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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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. search for answers. right now police's family members are trying to find a 5-year-old girl and her great grandmother. they left atlantic county for a holiday get together down south but haven't been seen in days. mass panic, a scare at a mall in northern new jersey caused hundreds of people to run for safety. in other parts of the country too, fights broke out at several malls. going bowling, temple takes on wake forest in the 2016 military bowl. 6:00 a.m. this tuesday morning. this nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm katy zachary. let's get to krystal klei. she has the neighborhood forecast. >> huge difference from yesterday morning when we were
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talking 30s, below freezing. look at this 24-hour change map. this is yesterday at the exact same time to right now. we're 20 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 23 degrees warmer in mount holly. this is a big difference as you step out the door instead of 30s and 20s, we're looking at numbers in the 50s across the map. 56 in philadelphia, atlantic city at 57 degrees for that current reading. of course the numbers will climb in the later part of the morning and early afternoon. some of us will make tigit to t 60s today. the wide view shows us we've got the clouds and now we're seeing the rain moving in. it's light in nature. starting to track into delaware and chester county and moving into delaware county. rain moving into burkes country. this is light spotty rain.
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a little more consistent rain is sitting off to the west of us but heading our direction. so coming up we're going to track that out hour by hour and we'll talk about the temperatures today compared to the cooldown for your wednesday. we're also watching 95 this morning, around girard avenue. ten minutes ago we had a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. looks like that's clear right now. but the southbound side still moving. you can see more traffic heading toward center city than away from it. but the thrive time is okay. also check in with the water main break. this happened last week so the water main break is actually under control. there's lane restrictions now with repairs under way. there's a crash out in limerick, lewis and benner road. you can see we're still in the
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green. happening now, the search is on for a 5-year-old girl and her great grandmother. they left to see family down south for the holidays but they didn't make it there. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in the digital operations center. tell us about what happened. >> the family of this woman and her great granddaughter, they're really worried this morning. the two were last seen over the weekend in virginia. ne here are the photos of the pair. they left on christmas eve on way to visit family in north carolina. relatives last spoke to them on the phone while they were at a gas station in virginia but they haven't heard from them sense. we spoke with the woman's grandson who said that family members drove down trying to retrace the drive in hopes of finding their loved one. >> facebooked her while she was in traffic and then she said that she was lost but she takes that route all of the time. >> police in three states are looking for the car that the two were in, 2014 silver toy yoda
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rav 4 new jersey tags c 80-els. the last place they were seen was five hours from their final destination. they were halfway through and familiar hi necy members are ho the best. at the jersey shore police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a man in ocean county on christmas day and then kept going. >> the car hit ooet elliott at highland park way in toms river sunday morning. investigators believe he was trying to catch a bus to his sister's hughes for the holiday. his family is hoping for justice. >> somebody to hit you and not have the heart to stop, it's heartless. >> absolute animal. that's an animal that does that. >> flis are looking for surveillance video and other evidence linked to the deadly hit and run. they're also hoping to get a description of the video. vera rubin has died. the philadelphia native sfuddtu
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the rate at which galaxies rotate. her scientific achievements earned her numerous honors. she doried at the age of 88 of natural causes. panic broke out in a mall after shoppers thought there was a shooting. investigators say someone yelled gun at the garden city mall. the city's mayor said there was no shooting, that someone slammed a chair loudly during a fight which caused someone else to scream gun. ten people were hurt in the stampede, including two pregnant women. and this morning a mall in colorado will reopen after five kids were arrested in connection with fights that led to an evacuation. 500 people were part of the disturbance that broke out yesterday afternoon in the food court. despite reports on social media, police say there were no weapons involved. it's 6:05. happening today, temple scares
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often with wake forest in the military bowl. the owls will be without their head coach as they look to reach a milestone for the football program. >> pamela osbourne is live in north philadelphia with a preview. i bet a lot of excitement even at this early hour. >> ax absolutely. we've been talking to students overnight. they feel as if the team is very well prepared for the matchup despite the fact they're playing the game out their head coach. the owls left for d.c. last week. they've had a little bit of time to relax and do some touristy thing. they hung out with santa at a bowling alley where they bowled with military veterans. let's get back to the matchup. their opponents, wake forest won six games and lost six. the owls have won the last seven games in a row, ten games this season. they're hoping to become the first femp l team to win 11 games. we talked to students about the
