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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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it's feeling more like december outside and parts of our area could see some snow before the year is through. and concerns from shoppers as security is stepped up during one of the busiest shopping of the year. why authorities think an amazon echo could give them clues they need to solve a murder mystery. right now at 11:00 2016 is
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winding down. a few people will be bundled up. some could see snow before we hit 2017. erika martin has more in the forecast. >> that's right. we are tracking cooler temperatures. yesterday's high was 64 degrees. it looks like we will see developing clouds moving in from west to east. right now mainly thick mid-and upper level clouds. we will see partly cloudy skies by later this afternoon. satellite and radar image, notice we are seeing a little bit of an influence there. lake effect snow making it northwest of our region. we do have wind coming out of the northwest currently at 13 miles per hour in philadelphia. that will be the trend pretty much all day long. by 4:00 p.m. seeing temperatures in the low to mid-40s and partly cloudy skies. your neighborhood forecast seeing mainly 40s.
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chestnut hill 42 for you. notice how mild these temperatures are right now but certainly a lot cooler than we saw yesterday. kensington at 42 degrees. you'll see your local neighborhood forecast. right now we are averaging in the mid-to upper 40s for delaware with lots of clouds out there. everything mixing out as the day progresses. partly cloudy skies for the most part today. lehigh seeing low 40s for you. mostly cloudy skies right now and 39 degrees in the pa suburbs. coming up in the full forecast i do have your hour by hour forecast. we are tracking some rain and a wintery mix for some moving into delaware valley. i'll see you in a bit. >> back to you. looking for the cause of a house fire that left a man dead. the flames broke out around 3:00 this morning ton third floor of a building. that's where firefighters found
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the victim. they took them to the hospital. two firefighters suffered minor injuries while battling that blaze. >> two fire department were transported for minor injuries. it didn't work for us in this occurrence there were working smoke alarms in the building. >> think alerted to head outside. there was very little damage. they were allowed back into their homes. skurlt is stepping up after investigators say a large crowd of teenagers tried to start a fight inside the building. we are live with the details, pam. >> a total of four teenagers were arrested. dozens more were turned away at the doors to the mall as a large group of about 200 teens tried to get inside to cause trouble. police say 30 teens made it through and once inside they
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tried to start a fight. you're look at cell phone video of some of that taking place inside of the food court. you can see an officer chasing after a teen. one of the teens attempted to punch a uniformed police officer. philadelphia police were already ready when teens tried to cause a disturbance at the same mall monday evening. it has become an apparent trend nationwide as teens have turned to social media to spark mall fights. you can expect to see extra patrols here as well. i did put a call in to see what if anything they are doing differently in light of the events that happened. we are waiting to hear back as soon as we get more information and an update. back to you. nbc 10 nuchltz we are following a developing story out of bethlehem. you can see it there.
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a four block area has been closed to traffic and red cross volunteers are currently assisting 13 people. some have taken shelter at a near by middle school. to get updates throughout the day on our nbc 10 app. a pair of pile ups on i-295 just after 8:00 this morning. two separate crashes happened in the southbound lanes just before i-495. one crash involved four cars and the second five vehicles. emergency crews took people to the hospital. the left lane is closed right here at the accident scene. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that scene. >> what can you tell us? >> actually according to our traffic systems have said that the accident scene has cleared. delays still remain. it is something you want to pay attention to. also clearing could mean it's over into a shoulder that's not
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blocking any lanes right now. not completely out of the way. you can see it moving over the bridge. if you're moving into delaware and you're trying to get there for the rest of this morning into if afternoon you might want an alternate. you can take it up here and head to 95 southbound and make it in that way. for the rest of the morning commute we skipped over most of the morning rush. no delays to report at all. this is right around montgomery drive. you can see no problems or delays. we are at 17 minutes right now from the blue route to the vine. we are not seeing a huge increase there. for the most part doing just fine. >> thanks. a man charged with killing his four-year-old son and the boy's mother have a connection to the lehigh valley. he was arrested yesterday. police say he confessed to killing the boy and the mother.
