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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  December 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, sticker shock comes early for people buying soda in philadelphia tonight. some supermarkets are charging the soda tax even earlier than they have to. countdown to 2017. we're taking you all around philadelphia and the jersey shore as places prepare to send this year out in style. plus hack attack. developing now, russian hackers target a u.s. utility, raising fears about penetrating the power grid. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. all new at 11:00, philadelphia soda tax is hitting shoppers while it's even earlier than they expected. some stores are already charging more for sugary drinks before the tax goes into effect in the
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new year. good evening. i'm keith jones. tonight we found shoppers frustrated to pay the tax as they stocked up for new year's eve parties. nbc10's drew smith has the story. >> reporter: it's a sticker shock we were told to prepare for. >> it started going up to a ridiculous price. >> reporter: but it's the date that has people upset. philadelphia's 1.5 cent per ounce sugary drink tax becomes law on the 1st of next year. >> i was looking at the price tag, and i was like, oh, my god, it went from 2.99 to $5.49. >> reporter: the tax is expected to bring in $90 million to fund early education and improve recreation centers, and it's assessed on beverage distributors. stores can choose to pass it on to you, and it appears acme got an early start. we checked to make sure this wasn't just a chain-wide soda price increase, and we managed to find a two-liter bottle of cola for less than a buck inside this montgomery county acme. but here inside the city limits, that same brand and size costs
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more than double. >> it's almost $8 for a 12-pack of soda. $5.50 for a gallon of iced tea. i can't get over it. how is the little guy supposed to make ends meet? it was hard enough. it just got harder. >> reporter: an acme spokeswoman e-mailed this statement to nbc10. acme's advertising spans friday, december 30th through thursday, january 5th. in the spirit of price integrity, we had an obligation to tell our customers what the accurate price will be for those impacted items from january 1st forward. >> i think that's toldly unfair. at least they could have waited until 2017 to put it into effect. >> reporter: but 2017 will be here very soon, and it won't be just at supermarkets where you'll feel this tax. bars and restaurant tabs will likely rise too. drew smith, nbc10 news. it's a new year with new laws for people across our area. a number of new rules and regulations will take effect january 1st. for pennsylvania residents, many of the changes center around your car.
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tolls along the pennsylvania turnpike will climb 6%, and the state's tax on gas wholesalers will go up eight cents with proceeds going to transit improvements and road projects. >> i'm okay with it as long as, you know, they're actually using the money to actually fix the roads and the potholes. >> you want to see it going where it's supposed to? >> yes. >> reporter: and starting sunday in new jersey, the state will allow adults who are adopted to know the names of their birth parents unless those birth parents get their names removed. minimum wage will also rise, but only by six cents an hour. we are counting down the minutes until 2017 arrives. our countdown clock shows we are just 24 hours, 56 minutes away from the new year. that's when fireworks will be going off for a second time at the blue cross river rink. an earlier fireworks show happens at 6:00 tomorrow night. take a look at this. this is a live look at the rink as skaters are out in the chilly
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conditions. which brings us to the weather. gusty winds. they've been rolling through our region today. you're looking live at the flag atop the air amark building in center city. you'll be happy to know conditions are calming for our new year's eve plans. we have live team coverage of the new year's eve festivities. we're going to start, though, with the man on top, chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, who has got your forecast. glenn, pretty nice weather to welcome in 2017. >> yeah, absolutely, keith. the one thing that we need is for the wind to die down, and that is what is happening now. we have clear skies. we have a few snow flurries, especially in parts of new jersey earlier. we're pretty dry right now, and we're going to stay dry, it looks like, through the weekend. the temperature down to 30 in coatesville. 32 in wilmington and allentown. trenton and vineland going into the 20s. with the wind that does exist now, it feels like it's in the 20s. coatesville feels like 20. mount pocono feels like 10. so there is still some wind out
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there, but it will be significantly less tomorrow than it was today when it was gusting to 40. so during the day tomorrow, we're starting off cold and going up a little higher than we did today with less wind and with a good bit of sunshine. so it's going to feel pretty nice out there. and for new year's, it doesn't get much better. dry weather, not much wind. temperatures somewhat above average. 6:00 for the fireworks, 44. the midnight fireworks, about 38 degrees. i'll have the rest of the weekend forecast and then some big changes coming next week. that's just in a few minutes. new year's eve can be a big night for adult fun. we all know that. but tonight we wanted to find out what family kz do to celebrate new year's eve. nbc10's brandon hudson joins us live at our top suggestion for family fun. i see it there behind him. the blue cross river rink on penn's landing. brandon. >> reporter: keith, we're standing in probably one of the
