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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  December 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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christmas eve killing, philadelphia police make an arrest in the murder of an 81-year-old grocery store owner in south philadelphia. >> russian retaliation, the kremlin discusses and dismisses u.s. sanctions over influencing the election and vows to respond today. ringing in the new year, final touches are being made at penn's landing. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> i'm rosemary connors. we are wrapping up 2016. >> we are. >> on a chilly note. more of the first alert neighborhood forecast from meteorologist erika martin. erika? >> good morning, katy and rosemary. conditions right now are pretty mild. we're seeing southwesterly winds coming at about 14 miles per hour, so notice the increase in
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those wind speeds. i was talking about that earlier today at 11:00 a.m., you're seeing 20-mile-per-hour wind speeds out of the west. great news, lots of sunshine by noon time. so something to look forward to. right now still seeing partly cloudy skies but not bad for sky gazing. otherwise wilmington seeing 35 degrees, 12-mile-per-hour wind speeds, 21-mile-per-hour wind speeds by 11:00 a.m. >> notice westerly, 4:00 p.m. seeing temperatures in the 30s with the strong westerly winds. eastern pa seeing the similar trend. the increasing wind speeds and gusts throughout the day. 9:00 a.m., lots of sunshine. increasing clouds. by noon 38 degrees for you. hour by hour forecast, picking up on light lake effect flurries into the region here. starting at 6:00 a.m. and as we zoom in locally pausing it at about noontime we start to see blues on the screen here. looks, again, just some light flurries moving through, lake effect push, that's all we're
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seeing. bottom of your screen you will see your local neighborhood forecast but quickly, we have had reports of black ice for parts of the lehigh valley. that's something to be mindful of. meantime here is francesca for traffic. >> thanks. we're watching traffic on the blue route. our camera at baltimore pike starting to see more volume added to the majors at this time of morning. headed northbound for the boulevard. i got a tweet of checking traffic for 95 for the philadelphia international airport. we're watching traffic on the blue route where travel speeds are in the 60s. an accident in norristown at route 2. it's northbound between west main street and spruce street. i marked it with a closure accident because of this accident the section remains closed on the northbound side of route 202. when i come back a look at mass transit and the majors. >> thanks. new this morning take a look at the car that crashed into philadelphia's feltonville neighborhood. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning at d and louden streets.
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see from our video both the car and front of the home are pretty badly damaged. police tell us the driver ran away from the scene but caught him a few blocks away and this morning he's in custody. 6:03. less than a week after an elderly store owner in south philadelphia was killed, a suspect is in jail, charged with her murder. >> that's right. police arrested maurice green, they say he gunned down marie buck at her grocery store on christmas eve. green allegedly told police that buck's grandson stole a necklace from him worth $5,000 to $10,000. according to investigators, they said green went to the store expecting to see the grandson but wasn't there. last night friends and family filed into the funeral home for buck's viewing. today president-elect donald trump plans to keep working on his inaugural address at his mara lag ga estate in south florida. observers say he's likely to huddle with his advisors and talk about russia. mr. trump reacted yesterday to president obama's sanctions
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against vladimir putin's government by tweeting, i think we ought to get on with our lives. breaking news now in the back and forth between russia and u.s. over election hacking. and the newly imposed u.s. sanctions. just minutes ago russian leaders proposed a response. >> that's right. the russian foreign minister is suggesting expelling 35 u.s. diplomats and closing two facilities in moscow as a form of retaliation. the obama administration slapped the sanctions on russia for hacking political sites and e-mail accounts. it also released a report on russia's efforts to interfere in the presidential election. take a look at the cover of the "new york daily news" reads to russia with shove. prez expels 35 spies and sanctions putin's pals. the sanctions target russian diplomats and their families in the u.s. the diplomats must leave by this weekend and two russian
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compounds on the east coast will be closed all happening three weeks before america changes leadership. take a look at the tweet one of the first diplomatic reactions to the u.s. sanctions against russia. the official account for the russian embassy in lornds tweeted an image with the words duck and at word lame over it. it says, quote, everybody including american people will be glad to see the last of his hapless obama administration. shifting to the lehigh valley, allentown's new budget will end a bitter fight between the mayor and city council there. the spending plan boosts the wage tax to 1.9% and gives mayor money for city employee overtime and raises. the new budget leaves next year's spending plan unbalanced by more than $370,000. the budget promise puts an end to the mayor's threat to sue city council for amending his original budget. new year's eve preparations are well under way at penn's
