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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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i spoke to one witness who saw some of what happened here at park line drive and walnut lane. >> he was coming across walnut lane bridge here on the circle, when i noticed the expedition pulled over on the island and plowing into the subaru. >> reporter: police sources tell us the victim is a 33-year-old man well known in the area, we're going to hear more from the witness and an update on the investigation at 6:00. live for now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. the woman who rose to the world's attention as princess leah has died. she died this morning at the age of 60. she was born into entertainment royalty, the pop singer and
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south philly native eddie fisher and actress debbie reynolds. then she played princess leah in the original "star wars" trilogy. fisher had been in the hospital since suffering a heart attack on a plane friday. you can read more about carrie fish fisher's life and career on the nbc10 app what would you do? surveillance shows a thief and a teenager and what that teenager did next just might have saved his live. how he managed to get that gun and he says he would do it again. >> i was shocked because i'm getting robbed and stuff. >> reporter: when a man in a dark jacket entered his parents
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corner convenience store. you can see the crook set an open bag and gun on the counter. >> his hand was right on the bag and the gun was right on the counter. >> reporter: he was quick on his feet and with his hands. >> he said put all the money right here right now. that's when i snatched the gun from him. when i aimed at him. that's when he put his hands up and said stop, stop, stop. >> reporter: the man headed for the door. before the police could arrive, ahmed says that the man ran along this sidewalk. neighboring business owners say they recognize the suspect and suggest he's known to police. >> yeah. be careful, everybody, be careful. >> he's not really a professional. he's a local person who needs some money for drugs. >> reporter: ahmed has never held a gun before.
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>> i mad a beebee gun, that's about it. >> reporter: but he said he would do it again to protect what his parents work so hard for. >> they give me three meals a day and thiey put a roof over m. i have to do what i can do. it was damp and dreary across center city this morning, but then the sun came out and the temperatures started to soar. erin, many parts of the area reached 60 degrees today. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the details. >> yeah, it's back to realty as we head into tomorrow morning, kind of an average late december day, but it's going to feel a whole lot colder than that, after what we went through today. beautiful sunshine to end the day here, one degree shy of the record, allentown broke the record by two degrees and
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wilmington tied the record and many of those records were set just last year. it's 60 right now in philadelphia. it's dropped to 53 in allentown, 57 in trenton, 55 in vineland. watch those temperatures drop rapidly as we go through the evening, about a 10-degree drop every four hours or so. and there we go to 35 degrees in philadelphia. by 6:00 a.m., near the freezing mark in many of the suburb and the lehigh valley. clear skies into the night and the morning hours, but then it's going to be cold enough so we may actually see some snow coming in here by the morning rush on thursday, just two days from now, as you can see, there's a fairly weak, fast moving system, but parts of the area will see some snow, more on the timing of that and over the weekend coming up in a few minutes. we're following breaking news out of new york city, the lobby of trump tower has been
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evacuated. police say they're investigating some reports of a suspicious package. but president-elect trump is still in florida. both the police and fire departments are at trump tower. as soon as we know more about it we'll make sure we get it back to you. a south jersey and her great grand daughter remain missing tonight. 71-year-old barbara brilley left her home with 5-year-old lamira on christmas eve. they were headed home to north carolina but since then vanished. they called from a truck stop in r ruther glenn, south carolina. >> i went about 35 minutes talking to her making sure everything was okay before she left the store.
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>> hamilton township police are working with officials in north carolina to ping an locate the cell phone. here's a look at the number on brilley's license plate. she's driving a 2014 rav 4, anyone who has seen the pair is asked to call police. nbc10 has learned a man died in that fire. crews responded to this home on naman's creek road. investigators say the fire started in the garage. this crash could have been a lot worse. the tractor trailer slammed into an suv and then a gas station near oxford and levick in oxford circle just after 6:30 this morning. the truck caught fire, it was just a few feet from the gas pump and diesel fuel was leaking all around it. firefighters were there in minutes.
