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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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snow. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz, what are we up against? >> parts of the area are going to be seeing snow, other parts are definitely going to be seeing rain. parts are going to see snow, if they stay up there, a big crowd at camelback and they're rooting for the snow. but in the lehigh valley and berks county, you're going to be getting some snow, but it's during the morning rush, 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and especially before the sun comes up, it has a chance of sticking at least on grassy surfaces and other untreated surfaces. the low victsibility they be a factor in causing some problems during the morning rush. quiet across the area now, there's an area of snow we're watching, and we're also watching some snow develop in indiana and that's going to combine with the snow area and expand as we go through the night tonight. by tomorrow morning, it's going to be wet. in philadelphia, that's cold
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rain 36 degrees. 33 degrees in camden county. the lehigh value we'll have marginal temperatures. it could potentially stick, especiallily before sun rise, rain in delaware, much of new jersey by 6:00 a.m., much of the rain will be moving in. looking at the future cast, it comes in right in time for the morning rush, more on the timing for this and the rest of the weekend forecast in a few minutes. to a developing story, nbc10 has learned in details about the murder of this real estate agent in philadelphia. you watched the investigation unfold yesterday on nbc10 news. the victim was shot in 4isz his
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car and then he crashed here near nut lane. >> nbc10's monique braxton has been following these developments throughout the day. she joins us live near the suspect's home in roxborough. >> reporter: detectives tell us after the murder, martina wescott ran almost three miles here to her home. her mother was the one who called police to tell them what had happened and detectives returned here to the home today seeking evidence. our camera captured this exclusive video of homicide detectives at the home of 27-year-old martina westcott. the university of pennsylvania and central high grad is now charged with killing her ex-boyfriend, terrell bruce. detectives say that wescott shot bruce in the head and then he crashed into a car.
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>> it's devastating, terrible. terrible. >> reporter: bruce was a real estate agent with remax, his colleagues shared this picture taken of bruce at a holiday party two weeks ago. >> you saw him going all the way? >> reporter: police sources say westcott had a tough time dealing with their breakup. sources also say wescotts toed the gun near where bruce crashed. witnesses tell police they saw wescott running then tossing a white jacket off the walnut lane bridge, her bloody jacket was found by canine units yesterday. >> he lost his life and she'll spend large part of her
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remaining life in prison. >> reporter: live right now in wescott's neighborhood, she has con fessed,'s due to be arraigned in the next few hours. for the second straight day, investigators are searching for the remains of a missing woman. they were back at the home of melissa rodriguez in collingdale. rodriguez disappeared more than three year ago and since then her case has grown cold. new at 5:00, police in berks county are looking for this man, accused of running from police and ramming into an officer's car. all the while, his wife and two young children were inside. john ssoto was pulled over. he's facing several charges
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including endangering the welfare of children and assault on a police officer. a chain reaction made for an unnerving day in a bethlehem neighborhood today, this sink hole opened up on hamilton avenue. the utility company tells us it was caused by a water main break and then the sink hole caused a natural gas line to crook. >> at about 3:30 and saw a bunch of flashing lights outside house, one fireman for each side of the street, walking up and down with a flashlight and then a fire truck started beeping his horn pretty loudly to wake everyone up. investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly fous hire in fishtown. the deputy fire commissioner says the fire started on the third floor of the home, the victim has not yet been identified. nbc10 has learned there were
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working smoke alarms inside the house. we have new details about four teenagers arrested in connection with a flash mob and a fight inside philadelphia mills mall. police got a tip on social media that a flash mob was taking place at the mall yesterday. an hour later, hundreds of kids stepped off of septa busses. take a look at this cell phone video of police officers chasing the kids through the food court. police ordered the kids to leave and several refused. this has become an apparent trend nationwide as kids and teens particularly have turned to social media to spark mall fights. on monday, a similar scene inside the bedford jersey gar n gardens mall in elizabeth. panic ensued after someone screamed gun and there was a
