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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 27, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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dover at 56. even allentown up to 51 degrees. so it's a very moderate start to your morning. but we do have changes moving in in the form of rain. clouds will building in a bit more. we have light rain trying to make its way in. but the bulk of the showers are sitting off to our southwest. you can see this area of rain that right now is just starting to move into the southwest part of pennsylvania. that's going to continue tracking along here moving to the northeast and the line itself tracking directly west to east. so that rain will be moving our direction as we go through your morning hours and starting to move out through the afternoon. here's a look at the philadelphia forecast as we go through your morning. right now we're at 56 degrees. we just saw the mid 50s starting to boost. we're in the breezy to windy edge and the showers will be moving in. we'll continue to track that and talk afternoon conditions coming up well we're also watching the
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blue root th blue route this morning. no delays on the majors right now. good news to report out on ruth 2 route 202. now we'll end with mass transit. septa has a 15 minute delay for thorndale train. other than that, all on time with no delays. it was supposed to be a christmas weekend with family but instead the hall taye was filled with worry. a south jersey woman and her great granddaughter vanished on their way to a family celebration in north carolina. matt do lelucia has more. >> the last they heard from her, she said she was lost. here are the photos of
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71-year-old barbara breely and 5-year-old la'myra. they left on christmas eve on the way to visit family in north carolina. relatives told us that they last spoke to them at a gas station halfway through the trip but they haven't heard from them sense and they never showed up at the destination. we spoke with the woman's grandson last night and the cousin of the 5-year-old. he said that family members drove south in search of their loved ones. >> she would do anything for anybody. you know, she's really a church lady. she cared for everyone. they spoke to her while she was in traffic and then she said she was lost but she takes the route all of the time. >> police in three states are looking for the car that the two were in, a 2014 silver toyota rav 4, new jersey license plate c80-els. the last place they were seen is roughly five hours from their final destination.
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right now family members are hoping for the best and we're checking in with the police for any updates. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. at the jersey shore now police are searching for a driver who hit and killed a man in ocean county on christmas day and kept going. the car hit keith elliott at highland parkway in toms river on sunday morning. investigators believe elliott was trying to catch a bus to his sister's house for the holiday. his family is hoping for justice. >> somebody to mitt you and not have the heart to stop. it's heartless. >> absolute animal. >> that's an animal that does that. >> police are looking for surveillance video and other . z 56 degrees outside, pioneering astronomer vera rubin has died. she studied the rate in which
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galaxies rotate. her scientific achievements earned her numerous honors. she died at the age of 88 of natural causes. well in north jersey panic broke out in a mall after shoppers thought there was a shooting. >> they thought they heard gun fire. it was one of several scarce at mall across the united states yesterday. the city's mayor says there was no shooting and that one someon actually slammed a chair loudly during a fight which caused someone to yell gun fire. several people were hurt in the stampede, inclukd two pregnant women. rumors spread through social media making it worse. >> the rumors that were spread through social media and some
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other fake news outlet are really horrendous and caused more of a panic than was necessary. >> there was an identical scare on long island last night. someone thought they heard gun fire during a fight and that led to a stampede. this morning a mall in colorado will reopen after five children were arrested in connection with fights that led to an evacuation. this is video from our nbc affiliate in denver. 500 people were part of a disturbance that broke out yesterday afternoon. despite reports on social media, police say there were no weapons involved and no one was arrested. the five kids who are facing charges, they including disorderly conduct, interference and resisting arrest. delaware lawmakers are going to talk about waging the minimum wage from the current $8.25 an hour to $10.25. boosting the wage 50 cents a
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year until 2020. a similar bill never made it to the full chamber last session. right now the highest minimum wage is in new jersey. adopted children in new jersey will soon be able to find out who their birth parents are. the state will unseal adoption records begin in the new year. parents who want to shield their identities have until sat die to file paperwork. more than 750 adopt tees have asked fir their birth certificate and 250 parents have requested to remain anonymous. starting out with a look across the neighborhoods, those live camera shots, still dark out there. and if you look closely, you might be able to see the clouds building right back in. temperatures mild for this time of the year. we're at 56 in philadelphia, 55 the suburbs to new jersey and delaware and 51 degrees in the lehigh valley.