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the mother was found dead in her apartment living room and the boy was found dead in a bathtub. she was fired after news broke of an affair between the two which resulted in the birth of their son. a cold case that's been three years in the making is getting renew aid tension from authorities in delaware county. crime scene investigators dug for clues here in the missing persons case of melissa rodriguez. she lived here in april of 2013. police have not been able to get into the house until authorities finalized a bank forclosure. after digging into the ground they didn't find anything. melissa and her husband were in the process of separating when she went missing. a man in critical condition
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after he was stabbed inside a bar. it happened just before 4:00 this morning. two other men are also in the hospital. philadelphia police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man in his home. officers were called to the home on west atlantic street around 10:00 last night. they found the victim unconscious on his front porch. he later died at the hospital. investigators are trying to determine what lead to that shooting. an autopsy scheduled for a mother and young boy found dead at their york county home. inve gaite investigators say the mother suffocated her son and shot herself. think discovered their bodies on monday in their home. the mom posted a note to her husband that said you don't deserve to have a son. searching for a man who tried to hold up a gas station
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for $2 worth of gas. the man was carrying a gas can when he approached the worker. the man pulled out a knife and demanded $2 in gas. when the worker said no the man ran off. now to that disappointing loss for the temple owls. they lost with less than four minutes remaining. the owls were down eight trying to make something happen. walker lost 22 yards. final goal 34-26. >> it pains me right now like i can't even describe. i know it's only going to get worse. i know once it all sinks in i think it's going to hurt worse than it does right now. >> the owls are still celebrating a successful season. a sneak peek at the 2017 par
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rid as they kick off mummers parade. the fancy brigades will continue their final practices today. last year the mummers parade came under fire after two separate incidents. o they are hoping for a smoothing year in 2017. speak of new year's day the blue cross river rink is the place to be for two fireworks displays. they will broadcast the fireworks live at 6:00 in the evening so you can enjoy it. don't miss round 2 at the stroke of midnight. it is a little bit further up. >> nice view. well with, rest in peace princess leia.
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>> just ahead, her strong connection to our area. tensions are growing, the new comments from president-elect donald trump. i'm tracking some showers moving in by tomorrow certainly. it's dry right now and possibly a wintery mix. coming up in the forecast we'll break it down for you hour by hour. we'll see you then.
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this morning fans are mourns the loss of carrie fisher. >> she died four days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. >> she will always be known as princess leia to millions of fans. they say the news of fisher's passing moved them to go see star wars story. they say the death makes her appearance on the film even more meaningful. >> i want to experience it. i think there was emotion in the theaters especially in the scene she was in. >> i was really sad. she has been just so iconic for so long. >> in addition to being an actress fisher was a successful book author. she was the daughter of debby reynolds and eddy fisher. eddy fisher was born in south
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phillime philly. he made his radio debut right here. fans have taken to social media to share thoughts about carrie fisher. steve martin tweeted when i was a young man carrie fisher was the most beautiful creature i had ever seen. you can read more about her life and her career and the reaction from hollywood right now on the nbc 10 app. we got new details about an executio execution-style murder. they are questioning a woman in connection to the deadly shooting. investigators say a 33-year-old man was driving near walnut lane on monday when he was shot in his ear. no charges have been filed at this time. breaking news in the death penalty trial of dylan roof.