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sound that some thought was gun fire, but instead it was the sound of a chair being slam to the ground. a casino controversy in the lee high valley. the district attorney has said they will stop investigating crimes at the sands casino if it doesn't pay taxes towards the community. this could have impact really across the state. >> reporter: it really could, erin. even though the state supreme court ruled in favor of the casinos, many pennsylvania casinos have agreed to pay these so-called host fees anyway. we're told, though, that the sands is so far a hold out waiting to see if it might avoid paying millions of dollars to the communities that are right outside its front door. inside the massive sands casino
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resort complex, a controversy of what the sand owes the city it's calls hometown. for area taxpayers like sam phillips says -- striking down the $10 million host fees that casinos were required to pay to the communities where they set up shop. district attorney john morganelli says those fees are essential to combatting the crime that casinos inevitably bring. yesterday morganelli septembnt letter to the stands -- morganell wrooirks also threatened to stop prosecuting crimes like bad checks, stolen poker chips and other scams if
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the sands doesn't pay its fair share. >> it will be difficult for us to justify those kinds of prosecutions due to the absence of the impact fees. >> reporter: morganelli says the decision was made in a corporate headquarters in las vegas. >> i think it's been nice, it seems like the area around it has grown up and improved. >> reporter: so the controversy of these payments could really be resolved in two ways, for one, the sands could come out and promise to honor its original agreement despite to the ambiguity or pennsylvania lawmakers could amend that original law correcting that part of it that the supreme court found unconstitutional. in the meantime, we're learning more about the upcoming trial for a man accused of murdering a pennsylvania state
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trooper. 33-year-old eric fray's attoree accused of -- getting to king of prussia or norristown will cost some people less. riders from the city will only have to pay the base fare or by the trans pass. that rate cut begins on january 1, you can find more details on the exact route s and fees on it's about to get a little cheaper to license your dog in delaware. the state is dropping the yearly fee to $7 for dog owners 70 years and older. that's a $3 drop from last year. winter break is under way at
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the national constitution center. all week visitors are inskrited to step back in time and explore the continental army and revolution era clothing. also tonight an nbc10 exclusive. a teenaged girl found murdered, her adoptive mother under arrest. now that girl's birth mother is talking about getting justice. and trouble with the transition, the war of words between president obama and president-elect trump.
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. the birth mother of a teenager in the lehigh valley is speaking out. >> grace packer's remains were found near a dam in liucern county. today grace birth mother is asking for help as police continue to search for her killer.
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she tells us she was forced to give up grace for a better life. she says she was stunned to learn that the girl's adoptive father had been arrested later pleading guilty to child sex abuse. sarah was reported missing by her adoptive mother who said sarah had run away. the birth mother said sarah learned she was dead back in september when investigators came looking for a dna sample. >> it's the horrible death of a little girl that never should have been. she's never going to see her sweet 16, she's never going to see anything. >> sarah packer bonded out of jail on friday, she's now living in horsham and she remains a person of interest in grace's
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murder. dylann roof told the judge today that he will represent himself, call no witnesses and present no evidence. roof is facing the death penalty. earlier this month a jury found him guilty on 3 charges related to the murder of nine people at emanuel ime church last year. opening statements will begin next week. guns, knives and a cross bow? these are just a few of the items that travelers tried to get through airport security this holiday season. tsa pointed out some of the prohibited items that travelers tried to get through security. if you are found with a prohibited item, you can return it to your car or surrender it to the tsa. the trooper walking on the side of the road near boise when a driver lost control and spun off the road. the car slid right in front of
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the trooper. look at that, and then crashed into his patrol car, fortunately no one was hurt in that. a mixed bag of weather heading in our direction. look at this, it was a blue sky at the overlook in margate. now we're tracking snow for some people, rain for others by morning. >> let's get right to your first alert forecast, from chief meteorologist glep glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the shore is definitely going seeing all rain and in the mountains all snow. we have dropped into the 30s for most of the rest of the area as the sun has just set, and we do have the first alert for the snow for the morning rush, for the lehigh valley and berks county. it's a limited area for a limited time. 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and maybe an inch or so of snow on the grassy surfaces.
