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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  December 31, 2016 8:30am-9:31am EST

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it is already 2017. we will show you who celebrated first. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i am rosemary connors. it is 8:30 on this saturday, new years is almost here. we will start off 2017 with cool, dry weather. here's a live look. waking up to cloudy skies. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking it in the first alert neighborhood forecast. krystal? >> good morning. the forecast is pretty good going through new year's eve day and new year's day. but it is going to kickoff with 31 in philadelphia. mid to upper 20s across town. allentown, 27 degrees. lancaster 28. chilly start out there, especially if you head farther north. mount pocono at 20 degrees. winds likely seen yesterday will pick up. not as strong as yesterday. looking at the breezy category through the afternoon. radar and satellite.
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these are clouds spread across the board in the last hour or so really. now we have more cloudy skies as we step out. partly cloudy to cloudy conditions possible even into the evening. good news, shouldn't effect fireworks too much. we are not talking low-hanging clouds, just clouds rolling by the area. notice no rain headed our direction. a pretty dry forecast for new year's eve. things change on the ten day forecast. coming up, a closer look at weekend details and beyond. see you shortly. thanks for that. new year's eve wouldn't be complete without fireworks. this year nbc10 is giving you a front row seat to not one but two fireworks shows happening this evening. nbc10's monique braxton is live on penns landing where organizers and crews are getting everything ready for the festivities. monique? >> reporter: hey there, rosemary. being billed as two of the most spectacular fireworks shows ever. take a look down on penns landing. you can see it is all ready for
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the thousands that will be jam packed here in a few hours. our camera was rolling when crews began loading up fireworks onto a 300 foot barge yesterday. we learned the shows are 14 and a half minutes of dazzling lights. >> actually pretty excited. it will be the first time we've done anything down in the city as a family for new years. >> we are here to make every second an oo or awe. i can guarantee it will be there. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: here's the beautiful light show from last year. it is just a sample of what you will miss if you're not watching nbc10 or among the thousands of revellers expected at penns landing. we will give you five views, including sky force 10 on air at 6:00. they're choreographed to "star wars" music. the midnight fireworks show features an instrumental lineup
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of various artists. as you move across the city, you can usher in 2017 with us on facebook live. check out the fireworks at taxis, kimmel center, schmidt's commons, and at the electric factory. the captivating shows at penns landing under way in about ten hours and again at midnight. live for now, monique braxton, nbc10 news. three, two, one. >> it's already 2017 in some parts of the world. new zealand ushered in the new year with a laser light show over auckland sky tower. a festive, colorful way to welcome 2017 and say good-bye to 2016. let's look at times square. getting ready for the ball to drop at midnight. people started to secure spots yesterday.
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they'll see plenty of security for the celebration. a record setting 7,000 uniformed, undercover police officers will be patrolling. there will be hundreds of counterterrorism officers as well, and sand trucks and other vehicles blocking off streets to prevent any truck attacks like the ones in germany and france. >> great to feel that presence, to know you're safe. >> very confident everything is okay, this is america. we take care of ourselves. >> more than a million people are expected to pack into 65 barricaded pens in times square. the jersey shore getting ready to welcome 2017 with events. in atlantic city, new year's eve the biggest night of the year. many casinos are having lavish parties for their best customers. at balis, they have a mardi gras theme for more than a thousand vips. those that are ringing in the new years at ac, it is about the atmosphere. >> we enjoy our time, we can
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relax, hang out, and the people here are very friendly, the food is great and the service is fantastic. >> we checked with every casino in atlantic city. all their hotel rooms are sold out. in ocean city, entertainers are preparing for some of the live performances set to take the stage during the annual first night celebration. the alcohol free family friendly tradition features music and activities at 20 venues in ocean city. ocean city's first night is marking its 25th anniversary this year. people have a handful of hours to visit their local liquor stores to stock up on bubbly. a state store had plenty of champagne bottles on hand as far as the eyes could see, they were offering free samples to help shoppers decide what to buy. sparkling wine sales are
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sparking. data shows sales have risen every year for the last decade. nbc10 is your home for the best new year's eve coverage, we bring you fireworks live from penns landing at 6:00 and then a show at midnight. we will broadcast that on nbc10's facebook page. make sure you have the nbc10 app with you. we have the guide to fireworks shows and mummers parade and the latest forecast. download that free nbc10 app now. now to that developing story we are following out of central pennsylvania. a large manhunt under way near altoona for the killer of a state trooper. jason robison is wanted for shooting and killing the officer. here's what we know. trooper landon weaver was answering a call for domestic incident in a rural area of huntington county. he was shot and killed at 6:30 last night. trooper weaver joined the state police department december last year. he is the 97th member of pennsylvania state police to be killed in the line of duty since the organization was founded in 1905.