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>> back to the truck was on fire, smoke and flames billowing out and then the stuff that was inside the truck, you heard a series of explosions after that. >> it almost hit the canopy of the gas station there's a telephone pole broken in three into t spots, that's a lot of impact there. an accident at a construction site in northern liberty sent one person to the hospital this afternoon. sky force 10 over the scene on 2 and street and wildwood street. you can see that man being pulled from the site after he 20 feet into a shaft. osha has been called to the site to investigate. the mummers are getting ready for their new year's day celebration. practice for the parade got
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under way today at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's leaders are encouraging members from controversial skits. we'll have more on the preparation coming up at 5:30. today is the second day of kwanzaa, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the holiday. as you can see there, mr. kenney received a unity cup. each of the seven days of kwanzaa is dedicated to a certain principle. right now the owls are taking on wake forest in the military bowl. >> lauren mayk has followed the team to annapolis, maryland. some fans have been waiting for this for a long time? >> reporter: yeah, keith and
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erin, fans have high hopes for this game, you can see the big screen over my shoulder there. we talked to some fans who were once players, they wore the temple yuuniform and they didn' get to do this, they didn't get to play in a bowl game. so win or lose, this is a special day. the team colors are everywhere. but this isn't just a football game. it's a bowl game with all the fun and fanfare and it's temple's second one in a row. how are you feeling about this one? >> a lot more confident. >> reporter: the team has ten wins, a championship and momentum. it's a great time to be an owl. nbc10 caught up with former temple football players. what is it like to be here? what go you as you're looking around? >> this is an amazing experience
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for us. during our time at temple, we all played and we didn't get the bowl game experience. >> i looked at it as we were part of the foundation hope any that put this together. that started bringing winning ways as we started playing greater competition. >> reporter: they hope today's players savor the experience, they're savoring it too. if you are an alum or a fan, you know that temple football has come a long way, and coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to people about that journey and about what they hope happens next, with a new coach and a new chapter. live in annapolis, maryland, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. one night, six malls and a lot of chaos.
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scenes like this erupted at malls across the country. tonight a new jersey mayor says he's fed up. what he blames for spreading unnecessary panic next at 5:00. plus new details about the sudden death of pop star george michael. what friends and family are revealing about his final days. i don't know, it's just like before. i don't know. >> this new jersey child just wanted to be in the boy scouts. tonight his family claims he was kicked out because he's tra transgender, how the scouts are responding to this new controversy.
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this is a live look now at the breaking news at trump tower. the lobby of the tower was evacuated but now we're learning that package is safe. we will continue to monitor this situation. shaky phone video of shoppers running after a fight broke out at the food court at a north jersey mall.
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5,000 people including workers stampeded towards the exits after what they thought were gun shot. turns out it was the sound of a chair being slammed on to the floor. a similar scene in tennessee, shoppers at a chattanooga mall started running after hear what they thought were gunshots, but it was actually fireworks set off by teenagers. police say the fights may have been organized on social media. >> social media is going to be the death of this country. clearly the rumors that were spread through social media and through some other fake news outlets are really horrendous and they cause more of a panic than is necessary. >> two pregnant women were injured in the melees and a 12-year-old boy broke his leg. to an historic day in hawaii.
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this is a live look at pearl harbor where the leaders of the u.s. and japan are coming together to mark the first time a japanese prime minister visited the site of an attack that launched the u.s. into world war ii. that's shinzo abe and president obama who are paying their respects to those who fought and died. the uss arizona memorial is to honor those who died in pearl harbor 75 years ago. >> i offer my sincere and ever lasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here, as well as the spirits all of the brave men and women whose lives were taken in this place. >> this comes after president obama's historic visit to japan. tonight we are learning new details about george michael's
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sudden death. pop star's long-time boy friend tweeted that he found george michael dead first thing christmas morning. a british star told the newspaper that -- his death came as he stayed out of the spot lights in the last few months. >> he became very reclusive, so he wasn't isn't around that much, he didn't do that much. but he had an amazing career. >> george michael died of heart failure sunday. he was 53 years old. the los angeles coroner's office said that garry hashandlg passed away today, he was just 60 years old.