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mood on campus overnight. >> it was tough for them with the koech leaving. but the seniors want to leave on a positive note. >> reporter: and kickoff is at 3:30 this afternoon. pamela as bourn, nbc 10 news. it is 6:07 on your tuesday, 66 degrees outside. meteorologist crystkrystal klei here with a look at your weather. >> we're noticing the winds this morning. this is a look from our lowe's cam. you can see the flags flap in the winds. as we know when we have the fronts move in two things happen. usually they means a precipitation moves in and we get the gusty conditions. the forecast winds are 10 to 20 miles an hour sustained, gugss up to 25 to 30 miles an hour low
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pressure already in areas like delaware and chester county starting to report the higher winds picking up. that's where we're starting to see the rain move in. here's a look at the radar and satellite. this is the light rain starting to move in but the bulk of rain sits off to the west. that's heading our direction, the whole line itself is heading from west to east. throughout the morning commute we expect showers. but this line will start to move out as we hit the afternoon hours and it will take with it the clouds, meaning a little more sunshine later today. here's a play by play on the next few days. the showers will turn into some sun as we get later into the day and a nice mix of clouds and sun for your wednesday. look at the cooldown, down to 42 degrees in philadelphia. and the mid-40s for thursday where showers do return to the forecast. in the suburbs, similar setup. rain, clearing, mostly clear and then back to rain for your
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thursday. that is unless you go to the lehigh valley whereby thursday we see a rain/snow mix in the forecast. today a high of 56 degrees. in new jersey 61 degrees for tuesday and we'll be at the shore, 62 degrees. temperature wise we see the cooldown certainly into wednesday morning, 29 for the low in new jersey and just a high of 42 degrees. also across the map we're dry on wednesday and a little warmer by thursday. those clouds always assist with the warnler temperatures and for areas like new jersey, the shore and delaware, just rain in the forecast. temperatures are too warm for frozen precipitation. friday into the weekend, that new year's eve weekend, we do see dry but cool conditions. coming up we'll take a closer look at the 6:00 and midnight fireworks show forecast if you're haegsd out to penn's handing. let's get you to work. this could be the back to work day for a lot of people.
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jessica boyington is here helping us out with a look at route 1. >> we're moving along ago. if you're heading out, you're going to be a lot. not a lot of delays right now. watching the boulevard at 17th street, traffic is moving along. that's the southbound side moving toward the schuylkill expressway. also check hg in with the blue route, a 15 minute tripe her on the northbound side from t95 to the schuylkill and we're in the mid 60s in both directions. mass transit, everything running on time. we're back on schedule with septa. also the same for patco, new jersey transit and amtrak. thousands of people showed up for a birthday celebration for a 15-year-old girl in mexico. >> we'll explain how her father's online invitation went viral and brought out a massive crowd. defending the administration. we'll explain how president-elect trump is
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preparing for battle over his cabinet picks.
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6:14. good morning. here's a live look down the shore where it's 51 degrees right now. krystal klei is tracking conditions where you live. she's back in a minute with your neighborhood forecast. president-elect donald trump's transition is back to work today. >> and the word is he and his team are bracing for several battles. nbc news reports mr. trump is preparing a war room. >> it may be needed to answer conflict of interest answers. analysts say that mr. trump must completely sever ties with the ventures before he can address world affairs. >> the president and president-elect are still at odds over the 2016 election. in an interview yesterday
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president obama said he's confident he could have won the race if bewehe were allowed to for a third term. saying he could have rallied many americans behind his vision. president-elect trump responded with a post on twitter, president obama says that he thinks he would have won against me. he should say that but i so sai no way, jobs leaving, isis, obamacare, second set ra. >> yesterday president-elect trumped the u.n. has great potential but has become a club for people to have a good time. mr. trump erjed the u.s. to block the vote on friday. the u.s. chose not to vote. happening today, japan's prime minister shin do abe will join president obama in hawaii. it will be the first time a japanese leader has toured the site of the 1941 attack. president obama is on christmas vacation hawaii. last summer he was if first
