorrow as we bring in better chances of rain as the system starts to near us. here's the forecast today hour by hour. this morning it's pretty chilly. 36 degrees around 7:00 a.m. it will boost up into the mid to upper 40s. i do think the high will be right around 50 degrees in philadelphia. also cloudy throughout. this is going to be a beautiful, sunny day like we saw yesterday. instead more of a gray day as we see the clouds pushing in ahead of the big cold front that sits well to the west of us. through the suburbs, right around freezing through 7:00 a.m. 40 by 11:00 a.m. and 42 as we get to the afternoon. mid 40s with the temperatures in the suburbs to upper 40s. lehigh valley, even a little cooler. in fact, that's very isolated potential around 8:00 to 10:00 that we could see freezing rain. it doesn't look likely. very small chances that could lead to some slick roadways if
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you have the later commute. temperatures will warm up. they're going to continue warming up right through your afternoon and evening with a warm front pushing in. here's what we're looking at from delaware, new jersey, the shore and cloudy conditions as well. pretty comfortable in the temperature range. going from the 30s to 40s to mid 40s by right ahead of your lunch hour. the upper 40s to close to 50 degrees as we get into the afternoon. as we go into the work week a roller coaster of changes from the wind and chances of rain. we'll get into that in more detail. >> krystal, thank you very much. how about this for a christmas present? brand-new addition to their family. she was born on christmas day. congratulations to her family. what a beautiful little baby there. we want to see your creative holiday photos and videos. use #nbc10holiday. speaking of holidays, new year's eve is getting closer.
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all is fine here at the blue cross river rink. it will be the place to be as we usher in 2017. saturday night will feature fireworks displays. we'll have the fireworks at 6:00 and don't miss round two at the stroke of midnight. it's safe to say that what you're about to see is a christmas gift that nobody wanted. >> that's right. about a dozen people living in one philadelphia neighborhood began the holiday deflated. next, hear where this happened and what police are saying about it. also -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> remembering george michael. next we look back at this musician's life in music.
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new this monday morning, investigators were on revere street for hours collecting evidence. the man who was shot is in surgery this morning fighting for his life. there were at least five shots fired around 11:30 last night, we're told. so far no arrests have been made. some neighbors in philadelphia are dealing with a very unhappy surprise from christmas morning. slashed car tires. here's what they woke up to yesterday. people living on fullbroad street people slashed tires on nearly a dozen tires between saturday night and early christmas morning. we spoke to the owner of one. >> i just don't get it. what pleasure does somebody get out of, you know, slashing people's tires? i just don't get it. >> police continue to look for the tire slasher. south philadelphia neighborhood is dealing with the christmas eve tragedy. an elderly store owner who was shot and killed. 81-year-old marie buck ran
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marie's grocery store at sixth and titan street for more than four decades. yesterday customers dropped off tributes to her. flowers and candles now sit outside the market. police are looking for the shooter. said a man dressed in black gunned down buck inside of her store saturday night. investigators don't have a motive for the murder. they said nothing from the store was stolen. ♪ i gave you my heart ♪ the very next day you gave it away ♪ >> the music world is remembering this morning george michael. the superstar singer died in his home in england yesterday. his manager told the associated press that michael passed away from heart failure, but his publicist said the singer had not been ill. "nbc 10's" ted greenberg takes a closer look back at the life of a pop legend ♪ wake me up before you go go >> reporter: george michael first became a worldwide star with pop duo wham in the early
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'80s when the british singer, songwriter and producer went solo, smash hits kept coming. ♪ you've got to have faith >> reporter: the 1987 album "faith" sold more than 80,000 records. the singer won wide praise for his tremendous vocal range. ♪ last christmas >> reporter: but michael's risky behavior and brushes with the law also kept him in the headlines. one arrest led to the singer publicly revealing he was gay. a grave bout of pneumonia left him nearly dead in 2011 but he pulled through to survive. >> i never actually have appeared on stage and -- >> reporter: according to statements from his publicist and police, the singer died at he his home in southern england. a statement from the publicist saying it is with great sadness
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that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend george passed away peacefully at home over the christmas period. the family would ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult and emotional time. george michael dead at the age of 53. >> with word of george michael's death tributes from celebrities poured into social media. ellen degeneres wrote, i just heard about my friend george michael's death. duran duran wrote 2016, another loss of a talented soul. and elton john posted this message about his one-time duet partner, i am in deep shock i have lost a beloved friend. the kindest, most generous soul and a brilliant artist. my heart goes out to his family, friends, and all of his friends. we have new details this morning on "star wars" actress carrie fisher who's recovering from a heart attack.
