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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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a judge froze the company's assets. now the studio is closed. disappointing hundreds of women that rely on the gym. >> it is like a religion. they are in there every day. they love it. they inspire each other. i so wish that we were open right now. because i know that, you know, they need it. >> the closure comes amid the busiest time of the year for fitness studios, the new year's resolution rush begins next week. >> i try to stick to it. i get really lazy. >> over at plume fitness, pilates is on the menu and they are expecting new clients for 2017. >> get ready to sweat, have a great time and ready to make a big change. >> christina has this advice. >> the most important thing in 2017, i think, is to stay inspired in your workouts. there are so many opportunities to work out in philadelphia. people need to jump around and
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start exploring the city. >> the lithe method said they put in a new settlement offer and hope to have the gym open sometime in the new year but might have to be under a different name. >> turning to the weather now, a few spots in the area you might have seen the snowflakes today. hard to see those flurries flying. live look now from our camera. no snow here. just clouds. pretty cold, too. last friday night 2016 will be a chilly one. >> yeah. here is your first alert neighborhood forecast. >> we still have snow flurries around. they are moving pretty quickly. they are not causing much problem in new jersey, salem, cumberland. it is all moving to the
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southeast. there is more of it back across the pennsylvania mountains. most of it does not cross the mountains. i am not expecting any type of problems tonight. 40 in philadelphia. it is above freezing everywhere. so there would not be any type of slippery spots. as we go through the evening, we expect temperatures to drop slowly through the 30s. windy now. the wind will diminish some and it will feel like about 26 degrees by midnight. as we go into new year's eve, these temperatures are a little bit above average. i am expecting dry weather. not a lot of wind. really good weather for the weekend. we do have rain in the ten day and also snow coming up a little bit later. >> glenn, thank you. it is almost, almost new year's eve. a big night on the waterfront in philadelphia like here at the blue cross river rink. that is where big crowds will
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gather to ring in 2017. today i got a behind the scenes look at one of the barges where the fireworks will shoot off. we found 12 people getting ready to load the shells. the whole thing is computerized. each shell is lit by a charge set from a computer. the best thing about new years eve in philadelphia, a double dose of fireworks, the first at 6:00 p.m. and the second right at midnight. that is how it looked and sounded last year. they were using special fire works that go into the water and light up the river and the bigger shells meaning bigger fireworks. the free show doesn't come easy. >> preparation, you would not believe. for two shows that will last around 23 minutes, probably 700 man hours involved here.
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>> some of the fireworks will shoot 1,000 feet into the air giving people up and down the delaware river a great show. nbc 10 will broadcast the fireworks live at 6:00. don't miss round two at the stroke of midnight from sugar house casino. >> the jersey shore is getting set to welcome in 2013 with events all along the coast. it is atlantic city's biggest night of the year. another celebration in ocean city. that is where ted is live. great party there, ted. >> they are expecting one, keith. that is for sure. take a look. the balloons are up. they are ready to drop here at the ocean city sports and civic center. one of 20 different first night venues here in town and this year the celebration is marking a milestone. >> he picked up first night buttons for his family,
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admission to ocean city's annual new years eve tradition. >> because it is a great family resort, we wanted to check it out. >> today final rehearsals for some of the live entertainment set to take the stage during tomorrow's alcohol-free bash. featuring events and fireworks at midnight. the celebration is marking its 25th anniversary. the sea side heights boardwalk will be jamming for first night ocean county. it too has a lot of family friendly activity at several arcades. for those with earlier bedtimes, fireworks at 5:00 p.m. there is more focus on grown up fun in atlantic city. liz co hen checked into cesar's,
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want casino she will welcome 2017. >> new year's eve is a big night, a big party. >> the party at balies comes with an elaborate mardi gras theme. >> you can go to the slot machine or the crap table and the action continues until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. >> i checked with every casino. all of their hotel rooms are fully booked and i am told the hotel rooms here in ocean city are completely sold out as well. that is where we are live. nbc 10 news. >> now to new york. revellers will be ringing in the new year with noise makers and a lot of security. a million people will be joined by 7,000 uniformed and undercover police officers. this year law enforcement is
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bringing in sand trucks and other vehicles to block off streets. >> in final preparation for the festivities, workers sets the iconic new year's ball up the 130-foot pole atop 1 times square today and inflated hundreds of balloons to give out to new year's eve revellers. with the new year, new laws. getting rid of car registration stickers to a higher minimum wage for parts of the area. the new changes in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. and you can find a complete list of local new year's eve celebration from the city to the suburbs and down the shore right now on the nbc 10 app. download it for free for more information about the family fun. >> now a slow down on columbus
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avenue. south philadelphia. cars are moving in both directions. skyforce 10, last week it caused lane closures on the road near the i-95 ramp. the broken main has been replaced. today, russia hit back against president obama's string of sanctions calling them dangerous and provocative but said it would not retaliate. a move the president elect appears to like. mr. trump grated great move on the delay by v. putin. i always knew he was pretty smart. >> president obama ordered three dozen diplomats to leave the u.s. in retaliation for russia's alleged if involvement in cyberattacks and interference in the election. vladimir putin said he would not excel american diplomats. in a statement released by the kremlin, putin said we regard the recent unfriendly steps taken by the outstanding u.s.
