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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  January 1, 2017 9:00am-10:01am EST

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strutting their stuff. the mummers parade just kicked off in center city, philadelphia. we'll take you there live. >> right now police are questioning a driver they say is responsible for a deadly hit and run. why police say there's a tragic twist to this story. and paying more at the pump. if you're filling up in pennsylvania, get ready to shell out more money. >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today" i'm katy zachry. it is 9:00 a.m. on this sunday, january 1st. happy new year. let's get a check on your new year's weather with krystal klei. >> good morning and happy new year to everyone. it feels a little chilly but really it's not a bad start to our new year. 36 feels like right now in
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philadelphia. 35 in wilmington. upper 30s, even for allentown, and vineland right now. so a lot of us are not even worried about those feels-like conditions. temperatures in the low 40s to kick off your day. these numbers are warmer for this time of year. highs warmer than average. wind speeds just enough to make it feel a little cooler than it actually is. seven miles per hour in philadelphia. nine in wilmington. light to breezy winds expected. good news, if you're heading to the mummers parade, eagles game, we have cleared out those clouds and we'll stay mostly sunny. we'll talk more about your work week. chances of rain moving in. >> all right, krystal we'll talk to you then. it is a new year's day tradition and it's now under way in center city. this is the live look right now at the mummers parade which is just kicking off outside of city hall. the formers will make their way down broad street for the next few hours dressed in their elaborate costumes.
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it will continue to washington avenue. parts of market street, 15th street, jfk boulevard and broad street are now shut down due to the parade. this map shows you the areas you'll want to avoid if you're driving through center city over the next few hours. you can also go to or the nbc 10 app. for a full list of closures. organizers say the parade has transformed after a push for more cultural and racial sensitivity. you may remember last year the parade made national headlines for some offensive performances. one group donned brown faces and dressed in tacos. another portrayed transgender icon caitlyn jenner and one other member uttered a homophobic slur. earlier we spoke to the president of the comic division who is encouraging his members to be smart about their performances this year. >> use common sense. if you think it might be offensive, and if you're thinking that, then it probably is.
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so, change what you're doing. >> over the last year mummers leadership and members have gone through voluntary sensitivity training to help create a parade that everyone can enjoy. now to the latest developments in a deadly hit and run that police say left a gruesome scene behind. right now investigators are testing a driver they say slammed into a 71-year-old man as he was crossing the street headed home. police say the driver did not stop until he crashed his car. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live in fern rock. pam, police have even said this is tragic because the man was so close to home when he was killed. just in his neighborhood. >> it certainly is, katie. this entire neighborhood waking up to that tragedy that unfolded on this block. police say that 71-year-old man, a retired military man, was crossing the street just steps away from where we're standing right now when he was struck and
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killed by a driver as you mentioned, who never even stopped. veteran officers describe the scene as grisly. it was 1:40 this morning when police were called to the intersection of 12th and chew. when they got there they found that 71-year-old victim dead in the street. police say the mercury sable that hit limb was going eastbound on chew avenue. the impact so severe that the victim was either thrown or dragged a block away from where police believe he was actually hit. the 25-year-old driver attempted to flee the scene but was caught when his car crashed into a fence. the driver was transported to the hospital to be treated for broken leg. police have yet to identify the victim or the driver, but say both men are from the neighborhood. they also believe the driver may have been under the influence. the driver is under arrest with charges pending based on the results of that blood alcohol test. meantime res depts here tell me there are a lot of retired
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military men in the area. they say they do not know who the victim is but what a shame that this happened to him. someone that served our country and lived to pb 71 just to die like this in the street. reporting live in fern rock i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> really heartbreaking. new, a violent start to the new year. we're talking about philadelphia where police are investigating two deadly shootings. the first happened around 2:30 this morning outside a bar in port richmond. police say the victim pounded on the door until a security guard answered it. the two then got into a fight over the man using a rest room. the guard pulled his gun and shot the man. he did have a license to carry. the investigation into that continues. and the second shooting happened about 30 minutes laterer in the tioga neighborhood. a man was shot in the chest on west willard street. he died at the scene. so far no arrests made in that. a lot of damage to a
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business in camden county after a jeep smashed into it. the crash happened around 1:30 this morning in cocollingswood. police tell us the driver lost control and hit the building at route 130 and haddon avenue. a busy intersection there the driver is expected to be okay. now to other news. new details this morning in the murder of a man in atlantic city. investigators have now made an arrest. the victim was found dumped in a crash can yesterday morning at south carolina, and adriatic avenue. police say the victim, 52-year-old ricky ward, was hit in the head a number of times with rocks. the suspect, 64-year-old thomas green, is being held on a million dollars cash this morning. police have not yet said what the motive was. plus, we're going to talk about new year's, new taxes. we'll tell you about two new taxes that start today. one will hit you at the grocery store, the other at the gas pump. and taking a plunge. if you want to jump in the frigid waters for a good cause, we'll tell you the two places where you can make a splash in 2017.
