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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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we are also learning new details about the jersey shore woman who disappeared for days with her great grand daughter and don and tonight both are alive and recovering in the hospital. >> they somehow got lost on a trip from may's landing to north carolina. >> nbc 10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg joins us live from the family's neighborhood in mays landing. >> reporter: people in this neighborhood can't wait for little lamira briley to return her, especially some of the communities youngest residents. >> i was jumping around. >> reporter: this 6-year-old is ecstatic that her play mate 5-year-old lamira briley are safe. >> i'm really, really happy because she came back.
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>> lamira and her 71-year-old grandmother were rescued last night in virginia. today ricardo dabny recounted the reyuan described to him. dabny's girlfriend is one of barbara briley's children and currently in virginia with other relieved relatives. dabny says lamyra was scared. >> the pair left hamilton township on christmas eve for a family member's house in north carolina but never made it. hunter wayne richardson is familiar with the secluded area where the brileys ended up.
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>> there's a creek in it, there's a swamp in it. it's a big block of woods. >> reporter: barbara bribey was unconscious when found, lamira was just fine but taken to a hospital just as a precaution. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: both barbara and lamira briley are safe and the family says their prayers have been answered. >> good news there, ted, thank you. the nbc10 first alert weather team called it, folks, the day started off with a range of precipitation, some snow, some rain this morning. nbc10 in allentown here where we saw the snowflakes early this morning. >> other areas got rain, then the fog hit philadelphia. this is what boathouse row looked like around 10:30 this morning. now it's the wind we're talking about. >> and cooler temperatures with it.
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let's get an update on your neighborhood forecast from chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you can see the flag blowing and the direction, that's a west wind and that's bringing in colder air from the great lakes and parts of the west of the country. 36 degrees in allentown, 37 in coatesville right now. they have just dropped several degrees in the last hour, 44 in philadelphia, we were 45 an hour ago. you can see a few snowflakes and rain drop coming across the mountains, might get a sprinkle in allentown in the next few minutes or a couple in the poconos, but the big thing that's going on is the cold wind over the lakes, and we'll see winds perhaps over 40 miles an hour during the day tomorrow. the temperatures as we go through the day tomorrow, it starts off not all that cold, but it doesn't really warm up much, does it?
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and we're barely getting to 40 depressi degrees in philadelphia. some areas we're not even getting into the 40s. as you can see, we're not even getting to 40. and with the wind gusts to 40 miles an hour or more, these numbers are going to feel more like the 20s during the day and perhaps even down into the teens at night. that arctic air that's coming in, is not going to last all weekend, though, we'll talk about that warmup that's coming and eventually some rain in the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. united states is imposing sweeping new sanctions against russia for reportedly hacking the u.s. election. president obama said he's ordering 35 russian diplomats to leave the country and he's shutting down two come pounds used by russian personnel used
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for intelligence related purposes. this is one of the alleged hack hackers included in today's -- he's also wanted in a 2014 case in pennsylvania tied to a fishing scheme to steal money through electronic transfers. the fbi has issued a warrant for bogachev's arrest. and in the last hour, the russian president has responded saying that moscow regrets the new sanctions and will consider retaliatory measures. homicide detectives searched her home yesterday after she shot terrell in the head while they were driving in mt. airy tuesday. he lost control of his suv and crashed. investigators say that wescott
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tossed the gun near the crime scene. the penn state grad now faces decades behind bars. today a grand jury indicted 55-year-old noel rodriguez. officials say he embezzled money from the academy of dover charter school. he allegedly stole $500,000 between 2011 and 2014. a suspected robber is behind bars tonight. police in upper marion township arrested jahmahl goodwin and charged him with assault. look at the surveillance just before he pulled a gun on a man earlier this month. a preliminary hearing is set for next month. a local man's message to people for the new year, please
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don't mark the occasion by firing a gun in the. someone's decision to do that in 1998 has meant a lifetime of suffering for joel. he was hit in the head by a gun fire celebration in 19978. today he's mostly paralyzed and today has trouble speaking. but today in center city, he was determined to get his message out. >> i can't believe that people think that once it goes up, it gets sucked into outer space. it's crazy. >> philadelphia police say they get more than 130 calls for gun fire on new year's eve. they say irresponsible gun owners will be arrested. in hollywood and all over the world, fans are mourning the loss of actress debbie reynolds. the 84-year-old actress died yesterday after suffering an
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apparent stroke in beverly hills. fans placed flowers and wreaths today near her star on the hollywood walk of fame. reynolds' death came one day after her daughter carrie fisher. >> after she had the stroke i told my brother, she's not going to make it, she's got a broke on heart. >> coming up, we'll have more on the impact her death is having around the world. and 13 officers received awars for exceptional duty. camden county sheriffs says the officers have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have had a positive impact on the county. traffic is back to normalal in center city after crews filled in a sink hole near the cross walk at 18th and chestnut.