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sitting u.s. president to visit he hiroshima. new details the morning on a russian military plane that crashed into the black sea killing 92 people. rescue workers found one of the flight recorders a mile away from the shore. the device will be immediately sent back to moscow for analysis. the jet was carrying 92 people from sochi to syria before it crashed. we're learning new information about a crash that killed dozens of members of a brazilian soccer team. aviation authorities are confirming that the plane ran out of fuel before it crashed. that conclusion is based on information from the black boxes. they also say that the pilot didn't report enjoin failure until it was too late. investigators say that the airline is responsible aek right now its co-owner is facing charges of manslaughter. take a look at this. thousands of people showed up for this little girl's 15th
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birthday party in mexico after her invitation went viral. it all started when her dad posted a video on youtube for everybody asking them to come to her party. she was offered free airplane tickets, hotel stays and an appearance on a soap opera. >> do not say everyone is invited. 6:17, let's get you to work with a look at the vine street expressway. >> my birthday is in may if anybody is wondering. you're all invited. we're going to start off this morning on the vine street kpraesz w expressway. right around 8th street. right here is the westbound side moving toward the schuylkill expressway. also checking out the schuylkill
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expressway. there are reports on the westbound side, the westbound ramp to the schuylkill expressway dealing with a disabled vehicle in the way. but drive times look okay. 15 minutes from the blue route to the vine street expressway. now the water main break that happened last week, still deal with rain restrictions because of that out on columbus boulevard. it's just the lanes that are locked. and with area bridges, burlington bristol, we're clear right there. and no problem heading other the ben franklin bridge into philadelphia. more updates when i come back in ten. 6:18 now. let's talk about the unusually warm temperatures with krystal klei also tracking rain. >> and the rain is finally starting to make its way into our region. it's not going to be a downpour this morning but we're going to see some steady rain move through. we're looking at the early start of some of the showers trying to move into parts of delaware and
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passing through a bit of chester country and delaware county as well. this is nothing heavy. it's light rain at best making its way along. we pull this out a little bit and you can see where the better rain is starting to move in a more central parts of pennsylvania. the whole line itself is associated with a cold front. what's going to happen is throughout this morning and your early afternoon temperatures will continue to pick up, way warmer than average. then they'll start to fall as we move late day into tonight because of the cold air behind the front. right now it's the clounds and the light rain. showers moving into burkes county. here's the new jersey neighborhoods temperatures, not bad at all. mid upper 50s out there. mount laurel at 56 degrees. pem berton at 58. here's a look at the morning forecast. little to no change in your
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temperatures. maybe a bit of a dip with the showers that move through but we're going to be cloudy with on/off rain. 11:00 a.m. we'll see the sun break through pushing out the showers. so through the suburbs, same deal. we'll see breaks of clouds in suburbs around 10:00 am. temperatures in the low 50s. we'll see rain little longer delaware, new jersey and the shower because this is moving from west to east. the further east points they see the showers a little longer. we'll see the breaks of sun right close to your lunch hour. temperature wise, mid, upper 50s across the map and there's very little change in the temperatures with the rain moving through. a bit of a climb noon to 91:00 p.m. and then the temperatures start to fall. let's talk new year's eve. there's a 6:00 and a midnight showing for fire works if you're
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going to penn's landing. here are the temperatures. 42 philadelphia for the 6:00 show, 34 degrees for the midnight show. it does get chilly out there and that's across neighborhoods np the suburbs 39 at 6:00, down to freezing and near that for the lehigh valley as well. just a smidge warmer for areas like the shore and delaware where at 6:00 we'll be around 40 ke degrees with clouds starting to increase by midnight. 6:21 right now. an olympic star is adding to her awards. we'll till you about the latest honor for simone biles. >> we'll show you how a team of thieves made off with sable coats.
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thieves in new york city make off with more than a
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million dollars worth of fur after breaking sbo a madison avenue store. surveillance video there shows the three burglars smashing the window of a manhattan store on christmas eve. they used a brick to get inside and went for the most intensive merchandise. the coats were valued at $200,000 each. snow removal is slow going for people in bismarck, north dakota. now drifts three to four feet high burying cars. people are advised to avoid travel in many areas of the state. and it's one more win for olympic gold medalist simone biles, named the 2016 female athlete of the year. brought home four gold and one bronze medal from the rio olympic games, the most deck kated u.s. gymnast in history. the male athlete of the year award will be announced today. a few minutes before 6:30,
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coming up next, a 5-year-old gerl and her great grandmother have not been seen for days after leaving from our area for a holiday trip down south. prodp dpefessor under fire. we'll explain how a tweet about genocide.