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roof said he will not call witnesses to try to convince the jury. he will still agent as his own attorney when the penalty phase of the trial begins next tuesday. a live look at the big board and the new york stock exchange. it came just after the opening bell this morning. high winds whipped through southern california and may have helped topple a tractor trailer that you see here. they reported gusts through many parts of the los angeles area. heavy winds may have knocked down a 70 foot tree. luckily no one was home at the time. >> i'm erika martin. we are seeing partly to mostly cloudy skies right now. the good news is we will see improvement as the day
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progresses. tracking a big temperature drop. today we'll see mid-40s. a major change there. possibly wintery mix here as well. we have your new year's eve outlook. right now your current winds coming out of the northwest, allentown 12 miles per hour wind speeds for you. wilmington 17 miles per hour wind speeds for you. it is making a difference. this is why the clouds are sticking around. neighborhoods right now certainly a lot cooler. upper 30s for walnut. bethlehem almost at 40 but not quite there all due to the stronger northwesterly winds. in the pa suburbs seeing a similar trend. upper 30s to low 40s. new hope just a bit warmer at 41
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degrees. satellite and radar image. notice we are mainly seeing clouds right now. this is upper level moisture. you can see a little bit of a kick back here. light flurries making it northwest of our area. nothing here locally. hour by hour forecast picking up the system moving here. i think it will be here closer to midnight. you'll see that clouds will time out getting thicker by midnight and certainly through the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning i say between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. notice we are starting to see a little bit of a wintery mix approaching the lehigh valley. delaware seeing mainly rain. conditions for tomorrow morning will certainly be slick for those of you in the lehigh valley. keep that in mind. you can see here the rain-snow line telling us most of that rain will stay west. philly will see rain. jersey shore will see rain showers but it will be
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widespread for the entire day. it will be kind of a mixed bag for tomorrow especially because we do have the wintery mix and everybody else getting heavy downpours by tomorrow between noon and 1:00 p.m. keep that in mind as well. everything starts to push offshore by about 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. here is your planner for tomorrow. we start off with rain showers at 7:00 a.m. with overpass skies. we are k thatting ttracking tha. it looks like snow by 7:00 a.m. of course the freezing mark there. we change over to the rain by noon. it looks like rain showers for delaware and new jersey also seeing rain. the good news is everything starts to improve by 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. i have your ten day coming up in just a bit. we are not talking about the hunt for the popular critters, why a lot of parents are telling us their hactchimals aren't
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working properly or even saying bad words. ♪ it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column
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oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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happening right now secretary of state john kerry is giving a speech about middle east policy. this is a live look from the state department in washington. let's listen in for a moment. >> for the just and lasting peace that both sides deserve. so it is vital that we have an
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honest clear-eyed conversation about the uncomfortable truth and difficult choices because the waalternative that is fast becoming the reality is within nobody's interest, not the israelis, not the palestinians, not the region and not the united states. >> secretary kerry is laying out the obama administration's vision. a senior member of israel's government says the speech will likely increase tensions that have recently becomed frayed. officials have cancelled on building new homes to avoid further strain on the israel u.s. relationship. it is part of a building activity that the united nations security council called a violation of international law last week. the u.s. broke with a
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long-standing approach and abstained from voting on that u.n. resolution. trump started tweeting about this situation about two hours ago. he said israel used to have a great friend in the us but not anymore. he went onto say stay strong, january 20th is fast approaching. january 20 st his inauguration day. today the president-elect is continuing transition meetings at his florida estate. he was deputy under george w. bush. trump appointed jason green as special president for international negotiations. he has worked for the trump association for more than two decades. a bag of toys caused quite a
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security scare at trump tower. a suspicious package discovered in the lobby. bomb squad and secret service which he could it out and determined the bag was safe. ♪ >> doing it his way helped him win season six of america's got tale talent. tonight he is bringing his talent to bucks county. he has a show tonight at the historic theater. we are thrilled he was able to stop by. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> so many things have happened to you. i know one time you were washing cars. one time you were living in your car. does it still seem like a dream? does it seem real? >> no. every day i wake up in a different city trying to figure out where i'm at.
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it is a dream come true and something i worked hard for and i'm thankful for everything that i have got. >> bring us up to speed. >> i have been touring all around the world, shanghai, germany, performed for our troops overseas. i released three albums. one was a fundraising thing i did for the flood victims in my state. i released an album with capital records. it was like 12 weeks on the number one jazz charts for a pretty good time. i have been doing pretty good. >> i would say you have been doing pretty good. >> you love the classics. you say you have an inner in you. how do you try to bring it to younger audiences? >> for me it was about making good music and showing these new generations what good music was
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all about and to bring back all of the wonderful memories for their grandparents. >> you have great respect for your elders? >> yes. >> before america's got talent and all of the fame and everything i was going to nursing homes and i would sing for the less fortunate people that couldn't make it to the shows and things like that or homeless shelters. it's just something that i stuck with it. kind of snowballed into me having my own thing. i got away from all of the hip hop and stuff i was doing. it was something that kept me out of trouble basically. it was my way of giving back. it's really been a blessing in my life. >> i was going to say you're talented and blessed. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. you can catch him tonight at the sellersville theater. the show is at 8:00 tonight. go to or check out our
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nbc 10 app. >> thanks for that. we are counting down to the end of 2016. there is definitely a chill in the air. let's take a live look. yes. it is going to be a cold one as we wrap up 2016. erika martin is tracking the arrival of rain plus some snow in the parts of our area. a live look over the delaware river. it was a popular gift. investigators hoping to use an amazon echo to help them solve a murder case.
