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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  December 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 5:30 this saturday. thanks for being with us. the morning of new year's eve. let's get details on the new year's eve forecast from meteorologist krystal klei. >> hi, rosemary, good morning everyone. looking at the start to your day that's quite chilly. hopefully you're relaxing through the first half of the day. upper 20s, mid-20s near allentown. lancaster, 27. right at freezing, 32 degrees in philadelphia, cool to the south as well. millville at 25 degrees. on top of that, light winds out there, enough to make it feel colder than it is. feels like temperatures that we talked about. no matter where you are, it is a cold start out there, even as we head to mount pocono. talking temperatures at 22 degrees. feels like temperatures in the low teens. here's a look at the current wind speeds.
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most of us 5 to 10 miles per hour, allentown, philadelphia. i suspect winds pick up this afternoon, putting us in breezy to low end windy category. gusts 25 to 30 miles per hour. yesterday gusts closer to 40 miles per hour. not as strong as yesterday. you will notice those winds. here's radar and satellite. not a lot going on. we have thin clouds trying to move through. scattered clouds in place across the board. looking at more clouds building in as we get to the later part of your day, which doesn't mean it ruins fireworks. you are going to notice clouds as we go through the evening. we are looking at your new year's eve forecast, coming up about temperatures moving into tonight and details on mummers day parade. all of that coming up in a few minutes. >> see you shortly. a large manhunt in pennsylvania for the killer of a state trooper.
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ja jason robison is wanted for shooting and killing the officer. trooper landon weaver was answering a call for domestic incident in a rural area of huntington county when shot and killed. he joined the state police december last year. he is the 97th member of the pennsylvania state police department killed in the line of duty since the organization was founded in 1905. we will keep you up to the minute on the search for the suspect on air and online. be sure to have the nbc10 app handy for instant updates. new from overnight. police investigating after somebody was hit by an suv walking in northeast philly. the accident happened around midnight. no word on how seriously injured the person is. the suv stopped and the driver did stay at the scene. philadelphia soda tax hitting shoppers earlier than expected. some stores already started to charge more for the drink. before the tax goes into effect
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for new year. shoppers frustrated to be paying taxes as they stock up for new year's eve parties. the tax goes into effect tomorrow. a store spokesperson says it comes down to advertising, they set prices by week on friday's and want to be stenlt. shoppers aren't so happy about it. >> almost $8 for a 12 pack. 5.50 for a gallon of ice tea. it was hard enough. just got harder. >> the tax adds 1.5 cents to each ounce of sugary drink. the mayor pushed for it to fund early education and recreation centers. we are hours away from the new year. tonight is a big night along the delaware river waterfront. here at the blue cross river rink, it will be packed. crowds gather in the early evening to ring in 2017. that's where monique braxton is
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live this morning to give us a preview. >> reporter: hey, rosemary, talking about two of the most captivating fireworks shows ever. take a look at penn's landing, it is all aglow, welcoming early birds one and old that want a seat. our camera was rolling when crews began to load up fireworks onto a 300 foot barge yesterday. we learned shows are 14.5 minutes of dazzling lights. each year the magical display lights up the sky at 6:00 and midnight. here's the beautiful light show from last year, a sample of what you will miss if you're not watching on nbc10 or among thousands of revelers expected at penn's landing. we will give five different views on air at 6:00. when they're choreographed to
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midnight show of lights features instrumental lineup of various artists. as you move about the city if you plan to do that, you can usher in 2017 with us on facebook live. check out the fireworks at the kimball center, at schmidt's commons, xfinity live and at the electric factory. the riveting shows get under way at 6:00 and of course at midnight. we'll be back with more in a half hour. live for now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that, monique. want to remind you that nbc10 is your home for new year's eve. live from penn's landing. join us at 6:00 this evening. if you happen to be in delaware, catch a fireworks show on wilmington river front. fire and ice celebration at 6:00 at horizon river front rink. skating, entertainment, hot
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chocolate bar. cap it off with the fireworks show at 9:00 in the evening. at the stroke of midnight, new york city will drop the giant crystal ball. towns across pennsylvania, not so traditional. they drop unusual items to mark new year's eve. in lehigh valley, a 200 pound peeps chick. tonight's peep drop is set to begin at 5:15. a growing fungus will fall from the sky. they'll ring in 2017 with the annual mushroom drop at midnight. this was the scene last year. it is known as the mushroom capital of the world. bring the nbc10 app with you as you celebrate the new year. we have your guide to local fireworks shows, mummers parade tomorrow, and the latest new years forecast. download the free nbc10 app now. in other news, lawyers for
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former congressman filed a motion to keep him out of prison while they appeal his case. he was convicted of a rack tearing scheme and sentenced to set to report to prison by january 25th. they cite two issues, one about a juror and another about a recent supreme court decision they believe effects the case and appeal. hoping to prove a new trial is necessary. a federal judge previously ruled he must appeal his conviction from prison. bill cosby's lawyers do not think he can get a fair trial in montgomery county. they filed a motion asking for change of venue. one year ago that he was charged with drugging and molesting a former temple university his attorneys say cosby has been tarl target of a smear campaign. they want to move the trial or bring in a jury from outside montgomery county. the district attorney said he is not opposed to the request.
