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tv   Today  NBC  January 2, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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>> all right. >> i do that anyway. >> go to the jimgym for februar local updates throughout the morning. good morning. breaking news. chilling images emerge of the gunman who killed at least 39 people in an istanbul nightclub. the man still at large. isis claiming responsibility. >> i don't know. i saw one person shooting. i'm hiding. >> this morning w hear from an american wounded in that attack. top secrets. president-elect donald trump says he knows things no one else knows about the hack of our presidential election. once again saying vladimir putin may not have been behind it. will he reverse the obama administration sanctions on russia when he takes the oath of office in just 18 days? who dropped the ball? >> i'm trying to be a good sport here. >> mariah carey's team blaming
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the pop superstar's epic meltdown on everything, from faulty equipment to the show's produc producers. the production team saying, don't blame us. so, what really happened? and homecoming. >> oh, my god. good morning. >> katie's back. enthusiastically hosting for the entire week. a reunion ten years in the making. is it really like riding a bike? we're about to find out today, monday, january 2nd, 2017. >> from nbc news, in is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. second day of january. 1997, apparently. >> this is flashback monday. >> it really is. >> yeah. >> hello. >> hi.
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katie couric. >> matt lauer. >> i'm glad to meet you. >> this is the first time katie's not been back to the show but back to co-host in a decade. >> i know. it's really exciting. i'm happy to see my friends here. to see everyone in tvland. does it feel like -- "twilight zone" for you, matt. >> it's great to have you. we'll look back and look ahead. >> and happy to help out for savannah. so happy for her with her baby charley, who is so cute. >> we got a lot to get to this morning. going to start with breaking news. the frantic search for the gunman that opened fire at a new year's celebration at a popular nightclub in istanbul. nbc's chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, is there. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we spoke to an american who survived the attack, that took place in the nightclub just down the street. he said when the gunman opened
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fire, those who could escape, did. others tried to hide or drop to the floor and pretend to be dead. isis claimed responsibility for this first terror attack of 2017. the terrorist went through one of istanbul's nightclub on new year's eve. among the injured, jake raak, a defense contractor from pennsylvania. he's recovering at an istanbul hospital this morning. >> i was shot in the hip. the bullet traveled to my knee. i find myself fortunate. i was with dying people. seven of us were shot. >> reporter: raak was among hundreds at the club called reina, popular with foreign tourists and the turkish jetset crowd. a lone gunman come in around 1:00 a.m. >> someone said shots fired.
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i initially did not believe it, until i saw the gunman and he started shooting up the whole place. >> reporter: as the gunman moved from victim-to-victim, raak dove under a bench, and pretended to be dead as the terrorist stood above him. >> walking on a bench above my head, and my head was underneath. when he shot me, i didn't move. i let him shoot me. >> reporter: raak said he struggled not to clinch so the gunman wouldn't shoot him again. istanbul police released this blury image of a suspect. the militant managed to escape as survivors were fleeing the scene. with each hour that passes, it's more difficult to catch the suspect. if he was, in fact, isis, there's a concern he could try to leave turkey, cross into syria, parts that remain isis territory, making it more difficult for him to be apprehended. >> i know you have more about jake raak, the american inside
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that nightclub. what can you tell us about him? >> well, he was here to celebrate the new year. he came with some high school friends. they were sitting at a v.i.p. table. they were having bottle service. and suddenly, people started shooting. some people decided to run away. he didn't believe what was going on until he saw the gunman. he drove underneath a bench. as he described in that clip, he was half under the bench with his head underneath, his legs sticking out. the gunman standing on top of him. and he just had to wait until the gunman fired into him. he said he couldn't scream, he couldn't make any noise because he wanted the gunman to think he was dead. luckily, he survived and he will be heading back to the states quite soon, later today or soon after that. >> richard engel in istanbul, a city he knows well. richard, thank you very much. in other news, president-elect donald trump is gearing up for a busy week.
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he returned to new york after spending the holidays in florida. with 18 days to go until his inauguration, there's a lot on his plate. we're going to talk to incoming white house press secretary sean spicer in a moment. but first, kristen welker is down the block. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. donald trump will have more meetings throughout the week. and it comes amid scrutiny of his latest comments about russia and what it may mean for future relations between the two countries. president-elect donald trump landing in new york late sunday, after a star-studded black tie celebration in maura lago saturday to bring in the new year. but the backdrop of glitz and glamour, mounting confusion of what may come next in u.s./russian relations. on friday, an ouster of russians who announced sanctions against russia for cyber attacks and
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attempts to influence the u.s. election. when speaking to reporters over the weekend, mr. trump, again, questioned the u.s. intelligence. >> i know a lot about hacking. and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so, it could be somebody else. >> reporter: and even hinted at a potential revelation in the coming days. >> and i know things that other people don't know. and so, they cannot be sure of this situation. >> reporter: when pressed to clarify, mr. trump would only say he would offer more information tuesday or wednesday, after intelligence briefing this week. but mr. trump's incoming press secretary turned up the heat, questioning whether president obama's response to the russian hacking was over the top. >> you look at 35 people being expelled, two sites being closed down. the question is, is that response in proportion to the actions taken? maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. you have to think about that. >> reporter: the disconnect over russia, creating confusion across the globe and on capitol hill, where the top democrat on
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the house intelligence committee said there's stiffer sanctions. >> you're going to see others come together with a strong sanctions package. >> reporter: and president obama is on his way home from his winter vacation in hawaii. earlier this morning, he announced that next tuesday, he'll deliver a farewell address in chicago. but later this week, he heads to capitol hill, where he will strategize about how to save obamacare with the incoming president, vowing to repeal it. matt and katie, back to you. >> kristen, thank you very much. sean spicer will be donald trump's press secretary. happy new year. >> happy new year. welcome back, katie. >> thank you, sean. >> what does donald trump know? he says he knows things other people don't know. and he may reveal those things tuesday or wednesday. what does he know, sean? >> you know, we'll wait until tuesday or wednesday. but he's been constantly being
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briefed by his team, by his national security team, outside interests and others, as to the severity of the situation. as noted in kristen's package, what we're trying to figure out is how certain are they of intelligen intelligence? how proportional is the response to what happened? as i noted before, in 2015, in april of 2015, the chinese stole millions of personal documents, classified -- information on individuals who have and are serving in our government. and yet, there was not a single statement from the white house then. in this case, you have 35 people being expelled, 12 degrees of sanctions being imposed. two sites happened. is this a political response? or a diplomatic response? >> that was the office of personnel management you're referring to in 2015, sean. do you think that is as series as attempting to tamper with the democratic process and the election? >> hold on, katie. let's be honest. they stole millions of people's information. things they put on security clearances. the sensitive information about
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who they are, where they live, their family members. and not a single statement was issued by the white house. in this case, frankly, we have to wonder whether or not this is a political outcome. in september of this year, the president revealed he met with president putin and, quote, told him to knock it off. right? what happened? nothing. they didn't act then. only until hillary clinton lost the election did they decide this was a major thing. >> i want to go back, sean -- >> maybe it was. >> i want to go back to president-elect saying he knows things other people don't know. has he shared the information with the cia? with the rest of the intelligence community? because he would be talking about information that would be vital to national security if it involved the hacking of our national election. has he shared it? and if not, is he holding it out there like some tease for a reality show? >> i think -- look. the president-elect is briefed by his security team, by the current security team and intelligence community. i think he does know things. that's why he's the
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president-elect. he's informed of things that americans aren't cleared to get that information know. and what he's trying to get at, is there's a degree of certainty to which this happens. this report that everyone sees and taking as gospel truth is not final. it's not finalized until late this week. there's questions of why we're taking the actions we are, in the proportions we are, without the report being finalized. it's not a question of if. the president-elect will be briefed by senior members this week. and he will determine whether or not he believed the response was proportional to the actions taken. >> is there a chance that once he becomes president, he reverses the obama administration's reaction to this hacking? and allows the 35 diplomats back into the country? >> no. i think what's going to happen is the president-elect is going to wait until the information is final, that he can make the clearest judgment on what to do in the best interest of this country. what he's not going to do is politicize intelligence and decide to shoot from the hip
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before he has a complete picture of what's happening. >> but he continues -- >> let me answer the question, katie. he's going to make sure he makes the best decision in the interest of this country and not rush to judgment. he's making sure that he is fully briefed by the most senior members of the intelligence community, to make the best possible decision on what he will do when he becomes president. >> should he be fully briefed before he continues to praise and some suggest fawn over vladimir putin? >> no. look at what happened, katie, the other day. the president of the united states made a decision to expel 35 diplomats in 2 sites, and impose 12 sanctions against the russian government. the russian government announced they would do what we thought they would do, which is retaliate and match in-step. putin said he would wait before president trump became president. that shows the power he has in restoring diplomacy around the glove.
