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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  January 1, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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breaking news on this new year's day. police make an arrest in a hit and run that killed a retired military man. we're live in philadelphia's fern rock neighborhood following the investigation. ♪ yep, you know the sound. it is almost time. the mummers are getting ready for their annual new year's day parade in philadelphia. we'll run down the road closures that could affect you getting to the parade and elsewhere. ♪ and ringing in 2017. philadelphia celebrates with fireworks along the water front. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, happy new year, welcome to nbc 10 news today i'm katie zachary. it is 5:30 on the dat on this
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sunday morning. let's start the new year off right weatherwise. let's bring in meteorologist krystal klei with a look at your first alert weather. >> this forecast is very easy on us for the first day of 2017. we're starting out with temperatures all above freezing. 36 degrees in mount pocono and 43 in philadelphia. some of the clouds built in overnight kept in a little bit of the warmth from yesterday. so, temperatures didn't slip quite as much as they were supposed to. that's good news. things were more comfortable overnight. still a bit of chill in the air. atlantic city at 43, dover at 42 and lancaster right now at 41 degrees. so numbers are looking pretty good across the region. they'll slip just a little this morning but overup we won't see much change until the clouds start to clear. here are your current wind speeds. yesterday it was still breezy to windy. today still going to see some breezy conditions but not as strong as the last two days. right now, mostly around 5 to 10 miles per hour and notice more
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coming in from the west/southwest than the south like we saw just yesterday. here's your radar and satellite map. another big difference is the cloud coverage is not nearly as dense as it was yesterday. we saw those clouds hanging throughout the day in and out which is what we'd expected. today we're going to see mostly sunny conditions as we move along. so coming up we'll talk more about the mummers parade, conditions if you're going to be heading out throughout the day. also the eagles football forecast. >> a lot to talk about today, thank you krystal. breaking news in philadelphia's fern rock section this morning. a 71-year-old man was killed in a hit and run. nbc 10's pamela osborn is live for us in fern rock with the very latest. such a sad story here, pam. >> it absolutely is. police say that victim, a retired military man, was likely just walking home for the night when he was struck and killed. you can see police still on the scene. a gruesome scene. investigators here on chu avenue still piecing to the the evidence. a 25-year-old man is in police custody right now.
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and here's what we know. at 1:40 this morning police were called to the area of 12th and chu when they got here they find the 71-year-old retired military man dead in the street. police say the car that struck him, a mercury sable was going eastbound on shoe. the impact was so severe that the victim was either thrown or dragged down for blocks from where they believe he was initially hit. the driver attempted to flee the scene but crashed a short distance later into a fence. that's where police caught up with him. he was transported to the hospital to be treated for a broken leg. police believe the driver may have been under the influence there testing him right now for any drug or alcohol. police on the scene reflecting on one of the first calls of the new year. >> this happened only a little over an hour and a half into the new year and this is a tragedy
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that greets us in the year 2017. the passing of a male that was merely crossing the street, going home, at 1:40 this morning. >> and police have yet to identify the victim or the suspect that is in custody right now. but they do believe both men are from the neighborhood. the driver is under arrest, and charges are pending, based on those blood tests. reporting live now in fern rock i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, a lot of damage to a business in camden county, after a jeep smashed into it. the crash happened around 1:30 this morning in collingswood. police tell us the driver lost control of the jeep and hit the building at route 130 and haddon avenue. the driver is okay. ♪ 2017 arrived with excitement in
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philadelphia. thousands of people watched these fireworks over the delaware river. the show started at the stroke of midnight to welcome in the new year. some of those same revellers will gather in center city later this morning for the annual mummers day parade or mummers parade. ♪ in just a few hours the mummers will take to the streets of philadelphia, for their annual parade. nbc 10 was there as a string band prepared for its performance in south philly yesterday morning. the brigade has been practicing all week long at the convention senter is. the mummers parade kicks off at city hall at 9:00. because of the parade there will be road closures in center city philadelphia today. parts of market street, 15th street and jfk boulevard are shut down now and will stay that way until the event is over. beginning at 7:00, a section of broad street will be closed. and traffic will not be allowed to cross broad street while the parade is happening. you can go to and the
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nbc 10 app for a full list of closures. it's 5:35. and now to other news in our area. new details in the murder of a man in atlantic city. investigators have made an arrest. the victim was found dumped in a trash can yesterday morning at south carolina and adriatic avenues. police say 52-year-old ricky ward was hit in the head a number of times with rocks. the suspect, 64-year-old thomas green is being held on a million dollars cash bail this morning. police have not yet said what the motive was. police in south jersey are looking for a naked man who appears to be targeting teenage girls. investigators believe the same man exposed himself in two south jersey communities. the most recent incident just friday afternoon took place involving two teenage girls. they say they were chased by a naked man in easton township. he then got into a black jeep and drove away. and police in medford township say on december 21st the man with the same description got
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out of the jeep, totally naked except for a pair of running shoes. the suspect is described as a chubby man, clean shaven, in his late 30s to early 40s. police hope you'll call them if you have any information. well coming up after the break we head overseas where an apparent terror attack leaves dozens of people dead at a night club in turkey. you may be surprised by what the gunman was wearing when he opened fire. make america great again. okay? >> president-elect donald trump offered his own new year's wish, and sounds off on alleged russian hacking. hear what he had to say, just ahead.
