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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 30, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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get too certain buildings, places, you better bring another form of i.d. we'll explain. >> speaking of the new year, are you ready to ring in 2017. let nbc 10 be your host as we take a look at events along penn's landing and across our area. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> i'm rosemary connors. 5:00 right now on this friday. and it's a chilly one out there. but we'll -- i'll take it. >> i'll take it if it's dry. >> it is. >> a lot worse. >> not a rainy friday ahead. more from meteorologist erika martin. erik erika? >> good morning. guys, conditions for this morning is chilly but we have the westerly winds and that helps us out quite a bit. a live look outside seeing just partly cloudy skies. actually a few stars out there if you're into sky gazing catch that before sunrise. definitely pretty interesting. your local neighborhood temperature in philadelphia in and around philly we're seeing manayunk at 35, fox chase 36,
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port richmond 36, society hill at 35 and kensington currently at 35 degrees. so pretty mild conditions. delaware seeing lots of 30s. rudy point 36, odessa 37, glasgow 31. lincoln 36. redden at 35. and milton 35 degrees right now. so again, right now we're seeing mainly 30s. we're going to stay about average for this time of the year. we're only going to top out in the low it to mid 40s for the most part with those westerly winds that will get gusty by this afternoon. now coming up in just a bit i have your new year's eve forecast. we will talk about what you can expect at 6:00 p.m. and, of course at midnight and we're also tracking some lake effect flurries for the lehigh valley. i have that coming up in a bit. how is traffic? >> erika, so far pretty good. you mentioned chillier conditions and i'm talking about having the car heater, not all that bad. the vine street expressway our camera at 8th street any traces of overnight construction has been cleared.
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we're seeing easy going traffic and within a matter of two hours this is going to be typical morning volume for the most part. a look at mass transit, newark, this line right here has been canceled because of a crew shortage. take a look at this. new jersey, nj transit and patco everything running on time and schedule. let's take a look at majors in new jersey, 295 the new jersey turnpike, the 42 freeway, everything is clear and problem free and travel speeds are in the green. when i come back we'll look at the schuylkill expressway. skaty, back to you. francesca, thanks so much. new this morning, take a look at this. this car crashed into a house in philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood not that long ago. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning. at d and louden streets. both the car and front side of the home were pretty badly damaged. police tell us the driver ran away from the scene but they did catch him a few blocks away and he is now in custody. the countedown to the few year is on.
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>> what would new year's eve be without fireworks. >> nbc 10 is giving you a front row seat to the action. pamela osbourne live at the blue cross river rink with the details. fill us in. >> good morning. the good news is this is a family-friendly event. those fireworks are going to start at 6:00 right over here. you can bring the kids out with you. you can really take in the new year with an incredible display of fireworks. family-friendly event. this is file video you're watching from last year's fireworks. the best spot to watch them is down here at the waterfront. there's going to be food, music, entertainment. if you would like you can ice skate as well. visit philly expecting a sellout on hotels and restaurants in the area and if you're looking to stay out late we've got you covered there too. there will be a second fireworks display to usher in the new year exactly at 12:00. and if you can't make it to the new year's eve fireworks in person you can catch them live at 6:00 right here on nbc 10.
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the second fireworks show from sugar house casino will be streaming on our facebook page. check those out. they will be playing as they happen live as well. so plenty of ways to join us as we bring in the new year. reporting live at pen's landing pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. >> as we ring in the new year certainly important to keep in mind your safety. patco wants to keep you safe offering you a free ride. trains are running for free from 8:00 saturday night through sunday morning. septa is extending its hours on saturday evening offering a late night service for regional rail riders. we're working to get the information right now on the nbc app so you can check your times for your line. service times will also be posted at septa stations. in you are using usher get ready for a surge in pricing. they expect to give 15 million rides this new year's eve, three times more than last year.