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landing. tomorrow hundreds of people will pack the blue cross river rink to ring in 2017. that's where nbc 10's pamela osbourne is live with a preview. pam? >> this is going to be a huge event, rosemary. a great celebration. the best place to watch the fireworks, of course, is going to be right here. take a look at that view. the best part about all of this is that it's family friendly with a 6:00 start time, you can bring the kids down with you and really take in the new year with the incredible display of fireworks. we're going to show you file video from last year's fireworks display. there will be food, music, entertainment and ice skating. visit philly is expecting a sellout on hotels and restaurants in the area. and if you're looking to stay out late, we've got you covered there too. there will be a second set of fireworks to usher in the new year at exactly 12:00. and if you can't make it to the new year's eve fireworks in person you canlways watch them from the comfort of your home
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live at 6:00 right here on nbc 10. the second fireworks show from sugar house casino will be streaming on our facebook page. that is taking places at midnight, so you definitely want to peak peek in there if you decide not to come out. pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. obviously the one thing on everybody's mind, no matter what you're doing on new year's eve, what's the weather going to be like? >> that's right. yeah, what's the weather going to be like. pam looked like she was having a lot of fun out there because right now it's not that bad. the westerlies are starting to pick up but you will want to bundle up as the day progresses because the winds will pick up gusting to 30 to 35 miles per hour. however right now we're seeing partly cloudy skies, a live look outside it's quiet right now. and if you look at the bottom of your screen you will see your local neighborhood forecast. it's important, of course, especially if you're in the lehigh valley because we are getting reports of some black ice. otherwise, current winds right now 12 miles per hour for
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wilmington, dover, southwesterly 16 miles for you, atlantic city, 13 and allentown 12 pile per hour wind speeds. you may see light lake effect flurries this afternoon. otherwise, your metro areas seeing 30s fox chase, west mt. airy 34 degrees. and here you can see your westerly winds across new jersey, 34, florence 35. 34 degrees for you. lumberton 34 and robbinsville 34 degrees. what about tomorrow's temperatures. pretty much in the 40s. a mix of sun and clouds. we will see mostly cloudy skies by later tomorrow. langhorn your temperature 43 degrees. robbinsville also seeing low to mid 40s. voorhees township 43, egg harbor 44. notice how we trend pretty much in the 40s for today and for tomorrow. that's about average for this time of the year. good news there. and now with the exception of those gusty winds later this afternoon, everything is going
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to be pretty mild for today. your expected high temperature 41 in philadelphia, overnight lows in the 20s. so a chilly night ahead. your expected high temperature on saturday, 44, 48 on sunday, i do not expect any issues here for visibilities saturday into sunday for the fireworks but i will increase the clouds to mostly cloudy skies into sunday. monday tracking showers, 46, 50s on tuesday and wednesday. then we cool down by thursday and friday. and tracking the potential for some snow friday and saturday. you can always follow us on social media @nbcphiladelphia for more updates. back to you. >> thanks so much. headed out the door it's cool but dry, there may be traffic issues. >> yeah. >> francesco ruscio is keeping an eye on the cameras and starts us off on the schuylkill. >> we are watching the schuylkill expressway. i pulled up this camera to show how we're starting to see more volume on the main routes in and out of center city. look to the right, right over here, i'm pointing to it, there is a multivehicle accident blocking a lane on the ramp.
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this is eastbound for center city. again this is the schuylkill expressway. we do have an accident so i just pulled this up and it happened about a minute ago. so pretty shocking right there and it's not really affecting traffic flow overall but we are starting to see more volume on the majors. speebing of the majors, route 202 the majority of our travel speeds still in the green. problem free on route 202. route 30 towards the schuylkill expressway, travel speeds hanging on to the 60s, it will take nine minutes and you won't be running into problems southbound as well as route 202. when i come back a look at that accident as well as 95. >> this morning we are helping you make your plans to get around on new year's eve. >> that's right. it next we'll tell you what to expect from uber, septa and patco if you don't plan on driving to your festivities. plus, it's the end of the road for certain uses of your pennsylvania driver's license. we'll explain why the feds are cracking down on the state.