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welcome back. a new year's day tradition is now under way in center city. this is a live look right now at the mummer's parade outside philadelphia city hall. we have a camera at the start line. you can see everyone is gearing up ready to take their place down the parade route. the formers will make their way down broad street to washington avenue over the next few hours dressed in their elaborate costumes you see there. it is a great day for a parade. whether you're in one or watching one. right, krystal? >> that's right. these are perfect conditions to go out, celebrate the mummers parade. go out to the eagles game. you can see the sunshine right now bearing down on everyone. these are really good conditions to get out there.
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in terms of winds for today, last two days have been pretty windy. today they're going to be lighter. not completely nonexistent. right around 10 miles per hour sustained winds. that means the constant that you'll notice. gusts up 15 to 20 miles per hour. that's in the breezy range but these aren't strong winds. yesterday we had guts, so this is a pretty big difference. here's the neighborhood planner in philadelphia. 48 degrees at noon. 47 by 4:00, upper 40s throughout the daytime. the sun sets and will start to cool back off, really a great start to 2017. 45 the temperature noon in the suburbs and a little cooler in the lehigh valley but dry, as well. we are not tracking any rain in today's forecast. for delaware, 50 degrees already by your lunch hour. we are going to see a few spot 50s in delaware. parts of the jersey shore should make it to near 50 degrees. upper to mid 40s by 4:00 and new
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jersey, 46 degrees and clear and we continue with those clear conditions as we go into the night. we'll talk more about the chances of rain that move in starting monday. coming up. >> all right krystal we'll see you then. following a developing story out of turkey this morning. a man dressed as santa claus opened fire in a crowded night club in an apparent terror attack. the gunman opened fire inside the packed club in istanbul during a new year's eve party. at least 39 people were killed there. 70 injured. the attacker shot and killed a police officer and another person before entering the club. he got away, no terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. president obama has condemned the terrorist attack and has offered assistance to turkey. the man who investigators say shot and killed a pennsylvania state trooper is dead after a standoff with officers. 23-year-old trooper landen weaver was shot while responding to a domestic incident at a home in juniata township in huntington county friday night
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after a massive manhunt the suspect jason robinson was found at a mobile home yesterday morning. he was killed during a confrontation with troopers. robinson had just been released on bail earlier this month for car theft charges. governor tom wolf has ordered state flags across pennsylvania to be lowered to half-staff in honor of trooper weaver. that includes the state police barracks in winfield heights. the flag will remain lowered until january 3rd. weaver had been on the police force for just a year. still ahead on "nbc 10 news today," the boys are back in town. they arrived in style last night coming up we'll tell you what carson wentz is saying about taking on the cowboys in this last game of the season.