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yesterday in the lehigh valley we were talking the 20s. this is a huge difference from what we were seeing 24 hours ago. on top of the temperatures being different, we're tracking changing conditions with rain expected to move in and the winds kicking up. wind should be at 10 to 20 miles an hour especially with the cold front moving through late this morning through early this afternoon. those gusts though picking up 25 to 30 miles an hour and that's something we're starting to see. so it is going to be a bit on the windy side today throughout some of the area. looking at your radar and satellite, there's the clouds moving in ahead of the rain that's tracking our direction. we've had this tight view for a while. now we're starting to see rain come into the picture. this is going to move through the next couple of hours. it will start from the west and track to the east. it will pass though as we get to the afternoon. here's the three-day outlook. temperature today 62 degrees in parts of philadelphia. way warmer than average because
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we're starting warm. showers move out by the afternoon and we're left with sun breaking through and a more sunny forecast by wednesday. cooler behind the cold front, 42 degrees. mid-40s and more rain on thursday. looking at 58 in the suburbs today, with some showers again. that's going to be across the board that we see that. clearing conditions into wednesday. wednesday dropping to 40. look at your thursday, a rain/snow mix in parts of the lehigh valley. same deal for new jersey, the shore and delaware. rain, more clearing and then the next round of rain by thursday. notice temperatures today in new jersey, 61, the shore 62 and low to even mid 60s possible for parts of delaware as the warmer air continue to surge in. we'll talk more about new year's eve coming up. almost 5:10 an your tuesday. if you're getting up and out the door, jessica boyington is here.
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>> what are you seeing? >> we're okay on the schuylkill right now. montgomery drive is where we're looking and an eastbound drive time just about 15 minutes. i looked in a bunch of our other cameras around this surrounding area right here. just underneath the traffic looks like there might be a traffic stop up there. no big problems of delays because of it. there's also a crass out in douglass, watch if that. and the water main break. it's under control but there are repairs there under way, columbus boulevard southbound. mass transit again, thorndale train 15 minutes late due to equipment problems. patco, new jersey transit and patco. you can get around for free in lee high, north hatch on the and bucks county this newier's
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eve. the transportation authority is offering free bus service beginning at 6:00. th lanta is encouraging drivers to leave their cars at home. do you have plans for new year's eve yet? houb about a night out at the river rink. we're inviting you to celebrate the new year here with nbc 10. there will be two fireworks shows that night, one at 6:00 and one at midnight. if you can't make it to pens landing, nbc 10 will be broadcasting the earlier fireworks life during or 6 p.m. news. watch as thieves target a new york city store full of expensive fur coats. wait until you hear how much police say they got away with. a foot of snow fell in parts of the midwest. next hear about a bizarre warning for winter weather drivers.
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5:13, 56 degrees outside. new details this morning on a russian military plane that crashed into the black sea and killed 92 people. rescue workers found one of the flight records about a mile away from the shore. the device will be sent back to moscow for analysis. russian's intelligence agency
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said it has not found anything pointing to terrorism. the jet was carrying 92 people before hit krshed after tacrash takeoff. mourners gorted to remember those being killed. pilot error or a technical fault are likely to blame. we're learning new information on the plane crash in colombia last week. initial reports are that the plane ran out of fuel. that conclusion is based on the plane's black boxes. they also say that the pilot didn't report engine failure until it was too late. the airline is responsible ash its co-owner is facing charges of manslaughter. happening tonight, japan's prime minister will join president obama in hawaii to visit the memorial at pearl harbor. it will be the first time a jab
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knees leader has toured the site of the 1941 attack. president obama is on christmas vacation in hawaii. last summer he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshi hiroshima. president-elect donald trump is questioning the effectiveness of the united nations. yesterday he tweeted the u.n. has great potential but it's become a club for people to have a goods time. mr. trump urged the u.s. to block the u.n. security council vote that condemned israeli setmese settlemen settlements. the u.s. chose not to vote on the resolution. the president and president-elect are still at odds over the 2016 election. in an interview yesterday president obama said he's confident he could have won the race if he were allowed to run for a third term. the president added he could have rallied many americans behind his vision of a tolerant
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and diverse nation. president-elect trump responded with this post on twitter, president obama said he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i say no way. jobs leaving. isis, obamacare, et cetera. thieves in new york city make off with more than $1 million of fur after breaking into a madison avenue store. in surveillance video showed the three burglars smashing the window of the store on christmas eve, used a brick to get in and then went for the most expensive merchandise, the russian sable coats valued at $2,0$200,000 a piece. >> the store was a mess, hangers on the floor everywhere and a lot of merchandise missing. >> police hope cameras both inside and outside the store will help them identify the thieves. snow removal is slow going for people in bismarck, north dakota after a christmas
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blizzard there. >> the storm dropped more than a foot of snow. people are still being advised to avoid travel in many areas of the state and flights are expected to resume this morning. this guy, though, could not believe how bad it was. >> i was in a lot of shock. just thought to myself how the heck am i getting out of here. >> how the heck. oh man. power crews are still trying to restore electricity. the california highway patrol is not laughing over this photo. they snapped it as a way to show what not to do. a driver put five orange zip ties on his tire instead of chains. the zip ties are actually illegal in california. >> i've never seen that. >> me either. >> a lot of us are shaking our heads right now. >> yeah. let's get to work. >> give them credit for creativity. i don't know if we can go there.