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until he can make a complete and full disclosure as to what's taken next, he is going to wait. >> sean spicer, thank you. we appreciate your time this morning. happy new year. >> happy new year. we want to move to another story that the incoming president is going to have to deal with. kim jong-un hinted sunday that the test launch of an intercontinental missile could be coming soon. kim said preparations have reached the final stage. kim threatened to boost his company's military capabilities further, unless the u.s. ends war games with south korea. and he says efforts must be made to diffuse a korean war and cressed the importance of his country's economy. severe weather is creating headaches for millions of americans trying to get home after the long holiday weekend. janet is at dallas-ft. worth international airport. good morning. >> reporter: katie, good morning to you. severe weather at dfw, impacting
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travelers. we have lightning and storms coming in. and it's a ripple effect across the country. and the weather will worsen, with a possibility of hail and ice in some cities. this travel day could go from bad to worse. this morning, not a happy new year for many travelers trying to get home after the holidays. wintry weather making the first days of 2017 tough going in some places. in seattle, for the first time in nearly half a century, a blanket of wihite covering the city on new year's eve. a cool way to ring in the new year for some. but creating driving conditions. and operations slowing to a crawl at sea-tac airport. and blizzard conditions in the northern plains. in the upper midwest, expecting freezing temperatures and a windily mess of snow and ice. and the south is in for a
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soaking. up to five inches of rain possible in some places. in minnesota, terrifying moments for these drivers. one car stranden on the side of the road, a second skidding out of control. forcing those in the first car to run for their lives. a reminder from state troopers on the dangers of winter driving. and with the slights running 100% full today, as people try to get home, any missed connections or consolatioancell will be difficult to reschedule. >> janet, thanks. al has his eyes on the storms and much more. he's in pasadena, by the way, getting ready for today's rose parade. al, when you look in the monitor, is it just bizarre? >> hey. wait a second. hi, al. >> what's frightening, matt, is you and i look horrible and she looks fantastic. >> shucks. quit it some more, al. >> all right. i can't wait to see you back in new york tomorrow, katie. >> they must have vaseline on
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the camera lens, al. >> i'm not sure where you're going with that. but anyway -- [ laughter ] >> oh, god. >> nothing changed. >> really. >> let's show you what's going on. where janet is right now, under severe thunderstorm watch. and you can see we've got some severe weather to the west, also heading into parts of louisiana, as well. the severe storms, really firing up. and in fact, we've got a risk of severe weather for over 20 million people, with impacts, 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts. could be some tornadoes. as the system pushes east, it is going to cause big problems. heavy showers and thunderstorms. severe storms likely lasting right on into tonight. and heavy downpours. rainfall amounts going to stretch anywhere from two to five inches. but locally, could be upwards of seven to eight inches down through the gulf coast. we're going to get to your local [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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[dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ . good morning, i'm meteorologist bell henley. rain starting moving in overnight. temperatures cold. fortunately the temperatures on the rise. even though we're going to get more rain during the day today. 44 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. in the low 40s for the suburbs. new jersey, close to 45 degrees for interior new jersey and a little bit warmer at the shore. close to 50 degrees this afternoon. lehigh valley valley topping out at 40 this morning.
7:18 am
44 with more rain in delaware. latest weather. and a littleittle later this mo, 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 pacific time, we're going to be hosting the 128th rose parade here on nbc. hoda kotb joins me. and the reason it's today on january 2nd instead of january 1st, there's a never on sunday rule. dates back into the 1890s when horse-drawn carriages would be disturbed by the parade. they said never on sunday. it's only happened 15 years in 128. matt and i were there for the first time. it was unbelievable. >> in 1890s when you started anchoring the "today" show. >> i knew you were going to say it. the best offense is a good defense. >> good luck with that, al. thank you very much. let's turn to mariah carey's new year's eve performance. people can't stop talking about
7:19 am
this. >> it was marred from problems from the very start. critics to the pop superstar. chanel jones weighs in with the latest. >> good morning. and nice to meet you. everyone agrees that mariah carey's performance didn't go as planned. but there's dispute as to why. carey and the team say it was faulty equipment. and the sound producers said the only issues she had were nontechnical. 2017 has its first controversy. after being called a disastrous new year's eve performance, that went viral, back and forth over what caused the mariah carey mishap. >> all right. >> reporter: the main dispute, whether or not carey's ear pieces and monitors were working. >> we can't hear. but i'll just get through the moment, okay. >> reporter: a rep for the singer says, they weren't. carey can be seen taking out her ear piece as "emotions" started
7:20 am
playing. later saying the monitors were off. >> get these monitors on, please. >> reporter: the rep said the show's producers knew she was having problems, but sent her on stage as planned rather than trying to fix the problem. >> i'm trying be a good sport here. >> reporter: dick clark productions released a statement, saying, in part, an initial investigation indicated that dcp had no involvement in the challenges associated with ms. carey's new year's eve performance. and claims as deflamtory and absu absurd. earlier, carey said he had problems hearing ryan seacrest. remember when beyonce admitted to lip-syncing at the presidential inauguration. or when ashlee simpson was caught on "saturday night live"
7:21 am
in 2004. >> that was amazing. >> reporter: as for this incident, abc would not comment. but just about everyone else did. one viewer tweeting, mariah carey gave 2016 the ending it deserved, tbh, to be honest. carey took it in stride, tweeting with an expletive that stuff happens. it says that the version was the backing track version, not the full version. that could have, perhaps, thrown her off. guys? >> i feel bad for her. i have nightmares about stuff like that. >> as people who do live television -- >> exactly. >> there's nowhere to hide. >> publicly, she took it in stride. >> it was a little -- >> my son showed me the tape. and all i can think of was, that outfit. i wasn't listening. wow. >> i was thinking, she must be cold, right? still ahead, from pop culture to politics and your money, three things you need to watch for in 2017. and kennedy cousin michael
7:22 am
skakel facing a possible return to prison after his conviction in a 41-year-old murder is reinstated. this morning, key players from both sides are speaking out. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning, i'm katy zachary. we have issued a first alert this morning because of the threat of freezing rain and slick conditions for this morning's commute in some areas. >> things have been improving. for now looking at cold neighbors in the lehigh valley suburbs and parts of new jersey until 8:00 this morning. still see areas of freezing rain leading to icy sidewalks. you may even see a layer of ice on your car. not in philadelphia. too warm in the city. further north and west that we're seeing the rain come to an end. that's good news. still could be some ice on the ground. temperatures just below freezing in many neighbors. 40s in south jersey and near 40
7:27 am
in delaware. not an issue there. some of the suburbs and into the lehigh valley. 32 in collegeville. where you have to be on the lookout for icy conditions to start with. much these temperatures climb into the 40s this afternoon. traffic reporter has been watching the roads to see if any slick conditions are affecting traffic. what are you seen. >> right now seeing slow conditions on the roads. not because of volume. just slow and slippery. no major delays. with the slippery spots come a few accidents. one back out on evansberg road. >> thanks for joining us. another live update in about 25 minutes. get the news and whether with the app. back to the today show. see you shortly.
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so, how did that sound? >> play it back. can you? >> this is "today" with katie couric and matt lauer. and matt lauer. >> that's your version. >> that's the one i play at home. i appreciate it. it feels strange. >> that's what it looked like 20 years ago on matt's first morning of co-anchor of "today." i was by his side then. and apparently, we had the same hairstyle. that was scary. >> not anymore for me. >> and not for me. >> katie is back for the first time co-hosting the show in a decade while savannah is on maternity leave. and it's fun to have you back. >> it's fun to be here. did you notice my side of the desk is a pig sty and yours is
7:31 am
neat and tidy. some things never change. >> we will have a lot of fun. and a lot of news to talk about. overnight, isis claimed responsibility, for a new year's eve attack on the nightclub in istanbul. 39 people were killed. dozens more wounded, including a man from delaware. police have launched an international manhunt for the gunman. a bag possibly belonging to the pilot of a small plane that disappeared over lake erie has been found. six people have been found, including a family traveling from cleveland to columbus. crews are trying to find the wreckage there. and queen elizabeth missed sunday's new year's church service because of lingering effects of the bad cold. buckingham palace says she is recupera recuperating. the 90-year-old missed a similar church service on christmas day. >> we wish her well. hope she is feeling better. we begin with new developments tied to an infamous
7:32 am
murder case. kennedy cousin, michael skakel, facing a possible return to prison, after a new ruling from the connecticut supreme court. nbc's kate snow is here. >> reporter: good morning, matt. katie, nice to see you. for over four decades, the murder of a teenage girl in a small connecticut town has captured national attention. the crime, gruesome. the suspect, tied to one of the country's influential families. now, in a case that has seen shocking twists before, another unexpected one. it's one of the country's most infamous murder cases. and now, kennedy cousin michael skakel could be headed back to prison. the connecticut supreme court reinstating his conviction for the murder of martha moxley. skakel is the cousin of robert f. kennedy's widow, ethel. and was sent to prison 27 years of his neighbor, moxley, was found beaten to death with a golf club in the wealthy town of
7:33 am
greenwich, connecticut. skakel had his conviction overturned and was set free by a connecticut judge in 2013, after arguing his lawyer, mickey sherman, did not adequately represent him. and the state appealed. in a 4-3 decision friday, connecticut's highest court said sherman provided constitutionally adequate representation. >> in this case, he did a good job, it means nothing. i lost the case. michael went to jail. >> reporter: now, a best-selling author, sherman says skakel is innocent and has mixed feelings about the new supreme court decision. >> what hasn't changed is the fact that michael skakel was wrongfully convicted. even though my reputation has been in jeopardy, mine is a small and insignificant price to pay. >> reporter: the mother of martha moxley said, this is the way it should be. i'm very, very happy. it is sinking in and i could not be more excited, more pleased. now, skakel's new legal team is
7:34 am
weighing their options. >> the fight for justice for michael skakel in this case is far from over. >> reporter: his attorneys plan to file a motion for reconsideration. and are combatting critics who say skakel has received special treatment because of his famous family ties. >> there's never been special treatment given to michael during the course of all of the proceedings, simply because he is related to the kennedy family. nothing can be further from the truth. >> reporter: for decades, the case has garnered attention, playing out in tabloids, books. >> my name is martha moxley. >> reporter: and made-for-tv movies, placing a new spotlight on one of the most iconic political families. >> michael skakel would not be in jail if people did not call him kennedy cousin michael skakel. >> reporter: robert f. kennedy jr. spoke with matt and made a case for his innocence. in that special, dorothy moxley maintained that michael skakel is responsible for the death. >> i don't know if there are
7:35 am
legal uncertainties. we know who killed martha. we proved it. he was convicted and sent to jail. >> reporter: skakel, who has been free for three years, has always maintained his innocence. at the time of martha moxley's murder, skakel was 15 years old. now, in his 50s. he's served 11 years of his original prison sentence. his attorneys have ten days to file a motion for reconsideration. they are expected to do that by the end of the week. but whether or not he will return to prison or remain free while his attorneys ask the high court to reconsider is unclear. guys? >> this all happened in the town where i went to high school. and it's amazing that 41 years later, we're still talking about developments in this case. >> i know. amazing. >> reporter: been a long case. >> nice to see you. thanks, kate. let's head back out to pasadena and get another check of the weather from al. >> hey, guys. thank you so much. it's about 45 degrees out here. a little on the chilly side. but things will be warming up a little bit later. we're talking about very chilly
7:36 am
weather in the pacific northwest and spreading east. the jet stream takes a dip and you can see temperatures from 10 to 30 degrees below average. we move into tomorrow and that spreads into the central and northern plains, where the temperatures will be upwards of 35 degrees below average. and by wednesday, it moves into the upper midwest, with chicago feeling the chill. in the east, it's another story. the jet stream goes way up to the north. and so, look at the temperatures today. nashville, 24 degrees above average. philly, seven degrees above average. and into the week, it moves further east and makes its way into the southeast, mid-atlantic states and the northeast going into wednesday. bu the colder airt rain started move toing in overnight. more rain during the day today. 44 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. into the low 40s for the suburbs.