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5:37. maine recovering from one of the biggest snowstorms in years. out our weather for new years next. and later with the new year resolutions to lose weight and get fit. what's prompting closure of a popular fitness boutique with several branches in our area.
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they are hoping to restore power to homes left in the dark after a powerful nor'easter. some reports say up to six inches an hour. this is the same system that
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brought in rain the other day and light snow showers. >> if you're making plans, you're fine. don't have to worry about snow boots. we had some rain and it strengthened and turned into a nor'easter. we lucked out. now is the weekend forecast. it is a dry one. dry but breezy moving through your saturday. tonight for new year's eve forecast, some clouds building and thickening. you are going to notice the clouds. a crystal clear picture for the evening. i don't think it is low clouds that may ruin fireworks viewing. nice conditions tonight. it will be chilly. getting into sunday, new year's day, mummers parade, eagles game, dry and warmer getting into the afternoon than what we see today. here are temperatures in philadelphia. time is 5:42 a.m. 32 degrees.
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we will see clouds mix with sun getting into the afternoon. low to mid 40s afternoon. notice the winds, they crank up a bit. talking breezy conditions through the later part of the day. looking at the lehigh valley, colder this morning. 26 degrees now. we will get into low 30s by 10:00 a.m., upper 30s around lunch hour. same deal. winds strengthen a bit, make our way into the low 40s. tracking temperatures that are warmer for new year's day. we will get to details on the mummers parade forecast coming up. >> looking forward to that. thanks. coming up in sports, hear ready to start his 16th game of the season. the sixers get one big man back only to see another one go out. we will have highlights from their game against the nuggets next. plus, late night results from flyers game against the sharks. that's all coming up.
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5:45. the latest cease-fire in syria is holding. it went into effect midnight thursday. there were minor violations, so far the nationwide truce is working. new from overnight, a pair of bomb blasts in iraq killed 28 people, wounded dozens more. suicide bombers targeted a market in central baghdad. nobody claimed responsibility but isis launched attacks on nearly daily basis in the capital in the last few months. the world's highest suspension bridge is open in china. it is only eight temts of a mile long, cuts time to travel to two
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provinces from five hours to ten minutes. a store owner murder in philadelphia was laid to rest. hundreds of friends and family gathered for a funeral mass. the 81-year-old was working in her store when gaunld down. the grandson stole a necklace worth thousands. green went to the store expecting to see the grandson but wasn't there. instead he shot buck. police arrested two women that assaulted a cashier at wawa. they released these photos as they searched for the women. according to investigators, they walked in and deliberately threw hot coffee on the cashier. no word on what charges they may face. philadelphia zoo said good-bye to its oldest lion.
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he w she was euthanized. she was believed to be the oldest in the united states zoo population. she was born at the zoo in south africa in 1991. arrived in philadelphia a few years later. 5:47. meteorologist krystal klei tracking all things considered a decent new year's eve forecast. a little cool but dry. >> absolutely. considering it is the last day of december, last day of the year, we could be dealing with worse temperatures or conditions than what we are seeing. here's a look at delaware nablds. temperatures are cold. as we go into tonight, we will be chilly again but not that bad. 26 degrees in harmony hills. 29 in wilmington and odessa at 28. farther south, allendale, 25. a few low 20s out there. getting cold. 23 in lincoln and reading at 22
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degrees. chilly start to the morning. hold off, temperatures aren't bad later in the day. they'll be a little above average in spots, in the 40s. radar and satellite. here's what we are looking at. mostly scattered clouds, picking up more so in the afternoon. no rain to track. we're not tracking any rain surrounding our region either, although yesterday we had isolated lake effect snow move through the area. now talking dry conditions across the board. here are temperatures for today. center city, 45 degrees. westchester, 44. 43 for lansdale, 44 in easton. these are high temperatures this afternoon. 45 in voorhees and atlantic city. and upper 40s in parts of delaware, wilmington at 47 degrees. big story, fireworks tonight. mummers parade tomorrow. penns landing, if you're watching the fireworks show, 6:00 and midnight show. 6:00 show you can catch on
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nbc10. temps 44 degrees. we will have clouds out there. 40 the temperature at 10:00, 38 at midnight. we could see an isolated light rain move through, but this will be very brief and talking a few drops, nothing that would ruin the evening. shouldn't change plans for this. models have been mostly agreeing it will be very light, if any at all that we see. talking mummers parade. moving through to new year's day sunday. here are temperatures. 9:00 a.m., upper 30s to low 40s across our neighborhoods. sky conditions clear to mostly clear. we're not tracking a lot of clouds or rain out there. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures warm up more so than today. 46 for philadelphia. low 40s in lehigh valley. and 49 degrees on the jersey shore. if you come from neighborhoods into philadelphia for the parade, conditions are going to be nice across the board no matter where you might be coming from.