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blinding snow, high winds and -- in wisconsin, a dramatic rescue, 10 fishermen after a rescue where ice gave way and almost 400 u.s. flights cancelled monday, more than 3,500 delayed, passengers were left stranded laying on mats looking for answers. this guy got in way over his head while testing a know drift, the christmas blizzard dumped almost two feet of snow in that area. by the way, for some perspective stayed, that guy is about 5'10". let's get your first alert forecast from first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> when i was a kid, the snow looked like it was that much
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higher. and we're going to get some. january is a different story than december. 60 degrees in philadelphia now. we still have clear skies. the wind diminishing a little bit. the temperature is going down a little bit, but not that much yet. we're going to be seeing quite a drop over the next several hours, so keep the coats with you, even if you don't meet them this afternoon, you'll need them tonight. 58 stone harbor, 56 in avalon and summer's point, 55 in ventner. the ocean temperature, 4 4, that is above normal and it's been that way for quite a while. the temperatures, it's going to be feeling like it's back to december, even as early as tomorrow. we have rain coming in on thursday, north of philadelphia, it's snow to rain and new year's eve, it is chilly, but it is dry. dry right now. you look back to the west, far
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to the west, to find the next system is going to be approaching, it has nothing to do with all those deep snow drifts that you saw in that portion of the country, it's a totally different system. as we go through tomorrow morning, temperatures are in the 30s. but it didn't really go up much. by toefrl tomorrow, we're still in the 30s. then the clouds come in, and by thursday, the morning rush, temperatures near freezing, and the snow comes in. the snow could be heavy enough to knock the temperature down a little bit. certainly to reduce visibility during the morning rush. make travel a little bit difficult. but you can see it rising to 40 in philadelphia very quickly and that warmer air comes up, even up toward the lehigh valley, perhaps a changeover to rain there, it will last longer, the snow up in the lehigh valley, they could get an inch or two in
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parts of the area, then we're drying out in the afternoon. no need to talk about drying out tomorrow. everybody is dry, we start off near the freezing mark, fairmount 33, going up to 34 during the day. egg harbour township, 44, newark, delaware going up to 46 degrees. everybody is dry tomorrow, but everybody is wet on thursday, rain in philadelphia, the high near 42 once the precipitation is over. chester, bucks and montgomery county, we change over to snow. a little bit of accumulation, changes to perhaps a bit of a mix, and a high of 38. friday is dry, friday is dry for everybody, rain in new jersey and delaware as we go into thursday. but as we look at new year's eve, it's dry, it's not that
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windy, the temperature is close to average for this time of the year, even by midnight, 34 degrees in philadelphia. and for the mummers, new year's day, sunny and dry, temps in the 30s and much not wind, can't do much better than that. living on the edge, this neighborhood is sinking into the ground and crews don't know if they can stop it. see what's forcing families out of their homes. plus losing a landmark? people at the jersey shore have been looking at this unusual home for years, now they're wondering if its future is in jeopardy.
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take a look at this new aerial video of a gigantic sink hole that could eventually destroy several dozen homes. the local mayor now has the area under a state of emergency. about 24 families have been evacuated if -- officials believe that if a sewer pipe 35 feet below ground may have burst causing the sink hole to form. >> it started separating at the front of the house. if it swallows his house, it might take ours with it.
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>> officials say it may be weeks before people are allowed back in their homes. a house that's drawn curiosity seekers for decades has been sold. take a look at the back of the house faces the beach and has a deck with a roof and sidewalls, but it's otherwise open. it was built back in 1967. the house sold for more than $4 million. it is crunch time for the mummers. >> it is a new year's day tradition, but now it could have some competition. we'll explain next at 5:00. now one district attorney is giving the sands an ultimatum.
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we are counting down to the new year, and in philadelphia, they're also counting down to the mummers' parade. >> the parade is a new year's tradition, but they will have some competition this year. the eagles will also be drawing crowds in philly that day. >> reporter: it's not often you have an eagles game and a mummers' parade happening in philadelphia on new year's day.