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so we're not talking about a big event here, it's just pretty much the timing that is the biggest problem. because the low visibility during morning rush could stick to some untreated surfaces and we'll show you some of these neighborhood temperatures in philadelphia right now, with 42 at the airport, 38 in andorra, 39 in chestnut hill, west mt. airy, so even within the city limits we have differences in temperature and that will be the case tomorrow morning as well. we have radar and satellite, and this area of snow headed in our direction, and this area of rain moving in ouration as welt. here we are at midnight, where it's dry, by 7:00 a.m., above freezing, and rain in philadelphia. 6 the snow comes down and that
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reduces the philadelphia. that darker blue indicating potentially heavier snow right afternoon 8: 30, at philadelphia, it is already climbing into the 40s. but it's a wet morning as you can see. it's a steady rain, even into the midday hours, but not for the afternoon rush. now we have got rain, for tacona, wand chesnutt hill. all allentown and easton, i'm predicting high temperatures only in the upper 30s for them. so we have different forecasts for different neighborhoods. remember 30 for allentown? that's why we have neighborhood weather, different forecasts for different areas. and the forecast for new year's
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eve, it's going to be dry, temperatures close to average for this time of year, yeah, it's chilly, but it's new year's over around here, it's supposed to be, and for the weekend overall, sunday a little bit milder than saturday, also looking dry, and of course that means that the eagles are likely to play their final game of the area with conditions that are chilly, but not too bad, in the 40s, not a whole lot of wind another game time. now for the 10-day forecast, we have temperatures right around average for a few days, sunday, gets a little bit milder, and then look how wet it gets, monday, tuesday, wednesday, then the cold hits. this is going to be a really cold period, you'll see low temperatures dropping potentially to the teens. so next weekend is going to be much, much colder than this weekend.
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mama mia's fair well tour is playing in center city. it's a daughter's search for the mystery man that may or may not be her father. but for the fans, it's all about the music. >> of course we wish we could stay here longer. >> yeah, i feel like i have had so much anticipation to philly, because it's my stomping grounds and all my friends and family get to be here. and it's so awesome. >> and you can catch performances of mamma mia. for more information, head to our website. or check out the nbc10 app.
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carson wentz is new to the philadelphia area, find pout what south jersey star has been hanging out with the eagles quarterback. plus protecting your skin, why more people in our region are avoiding skin cancer.
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breaking news, a day after the death of her door, actress debbie reynolds has been rushed to the hospital. she suffered a possible stroke, as soon as we learn any new information, we will of course pass it along. >> as we mentioned, debbie
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reynolds is the mother of actress carrie fisher who was best known for her role in "star wars." this week's wednesday's child is a bright guy who's got a bright future in front of missile. >> vai sikahema introduces us to nakeem. >> reporter: we took nakeem to race go-carts, it's the kind of activity most teenagers look for, the need for speed. the truth is nakeem is laid back, and he's been in foster care for most of his life. his needs are simple. >> unconditional love and someone to be there, like getting into cool and just moving on and moving on to the next step of my life.
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>> reporter: nakeem wants to be a sportscaster, so he wants to go to community college before transferring to the university. >> i would say up until the last probably year and a half, he was very much a follower. yet in the last year and a half, i have really seen some leadership. good things are starting to happen to him. him getting a taste of that and wanting to to pursue thing that will lead on to bigger and better things for him. >> i guess i want a family that will always be there to love me. >> nakeem is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make nakeem's dream come true or any wednesday's child, call 1-866-do-adopt. there is still no sign of a woman and her great grand
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daughter. >> they left the jersey shore days ago and never arrived at their destination. now surveillance video has been uncovered of that missing woman, where it was taken and now how the search is now growing. plus what happened to melissa rodriguez. a new search is under way in delaware county. why investigators hope they are one step closer to finding this missing mother.
