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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  December 30, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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just about one more day until 2017. big crowds will gather to ring in the new year. i'm rosemary connors. >> and pamela osborne is live with the details about not one but two fireworks show. >> ye
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>> reporter: yeah. and this is the best spot to be. they are prepping the barge that will be out there for the fireworks. it will be quite a show. this is video from last year's fireworks display. take a look. so the best thing is you have two shots to see the awesome fireworks display. it is perfect if you want to let the kids be part of ringing in the new year as well. it is not just locals looking forward to the celebration. they tell us they are expecting a sell out of hotels in the area. one mother and daughter came all the way here from australia to take in the new year. >> it is great. we'll have a good year can fireworks. >> we have been to the u.s.
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before. we thought we would go somewhere a little bit quieter. we thought we would ring many in the new year in philly. >> all of this is opening up. you can get food and drinks. it is a family friendly event. we'll have much more on the fireworks displays in about a half hour. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks for that. we'll see you shortly. nbc 10 will be broadcasting the fireworks live at 6:00 p.m. you can watch the fireworks at penns landing or at sugar house casino. this is a live look at the spot where more than a million people will ring in 2017. officials say there have been no specific threats.
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7,000 police officers will be on duty. dozens of trucks filled with sand will be parked to prevent vehicle attacks. what will the weather be like for our new year's celebration? you can expect gusty conditions today. this is boat house row which will be lit up for the 7th night of hanukkah. >> erika martin is live with what we have here. >> we have a really nice new year's eve planned out. right now it is gusty. we are seeing westerly and northwester northwester northwesterly. currently 16 miles per hour wind speeds. it looks gorgeous right now. we are seeing clouds and everything remains high and dry.
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satellite and radar picking up on lake effect flurries that i was talking about earlier this morning. it is very important for those of you in lehigh valley. you'll see lake effect flurries. neighborhoods in philadelphia seeing upper 30s for chestnut hill. park side 39. graduate hospital currently at 42 degrees. of course it's all about what to expect for new year's eve. saturday upper 30s to mid-40s. 42 along the jersey shore. i'm going with mostly cloudy skies. it does look like it will be pretty much dry. sunday we start off in the upper 40s to low 50s. we kick off 2017 dry and really pleasant and in fact mild. i'm tracking showers moving
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here. patco wants to offer you a free ride. trains running free from 8:00 saturday night through 4:00 a.m. sunday. septa extending hours on sunday for regional rail riders. we have information on the nbc 10 apps. you can check the times for your lines. service times will be posted at septa stations. time far look at the roads. >> earlier we had a bad denton westbound side. right now working through residual delays. it will take you under 20 minutes from the vine to the blue route. we have an accident in upper marion. no report of problems or delays but it hasn't cleared yet. here is a notification. it is cancelled because of a cruise shortage.
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patco, new jersey transit seems to be running and on schedule. another accident at bethlehem pike and walnut street. a car crashed into a home in philadelphia. the accident happened around 1:00 at dee and louden streets. you can see the car and the front of the home were badly damaged. the driver ran away from the scene but he is now in custody. a woman shot in feltonville. police tell us the victims were wound sitting in a minivan. we are working to find out their conditions at this hour. yesterday at this time we told you of an arrest in the murder of an elderly store owner. we know who the suspect is and what charges he is facing. green is in custody in charge of
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shooting and killing bucks. kbreen allegedly told police he stole a necklace worth 5 to $10,000. last night family and friends were there for buck cease viewing. >> green had been arrested more than a dozen times on drug and theft charges. loved ones and friends say they cannot wait for a five-year-old girl and her great grandmother to return home after they were both found alive. we are hearing more about how they went missing. 71-year-old barbara brieley and
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her granddaughter were stranded when their holiday road trip took a wrong turn. a man found them wednesday on his property in virginia. locals tell us it is easy to get lost on those streets. some relatives are with them now. we caught up with the boyfriend of one of those relatives. he share with us about what the little gifrl said. >> they walked out and tried to find some help. they had to stay there. >> she was scared but she is a tough girl. she is very bright, you know, smart. she stayed with her grandma ma. this morning we have a follow-up to a story refirst told you about earlier this week. a boy kicked out of the cub
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scouts for being transgender is getting support. the lead over another scout troop is seeing if he can rejoin. he identifies as a boy. he was with the scouts for about a month before he was asked to leave. they say programs are for those who are identified as boys on their birth certificate. about 11:10 right now. one of the nation's largest food companies is sharing. >> goya foods donated food. it is the largest hispanic owned foot supplier in the u.s. it went to children who don't have a home but who did get a christmas. >> football, basketball. i got shoes. >> do you like those shoes? >> yes. >> it is a holiday but for them it is a joyous occasion.