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welcome back. good morning montgomery county. live look along lancaster avenue. chilly 34 degrees right now but it is dry outside. meteorologist erika martin is tracking the conditions where you live and she's back in a minute with our first alert forecast. today loved ones will say their final good-byes to hollywood icon zsa zsa gabor. funeral services will be held in beverly hills this afternoon. the hungarian born actress died last sunday from an apparent heart attack. 99 years old. she appeared in more than 40 films and tv shows during her career and well known for her nine high profile marriages. if you have a pennsylvania driver's license you may be limited in where and how you can use it in the new year. the i.d. on that license will no longer
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be enough to get you into certain federal buildings and fa pennsylvania state law is not changed by 2018, the license will not be accepted at airports either. it's all because homeland security says pennsylvania is not following a federal regulation known as real i.d. a state lawmaker tells us he will file legislation to overturn the state law. 6:15 now, pennsylvania is not the only state not following the fed's rules. kentucky, maine, minnesota, missouri, montana, oklahoma, south carolina and washington aare also not complying. in our region, delaware is in compliance. new jersey has an extension that allows federal agencies to accept driver's licenses until october of next year. also happening in the new year, philadelphia will crack down on tobacco sales to minors. beginning january 1st regulat n regulations go into effect for retailers. the number of permits will be limited and tobacco free zones
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will be limited and toe bako free zones. and retaters with three violations in a two-year period will have their permit suspended for a year. final preparations under way for the new year's eve celebration in times square. a live look at the spot where more than a million will ring in 2017. officials there say there have been no specific threats but 7,000 police officers will be on duty. dozens of trucks filled with sand will be parked at intersections to prevent vehicle attacks like the ones seen? germany and france. patco wants to keep you safe on new year's eve offering you a free ride. trains are running for free from 8:00 p.m. saturday night through 4:00 a.m. sunday morning. septa is extending hours on saturday offering a late night service for regional rail riders. we have that information on the nbc 10 app to check the times for your line. service sometimes will be posted at septa stations. if you are using uber this weekend get ready for a surge in
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pricing. the prices soar because of high demands. uber expects to give 15 million rides this new year's eve, three times more than last year. if you're driving in center city, philadelphia, this morning, you may run into some traffic as the city gets ready for the mummers parade. happening between 10:00 a.m. and noon today lanes will be closed along 15th street between market and jfk boulevard. parking restrictions are already in place in that area. expect to see crews loading in equipment for the big parade. 6:17 right now on this friday. hopefully a lot of people took off from work today and the roads are a little less congested. >> you would think so. still there's been issues to tell you throughout the morning. first alert traffic reporter francesco ruscio is here with another update. >> katy, rosemary, we're always going to be running into traffic heading into center city. watching 95 our camera at woodhaven road and we're watching southbound traffic right now. overall travel speeds are still in the 50s and 60s. we're starting to get closer to the heart of rush hour. i'm not seeing any reported
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problems or delays for 95 and typically around woodhaven road we start to see more delays overall. 95 looks good. we look at the schuylkill, the accident cleared for the off ramp on the eastbound side near spring garden street. over in new jersey, 295 the new jersey turnpike and 42 freeway problem free, you're good to gop travel speeds still in the 60s and we remain green. when i come back the blue route and the schuylkill expressway. i'll send it back to you guys. >> thanks so much. 35 degrees outside. it's chilly when you first walk out the door. >> it is a little cool but meteorologist erika martin has a warmup in that ten day. i saw that, erika. >> 50. it's in there. i will get to that. in the meantime rosemary and katy, it's chilly. mainly 30s right now. however we're seeing partly cloudy skies and we will definitely see lots of sunshine as the day progresses. certainly good news there. on average lehigh valley seeing low 30s. low to mid 30s for new jersey and looks like the delaware area is also seeing some 30s. satellite and radar image
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picking up on clouds already starting to break everything mixing out due to a high pressure system keeping everything high and dry. just to the northwest you can see light flurries moving into the region. i think the lehigh valley will see some light lake-effect snow and that's just about it. otherwise neighborhoods right now for the pa suburbs seeing lots of 30s, 34 degrees west bradford township and seeing 30s, milford township, el roy 33 and port washington at 34 degrees. as we head a little farther south, delaware seeing lots of 30s, upper 30s in fact. looks like 36 degrees, odessa 37, harmony hills at 36, greenville 34, lincoln 37 and milton 35 degrees. notice that we are seeing the best westerly wind they will start to increase as the day progresses. gusty afternoon in the forecast. hour by hour, 6:00 a.m., it's dry. that's the story for today. one exception, a little bit of an influence here that lake-effect snow. flurries moving through and that's it. we will keep it high and dry, at
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least through monday even though we will start to see developing clouds late saturday. your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow the good news we will be right around average so mainly low to mid 40s. chestnut hill 42 degrees, your expected high temperature with overnight lows in the 20s. overnote lows in the 20s. egg harbor 44, long port 42, dover 46 degrees. your new year's eve forecast looks nice because the good news is it is going to be dry. temperatures topping out in the 40s. upper 30s for the lehigh valley. for the most part. that's 6:00 p.m., we will see temperatures hovering around the 30s and 40s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy skies at midnight. 36 for philadelphia, 34 for the pa suburbs and 35 for south jersey. your ten day on 10, this what is rosemary was talking about, 50s here finally a little bit of a warmup but that's not until next tuesday into wednesday. otherwise new year's eve looks
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good. dry for now, mostly cloudy skies but we'll take that. mean time back to you. >> we will take it. thanks so much, erikerika. >> coming up the important gait e-mail -- porn e-mail scandal carrying over into the new year. the battle over a $2 million bill that could be setting up for a court fight. >> closing up shop, how a new york city dining favorite is ending a decade's long run today.