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♪ welcome back. it's 9:15. and new year's day tradition is now under way in center city, philadelphia. a live look right now at the mummers parade, which kicked off just a few minutes ago outside of city hall. the performers will make their way down broad street for the next few hours dressed in those elaborate costumes. down to washington avenue. a lot of fun out there. >> all right. well in case you missed them, it was a lot of fun last night. philadelphia said happy new year with a fireworks display over the delaware river. the fireworks went off at the stroke of midnight and delighted thousands of people who watched from below. that was not the only fireworks
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show in the city last night. >> ♪ . >> star wars capped off the fireworks show at penn's landing at 6:00. hundreds of people gathered for that one aage lo the water front to watch the show and get in some skating at the blue cross river rink. nbc 10 was proud to bring you the sugar house casino's seventh annual fireworks celebration. happening today, the price is going up when you fill up in pennsylvania. the gas tax is going up another eight cents today. drivers in pa will now pay about 78 cents a gallon in tax alone. the state has the highest gas tax in the country. the money from the tax will be spent on road and bridge construction. the new so-called soda tax kicks in today. it adds 1.5 cents to each ounce
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of shugary drinks in the city. officials expect the tax to generate $90 million in new revenue. it will be chilly but the atlantic city polar bear club will plunge into the ocean to welcome the new year today. the dive in will be at noon in front of resorts casino. the club has an open invitation. anyone interested can join in the plunge which supports the multiple sclerosis association. and also a new year's swim just up the beach. about 1,000 people are expected to jump into the chilly waters of the atlantic ocean near the laguna grill and rum bar. this raises money for families of wounded military members. krystal klei joins us now. we're talking about really cold conditions waterwise. >> chilly outside too but it could be worse. the sun makes a big difference. >> temperatures later today will
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be pretty nice for this time of year but i still don't think they're nice enough to jump into the water quite yet. a look at your philadelphia neighborhoods. here are the temperatures already most of us in the low, now some of us mid 40s. 44 degrees in kensington and parkside. andorra at 43 and 46 degrees. just to put things in perspective, the average high for this time of yeaher in philadelphia, that's at the airport is 41 degrees. here's a look at the forecast for the rest of your morning and your afternoon. if you're getting out there, conditions will be great. we stay sunny. mostly sunny conditions right on into the end of your day. winds will be about ten miles per hour as we mentioned at times just a little breezy and we get to the upper 40s in the afternoon. 2:00 p.m. 48 degrees. official highs at 49 degrees in center city. here's a look now at radar and satellite. this is a wide view because i'm showing after while we're clear currently and we will remain clear today, all this moisture
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to the start, we start to pump some of that in by tomorrow. here's your hour by hour forecast. we're skipping today because we stay dry. starting at 4:30 in the morning on your monday. these clouds are starting to spill in from the southwest. now there is a possibility of some spotty showers developing and temperatures right in the northern suburbs and part of the north, maybe flirting with freezing. that means, possibly some icing concerns. as we continue in motion you see the pink there. that's what we're saying has a little potential. berks, lehigh valley, it's not a great chance because temperatures are going to be warming pretty quickly so most of us should see rain. and the turnover is very quick. anything that is icy briefly in the morning would melt off with the rain. but notice the rain continues throughout the entire day, we're already at 8:00 and it's just starting to move out. chances are there, possibly heavier rain. and that's just around 1:00. then a system starts to move in from the west. so we get the next round of rain. warmer air surging. temperatures are going to boost tuesday and there are those showers by 9:00 a.m. another wet one possibly with some heavier rain even by