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allentown is exploring the possibility of establishing a 311 system to help people with information about city services. in 2019, calls to allentown's 911 system will start going to dispatch dispatchers. the deal boosts the wage tax to about 1.9%. it gives the city council more say in hiring and gives the mayor money for city employee overtime and raises but it also leaves next year's budget unbalanced by $370,000. when a fire truck comes to your house, it's usually a bad sign. but not for one family in
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chester county. because this fire truck came bearing gifts. see how generous neighbors pulled off this christmas miracle. plus kicked out of the scouts. this new jersey child says it happened because he's transgender. tonight another troop is stepping forward to help. and getting the foot work and the choreography of it all down pat. the mummers fancy gbrigades are in full dress rehearsal. how you can get a seat behind the curtain next.
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it is crunch times for the mummers, they are just days away from their biggest performance of the year. >> cydney long joins us now from inside the pennsylvania convention center where one of those rehearsals is happening right now. >> reporter: the drumroll is on, the choreography and the dance of all of it. they're taking a little breather, but what you're looking at now is the golden ground fancy brigade, we can tell you all the other brigades, will each get an hour and a half on the floor and three clubs
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practice at a time until tonight. tonight, tomorrow, and saturday, new year's eve is where all these clubs get their moves down pat. the new zealand tribe related rain dance. mummer rehearsal began yesterday and for $4, families can get a backstage pass to see all of this. >> you can come dress it as a mummer and get your picture taken. and you can see them practice without their costumes. >> reporter: so even the public can come in and get a sneak peek? >> yes, everything but the costumes. >> reporter: everything is being put together to perfection in time for new year's day. tomorrow night we can tell you is the 20th annual mummer's
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sneak preview, so all six of these brigades will get six minutes on the stage, you won't see their costumes, the glitz and glamour of it all, you'll have to wait for that until new year's day. >> practice, practice, practice, it's going to be good. thank you. let's take a look at sunday's parade route. closures in that area start tonight so be on the lookout for parking restrictions in the next several days. today the delaware port authority announced free patco rides continuing until 4:00 p.m. on new year's day. officials hope their generosity will keep drunk drivers off the roads. >> and you can celebrate new year's eeve here at the blue cross river rink.
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>> now to your first alert weather, while much of the weather woke up to rain, there were some areas north and west that did see a little bit of snow and that caused problems for drivers, this is on route 100 and spring creek road, three miles down the road, a tractor trailer, it got stuck on a hill in route 100 in shimersville near route 29. the roads were slippery and the driver could not get enough traction. >> good thing now the snow has cleared out. let's go to the rest of your first alert forecast, glenn, now it's the wind? >> and the wind is going to be much stronger tomorrow than it is right now. the temperature starting to drop after we had the morning precipitation, the afternoon, we started to get the clearing, and we got the snow just in the areas where we had the first alert. that's why we have the neighborhood weather, we only have to alert part of the
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region, not just everybody, because a small area is going to get nasty weather. we have a northwest wind developing at the jersey shore, that makes temperatures fairly uniform. it's 44 in dennis township inland, also 4 in avalon, ocean city and at ventner right on the beaches with the land breeze. these temperatures are right on time, just when we said the snow was going to start, and we got it in berks county, lehigh valley, the poconos, the rest of the area has rain and that has moved out. a couple of sprinkles left in allentown and a couple over the mountains trying to comeo acros. tomorrow the temperature is going to vary, the winds gusting to 40 or more, and the temperature struggling to get to