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looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer) that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin'
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heaps of cured meats, new york, city's carnegie deli will be slicing its last ridiculously oversized sandwich today. the carnegie has remained a popular tourist destination for years. all week long the lines have stretched down the block with hungry people waiting to chow down on the pastrami sandwich. >> it's a little sad it's been
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here for so long. >> i'm devastated they're closing. we come here every time whe come to new york. >> the deli's owner is closing for personal reasons and wants more time to enjoy her life. oh, yeah. today is the final day fort monster jam at the sun national bank center in trenton. you are looking at action from last night's show. trucks rumbled through an obstacle course pulling stunts for the crowd. some ticket holders got to meet drivers ahead of time at the party in the pits. coming up next at 6:30 under arrest, police nab a suspect in the christmas eve murder of an 81-year-old grocery store owner from south philly. the alleged motive behind the shooting. killed in the line of duty, the spike in police officer deaths in 2016. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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murder case motive. what investigators say led to the shooting death of an 81-year-old grocery store owner from south philly. porn gate debt, the battle over a $2 million billing connection with the high-profile e-mail investigation. survival story, family members of the 5-year-old girl from south jersey who disappeared with her great grandmother, we have an update on what happened during their ordeal. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm katy zachry. it's about 6:30 on your friday. let's get right to meteorologist erika martin and her first alert neighborhood forecast. chilly as you walk out the door. good news, it's dry. >> it's dry. that's great news. so conditions for today are going to be pretty mild. average for this time of year and the winds will get gusty, especially this afternoon. westerly between 25 and 30 miles per hour. but meantime a live look outside looks nice and quiet.
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good for sky gazing. i do think you will be able to see orion towards the west, otherwise sunrise pretty soon. philadelphia 35 degrees, coatesville 32, dover warmer at 38 and vineland at 36 degrees. let's go ahead and jump into your new year's eve weekend forecast. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s for the most part and upper 40s in fact some low 50s on sunday. so a great stretch of weather and the good news is, we will see developing clouds but it looks like it's going to remain dry for this holiday weekend. mummers day parade, the forecast looking really nice at 8:00 a.m. 38 degrees. 46 by 2:00 p.m. southwesterly 10 to 15 miles per ho hour. a mix of sun and clouds. a really nice stretch. especially to end this new year. this is the last friday of 2016 and to kick off the following new year here's francesca with traffic. >> thanks. back over in center city right now. watching the vine street expressway. our camera at broad street you see a couple cars veering
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towards the exit. it's starting to look busy on the majors. travel speeds on the vine still in the 50s and 60s. problem free overall in center city. so we do have a road closure to talk about. i marked it with the graphic to see it over here. norristown on route 202 northbound between west main street and spruce street from an earlier accident. we are closed along the stretch of route 202. a look at 95 and the rest of the majors. back to you. >> thanks for that. 6:31 right now. this morning a man and woman shot in philadelphia last night are in the hospital. nbc 10 was on the scene of boudinot and courtland streets in feltonville where the victims were wounded sitting in a minivan. we're working to find out their conditions. police have not made arrested in the case. less than a week after the murder of an elderly store owner in south philadelphia, a suspect is in jail charged with her murder. >> police arrested maurice green and say he gunned down 81-year-old marie buck at her grocery store on christmas eve. green told police buck's