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best spots to view both of these free fireworks shows. i'm willing to bet people will be standing here tomorrow night. then they will go down to the river rink below. in addition to finding out some of the best spots for families on tomorrow night, we found out which streets to avoid for the mummers parade on new year's day. ♪ before crowds of thousands see them sunday, our nbc10 camera got a sneak peek at the annual mummers parade. the event will sut down sections of center city beginning at 3:00 in the morning. it starts with closing parks of market street, 15th street, and jfk boulevard. then at 7:00 a.m., broad street from south penn square and washington avenue. a parking ban on market, 15th, and part of ram stead street will begin at 4:00 a.m. while families look forward to the new year's day parade, we found several family-friendly events for new year's eve. >> you get to see the parents see the joy on their kids faces, getting all excited to do the happy new year's thing. >> reporter: it's calm before
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tomorrow night's big paerts on the navy pier. the general manager says their second annual new year's eve event is sold out, and there's a waiting list. across the river in camden, the adventure aquarium will be open later and will let families watch the 6:00 paperwork fireworks show from their deck. >> our biggest question that we get is, is it a part of our general admission price? and the answer is yes. >> reporter: visit philly lists other events at the please touch museum, powell house, and philadelphia orchestra. there's also franklin square, where we met one family enjoying all the lights tonight. what's your favorite part about the holiday? >> the noisy things at the end and then like the sparkling apple cider. >> reporter: with the big crowds expected tomorrow night here at penn's landing, you want to get here as early as possible if you want to get a good spot for either of those fireworks shows. remember, one is at 6:00 p.m. the other is at midnight. you can watch them right here behind me. live at penn's landing, i'm
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brandon hudson, nbc10 news. and the jersey shore is getting set to welcome in 2017 with events all along the coast. in fact, new year's eve is atlantic city's biggest night of the year. many of the casinos there will hold lavish parties for their best customers tomorrow night. at bali's for instance, the big bash has an elaborate mardi gras theme for more than a thousand vips. for some, ringing in the new year in a.c. is all about the atmosphere. >> we enjoy our time, and we can relax and just hang out. you know, the people here are very friendly. the food is great, and the service is fantastic. >> it certainly is a popular choice. we checked with every casino in atlantic city. all of their hotel rooms are completely sold out. ♪ final rehearsals today in ocean city for some of the live performances set to take the stage during the resort's annual first night celebration.
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the alcohol-free family-friendly tradition features entertainment and activities at 20 different venues. ocean city's first night is marking its 25th anniversary this year. as we have been mentioning, nbc10 is your home for new year's eve as we bring you the fireworks show live from penn's landing. join us for the first show at 6:00 tomorrow night and bring the nbc10 app with you as we celebrate the new year. we have your guide to the fireworks shows and the mummers parade, plus the latest new year's forecast. download the free nbc10 app now. developing now, reports that russian hackers breached a u.s. electricity grid through a utility in vermont. investigators reportedly found a code associated with the russian hackers. in a statement, burlington electric department says they detected the malware in a single laptop not connected to their organization's grid systems. the vermont electric cooperative says there is no evidence of a threat to their system.
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meanwhile today, russia hit back against president obama's string of sanctions, calling them dangerous and provocative. but in the end, said it wouldn't retaliate. it's a move the president-elect appears to like. president obama has ordered nearly three dozen russian diplomats to leave the u.s. the president imposed the sanctions in retaliation for russia's alleged involvement in cyber attacks. the u.s. government shut down two russian owned compounds, but president vladimir putin said he would not expel american diplomats. as we mentioned, mr. trump seemed to like it. he reacted to putin's response to the sanctions on twitter, tweeting, quote, great move on the delay by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart, end quote. moving now to south jersey, new at 11:00, one person is dead, four others in the hospital following this serious crash in burlington county. skyforce10 was over the scene on
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route 70 at trough road in evesham township. it's where two cars crashed around 6:15. you can see one of those vehicles went off the road. route 70 is still closed while crews work to clear that scene. new at 11:00, lawyers for former congress manc, chaka fa tay remain out of prison while they appeal his case. he was convicted of a racketeering scheme and sentenced to prison earlier this month. he's set to report to jail by january 25th. the defense cites two issues in its motion, one about a dissenting juror and another about a skreem court decision which they believe affects fattah's case. they're hoping to have a new trial own all charges as necessary. a federal judge had previously ruled he must appeal his conviction from prison. also now at 11:00, a former executive who left the flefl parking authority amid sexual harassment allegations is now getting a six-figure payout.