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administration as provocative and aimed at further weakening the russia-u.s. relationship. we have is the right to retalia retaliate, we will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy but will plan on further steps based on the policy of the trump administration. >> today we learned president obama is planning a blast ditch effort to save the affordable care act, strategizing about his signature health care law and is planning a speech on january 10, expected to be his closing presidential message. a local group will march in the parade following the swearing in of president elect trump. it is the oldest mounted military unit still in service. they got their start in 1774.
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the troop escorted president elect george washington to his swearing in. the unit will take part along with 8,000 other participants. >> a matter of what the party or the president, we are very enthusiastic and loyal and patriotic for our country and are thrilled to be a part of the inauguration. >> in addition to the city cavalry, a marching band is also scheduled to be in the parade. >> the incoming city council and city treasurer will take their own. the ceremony is free and open to the public. doors open at 7:45. >> philadelphia police looking for a thieve that stole a diamond ring worth $11,000.
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the thieve was seen headed for the subway. we will follow the story and bring you any update. >> prosecutes say it happens too often. people are trusted to handle your money only to steal it. >> we met paul after the boston marathon bombing. his company makes security equipment. his products are used by the police and at the u.s. open. >> i cannot pay my employees. >> not because business is bad. he blame this is man, a former employee. >> he had access to funds to buy product to make product.
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he stole nearly $200,000. home goods, products for his wife. >> his lawyer declined to comment. the district attorney says great responsibility happens too often and the victims could be sophisticated or a grandmother in a nursing home. he learned other small businesses have that too. >> not a victim in the past that has gone far enough to bring charges. >> that is why he is going public today. nbc 10 news. >> today the store owner murdered in south philadelphia over a piece of jewelry was laid
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to rest. the 81-year-old was working in south philadelphia on christmas eve when she was gunned down. green told police the grandson stole a necklace worth $5,000 to $10,000. they are showcasing new street art. these new street signs to the area. a local artist sdooib designed the signs encouraging people to clean up their trash and keeping noise levels down. >> could bill cosby get a fair trial in montgomery county? cosby was charged with drugging
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and molesting a former temple employee. in response to the filing the district attorney said he is not opposed to moving the trial. we learned the retrial of a former south carolina police officer will begin in march. he was charged with murder for shooting walter scott in the back as scott ran away during a traffic stop. a mistrial was declared earlier in the month. remembering the late zsa zs zsa zsa gabor. she died from an apparent heart attack. she was 99. >> pennsylvania leads the nation when it comes to the number of reported cases of lyme disease. more than 12,000 cases reported
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this year alone. now, that is triple the cases in new york and the second highest total with 4,000. bicyclists will have a smoother ride after removing the old trolley tracks and repaving the road. this makes a major communicating root safer for drivers. >> relatives confirm that a business executive, wife, two teenage sons, neighbor and the neighbor's daughter were all on the plane taking off from the cleveland airport and vanished from radar do miles off of the coast. they found no signs of debris but heard sounds from an emergency beacon. the connecticut supreme court
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reinstated the murder conviction. the nephew of. >> parts of the area saw a few flurries but people to the north saw real snow. >> this is the scene earlier. snowplows were out in full force. some spots saw more than a foot of snowfall today. millions of people around the country and parnd new england are digging out after a nor'easter slammed into the region overnight and they are also dealing with difficult driving conditions. the storm dumped more than 20
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inches of snow in some parts. parts of maine got more than two feet. the only snow in our air now, look up to the pocono. >> yeah. it will be a really good weekend for that, dry, they can make snow at night. no rain in sight. that big storm in new england, do you remember the rain we got with snow in allentown. that it is the same system. we have 40 degrees and a fair amount of sunshine. we have sustained winds of 20 mile per hour. also in delaware temperatures in the 30s. i it is pretty cold out there. the latest sustained wind 24 mile per hour. we had gusts up to 40 mile per hour during the day today making
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it feel even colder. and the temperature, just above freezing across many of our suburbs. now that is the coldest day that we are go to see in a while. we have a warming trend coming. it looks like it is going to be dry over the holiday weekend. rain moves in for monday and tuesday. just about everybody sees rain. but much of the area could see snow by next friday and saturday. yeah. it is a week apart. but the signs are pretty strong that there is going to be snow. not just flurries in much of our area. these are the flurries. this is the lake-effect snow. i the cold winds over the warm lakes.