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we come out with a really nice pure ray. it has garlic, salt and pepper and pour it over the top an let them sit for about an hour.
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we are going to burn it. on the outside you can leave these off if you would like. >> beautiful. >> you like it crispy? >> that's what you want. >> yum. >> and you can divide it up. you candy vi di vietvide it up one of us. a busy week on the slopes. they could see some fresh snow in the very nearby future, how near? let's find out. erika martin is here with your
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forecast. >> we do have much colder temperatures in the works. right now future temperatures, we'll start this at 11:00 a.m. and we are mainly seeing 40s for the most part. conditions are pretty mild. as i get this going i want to show you how the temperatures start to climb by later this afternoon. expected highs mainly in the low to mid-40s. we will see temperatures dropping around the freezing mark for allentown. it looks like temperatures will also be conducive to anything moving in from the southwest for the lehigh valley to change over a a wintery mix and light snow. everything will be mainly rain after about 10:00 a.m. let's time this out for you. we want to track cooler temperatures with that rain headed our way. that system developing. by 3:30 a.m. we start to see showers and wintery mix moving in from the southwest to the northeast. by 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. we are seeing a little bit of a change
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over there. there is your rain-snow line as we get this continuing into motion. everybody will see mainly rain for tomorrow. that's the good news. the good news is that everything will change over pretty quickly and we are seeing mainly rain. this will be widespread and clearing by about 4:00 p.m. your three day outlook includes that. keep that in mind. those roads will be very slick especially for the early morning hours. lehigh seeing that wintery change over and light flurries on friday due to a moisture. a northwesterly flow. it looks like light flurries for the lehigh valley. conditions are dry now tracking the system moving in, mainly rain showers. the lehigh valley, keep in mind you will see light snow and that wintery mix. we'll talk more about what to expect beyond that because we have your new year's eve forecast.
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>> thanks. philadelphia mills mall is stepping up security after a large group of teenagers tried to set off a disturbance and cause a fight inside the mall. pamela osborne will fill us in on the details. >> reporter: we just got brand new information. they tell us at 2:00 yesterday is when they were made aware via social media that a flash fight could happen inside of the mall. by 3:00 hundreds of teens arrived on septa buses. majority were kept out but police say six separate groups of teens were able to get inside of the mall. the 30 teens went to the food court and refused to leave. you're looking at cell phone video of some of that incident taking place inside of the food court. you can see an officer chasing after a teen. one of the teens tried to wrestle an officer to the ground. another officer was punched. this lasted for two hours.