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tuesday. and that doesn't move out until tuesday evening. we're talking two days of rain in the forecast before we start to dry things out for your wednesday. here's a look at the cowboys/eagles game for todayyou're heading to the game, perfect conditions out at the linc. 45 degrees and mostly sunny for tailgating. kickoff at 1:00 p.m. 48 degrees the temperature by end of game still in the upper 40s. winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour in south philly. ten day on tap coming up. this is sports desk, brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. marshall harris from csn with a look at your sports. eagles hoping to ring in the new year with a win against the rival cowboys. the boys arrived in town last night. dallas the top seed in the nfc thanks to a pair of rookies, ezekiel elliott and dak prescott. no word officially on how much they'll play since the boys have
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things locked up. carson wentz hoping to get some payback for an overtime loss in dallas earlier this year. >> i'm really excited. you know, i know we all kind of have a bitter taste in our mouth from last time. we kind of let one slip. that's what we saw down there, we thought we had them against the ropes down there and let it slip. so we all kind of have a sour taste in our mouths, and we're looking forward to ending the year right. >> you can catch much more from the birds qb in this exclusive interview at 9:30 on "eagles gameday kickoff" only on nbc 10 your official eagles station. according to multiple reports former eagles head coach chip kelly could be fired for the second time in just over a year. the 49ers reportedly set to make sweeping changes in the organization. the niners have just two wins all season. flyers goalie steve mason practiced saturday in anaheim after leaving friday night's loss with a hand injury. anthony stellars would start against the ducks today if mason can't go. what a year 2016 was for the
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villanova wildcats. they've won 38 of 41 games, which includes capturing the national title back in april. this season's squad ranked number one in the country. now 14-0. a little fired up for a battle against tenth ranked creighton. time running down in the first half. a little something about hitting big shots. not to win a national title but still up one at the half. second half game tied at 66 off the miss. josh hart the national player of the year candidate. with the put-back. he had 18, 'nova up two. cats up five under two to play. the lefty jumper falls the sophomore career high 27. 'nova wins it 80-70. here's jay wright comparing this year's team to last year's. >> completely different crew. completely different team. we're playing differently. but, they have to deal with everyone else's impact from last season. you know, they have to deal with everybody treating them like the
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number one team, treating former national champions you know. talking about them. still talking about last year. they all have to deal with it. part of the responsibility. good issue. a good challenge to have. meanwhile temple taking on central florida. that means a match-up with 7'6" taco ball. all kinds of trouble. trying to shoot over him. not going to happen. owls down 38-11 at the half. getting it done on the offensive end. inside for the bucket and the foul. he had 17 points. a couple drubs by ucf 77-53 the final. to the college football playoff now, alabama the defending champs hoping to roll once again to the title game. the crimson tied the top seed in the playoffs taking on washington. fourth quarter tied only up 17-7 that is until they hand it off
9:24 am
to scarborough who breaks a couple of tackles, and then watch the cutback at the 30. and he's going all the way. 68 yards for the score. he runs for a buck 80 in a 24-7 'bama win. they are on to the final. awaiting the winner of clemson and ohio state. this one all clemson. deshaun watson hooks up with c.j. fuller here for a 30 yard score. clemson, wins it in shutout fashion 31-0. so a rematch against 'bama who beat them last year. they're shot at redemption will be january 9th. that is your look at sports. i'm marshall harris. enjoy your 2017.
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wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea we welcome you back as we take a live look at center city, philadelphia, outside city hall where the mummers are enjoying really great weather. >> this is perfect weather to be out enjoying a parade. you can see the sunny conditions from the live look outside. you know what? it's not even too terribly chilly. in the 40s in center city right now. we're going to pump it up to the upper 40s by this afternoon. if you go to some of the later events. and we are tracking rain, but not until your monday. that will continue through tuesday. notice the boost in temperatures but a huge drop thursday through your weekend. hiez only in the 30s. a chance of snow on friday. >> so if you see some clouds early this morning, those will clear later. >> exactly. for the most part they've already started clearing. mostly sunny conditions. >> awesome. that will do it for "nbc 10 news today" for this sunday.
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the final "eagles gameday kickoff" of the year is coming up next.