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just look at the streamers coming across. pennsylvania. new york state. that is how they get buried in snow if you live west of the mountains. but on the east side of the mountains it is much less common to get the snow. as we go through the weekend, it is going to be dry here. maybe snow in western pennsylvania, in the mountains. sunday looks nice and sunny. there will be a system coming up from the south. not sunday afternoon and night but into monday morning, the first of these looks like it is going to be fairly week. and then a stronger system coming in on tuesday giving more substantial rain. tomorrow the wind direction is different. we had a northwest wind today bringing in the cold air. in is go to try to warm us up. after 20s in the morning.
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allentown, 26. redding, 26. warming into the lower 40s, as you see a lot of places never got to 40 today. it will be a little bit warmer during the day tomorrow and a little bit higher than that into sunday. the precipitation chances are really low over the weekend but they jump up monday and tuesday. philadelphia, dover. you can see the chances are higher on tuesday. redding. also atlantic city and then later in the week we talk about snow. more on that coming up later. >> all right. there is a teaser. a new year means new laws. >> getting rid of car registration stickers to a higher gas tax and raising the minimum wage. breaking down the temperatures in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. >> plus how former members are
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using their talents to bring smiles to people that need them. >> and there is only one santa claus but facebook was not sure why they made him prove his i.d. to keep his profile page. >> the closing bell on wall street where all three major indexes ended the year three straight days of losses. we will be right back.
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astronauts on the international space station took the mannequin challenge to a new level. 5 of the 6 performed the challenge floating in
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microgravity. the cameras brought them by. others struck a pose and floated around. >> former members of three philadelphia string bands performed at cancer treatment centers of america. the retired band members volunteered their time to share their unique musical entertainment and spread joy to those currently undergoing treatment. now a grinch that nearly stole christmas from santa claus. facebook. santa claus is a north pole city councilman. facebook suspended his account. he provided the social media company with multiple documents proving his identity. a spokesman apologized and an
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e-mail said it was done by mistake. from fire works to ball drop to ice skating. >> many will be celebrating the new year and all eyes are on the all important forecast. >> yeah. you have to bundle up if you are planning celebrate outdoors. rain will ring in the first week of 2017. >> the registration stickers that pennsylvania drivers put on their cars will be a thing of the past come sunday.
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>> with the new year a full day away people across the delaware valley can expect changes in
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2017. >> a number of new laws and regulations are set to take place. george spencer spent the day digging into what is changing. >> yeah, keith. for a lot of pennsylvania residents, the changes really impact around your car. among the more noticeable, the annual ritual for all of us pennsylvania drivers of replacing the registration on the license plate, it will be ended. >> pennsylvania registration stickers will expire for good in 2017 replaced by automatic license plate reader technology that is better to verify expired vehicle registration and likely to change in the new year, the price that commonwealth drivers pay at the pump as the state tax on gas wholesalers climbs 8 cents. an increase passed along to you.
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>> i think it is ridiculous. >> not excited body eight cents a gallon? >> no. >> in new jersey 2017 brings major changes for birth parents of kids adopted in the state. unless the birth parents get their names removed. minimum wage is rising but only by six cents an hour. >> i would not be a person where all they had is that to lean on. >> down in delaware, the new year brings new rules for pet lovers, dog owners 65 or owner will get a discount on their annual dog license down to $7 from the previous 10. it is worth noting the new rules mean your new license will be valid for a full year from the date of purchase.