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fisher's mother, actress debby reynolds, says her daughter is in stable condition at a hospital in los angeles. yesterday reynolds tweeted a thank you to the public for prayers. fisher's co-stars harrison ford and markham m hammel tweeted th best wishes. she is 60 years old. she became ill on a flight from london to l.a. with what her mother calls a cardiac event. after the plane landed medics rushed her to the hospital. all right. about ten minutes before 5:00 a.m. on this monday after christmas. hope everyone had a nice holiday. >> yeah. maybe everyone is still sleeping in this morning. francesca ruscio is giving us the forecast. >> we're not sleeping in. the camera at baltimore piper. more cars, actually, on the roadways for the blue route not too bad. southbound for 95 or northbound for the boulevard, traffic approaches. i got a tweet about checking in on the 42 freeway for the philadelphia area.
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you're good to go. problems free right now. mass chance sit, accept at that, patco and new jersey transit still running on a holiday schedule in effect for today. you can head to your website for further information. back to you guys. >> all right, francesca, thank you. it wasn't a white christmas. >> no, but it wasn't a loss. >> some vacation, warmer temperatures. >> and maybe more precipitation today. >> yeah, exactly. first alert traffic -- or traffic reporter, krystal klei, do you it all. >> this is the day after christmas. >> thank you. >> we were celebrating. what we're looking at here is radar and satellite, a wide view. we did this weekend see some rain move through and plenty of sunshine. today we're going to have the in between. not a lot of rain but cloudiness ahead of rain. this is the huge system we're tracking. it's still over the great lakes extending down to texas but it's
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heading our direction. you can see where the center is where we have rotation. to the north of it as typical is where we're seeing snow. the snow extending all the way through canada but not going to affect us today. instead, we look close and we have very isolated, very light rain that hangs along the western portions of pennsylvania. as we go through the rest of today what we're going to look at is very spotty chances of rain across the region. better chances as we go into the night and through to your tuesday morning. here's a look at the temperatures. the isolated chances of rain will really only hang in the lehigh county and berks county, temperatures are low enough. because they're low enough we also have that slight concern of some freezing rain or a wintry mix. here are the temperatures in berks county. reading at 31, landon at 28. then we go into parts of the lehigh valley, northampton county. white who will am, 25 degrees. allentown at 28 degrees. these numbers are going to start to climb because we're starting to push in warmer air from the south.
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so as a result of those very isolated chances, a low likelihood of rain. we're looking at the temperatures starting to climb potentially not that it will be freezing rain but normal light showers. future temperatures, we go from your morning conditions where we have the 30s on the map into about 10:00 a.m. notice already areas around allentown are around freezing. everywhere else is already starting to press into the 40s. as we go into your afternoon, really start to see the temperatures climb even into the night interestingly enough because we've got this warm front passage that will continue to boost the temperatures overnight. right near 50 degrees as we move late day and into your evening. that's where we stay overnight. we're not going to see a drop in your temperatures. in fact, by tuesday morning, some of us could be in the mid 50s for those morning temps. it will be a very mild start to your tuesday. here's the temperature trend. yesterday we hit a high of 50 degrees. 42 is average. we were warmer than average but we weren't at 68 degrees like we were last christmas.