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we will keep you posted on the search for the suspect happening at this hour. we will keep you posted here on air and online. we will have new developments on the nbc10 app. still ahead on nbc10 news today, the boys are back in town tomorrow. look who's warming up. romo getting ready to take on the birds. we have a preview of tomorrow's eagles matchup, the last one of the season. plus sticker shock. some customers got an unwelcome surprise. why some stores are already raising prices on soda in philadelphia.
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good morning. happy new year's eve. here are temperatures outside. if you're getting out early, maybe you have to run some shopping errands before celebrations tonight, temperatures are chilly. 28 degrees in the suburbs.
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31 in philadelphia. also upper 20s in new jersey. lehigh valley and delaware. a mixed bag when it comes to sky conditions. some of us seeing more sun like in new jersey. live cameras in the suburbs and philadelphia shows clouds are building in as expected. forecast winds, around 15 to 20 miles per hour for sustained winds. coming in from the south. gusts up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. breezy to windy category. not as windy as we saw yesterday. here's the weekend forecast. these are high temperatures for today, new year's eve and tomorrow, first day of 2017. mid 40s to upper 40s. we will see more clouds today than sunday. and midnight a little chilly. details for the overnight coming up in a bit. also coming up, a devastating end to 2016 for business owners in queens, new
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york. >> a fast moving fire destroyed 14 stores. why some are relieved the fire happened when it did. here's your receipt.
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a condition secert ends in . two are dead, two are wounded. right now, there are no arrests and no suspects. also authorities have not linked
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violence to the performer or rapper. he lost his cousin to gun violence earlier this year. 24 people are safe on the ground after being stuck on an amusement park ride in california. riders along with the operator were on this sky cabin at knots berry farms. it got stuck 100 feet in the air. you can see in the video, firefighters had to use harnesses to bring them down. knots berry farm says rides are expected daily. they'll keep the ride closed until investigation into what caused it to stop is finished. new this morning. 14 businesses gone after flames rip through a block in queens. the flames began at 6:00 and quickly spread to all stores on the block. more than 175 firefighters responded. they formed a wall around flames to try to stop the fire. the neighborhood is heavily jewish. fortunately nobody was inside the store.
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>> there was nobody, it was jewish holiday, closed earlier, nobody in the stores. >> thank god. >> yeah, thank god. >> this is our whole life and we just watched the whole block burn down. >> three firefighters were injured, one is in serious condition. this morning, we are learning russian hackers may be testing vulnerability of the u.s. electric grid. the burlington vermont electric found mal wear in a laptop. it is not connected to the grid system. the company working with federal officials to trace it and prevent more attempts to infiltrate the system. this comes as tensions are already high between russia and the u.s. russia kicked back against president obama's sanctions calling those damaging and provocative. but in the end, russia said it would not retaliate in kind. president obama has ordered nearly 3 dozen russian diplomats to leave the u.s.