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mystery trip, police and family members are looking for a 5-year-old girl and her great grandmother after they left atlantic country and have not been seen in days. under fire, a professor at drexel university is facing backlash after tweeting about white genocide. and a story of survival, a lehigh valley women sets out to save her stranded family by trekking 30 miles in the frigid cold and snow. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today.
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i'm katy zachry. >> i'm tracey davidson. it's 63 degrees outside. >> if we could have 50s, this would be the perfect end of a december day. if it's your first day back to work, toss that umbrella in the car. here's a look at the radar and satelli satellite. we're seeing spotty showers into northern delaware, south jersey as well as near delaware county and burkes county as well. as we take a closer look at the showers, mostly just light to moderate rain, same for the spotty showers moving through wilmington as we speak and starting to near the philadelphia airport. this isn't heavy rain wu it's what we're going to be deal with throughout our commute. some on/off showers passing by. we don't have to worry about icing or snow because the temperatures across the map all the way up to mount pocono are
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way bf freezing. 43 degrees in pocono, philadelphia 56, atlantic city dover both at 57. by tomorrow we'll be right back to where we should be. here's a rundown of your morning conditions. we'll stay in the mid to upper 50s through the morning with cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions but then the sun breaks through. we'll talk about your peak gust speeds and the details of the rest of your workweek coming up. we're starting off in gloucester city, a disabled vehicle is on 76 heading eastbound, traffic moving away from the philadelphia area, route 130, the right lane is closed. traffic is moving by. now here's the schuylkill expressway. right around the boulevard. no major delays yet. that's moving toward center city, west toward the king of
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push ya area. still quiet this morning, ten minutes in both directions north and south and speeds into the 60s as well. new this morning, families are out of nair homes after that smoke where fire in north philadelphia started around 2:00 in morning on west huntington street. you can see that the firefighters had to teal with the heavy smoke while they put out the flames. no one was hurt. the search is under way for a 5-year-old girl hen her great grandmother. they left days ago and not been seen sense. matt delucia is live in the digital operations center. what can you tell us about the search? >> family members tell us that the great grandmother knew the route she was taking. she know what is he's doing but the last they heard from her, she was lost. this is 717-year-old barbara briely and 5-year-old la'myra.
6:33 am
they left mays landing on christmas eve on the way to visit family in north carolina. and relatives lost spoke to them on the phone when they were at a gas station halfway through the trip but they have not heard from them sense an they never showed up at the destination. we spoke with the woman's grandson, the cousin of the 5-year-old. he said family members drove south in search of their loved ones. >> she would do anything for anybody. you know, she's really a church lady, you know, so she cared for everyone. they spoke to her while she was in traffic and she said he was lost but she takes the route all of the time. >> and now police in three states are looking for the car that the two were in, a 2014 silver toyota rav 4 request the new jersey tags c 80-els. a gas station employee told a tv station in north carolina that bark ra briely drove in saying he was lost and needed directions and that she did not know how to work the maps on her phone. we'll be working throughout the
6:34 am
day for updates as the family and police continue their search. in south philadelphia, police and neighbors are looking for answers after the murder of an elderly store owneren. >> the victim was l 3-year-old e elaine buck. a man in dark clothes shot buck a dozen times. police continue to search for the gunman. buck's daughter said the murder is beyond -- >> i can't believe somebody would do that to her. >> a memorial is growing outside the store. buck's family said he was set to retire next month. a professor at drexel is drawing criticism for a controversial treat. he tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. the professor told us the term is an imaginary concept which he
6:35 am
was mocking. the phrase white genocide is now a top ten trending topic in the u.s. >> i think that she should have been more careful with his words. i believe that free speech is okay in this day and age but a lot of people may get offended by that. >> anytime you use the word genocide you have to be extremely careful about what you're doing. that's as serious as it gets. >> in business bio the professor describes race and racism as two f 0 his specialties. drexel released a statement saying, the professor's comments are utterly reprehensible, deeply disturbing and did not in any way reflect the values of the university. we have an alert from our first alert traffic team this morning. penn d.o.t. will continue his work on city avenue. you will find the right lane