7:37 am
new jersey close to 45 degrees for interior new jersey and a little bit warmer at the shore. close to 50 degrees this afternoon. lehigh valley topping out at 40 after freezing rain first thing this morning. high of 44 with more rain in delaware. have a great day. >> hear them rehearsing back behind us. getting ready for 128th rose parade presented by honda right here on nbc starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern. 8:00 p.m. eastern. my pal hoda joins me in just a little while. >> look forward to that. coming up on trending, where it's now illegal for your boss to make you check your e-mail after work hours. first, we're gazing into our crystal ball. what you can expect in 2017 when it comes to politic, your money it comes to politic, your money and pop culture. has anyone seen we sent him on a coffee run. alright. i've got your latte... large coffee with cream...
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7:43 am
president-elect trump. >> this is new for me. i'm walking. >> better that you came to me. >> we've been watching president-elect trump. we know he's going to surround himself at the white house on the campaign trail. he talked about his world view. it's one thing to talk about it. it's another thing to put into action. what are the early signs you're looking for? >> we spent morning after morning around that table, talking about his affection for all things putin-esque. and what are we talking about three weeks from inauguration? his explaining away what 17 intelligence agencies clearly describe as the hacking into the dnc e-mail server. if what we saw on the campaign is any indication how he's going to feel as president, we're looking at a major overhaul of u.s./russia relations. >> that should be fascinating. meanwhile, a lot of people are speculating about ivanka trump's role and their role in the administration, if they're working in the white house.
7:44 am
house-hunting in d.c. what do you make of that, nicole? >> it's a tale of two analyses, if you will. on the one hand, they're viewed as the donald whisperers. bringing out a calmer, more reasonable, in the case of ivanka, more moderate side of her father, on women's issues and child care and whatnot. the bad side, it may be illegal. there's anti-nepotism law that blocks family members bag on the white house payroll. >> after bobby kennedy? >> the laws were made after that. >> thank you, nicole. let's move over with ali velshi here. ali, end of the year. stock market flirting with 20,000. what are you expecting as we start this new year? >> this is the longest flirtation we've seen in a long time. it hasn't happened. doesn't look like it's going to happen today. an it's important to remember that a shock should have a relationship to how much a company is going to earn, in the upcoming year. unless you think that companies
7:45 am
are going to earn a lot more money than they did this year, you have to be careful with your stock. it's not at 20,000 right now. there's some companies that expect to do very well under a trump presidency, including banks, financial stocks. he talks about infrastructure, building companies, caterpillar. things like that. but the market is up 13% in the last year. that's 2 1/2, 3 times the normal gain. >> you are keeping an eye on where the jobs are going to come from. donald trump won saying he was going to be a job creator. >> the best job creating president ever. >> but the fact is, ali, most manufacturing jobs are not lost to trade but rather automation. what is he going to do about that? >> you can't turn that clock back. remember in 2016, america created about 188,000 jobs every month. donald trump likes to talk about 1,000 here and 5,000 here. but what you have to do to create jobs is unleash the so-called animal spirits. have businesses, small and
7:46 am
large, say things are going to do well so i'm going to expand. that's how you xrcreate jobs, n cutting deals with individual companies. >> we're going to see dave karger. he's going to talk about pop culture. you're saying when it comes to movies, like here on the "today" show, it's about the reboot. >> there's big movies in 2016. "star wars." there's reboots. tom cruise is restarting the "mummy" franchise. a "spider-man" do-over, with tom holland. and ridley scott has a new "alien" movie with a new cast. >> also, it will be the year of the women. thank you. when it comes to recording artists, right? >> and 2016 was big thanks to adel and beyonce. katy perry, kelly clarkson, lord, tlc and mary j. blige and rumored taylor swift. >> whose fault was mariah carey
7:47 am
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and cannot be used to treat shingles or the nerve pain that may follow it. you should not get zostavax if you are allergic to gelatin or neomycin, have a weakened immune system or take high doses of steroids are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. the most common side effects include redness, pain, itching, swelling, hard lump warmth or bruising at the injection site and headache. it's important to talk to your doctor about what situations you may need to avoid since zostavax contains a weakened chickenpox virus. remember one in three people get shingles in their lifetime, will it be you? talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. just ahead, the surprising way to tell if someone's being honest with you. >> has something to do with expletives. >> and the "js" are back in the new year with ways the get
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning. katie zachary. a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. issued a first alert this morning. possible freezing rain and slick conditions in your area. let's get right to your forecast. colder neighborhood, seeing freezing rain. fortunately tapering off. more rain is moving in, but temperatures will be moving up. so we're still seeing some areas of freezing rain. first thing this morning. as the day goes by, temperatures climbing. already 35 in some suburbs. not all of the suburbs. collegeville, 33 degrees. just moved up a degree. right at freezing. this afternoon, numbers will be in the 40s. >> thanks. let's see how things are moving
7:57 am
on the roads. you have a look the 95. still watching for slippery spots, but there's no one on the road. typically around this time we're almost at a stand still. usually looks like. 14 minutes southbound. if you have to take transit this morning, watch out for holiday schedule. modified weekday schedule for the buses. >> jessica, thanks. breaking news, new comments just in to our newsroom from a delaware man who was hurt in deadly terror attack in istanbul. jack raak due back home later today. shot in the leg. had to play dead to survive. >> somebody said there were shots fired. i initially did not believe it until i saw the gunman and he started shooting up the whole place. >> i'm katie zachary.
7:58 am
we'll have another update in about 25 minutes.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, terror in turkey. the search intensifies for the gunman, responsible for killing at least 39 people at a nightclub on new year's eve. as the only american wounded in that attack speaks out. >> i was probably the luckiest person in the whole thing. i do find myself very fortunate. i was with dying people. seven of us were shot. >> we're live at the scene. plus, living clean in 2017. dr. oz stops by studio 1a, with advice on how to cleanse your diet for the new year. and how to live better and longer. and she's back. >> nice to see you all. >> nice to see you, too. >> katie couric.
8:01 am
nice to meet you. >> darn good to meet you. >> katie couric returns to studio 1a, for a reunion a decade in the making, this january 2nd, 2017. >> all the way from texas, our first time here. >> celebrating our birthday in the nyc. >> hi to baby liam in illinois. ♪ >> hi to mom and dad in chicago. >> i love you, katie. >> you, too, matt. >> welcome back, katie. [ chanting ] >> and we are back now, 8:00 on this monday morning. the second day of january 2017. big crowd in the rain here in rockefeller plaza. welcoming back our co-host for the week, ten years removed from the show, katie couric. how are you?
8:02 am
>> hi. i'm having a ball. it's nice the see you. kind of chilly and rainy out here. but nice to see everyone. got a nice big crowd, as usual. that's so nice. >> in the beginning of the show, i said, is it like riding a bike? what's the answer after an hour? >> it does. it feels like i never left. and you make it so easy, matt. you're great at this job. >> you say it's like you never left. i show people what you did to me. i get a little haircut in the makeup room and this is what i found. [ knocking ] you know, this would be hysterical if this wasn't the way the makeup room looked when she worked here. this is vandalism. that's what this is. and in my chair. for your personal collection. well, let me just sit on that. ooh. all right. bring her in. that's the way it looked.
8:03 am
nothing but publicity photos of katie on the wall. >> that actually was a joke getting back at matt. when i gave a speech in florida once. i was at a hotel, and walked into my room. >> the breakers. >> there were pictures of matt everywhere he had signed. they were in the minibar. i went to the bathroom and lifted up the toilet seat and he goes, i'm here, too. >> i didn't do that to you today. >> the story was good until the toilet seat part. there is another reason that katie is here this week. >> it's so exciting because matt is celebrating his 20th anniversary as the "today" show co-anchor. how did that happen? i mean, do you honestly wonder how in the world that happened? >> it went by so fast. that means it's a good thing. that means it's been fun and interesting and challenging. and it all started with you in 1997. >> that's right. >> i'm happy you're here this week. >> you've done a great job all these years. congratulations. mazel, mazel, good things. >> coming up, dr. oz is here.