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the ppa confirms to nbc10, former executive director vince fennerty was paid $227,000 today. that's for unused vacation, administration leave, comp time, and sick time, and it's on top of the $158,000 pension he's getting. fennerty was forced out of his job in september after being accused of sexually harassing two ppa employees. up next, a plane vanishes after takeoff over the great lakes. the grueling decision searchers are making tonight. plus you'll have fewer options to get fit in 2017. a popular fitness boutique is shutting down. what's forcing a sudden closure just before the busiest workout season of the year. and it's always the thought that counts. but did you give one of the most unwanted holiday presents this year? we're going to tell you next.
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the coast guard called off its search for a small plane that vanished shortly after takeoff from cleveland last night. officials believe it plunged into lake erie with six people on board. beverage company ceo john t. fleming was piloting the plane. officials say the aircraft took off with light snow falling and strong winds. it apparently made two turns toward the north before disappearing from radar. developing tonight, imagine this. efforts are under way to rescue at least 17 people stuck on this ride 120 feet in the air in california. the riders are on knot's berry farm's sky cabin. the ride looks like the space needle. it brings people up and down. firefighters are using harnesses right now to bring down the riders from the tower. the ride has been stuck since about 2:00 pacific time. we all know this. local gyms and fitness studios will soon be packed with people resolving to get fit in the new year. but there will be one less option to choose from in 2017.
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the popular lithe method studio closed its doors. a judge froze the company's assets following a lawsuit from a landlord in new york. the popular workout combines cheerleading with cardio and dance. hundreds of local women flock to it every week. >> it's like a religion, you know. they're in there every day, and they love it. you know, they inspire each other. i so wish that we were open right now because i know that, you know, that they need it. >> the owner tells nbc10 she hopes to reopen sometime in the new year, perhaps under a new name. morris arboretum's popular friday night lives at the holiday garden railway brought lots of people out to chestnut hill tonight. visitors got to check out the model trains decorated with thousands of twinkling lights as they zipped and zoomed around an outdoor quarter-mile track. speaking of chestnut hill,
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it was a chilly night out there. people were bundled up, dealing with the wind, dealing with the cold. for your new year's weekend plans, drum roll, please, right? it's pretty calm. let's go now to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. hey, glenn. >> hey, keith. we've been talking about this for more than a week. the timing was looking pretty good for new year's weekend. we had some snow flurries today with that flow coming right out of the northwest. the cold winds coming over the warm lakes. we had a few snow flurries. now that the wind has diminished a little bit, that is no longer an issue. now it's feeling like it's in the 20s across much of the area. west cowan at 29. malvern at 29. phoenixville, 32. 26 at elroy. 22, milford township. 23 in bed minister. 25 in new town. so, yeah, it's pretty chilly out there. but then it's just about january 1st, so it's supposed to be. the wind now down to 10 to 15
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miles an hour. some places you can see less than 10 miles an hour. we were gusting to 40 this afternoon. we have dry air here. here's saturday. nice and dry. saturday night, nice and dry. here comes sunday. lots of sunshine there. then we look to the south for the moisture to come up, and it's not coming up until late sunday night at the earliest and most likely monday morning. and especially to the south, that's where the standaeadiest heaviest rain will come. we have a one-two punch with the rain, the lighter rain coming on monday and heavier rain coming on tuesday. so we got a couple of wet days on the way. but not tomorrow. the wind out of the southwest, that means no lake-effect snows after temperatures start in the 20s. we go up into the 40s. coney starts at 28, goes up to 47. langhorn, 26. goes up to 45.