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♪ and with that new york city welcomed in 2017. more than a million people crowded into times square to watch the crystal ball drop over
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7,000 police officers worked overnight to keep things safe in new york city. let's go to first alert meteorologist krystal klei for a look at our new year's forecast. >> today looks like a really nice forecast, especially if you want to get out later today. conditions will be dry. right now, we still have some clouds hanging over the region. most of them are going to start clearing out pretty quickly here this morning but we saw the cloudy conditions yesterday so they are lingering from overnight. they also helped to keep in some of the warmth from yesterday afternoon. we got 46 degrees yesterday. we're only at 43 now. so we didn't see a lot of cooling in philadelphia overnight. which meant conditions were pretty nice if you're outdoors. mid 40s through new jersey, the suburbs in the low 40s for the lehigh valley which is really nice compared to yesterday where we had 20s over parts of the lehigh valley, delaware at 43. still dark out there, temperatures may slip a little bit here in the next hour or so, before they do start to pick back up. so we go low 40s at 8:00 a.m. in
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philadelphia. make it to the upper 40s by later today. a few spots may even be able to make it to around 50, which, by the way, is way warmer than average. 41 is the average high for this time of year. the first day of the new year. in the suburbs, 38 degrees 8:00 a.m. then we go to the mid to upper 40s for forecast highs. low mid 40s for parts of the lehigh valley and notice the icon, we're talking sunny to mostly sunny conditions into the afternoon. delaware, 49 degrees, noon at 48. 46 for new jersey and mid upper 40s for the jersey shore. we'll talk more about conditions in the next several days when rain returns to the forecast coming up. >> krystal we'll see you then. it will be chilly but the atlantic city polar bear club will plunge into the ocean to welcome the new year today. the dive in will be at noon in front of resorts casino. the club has an open invitation. anyone interested can join in the plunge which supports the multiple scloerosis association. and also a new year's swim
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just up the beach. about 1,000 people are expected to jump into the chilly waters of the atlantic ocean near the laguna grow. this raises money for families of wounded military members. coming up, this woman, a lot of people in the country have been talking about her. she survived walking nearly 30 miles in the snow and freezing cold, at the grand canyon, all to keep her family alive. and only on nbc 10, we were there for your homecoming in the lehigh valley.
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we're following a developing story out of turkey. a man dressed as santa claus opened fire in a crowded nightclub in an apparent terror attack. the gunman opened fire inside the packed club in istanbul during a new year's eve party. at least 39 people were killed, and 70 injured. the attacker shot and killed a police officer and another person before he tenoring the building. he did get away. no terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the
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attack. president obama condemned the terrorist attack and has offered assistance to turkey. the white house says the attack on innocent revellers shows the savagery of the attackers. officials also say the u.s. supports turkey in its fight against terrorism. president-elect donald trump talked about russian hacking accusations as he headed into his annual new year's eve party in florida. he questioned just how much the intelligence community can prove. >> it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure. and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction, that was a disaster. and they were wrong. and so i want them to be sure. i think it's unfair if they don't know, and i know a lot about hacking. and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. >> mr. trump also criticized the obama administration's handling of israel. he said his new year's resolution is to make america great again. donald trump and his relationship with the media will be the focus of today's "meet the press." tune in at 10:30 for chuck todd's conversation happening right here on nbc 10.