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he posed the sanctions for alleged involvement for interfering in u.s. election. russian president vladimir putin said he would not expel american diplomats. mr. trump is reacting to putin's response to sanctions tweeting great move on delay by v putin, i always knew he was very smart. more controversy over donald trump's inauguration. one of the nation's most powerful mormons offering praise over decision by member of mormon tabernacle choir to resign rather than perform. harry reid says he admires her for standing up for her beliefs. she decided to quit because she does not endorse tyranny and fascism. if you are watching the fireworks this evening, you may
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see something else in the sky. the comet may be visible as we ring in the new year. it will be visible around 6:30 tonight. that is if conditions are clear. check the nbc10 app for more details. also, krystal klei is watching all our new year's eve forecast out there. that's right. we are going to be talking clouds, it may not be the best view for us. here's the temperatures this morning. if you have to get out early, temperatures are cold. colder in chestnut hill, endora, 28 degrees. also looking low 30s in fox chase. cold start out there across all neighborhoods, not just philly neighborhoods. all of us on the cold side, numbers in the upper 20s to low 30s. on top of that, seeing a big change on radar and satellite the last couple hours because
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clouds have spread across. we expected it. we're looking at cloudy skies. i expect through today we hang on partly cloudy to mostly cloudy line, meaning that we will see some coverage even into tonight for the fireworks. good news, not talking rain. b, talking higher up clouds, not low to the surface foggy conditions which should help with viewing of the fireworks regardless. not what we saw on fourth of july. here's the neighborhood temperatures. mid 40s out there this afternoon. actually it is a pretty nice afternoon for us. 45 degrees in center city, summerton, 46. lansdale, 43. and doylestown, 44. 41 in allentown, a little lower in the lehigh valley, seeing some of the thicker clouds build in. for new jersey, trenton at 44. voorhees, 45. ocean city up to 46. look at delaware nableighborhoo.
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here's the new year's eve forecast. 44 degrees at 6:00. that's the first fireworks show you can catch a glimpse of. it is not bad for the 6:00 show. we are airing it on nbc10. at 10:00 p.m., hanging around, festivities going on through the evening. 40 degrees. we get to upper 40s for midnight. getting colder by the hour. we stay mostly dry. notice the clouds hang through the night. there's an isolated chance of light and weak shower passing. if this moves through, it will be so brief, it won't effect plans you have. how about for mummers parade. low 40s at 9:00 a.m. some spots around philadelphia may be holding on to upper 30s. really chilly conditions to start, we warm up nicely. we get to upper 40s moving through the afternoon. tomorrow, winds won't be a factor, only 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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in the next half hour, a closer look at the ten day on ten. new this morning, harriet the bald eagle welcomed her first baby into the nest in ft. myers. this is the scene about an hour ago. harriet and her mate were there when it hatched. let's take a live look at the nest. the momma nestled down to get the second egg hatched. the first eaglet is under her as well. this week's wednesday's child is a great guy with a bright road ahead of him, looking for a forever family to help keep him on the right track. vai sikahema introduces us to him. >> all right, buddy. we took him to race go karlgcare kind of activity most teens look for. the need for speed. truth is, he is laid back, humble, soft spoken, very
8:50 am
optimistic, despite living in foster care most of his life. his needs are simple. >> unconditional love, going through problems, they'll be there for you. moving on to the next step of my life. >> he wants to be a sports caster, he plans to enroll in community college before traveling to a university. naturally he loves sports. this kid is going places. >> i would say up until the last year and a half he was very much a follower, yet in the last year and a half, i've seen leadership. good things are starting to happen to him. him getting a taste of that, wanting to continue to pursue things that will lead onto bigger and better things for him. >> ideal family to me, someone always going to be there, just there to love you. >> he is this week's wednesday's child.
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>> if you would like to make takim's dream come true or any wednesday's child, go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. 1-866-do adopt. it happens to all of us. you get a gift, well, you would like to return. coming up on nbc10 today, we're breaking down the most unwanted gifts across the region. i am tracy davidson for nbc10 at issue. we look back at a historic year in politics and what's ahead for the new administration. and credit card bills you ran up in the holidays soon need to be paid. we have expert advice how to knock down your debt before morr more is tacked on. and managing your minutes more wisely in the new year. sunday at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc10.