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>> goya will donate $10,000 a month. 2016 coming the a close this weekend and so is the eagles season. >> looking for the first back to back win since the start of the season. the eagles have not beaten the cowboys since 2011. it appears they won't see many of the starters it is important to end the season on a high note. >> the first thing right now is to finish strong. i within the to go out here sunday and compete at a high level and compete for every opportunity. >> if we put a dent in it. i don't know if they will play their starters. if they do we are willing to go full tip. >> nbc 10 has you covered. starting your morning with nbc 10 news today followed by
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kickoff. we'll sit down for qb carson wentz. keep it here for nbc 10 at 11:00. new reaction from russia about u.s. sanctions related the alleged interference in the presidential election. we know whether putinwill retaliate. we'll have that straight ahead. and scary moments as a car heads towards three women crossing the street. we'll show you what happened next. i have your new career's eve forecast. it looks like temperatures will be in the 30s by 8:00 a.m. and a mix of sun and clouds. i'll have more coming up on the other side of the break. we are looking back at a historic change in politics and looking ahead to what's ahead for the new administration. plus the credit card bills
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you ran up during the holidays will soon need to be paid. we have more before more is tacked on. and learned strategies to help you use your time more wisely. that's following meet the press only on nbc 10. here's your receipt.
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welcome back. putin did condemn. we have details on the sanctions and reaction from president-elect donald trump. >> pay backs for putin from the white house slapping sanctions on rush thsiarussia, a punishmet president isn't saying much about. it is time for our country to move on for bigger and better things. donald trump said. nevertheless he will meet with leaders next week in order to be updated on the facts of the such ration. multiples tell us trump and his team have been briefed between moscow and the dnc e-mail hack. >> it could be somebody sitting on their bed weighing 400
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pounds. you don't know who broke in. >> the punishment includes forcing 45 russian diplomats by the end of the weekend. going after two suspected russian hackers wanted by the fbi and ordering two rush than compoun compounds, one in new york and one in maryland shut down today. the sanctions also retaliation for what's described as harassment like this trump could reverse these sanctions. the white house delivering a warning. he shouldn't. >> if he wants to lift sanctions and make it easier he could do that. we don't think it makes much sense. >> that would you say halle
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jackson reporting. out west in california police in southern california searching for the driver wanted for a hit-and-run accident. you may find this video disturbing. three women were working across the street the crash happened earlier this month. it is in hopes of getting the public's help. two of the women have had to return to the hospital for further treatment this week. a search and rescue team looking for a missing plane. it was headed to ohio state university when it disappeared from radar. they believe three adult and three children were on board. they say weather is making it more difficult to search where the plane last showed up on radar. now to colorado where police
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a looking into a deadly accident at a ski resort. a mother from texas and her two daughters fell from a chair lift. all three were rushed to the hospital where the mother died. one of the girls is in the hospital. they aren't sure how they fell but they are interviewing lift operators. we learned the trial of michael slaker. his original trial ended in a mistrial earlier this month after the jury was not able to reach a unanimous decision. he grew up in mount laurel and grew up in burlington county. today loved ones will say their final good-byes to zs zsa zsa gabor. she died last sunday. she was 99 years old.