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closed in both directions of city avenue. the project is expected to be finished by november. it's expected to be another busy day at the mall as the post holiday bargain hunting continues. this is how it looked yesterday in newark. the survey of consumers found that more than two thirds of shoppers plan to shop after-christmas sales in the store or online. this is traditionally a busy time to use the gift cards and make returns. >> trying to get the good deals after christmas, spending all of the cash we've gotten from loved ones. >> we're exchanging shoes. >> if you're in a return line, be ware lots of stores have new rules. kohl's have a january 31st deadline for top shelf electronics and in some stores you need to bring your receipt and your id. and the nbc 10 app is your
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one stop shop for host holiday deals. download the app for free. and if you're heading out for some post-holiday shopping, just a light jacket but you'll need your umbrella. >> light jacket is the key. let's saver that for a moment. >> i actually walked out the door with my big coat on and i left it unbuttoned. temperatures are way warmer than average. but as you mentioned, you do need the umbrella as you head out. and ladies, it's a little windy out there right now. the camera is shaking around was the winds are picking up. it's mostly dry shot right now. i expect that will be change in the next couple of hours. rain is target to move in. the wind gusts, 31-mile-per-hour gusts in dover, 24-mile-per-hour gusts in atlantic city. nearly to that 30-mile-per-hour a mark for philadelphia. this is what we expected, gusts around 25 to 30 miles an hour.
6:38 am
notice the wind right now are coming in from the south, southwest. that will. changing once the front passes and once the front passes cooler air can move in and drier air as well. that's still a few hours away. right now it's all about the rain. here's a look at your radar and satellite. we've got the next line of rain here that's moving into parts of burkes country and passing through lancaster currently and more rain to come. this is for the first half of your day. we'll see in and out showers moving through. let's take a look at parts in our area. parts of delaware and philadelphia, this is not a heavy rain by any means. light showers that are passing by. you're still going to need the windshield wipers as you head out the door. now we're jumping forward to your weekend forecast. if you have plans for new year's eve, upper 30s to 40 degrees on saturday. we made some adjustment to the
6:39 am
forecast. it looks like rain won't move in on new year's day but more so into the 2nd on your monday. a dry forecast, increasing clouds overnight and chilly overnight as well. a temperature of 43 saturday in philadelphia. that's not necessarily super cold for this time of the year. it's average. but because of all of the above average temperatures it will feel cool with 30s for the midnight fireworks show if you're heading to penn's landing. partly cloudy conditions into your sunday and mostly cloudy sunday for new jersey, the verz sho ve jersey shore. we have showers that clear this afternoon, then for clear conditions on wednesday, both locations with rain own thursday for both locations as well but in the suburbs we may be able to mix in a few snowflakes. we're going to track that hour by hour coming up. if you're headed out the door right now, maybe you're
6:40 am
going back to work. it's not too bad. let's get a check of the roads for you. >> jessica boyington is watching those for you. >> not too bad across the board. here's the blue route along baltimore pike. the drive time is great, 15 minutes from the schuylkill kpraesz way he expressway out to 95. out in leviton parkway. watch for lane restrictions. a disabled vehicle is taking up the right lane in gloucester. no major delays because of that now. and checking in with 95, at this time we're typically seeing a 25-minute or so drive time on the southbound side. we're light, 18 minutes right now and still green from wood haven through the vine street expressway. average speeds in the 40s. now the water main break, this happened last week. the water main break is under control and cleaned up but there's still repair under way
6:41 am
on columbus boulevard headed southbound. 20 minutes before 7:00 and this morning we're hearing from a lehigh valley woman who survived a 30-mile trek in the snow in an effort to save her family. >> next we'll hear why she left mind her husband and young son as she set off in harrowing conditions for help. a philadelphia man is on a mission to meet 10,000 strangers. we'll explain how he's carrying out his social goal.