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popular friday night lights at the holiday garden railway brought out plenty of people. model trains decorated with thousands of twinkling lights as they zip around an outdoor track, much to the delight of visitors. last night was the final night of the event. you can see the railway during daylight hours now through monday. the african-american museum celebrated kwanzaa. the event featured performances to highlight the principles of kwanzaa. one for each day of the holiday. among those, unity, creativity, self determination. the celebration of kwanzaa ends tomorrow. you may have received gifts this year that you decided to return. that's okay, you're not alone. the declutter app is tracking
8:55 am
the most unwanted gifts of the year. one direction take me home album came in first place nationwide. almost 10,000 copies traded in two days after christmas. in pennsylvania, most unwanted tech present was taylor swift 1989 album. in delaware, the batman versus superman videogame, and in new jersey, fifa 2016 game. this morning, we are helping you get ready to ring in the new year. monique braxton is live on penn's landing for a preview this morning. >> reporter: seeing a few people put finishing touches on what's going to be an enchanting evening at penn's landing. two fireworks displays on tap. i have a preview for you after the break. and if you'll be heading out where monique is, how to dress for tonight's fire work show.
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on the run. pennsylvania police searching for the man accused of shooting and killing a trooper. we follow the search for the suspect. getting fired up for 2017. live on penn's landing, crews are putting finishing touches on two shows counting down to the
8:59 am
new year. wondering if you need a rain jacket or coat before you head out or maybe for mummers day parade tomorrow on broad street, first alert meteorologist krystal klei has your new year's eve and new year's day forecast. good morning. welcome back to nbc10 news. i am rosemary connors. it is just before 9:00 this saturday. thanks for being with us. meteorologist krystal klei tracking a cool start to this last weekend of 2016. >> that's right. it is chilly as we start the day. chilly tonight as we end 2016 as well. in between, things look pretty good. here's where we are. these are feels like temperatures. we have light wind hanging around and cooler air. 13 in mount pocono. 25 in philadelphia. some spots feel what they are. that's where winds are lightest. 31 in vineland, wilmington at 25 degrees. now let's look at the actual
9:00 am
temperatures. mount holly at freezing. barely above in philadelphia. still in upper 20s for areas like allentown and coatesville, both at 28. as you step out the door, you want a bigger jacket, especially if you get out early. later today, things warm into the 40s, makes it a nicer afternoon. here's radar and satellite, spreading in from the southwest, talking partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. some breaks of sun are expected but you're going to notice clouds even into tonight. good news is take a look at the map, there's no rain we're tracking with clouds. you don't have to worry about new year's eve being a washout. here's the forecast for afternoon. getting up to mid 40s, winds pick up. we will talk about the new year's eve forecast and expectations for the first day of 2017 coming up. developing now, a large manhunt under way in central pennsylvania for the accused killer of a state trooper. jason robison who you see there is wanted for shooting and
9:01 am
killing the officer. last night around 6:30, investigators say trooper landon weaver was responding to a call for a domestic incident in a rural area of huntington county near altoona. that's when he was shot and killed. trooper weaver joined the state police department in december last year. he is the 97th member of the pennsylvania state police force killed in the line of duty since the organization began in 1905. we will keep you updated on the search for the suspect here on the air and online. today we're counting down to 2017. there are just under 15 hours left in 2016. it's already 2017 in some parts of the world. new zealand ushered in the new year with a laser light show over auckland light tower. a festive way to welcome 2017
9:02 am
and say good-bye to 2016. here at home we're giving you the best views of not one but two fireworks shows this evening. nbc10's monique braxton is live with a preview. >> reporter: hey there, rosemary. it is quiet here now at penn's landing. as you know, the clock is ticking down for the first fireworks show at 6:00. soon people will be filing in, filling up every inch, wanting to ring in the new year here. yesterday we went behind the scenes with the fireworks producer. our camera was rolling when crews began to load up fireworks onto a 300 foot barge. we learned two shows are 14 and a half minutes of dazzling lights. >> we have been to the u.s. before, we were in new york, it was a bit crazy, thought we would go somewhere quieter, we love it here but only here a few days, thought we would ring in the new year in philly.