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easton 26, goes up to 41. so everybody is a little bit warmer than what we saw today. and then on sunday, we're warmer yet. so by midnight, we're about 38 degrees in philadelphia. that's a little bit above average for this time of the year. at 6:00, it's 44. we expect dry conditions, not nearly as much wind as what we have seen. good news for the mummers, too. 38 at 8:00 a.m. 46 at 2:00 without a lot of wind. dry weather. they couldn't ask for more. pretty good for the football game too sunday afternoon. a lot of sunshine there. the wind, not much of a factor. only 10 miles an hour. so for the ten-day forecast, a little bit above average temperatures. the average high is 41 over the weekend. then a chilly rain on monday. more rain on tuesday. mild but then the wind starts coming in on wednesday. that's bringing in the cold air.
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and once that cold air is here, it's going to stay through next weekend. and we have some favorable patterns to produce some snow around here sometime between friday and saturday. that's a lot more than flurries possible. we'll be right back.
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♪ a celebration of culture and purpose tonight in old city. the african-american museum held the tenth annual kwanzaa collaborative. the event used performances to help highlight the seven principles of kwanzaa, one for each day of the holiday. they include unity, creativity, and self-determination. the celebration of kwanzaa ends on sunday. when it comes to holiday giving, it's still the thought that counts. but the declutter app, which
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buys unwanted tech products is naming the most unwanted gifts of the year. one direction's take me home album came in first place nationwide. almost 10,000 copies of it were traded in two days after christmas. in pennsylvania, the most unwanted tech present was taylor swift's 1989 album. taylor swift's a native of pennsylvania. meanwhile in delaware, it's the batman versus superman video game that people wanted the least. and in new jersey, it's the fifa 16 game. listen, you got to stick to the madden games this time of year. speaking of which, up next in sports, csn's danny pommells. >> sounds like you're talking from experience with the madden. maybe we can get on the sticks and have at it. >> let's do it. >> carson wentz wasn't supposed to play at all, then one week before the opener, everything changed. hear from wentz on his year next. and the sixers get one man back to see another go out. highlights from their game against the nuggets next.
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before we get to sports, i want to tell you about some breaking news we just learned. a state trooper has been shot and killed tonight in central pennsylvania. officials say the trooper was shot and killed near heston in huntington county. that's near altoona. the trooper's name hasn't been released, but our sister station reports authorities are actively searching for 32-year-old jason robinson, who they confirm is a suspect. again tonight, breaking news. a state trooper shot and killed near altoona. stay tuned to for the very latest on the story. >> announcer: this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hey, i'm danny pommells from csn. joel embiid returned to the sixers lineup tonight, but
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jhalil okafor did not play because of a hamstring injury he suffered last night. joel embiid doing his dive in the seats thing again. this guy relentless. only reached the players bench this time. he was okay. ur sew va 4 for 4 from outside. sixers led by as many as ten. fourth quarters, sixers up a basket. to nik stauskas, sixers 14th three of the night. we are locked up at 117 in the fourth corner. travis konecny was a healthy scratch for the flyers. the flyers trail 1-0 in the second period. steve mason left the game in what appears to be a hand injury. the cowboys come into the linc sunday with a 13-2 record, and have secured home field throughout the playoff, which leads to speculation about which quarterback may play. you may see them all, including tony romo. dak prescott's status and espn reports say he will play. head coach jason garrett wouldn't say. speaking of quarterbacks,
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carson wentz turned 24 today, and you can catch our exclusive sit down with the birthday boy on eagles game day kickoff sunday at 9:30 on nbc10. here's wentz on his roller coaster rookie season. >> i kind of came out guns ablazing. it was tough, though. you know, it was tough to kind of deal with some of those losses. being in all of those games, all close games, having chances to win and not sealing the deal late in those ball games was frustrating. we know we're a good team. we just didn't pull enough out in the end. how about some college hoops? st. joe's hosting g.w. we've got more drama than a soap opera. final minute, hawks up one. lamar kimble, 0 for 3 from distance. make that 1 for 4. st. joseph's wins 68-63. penn also won but lasalle took it on the chin tonight. that is sports. i'm danny pommells. we're be right back.
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all right. nice weekend. wet monday and tuesday. and then by friday and saturday, cold enough for snow. stay tuned. >> all right, glenn. i'm keith jones. thank you for watching. "the tonight show" is next. be safe this weekend. make it a great night too. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson. kevin nealon. si


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