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e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> chilly or freezing morning. temperatures cannot keep eagles fans from tailgating. the final game of the season is upon us. cowboys, eagles, at the linc to put a bow on the 2016 season. this is "eagles gameday kickoff." >> nbc 10 presents "eagles gameday kickoff." >> hey, everybody, welcome to our final "eagles gameday kickoff" for 2016. this is actually an important game against the cowboys and if the eagles can beat dallas and the bears beat the vikings, the birds would wind up with a better draft pick than the vikings. that is pretty impressive and
9:31 am
weird for that to happen. we're going to wrap up our season with a sit-down, an exclusive sit-down with the rookie quarterback carson wentz. mike quick will do that. and also we're going to take a big picture look at another rookie for 2016, head coach doug pederson, his first year as a head coach. and he talked about what he has learned, and how he will move forward as a better head coach next year. >> locker room report. >> the biggest thing i think is just the, you know, the challenge of getting your team ready to play through adversity. >> adversity wasn't an issue early in the season. >> great job. >> the eagles sprinted out to a 3-0 start. the season included impressive wins over the steelers, falcons and giants. but it also included a five game losing streak, and just one road win. through it all, pederson has kept coaching.
9:32 am
as pederson has kept his eyes focused, there's plenty to reflect on. >> standing in this position, you're the rock of the football team. you're keeping everybody together. and, you know, it's also been sort of a blessing for me, because in this first year, having this type of adversity, it's challenged me. >> all right. hey, nothing's easy, baby. nothing's easy. >> to make sure i'm doing things right, and staying the course, and staying true to what i said to this team way back. it just makes us all better. >> for eagl"eagles gameday kic." >> the philadelphia eagles pick carson wentz. >> sometimes players are so big, at the quarterback position especially, where you have a
9:33 am
chance to change your franchise. >> carson wentz. >> carson, how you doing, bud? >> feeling great. how are you? >> great. ready for the eagles? >> yes, sir. >> bottom line is if you don't have a franchise quarterback in the nfl, it doesn't matter. >> that was a huge moment here in the history of the philadelphia eagles. it looked like they have found their franchise quarterback going forward. and in the final game, carson wentz with three completions will set the all-time nfl rookie record for completions, and he could wind up in the top three for attempts, so a lot has been put on his plate this year in the first year especially when you consider he wasn't even supposed to play originally. let's take a look back at the first year with carson wentz. >> you did it, man. >> in his first start carson wentz delivers. >> touchdown.
9:34 am
the first nfl touchdown pass by carson wentz! what a start! >> his first nfl drive resulted in a touchdown. and that is a start his teammates could see coming. >> great job, baby. back again he's looking. looking down the right side. touchdown! >> the eagles objected from the very beginning, it would keep the rookie. >> hanging up a little bit. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's a high-low type of thing. >> a win over the bears was followed by a blowout win over the steelers. >> to the far side. back goes wentz, he fires,
9:35 am
complete touchdown! you got to be -- >> on course. >> and at the bye week, there was a lot of hype around carson wentz. >> something you may have seen joe biden at the eagles game. he told me barack you got to get on the wentz wagon. >> carson himself went back home to his native north dakota, as a hometown hero. >> really cool. for me, not a lot of kids growing up around there get the opportunity i have. >> after the bye, carson, and the eagles headed to detroit. >> yeah. but carson's first interception of his rookie season put the finishing touch on the eagles first loss.
9:36 am
>> you never enjoy losing. that's just the way it is. it's hard to win in this league. >> and then, difficult late losses against division rivals washington, dallas, and the giants, followed. to the end zone incomplete for jordan matthews. and the giants will hang on. >> a stifling defeat in seattle that game for a monday night showdown. [ indiscernible ] >> well, there's obviously i mean -- >> carson wentz. aaron rodgers, what a beautiful drive on his own. >> but a second half carson wentz interception put the eagles below .500 for the first time and the rookie's worst game of the season follows in
9:37 am
cincinnati. >> we didn't expect to go on a skid like this. you don't plan for it. >> you'll be great, man. >> but the struggle did not diminish carson's standing with his teammates. >> leave this team. leave this team. >> the rookie quarterbackdom lead the birds to a near comeback win over washington near baltimore but he ducked defenders and snapped a five-game slide against the giants. it was a game where he was not busy, but carson fought back. >> these guys, this locker room, you never see them hang their heads. >> seeing the progression of the young quarterback was job one of 2016, and for him to play the entire season, for his teammates, and opponents, there is a lot of reasons to be excited. >> i was talking with him
9:38 am
[ indiscernible ] >> the guys, the most important player on the roster, he gives everything he has each and every day and he's not fazed by the outside noise. >> coming back next year, it won't be new anymore. i won't have to kind of get used to that feeling on sunday that it's already happened. i've been in 16 games already. so i think that's a huge thing that will only help me grow and this offense. >> so here are the numbers for carson wentz this season. on the left there are his numbers through the first three games. 3-0 record. 65% completion percentage five touchdowns and no picks. since then a different story numberswise. 3-9 record, nine touchdowns and 14 interceptions. but the key number is 16 games as in 16 games he will have played when he starts today against the cowboys. and speaking of carson, still to come -- >> i think one of the biggest
9:39 am
things i've learned is how hard it is to win in this league. >> up next, more with the eagles rookie quarterback, as he sits down for an exclusive interview with our mike quinn. a carson exclusive next when "eagles gameday kickoff" returns.