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>> right. we're starting in lehigh valley right now. no problems or delays. you can see the traffic is moving along just fine in both directions. we typically don't see any major delays right now. good news, if you're heading out the door, the vine kpraesz way has been open all morning. in between broad street and the schuylkill they're open east and westbound through center city. pa turnpike, drive times are in green, 21 minutes westbound from route 1. no bik problems out there. now we'll end with bridges. everything is pretty much clear, no scheduled opens at lest right now over the ber lungton brisur. we're going to turn it over
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to chris ta to krystal klei. >> we are tracking rain for the forecast this morning. this has been in the forecast for quite some time so it shouldn't too much of a shock. and the good news, it's not a downpour, no ice concerns. temperatures are way too warm for that. that's heading our direction. it's trying to move into the southwest corner of pennsylvania. but the whole line itself is moving from west to east and that means it's coming our way. here's a look at the temperatures in burkes county lehigh valley area. what a difference 24 hours makes. yesterday we were talking about numbers below freezing at this hour, now we're talking 50s. and then we move from burkes county into the lehigh valley, check it out, upper 40s, 48 for allentown and we have some of the mid-40s. the temperatures are considerably warmer.
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you're going to notice as you step out the door. you're also going to notice the winds are picking up. a second ago we checked in on the temperatures which were ten to 20 miles an hour. look at your gusts here. nearly 30 miles an hour. now above 30 miles an her for dover. we're starting to notice the speeds picking up and they're going to continue on thor side through the morning early afternoon. that's because a front is passing. we're going to shift the wind speeds and directions. right now coming in from the south. once the front passes, come in from the west. here's a look at the future temperature forecast. right now in the 50s. a little cool are farther north. we put this into motion, track the winds changing directions. now they're coming in from the west and the temperatures right around the low 60s philadelphia and south. in the mid upper 50s as we go north. then the temperatures start to
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fall. once the front passes the cool air will fill many. by 7:00, mid-40s for philadelphia, upper 30s for allentown. and overnight right into your wednesday morning, it's chilly again. we couldn't see the 50s for too long. low to mid-30s for those expected temperatures. here's what we're looking at. right now mild air hanging over us. but the cool air will filter in tomorrow bringing us back down to earth. the next several days, that's what with' we're looking at. we'll feel the effects of the cooler temperatures, which actually are temperatures more average for the year. shop right supermarkets are going organic with a new label line of products. shop right currently has more than 100 items in their whole some pantry, ranging from dairy to meat to produce and snack foods. the retailer hopes to triple the
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number. right now they're available in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we often share stories of people paying it forward especially during the holiday season. that is especially true for this man from the lehigh valley. ahead we'll tell you what he bone awon and why she's choosing to give his praise awize away. we'll reveal the apps which are the most popular holiday gifts in the cnbc report.
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we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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just a few minutes before 5:30 and it's expected to be another busy day at the mall as the post holiday bargain hunting continues. this is how it looked yeed in newark. the national retail federation of consumers found that more than two-thirds plan to shop after-christmas sales in the store or online. this is a busy time to use the christmas gift cards and make returns. >> trying to get the good deals after christmas, spending all of the cash we got from loved ones. >> if you're in the return line, be ware. lots of stores have new rules. you have just two weeks to return drones at places like target and walmart, kohl's has a january 31st deadline for top shelf electronics and in some stores you need to bring your receipt and your id. the nbc 10 app is your one
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stop shop for post holiday deals. download the app to find information on store hours and gift guides all own your smartphone. technology is a big christmas winner. kate rogers is here in morning with that in cnbc's business news. >> well, a lot of fit bit trackers were probably unwrapped on christmas day. it was the top free app downloaded on sunday suggesting that a lot of the fitness devices were given as gifts this year. am do echo was popular at number four. the dow will take another stab at reaching the 20,000 mark this week after coming within 13 points last week. the market volume is expected to be stagnant as many of the traders are on vacation. the dow rose 14 points to 19933,
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the nasdaq up 15 points to 5462. back over to you. coming up in your first alert forecast, tracking rain this morning and also those winds that are picking up outside. here's a live look at the flag whipping around. we'll talk about when the winds may die down and when the rain moves out today. and have you seen them? next on nbc 10 news today, we'll update you on the search for a missing south jersey woman and her 5-year-old great granddaughter. plus, temple u, the owls face off in an all or nothing bowl game. next we'll talk to students and players about what's at stake.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, smokey house fire. people forced outside after fire burns a three-story apartment building in north philadelphia. concern is growing for this south jersey woman and her great granddaughter. the pair was headed to north carolina last week for the holiday and never made it to their destination. happening today, the temple owls take the field in a 2016 military would and a victory would mean a record-breaking season for the team. 5:30. good morning. i'm tracy


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