9:03 am
>> reporter: this spectacular light show from last year is a sample of what you'll miss if not watching nbc10 or among thousands expected at penn's landing. we will give you five views, including sky force 10 on air at 6:00. at that time, the fireworks are choreographed to "star wars" music. midnight fireworks show, spectacular lights, features instrumental lineup of various artists. you can also usher in 2017 with us on facebook live. check out the fireworks at taxis, kimmel center, schmidt's commons, xfinity live, and at the electric factory. nbc10 is a proud sponsor with sugar house casino bringing you two shows at 6:00 and midnight. a lot of fun, rosemary. >> looking forward to it. monique braxton live on penn's
9:04 am
landing. thanks for that, monique. today, the mummers are putting finishing touches on their new year's day performances. more than 10,000 men, women and children participate in tomorrow's parade on broad street that kicks off at city hall at 9:00 in the morning. in center city. parking is prohibited on 15th street. lanes in the area. go to the nbc10 for the full list of road closures in philly. if you happen to be in delaware, catch a fireworks show on the wilmington river front. the fire and ice celebration begins at 6:00 at verizon river front rink. there will be skating, entertainment and hot chocolate bar. a beer garden will also be open. cap it off with the fireworks
9:05 am
show starting at 9:00 this evening. at the stroke of midnight, new york city will drop that giant crystal ball. in towns in pennsylvania, we drop more unusual things, this giant peep. 200 pound peeps chick. this was the scene last year where the iconic peeps marshmallow candy is made. tonight's peep drop is set for 5:15. kenneth square will ring in 2017 with the annual mushroom drop at the stroke of midnight. this was the scene last year. mushroom capital of the world. patco wants to keep you safe, trains are free from 8:00 this evening until 4:00 in the morning. septa is offering late night service for regional rail riders. that information is posted on the nbc10 app and service times are posted at the septa station. if you use uber, get ready for a surge in pricing because
9:06 am
of high demand. uber expects to give 15 million rides nationwide tonight. three times more than last year. make sure you have the nbc10 with you on your smart phone and devices as you celebrate the new year. we have a guide to fireworks shows and the mummers parade tomorrow. we will be updating the forecast for new year's eve and new year's day. 9:06. still ahead. playing the blame game. we will tell you who bill cosby's lawyers are blaming for a smear campaign and what they're trying to do about it. and is that a road or a rink? we will show you where they're strapping on skates because of icy conditions.
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welcome back. let's talk about new year's eve weekend. dry conditions expected. not as windy as yesterday. yesterday we had gusts up to 37 miles per hour at the airport. today they'll be lower, 25 to 30 miles per hour. tonight, some clouds. we are seeing clouds spread across, they hang on through tonight. i don't think it limits the viewing of fireworks. it will get chilly by midnight. sunday for first day of 2017, dry and temperatures warmer than what we see today. here's what we're looking at. low 40s at lunch hour.
9:10 am
we hold clouds into tonight. mostly cloudy conditions going through your day. in delaware, 43 degrees at noon. mid 40s to upper 40s. up to 45 degrees by 4:00 p.m. dry conditions don't last the entire forecast. we will get to that in a bit. funeral plans coming together for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. they died within a day of each other. reynolds' son says they'll have a joint funeral, be buried together. no date is set but the ceremony and service will be private. coming up, a new soda tax, hard to swallow for shoppers in philadelphia, especially because they got hit earlier than expected at some stores just as they were buying supplies for
9:11 am
new year's eve. we have that story next.