11:35 am
it involved at least 300 but as many as 400 teens. the teens arrested have been charged with several crimes including aggravated assault, terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. police are stepping up patrol. we have seen one carroll through here already. mall security has been riding around throughout the morning. instructed by the general manager not to allow anyone under the age of 18 to come insi inside unless they are with an adult. >> thanks for that update, pam. in arkansas police are asking for amazon's help to try to solve a murder. >> amazon is refusing to hand it over. dave has the details on the case and how the outcome could impact your privacy. >> reporter: this morning a murder case is testing the limits of privacy inside your
11:36 am
home. the amazon echo was a best seller this christmas. now police in bentonville arkansas have filed a warrant for electronic data. >> consumers can listen to all of their alexa request and they can delete them. >> what is unsure is what's on amazon servers. james bates murdered his coworkers victor collins who was found strangled. he called 911 pleaded not guilty. >> did anybody think that information you gave to the amazon echo would be used outside your home and then to be used to have you arrested far crime you didn't commit? >> investigators say this new technology is just another piece of the puzzle. >> we have established probable
11:37 am
cause to search this device the same way we would search a person's cell phone or a person's home. >> amazon says it will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. >> when we give company data the big problem is not only how it will be used today but how can it be combined later in the future and used against us. >> that was dave reporting. a north carolina community devastate affidavit a run away truck killed a five-year-old boy. sheer what happened. the child was playing with his new christmas toys. a dump truck started rolling down a hill and crashed through the yard. the truck ran over the boy before smashing into a house. a construction worker told first responders he thought he put the truck in park. they determined he was responsible for controlling the truck. they charged him with a
11:38 am
misdemeanor which is death by vehicle. a california man facing a dui charge. the only drug found in his system was caffeine. they pulled over joseph swab. he agreed to under go a blood test and caffeine was the only thing that showed up. his attorney is asking the judge to dismiss the charges. a bus driver will be in court facing charges he allegedly fell asleep at the while driving children from school. officers received calls back on december 16th. he allegedly slept at the wheel. one student called her mother saying she feared for her life. the vatican became a circus literally today. they put on a fast-paced show.
11:39 am
pope francis couldn't help but smile as the clown asked him to help out with a magic trick. the pope has praised circus performers and say this is good for the soul. if you have something really nice for christmas, a new tv, a new cell phone, whatever it is, police have a warning for you. >> be careful what you do with the box that it came in. police are saying be careful what you put out this time of the year. packaging can attract thieves looking to steal the expensive gifts when you leave your house. >> make sure you try to put it at the bottom and not on top. >> they recommend not posting what you got on social media either. it was one of the toughest gifts to get this christmas season, the hatchimal.
11:40 am
what was supposed to be a furry friend turned out to be headaches. >> some believe it sounds like their toy is cursing. others say the hatchimal won't do anything but light up. they say they called the company that makes the hatchimal but say they waited hours an got disconnected. >> there is technology and glitches. they should do something to fix it. >> they say unfortunately with toys that incorporate a high level of technology there are also some cases where the product may not perform as expected. we are committed do doing everything possible to resolve these issues. today's wednesday's child is looking for a forever family to keep him on the right tack. vai sikahema introduces us to him. >> we took him to race go carts.
11:41 am
it's the kind of activity that most teenagers look for, the need for speed. the truth is she laid back, humble, soft spoken and very optimistic despite living in foster care for most of his life. his needs are simple. >> unconditional love, they will be here for me and just moving onto the next step of my life. >> he wants to be a sportscaster some day. he plans to enroll in a community college before transferring to a university. naturally he loves sports. this kid is going places. >> i would say that up until the last probably year and a half he was very much a follower. in the last year and a half i have seen some leadership. good things are starting to happen to him. him getting a taste of that and wanting to continue to pursue
11:42 am
things that will lead onto bigger and better things for him. >> a family that's always going to be there, that's there to love you. >> and if you would make his dream come true with a dream of any wednesday's child go to and search wednesday's child. easier said than done. empty promises, we all made them, why looking to the past can give you a more successful future. your mummers day forecast 10 to 15 miles and developing clouds. i have your new year's eve forecast coming up.
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♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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people make new year's resolutions to change their lives. we spoke with an expert on how to make those resolutions stick. >> my goal is to travel more. >> change can be hard especially once life goes back to normal after the holidays. >> i don't think i will make it a resolution. >> sports psychologist
11:46 am
recommends looking to the past with the acronym p.a.s.t. p. stands for plan. a., arrange your environment. >> by setting my cell phone on the other edge of my bed it forces me to get up. s., stick to one thing. >> if we chase too many rabbits we catch none. we want to focus on one goal and go to that. t., make it too easy to fail instead of try to go commit ing to one.
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♪ >> one of my favorite songs, put on your dancing shoes because you'll have time of your life. mama mia continues to dazzle audiences as they search for the mystery men as her mother prepares to throw her a wedding with a little bit of help from her friends. here with us this morning is lizzy. she is an allentown native and a graduate of parkland high school. okay. so this is one of broadway's longest running productions.