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she appeared in more than 40 films. it seems to me is known for her nine high profile marriages. foggy conditions today. 16 passengers were hurt. it happened about 20 miles from another crash. both areas were cover bed by thk fog. let's go to erika martin. we are not experiencing fog at all like that. >> not at all. the deal here is increasing wind gusts. we are seeing gusts between 25 and 30 miles per hour. sustained wind speeds between 15 and 20. right now temperatures pretty much in the upper 30s to low 40s. i want to show you lehigh valley. it is getting moisture that will
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eventually make it. i'll show you why. it looks like we will get lake effect flurries. if you look at bottom of your screen you will see your local neighborhood forecast. here it is, your current wind profiles coming out of the northwest. these are sustained wind speeds at 24 miles per hour for philadelphia. wilmington 18 and allentown 16 miles per hour wind speeds. neighborhood forecasts seeing mainly 30s. allentown currently at 36. white hall 38 and it is currently at 35 degrees. here is the deal. when we combine that moisture that's available and the northwesterly winds we see here hour by hour forecasts picking up on light blues, purples, whites here. it is lake effect moisture making it into the region and all we are going to see will be flurries. for the most part conditions are
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high and dry. it is a massive high pressure system keeping everything high and dry. you can see everything clearing by about 5:00 p.m. your hour by hour starting at 11:00 a.m. look at these westerlies. temperatures in the 30s. i will move this forward. seeing 30s and 40s and pausing it at 4:00. the feels like temperatures because of those stronger northwesterly winds, we feel like it's more. potstown 28 and cooler 29 in wilmington. pause this at 1:30 p.m. it is feeling colder than the actual temperatures because the winds are starting to shift just a bit and because they are getting a lot stronger. what can we expect for new year's eve? temperatures for tomorrow will be predominantly in the upper 30s to low 40s for the lehigh valley.
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suburbs seeing mainly low 40s for you. mix of sun and clouds. it is 44 here. lot of 40s along the shoreline. a mix of sun and clouds. happy new year. conditions will be perfect to celebrate that for sure. increasing clouds by midnight with temperatures in the 30s and coming up in just a bit i do have your ten day on ten. back to you. >> we'll see you then. a lot of people might be planning to take up running in the new year. >> new resolutions. you're not only training your body, you are training your brain when you run. we'll explain coming up. also ahead, the fight against the flu. this morning positive news about this year's vaccine.
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as you are planning your new year's resolution they say you may want to maybe train for road races like the broad street run in the spring. endure rans running keeps you fit but improving the functions of your brain. endure rans runners have than those who are sedden tear. research shows teenagers who
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used marijuana. >> recreational marijuana has been legal for several years. the teens who used the drugs were more likely to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. they also tend today have lower grades. more than half of the users said they got the drugs from their classmates. about 10% said they got it from home. a relatively quiet flu season. cases have been slowly increasing since last month. researchers say there is positive news. they say the peak time for flu is now through march. it is not too late to get that flu shot. switching gears back to new year's resolutions. if yours is to get in shape listen up. >> we'll show you what's available in the next half hour. plus, sending a message, find out who is behind these
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unique street signs in one local neighborhood.
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putin is condemning u.s. sanctions against his country but he will not expel american diplomats. u.s. intelligence agencies blamed russia for interfering in the presidential election. anch a driver in custody after he crashed his car into a home. it happened at dee and louden streets. no one was hurt in that. crews making final preparations. the first show starts at 6:00 in
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the evening so the timing is perfect if you want to bring the wids to ring in this new year. new york city is making final preparations for their celebrations. >> it includes an increase in security there. it is the latest to keep them safe in time square and in other parts of country. this morning new york city is getting ready for its annual bash. ringing in the new year with noise makers, confetti and massive security. >> we have reached the new level of patrol for the nypd. >> a record 7,000 uniformed and under cover including hundreds of heavily armed police officers. law enforcement is bringing in other vehicle to block off streets. fences and concrete barricades in boston and chicago. >> it is sad we have to do this
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type of stuff. it is reality of what's happening now in the world. >> in california police have their thanes full. with the rose parade on monday forcing them to come up with new tactics. >> we'll be using water barriers. >> part of law enforcement a big show of force to create a deter rans and instill confidence. some officers in germany arming themselves with machine guns. officials not taking any chances after vehicle attacks this month and an attack in niece in july. a higher police presence at local markets. the public seems to support the work they are doing. >> i think they are doing a great job and enjoy it like we are enjoying it. >> that was stephanie reporting.