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now to an nbc 10 exclusive. a lehigh valley mom is spending the new year back here at home after surviving a freezing journey at the grand canyon. karen klein hiked 30 miles in the snow when her family's car got stuck. she is recovering from injuries including severe frostbite to her feet. nbc 10 was with her yesterday as she celebrated her birthday, at home, thankful to be alive. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has her story. >> i've been cooped up inside for so long. >> reporter: out of the hospital, back home in northampton county, karen klein takes a walk through her neighborhood. >> a little freaky to be out in the cold. that is a little disconcerting. >> cold? >> thank you, darling. >> reporter: it's been a week since we walked 30 miles through the wilderness of the grand canyon, karen, her husband and young son were on a trip out west when their car got stuck in a ditch -- >> we're stuck here. >> reporter: the two days stayed
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behind while karen, an avid runner, left on foot to find help. >> and so it was just like i've got to get there. but i could only move because i was so exhausted, i could only move ten steps at a time and then stop and rest or i'd fall over. >> reporter: it's a whirlwind story of survival, and now back home she greets neighbors happy to see her alive, and recounts the darkest moments of her journey, spending one cold night shivering next to a pine tree. >> it was about five hours of just talking, and rocking back and forth, to keep myself awake. kind of to keep myself warm. >> reporter: she eventually made it to a cabin for shelter while her husband hiked to find a cell signal, and called for help. rescuers eventually found all three just hours before an impending snowstorm. >> i can't believe i'm home. i can't believe i'm home. and when we pulled into the driveway, i just -- i couldn't stop sobbing. >> reporter: today, marks karen's birthday. her twin sister and family gathered for a celebration of life. >> yay! all right.
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best birthday ever. >> reporter: as they prepare for a brand-new year thank much for everything they have. >> to realize how precious every single day is, and how important that your friends and your family are to, you know, to you. >> reporter: in northampton county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right. talking temperatures early this morning. that are actually very nice, and much warmer than average for the start of the new year. philadelphia neighborhoods. the numbers here are actual think a little higher than they should be thanks to the clouds that we saw last night. we have a blanket of clouds, not easy for the warmth today to release back into the sky and let us cool down so as a result the temperatures stay a little higher than they should. 43 degrees center city. rittenhouse the same, pretty constant number across the map. port richmond at 44 and fox chase also at 44 degrees. you step out this morning,
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little chilly but really it's not an issue as you get out the door. all of us, even up into the poconos, are currently above freezing, may see temperatures drop a degree or two in the next couple of hours. overall we're going to start seeing the numbers slowly rise through your afternoon, keeping us warmer than average for this time of year. here's a look at your radar and satellite. still some clouds lingering. most of them thinning out and moving off. we're going to see today mostly clear conditions. in fact they pulled this out and what you know is that there's nothing heading our direction, no rain, no snow. there was a weak line passing through pennsylvania. that's been diminished, so nothing heading our direction. going to be a dry start to the year, which is very good news if you're trying to hit some of the new year's day sales. maybe you're trying to get out to the mummers parade, the eagles game. all these are going to be very nice to head out and do throughout today. here are the temperatures that you'll see this afternoon. the average high in philadelphia this time of year is 41. we're going to be past that this morning. 49 will be your temperature in center city this afternoon. spotty clouds are still possible
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but as we get into the later part of the day, really looking at mostly sunny conditions. lands dale at 47, cookstown at 42 degrees. 46 for trenton, and 50 for atlantic city. parts of delaware right around the low 50s as well. so some of us are going to see not much warming throughout the day with temperatures that are already sitting in the low 40s. here's your hour by hour forecast. today should be on the dry side but starting tomorrow, early morning, really overnight into monday, thicker clouds starting to build on in, with it some spotty showers. i wouldn't be surprised if around 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. we start to see some spotty rain move through. rain for almost all of us. the temperatures may allow right along berks county into the lehigh valley to the poconos, a little mix or some icy conditions. this is in the early hours, then it's all rain. we could see some heavier rain, new jersey to delaware. most of us monday will be more scattered showers moving through. then we go overnight, some
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breaks, but still rain into your tuesday morning, this is where we could have more direct and heavy hit moving throughout the morning and early afternoon, but it will start to clear late on your tuesday. we'll talk more about that ten-day on ten coming up. >> all right krystal thanks. the cowboys have arrived in town for today's season finale with the eagles at the linc. coming up next in sports find out why eagles quarterback carson wentz is looking for a little payback.