8:04 am
he has tips on how to lose weight in the new year. and advice for certain people who are, let's say, celebrating the second of their 30th -- >> the second anniversary of the 30th birthday. yeah. katie has a very big birthday this weekend. >> yes, i do. thanks for telling the world, matt. >> let's start this half hour with a look at the news. here's your news at 8:00. >> first, the latest on that terrorist attack on new year's eve. i'm richard engel in istanbul, where police say they have detained eight suspects but they don't believe they have the attacker in custody. american survivor, jake raak, is recovering at an istanbul hospital this morning. >> i was shot in my hip. i was the luckiest person in the whole thing. i find myself fortunate. i was with dying people.
8:05 am
seven of us were shot. >> reporter: raak was among hundreds at the club called reina, popular with foreign tourists and the jetset crowd when a lone gunman stormed in around 1:00 a.m. >> someone said there were shots fired. i initially did not believe it. until i saw the gunman and he started shooting up the whole place. >> reporter: as the gunman moved from victim-to-victim, raak said he dove under a bench. he pretended to be dead as the terrorist stood above him. >> he was walking on a bench above my head, where my head was underneath. when he shot me, i didn't move. i just let him shoot me. >> reporter: raak said he struggled not to flinch so the gunman wouldn't shoot him again. a manhunt is under way across turkey to find the terrorist who rampaged through one of istanbul's ritziest nightclubs. isis has claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack, the first of 2017. matt? >> richard engel in istanbul.
8:06 am
thank you very much. let's turn to politics. president-elect donald trump is back in new york after ringing in the new year in florida. over the weekend, the president-elect again questioned u.s. intelligence about russia and possible hacking, suggesting it could have been done by someone else. he also says that, he knows things other people don't know. a little earlier on "todays," incoming press secretary, sean spicer, said the president-elect is being constantly briefed by his security team and will have more to say about this tomorrow or wednesday. meanwhile, right now, president obama is on his way back to washington after wrapping up his hawaiian vacation. he and the first lady boarded air force one during the night for the trip back to the nation's capital. later in the week, he will meet with house and senate democrats on how to defend obamacare from efforts to repeal and replace it. and today, the president announced plans to deliver his farewell address, a week from tomorrow in chicago. police in southern california looking for the prankster who turned the famed
8:07 am
hollywood sign into this, using tarps. someone earned the "os" into "es" making the sign say hollyweed. is this what you did before you littered the makeup room with your pictures? >> i was having fun. >> may have been a high-profile response to the approval of proposition 64, that legalized the recreational use of marijuana next year. if caught, the vandal could face a trespassing charge. >> that was clever. up next, a revealing look at 2016, through the lens of the white house chief photographer. then, we're going to take you inside the new year's celebrations of some of your favorite stars. and dr. oz is here to help you get happy and healthy ♪ look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d.
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8:11 am
♪ all right. it is now 8:11, which makes it a great time to trend for the first time in this new year. got katie here. nice to see you guys. >> happy new year. >> ever happen to you? when i have a disagreement with my children and i try to prove to them that i'm right, they will look at me and say, pop, you're yelling. why are you yelling? i'll say, i'm not yelling at all. you tonight hear the sound of
8:12 am
your own voice? >> yes. >> that happen to everybody? >> yes. >> that's what happened to steelers safety, mike mitchell yesterday. he was called for a penalty for a face mask. check out his reaction. [ screaming ] >> he grabbed mine. oh, my god. please look at it. please look at it. he grabbed mine. >> he probably didn't understand how high-pitched that squeal was. there was the play, by the way. he was half-right, he did have his face mask grabbed. but he also reached out and grabbed the other. either way, the nfl is going to need to start mic'ing players to hear this. >> poor thing. he will be cringing when he hears that replay. >> such a big guy for that sound. >> yeah. >> a little whiney, right? >> my mom used the scream like that at barbara and i when she would see our rooms. and we were teenagers.
8:13 am
>> on a football player, it sounds worse. meanwhile, how many of you check your work e-mail when you're not in the houoffice? now, a new french law gives companies with more than 50 employees have to establish specific hours when workers tonight have to send or answer business-related e-mails. this is part of an effort to reduce stress, caused by the job. france has a 35-hour workweek. but that law is coming under closer scrutiny. they may have to work 36 hours. >> yeah. what do you think about passing a law that says you don't have to check the e-mails? >> i mean, you would hope that employers would be a little more sensitive. >> i guess it depends on your job. you know? >> it would be hard to be in this business and do it. >> absolutely. >> but we're way too tethered to our deviced. we're not being present. we're missing our kids doing things. >> why are you making that face? >> can we sue the employer that
8:14 am
you're forced to look at an e-mail. >> how about vacation? >> or first thing in the morning. it's our new year's resolution. henry looks at sports scores and me for work. i hope he's not watching. >> it's become a patterned response. >> john told me we have to keep our phones out of the bedroom. late tmi. you use it too much. and you play words with friends than talk to each other. >> trying to remember in my ten years working with you, you curse a lot? >> occasionally. but i try not to because i hear my dad's voice saying, that is so unladylike. and inappropriate. >> i caught myself the other day. and i need to reel it in. >> we don't have to ask. >> what am i looking at? of course, you do. >> it's too acceptable. you walk down the street. an you hear people dropping the f-bomb. and i say, do you eat with that mouth? >> do you really? >> i do because it makes me so
8:15 am
mad. >> i don't say that. but i do say, watch your language. >> it's not good. >> there's a reason i bring this up. a new study claims that people who curse a lot may be the most honest. researchers at the university of cambridge, which makes it sound very official, found that people use curse words often are less likely to lie. the reason is this. you don't filter your language. you're less likely to put your stories through a filter, making them lies. >> that sounds like bull. >> people who said they do it to express their true self or make a point. >> i do it to make a point. >> me, too. dramatic. >> to shock somebody. and if you don't curse a lot, if you do, you mean it. >> exactly right. >> over the years, i love seeing the photos coming out of the white house. every year, he posts his favorites. and he's released his final set for the obama administration.
8:16 am
i think we remember this one, showing 106-year-old civil rights activist, virginia mclorne, dancing with the president and first lady during a reception celebrating black history month. that was a moving one. and this one featuring malia and sasha obama at a state dinner. sou sousa, saying it is an honor to see them grow up. >> you go back and look at them when president obama was first elected. how little they were. >> what a difference eight years, makes, right? >> somebody should know that, over here, right? >> i'm glad you're not doing my before and after. let's put it that way. can you say freshman 15? >> seriously. and the royals made it on to pete's list. this picture of prince george meeting the president went viral, which is cute. and there's no shortage of photos of president obama interacting with adorable kids. he never knew what kids would do when they met the president.
8:17 am
and my favorite is this one. this 5-year-old boy named jacob, asking president obama -- well, it was my favorite. he said, did your hair feel the way my hair feels? and president obama said touch it. and he said to this little boy, touch it, dude. that's the picture. and i think it's so precious. >> my grandmother has that picture in her den. >> really? >> and hats off to pete sousa, when you go there, he manages to get one or two shots and send them to you. he's been a wonderful force at the white house for a lot of years. >> absolutely. how about "pop start." celebrities marked the end of 2016, some fabulous ways. sharing their celebrations. miley cyrus and liam hemsworth showing some pda. neil patrick harris showing this pic of him and his family in the holiday in hawaii. john legend performs in the caribbean and was joined by his wife, chrissy teigen. while all of the celebs
8:18 am
celebrated, carson daily was working hard in times square, sharing instagram with mel b. ed sheeran for his fans, after not tweeting for a year, he teased new music set to drop on friday. the tweet has 240,000 retweets. sheeran said he had taken a break to travel the world. now, he's ready to reveal the, quote, best thing i've made so far. looking forward to that. everyone was celebrating new year's eve, dale earnhardt jr. was getting married. the nascar superstar, tie knot, in north carolina. that includes kyle busch. and canada patrick also in attendance. she caught the bouquet. congrats to dale and amy. guys? >> thank you very much. if one of our trending stories was right, let's send it back to one of the most honest people i know, at the rose
8:19 am
parade in pasadena for another check of the weather. mr. roker? >> al doesn't cuss that much. >> shut the front door. >> good morning, buddy. >> good morning. look who is here getting ready. my pal, hoda kotb, who is going to be co-hosting. >> hey, katie. >> hi. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> she's going to -- we're going to get her mic'd up and ready to go in a little bit. >> nice talking to you, katie. >> later. >> you know, she has a spare outfit in case one goes down, or i spill coffee on her. or something like that. anyway, let's show you what's happening. here out west, we're looking for more wet weather, and a few rain drops on the parade route. and looking at mountain snows. and heavy rain moves in the midweek period in central and northern california, with lots of mountain snow. and a storm system that's getting itself together, where
8:20 am
we have winter storm watches and advisories. pushing up into minneapolis, minnesota, in the u.p. of michigan. snowfall amounts in three to six inches. but in the mountains out west, a foot and a half of snow. inhe upper tmi good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. rain started to move in overnight when the temperatures were cold and fortunately they were on the rise even though we will get more rain today. 40 degrees for philadelphia and in the low 40s for the suburbs. new jersey, close to 45 degrees for the interior new jersey and a little bit warmer at the shore where it is close to 50 degrees this afternoon. the lehigh valley topping out at 40 after freezing rain this morning and the high with 44 and more rain in delaware s. a great day. >> that's your latest weather. coming up 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific, the
8:21 am
128th rose parade. my pal, hoda kotb, and i, bringing it here on nbc. i love saying this, katie? >> thank you, al. in the past, turning 60 was not something that many people wanted to talk about. but in a few days, saturday to be precise, i'll hit that milestone. and i plan to fully embrace it. or at least try. and by the way, matt is not far behind. so, this morning, dr. mehmet oz, host of "the dr. oz show" is, in fact, he's my age for what? nine days. here to talk about what happens to your bodies and everything else when we turn 60. nice to see you. is 60 the new 30? >> it is for sure. >> is it? >> you took the real age test. there's 35 million americans have taken. if you're home, take it. it doesn't take much time. but your real age, the age your body thinks you, are is 54. >> i wanted my real age to be 40, mehmet.