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more new year's eve options. we'll take a look at what's happening across philadelphia for things you can do that won't break the bank. new details on the cleanup of contaminated water in bucks and montgomery counties. the bucks county courier times reports action might be taken as soon as next month. state and local leaders are working together to get help from the federal government and the military to pay for cleanup costs. now this is what happened. potentially cancer causing chemicals that were found in drinking water they've been linked to the use of fire fighting foam used for decades at the former willow grove naval air station and joint reserve base. pennsylvania driver's licenses will be in for a change come the new year. it could impact how you can use that license. starting sunday the i.d. on the license will no longer be enough to get you into certain federal buildings and if pa state law isn't changed by 2018, the license will not be accepted at airports either. it's all because homeland
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security says pennsylvania is not following a federal regulation known as real i.d. travelers we spoke with are worried about it becoming an inconvenience. >> it's easy to use a license because you have it in your pocket and pull it out. if it's an international flight it wouldn't be a big deal to use a passport but i think i prefer the license. >> easier. >> yeah. >> state lawmaker ed nielsen tells nbc 10 pennsylvania could get an extension if it's trying to comply with the federal law. again a state law passed in 2012 prevents that. nielsen plans to file legislation next month to overturn the existing law. pennsylvania is not the only state that's not following the federal rules. kentucky, maine, minnesota, missouri, montana, oklahoma, south carolina and washington state are also not in compliance. in our region, delaware is in compliance. new jersey has an extension that allows federal agencies to accept driver's licenses from the garden state until october of next year.
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also in the new year, philadelphia will crack down on tobacco sales to minors. beginning january 1st a new list of regulations goes into effect for retailers. among the new rules, the number of tobacco permits will be limited. tobacco-free zones will be established with new -- no new permits within 500 feet of any school and any retailer with three under age tobacco violations in a two-year period will have their permit suspended for a year. in the lehigh valley, allentown's new budget will end a bitter fight between the mayor and the city council. the spending plan boosts a wage tax to 1.9% that gives the stanley c city council more say in hiring and the overtime and raises. the budget leaves the spending plan unbalanced by more than $370,000. the budget compromise puts an end to the mayor's threat to sue city council for amending his original budget.
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>> allentown exploring a 311 system to help citizens find information about services or register xlapss. yesterday the mayor released a result of a feasibility study over the next two years calls to the city's 911 city will be transferred to dispatchers in lehigh county to free up room and personnel for an information call center and it would take nine full-time employees to staff the center. montgomery county plans to roll out an app to allow people who need medical attention fast. let's explain. it's called pulse point. here's how it works. residents trained in cpr can sign up to be part of the app. so when someone needs help in their area, they will receive an alert to assist that person until an ambulance gets there and it can pinpoint the nearest aed or automated external defibrillator. it is 5:08 on this friday. 34 degrees outside. chill yey when you first walk o. turn your car heater on. we have good news to report,
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there have been no issues on the roads. start with weather. erika martin is here. sn>> i'm first alert meteorologt erika martin. conditions are mild. mainly seeing 30s for the most part. average we're seeing 30s. 34 for new jersey, lehigh valley low 30s for you, mid 30s for philadelphia. clouds will start to develop as the day progresses. otherwise look at our satellite and radar image. we are under the influence of ap high pressure system. i want to show you notice the blues and purples moving into the lehigh valley. lake effect influence. even though we're seeing westerly winds they're strong enough to push in a little bit of lake effect flurries. that's what we will be seeing for parts of the lehigh valley. otherwise, your hour by hour forecast starting at 5:00 a.m., 35 for philadelphia and notice those westerly winds, southwesterly for burlington 35 degrees for you, southwesterly as well.
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pause at 6:00 a.m. cooler temperatures for doylestown at 31, voorhees 33 and egg harbor southwesterly with winds at 34 degrees. so the issue for today is that we mainly have westerly winds even though it will be gusty. so the good news is, it's not going to be as cold as it would be if those winds were northwesterly at 8:00 a.m., we're seeing 32, freezing mark in allentown, with those westerly winds, trenton 34 degrees, and as we move this into about 10:00 a.m. hour we're seeing 36 for doylestown and philly 38 degrees. finally topping out in the low 40s for the most part. so that's about average for this time of year. hour by hour forecast starting this at 5:00 a.m., and we pause this at around noon and notice that we do pick up on some light flurries moving into parts of the lehigh valley. this is not going to be a whiteout but certainly worth the mention. i would like to mention that it looks like we've been getting reports of some black ice in and around the lehigh valley especially for lehigh, northampton counties, something to be mindful headed in that
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direction which many of you are. for this few year's eve weekend. but to celebrate the holidays. hour by hour at 6:00 p.m. through tomorrow notice how clouds start to develop later on saturday. i'm going to go with partly to mostly cloudy skies for the last day of the year and to kick off the following year. however, the good news is, it will be dry and in just a bit i do have your new year's eve forecast including temperatures at midnight. i'll see you in just a bit. back to you. >> thanks for that. 11 minutes past 5:00 on this friday. all week long we've actually seen a low in traffic. >> it's been so nice. if you have to get up and out the door. making things easy. >> first alert traffic reporter francesco ruscio is here with a look at the schuylkill expressway. >> so far not all that bad. we're watching the schuylkill. our camera at the boulevard. this is a westbound view of the schuylkill expressway. eastbound traffic is flowing towards center city right now and for the most part travel speeds in the 50s and 60s. so yes, we're doing pretty good so far this morning. you can't complain.