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grandson stole a necklace from him worth 5 to $10,000 and say green went to the store expecting to see the grandson but he was not there. last night people filed into a funeral home for buck's viewing. we spoke to the victim's brother-in-law before the service. >> i feel glad they got him but i'm all torn up with her. that's a hell of a way to die. >> nbc 10 learned this is not maurice green's first encounter with police. we've learned he's been arrested more than a dozen times since 2005 facing a series of drug and theft charges. let's head to atlantic county where loved ones and friends say he cannot wait for a 5-year-old girl and her great grandmother to return home after both were found alive in rural virginia. 71-year-old barbara briley and her great granddaughter la'myra were stranded for days when their holiday road trip took a dangerous turn. the two left their house in mays landing on christmas eve on their way to see relatives in north carolina but never made
6:33 am
it. a man found them wednesday on his property in virginia, locals there say it can sometimes be easy to get lost. both family members are in the hospital but they're doing okay. they're being checked out. some relatives are with them now. we did catch up with the boyfriend of one of those relatives. he shared with us what the little girl told him about the frightening ordeal. >> they walked out tried to find some help and they couldn't find nowhere there. they had to stay there. >> la'myra was scared but la'myra, she's a tough girl. she's very bright. you know what i mean, smart. so she stayed with her grandmother. >> in a facebook post yesterday the family said their prayers have been answered. it's 6:33 right now. 135 police officers across the country have died in the line of duty this year. that's the highest number of officer deaths in five years. according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund 64 officers were shot and killed. 21 were ambushed. the group says guns were responsible for the majority of
6:34 am
the deaths. other officers lost their lives in traffic accidents or job related illnesses such as heart attacks. six of the fallen officers were women. >> there is a growing disrespect for the rule of law in this country. i think numbers we're reporting today are evidence of that. >> texas has the highest number of officer deaths of any state this year with 17. in our region three officers died in pennsylvania, one of them at the greater correctional institute in montgomery county, two state troopers died in south jersey. there have been no deaths in delaware. earlier this month state trooper frankie williams died in a crash with an out-of-control car while responding to an emergency. trooper sean cullen was killed back in march. when he was struck and killed at the scene of a car fire in west deptford. pennsylvania wants a deal after paying just a fraction of the nearly $2 million legal bill for the state's pornographic
6:35 am
e-mail investigation. the state is trying to negotiate a settlement with the law firm that looked into the scandal. convicted former state attorney general kathleen kane called for a report related to the investigation. her successor bruce beemer released a report last month. some of the sexually explicit e-mails led to the firing or resignation of state prosecutors and judges but beemer says no inappropriate e-mails corrupted the state's justice system. we've now learned when delaware's new governor will officially take the oath of office. the inauguration for democratic governor elect john carney and lieutenant governor elect bethany hall-long will be tuesday, january 17th. the ceremony is set for the legislative mall in dover. 6:35. a showdown over a proposed shopping center in sussex county, delaware. >> that's right. there's a group against the project. they say it would be built on sacred burial ground. the people want to stop the lingo township project in lewis. the project was approved this
6:36 am
month but the protesters believe it will ruin water in the area and disrupt a sacred native american burial ground. >> we need to respect and cherish the native american culture and history of delaware. >> sussex county council president has responded to the protests saying native americans have never proved the land is a burial ground. a follow-up to a story we first told you about wednesday morning. an 8-year-old north jersey boy was kicked out of the cub scouts for being transgender. now the leader of another scout group is petitioning the regional cub scouts council to see if he can rejoin. joe maldanado was born a girl but identifies as a boy and attended scouts about a month before he was asked to leave. in a statement earlier this month the north jersey council said its programs are for those who are identified as boys on their birth certificate. 6:36 right now on this friday. just about 35 degrees outside.