8:22 am
>> no. about the most you can carve off is 10, 12 years, max. if you're living a vegetarian in the himalayas. but 54 is fantastic. your body not actually thinks you're this age. but the tables show you live five years longer. you're in good shape. >> that's good. all right. let's talk about what turning 60 does to your body, mehmet. first of all, weight. it seems like your body changes as you get older. like, i'm getting a little belly fat. >> is it a pooch? >> i might as well be honest. okay? i never really had a lot of belly fat. what is up with that? what can i do about it? >> you look in great health to me. >> i have industrial spanx on, mehmet. >> the ovaries don't just make estrogen. they make testosterone. when they get older, without testosterone, you can't build
8:23 am
the metabolic furnace. our protein program that launches today, is about plant protein. in women, plant proteins do a good job. >> what do you mean? >> nonstarchy vegetables. and there's meats made from brokendown plant protein. you can't taste the difference. and you don't eat too much fat. not too much sugar. and protein satiates you and allows you to build muscle mass if you do resistance exercise. >> i do that. >> if you want to avoid the pooch, plant proteins. and make sure you have it early in the day. those at home should get protein in their breakfasts. the usual things, don't do it anymore. the pooch will become bigger. >> should i be taking testosterone? >> no. i would sleep. that build growth hormone. >> if you have last hair on your body, if you used to shave your legs a lot and you don't anymore, testosterone might be
8:24 am
low. >> okay. >> you bring it up. then, maybe it's worth considering a consultation. but i don't like giving testosterone willy-nilly. >> on the first panel. >> tell us about heart. thank you, matt. >> heart. take care of it. you have problems as you get older. break a sweat is the best way to go. and check your blood pressure, everybody. number one cause of aging. the blood pressure cuffs are 25 bucks. know your numbers. >> let's talk about bones. i did a bone density test. i have the bones of a 30-year-old. how do i keep them strong, though? >> a lot of women think exercise is about breaking a sweat. >> it's weight bearing, right? >> you can become lean and beautiful, like the gazelle you represent. >> oh, yeah. >> you want to do it with your own body. yoga, pilates. squats if you're sitting at home. they will get you there. but you need to make sure you get enough calcium. >> i was going to ask you about that. how much calcium should you
8:25 am
have? and what about magnesium? >> as an insurance policy, 600 milligrams. take it with magnesium to keep you regular. and you have to get vitamin d. and have dairy because it has k2 in it. >> i thought it was interesting that carbonated drinks take away your bone density. we have to talk about skin and the effect aging has on your skin. >> it dries and becomes more cracked. with the serums out there. retinol. the biggest present i ever got, ever in my life was moisturizer. i don't know why men don't moisturize. women have figured this out. moisture, moisture, moisture, morning and afternoon. >> i take a bath in it. i use so much moisturizer. and humidifiers in the winter. the winter heat is damaging to your skin. >> despite matt's criticism, you did beautifully. >> thank you, dr. oz. and you can catch the dr. oz
8:26 am
show weekdays. meanwhile, just ahead, jean nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm katy zachry and a few minutes before 8 c:30. and it was slick in some areas, bill? yes, the rain is letting up in philadelphia, and it is still dreary kwoutside and the rain is going to be back this afternoon, but the more steadier rain is in south jersey, especially at the shore. inland, spotty right now, but you can see the light freezing rain in the lehigh sal e lee valley and farther to the north. i am not expecting kwising ho here with the temperatures climb ing. it is going to be rain late eer today. >> bilks thank you so much. a check on the roads with our traffic reporter jessica boying
8:27 am
ton. >> this is the most car is i have seen on tripper road, and if you are watching, this is trooper road here, and no delay here even though the roads are slippery and eastbound headed to the schuylkille express wway an that drive time has not budged either. looking agent the road closure from the accident in eastern jersey where taunton is closed between kings mill road. back to you, katy. >> police are investigating an early morning home invasion. it happened at 1:30 a.m. on orthodox street. police say two men entered a home and injure ad man living there. he is in the hospital. and the woman who lives with him is speaking with detectives at the special victims unit. police say that the man got away and nothing was taken from the home. i'm katy zachary, and we will be back in 25 minutes with another update. them will
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
inspire us all. >> inspiring america every monday. ♪ ♪ i want to dance >> the clock strikes upon the hour ♪ ♪ and the sun begins to fade enough time to figure out ♪ ♪ how to chase my blues away it's the light of day that shows me how ♪ ♪ and when the night falls my lonely heart calls ♪ ♪ i want to dance with
8:31 am
somebody ♪ back, now, 8:30, on a monday morning, second day of january, 2017. great music on the plaza. that's new york city's blackout a cappella, entertaining our crowd. you guys sound great. you know what would be great? if we could find one more voice to fill out the sound. who could we find? >> i don't think so. you guys are getting it. ♪ and i wind up feeling down ♪ i need a man who will take a chance ♪ ♪ on a love that burns hot enough to last ♪ ♪ when the night falls my lonely heart calls ♪ ♪ i want to dance with somebody i want to feel the heat with somebody ♪ ♪ oh, want to dance with somebody ♪ ♪ with somebody who loves me oh, want to dance with
8:32 am
somebody ♪ ♪ i want to feel the heat >> thank you very much, guys. >> my apologies. they sound great. >> they're fantastic. by the way, keep going. just ahead, launching something for the new year. start today, live to 100. jean chatzky is here. >> thank you, guys. >> jean chatzky is going to get us started with how to make your money last late into life. and by the way, i've never seen it take so long to convince you to go in and sing. >> well, you know, it wasn't exactly my key. that's why i didn't sound so great. yeah. that's the ticket. >> yeah. coming up, making beautiful music in the most unexpected place, matt. apparently this is a great story. about a musical program in the maximum security prison hsing-hsing. very appropriate. we're going to take you inside this remarkable idea in this half hour. and also, minding your manners in 2017. we're revealing the seven rules of social etiquette to live by in the new year. one more hand for blackout
8:33 am
a cappella here on the plaza. >> thank you so much. that was great. >> let's go back to pasadena and al. al? >> you know, matt, this reminds me of that time katie thought it was a great idea for us to sing with stevie wonder. >> that was so awful. that was so awful. i mean, i think matt -- >> don't even think about it. >> i think we've destroyed that tape, al. >> oh, god. thanks for that, al. >> no. it's still there. i'm sure somebody's looking for it right now. >> yeah. >> it was horrid. >> was it? >> it was horrible. >> hey, katie, it's hoda. how do you feel? how does it feel, this whole thing? >> it's fun. i wish the weather was a little better, hoda. but i'm having a great time. so many people who i worked with back in the early 1900s are still here. so, it's fun to see the whole crew. i can't wait to go to the control room and say hi to all of them. i'm driving them crazy. >> and direct. >> exactly. >> that's right. well, has she been producing already? >> a little bit. >> just a little.
8:34 am
i've been trying not to. i've been trying to restrain myself, al. >> this is going to be a great week. i'm so excited. oh, boy. the other thing i'm excited about is working with this nice lady, hoda kotb. this will be our third year co-hosting the rose parade. >> we should point out this is al's 20th year doing the rose parade. an anniversary for al in pasadena. a little drizzly but not enough to care. >> it's rained 10 times in 107 years on the parade. >> wow. >> this is the 15th time it's on a monday. never on sunday rule. kind of cool. don't forget, you can watch the 128th rose parade right here on nbc, starting 11:00 a.m. eastern. and 8:00 a.m. pacific. >> we're going to have some fun. >> that's good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley.
8:35 am
the rain started to move in overnight with temperatures that are cold, but they are tron the rise even though we will get more rain today. 44 degrees for philadelphia and in low 40s for the suburbs. new jersey, close to 45 degrees for interior new jersey and warmer at the shore where it is close to 50 degrees this afternoon. the lehigh valley is topping out at 40, and the high with 44 and more rain in delaware. have a great day. forget. get the weather anytime you need it. check out our friends in the new ew year at the weather channel. i must mention, this tie is a christmas gift from my son, nick. >> nice. >> nice. >> very snazzy. >> it's beautiful. >> nick has good tastes. thank you, hoda and al. good to see you both. it's a new year, as we all know. and everyone is looking for a fresh start. >> that's right. if you picked up a couple of bad habits in 2016, why not learn to correct them as we enter the new year. mr. manners is here. >> happy new year, matt.