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let's take a look at 95, we looked at the camera earlier at girard avenue. problem free. let's double check southbound from woodhaven to the vine, travel speeds in the 60s. it's going to take you 13 minutes. northbound you won't run into problems or delays as well. mass transit this is a very important notification. the newark line train 1293s canceled due to a crew shortage. you look at patco new jersey transit and amtrak you won't run into problems or delays. everything is good to go and on schedule. when i come back a look at the rest of the majors in new jersey. back to you guys. >> thanks for that. if you're driving in center city, philadelphia, this morning you may run into traffic as the city gets ready for the mummers parade. between 10:00 a.m. and noon today lanes will be closed along 15th street between market and jfk boulevard. parking restrictions in that area are already in place and you can expect to see crews loading and equipment for the big parade. cracking down on russia. coming up next, we'll tell you what the obama administration is doing in retaliation for the
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suspected election hacking. plus, hear the russian response. >> also, one last sandwich. next we take you to new york's famed carnegie delhi as the legendary restaurant prepares to close it doors for ever. is
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. it's 5:15.
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today, president-elect donald trump plans to keep working on his inaugural address at his mar-a-lago estate in south philadelphia. observe -- south florida. mr. trump reacted yesterday to president obama's sanctions against vladimir putin's government by tweeting, i think we ought to get on with our lives. trump has praised putin and said it's important for the u.s. to have a better relationship with russia. >> speaking of russia, the obama administration slapping sanctions on russia for hacking political sites and e-mail accounts. the administration also released a report on russia's efforts to interfere presidential election. the "new york daily news" it reads, to russia with shove. prez expels 35 spies, sanctions putin pals. the article mentioned president-elect donald trump's plan to get an update from u.s. intelligence next week. the sanctions target dozens of russian diplomats and their families in the u.s. the diplomats must pack up and leave by this weekend. two russian compounds on the
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east coast will also be closed. all of this is happening just three weeks before america changes leaders. >> sanctions are like pulling the pin on the grenade and handing it to the next administration saying, now you deal with it because you know the russians are going to respond in kind. >> the kremlin says it will announce its response to the u.s. sanctions some time later today. a tweet, one of the first diplomatic reactions to the sanctions against russia the account for the russia embassy in russia tweeted image with a duck with the word lame calling the move cold war deja vu. everybody including american people will be glad to see the last of the hapless obama administration. it's 5:17. 34, 35 degrees outside. very chilly. there is good news on the roads. >> that's right. francesco ruscio is taking a look at the blue route this morning.
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>> rosemariry and katy, trying to get people to work, a look at the blue route. our camera at baltimore pike traveling northbound for the boulevard, southbound for 95, so you won't run into problems or delays. problem free, travel speeds in the 60s still. it's rather early overall. a look at what we're seeing on route 422. shall we. again, very green, calm cool and collected. route 29 towards the schuylkill travel speeds still in the 60s. it's going to take you eight minutes and you won't run into any problems westbound. so we looked at 95, just looked at the blue route, and now we will take a look at center city when i examine back in the next several minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks. and we've got hopefully decent news and weather for the weekend ahead. >> we're putting a lot of pressure on meteorologist erika martin. so erikerika, take it away. what good news do you have for us? >> i have no problem with that. we're seeing partly cloudy skies and still a little bit of time for some good sky gazing. in fact, i did see a few stars
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this morning. right now partly cloudy skies. but look at the winds right now. you're starting to see them kick up a bit. they are westerly as opposed to northwesterly, colder air in place, so not that bad. but we will see those wind gusting to 35, maybe 40 miles per hour at times. and if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. so here it is. what can we expect from our winds right now. coatesville 16 mile per hour wind speeds for you, millville 14, atlantic city, 10. and philadelphia seeing milder winds at 8 miles per hour. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast which is really important, especially because temperatures for today are going to be cooler than they were yesterday. however, right now, neighborhoods, leesport at 34 degrees. redding at 33. fleetwood currently at 32 degrees. 32 for easton and nazareth with bethlehem 33 degrees. hour by hour forecast, picking
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up on some light lake effect flurries moving in from the northwest. even though the winds are westerly. a little bit of an influence there. so we start this at 5:00 a.m. and notice by noon we're just starting to see blues and purples and whites. it's not going to be a whiteout. i want to stress that. but we will see some light flurries moving through, lake effect flurries at best. that's just -- that's what we're going to see. out the door forecast for today, lots of sunshine to start the day once those clouds start to break. however, by later this evening, we'll start to see those clouds redevelop into tomorrow. so a partly cloudy night tonight. pa suburbs seeing lots of sunshine at noon, 38 degrees. lehigh valley, also seeing a mix of sun and clouds, but mainly sunshine, 37 is your expected temperature. delaware seeing low 40s for the most part. at least through 4:00 p.m. topping out in the mid 40s. coming up in just a bit i have your few year's eve -- new year's eve forecast. i keep teasing you but keep you coming back for more. back to you.