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right now at 5:00, a desperate search for answers, melissa rodriguez disappeared three years a lot. a new search at her former home in delaware county. >> denise nakano is live at the home in collingdale. >> reporter: with a fresh set of eyes, investigators went back to this house an lafayette avenue in collingdale this afternoon, looking for the remains of melissa rodriguez.
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>> four different dogs have indicated on the same exact search. >> reporter: it's the second day of a search that heated up last night when cadaver dogs picked up a scent. >> in the area where the washer and dryer were, 11 foot by 4 foot seems to be fresh paint. police first searched the yard of their home after neighbors reported seeing jose rodriguez digging there around 2:00 in the morning around the time of the disappearance. he spoke with nbc10 shortly after his reported his wife missing. this was his first an final interview before he got a lawyer and stopped cooperating with police and moved his children to new jersey. >> we have reason to believe that this woman is deceased, she
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has not surfaced in the three-year period. >> this is the closest to the break in the case the family, friends and neighbors want resolved. >> detectives plan to use a device that sends radio waves into the booirmt. now to new information in the search for a new jersey man accused of murdering his estranged wife. officials in cumberland county are extending $125,000 reward that leaves to the whereabouts of -- police continue to search for o'shea's estranged husband, jeremiah monell, his pick-up truck has been found but so far
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authorities have not been able to track him down. new video today on the last time anyone saw a new jersey shore great grandmother. surveillance cameras captured 71-year-old barbara briley at a gas station in virginia on christmas eve. briley's great grand daughter lamira wasn't seen in the video. a woman is now facing murder charges in the connection with the death of a local real estate agent. our camera captured exclusive video of homicide detectives at the home of 27-year-old martina wescott, the university of pennsylvania grad who allegedly shot and killed her ex-boyfriend terrell bruce during an argument in their car in mt. airy yesterday. part of hamilton street in bethlehem is missing. a sink hole opened up and things only got worse from there. the utility company tells us the
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hole was caused by a water main break caused a natural gas line to break. several residents were evacuated from their homes as a precaution. while most residents have been let back n fire officials are still monitoring gas in two homes. and tracking snow, only some parts of the area will get it, but those who don't could still have a messy morning. >> let's get those details from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. it's a true neighborhood forecast, rain and snow depending on where you're going to wake up. >> and one of the neighborhoods that's going to be getting the rain is south philadelphia. this is philly international right now. and there might be enough rain in the morning to get some rain. the lehigh valley and berks county, it's a different story, not heavy snow, but the timing is the trick here. 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., right during the morning rush, could
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be heavy enough for a brief period of time to reduce the visibility and perhaps up to an inch of snow on some grassy surfaces, could stick to some untreated st untreated surfaces, we have dry weather in pennsylvania now, we have some snow up in the great lakes, we have rain developing in indiana, all of that area coming together until it's dry for much of the night, but by 6:00 a.m., we have a chilly rain in philadelphia and borderline conditions in the p.a. suburbs, chester county. we see that 29-degree temperature later on tonight, so the roads are going to be a little bit on the colder side there. in delaware and new jersey, we have rain at 6:00 a.m., but at the jersey shore, it's still dry, the rain will come in later. but as you can see, we have a
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split, is snow to the north, rain to the south. we have the hour by hour and the weekend forecast coming up. the president-elect fired off a new tweet storm today. >> reporter: taking a break from meetings at mar-a-lago, president-elect trump posed for reporters. trump tweeted, stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. that just before secretary of state john kerry delivered a 70-minute defense of the obama administration's policy. >> no american administration has done more for israel's security than barack obama's. >> benjamin netanyahu blasted the u.n. resolution.