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♪ >> up to the middle. hold on a minute. he takes it home for the touchdown! >> he's like my favorite player on the team. this dude comes up to my niece. he can get everybody else to do whatever they want to do. >> oh, yes. welcome back to eagles dame gay kickoff and that touchdown base from carson wentz was our play of the year. and that play really shows all of the qualities and intangibles that carson brings. he changed the play at the line of scrimmage and was able to move out of the pocket and he didn't run with the ball he decided to throw it and what a touch on that pass to darren sproles. carson wentz has a bright future ahead. let's take a look back at his
9:43 am
first year in the nfl as a rookie quarterback with the eagles. mike quick did an exclusive sit-down with carson wentz. >> carson you started out the season in philadelphia in a blaze. first quarter of the season everybody's all crazy, from that point to where you are now, tell me about how that felt, that early in the first quarter, and how you gotten to where you are now? >> obviously we were on an emotional high 3-0 right away to start the year. kind of came out guns blazing. >> he's got it. he's got it. touchdown! touchdown! >> it's tough. it's tough having to deal with some of those losses. being in all of those games, having chances to win, and not sealing the deal late in the ball games, i was frustrated. >> you were 20-3 as a starter at north dakota state. how difficult is it dealing with the nfl, and just getting wins
9:44 am
in the national football league? >> i think that's one of the biggest things i've learned is how hard it is to win. how hard it is to win in this league. week in and week out, everyone brings their best. you know, everybody's a good player. everybody's a good team. so that's one of the biggest things i've learned. it was frustrating dealing with those losses. but it never really changed me. >> i felt that your coach about your approach and he talks about how you put the time in, and how it's almost an obsession for you. i think the great ones are like that. when did it become that for you? >> probably senior high school. i always love the games. in fact i was in first grade bringing the football to recess. i was always the guy, organizing teams. playing quarterback. but senior in high school is when i really kind of fell in love with it to another level. i grew up playing baseball, hockey, football became my passion. later in high school, then into college, i took that same approach that i have now all through college and i think
9:45 am
that's helped me get where i am today. >> looking. he's looking. he is rolling. he's going to tuck it and run. he is in the end zone. touchdown carson wentz! >> talk about the competition and how you love to compete versus love of the game. and how different or are they different? >> i think they're different but they're the same at the same time. i think the love of the game, part of it to me is the competition. is the competitiveness that you can have out on the field. and the love of the game also is just the camaraderie amongst a bunch of guys. you have a locker room of guys from all over the country, all over the place, come to the for a common goal. you can't put that into words. i know you've been there, mike. it's something you really can't describe that makes this game so much more enjoyable. >> i got that one right there. >> oh, this one if i get down
9:46 am
there at the 3 i'm coming to that. >> i know that you want to finish the season with a win at lincoln financial field. what else do you want to accomplish in that final game against the cowboys? >> obviously want to win, but i think the biggest thing is to keep take being steps forward together. receivers, running backs, defense, special teams want to go into this off-season with a lot of momentum and i think winning two nfc games will do that for us. >> that's going to be fun. >> and touchdown malcolm jenkins. >> no safety in football has more interceptions returned for touchdowns than our man malcolm. malcolm jenkins gives us final thoughts on 2016. and looks ahead to the team's future when "eagles gameday kickoff" rolls on. be noisy.