6:37 am
you know what, it could be a whole heck of a lot colder. >> right. >> we're going to get started with first alert meteorologist erika martin. i'm thinking traffic, thinking weather. a lot to get to this morning. >> no traffic for me. none at all. >> what's in store for new year's? >> a good stretch. otherwise neighborhoods right now for the lehigh valley seeing lots of 30s with westerly winds, leonardsville 34 degrees, fleetwood 31 and looks like walnut is currently right above the freezing mark at 33 degrees. so here's one of our stories for today. we have pretty much partly cloudy skies but notice just to the northwest you're seeing some light white on the screen. this is lake effect influence pushing into parts of the lehigh valley later this afternoon, later morning, early afternoon hours. current winds right now westerly is coatesville 14 mile per hour wind speeds, allentown dover and
6:38 am
millville. not that bad but they will start to increase by this afternoon and gusts 30 miles per hour at times. so your hour by hour forecast starting at 6:30 a.m. and getting this into motion, pausing at about 1, 1:30 we are seeing light flurries moving through at best, that's all we're going to see. i want to emphasize that but it's not going to be completely dry, so, of course, i have to mention that for parts of the lehigh valley. notice how everything starts to clear out by later tonight. partly cloudy skies for tonight. otherwise, neighborhoods locally right now, for the suburbs, seeing lots of 30s, 34, gilbertsville seeing 30s, el roy 33 and milford township 32 degrees. out the door forecast when you head out this morning take a jacket and bundle up because you will want to take off maybe some of the layers, layer up as well. lots of sunshine by 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. seeing partly cloudy skies. trending average this time of
6:39 am
year. 1:00 a.m. for the pa suburbs. lehigh valley seeing temperatures pretty much in the upper 30s at 1:00 p.m. with partly cloudy skies. so definitely a good amount of sunshine for today. tomorrow, seeing really nice temperatures as well, the last day of the queer. that's good news there, upper 30s for bethlehem, easeton upper 30s as well, phoenixville low 40s, newtown 43 and mid 40s. overall a nice trend as far as temperatures are concerned and the great news is it will be dry so we are tracking a dry new year's eve forecast and pretty mild temperatures. coming up in a bit i do have your ten day on 10. back to you. >> looking forward to it. thanks for that, erika. >> not everybody has off from work today. >> definitely not. >> some folks are heading in. >> hopefully they have off this weekend. but if you're getting out the door right now, first alert traffic reporter francesco ruscio has a look at 202. >> katy, rosemary, a look at
6:40 am
route 202 actually light enough to start seeing these roads and we're looking at it at valley road. sunrise at 7:22 this morning and travel speeds are in the 60s and 50s. we're problem free on route 202 near the king of prussia mall area. a look at 422 travel times. very green for the most part. no reported problems or delays or fae accidents on route 422. pretty clear and looking good. route 29 towards the schuylkill is going to take you eight minutes, shorter travel period we're going to be sticking to that. travel speeds in the 60s. this is very important. we see some road closures and so folks avoid the stretch of route 202 i should say northbound between west main street and west spruce street from an earlier accident. this is in the norristown area. a look at 95 the schuylkill and majors in new jersey. >> thanks, francesca. the nbc 10 response team is standing up for you. some of the highlights as our viewers are getting what they're
6:41 am
owed. plus final destination. we'll explain how nbc 10 helps stranded students at philly international get to an overseas holiday trip that they've been planning for years.
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good morning. going to warm up today. clear and dry. we'll be back in a moment with the full forecast. a milestone for our nbc 10 response team. we are celebrating eight months since the launch. >> nbc 10 responds reporter harry hairston has a look back at some of the favorite moments of viewers helping viewers. >> it started with nicky, her
6:45 am
story the first to air on nbc 10 response. >> do any of these make sense. >> her utility company opened her cash and when she got nbc 10 response involved she received her check. >> thank you, nbc 10 response. >> his story each and every week, each and every week looking for help. >> i felt you could help me like you helped other people. >> each with a "newsweek" story to tell. >> i feel like -- >> it just got worse and worse. >> each getting nowhere on their own. >> we're proud to say we've helped you get more than a quarter million dollars back. >> thank you so much, harry, you're my hero. >> with the expansion of telemundo 62 response day in august we're reaching more viewers and more communities than ever before. >> telemundo responded. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. unbelievable. amazing. amazing. nbc 10. >> harry hairston, nbc 10
6:46 am
responds. >> we're not done yet. just getting started. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 response let us know. the best ways to reach us are on the screen. reach out we will respond to you. >> 6:46. just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> tamron and carson join us live from new york with a preview of what's coming up. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> ladies. coming up on "today" a powerful norrest ear dumps two feet of snow on new england with even more expected today. this morning problems all that snow is causing on the roads and airports and how it could impact your new year's eve plans. >> a wake-up call ahead of tomorrow's new year's festivities. you may be far drunker than you realize. >> those stories and a look back at the good times we shared? studio 1a and around the world in 2016 when we see you here on "today." ladies, make sure you check out carson, he's going to be rocking
6:47 am
it out new year's eve. >> oh, yeah. of course. >> we'll be watching. >> we will. >> see you at 7:00. >> that noreaster in new england, we are lucky we just got a little bit of rain and snow yesterday. dry at the moment. >> i feel like we did something right because mother nature has been favoring us. that coastal system could affect us. it did not. right now we are seeing partly cloudy skies if you look at the bottom of your screen you will see your local neighborhood forecast temperatures in the 30s. the winds starting to pick up 14 miles per hour. so neighborhood forecast in and around philadelphia looking nice right now. above the freezing mark. fox chase 36, port richmond, and graduate hospital 35 degrees. the westerly winds will start to increase as date progresses around new jersey.