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breaking news now on nbc 10. sky force ten is over the scene of a crash and fire at a gaus station in philadelphia's oxford circle neighborhood. a tractor trail crashed into a gas station near the corner of
6:45 am
oxford avenue. both the tractor trailer and gas station are on fire. we're following the breaking news story. we'll have updates on the air and on the nbc 10 app. how long do you think it woud take you to meet 10,000 people. a philadelphia man says it didn't matter how long it takes, that's his goal. >> rob lawless wants to spend an hour with you to hear your story. he develop this partly because of his experience at penn state. >> i knew a lot of people and i missed that community of being able to walk down the street and but like hey, how is you day going, what's up. that is something i wanted to kre create when i moved into philadelphia. >> so he's reaching out to people asking them to spend an hour, no agenda. he wants nothing. he documents his meetings on instagram, up to 613. lawless came to nbc 10 to meet me, i was number 548 and i asked him about the end goal of the project. >> i approached this project in
6:46 am
more of an artistic mind-set. so there is no end goal because i don't know what will come of it. i just know that if i meet people good things will happen. >> i pressed him for more. i also asked if this would lead him to a new job. he answered he hopes it enables him not to need a job. that that turns into what he does. an amazing story of survival. a community college professor is recovering in a hospital out west. she survived more than 30 hours in freezing cold, drinking her own urine eat tree branches after her family's car got stuck in a ditch near the grand canyon. rescue crews found her first and then found her husband and 10-year-old son in the canyon's north rim on friday. the family lives in pennsylvania. the vacation turned into a complete nightmare. luckily klein had wilderness
6:47 am
survival training. it was snowy, windy and frigid. her cell phone lost service. it died. still klein walked about 30 miles. it took her nearly 30 hours to do so before she found a ranger station and help for them all. >> i kept thinking of my 10-year-old and thinking i have to help. i didn't want to fall asleep because i knew if i fell asleep, you hear stories that you would freeze to death. i don't think we're going to be doing too much traveling. maybe we'll pick a beach destination sometime. >> great attitude about it. a doctor says klein is being treated for severe frostbite. the hospital is right now monitoring her recovery. well just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. tamron hall joins us with a preview. >> coming up on today within post-holiday brawls erupt at malice across the country. one fight so big that the cops has to use. er spray on the crowd.
6:48 am
what we're learning about george michael's death and how the pop superstar spent his final day zbloos an incredible story of survival, we're hear from the mom who walked 26 miles in the cold and now to find help for her stranded family. we've got those stories coming up when we see you right here in a few minutes on "today". >> look forward to it. see you at 7:00. let's get a check of the weather now. we're going to take a live look outside. beautiful morning. i can say that because i have been outside and it is a beautiful morning. >> a little windy but look at the temperature. >> a warm 56 degrees on this december 27th. meteorologist krystal klei is joining us with a look ahead on what more we can expect. >> this is such nice conditions. but i'm aware that some people want the snow and want it to be cold. we have an updated blog. you might want to check that out for your details on january. today there is no snow in the
6:49 am
forecast. radar and satellite shows just green which indicates the rain moving in. we have a good bit of it going to move through the morning hours. it's coming from the west heading through the east. it's passing through the area in northern delaware, pushing into south jersey and clipping through philadelphia as well. also seeing some of the rain moving into burkes county. there's all of the rain still coming. remember this is a cold front but behind it drier but colder air will start to move back in so these 50s and looking ahead 60s for today not going to last long. but check out the temperatures. these are our pennsylvania suburbs. we've got 50s across the board. we continue along the map here, warrenington at 5 4 and port washington up to 54 degrees. some of these numbers yeed were flirting with freezing temperature. this is a look at the future
6:50 am
temperatures as we move along. we're going from mid 50s right on through to temperatures passing around 60 and then starting to drop again at 2:00 in the afternoon. why? the cold front moves through and you can tell because the winds have shifted direction, now come in from the west. we get up to the low 60s around noon to 1:00 p.m. and then the temperatures slip down. in the night all the way too the low 40s. completely overnight and into wednesday morning, now we're back to the 30s out there. we don't hold on to the 50s and 60s for too long. we fast forward through the showers we expect this morning, it will be a dry wednesday, thursday back to the chances of showers, rain for philadelphia, some of the suburbs and everywhere south. we've got snow in the forecast, a little rain/snow mix for the lehigh valley, burkes county, the poconos. and this is as we go through the morning and even your early
6:51 am
afternoon before the rain starts to move out later in the day into overnight. we are tracking a potential for some cooler weather as we go into your thursday. here's a check on your ten-day forecast. temperature up to 62 degrees. and again that's going to be early on in the day. then the showers move out right around noontime to 1:00 p.m. offshore and more sun is going to break through the rest of the day. we'll see the sun/cloud mix for wednesday. this isn't a huge shock that we'll be in the 40s. 46 on thursday. there's the showers i was talking about. rain for philadelphia. drying out friday, saturday and sunday, 40s for your new year's weekend and we'll be in the 30s around midnight as we ring in 2017. about ten minutes before 7:00. if you're getting up and out the door, we're going to check in with traffic. >> traffic reporter jessica boyington has you covered.