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40 or more. easton 39. fairly similar temperatures and winds, but easton and allentown could some snow showers or snow flurries during the day with some of that moisture picking up from the great lakes. robbinsville in new jersey, 40 degrees for the high, these are the low temperatures, and it's not all that low, but when you add the wind, it feels a lot colder. newark, delaware only up to 44. new year's eve, by the time we get there, the atmosphere is going to be starting to warm up a little bit. and that means that the temperatures are going to be close to or perhaps above average for new year's eve in this part of the country. lehigh valley, the colder spots, down near the freezing mark at midnight. for the mummers, starting off at 38 at 8:00 a.m., going to 46 by
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2:00. a little bit above average for this time of year. not a whole lot of wind, certainly not compared to tomorrow. and a l a little bit milder on sunday, we don't expect any kind of precipitation. so when the eagles are playing on sunday afternoon, the weather is not too much of a factor. we have a mix of sun and clouds temperature a little bit above average, not a whole lot of wind, so can't really ask for much more than that, we have the arctic air coming in tomorrow. that's a one-day thing, because temperatures are going to ease up over the weekend, as you just saw, as we go into next week, it warms up with a storm and we get rain. then this larger area of arctic starts coming in later this week and that settles over much of
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the area by next weekend, and the next question is moisture down to the south, is it going to have enough push to get up here and have some significant snow or is it going to track and just leave us with the arctic air itself that's going to be the big question for next week. you can see the temperatures gradually going up through the weekend. then we have this wet weather on monday, wet and chilly, wet and not so chilly on tuesday, starting on thursday, it gets cold and as we head toward the weekend, the chances of snow go up and up. boathouse row getting ready to celebrate hanukkah. beginning at 6:00, that sixth house will light up. boathouse row is now shut down for the occasion. mayor kenney and members of the community are hosting the event.
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not all licenses are created equal and for some people in pennsylvania that could spell some headaches for next year. we'll explain why.
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the new year is about to bring a new change to pennsylvania driver's licenses and it could impact what you'll be able to use it for. starting next month, the form of id will no longer be enough to
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get you into some federal buildings and if the state law isn't changed by 2018, it won't be accepted at airports. it's all because of homeland security pennsylvania is not in compliance with regulations called real id. travelers we spoke with today are worried about it becoming an inconvenience. >> you use your license, it's in your pocket. if it was an international flight, it would be a bn't be a deal to use a passport. >> a state law passed in 2012 prevents getting an extension. an update tonight on the 8-year-old north jersey boy kicked out of the cub scouts for being transgender. he was born as a girl but identifies as a boy.
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he attended scouts for about a month before he was asked to leave. now the leader of another scout group is petitioning the cub scouts council to see if he can join. the north jersey council said it's programs are for those who identify as boys on their birth certificate. a proposed shopping center in delaware is being protested because it will be built on a native american burial ground. the group wants to -- the protesters believe the project will foul water in the area and harm a sacred native american burial ground. they vow they won't give up and say this test is just beginning. >> we need to respect and cherish the native american culture and history of delaware. >> sussex county board president responded to the protest saying
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native americans have never proved the land is a burial ground. thousands of people are keeping track of this live webcam in ft. myers. that is an eagle named hariette there, she is sitting on two eggs that could hatch any time now. we will be on hatch watch throughout this newscast and bring you any updates. it's fascinating. people have been staring at this all day. this holiday season has been easy for some, tough for others especially for one chester county family. >> they lost their home to a fire on christmas eve, but now their community is showing them the true meaning of the holidays.