11:48 am
it's spun off into a movie. tell us about the experience. you have been doing this about two months now. >> yes. this is actually my second it ration on this tour. i was here last year but it's an entirely -- it's not entirely, about half new cast. it is an awesome experience to get a new environment. it's still the same old mama , mia. so many different productions still going on. >> so i love the music. i have never seen mama mia, always wanted to. what drew you into this? >> it kind of came to me through a casting direct to where i went to college. when she was there she saw me and called me in to audition.
11:49 am
i was totally hooked on this show because it's so much fun. i grew up listening to a cover band. >> any bittersweet feelings? >> it is ending here in philly. >> so the last show in philly is the 31st. of course we are -- we wish we could stay here longer. >> i feel like i have had so much anticipation. >> your homecoming. >> my old stomping grounds and all of my friends and family get to come here. it's so awesome. i can't believe they are here. >> are they in the front row? >> i hope not because then i would see them, but i think they have good seats. i have people at every show so i'm really excited. >> we are look forward to it. a few more nights and days.
11:50 am
thank you for copping in. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> if you're interested in seeing mama mia it is running now through saturday. for more information go to our web site, or check out the nbc 10 app. i'm erika martin. still tracking the stubborn clouds. 42 degrees, upper 30s for the pa suburbs. notice that the clouds are sticking around. it will improve. conditions will improve after 3:00 p.m. right now we are seeing a northwesterly push as far as winds are concerned. something to keep in mind. we do have the northwesterly push of the winds.
11:51 am
41 for princeton. conditions are pretty mild. the reason why the clouds are sticking around is because of that northwesterly flow. limestone road 42 for you. lincoln 46. allendale currently at 48 degrees. so we do have mild conditions right now. we are only going to top out mainly in the mid-40s on average. hour by hour forecast picking up on clouds moving in from the west towards the east. really a southwesterly system moving in. notice by early tomorrow morning we are seeing snow showers. i do also want you to see here, here is our rain-snow line. we'll see rain after 8:00 a.m. everything clears after 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. so tomorrow's temperatures and what to expect as far as rain or snow showers for lehigh valley we are seeing that mix. bethlehem 38 degrees is your expected high temperature with that wintery mix for the morning
11:52 am
hours. phoenixville seeing likely a little bit of a wintery mix and everything changing over to rain showers. 44 for noon town. we do have warmer temperatures of course around philly. trenton 44. new jersey seeing widespread rain. your new year's eve forecast mid-to upper 30s with developing clouds by 10:00 to midnight keeping it in the mid-30s. the good news is it looks like it will be dry however tracking showers moving in by sunday. temperatures mainly in the 40s. on friday tracking a gusty day with lower 40s. low 40s on saturday.
11:53 am
your new year's eve does look dry for now. showers for your second half into saund monday. temperatures climb into the upper 40s. partly cloudy skies for the following thursday and friday with temperatures dipping by next friday into the 30s. we are tracking much colder temperatures. yesterday we saw 60s. more nbc 10 news coming up after the break. see you then. game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal.
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general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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>> a quick reminder for this saturday night. there will be two fireworks displays. they will be broadcasting live at 6:00 so you can enjoy it early. round two is at midnight. one last look at your forecast for today with erika martin. >> temperatures will be cooler than we saw yesterday. today 40s and we are tracking rain showers for tomorrow morning. the big story is new year's eve. we'll go ahead and increase those clouds. the good news is it does look dry. we are seeing 40s.
11:57 am
>> we'll take it. >> thanks. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm rosemary connors. from erika martin and all of us here, have a good one.
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>> nancy: i'm here, baby. i'm here, chloe. >> brady: i, uh... i didn't know you'd be here so quickly. the flights have been booked for days. >> nancy: ah, fortunately, i got a sympathetic ticket agent. oh, there she is. justook at you. perfect little angel. i'm your grandma nancy. we're gonna be spending a lot of time together. >> brady: she's a cutie. she's got a set of lungs on her, too. >> nancy: [laughs] i wish the hell you would get out of here. >> deimos: she's not the only one with a set of lungs. >> nancy: [sighs] you are the last person that chloe would want to see.


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