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unlike other holidays a lot of people not planning to spend a lot of money on a night out. >> that's right. a study shows 83% of people spent less than $300 celebrating. what can you do for $200 or less? first we looked at restaurants in three of the most popular areas of the city. you're looking to spend at least $95 with drinks on the waterfront compared to 80 in old city and $90 in rittenhouse. some offer an open bar for a few hours. queen village is ringing in the new year with street art. they brought these new street signs to the area. a local artist designed the signs which encourage people to be good neighbors by cleaning up their trash and keeping noise
11:34 am
down. i wouldn't mind those in my neighborhood. >> my parents live in queensville. this is a live look. the winds will be whipg up and making the temperature feel even colder. >> that's right. erika martin is here with the weekend forecast. it is the all important weekend forecast. >> this is probably the most ever. a live look outside right now. we are seeing fair weather clouds. conditions are pretty much mild but we do have winds that are already gusting up to about 25 to 30 miles per hour. seeing sustained winds between 15 and 25 miles per hour. westerly and northwesterlies. 25 miles per hour winds. 23 for coatsville and 20 for dover. it is increasing pretty quickly. we do have a massive low pressure system way over canada
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but strong enough to influence our weather here in the form of increasing wind speeds and wind gusts. here is your out the door planner. at 2:00 p.m. we are seeing partly cloudy skies. low 40s for you. upper 30s 6:00 p.m. in philadelphia. pa suburbs a mix of sun and cloud. seeing nice conditions as far as skies go. we do have increasing wind gusts. lehigh valley i have been talking about winds moving there. 30s at 6:00 p.m. and jersey shore 6:00 p.m. for you. your hour by hour forecast picking up on light flurries. the reason we are getting that moving through the valley is because we have a little moisture. it is strong enough to bring that moisture closer towards us. coming up we have the ten day on
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ten and you're new year's eve forecast. >> thank you. mms are digging out after a nor'easter slammed in overnight. >> more than 20 inches of snow fell in some spots. we show you what it was like across several states in new england. >> overnight a flash of light and then a rare burst of thunder snow. the last winter storm of 2016 arriving with force. the nor'easter quickly piling up snow across new england. this morning more than 7 million people are under winter storm advisory. in massachusetts crews using new liquid deicers in wooster getting a head start before roads completely freeze over. many maine most of the state under binter storm warning. in vermont an ice skater's
11:37 am
paradise. one resort says it got more snow thursday than all of last year. >> this year could be the big one. >> reporter: chad has been plowing these roads for 19 years. what do you recommend? >> go slow. take your time. >> beyond excited. i'm shaking right now. >> how does it compare to last year? >> last year sucked. >> reporter: this year ending the year with a literal bang. experts say it's important to be extra careful if you're getting on the roads this holiday weekend because it's not only the packed snow you have to be aware of but also that layer of ice as the temperature begins to drop. back to you. this morning a bucks county man accused of cheating russian citizens out of high-end cars at his auto dealership. a he stole nearly $2 million
11:38 am
from people overseas. the cars were never shipped or they had already been sold. he is now charged with wire fraud. pennsylvania wants a deal after paying a fraction of a nearly $2 million legal bill. the state trying to negotiate. you may remember con vingted state attorney general kathleen cane is the one that called for the investigation. they released the report next mobt. some of the e-mails lead to the firing of state prosecutors and judges. it's about 11:40 on your friday. new details on the clean up of contaminated water. action may be taken as soon as next month. state and local leaders are w k
11:39 am
working together to get help from the federal government and military to pay for clean up costs. cancer causing chemicals found in drinking water were linked to fire fighting foam. and new this morning bicyclists will have a smoother ride. septa removed old trolley tracks. you can see from our video the road has been repaved. the bicycle coalition says it makes a major commuting route safer for riders. a lot of people in the proce process of making goals for 2017. >> that's right. losing weight is a popular one. there are ways to get fit without going to the gym. >> winter weather might make it hard to get a jump start on fitness goals for 2017. >> if you really hate going to