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a chester county family is counting their blessings tonight even after this fire destroyed their homes. the flames left them homeless for the holidays. >> but they still to celebrate christmas thanks to the generosity of their community. >> i don't think there's anyone in there. >> reporter: it's christmas eve and the rodriguez family is far from home when 14-year-old son sebastian gets the call. >> they said your house is burning. >> reporter: and firefighters will never forget. >> as we were driving up plain brook road we could see the immense smoke. >> reporter: these pictures show
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the after math. it took 25 firefighters from all over the area to get the fire out. >> everything was lost in the fire. >> reporter: the firefighter said they would love to spearhead campaigns for everyone that loses their home in a fire, but it was christmas. he knew he had to help. >> i went up to the family and said i have some clothing that may fit the kids. one person heard about it and it just spread and spread and spread. >> people just donated and our community really came around and helped. >> we almost couldn't even keep up with it. there was so many people wanting to give. >> for me it was surprising because it was more than which were expecting. >> reporter: firefighters refused to take any credit for the donations that came pouring in, saying they just offered the space as a drop off point, but they did load up fire trucks to
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deliver the donations to the family. >> the community definitely stepped up and made every one of us proud to live here. >> reporter: this family now trying to find a new place toly and gretoly -- police have arrested a suspect in the murder of a south philadelphia store owner, 81-year-old marie buck was gunned down inside herrer store on christmas eve. just moments ago police announced the arrest of 31-year-old maurice green. police believe the suspect was seeking revenge against the victim's grandson over an expensive piece of jewelry. residents in one south jersey town are waiting for a 5-year-old and her great grand mother to return home. 71-year-old barbara briley and her 5-year-old granddaughter left mays landing to spend
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christmas with relatives. but they never made it. they were found in rural virginia yesterday. philadelphia's police chief is sending about gun fire on new year's eve. seth williams says if you are caught firing a weapon into the air and that bullet hits or hurts someone you could be charged with anything from aggravated assault to murder. to the weather now, some snow fell north of phil today. exciting for these folks on the slopes of camel back mountain, the lifts were packed the slopes were busy. and this is what philadelphia international airport looked like this morning. take a look at all that fog socked in there. not enough to cause any delays. >> we saw fog, rain and snow earlier in the day. now we have got wind and cooler temperatures. >> let's get an update on your neighborhood forecast, this is chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have got another live
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picture of camel back and the snow has stopped, still plenty of skiers there, going to be great ski conditions this weekend, they can make snow all night if they would like and dry conditions during the day. 36 in allentown, 36 in coatesville, while it is 40 or a little bit above across much of the rest of the area. the rain from this morning has moved out, we have cold air coming over the lakes, that's creating some of these snow showers in central pennsylvania. and a couple of these flurries could end up in the motor vehic vehicle -- poconos, a couple of sprinkles in and around the lehigh valley, nothing of significant or a while. the significant wind is coming down, that's bringing the colder air, the lake-effect snow machine is out and some of that cold air is going to prevent the temperature from going up very far, even though if we start at 35 tomorrow, we get a day of sunshine and it still barely gets to 40.
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that's some cold air moving in. and most of the area should be dry, there could be a few snow flurries in parts of the lehigh valley and poconos, but the rest of the area, like i said, it starts off sunny and ends up pretty dry. we start off the weekend with the arctic air moving in, but it doesn't stay that way all weekend, we'll talk about that warmup and when we get the next rain in just a few minutes. new jersey governor chris christie has ordered all state buildings to fly half staff on saturday in remembrance of a new jersey state trooper. he died of complications of a brain tumor, he was a member of the state police since 1994 and suffered from a long term illness while in the line of duty. 135 police officers across the country have died in the
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line of duty this year. it's the highest number of officer deaths in a decade. according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund, 64 officers were shot and killed, 21 were ambushed. guns were responsible for the yoe majority of deaths and others died of traffic didn'ts illnesses such as a heart attacks. three officers in died in pennsylvania, one at them at the correctional institute in montgomery county. two state troopers died in south jersey, there were no deaths in delaware. in december new jersey trooper frankie williams died while responding to an emergency and trooper john collins was killed while at the scene of a car fire in west deptford. president obama has struck back at russia for its role in
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hacking u.s. computers during the presidential election, despite evidence linking vladimir putin, donald trump is dismissing the controversy. >> reporter: president obama today retaliated against russia for hacking during the u.s. elections, a handful of people in russian organizations were targeted. 35 russian diplomats will be expelled and a russian compound shut down. president obama said all americans should be alarmed by the actions of putin. >> putin is a kgb thug and anything that is outside the interests of america should be met with an appropriate response. >> reporter: the kremlin is promising to strike back. president-elect donald trump dismissed the controversy yesterday saying -- >> i think we ought to get on
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with our lives. >> reporter: but experts say even if trump doesn't agree with president obama's actions, he can't argue with evidence pointing to russia's involvement. >> it's going to be hard for the new team to say we totally disagree and we're going to unwind everything you've done. >> inauguration teams are at work preparing mr. trump's historic speech. >> he's going to concentrate on the things that are important to america, we're going to make you safe, we're going to bring back jobs to america. here's a question for you. do you know cpr? you might get a call from emergency dispatchers in montgomery county. we'll explain why next at 5:00. plus, this is a tobacco free zone, where stores won't be able to sell starting in 2017.