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they're preparing to do the final practice. it is a day when pageantry and pig skin will converge in philadelphia. a rush to the finish line for the mummers and a season ending game as they kick off for new year's day against the cowboys. >> parade goers and eagles fans -- that's of little concern to mummers participants, who are focused on putting the finish on their costumes and dances. >> in our neighborhood, we're about the parade. >> we're still doing what we do best, making people laugh.
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>> here we have the spartans here at the convention center. you can check it out to see the behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on the mummer's par rate. philadelphia police searching for a suspect after a man was shot and killed while diving in west mt. airy. police say the victim was driving his vehicle near walnut lane when he was shot in the head. he then crashed into another car, the driver of that other car is okay. tonight the entertainment world is mourning the loss of another star. carrie fisher had been in the hospital since having a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles on friday, carrie fisher was 60 years old. right now temple university
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fan are in annapolis as the school seeks it's first 11 win season. it would be the third bowl win in owls' history. many neighborhoods reached 60 degrees. >> it felt really good out there. be it's going to be a lot different. glenn has a look at your neighborhood forecast. >> it's going to feel different as early as tomorrow morning, and folks looking for some colder weather up in the poconos, this is live look at skiers in camel back, and we're going to get some natural snow on thursday and some good snow making conditions starting next week. we missed a record by 1 degree in allentown, most parts of the
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area did get into the 60s today, it's still 60 in philadelphia. it's dropped to the upper 50s in philadelphia. 53 in allentown which set that record. by thursday morning, it's snowing in allentown. looking at the temperature drop over the rest of the night. by tomorrow, it's north of the freezingi freezing mark, so lehigh valley, it's quite a change from this morning from when temperatures were in the 50s. we have dry weather coming in tomorrow, but then a weak system coming in from the west, looks like it's going to bring some snow to parts of the area by the morning rush on thursday. more on the timing of this system and the rest of the holiday weekend forecast in a few minutes. all right, a native american tribe in north jersey wants support for its fight to keep an oil pipeline from running through its reservation.
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the natiwhile plans don't call an exact route, we do know it will run from albany, new york, to the refinery in linden. the reservation stands in the way of that path. >> i would hope it's not a movement against pilgrim pipeline, but the beginning of a renaissance of understanding that the earth is in great need of repair. disappointment in philly and coatesville today, the city's application for pennsylvania's keystone zone program has been deni denied. the program was aimed at reducing state and local taxes. a spokesman for governor tom wolf says the state can't afford
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new tax breaks. the supreme court ruled that casinos no longer have to pay local government. prosecutors now calling on the sands casino to pay a $10 million host fee. voluntarily pay the county at the same rate it has for years. he went on to say if that doesn't happen, it may be hard for his office to continue to use resources, including law enforcement to help the casino. however the valley forge casino is promising to continue to pay local governments. the casino signed a voluntary agreement to continue making payments to upper marion county and those payments are set to start in january. driver who is take city line avenue can expect delays the
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rest of the week. lane closures in both directions between lancaster and 54th street. it's part of a million dollar project to upgrade ramps. depentding on the weather, drivers should expect delays. still ahead at 5:00, a new controversy for the boy scouts. tonight a new jersey boy says he was kicked out because he is transgender and trouble for the trump foundation, why it may cause problems for the president-elect after he takes office.
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. >> we're lost getting a peek at the tone he plans to set at his inaugural speech.
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the focus, of what you have seen throughout the campaign and all presented the inaugural that we're planning, dreams of unity. for now the next president is delivering his message, 140 characters at a time. in his latest tweet storm, he's dismissing the united nations as just a great time for people to get together and have a great time. trump opposed the measure and may be in a position to pressure the u.n. going forward. >> right now the u.n.'s 70% of the entire budget is spent on personnel. >> the critics say the future president went too far on speaking about the president.