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♪ and we're celebrating the new year around the region. here's a look at the new year's eve celebration in delaware. wilmington's river front hosted a fireworks display at 9:00 last night. looks good there. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. marshall harris from csn
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with a look at your sports. eagles hoping to ring in the new year with a win against the rival cowboys. dallas the top seed in the nfc thanks to a pair of rookies, ezekiel elliott and dak prescott. carson wentz hoping to get some payback for an overtime loss in dallas earlier this year. >> i'm really excited. you know, i know we all kind of have a bitter taste in our mouth from last time. we kind of let one slip. that's what we saw down there, we thought we had them against the ropes down there and let it slip. so we all kind of have a sour taste in our mouths, and we're looking forward to ending the year right. >> you can catch much more from the birds qb in this exclusive interview at 9:30 on "eagles gameday kickoff" only on nbc 10 your official eagles stapgs. according to multiple reports former eagles head coach chip kelly could be fired for the second time in just over a year. the 49ers reportedly set to make
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sweeping changes in the organization. the niners have just two wins all season. flyers goalie steve mason practiced saturday in anaheim after leaving friday night's loss with a hand injury. anthony stellars would start against the ducks today if mason can't go. what a year 2016 was for the villanova wildcats. they've won 38 of 41 games, which includes capturing the national title back in april. this season's squad ranked number one in the country. now 14-0. a little fired up for a battle against tenth ranked creighton. time running down in the first half. a little something about hitting big shots. not to win a national title but still up one at the half. second half game died at 66 off the miss. josh hart the national player of the year candidate. with the put-back. he had 18, 'nova up two. cats up five under two to play. the career high 27. 'nova wins it 80-70.
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here's jay wright comparing this year's team to last year's. p. completely different crew. completely different team. we're playing differently. but, they have to deal with everyone else's impact from last season. you know, they have to deal with everybody treating them like the number one team, treating former national champions you know. talking about them. still talking about last year. they all have to deal with it. part of the responsibility. good issue. a good challenge to have. meanwhile temple taking on central florida. that means a match-up with 7'6" taco ball. all kinds of trouble. trying to shoot over him. not going to happen. owls down 38-11 at the half. getting it done on the offensive end. inside for the bucket and the foul. he had 17 points. a couple drubs by ucf 77-53 the final. to the college football playoff
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now, alabama the defending champs hoping to roll once again to the title game. the crimson tied the top seed in the playoffs taking on washington. fourth quarter tied only up 17-7 that is until they hand it off to scarborough who breaks a couple of tackles, and then watch the cutback at the 30. and he's going all the way. 68 yards for the score. he runs for 180 in a 24-7 bahama win. they are on to the final. awaiting the winner of clemson and ohio state. this one all clemson. deshaun watson hooks up with c.j. fuller here for a 30 yard score. clemson, wins it in shutout fashion 31-0. so a rematch against 'bama who beat them last year. they're shot at redemption will be january 9th. that is your look at sports. i'm marshall harris. enjoy your 2017. >> thanks, marshall the time right now is just a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. we're following some breaking news out of philadelphia.
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a deadly hit and run there. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live for us in fern rock following the investigation. pam? le. >> katy a man in his 70s hit and killed as he walked home on new year's day. when we come back, we'll show you how police caught up with that hit and run driver. and if you're heading out to the mummers parade today, it's a mild morning with mostly sunny conditions, and just a breezy wind. details on an hour by hour forecast coming up after your break. here's a live look outside where conditions are dry. (coughs) cough doesn't sound so good. take mucinex dm. i'll text you in 4 hours when your cough returns. one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night! some cough medicines only last 4 hours. but just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. let's end this.
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with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter teeth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white. we're following breaking news on this new year's day. police arrest the driver for suspected dui after a man is found dead in a philadelphia street. find out why this hit and run is being described as so tragic. that's ahead in a live report. ♪ ringing in the new year. philadelphia style. the city skyline lit up with not one, but two fireworks shows over the city's water front. and here's a live look at broad street where the mummers will be strutting their stuff in just a few hours from now. we'll look ahead to the big parade in philadelphia. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm


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