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here's a look at temperatures we are tracking the next ten days. staying in the 40s and 50s by tuesday. showers monday and tuesday. as we go into the end of the week and weekend, we could see some snow. flz . more problems when it comes to powerplays. the sharks scored on this in san jose. they have given up five pourp goals in three games. they shut out the flyers 2-0. here's the rest of your saturday morning sports. hey, i'm danny pommells from csn. joel embiid returned to the sixers lineup tonight, but jhalil okafor did not play because of a hamstring injury he joel embiid doing his dive in this guy is relentless. only reached the players bench
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this time. he was okay. fourth quarter, sixers up a basket. to nik stauskas, sixers 14th three of the night. 124-122. the cowboys come into the linc sunday with a 13-2 record, and have secured home field throughout the playoff, which leads to speculation about which quarterback may play. you may see them all, including tony romo. dak prescott's status and espn reports say he will play. head coach jason garrett wouldn't say. speaking of quarterbacks, carson wentz turned 24 friday, and you can catch our exclusive sit down with the birthday boy on eagles game day kickoff sunday at 9:30 on nbc10. here's wentz on his roller coaster rookie season. >> i kind of came out guns ablazing. it was tough, though.
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you know, it was tough to kind of deal with some of those losses. being in all of those games, all close games, having chances to win and not sealing the deal late in those ball games was frustrating. we know we're a good team. we just didn't pull enough out in the end. how about some college hoops? st. joe's hosting g.w. we've got more drama than a soap opera. final minute, hawks up one. lamarr kimble, 0 for 3 from distance. make that 1 for 4. st. joseph's wins 68-63. it on the chin tonight. 66-55. penn comes back from double digit deficit. he comes up empty underneath, stays with it.
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5:55. they're counting down to midnight in new zealand. auckland has less than five minutes to go to midnight. back at home, a few hours left to visit the local liquor store and stock up on bubbly. a state store in flower town had champagne bottles as far as the eyes could see. samples to help you decide what to buy. sales have risen every year for the last decade. we know local gyms and fitness studios soon packed with people resolving to get fit in the new year. there will be one less option. lithe method in philadelphia closed up shop. a judge froze their assets following a lawsuit from a landlord in new york. the popular workout combines cheerleading with cardio and
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dance. hundreds of women do it every week. >> it is like a religion, in there every day. they inspire each other. i wish we were open, i know that they need it. >> i tried that one. the owner hopes to open in the new year perhaps under a new name. we continue to watch the momma eagle and two eggs in ft. myers florida. live look from the eagle nest camera, so to speak. you can see harriet keeping eggs covered, awaiting arrival of her eaglets. the bald eagle hatch watch is in the home stretch. one egg in the nest started to crack, we're waiting for the eaglets to hatch. maybe in 2017. we will see. the clock is ticking down the final hours of 2016. monique braxton is live on pens
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landing with a preview of this evening festivities. >> reporter: in 12 hours, the family friendly fireworks get under way at penns landing. and temperatures on the chilly side. some of us below freezing. talking a chilly forecast tonight, too. we will be looking at fireworks. the details on the forecast coming up.
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right now on nbc10 news today, the hunt is on for the man accused of shooting and killing a pennsylvania state trooper near altoona. we will have details on the suspect they're searching for right now. philadelphia is getting ready for a new year's eve celebration that offers not one but two fireworks displays. we have you covered with a live preview from penns landing. looking ahead to chilly weather. clouds for new year's eve celebrations. here's a live look over center city. little breeze this morning. we have what you need to know in the first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. thanks for being with us. i am rosemary connors. it is 6:00 on saturday


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