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>> if you do something you know is deliberately at odds with what the incoming president is going to do on a stage this big shows a certain pettiness that i'm surprised to see in president obama. >> donald trump tweeted that president obama -- during a transition that's anything but transitional. the president-elect has announced plannings to addition solve his charitable foundation. new york's attorney general repeatedly said that won't happen because the foundation is still under investigation. a million dollar heist caught on camera. see the high end items that they took off with next at 5:00.
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a north jrs i mother is fighting mad that her son was kicked out of the cub scout sco. he has identified as a boy since he was 3. joe says he just doesn't understand why he can't join his friends and be a scout. >> i really don't know why, it's just no fair. i don't know. >> he was very angry. he didn't understand why. because he sees himself as a boy. >> the boy scouts of america says it goes by the gender listed on a child's birth certificate. thieves bust into a new york city fur shop, security cameras caught the crooks as they burst through a glass door at dennis
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basso on madison avenue christmas morning. the thieves headed for the priciest furs, snatching russian sables made by hand. imagine the opportunity to practice with staff from the philadelphia 76ers. look at this, that's exactly what these kids were doing today, at the kids annual holiday kids camp. the kids were between 5 and 14 years old. kids who participate get free tickets to a gooiame. speaking of football is the associated press's male athlete of 2016. james ended 52 years of sports heart ache. james beat out olympic legend michael phelps and this is the second time james has won the
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award, the first time back in 2013. and don't forget, nbc10 is your official eagles coverage. we'll have a one-on-one with quarterback carson wentz. it all starts sunday morning at 9:30 in game day kickoff. with the mummers and the eagles, a lot of people are going to be out and about in philadelphia. >> as we have been saying for more than a week, it looked like it was going to be pretty good for the eagles weekend. dry weather, temperatures in the 40s and not a whole lot of wind. but it's not going to be 60 degrees like it was today. it's still 60 in philadelphia. it's topped into the 50s in many other parts of the area, but that's way above average, the average high temperature is 42 degrees. look at these current readings, these are in some of the north
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and western suburbs in montgomery and chester county that are likely to see some snow by friday morning. melbourne, chatsworth, chester heights at 52, ft. washington 53, new town and new hope at 55 degrees. all those places are going to be near the freezing mark by tomorrow morning. and then again on thursday morning. we're dry right now. we're watching the next system coming into north dakota, of course it's not very strong right now and it's not likely to be. it's one of those things that comes down from canada, it can't pick up a whole lot of moisture and it moves fast, but it has limited potential. but it looks like it's going to be cold enough morning, especially from philadelphia northward, it starts as snow, and it's mostly snow or a mix in lehigh valley. it's going to be a little slushy because temperatures are going
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to be borderline. then the warm air comes up to change the snow to rain across a good bit of the area, then it's over with. by the afternoon rush, the sun's out. it's that kind of thing. now as we go through the next few days, thursday is the only day that's going to be seeing precipitation, dry and cold on wednesday and on friday, and there are the suburbs with the know and rain. the afternoon high of 41 after a morning low of 30. lehigh valley, 29 with the snow starting and then changing over to rain, this is all neighborhood forecasting here, so there's a big difference in what neighborhood is going to get what on thursday. and that's why we have those neighborhood forecast and your neighborhood seven day at the bottom of the screen all the time. friday is dry once again. speaking of dry, new year's eve, first fireworks at 6:00, 42
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degrees, and then even after midnight, it doesn't get below 30. the high sunday, 48 degrees, lehigh valley saturday, 3, sunday 42, you notice it's dry everywhere. but that is saturday and sunday, things are going to change nec week. so we have cold air, moving in tomorrow. and then it gets arctic for a brief time on sunday. but look at this area of arctic air, coming down later next week, covering a good bit of the country, and it's going to -- that one's going to last for a while. and that will set us up for multiple snow chances i think. 34 degrees, with mostly rain in philadelphia, could be a brief period of snow right at the very beginning, but it's slushy and melts. then we're dry, saturday,
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sunday, but not next week, rain, rain, rain and then arctic cold after that. >> all right, glenn, thank you, turn to sky force 10 now, live with breaking news, you see the flames there, crews are on the scene of this fire, at a high-rise building happening along north 11th street near naderi avenue. pulling out, we can see the size of this building that firefighters are surrounding. they have evacuated that building or are in the process of doing so. the size of this scene here is quite large. this is happening again in the overbrook section of philadelphia. we will continue to monitor the situation. flames can be seen near the top of this high-rise building.