9:12 am
9:13 am
philadelphia soda tax hitting shoppers earlier than expected. some stores have already started to charge more for sugary drinks before the tax goes into effect tomorrow. actually stores have already raised prices, they did that yesterday. a store spokesperson tells nbc10
9:14 am
it comes down to advertising. they set prices by week on fridays and want to be consistent. shoppers stocking up for tonight weren't happy about it. >> almost $8 for a 12 back of soda. 5.50 for a gallon of ice tea, can't get over it. how is the little guy supposed to make ends meet, it was hard enough, just got harder. >> it adds 1.5 cents of tax for each ounce. the mayor pushed for it for early education and recreation centers in philadelphia. bill cosby's lawyers don't believe the actor can get a fair trial in montgomery county. yesterday they filed a motion asking for a change of venue. it was a year ago cosby was charged with drugging and molesting a former temple university employee in 2004. his attorney says he is a target of a smear campaign by the media. bring in a jury from outside montgomery county. the district attorney has said he is not opposed to that request.
9:15 am
let's talk about the weather. this this is in canada. people are skating down the roads. too treacherous to bring out the cars. this is from ontario and quebec. they had so much ice, they're trying to make the best of the situation. more than a half inch ice accumulated in some neighborhoods. very different picture here in the northeast, krystal. >> very different indeed. if we had that situation for new year's eve, a lot of people might be staying in. you can go out tonight. things are looking good considering we are at end of the year. temperatures are still chilly. it is end of december. here's your new jersey neighborhoods. a lot of us climbed above freezing or near it. but that's it. not talking 40s yet. turnersville, 33 degrees. audubon the same. mount laurel, cooler, down to 27
9:16 am
degrees. 32 for robbinsville, princeton climbed from 19 to 25. but still cold. feels like temperatures are even lower in some spots across the region. here's the radar and satellite. as expected, clouds started to move in and blanketed the area. models try to give us more sunshine than we're going to see. we're going to hang more on partly cloudy, mostly cloudy forecast. not the entire day, maybe some breaks of sun. i suspect we will have cloudiness throughout today and into tonight. here's the new years forecast neighborhood by enabled. if you're in philadelphia, maybe you go out for the 6:00 fireworks show. 41 degrees. if you can't catch that, we are airing it on nbc10. 38 degrees for midnight. just remember, it will start to get chilly. on top of that, i am going to show you in a moment, there's an isola isolated chance for light rain, briefly at most. this is not a long lasting
9:17 am
storm. temperatures 6:00 to midnight, near freezing in the lehigh valley by midnight. warmer, in the lower 40s for south jersey, the shore and delaware at 6:00. notice clouds hang on as well. here's the hour by hour model. this is not doing a great job with clouds. we have clouds in place. remember that. those clouds hang throughout the afternoon and especially moving into the evening. now showing the clouds move by. it is giving us that light potential for rain. this is more scary than it will be. first off, temperatures are too warm to see snow, maybe a few flakes. overall much of this won't make it to the surface. look how quickly this rolls off. 8:00 to midnight. if you have outdoor plans, i don't think you need to cancel them, there's a small chance. we clear up into sunday which is good news for mummers parade and cowboys and eagles game.
9:18 am
heading to tailgating time, 42 degrees. 1:00 kickoff, 47 degrees. end of game, still in the upper 40s. mostly sunny conditions for sunday. we will get to the ten day forecast coming up. one in san jose. they gave up five powerplay goals in three games. sharks shut out the flyers 2-0. here's the rest of your saturday morning sports. hey, i'm danny pommells from csn. joel embiid returned to the sixers lineup, but jhalil okafor hamstring injury he suffered
9:19 am
ilyasova, 4 for 4 from outside. sixers led by as many as ten. fourth quarter, sixers up a basket. to nik stauskas, sixers 14th -- 16 threes and hang onto win 124-122. the cowboys come into the linc sunday with a 13-2 record, and have secured home field throughout the playoff, which leads to speculation about which quarterback may play. you may see them all, including dak prescott's status and espn reports say he will play. head coach jason garrett wouldn't say. speaking of quarterbacks, carson wentz turned 24 friday, and you can catch our exclusive sit down with the birthday boy on eagles game day kickoff sunday at 9:30 on nbc10. here's wentz on his roller coaster rookie season. >> i kind of came out guns ablazing. it was tough, though. you know, it was tough to kind of deal with some of those losses. being in all of those games, all
9:20 am
close games, having chances to win and not sealing the deal late in those ball games was frustrating. we know we're a good team. we just didn't pull enough out in the end. how about some college hoops? st. joe's hosting g.w. we've got more drama than a soap opera. final minute, hawks up one. lamarr kimble, 0 for 3 from distance. make that 1 for 4. st. joseph's wins 68-63. penn also won but lasalle took it on the chin tonight. 66-65. had to come back from double digit deficit. second half, comes underneath. stays with it. 27 points for him.