8:36 am
>> let's start with one we touched on. a lot of political debate online. it's tempting to go online and add your 2 cents. when do you know when it's okay to comment? and when should you stay on the sidelines? >> i tell people, facebook is not the place for debate. save it for sharing picture of your grandkids. politics is not the way to do it via facebook post. keep the politics off of facebook. if you have a poster who is annoying you, hide them. don't comment. tonight get sucked in. >> it's gotten ugly or did get ugly during the campaign, with a lot of people getting unfriended, getting into big fights. not only on facebook but in the comments sections's icky. >> steer away from it. >> one of recently shared this photo on instagram. and one of if issues i guess etiquette issues is oversharing. and i mentioned that my carrie,
8:37 am
i posted a picture of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher, i was so crestfallen and heartbroken, but my daughter says i clog instagram. and sometimes i post too much. is there such a thing as posting too much? i have offenders that i follow. i sometimes do two a day. is that too much? >> that expression, if yu don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. for instagram -- >> that's my daughter. >> that will be another segment. for that i say, if you tonight have anything interesting to say, don't say it at all. it may be interesting to you. may not be interesting to all of your followers. your posts are interesting. i think you have nothing to worry about. keep it to a minimum unless it's fascinating stuff. >> you have gotten involved on this one. what if someone uses grammar that's incorrect or misspell things. do you correct them? or do you stay out of it? >> nobody likes to be a grammar
8:38 am
police. >> except for me. >> i know somebody. >> you know, it is really abk x abnoxio abnoxioabkno obnoxious. >> the key on that mug is you're silently correcting grammar. >> i'm not silent. >> if you repeat what the person said and repeat it correctly, that's the nice way of correcting rather than saying that's wrong. >> we have time for one more. >> what about thank you notes? a lot of people give gifts or nice things for the holidays. what's the protocol on that these days? is e-mail sufficient? >> you want the gold standard, go for the thank you note. one thing you don't need a thank you note for, is someone else's thank you note. if you're a guest in someone's home, a thank you gift and note. >> what is the time limit? >> as soon as you can. and never too late. if it's six months or a year, i never refused a thank you note because it's the late. don't do it because too long has gone by. >> brian is the best at writing
8:39 am
handwritten notes. i love getting them on beautiful stationery with good penmanship. >> if you have time to get the gift, you have time for a thank you note. >> we have ways for living in a great way. >> i love your suit, thomas. >> thank you so much. up next, with everyone living longer, we're going to teach you how to make your money last. hopefully, they're living longer. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back, now, kicking off our special series, "start today live to 100." with advances in science and medicine, are making it easier to live longer than ever before. how do you make sure your mental and physical wellbeing survives all year long? we're enlisting familiar faces to help us answer that question. new year, new start today
8:42 am
challenge, ways to keep yourmental, physical and financial health healthy for the rest of your life. meet your 2017 guinea pigs, i mean, dream team. >> team hoda. are you ready? we don't care if we're 50 or over. we have a long runway. all right? >> team craig. not just for dads. although, i would point out i'm the only male in the competition. if you're a guy and not on my team, shame on you. >> team jenna. i'm talking to you. your mothers out there. young and ready to start today. i'm a little scared to start today. all of that will be great. >> for the next 30 days, hoda, craig and jenna are making a commitment to eat healthy, think positive and get fit. a month-long mind and body transformation. under the watchful eye of a team of experts. and you'll be able to get in on the action, too. also back and better than ever, the start today js. jill martin. >> stealing and dealing is my middle name. >> jean chatzky. >> i'll have you saving like nobody's business. >> and joy bauer.
8:43 am
>> i'm kicking your kitchen and waistline into shape one meal at a time. >> they'll be with you all month long, with surefire strategies to shape up, save up and kick the clutter. small investments to make for a happy healthy future. >> it's a month to pay attention to. let's start with editor jean chatzky. >> good morning. >> let's talk about making your money last as long as you're going to live. people are living to 100. what are the big fears as you get to the milestone? >> running out of money or not able to maintain your lifestyle. and paying for health care is a huge fear. >> let's start, not at retirement. >> okay. >> not at older age. start when you're young. what should you be doing when you still have a long time to go before retirement? >> the more you can save, the better. i want people to do right now is increase their retirement savings contribution by 1%. >> that doesn't sound like an awful lot. if you earn $50,000 a year, that could mean $100,000 or more at
8:44 am
retirement. and costs you $40 a month right now. >> let's get closer. you're nearing retirement. what are the things you need to keep in mind? >> you want to know what you have. and you want to hit some benchmarks along the way. the big goal is to get to ten-times your annual salary by the time you're retired. if you want to benchmark your way there. 30, one-times your salary. 43 times. 56 times. 68 times. and by retirement, ten times. >> i can picture the people at home right now saying i'm 50 years old and i'm not close to what jean just recommended. so, what do you do if you're behind? >> a few things. earn more. people are thinking, that would be great. i'll say, i'd like to earn more money. it doesn't happen that way. but if you haven't switched jobs in a while or asked for a raise, that's the best way to do it. switching can usually get you a 10% to 20% bump. that's meaningful. spend less. but i'm not talking about coffee and lattes. i'm talking about looking at your big expenses.
8:45 am
if you pay off a car, for example, keep driving it. don't immediately get a new one. look at where you're living. and the biggest one, just work a little longer. makes you happier. makes your healthier. enables your money in your retirement accounts the grow. >> let's talk to people that are the building blocks for a comfortable life. put off drawing social security. fixed annuity. and continually invest in a retirement account. you're right at retirement. are these things easy to do? >> the goal is to build yourself a retirement paycheck. and, yeah. by working a little longer, you can put off drawing social security. you get an 8% bump in your benefits for every year that you do that between age 62 and age 70. and then, the goal is just take some of your retirement nestegg. by yourself an additional paycheck. and put the rest of your money in the market where it can continue to grow. >> you have one more here if i can do it. did it go? >> i'm not going to have one more. >> what about the one that says one of the most important things you can do, stay healthy.
8:46 am
>> that's what we're talking about all month. chronic disease is the thing that costs the most when it comes to health care expenses. if you cannot smoke, keep moving, eat well, and reduce your stress, you are going to go a long way. not only to being healthier but to being wealthier. >> good information, jean. as always, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and follow along and get tips from our experts, text today at 66866. messaging and data rates may apply. tomorrow, jill martin will be here with live to 100 steals and deals. up next, the celebrated musicians putting the sing in the notorious prison so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah?
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yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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back, now, 8:48. here with katie on a monday morning. and we're talking about some
8:49 am
terrific music for a captive audience. we mean that literally. >> nbc's cynthia mcfadden is here to explain. and i'm looking forward to the story, cynthia. >> hi. happy new year. you two are having way too much fun. it's nice to start the new year off with a story about hope in an unlikely place. the notorious maximum security prison, hsing-hsing, 30 miles up the hudson river from here. for eight years, some of the celebrated musicians from carnegie hall have been working with inmates, teaching them classical music. we were granted astounding access behind the walls to cam ch capture the process. the results? take a look. sing-sing is one of the most notorious prisons in the world. the last thing you might expect to hear in the halls is opera. ♪ the voice belongs to one of the
8:50 am
world's greatest opera singers. sing sing is hard core. >> absolutely. and it's a horrifying place to be. it's cinder blocks and fluorescent lighting. >> all the more reason for the grammy winner to bring music here, a universal language. >> it reminds them that that part of them is not lost, in a place where it's dehumanizing a lot of times. the first day i was there, they were marching a bunch of prisoners down to the yard. and my instinct was, don't make eye contact. don't make eye contact. and 45 minutes later, i was staring into the eyes of these prisoners. and we were singing to each other. >> reporter: not just teaching them to sing, but to express how they feel by writing music. >> true music, it's a bridge through all these different worlds. >> reporter: teaming up with carnegie hall, whose
8:51 am
professional musicians spent months showing them how to compose their own work. ♪ some took to it immediately. >> i saw, you know, what a great soprano. >> reporter: for others like joseph wilson, it took longer. >> it didn't make sense to me. i couldn't get. it. >> reporter: what brought you here? >> i took someone's life. a guy that i knew. it bothers me. every day i think about it. think about it tomorrow. think about what ifs. >> he was intimidating. arms crossed, legs spread. and he had this half-stare. very defensive. >> and then, she sang. and i was just like, i was all-in. i was all-in. >> reporter: why? >> can't really explain the voice. you have to hear it. and once i heard it, i thought, i got to write for her. i have a story to tell, as well. i have something to say. and i began to say it. ♪
8:52 am
>> it's a primal thing for him, i think. it has been awoken. like the light came on in him. >> i would like to introduce joyce. >> reporter: the prize for these men, to have their competition performed by her. at a concert in the prison's auditorium, where the other prisoners are the audience. >> the time i got nervous was when they open it up to the general prison population. and i had this moment of, if something were to go wrong, i'm not sure -- i said, i'm here. let's go for it. and i gave them music. ♪ the first time i sang, i was singing about a woman exacting revenge about killing her husband. they started to scream from the audience. you go, girl. >> reporter: for the last two
8:53 am
years, joseph's music has been selected for joyce to sing. >> i think everybody has music inside of them. ♪ >> it's all around us. you can't stop it. it is in all of us. ♪ >> reporter: he's dedicated some of his work to his victim. >> i always brothers. always family. those are the people that i owe. every day, i try to be a better person for them. even if they never know it. >> they're getting this music, in a way that is actually perhaps deeper than, you know, the black tie audience that comes to opening night at the met. ♪ it hits them again in that heart area. and they get it. and they eat it up and they love it. you're the best audience in the world. ♪ >> you know -- >> so impressive. >> it was incredible.