6:52 am
>> the boulevard looking like an easy drive right now. most of the majors look like this right now. we're not seeing huge delays. the southbound side looking a little heavier than the north side. watch for a disabled vehicle on the westbound ramp from the schuylkill expressway headed to the blue route. that's where the disabled vehicle is not causing major delays. maybe a little bit of a delay. but according to drive times we're fine. westbound from the vine street expressway toward blue route 15 minutes. and on mass transit no big problems or delays this morning. we had some earlier morning septa delays but now everything is on time. we're close to schedule for septa, new jersey transit and patco. today president obama and the japanese prime minister will come together for an historic
6:53 am
visit. >> we' plus, counting down to 2017. we'll bring you -- we'll tell you how the big apple is preparing if for iconic new year's eve ball drop.
6:54 am
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a few minutes before 7:00 a.m. we have an update to breaking news we brought you in the last few minutes. this is in the oxford surk l neighborhood. sky force 10 is over the scene of a crash at fire at a gas station. we did learn that firefighters have got control of the fire. here's a live look from our camera on the ground. it all begin when the big rig slam into the gas station there. right now no injuries have been reported. here are some of the other stories we'll be following today on nbc 10.
6:57 am
the search is on for a missing 5-year-old and her 71-year-old great grandmother from south jersey. the pair was headed to north carolina for christmas but never made it. they left on christmas eve. relatives tell us they spoke to them on a phone at a gas station in virginia. they haven't heard from them sense. tonight in philadelphia, a fundraiser is set to help a woman and her three grandchildren who lost their home in a fire. flames destroyed their home early this month. help from the red cross is coming to an end. the fundraiser is from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. the japanese prime minister is in hawaii for a landmark visit. >> it comes a month after president obama made history in japan. prime minister shinzo abe will join president obama at a memorial at pearl harbor. last summer you'll remember president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit
6:58 am
hiroshima. the temple football team plays wake forest this afternoon in annapolis. they spent christmas in the nation's cap caital. today in new york city crews will install the waterford crystal crystals. some 2600 triangles will sparkle as the ball descends during the final minutes of between on saturday night. good morning. jessica boyington with one last look on your morning drive. we're starting with the screwing l expressway. not a lot of cars out on the road right now. typically we're at a stand still on city avenue on the westbound side. you can see not the case right now. a 14-minute trip to the blue route. we're watching the tractor
6:59 am
trailer accident. and we'll end with mass transit, chestnut train 5712 running ten minutes late. let's take one more look at radar and satellite. what we're tracking is the showers that are moving by throw now parts of delaware, south jersey and starting to head our direction even more coming from the west. here's the time out hour by hour. seeing the showers tracking through at 6:30 in the morning. if we continue this in motion through about 9:00 a.m. you can see a good amount of rain passing but but some clearing out father to the west. what we're going to deal with are the showers continuing to move through your morning hours but moving out by early afternoon. you can get updates on your foers ca forecast if you're on the road from the 101 fm. we'll have local updates throughout the morning. you can gate real-time news, weather and traffic on the free
7:00 am
news 10 app. thanks for watching this morning. the "today" show starts right now. good morning. mall mayhem. post holiday brawls break out at shopping centers across the country. chaos in connecticut. melees in memphis. police forced to use pepper spray on a crowd in cleveland. this morning, inside the panicked moments for thousan of shoppers. no way. president-elect trump pushing back after president obama said he would have beaten trump if he ran again. this as mr. trump takes aim at yet another institution with a veiled twitter warning to the united nations. whether extremes. tens of thousands still without power in the midwest after being slammed by a powerful winter storm. while up and down the east coast, near record warmth.


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