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meanwhile the ball with 2,600 try angles. from times square to epenn's landing, you can celebrate new year's eve right here at the blue cross river rink and enjoy a great fireworks show. nbc10 will be broadcasting the early fireworks live starting at 6:00 p.m. and there's another show once the clock strikes midnight. 'tis the season of giving and returning, according to u.p.s. they expect to deliver more than a million packages back by january 5. a surge in online sales could make it the busiest returns day ever. today dozens of children help celebrate kwanzaa, kids and
5:51 pm
their families learned about kwanzaa. some children learned to weave a mat. kwanzaa runs until january 1. the holidays may have brought you new cell phone or lap top that you wanted. now what you want to do is sell it or make a buck off of it. even if you delete all your files, your ultrapersonal information is likely still there. and you may be handing it over to complete sfrarngs. >> when i delete something off this thing, i think i'm done. yeah, a lot of people think that, but it's not. all of that is still there. >> you see there nbc investigative correspondent jeff rosser going under cover to show us how to protect ourselves, that's coming up on nbc10 nightly news on nbc10.
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a south jersey school says thank you to their coach. >> part of the school wrestling team for 35 years now his name will live on for years to come. that story on nbc10 news at 5:00. looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer)
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that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin'
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we want that get back to that breaking news of that fire
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crew battling that fire in that high-rise, that appears to be right under the roof. this is on north 11th street near naderi avenue. our camera pulling out from sky force 10 and you can see just how large that building is and several roads blocked. >> sky force 10 is live here. what we can't see if they're hitting this fire with any water. we know the building has been evacuated at this point. we're dealing with a high-rise fire, everybody's working to get out. we're seeing some of the crews there on 11th street, which is in east oak lane. and as we trail up the building there, while some lights are on, there are no people inside, or at leasts are urging them to get out. it doesn't appear to that the flames have grown or they are
5:56 pm
moved. but doesn't appear that firefighters are able to hit this fire with any water at this point. also tonight after decades of service, a former south jersey high school coach, being honored for his dedication. >> wrestlers at overbrook high school in pine hill finally have a space of their own. and their wrestling -- it will now be known as the paul vorielo wrestling room. he laid mats every day and then put them back every single day. he retired from the school in 2001, but the bonds with his wrestlers remains. >> there's a special relationship i have with each one of my wrestlers. i can tell you a story about each one, they can probably tell you a story about me.
5:57 pm
even though it goes into the hundreds, there's just a special relationship between a wrestler and his scope. >> the passing of an iconic actress and her tie to our area. plus that breaking news, sky force 10 live over a fire at a high-rise parent building. we'll have the very latest for you ahead. nbc10 investigators are showing you what you're getting in exchange for their higher prices.
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after the impact, what officers found following this crash that has led to an all out search tonight. the passing of a princess, an iconic actress's death and her connection to our area. record warmth, suddenly it's 60 in late december. that's about to change, though. nbc10 news at 6:00 starts now. >> nbc10 news at 6:00 begins with this. sky force 10 life over breaking
6:00 pm
news in the overbrook section. we are telling you this is happening along north 11th street right near maderi avenue. we can't tell you whether anyone was injured from this fire, they have just now started getting water on those flames. we have dan kent on the scene. what can you tell us about the rescue crews on the scene and if they're able to put a substantial amount of water on this fire? we can't see any water there, but we know it needs a lot of water. >> reporter: just as we have been watching here in the past few minutes, firefighters very able to climb out of the windows there and it looks like they're on a balcony, and have actually been able to get some water on the fire, that looks like it's coming from the roof of that building, when we first got here, there was also fire that was coming out of the windows that they were working first, they extinguished that fire


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