11:40 am
the gym there are ton of other options to stay at home and stay fit. >> fitness dvds have given way to online streaming work outs. many offer a video library. >> the great thing is the work out starts when you're ready to work out. >> they offer that unique experience without having to leave the house. >> this is a regular stationary bike that has a computer screen on it that allows you to be in a class while you're in your own home. >> it will give your wallet a work out plus $39 for class subscriptions. if you're in the market far personal trainer technology can cut costs. >> you can actually go online and have a personal trainer there live with you doing your work outs. >> there are also many ways to track your progress with
11:41 am
technology getting more accurate and affordable from fitness tracker to heart rate monitors and even a smart sports bra. >> technology are the keys for 2017 fitness. >> so don't be a baby about it. welcome the new year with a new routine. nbc news. >> good to know. have you ever tweeted something you wish you could take back? >> i am not going to answer that but there could be a delete button of course. we'll have details straight ahead. rchl and i'm tracking your new year's eve forecast. we have warmer temperatures and it lwill be a lot less windy. we'll talk about what to expect for new year's eve and 2017. i'll see you in just a bit.
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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we have an update on eagle watch. the two eagle eggs have hatch hatched -- cracked but in the yet hatched. they have become a social media senizati sensation. people wait to get a glimpse at the eaglets. twitter may be adding an
11:45 am
edit button. they asked users what the company can create in 2017. responses flooded in and a top request was for an edit button. others requested better options. new york city's carnegie will be slicing its last ridiculously oversized sandwich today. it has remained a popular tourist destination for years. all week the line has stretched down the block. can you imagine? >> it's a little sad. it has been here for so long. >> i'm devastated they have closing. we come here every time we come to new york. >> the owner wants to have more time to enjoy her life. we are getting closer and
11:46 am
close tore new year's eve. uber drivers will be busy transporting people to and fro celebrations tomorrow night. they expect to provide more than 15 million rides across the country. it is three times as many as last year. they say the most expensive time frame is midnight to 3:00 a.m. a little more than 36 hours remain. here is a very packed blue cross river rink. every year since 1991 philadelphia has started the new year with fireworks on the waterfront. 2017 will be in exception. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> love your festive attire. >> it is our favorite time of the year down ton waterfront. we are really excite today ring in 2017. >> so two fireworks shows? >> yes. seven years ago we were able to
11:47 am
introduce the 6:00 fireworks which have just as many people coming out as the midnight fireworks. >> it is geared towards family? >> there are plenty of people who love the idea of doing something really exciting during to ring in the new year. maybe they are going out to dinner and maybe they are going home to be with family or friends or some need to be in church at midnight. we definitely see families but we see all kinds of people. >> and the stroke of midnight is to ring in 2017. >> absolutely. we have two really large fireworks shows. they are the same size. if you like to ring them in at 6:00 you won't be missing out. they have different sound tracks. feel free to hit them both. you can work off some of the holiday pounds. >> what holiday pounds? >> go out to dinner and come back. >> they are great anchors to all
11:48 am
kind of things you can do to celebrate and ring in the new year. >> we start several months in advance. we developed the sound tracks first and they build a pyro to match. you really want to watch these shows with the sound tracks. it all really lines up. it is so magical to experience the show in that way. >> one of the sound tracks incorporates hits for movies. >> this will be a lot of recognizable music from e.t. to gone with the wind and star wars. music is big and bold. at midnight we kind of wanted to celebrate and we have got some optimistic music in there. we will all get pretty excited. >> we saw that live look at the blue cross river rink.