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>> telling it like it is. thanks for that, erika. >> a fly that can destroy fruit crops was discovered at the docks in camden. doesn't sound like a big deal? custom officials found the mediterranean fruit fly larva from morocco this month. the shipment not allowed to be distributed. it's one of the most destructive agriculture pests. it has spread to many parts of the world. after 79 years of serving up heaps of cured meat carnegie deli will be placing its last ridiculously oversized sandwich today. it has remained a popular tourist destination for years. helped in part by pop culture cameos and prime location a block from carnegie hall. days before it shuts its doors the line stretched down the block as hungry people waited to chow down on the $20 pastrami sandwich. >> it's a little sad because it's been here for so long.
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>> i'm devastated they're closing. we come here every time we come to new york. >> the deli's owner says the closing is for personal reasons and says she wants more time to enjoy her life. don't blame her. are you tired? you are not alone. nearly half of all adults have some kind of trouble sleeping. coming up, we take a closer look at what experts call early morning insomnia. and how you can make sure you're getting the right amount of shut eye. plus, not breaking the bank for 2017. next on the cnbc business report, find out why it seems most americans won't be spending big on their new year's eve.
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about 30% of adults suffer from some kind of insomnia and one type of sleep problem is harder to treat than others. there are three types of insomn insomnia, trouble falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and waking up too early in the morning. experts say it's the last one that can be hard to remedy. sleeping pills don't usually work because the drug wears off in the early morning hours. so what can you do to extend your sleep? experts suggest trying a later bedtime. write to-do lists the night before to reduce anxiety that can cause awakening. don't switch on lights or devices and if you can't get right back to sleep, get out of bed and try reading or listening to music so you may help lull yourself back to sleep. it's 5:25 now. ever post something on-line you wish you hadn't said. twitter may add a feature to
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help you erase your words. landon dowdy is here with the cnbc business news. hi, landon. >> hey there. that's right. twitter may be considering adding an edit button so you can reconsider your post before you hit send. ceo jack dorsey taking to his twitter account yesterday asking users what the company can improve or create in 2017. responses flooded in the top request was for an edit button. others included a bookmark button and better safety and reporting of options for on-line bullies. unlike other holidays americans may not spend as much on new year's eve. 83% of people will spend less than $200 and 100 million americans will travel the vast majority will drive to their new year's celebration. among the top resolutions a third want to pay down debt and save more. meanwhile on wall street the final trading day of the year in the green. futures are higher this morning but the dow will need a nice rally to get to the 20,000 mark before we close out the year.
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stocks falling yesterday. still a positive year fort markets overall with the dow up 13%. the nsa asdaq 10% and the s&p 5008%. the top sector of 2016 energy on pace for its best year since 2007 thanks to a 45% surge in oil prices. katy, back over to you. >> thank you, landon. all morning long we are getting you ready for new year's eve from the forecast to the fireworks. >> that's right. as landon mentioned unlike other holidays many people are not planning to spend a lot on new year's eve. what can you do in philadelphia for $200 or less? we went to the visit philly office for ideas to get the most bang for your buck. first, we looked at restaurants in three of the most popular areas in the city. on average you're looking to spend at least 95% to east a meal with drinks on the waterfront, $80 in old city and $95 in rittenhouse. still leaves you enough money to enjoy one of these activities from 25 to $80.
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some offer an open bar for a few hours. we'll be right back. us wewe... get... angry. out of control, mad to the core, angry.
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so cancer, you've got two options. get out of the way or get rolled over. anger. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society.
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. right now on be nbc 10 news today. charged with murder. police say they have the man who gunned down a store owner over a gold chain. >> the cost of pennsylvania's pornographic e-mail investigation. lawmaks


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