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>> netanyahu said he looks forward to working with the next president. he tweeted president-elect trump thank you for your warm friendship and your clear cut support for israel. donald trump appears to be breaking the post election truth with president obama. doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements. i thought it was going to be a smooth transition. skin cancer deaths are down in the northeast, according to a new study, the journal for the american medical association published the findings, the melanoma decline can be air tributed to increased prevention programs. we have told you about privacy concerns surrounding the amazon echo, some are worried that the device is always
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listening. now police are wondering that too. how the device could lead to new clues in a murder investigation. and from happiness to headaches . kids everywhere thought they had the hot holiday toy, but now the complaints are coming in. how purchasers of hatchimal are responding.
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police believe an amazon echo could be the key to solving a murder. but amazon says not so fast. james baits is accused of murdering a co-worker inside his house. police want to learn if the echo device which is always on and listening to room sounds recorded anything helpful to the investigation. even though investigators have
5:41 pm
already extracted some data, amazon is pushing back on the warrant saying that -- >> consumers can actually listen to all of their alexa requests and they can delete them. >> amazon tells us it objects to overreaching demands as a matter of course. see how a local university is working on the next big thing. plus talk about a balancing act. these stranded is boys had to hold on tight while they waited for help in the middle of the ocean. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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the gift that broke some pocket books and some children's hearts this holiday season. >> the hatchimal craze is sweeping the nation, and unfortunately for some of those who found them under the christmas tree, they're not all they're cracked up to be. >> its doesn't work. >> look at that face. oh, my goodness. that's just one of the dozens of videos and pictures sent in to us by viewers of hatchimales is just aren't hatching, eyes that don't light up, and eggs that are broken before the package
5:45 pm
was even opened up. spin master who makes the toy says that unfortunately, with toys that incorporate a high level of technology, there are also some case where is the product may not perform as expected. we are committed to doing everything possible to resolve these issues. we'll have more on the hatchimal headache. police have a warning for you. >> be careful what you do with the it came in. >> police are telling homeowners to watch what they put out with the garbage this year, boxes for gaming systems and televisions could attract thieves attempting to steal those items. if you're looking for something to do with all those boxes, amazon has a way to put them to use and help others at the same time.
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a program called give back box. all you have to do is fill the amazon boxes with items to donate, like clothes, toys or household goods. amazon will pick up the shipping costs, just print a free shipping label at give back a facebook is teaming up with princeton college and other universities to collaborate to develop virtual realty and artificial intelligence technology. the universities will be paid for their efforts. facebook isn't saying what projects the collaboration will work on. the story of the nutcracker is 200 years old. to celebrate the anniversary, the wilson warner house in o odessa county. there are more than 200
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nutcrackers on display there. you can the exhibit through december 31st. cloudy skies over independence hall today a bit chilly out there too, but that didn't stop people from enjoying the historic sites. but now we are tracking some rain and a little bit of snow in the forecast. >> let's get the details from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the location is going to be critical to whachgs with the precipitation -- 37 in wilmington, of course the temperature going down, now that we have had the sun set. and the wind is fairly light. and the sky is fairly clear. but we're around 20 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. so that's why it feels that much colder. we have the first alert issued for lehigh valley and berks county for just a few hours
5:48 pm
tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. as the snow comes in and temperatures drop below freezing just before the snow hits and so we could see it stick to some untreated surfaces, driveways, sidewalks, that sort of thing, maybe an inch or so of grassy surfaces and a low visibility when the snow is coming down harder could be a factor here. we have above freezing temperatures in most of the region, newcastle and newark at 37 degrees, and it's 37 at talliville too. farther to the south, 42 in millsboro and long nucleeck andy beach. we have dry conditions in pennsylvania, we have some snow in the great lakes, we have this area of rain increasing in indiana, and that is part of the main area that's going to be coming this way. and as we zoom in to the area that's going to get hit the
5:49 pm
hardest, and if your area is going to get hit harder by a storm later on, we'll zoom in on that area too. here's 6:30 in the morning with the snow starting in allentown, here's the heavier snow still to come. by 8:00 a.m., the dark blue indicate a heavier snow, enough for some act accumulate larkuac cumulation and even a mixture farther to the south. and that rain-snow line moves up north by 10:00 a.m. but it's still snowing in the poconos. so the poconos are going to be getting some accumulating snow and they're going to enjoy that. farther to the south, it is just wet. the morning rush, some of the rain, a little bit on the heavier side as you see with the yellows, but that's hour after hour of rain. and it's not going to end until midday or early afternoon. the afternoon rush will be no problem at all.