11:49 am
tons of people out there ice skating. there is a lot to do. >> absolutely. it is open seven days a week. you can come new year's day, new year's eve day, when ever you want to come down. >> you have hot chocolate. >> you can roast your s'mores by the fire pit. >> it is an experience for everyone. it is time to celebrate. don't hibernate. get out there. >> thanks for being with us. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. >> absolutely. nbc 10 will be broadcasting the fireworks at 6:00 and then round 2:00 at the stroke of midnight. you with watch from penns landing or go sugar house casino. right now we are talking about wind gusts and wind speeds. current winds coming out of the west and northwest. these are sustained wind speeds,
11:50 am
coatsville 21. 16 for allentown and 20 for dover. expect wind gusts to be stronger. really important live shot right now. this is an image. notice how clouds are developing very quickly and kind of thick there seeing some grays. we are getting a little bit of an influence. i'll show you what i mean. hour by hour starting this at 11:30 a.m. we are seeing blues, whites and tu purples. conditions will remain mainly dry. there is a high pressure system to the west keeping everything mainly dry. trenton seeing 38 for you. philadelphia 40. coatsville 36 degrees. as we zoom on into your neighborhood and see your local temperatures we can see mainly
11:51 am
mid-to upper 30s for the pa suburbs. delaware pretty mild with stronger westerlies and northwesterlies. greenville at 39. clinton cat 39. your ten day looks like this. we have a lot to go over. we have gusty conditions westerly and northwesterly. winds gusting up to about 30 miles per hour for some. 41 degree is the expected high temperature. overnight lows in the low to mid-30s. a pretty mild night in the forecast. tomorrow we are seeing temperatures in the upper 40s. overnight lows in the 20s to 30s. on sunday temperatures in the mid-to upper 40s. monday we start to track showers moving in. a system starts to develop sunday into monday. temperatures will start to climb
11:52 am
by tuesday. it looks like monday and tuesday will bring us rain. temperatures climbing into the 50s and then by thursday we are dropping into the 30s. notice we start to see a decline here in these daily high temperatures. we are tracking a system that could bring us snow on friday and while i do have 30s on saturday and sunday we very well could see upper 20s to low 30s. we may be tracking a cold blast towards the end of the following week. it is all about what to expect for new year's eve. temperatures pretty seasonable for this time of the year. partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. more news coming up after the break. we'll see you then.
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anchts college basketball player used sneak dcy moves. he decided to drop in. they brought him right in. nobody noticed except for assistant coach. georgia went onto win the game by 12. >> coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00 ellen hosts
11:56 am
channing tatum. at 4:00 this afternoon a new year means new laws, getting rid of car registration stickers and raising minimum wage. we are breaking down changes in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. it all happens today at 4:00. >> one last check of the weather doesn't look bad out there. >> chilly because of wind gusts. we have to fast forward this. it is all about new year's eve. >> it really is. >> we are seeing partly cloudy skies. upper 30s will be pretty mild. overall at least we are going to be dry. it will be really comfortable. not as cold as tonight. the place to be if you do not have plans. >> that's right. >> we are expecting it to be packed over the next few days. join us if you can.
11:57 am
fireworks at 6:00 and midnight. thanks for watching us at nbc 10 at 11:00.
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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>> sonny: hey, hey, hey. happy new year. >> jj: hey. >> sonny: i thought you guys would be out celebrating. >> jj: no, i'm here. >> sonny: just you? where's abigail? my mom just gave me the most incredible news. can't wait to give that girl a hug. >> jj: yeah, she's at the dimeras. >> sonny: right, of course. ringing in 2017 with her husband, her little boy. chad must be so happy she's back. >> jj: i think you'd have to ask chad about that. [upbeat country music] ♪ >> andre: ah...well. i'm so glad that you invited me to join you for the new year. although i would've preferred a much more upscale venue. >> chad: it's been a hell of a year... for the dimera family...


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