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today we'll stay at 50 degrees for that temperature late in the day will get up to 60 by your tuesday. as you saw pretty quick, we'll get to those temperatures because of the warming, we start to see a drop here wednesday. thursday, a bigger drop as we move into your weekend. details of your ten day on ten in the next half hour. >> thanks so much. seven minutes before 5:00 a.m. the brandy wine zoo siberian tiger is getting ready for a move out of our area. donna will zhanna will be moving to the bronx zoo. she'll be an ideal candidate for breeding. she'll be matched with a male tiger. no word if she'll be replaced by another tiger. she's only one of 500 siberian tigers worldwide. it was a christmas day tragedy averted in montgomery county. >> check this video out showing a fire burning inside of a home in willow grove. all new next on "nbc 10's" news
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at 5:00, hear who came to the rescue and saved the family from the flames. also, ending on a high note. next hear from the eagles as they prepare for the last team of the season. plus, one player shares a christmas surprise via social media.
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center city watching the schuylkill expressway. no problems on the majors. for the most part dry and pretty chilly right now. we are going to be checking in on the rest of the majors when i come back. back to you. >> thanks, francesca. the eagles have just one more game to play in what will be unfortunately a losing season. >> that's right. the birds beat the giants thursday night. head coach doug pedersen believes his team isn't far away from consistent success. >> when you look back on the
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season it's going to come down to six or seven plays that could change the outcome of your season and flip it for you. we were right there. >> on a positive note, wedding bells will ring for eagles defensive end conor barwin. he picked christmas day to post his engagement announcement on instagram. you can see his fiance's reaction to the ring she proudly wears on her finger. congratulations to them. eagles quarterback carson wentz was active on social media. he tweeted this holiday greeting on behalf of himself, his dog henry and his new puppy jersey with the hashtag red pup. and on the field wentz hooked up with nelson agholor who struggled all season. wentz said it is something that the birds offense has been lacking. >> we've been lacking that big play touchdown as well.
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it's kind of been a while. for us as an offense it was huge. personally for him it was huge. definitely something we can build on. the eagles play their season finale against their division rivals the dallas cowboys. kickoff sunday is at 1:00. a christmas miracle in texas. a little girl picked up a big fight to stay alive. >> she was born premature less than a pound but now she's thriving and growing. this is little watson breden. she was born at this hospital in texas. her family says she stopped gaining weight in the womb because mom had a rare life threatening complication during her pregnancy. both the baby and mom's lives were at risk. doctors decided on an early c-section. she was just 25 weeks old and weighed only 11 ounces making her the smallest child ever born at this hospital. >> i don't think there's any experience in life that can prepare you for what you face
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when you have a child that is sick. >> watson is a miracle. she is a little miracle. i've never seen anything so small and so feisty. >> most babies that size just have a 20 to 30% survival rate. watson is now up to 85. in just two months she's already tripled in weight and her family finally got to hold her for the first time on christmas day. i'm sure that that was the greatest gift of all. >> can you imagine? >> just fits so perfectly in her dad's hand. so sweet. good luck to them. >> yeah. absolutely. now more of the stories we're following right now on "nbc 10 news" starting at 5:00 a.m. we are tracking isolated showers. right now they are moving towards the "nbc 10" viewing area. you can see them well on their way west on first alert radar. some neighborhoods could see a chance of freezing rain. christmas day fire. flames burn through a home in willow grove but the family made
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it out safely thanks to a quick thinking neighbor. holiday surprise. the christmas spirit was alive and well in south jersey for more than 100 out of town coast guard members stationed away from home during the holiday season. "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm pamela osborne. >> and i'm katy zachry. it is 5:00 a.m. let's get to meteorologist krystal klei. >> we're looking at temperatures with the feel like temperatures. not the actual temperatures. winds aren't incredibly strong. just enough to make it feel chillier than it truly is. feeling like 28 degrees. mount holly the same. allentown at 21. mount pocono at 14. trying to get across here that it's chilly if you're getting out this morning. atlantic city, dover, freezing


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