9:21 am
season high 45 boards, the quakers overall win their third straight 74-68. that is sports. i'm danny pommells. nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes foray doptable pets this time every saturday morning. we are joined by ame and we have paddington. >> thank you for having us this morning. this is paddington. he is about seven-year-old pit bull mix. he is an interesting story. he was found at 30th street station, patiently waiting, a good samaritan saw him, walked over to make sure he was okay, he had a sign that said please take care of this dog. so the founder brought him home, did everything he could to try to find paddington a home but was unsuccessful. eventually he had to bring them to us to find him a home.
9:22 am
>> how long has he been with you? >> since december 2nd, almost a month. >> seems like a calm dog, easy pet to have. >> very, yes. he is a little on the older side. low to medium energy. and has short adorable legs. he doesn't move very fast but he is a great snuggle buddy. as you can see, very relaxed, just wants to be with people. >> you told us in previous interviews we talked to you that older pets often make sometimes the best pets for families. >> yes. if you don't have a ton of time and you're busy, hectic household, sometimes older guys don't need a million walks a day and go running with you. they just want attention, bathroom walks. they make awesome pets. what you see is what you get. with a puppy, sometimes you're not sure how they grow up. with older guys, you know what you're getting. really sweet, gentle, loving pets. >> when you have an older pet,
9:23 am
make great buddies to watch movies with you, hang on the couch. >> yeah. >> you were telling us that there's an event happening. >> that's right. we're continuing the bark in the new year promotion. two days left. today all stray pets are free, includes paddington. we have a bunch of pets that fall in that category. tomorrow if you have a pet at home, bring in a photo, show us a picture of a pet, you can adopt any pet in the shelter for free. >> how late are you open today? >> 10:00 to 5:00 and tomorrow as well. >> we have that information about act philly. 267-385-3800. also visit them on the web. easy to get there, pick up a pet, bring your picture of your adoptable pet. great deals. ame, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having us. happy new year. we come back after the break, last check of weather.
9:24 am
>> talk about the new year's eve forecast and first day of 2017 coming up. here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you.
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start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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take a live look at times square. people are securing their spots to watch the ball drop at midnight since yesterday. let's head to penn's landing, all is quiet at this hour. once it opens, it will be packed with people. not only watch the fireworks, you can ice skate, spend time in winter lodges. two shows, one at 6:00 which we will broadcast on nbc10, and another at midnight. >> for midnight, starting to get chilly. in the upper 30s if you head out. temperatures 45 degrees. 48 for first day of the new
9:27 am
year. great conditions for the linc or mummers parade. highs in the 30s as we end next week. next weekend, possible snow. >> getting to january. that does it for us. i am rosemary connors. for krystal klei and everybody here at nbc10, have a good one and happy and safe new year. see you in 2017.
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i'm sara gore and this is "open house." this week we are stopping by a stunning italian style villa in los angeles. we visit an amazing townhouse off madison avenue that exudes glamor in every room, plus an exquisite limestone home in new york city with original details and modern upgrades, and designer to watch, casey debois, shows us her clients stylish space. but first, she's the queen of luxury lighting and more. we head to the hollywood home of marjorie skouras. there are no rules when designing for oneself, which is part of the fun. from the front door, which is inspired by 19th century french damask to the moss covered closet doors. but you can tell this is not going to be your average home decor experience.


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