8:54 am
i have to say. carnegie hall says they do that to bring music to everyone they can. they go to schools. but 90% of these guys will be let loose. they want to improve their lives. they learn all kinds of skills. not just music but how to cooperate. how to work with a team. >> it's a beautiful piece. and beautifully shot and produced, by the way. >> jay whitman. >> great job. >> we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:55 am
8:56 am
you survived day one. >> what do you have coming up in the next hour? >> the start of a new year. how to be a new year. we're going to cook and talk to dr. oz. we're going to laugh and have fun. >> cool. and bad news, al. they found that tape. >> uh-oh. >> us singing backup with stevie wonder. let's just end the hour on that. ♪ i will do anything nbc 10 news starts now. i'm katy szachry a few minutes before 9:00. let's get to the first alert forecast with bill. hey, bill? >> yes sh, rainey and cloudy, b the rain has tapered off. some rain in new jersey where there is steadier rain. and light showers in the lehigh valley where the temperatures are borderline this morning. the entire area will warm up,
8:57 am
and the rain, that will be steadier this afternoon. 39 right now in philadelphia. it is up to 34 degrees in lehigh valley, and climbing into the 40s this afternoon with more rain, and few rain showers into this evening, too. >> thank you, bill. things are looking better on the roads after we started with slick conditions this morning. jessica boyington is here with that. >> yes, it is improving this morning. watching the schuylkill expressway, barely any cars on the road. and it is a 13-minute trip on the vine. and roads are looking better and less problems. mass transit, you want to look for the septa with most of the rails running on the holiday schedules. back to you, katy. >> a family is getting help from the red cross after this the fire in delaware. firefighters were called to prospect park at 1:00 a.m. flames were shooting out of the home as you can see from the
8:58 am
video, and fortunately the family made it out safety. with the new year, comes new laws. one change is the end of the registration stickers for the corner of the license plate. instead, automated readers will allow the police to scan the plates to see if it is registered an insured. it says it will save the agency more than $3 million for penndot. you can always get more up to date news and weather at the news 10 app.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," did mariah carey drop the ball on new year's eve? the emotions behind the scenes. and dr. oz is here with four ways to start living a healthier life today. and the childhood tale getting a big-screen makeover. all that and more coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this monday, january 2nd, 2017. i'm chanel jones, with jenna bush hager. and al is in pasadena for the 128th rose parade. >> the first monday of the year. >> we're pushing the reset button. push it with us. >> we're pushing it.
9:01 am
i did just eat peanut butter with a spoon. is that pushing it? >> supposedly that's healthy. we'll ask dr. oz. how was your new year? >> it was great. were you in chicago? >> i was in chicago. and the city of chicago, they call it chi-town rising. it's broadcast in chicago. and 44 other cities. >> and texas. >> and dallas. and wichita, kansas, my hometown. and this is one of the sportscasters there. i co-hosted with him. it was gorgeous. >> you were working. >> my feet were numb. i couldn't feel my feet. >> my whole family, my husband's family is in chicago. they were sleeping at midnight. >> when the ball dropped. >> it was a family affair. and a real good time. how about you? >> we were in florida. i was with my whole family. my grandparents were there, which was good to be with them. it really was. it's fun to have everybody together. and i actually don't believe in staying up until midnight on new
9:02 am
year's eve. >> are you just saying that. >> no. i'm really saying that. that's over christmas. a family selfie. this is what we do. we watch the last sunset after 20 -- whatever the year is. and we watch the first sunrise of 2017. i don't like to be hungover on the first day of the year. >> everybody is laughing. you saw the pictures on instagram where people would show, this is how i look in 2016. this is how i look this morning. you can start the new year. >> start it off on a good foot. i'm a little hungover today, though. just kidding. >> i want to steal that. i think people should steal that. >> and also, the kids -- i like this muse sick playing, by the way. also nice, because i can celebrate it with the girls because they go to bed before midnight. we were traveling with two toddlers yesterday. had i stayed up until midnight, we wouldn't have a great day. >> people do a countdown to noon
9:03 am
for the kids. that makes sense. and i'm sitting here thinking, i can't remember the last time i watched the sunrise. it might have been with dillon, up in maine. >> that's when i got engaged. >> really? >> let's just do it. watch the sunrise. > >> things have changed. i used to watch the sunrise in a different way. >> you're zen and perfect and fabulous. can we talk about mariah carey for a moment? it was all over the internet. everybody is talking about it this morning. she seemed to struggle through a new year's eve performance in times square. >> and the moment went viral. as all moments do. can we take a look? >> we can't hear but -- i'll just get through the moment, okay? ♪ all right. >> here's the thing. we all know the song. you're rooting for her. you're singing at home. and people in the crowd were
9:04 am
singing. what do you think happened? her ear piece and her monitors weren't working. >> it was an odd moment. i don't like to kick somebody when you're down. and you also wear a nude sequence jump suit, you're not really dumb. if i put that number on, i wouldn't look like mariah carey. >> especially as we start the new year. i was thinking and talking to one of our colleagues here. you can't hear. like, people kept thinking -- i thought why doesn't she just sing. we know she can sing. why not just sing along, mariah? when you're up there on that stage, and it is so loud, it's harder than people realize to hear yourself. she was probably just afraid to sing anything. >> i can't relate because i have never performed the same way. i did in the fourth grade did a voice recital where i laughed through the entire performance. and i felt humiliated. had somebody kick me when i was down. >> it wouldn't feel so good. she seems to be taking it in trade. the challenges, dick clark productions saying, here's the
9:05 am
statement. an initial investigation has indicated that dcp or dick clark productions, had no one involved in the challenges associated with her performance. as long as it's not blame game. >> that's exactly what it is. >> and i thought, maybe she is freaking out. she's up there and she doesn't know whether to sing. i just felt bad for her. >> and mariah later tweeted. stuff happened. have a happy and healthy new year. and here's to making more headlines in 2017. >> she has a new show. she doesn't call it a reality show. >> a documentary. >> she has a docu-series. otherwise called a reality series. >> it makes people want to watch the show. >> other happy news. new baby news. pink -- i didn't know pink was pregnant. >> i didn't, either. she looks great. you burp and go back to normal. just a tiny little bump. we're seeing the first pictures of the new baby. >> his name is jamison moon hart. here's jamison with his big
9:06 am
sister, 5-year-old willow. willow's hair is pink. >> how cute is that? >> a nod to her mother. >> i like the names, willow and jamison. so pretty. >> she liked the name jamison before he was born. >> how do you know that? >> i read that somewhere when i was preparing. i was thinking about this morning. when you have a first child. they're first born. an they hold them. and for the big sibling, but there's a special moment when you see them get along. >> i love it so much. >> for me, i remember that moment when they giggle. and you realize, you can be friends. you're going to have each other's back. >> mila would go, this is my baby sister on the street. this is my baby sister. this is louise. she's amazing. >> she embraced it. >> amazing is an overused word. but a new life, a new sibling is amazing. >> cheers to you, pink.
9:07 am
one more thing, "will & grace" returning? put a question mark on the end of that. >> i don't think you need to. it's not completely confirmed. it's been ten years since one of our favorite tv shows from the '90s has been on the air. recently, rumors have swelled about a potential reboot. and i love this. radio interview, this is why we're thinking it's happening again. thinking. leslie jordan, who won an emmy for its role as beverly leslie is back. nbc has orlandoed ten new episodes. >> i have a new confession. you've never seen it. >> i've never seen it. i saw somebody in the kitchen go -- what? >> she is shocked. >> i loved "will & grace." i had little ones. it was nuts. i'm looking forward to the reboot. nbc hasn't confirmed that it's hatching. but i kind of think it's going to happen. >> they are not commenting? >> we interviewed them. >> such a great show, why not? why not? >> second time around can be just as sweet or sweeter.
9:08 am
coming up, songs that will give you the fresh start you need in 2017. and dr. oz is with us for a healthier you by the numbers. healthier you by the numbers. right aft 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. healthier you by the numbers. right aft she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. "she's a little bit shy." your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. try osteo bi-flex ease. our 80% smaller tablet. osteo bi-flex. made to move. applebee's all-in burger meal we're talkin' burger. fries. pepsi. prizes. like producer for a day with mike and mike. woo! get a burger, fries and a pepsi for just $9.99 at lunch, plus a shot at instant prizes. fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c
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the citi double cash card. double means double. back with more of "today's take." you hear this song? >> this is my song. >> is it really? >> yes. >> i love it. >> if you're looking for inspiration and motivation this year, which we all are, music is obviously a good way to pump us up. >> every morning. i have, in the office now, my iphone. i have a playlist. >> you do? >> a workout playlist. and songs when i want to have zen. >> do you play music first thing in the morning to pump you up? >> once i get here. if you're nervous, i feel like music is kind of -- it pumps the soul. >> it does. billboard is out with a playlist of songs that will give you a fresh start that we all need in 2017. there's a lot of them. i think there's 36. my favorite on the list was "survivor" by destiny's child. >> what is it about the song?
9:12 am
just the obvious? >> yes. >> what's this? >> i don't know is there a dance? >> i don't know. >> i'm not sure. i am a -- one that loved destiny's child so much. but also, "survivor" in particular, i once had a college boyfriend. >> okay. >> who broke up with me. and this song was really popular. and i'm glad he broke up with me, for multiple reasons. but this song was really popular. and i actually -- it came on. and i said, right after the dump -- i love to use that word, by the way, i thought i was going to get a tattoo of a chinese symbol, meaning survivor. >> people go with the chinese symbol. did you do that? >> i got that -- thank goodness. the tattoo parlor was closed. >> no way. >> had i gotten a -- it would be removed. >> where were you going to put it? >> that, i cannot reveal. >> seriously? you have to. you were going to -- >> i don't have a tattoo. >> jenna is an open book.