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new rules for smokers and retailers for tobacco products. no permits will go to -- anyone caught selling tobacco products to minors will lose their permits for 12 months. the goal is to reduce the number of who are expose to smoking. pulse point -- residents trained in c prk r -- they'll be able to assist that person until an ambulance gets there. you can also locate the nearest defibrillator. if you think delivering by drone was a crazy idea, that's
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object part of amazon's plan. plus nbc10 got answers for a group students stuck at philadelphia international airport. tonight, i check in with these musicians to see if they ever made it to their final destination. by peggy lee playing ]
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[ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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you have been hear about it for a while now, amazon wants to use drones to deliver packages. >> amazon has been awarded a patent for, get this, a giant flying warehouse, right there on your screen. it's described as an airborne fulfillment center. sort of like an air ship or blimp. it would be stocked with products and act as a launch pad for drones to deliver items.
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amazon has described several uses for the air ship. allowing customers to order items and have them delivered by drone. >> wow. check that out. heart pounding racing and unbelievable free style driving is your speed. you're going to want to head to the sun national bank center in trenton for monster jam. monster trucks rumble through an obstacle course and perform some pretty dangerous stunts for the crowd. there's also an opportunity to meet some of the drivers at the party in the pits. there's a show tonight at 7:00 and two shows tomorrow at 1:00 and 7:00. the party in the pit's also happening tomorrow from 10:30 to noon. for more information head to our website or check out the nbc 10
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app. some high school students i introduced you to last night on nbc10 news at 11:00, i would like to announce the marching band is on its way to italy. about 20 got stuck in philadelphia after airline cancellations, it looked bleak last night, but after a call from nbc10, american got the kids on a plane early this morning out of new york. now they'll get to spend a couple of days playing and told us they might actually try to extend that trip in rome. the eagles play their final game of the season on sunday. >> the team's rookie coach and quarterback got a lot of attention this year, but the defense was supposed to be the birds' strength. >> if you don't have respect, you don't have nothing in this game. respect, you can't buy it. you got to earn it. >> that was the message from malcolm jenkins to his defense
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throughout the season. but the defense gave up five points or more during the losing streak. we asked what it will take for his defense to become the best in the league. >> for us to be in the league, defense is going to call for the best players in our defense to show up every week. and everybody else just needs to be accountable to be able to do their job, snap in and snap out and not do things to hurt ourselves. >> we'll have plenty more from jenkins and quarterback carson wentz this sunday. join us for exclusive coverage before and after the game on sunday, that all starts sunday morning on nbc10, your official eagles station. rain was falling outside camden's city hall, check out the umbrellas. and it was pretty foggy there as well. this was camden's skyline from philadelphia today, making it difficult to even make out a lot of the buildings there.
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>> we're bracing for wind and even colder temperatures. let's get the details now from glenn "hurricane" schwartz, hey, hurricane. >> we only got into the mid 40s, there are some places dropping already to the 30s. the airport's at 44, but parkside is 39. west mt. airy, 39 degrees and 40 in chesnutt hill. and like most nights when the winds start to diminish, the wind will be increasing tonight. some pretty heavy rain down across delaware and south jersey, some significant snow in the lehigh valleys and especially the poconos, the poconos several inches of snow and now we're left with just flurries coming across the pennsylvania mountains, the way
5:48 pm
it's going to feel by 8:00 tonight, it's going to feel like it's in the 20s for a good bit of the area, and then into philadelphia by later on this evening, so if you' ee're heade out, it's going to be in the teens by tomorrow morning. even tomorrow afternoon, we're still feeling like we're in the 20s with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. then friday night, we have places feeling like they're in the teens, so we start off the weekend pretty cold. here comes saturday morning. still feeling like 20 in allentown and doylestown, by sunday afternoon, it's not going to be nearly as cold, we're going to get a gradual warming trend over the weekend. now friday is the day with the wind, we could see some snow flurries in the lehigh valley, saturday les wind, temperature up a couple of degrees, sunday a few more degrees and not a whole lot of wind during any portion
5:49 pm
of saturday or sunday. now new year's eve, pretty seasonal temperatures, perhaps even a little bit above average by the 6:00 fireworks time in philadelphia, 36 at midnight, we expect it to be dry and that's pretty nice too. mummers are in good shape for sunday morning and the eagles are in good shape, at least weatherwise for sunday afternoon, temperatures getting to about 47, 48 degrees, again a little bit above average, the wind not too much of a factor. and the arctic air that's coming in tomorrow, that's just going to be a quick hitter. we're going to see the temperatures start to come up sunday and then especially monday and tuesday. but of course we got to pay for that with the rain. and then this is a much more significant and wider arctic air mass. this is going to cover almost all of the country, except for florida by the time it comes across next saturday and then we
5:50 pm
start looking at moisture moving across. now everything's moving really, really fast. so it's hard to get a big snowstorm in a pattern like this, but you can get multiple threats of snow over let's say a week or two period of time. temperatures starting to come up a little bit by sunday. back down because of the east wind and the rain monday. but we warm up a little with the rain on tuesday and look what happens later next week. temperatures down, snow chances up. with more than a million people expected to flood times square for new year's eve, the nypd says they are prepared. police commissioner james o'neill said there's no specific threats against the city. heavily armed police officers are already visible in new york city. and confetti filled the air today in times square.