6:48 am
lumberton 35, princeton seeing upper 20s to low 30s, also seeing 35 degrees. but what about the jersey shore. seeing really nice temperatures as well. i guess at least right now it's a little mild. certainly closer to average for this time of the year. upper township at 37 degrees. atlantic city 37 degrees. and cape may courthouse upper 30s for you. the weekend forecast new year's eve looks fantastic. the only thing i can say would be increasing clouds by midnight. saturday into sunday. otherwise temperatures in the upper 30s. to mid 40s for philadelphia. low 40s for the pa suburbs and jersey shore. delaware seeing low to mid 40s. sunday seeing upper 40s to low 50s. new year's eve get ready to celebrate. layer up a little bit because it's not going to be that bad. the good news is we will see a few extra clouds out there right around midnight. it will be like a little bit of a blanket. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s at midnight. your ten day on 10 brings us
6:49 am
showers but not until all the way next year. on monday we start to see temperatures climb into the 40s, 50s on tuesday, still seeing showers lingering for the first half of your tuesday. partly cloudy skies on wednesday, 52 degrees your expected high temperature. upper 30s on thursday and it looks like we can see some snow here on friday. and then we're going to drop into the low 30s possibly upper 20s next saturday. follow us on social med media @nbcphiladelphia for more updates. back to you. >> not a bad weekend ahead. thanks so much for that. getting up and out the door we have a check of the roads for you. >> that's right. francesco ruscio is taking a look at the schuylkill expressway. >> good news for everyone. a problem-free schuylkill expressway. we're watching eastbound traffic right now on the schuylkill, our camera at girard avenue. let's take a look at them right now. you won't run into problems or delays eastbound from the blue route to the vine. 13 minutes. no problems westbound it will take you 12 minutes from the vine towards the blue route. again schuylkill expressway
6:50 am
looks good overall so far. a look at 95 another busy major southbound from woodhaven to the vine, 13 minutes, northbound no reported problems or delays so far just yet. this is the vine street expressway looks good. the pagers in new jersey overall look good. as we approach the 10:00 hour this is important to know. when i come back a look at mass transit and the new jersey maimers. back to you. >> a florida marching band performing in rome as part of the new year's parade there. this is the same group of students stranded in philadelphia and nearly missed the trip altogether. nbc 10 helped them get there. we made a call to american airlines, got the ball rolling for a new flight to be arranged. ten minutes before 7:00. a chester county family who lost everything in a fire on christmas eve is in awe of their community. >> they all came together. this family they lost all their christmas gifts plus their belongings. they burned in the fire last saturday. the mother and her two sons who lived here weren't at the house at the time, they were with relatives when the fire ravaged their home. firefighters and other neighbors
6:51 am
got together and gathered gifts for the family. >> overwhelming to see all the community support and it was just -- we almost couldn't keep up with it. so many people wanting to give. >> they were able to fill an entire ambulance with presents for the family. coming up next we'll run down the headlines in the stories that we'll be following throughout the day. >> that's right. that includes some final touches on the big apple's new year's eve celebration. we'll tell you how crews there are making sure a staple for the celebration is ready to ring in 2017. >> as we wrap up 2016, we are giving you a look at the year in photos. we have images from the events that have shaped the past 12 months from the election to the olympics. to the loss of icons in the entertainment world and much more. you can check it out now on or on the nbc 10 app.