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if you are renewing the renewals can be done in two and three-year increments. george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> very helpful, george. thank you. preparations are underway for the mummers annual new year's eve parade. trucks unloaded fencing to be up. 15th street closed so that equipment could be unloaded. no parking in the area from now until monday. crews prepare the parade route, the mummers wrapping up their final practices. we caught up with the string band putting the final touches on their routine getting ready to strut down broad street sunday. >> in the lehigh valley, the new year could not be complete without a giant pipe.
4:33 pm
bethlehem will drop a 200 pound peep chick. the peep drop begins at 5:15 followed by a fireworks show. and then the mushroom drop. the town is the mushroom capital of the world. there will be food trucks and live music to keep everyone entertained. >> i was there for that last year. it is a very cool event. if you are hoping to hop a train tomorrow you have more options than usual. septa will add trains accommodating people going to the fireworks and expand late night regional service to help drivers get home. the broad street and market trains will run all night on new year's eve. uber drivers, they expect more
4:34 pm
than 15 million rides across 450 cities. uber is reminding users to plan around the most expensive times, midnight until 3:00 a.m. now uber shows you the cost of rides up front. download the app to get you around on new year's weekend. a complete list of closures during the parade. all eyes are on the forecast this weekend. >> yeah. many people will be ringing in the new year's outdoors. here is the new year's forecast for your neighborhood. >> looks like no matter what neighborhood you are in, the weather is looking pretty good unless you want snow to be on the ground. then i can't help you. the wind has been howling during the day today, coming in out of the west and the northwest bringing in the colder air and also helping to bring in the snow flurries.
4:35 pm
what we have now is that in south jersey headed towards the northern portion of the county. they move pretty fast there as you can see with the strong winds. most of the area is not seeing any at the moment. we are seeing temperatures above the freezing mark but not exactly warm. 40 in philadelphia. that is the warm spot there. that is right around average for this time of the year. now it feels like 28 right now in allen town. 25. 17 in the poconos. tomorrow morning the temperature in philadelphia is 30. we are going into the lower 40s. lehigh valley at 27 but less wind than we are seeing today. delaware.
4:36 pm
new jersey. also in the 20s with wind making it feel even cooler. for new year's eve, it is looking pretty good. it looks dry. not much wind. temperatures are a little above average for this time of the year. we have big changes next week. >> it isn't the college football playoffs that penn state hoped for. >> but they are gearing up for the rose bowl, and it is not all business for the team in sunny california. how they are still having fun ahead of the big game. >> we all know that reading to children at an early age can pay off with their education but we will tell you why parents want to do math with their kids.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> is your child good at math? new studies shows children's math knowledge in preschool may predict their achievement later
4:40 pm
on. those that score high in patterning, preparing and counting tended to do well in fifth grade math. pregnant women might want to consider taking a fish oil supplement. high doses late in pregnancy could produce the risk of asma in children. fish oil reduces respiratory infections in children. but experts say more studies are needed. >> penn state will ring in the new year on the west coast. we will show you the fun they are having prepping for the rose bowl next. >> we have a dry new year's day but we will start the work week with chain. how much to expect in your neighborhood and a chance for snow in the ten-day.
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>> this is nbc 10 news. >> monday is the 128th tournament of roses parade. volunteers are busy in pasadena decorating floats for the parade. hundreds gathered near the rose bowl to perfect every detail on the dozen of floats that will be on display. volunteers coming in from all over the world. people painted flowers, glitter, characters like dory and friends to life. it isn't the college football many penn state fans hoped for. >> they are on the west coast gearing up for the rose bowl. >> the team is still having plenty of fun. >> exactly. january 2nd in pasadena.