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so it's clearing out and that sets us up for that nice weekend. just in time for new year's. all right, mostly just rain in redding, there could be a mixture at the start, bethlehem and easton, starts at snow, changes to rain, temperatures get into the upper 30s and we may even see some snow in phoenixville for a little while. newtown looks like it's going to be just about all rain. mt. airy, byberry, and the philadelphia area looks to be pretty much all rain with this system. and new year's eve, doesn't look like rain or snow. generally dry, temperatures close to afternoon this time of year. pretty good times for that a. if 2016 left you feeling shredd shredded, you're not alone. people in times square returned the favor. it's good riddance day, it's time to shred and sometimes
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smash any negativity for the past year and make way for positive intentions for the new year. nbc10 will broadcast fireworks live at 6:00. don't miss the show right at midnight. the holiday may have brought your child that new device that they have been asking for. >> and if you're like most parents, you may be asking -- there are three smart phone apps designed to help keep your kids safe while they are using those devices, who they're talking to, they're typing. >> this app actually gives you the exact coordinates at any given time. >> i see him there.
5:52 pm
he's there in the deli. >> nbc national investigative correspondent jeff rossen shows us the new apps that you can download to keep your kids safe. three kids lucky to be alive after they were rescued off the coast of the florida keys. they were on a 20-foot rental boat about two miles off the coast when the boat started taking water. thankfully they managed to get on to the capsized hull and one of t of the boys used his cell phofp that did not get wet to call for help. next at 5:00, carson wentz opens up about his rookie season.
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this is the cutest. eagles cheerleaders of the future learned how to walk the sidelines. these girls took part in the eagles cheerleading camp today. the campers also got a tour of the cheerleaders dance studio and their very own set of pompons.
5:56 pm
for rookie carson wentz, it's too good to be true for the birds. the rest of the season's been aal. the team won just three of their last 12 games. today in an exclusive interview with nbc10. wentz reflected on the roller coaster season he's endured. >> obviously we were on an emotional high going 3-0 right away to start the year. kind of came out with guns blazing, it was tough to kind of deal with some of those losses, being in all of those games, all close games and not sealing the deal late in the ball game was frustrating. >> you can catch the whole interview with wentz on eagles game day kickoff.
5:57 pm
carson wentz spent the holiday with his new famous friend. the duo reportedly went hunting on december 23rd in new jersey. trout is an eagles season ticket holder. >> in fact you see him there on in the end zone. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. up next on nbc10 news at 6:00, a mother's grief. it is an nbc10 exclusive. >> a horrible death of a little girl that should have never been. >> she gave her little girl up for adoption, unaware that the unthinkable would occur years later. now she's issuing a plea in an interview you will see only on nbc10. . plus get set for snow, whatat least in parts of the area. i'll braeak down who's going to get what and went in my first
5:58 pm
alert exclusive forecast nec.
5:59 pm
. watching for snow, who's about to get some and how much? the whole story, the gaping crater and the chain of events that some homeowners won't soon forget. and the holiday's hottest and the problems pouring into
6:00 pm
our newsroom tonight. tonight on nbc10 news at 6:00, heart ache from the mother of this murdered montgomery county teenager. in an exclusive interview with nbc10, she says she gave the girl up for adoption years ago, only to have her daughter's dismembered body found more than 100 miles from home. >> she's never going to see anything. >> grace packer disappeared from abbington in july. hunters stumbled on to her body in lucerne county on halloween. nbc10's deanna durante was the only one to speak to grace's birth mother today. what did she have to say? >> reporter: she says she's angry. she has so much anger she


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