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officials he s held their annua confetti drop. and it was an opportunity to add new year's wishes to every piece of confetti. and we will broadcast the fireworks at blue cross river rink at 6:00. doctors say the death of a loved one can cause broken heart syndrome. a closer look at this medical phenomenon, that's next at 5:00.
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30% of american adults suffer from some kind of insomnia but the hardest to treat is waking up hours too early. >> when you find yourself awake 5:00 in the monk, you need to get a little bit more sleep, what's the worst thing you can do? >> try harder to sleep. >> really? >> sleep is one of those things where the more effort you put into it the further it runs away. >> interesting. so what can you do to win the battle against early morning insomnia? nbc news correspondent gadi
5:55 pm
schwartz has more coming up on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. the timing of debbie reynolds passing leave some like her own son to believe she died of a broken heart. >> reporter: debbie reynolds, the musical comedy star, the deb reynolds the mom, and most recently the bereaved parent, after the death of her daughter carrie fisher. >> you never want your children to die before you. >> reporter: this tmz video shows an ambulance leaving reynolds home yesterday where it's believed that the 81-year-old screen legend suffered a fatal stroke. >> you hear about husbands and wives dying within a couple of days of each other as well. so it's very sad. >> reporter: todd fisher said
5:56 pm
that his mother had under a lot of emotional stress since carrie's death. the former chairman of medicine and chief of cardiology. >> this is what occurs when people have intense emotional stress with the release of a great deal of adrenaline, the heart then plans out. >> reporter: he says the condition is reversible and fully recoverable and usually is. but it can produce other heart events that can be deadly. >> more commonly, the same thing, the same problem, the release of agener jegenera jege can lead to arrhythmias and these can be lethal. >> reporter: the screen star that amused audiences for more than seven decades had a broken
5:57 pm
heart. >> it is remarkable that it happened like that, and i hope they are together. nbc10 neuews at 6:00 is nex. a break in a killing that stunned a south phil community. an arrest in the murder of an 81-year-old shop owner. we're looking at the man who police say did it. and the piece of jewelry the murder stemmed from. access denied, what your pennsylvania driver's license won't be good for once the new year arrives and what's being done to fix the problem. and why you're going to want to bundle up in the morning. and what you can expect to see on new year's eve. it's all next in my exclusive first alert forecast.
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under arrest, the suspect charged with a -- and look at what you'll be greeted by when you walk out the door in the morning. >> licensed letdown, what your id won't be good for come sunday if you own a keystone state home. nbc10 news at 6:00 begins
6:00 pm
with an arrest in a christmas eve killing that stunned a south philadelphia community. tonight this man is accused of shooting a beloved store owner 11 times in the chest as she stood behind the counter. >> you have an 81-year-old grandmother, defenseless, who's beloved by the community and to be killed in this manner is just horrific. >> police belief revenge is the motive in the murder of 81-year-old marie buck. only she wasn't the intended target, her grandson was. and investigators say it all stemmed from a piece of jewelry. george, today's arrest comes right as the victim's family is preparing to remember her? >> reporter: yeah, jacqueline, the visitation for marie buck is set to begin just an hour from now on broad street in south philadelphia. in the meantime, philadelphia police are saying that the victim's grandso


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