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6:55 right now. we wanted to share with you this picture of cape may. a live look down there right now. 37 degrees down the shore. the clouds should be clearing. it's going to stay cool and dry today. here are some of the stories we're following today on nbc 10. >> funeral services will be held in beverly hills today for hollywood icon and actress zsa zsa gabor. the hungarian born actress died last sunday from an apparent heart attack at 99. >> donald trump is likely to huddle with his advisors on russia at his estate in south florida. he reacted yesterday to president obama's sanctions against russian hacking by tweeting, i think we ought to get on with our lives. the russians are expected to react today. new york city getting ready for new year's eve. a live look at the times square
6:56 am
where more than a million will ring in 2017. 7,000 police officers will be on duty and dozens of trucks will form a perimeter around the area to protect the revelers. the final preparations also include a test of the famous new year's eve ball. crews will gather on one times square today to make sure the ball drops properly and the real moment tomorrow night at the stroke of midnight when the ball will drop and ring in 2017. all right. let's stay in new york after 79 years of serving up heaps of cured meats carnegie deli will be placing its last ridiculously oversized sandwich today. the deli's owner says she's closing for personal reasons and wants more time to enjoy her life. you may see traffic troubles in a part of center city this morning as crews get ready for the mummers parade. scheduled for sunday. from 10:00 a.m. until noon today lanes will be closed on 15th street between market and jfk boulevard. parking restrictions are already in place in the area.
6:57 am
crews will be loading in equipment for the parade. >> jews will light the seventh candle for hanukkah tonight. boat house row lit up for hanukkah lit up in blue and white and says happy hanukkah. good morning, everyone. francesco ruscio here. watching i-95. our camera at academy road. light travel speeds. problem free on 95 for the most part. southbound traffic for center city. you don't see any reported problems or delays and typically academy road is where we start to see a major pileup for the heart of rush hour. out by norris town we are seeing a road closure due to an earlier accident i marked with the graphic on route 202 northbound between west main street and west spruce street. this is going to be in play and just avoid that stretch of route 202. a look at the majors over in new jersey. 295 the new jersey turnpike as well as the 4 freeway. problem free you're go ahead to
6:58 am
go over -- good to go over there. travel speeds in the 60s. happy friday. happy last friday that is, francesca of 2016. i'm going to let you know this a couple more times. today we have temperatures topping out in the 40s if you look a the bottom of your screen your local neighborhood forecast. here is the deal. your weekend forecast, your new year's eve forecast really important. temperatures in the upper 30s for the lehigh valley. mainly looking like it's in the low to mid 40s. the great news is, partly to mostly cloudy skies but will remain dry. on sunday, most of you, of course, will wake up later, might not see that early morning sun but it will top out in the 40s, upper 40s for some. looking a lot better there. so your new year's eve forecast looks like this. have fun and, of course, enjoy your new year. i hope you have a great saturday fight and enjoy it for, you know, for most of us anyway because i will be working and then 38 degrees at 8:00 p.m. 38 at 10:00 p.m. temperatures in the mid 30s with partly to mostly cloudy skies.
6:59 am
here is your ten day on ten. rosemary mentioned this earlier. katy did too. 53 on tuesday, next wednesday 52, tracking snow flurries after that. temperatures could dip into the 20s by next saturday and sunday. i'm leaving it in the low 30s. so not looking that bad. >> let's keep that up and focus on the fact that we're in the 50s, right? >> we'll take it. especially for the first week of january. if you don't have plans on new year's eve yet head down to penn's landing. the blue cross river rink, two fireworks shows one at 6:00 in the evening we will be broadcasting here on nbc 10 and then, of course, the last one. >> you can make that. >> right. >> after the 11:00 news. >> i will be here with confetti. >> all right. >> pretty good forecast. >> we'll take it. >> local updates throughout the morning and remember always get real-time news weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. the "today" show is up next. we'll see you at 7:25 with our morning cut-ins.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight -- russia retaliates after the obama administration levels tough new sanctions against them, including ejecting dozens of diplomats from the u.s. the kremlin set to do the same sending u.s. officials back home. all of this over russia's alleged interference in the presidential election. this morning, why president-elect trump says it is time to move on. two feet and counting. a powerful nor'easter hammers new england burying towns across the region. another foot of snow possible today as millions prepare to travel over the holiday weekend. we've got your forecast. everlasting bond. a joint service being considered for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher as family members visit a yw


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