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now third and five. this is where this game's going to be decided. >> back again. he steps up -- >> throws the interception. it's picked off. all the way for a touchdown is malcolm jenkins. malcolm jenkins taking it all the way for an eagles touchdown!
9:50 am
>> i told you you could never predict what's going to happen when these teams get together. >> all right malcolm jenkins of course with two interceptions against the giants. one returned for a touchdown. name tennessee defensive player of the week. tell us what those honors mean to you when you get them? >> i mean they're big. any recognition that you get in the league, in is an honor because you watch games, and you see how many talented players there are. so to have something with your offensive or defensive player of the week, you know -- >> what would it mean for this team to beat the cowboys final home game and you go in to an off-season with two wins? >> i mean, it's huge for us. leaving, you know, it doesn't mean anything for next year but it does leave you with a little bit better taste in your mouth
9:51 am
as you're walking through the off-season, evaluate what's going on. >> spl turns to porter. he's across the 20, the 10, the 5, touchdown. >> easy. >> when you look at the defense as a whole, through 15 games, what has worked well? and what do you think this defense needs to work on to become an elite defense? >> well, i feel like, you know, we started off really good. we did some things that really got away from us. you know, what we do best. >> nothing in this game, man. respect you can't buy it. you got to earn it. >> for us to be in the league, forward the best players in our defense to show up every week. and everybody else just need to get available, snap in. snap out. >> shot, end zone. touchdown! >> one of the most important things about this year was finding a franchise quarterback and it looks like the eagles have that in carson wentz.
9:52 am
what have you seen from him on a daily basis from day one, and where he's ending up in his first season because you've faced rookie quarterbacks and you can see when a guy -- >> right. you know, whenever you want to know the direction in which somebody is trying to go, the relationship where you say you're just watching their "d." everybody wants to be ready but there's something about the daily preparation, to take to actually get there. he has that demeanor. he comes to work every day. the little things. and those are things you usually don't see out of a rookie player. who's got it, and he's already a talented player. you see that every time. what he does, from monday to saturday that i think is really going to take him somewhere in this league. i'm just excited to watch him. >> we look forward to one final interview after the cowboys game, hopefully a win. get a little good karma going into the off-season. thanks for a good year.
9:53 am
>> no problem, thank you. >> "eagles gameday kickoff" brought to you by novacare rehabilitation. the power of physical therapy. i. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> >> fan mail. kevin asks which opponent is your least favorite? >> cowboys. >> why? >> because i'm from texas and all my family is cowboys fans. >> my least favorite? cowboys. >> oh, the cowboys. >> probably the redskins. oh, why? because we've had -- since i've been, they seem to have our number in the last three or four years. >> cowboys. i mean, my family really like that, they grew up cowboys fans so it was like -- >> basically they really like
9:57 am
cowboys. they got. [ indiscernible ] >> you just knew most of them would say the cowboys were their least favorite, right? that's going to do it for us, for this entire season here on "eagles gameday kickoff." we really appreciate you watching and want to thank our playmaker mike quick for his player breakdowns and exclusive interviews. for all of us at nbc 10 we thank you for watching. happy new year and enjoy eagles football. s. >> out. running deep. >> let's go. let's go! let's go! let's go. >> if you're a playmaker be a playmaker. >> oh! >> hey. you come back this way, it ain't going nowhere. >> a pair of blankets.
9:58 am
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touchdown! >> hey, everybody, welcome to the final installment of eagles game plan, presented by verizon wireless. we're wrapping up the 2016 season against the cowboys, the birds had the big win over the giants. they want to finish it up on a high note against the dallas cowboys. the key this year has been the development of the rookie quarterback carson wentz. very important. and to break that down, who better than the rookie head coach himself doug pederson. here's a little tape study with him and our own ike reese.


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