4:45 pm
nittany lions hoping for a holiday ending. it was rose bowl media day. players got to pose for the cameras. the penn state team got to see some of the floats for the rose bowl and able to go to disneyland and enjoy the rides. the players are really enjoying the food. >> obviously, you know, there is a bunch going on. last night i saw the biggest piece of meat i saw in my life. you know, you go out there and you eat this crazy dinner, you come home. went to in-n-out for the first time. you are going different places. us like when you are home at state college, you have things going on before practice. kind of happening the same way. once you get on the field it is all business. >> i remember the first trip to in-n-out burger for sure. which quarterback will be
4:46 pm
playing for the cowboys against the eagles sunday. it could be all of them. we will have details on that and more. >> another big game on new year's day. the eagles season finale against the cowboys. birds wrapping up hopefully with a win against their rivals. we will get you ready starting with eagles gameday kickoff. we will take a look back at doug peterson's first year as head coach and an exclusive interview with carson wentz. right after nbc 10 news at 11:00. we have the games. the celebrations out there. a i lot to do this holiday weekend. >> all right. what kind of whether do we expect? >> in a word, dry. we don't have to worry about rain or snow. it is chilly to start off.
4:47 pm
but it is go to start warming up later on. 40 in philadelphia with an 18 mile per hour sustained wind. upper 30s in many other parts of the area with 20 mile per hour sustained winds. that is cold. even in delaware, temperatures only in the 30s. to the south, 39. milton. lincoln. that west wind bringing in the colder air. these are the current wind gusts. we have seen them near 40 a few hours ago. it is not quite as windy as it was earlier. we also have more in the way of snow flurries earlier. cold winds over the warm lakes. here is what to expect as we go through the night tonight.
4:48 pm
the temperatures drop into the 20s in many parts of the area. by later tonight, the wind will be dying down. we are in the 20s. then we warm up more tomorrow afternoon. 42. wilmington. atlantic city, 43 degrees. places barely got to 40, if at all. with the sunshine and less wind it will feel a little more comfortable. how much rain? by 6:00 on monday it is not that much. watch what happens. by the end of tuesday we are talking near an inch or more than an inch of rain. that is pretty significant rain. it is not going to fall. 38 at 8:00 a.m. 46 at 2:00 p.m.
4:49 pm
not much wind. a fair amount of sunshine. pretty good for new year's day. the eagles weather is pretty good too. sunshine. not a lot of wind. temperatures slightly above normal. average high is 41. a chilly, rainy day on monday. heavier rain on tuesday. 56. the cold comes in starting on thursday. right now it looks like light snow on friday. more significant stuff on saturday. not go to tell you how much we are expecting this far out. but i will tell you that it is a legitimate threat and not just for flurries and for trivial amounts of snow. it is something that could impact travel next weekend.
4:50 pm
>> you will be watching it. >> all week. >> before it dries up, you will be able to see the fireworks. >> perfect. >> our nbc 10 response team is standing up for you in 2016. >> next, some of this year's highlights of you, our viewers, getting what you are owed. we just moved into this house and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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harriet and her mates. there is a crack. we will let you know when they break out. >> now to a special milestone. we are celebrating eight months since launching. >> it all started with missy, her story was the first to air. her utility company owed her cash. when she got nbc 10 responds involved, she received her check. we have heard from hundreds of you. >> each with a unique story to
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tell. >> it just got worse and worse. we are proud to say we helped you get more than a quarter million back. and with the expansion of 62 in august we are reaching more viewers than ever before. >> thank you so much. unbelievable. >> nbc 10 responds. let us know or give us a call. we will respond to you. >> coming up monday, a woman says her lawnmower burst into flames. she turned to harry.
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that is coming up monday. >> next at 5:00, your drink of choice. >> we see how people are planning toast the new year. and what does it take to put on the best fireworks display in philadelphia?
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4:58 pm
>> the time countdown with hours until 2017, we get a look at the fireworks that tell light up the
4:59 pm
skies over philadelphia. >> it is time to toast. people are stocking up on spirits to celebrate the new year. >> a chilly start if you are headed out to celebrate 2017. your new year's eve forecast. right now at 5:00, just a few flurries in your neighborhood today. >> people enjoyed taking their dogs for a walk. start of 2017 looking pretty good. >> yeah. the snow flurries we have seen today, they are going to be gone. the wind that has been howling today, that is go to diminish as well. the radar is showing less and
5:00 pm
less in the way of snow flurries. the temperature is going down. it is go to feel like it is the middle 20s and the wind is dying down. i don't expect the wind to be an issue on new year's eve. going to be dry. the temperatures are a bit above average. the average high is 41 in philadelphia and even in the cold spots. that is really not that bad. we do have big changes next week. rain


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