9:13 am
but the look she's giving me, i have to move on to my song. >> what's your song. >> how bad can it be? your heinie? >> probably my heinie. i wasn't going to spank it there. >> like, take that. what would the word? >> survivor. from the song. >> you can't put survivor on your butt. >> you should have put -- you shouldn't put the survivor anywhere. >> maybe right there. >> how -- that would -- >> survivor right there. >> he dumped me because i survived? come on. >> that's true. let's move on. what is your song? >> i don't think you should put anything on your butt. like your kids or names or anything. that area should stay sacred. >> zero tattoos. >> i was looking at the list of songs to pump us up. "all i do is win" by d.j. khalid. i was doing a profile on him. but this is one of the songs that hypes you up, right? >> is he as cool as everybody thinks? >> he is just as cool if not
9:14 am
cooler. embodies what you think about, you bring about. i was watching, since he was little. wanted to be a deejay and a star and that kind of stuff. and there's a fine line between confidence and being cocky, right? arrogance, that's a better word. he found that place. i want to find that place. you're insecure and feeling stressed, you want to be humble and all that. i like the song. >> didn't he drop the mic to this song at the end of his speech? >> i think so. speaking of ways to build confidence, maybe, it's time to start exercising. the gyms will be packed today. >> that's true. >> when was the last time you exercised? >> really? you don't want to talk about it? i'm sorry. is this like therapy? >> it's bad. i have to remember. that's how bad it is. >> i like exercise. >> i made up a theme. you want to hear it? >> what is it? >> be clean in 2017. >> i don't think you're the only one that made that theme up. no offense. but i saw it on instagram. >> i put it on twitter first. and people picked up on it.
9:15 am
>> did she make it up? >> i made it up last wednesday. be clean in 2017. clean eating. don't take my moment. just kidding. >> no booze? >> well, here's the thing, the booze is fine. >> you don't like booze. >> i was on a flight from chicago. and the flight attendant comes out with the warm cookies. the snicker doodles and the -- >> you ate it? >> i did not. but i got off the plane and had auntie anne's. >> some of them a are small. pass the cookies. >> focus on what you love about yourself. that is hard to do. >> okay. >> one of the things i don't necessarily love is take a selfie to help you track your progress. >> really? >> this one, my double-chin is really big. and this one, the double-chin is medium. >> they say you should take a
9:16 am
self-assessment. we'll ask dr. oz. they said you should be naked in a bathroom and just look at yourself. and just take it all in. >> okay. >> that way, you see -- have you done that? >> i don't do that. >> i have not. that's a way to really lose motivation for me. okay. also, you need more motivation, to kicking up the exercise routine for 2017, check out this video of a man on an elliptical. >> okay. what's happening here? >> what's going on? >> is that like -- wait. is he dancing on it? >> why is he doing that? >> does it burn more calories when you do that? >> we have to ask dr. oz everything. is he using his arms? it looks fun. i would do an exercise class taught by that man. >> we talked about the fact that -- i used to run. i ran this summer. i hurt my ankle. >> i don't think he fell. >> maybe an elliptical is safer in some ways. you don't fall. you're in place. >> you did say you tripped on an elliptical.
9:17 am
>> i tripped on an elliptical. i tripped in traffic twice. you get up and hope that nobody knows you. >> and you're embarrassed. >> cheers to 2017. we're going to pass the cookies. be healthy. all that good stuff. now, let's talk to mr. roquer mr. roque er roker in california. >> this is my song. an oldie but goody. >> let me hear. >> a little karl carlton. >> is that like the a-team? >> is that your hype music? >> no, this is "ever lasting love" by karl carlton. anyway -- >> okay. >> we're having a good time. having a good time. we're ready for the 128th rose parade. and this is the third year we're doing it together. >> third year, that al and i are doing it together. can i tell you this? this is al's 20th year doing the rose parade. he's had many hosts over the years, haven't you? >> none better. none better. we're excited about this. and it's only rained ten times
9:18 am
on the parade. there's some threat of drizzle. i don't think it will be a problem. and it's on monday because there's a never on sunday rule. it goes back to the 1890s. only 15 years it's been on a monday. >> and the streets are packed out. it's hard to see. it will be a big parade. we good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. rain started to move in overnight when the temperatures were cold. temperatures are on the rise and we will get more rain during the day today. 44 for philadelphia this afternoon and in the low 40s for the suburbs. new jersey, close to the 45 degrees for the interior new jersey and warmer at the shore where it is close to 50 degrees this afternoon. the lehigh valley is topping out at 40 after freezing rain this morning. and high of 44 and more rain in delaware. have a great day. >> and don't forget the thanksgiving -- thanksgiving day parade. the rose parade, 128th rose
9:19 am
parade, 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific, right here on nbc. >> let's do this. >> guys? >> can't wait to watch. al, we hear the song. we know the song now. it was hard to hear from your phone. all about it. >> year jamming. j jamming. >> now, you're talking. coming up next, the best and hottest deals this month. and dr. oz is here ♪ [ping] [ping] [glass breaking] [statue breaking] [crying] [ping] hello, mr. ortiz. do you have a tax question? yeah, i'm teaching tennis on the side now. that's nice. but i'm going through a lot of balls. can i deduct them? in your case, yes. you can enter your expenses right here.
9:20 am
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9:22 am
♪ after weeks of holiday shopping, hitting the malls or doing some online shopping are probably the last things you want to do. but you might just want to reconsider. >> yes. that's because think there are great deals to be found this month. here to tell us more about the best and hottest deals, in everything from electronics to jewelry, is host of the podcast so money. good morning. >> happy new year. >> jenna's right. there's a lot of people saying, i'm going to save up for a while. >> i'm shopped out. you're going to change my mind. >> there's some things to investment in now. january is a great month for linens. everybody is having a white sale. and televisions. we found great deals in january for a couple of reasons. the national consumers electronic sale is in january. and the super bowl is nearby. so, retailers are competing for our tlars. this is a samsung 41-cinch
9:23 am
ultrahigh-definition tv. 30% off for $650. it's cheaper than during the holidays. >> you can save hundreds. >> that depresses me, you know what i mean? you buy presents and they're less expensive now. speak of televisions -- >> game consoles will be hot in january. deeply discounted because nintendo and others are coming out with the new game console. we found at you can get games for 50% off. the console at participating retailers for $20 off. and at walmart, the ps4 is $30 off right now. >> this is what my 7-year-old wants. >> are you a game center. >> i'm not. but my kids are. >> i don't know what that means. >> valentine's is around the corner. it pays to shop earlier for your loved ones. we found great necklaces at sears. these are $19.99. and a lot of the jewelry is 30% off. statement pieces like these. and today, another 20% off. >> my husband is out there.
9:24 am
look like these are for -- now is the time to buy for february. >> also a good time to get in shape. everyone loves it. >> what everyone is talk about today. >> you want to say your -- >> you want to hear what i made up? >> clean in 2017. >> she did not. >> i like it. >> that's the reaction you're supposed to have. >> second time is a charm on this. >> this elliptical is a steal. 60% off. a nordic track elliptical. if you want activewear, old navy and it's a great time to spruce up your home and get repair items. these are craftsman tools for 50% off right now. and finally over there, we have a wonderful samsung washer and dryer. >> is it time for appliances? >> at lowe's, 30% off on select appliances. normally, $900 apiece.
9:25 am
>> coming up, dr. oz is here to give you a new year's resolution to boost and help your health to boost and help your health [ "let 'em say" byews. lizzo & caroline smith ] ♪ let 'em say what they gonna say ♪ ♪ they gon' feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ and i love it, ♪ i love it and baby hey, ♪ you should too ♪ so let 'em say what they wanna say ♪ ♪ they gonna feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ but i love it, yeah i love it, ♪ ♪ baby, hey get well chosen deals at target, like buy any two annie's products, get one free. rightabreva can heal itold sore, in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work
9:26 am
immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. good morning and happy new year. i'm vie sai sikahema this morni. and good morning, bill. >> yes, after the sunshine on new year's dax we are looking at clouds and rain. it is fairly light rain in philadelphia and the steady rain is in new jersey and delaware, and seeing the rain in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. the temperatures are climbing into the 40s for this afternoon and rain showers are a possibility this evening and tomorrow morning and this e evening. vai? >> we go to our traffic reporter and are you watching the blue route? >> yes, and no problems in either direction here near vine,
9:27 am
and this is what the majors are, and skipping over the rush hour as most folks are staying home for the day. no drive times here on 95 from wood haven road. and clear to the express center. vie, back to you. >> this frankfort neighborhood is where the police are investigating a home invasion. it happened on orthodox street. police say the men entered the home and the man is now in the hospital, and the police are talking to the woman who was there at the special victims unit, and the man got away and nothing taken from the home. charges for the new drives s in the new year and it is going to cost more to get on the p.a. turnpike. starting july 8th, the tolls increase by 6%. it is 9:27 and 37 degrees outside. i'm vai sikahema and we will have another update in 25 minutes, and of course, you can get the waeather, news and latet
9:28 am
on the nbc 10 app. have a great day and we will see you with more news at thep top of the hour. top of the hour. top of the hour.
9:29 am
9:30 am
it's a new year. according to dr. oz, the perfect excuse to know your important health numbers and to make them better. >> dr. oz is here with a few people he's helped along the way. and together, they're going to teach us how to reboot our most vital numbers. good morning to you. happy new year. >> we're serious about rebooting. should we dig in? >> the question i want to ask and i'm sure everybody asks you, weight. how can we work on our weight numbers. >> this is the week to ask. the 21 breakthrough diet. it's the heaviest day of the year. we gain most of the weight over the holidays. now, you stop it. >> teach us. >> good morning. happy new year. >> before, you give me permission to do this. before, 201 pounds. went on the program.
9:31 am
177. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> by the way, that's the amount of overweight we are in america. share with them the secrets. >> first of all, this plan was a game-changer with me. i plateaued and my weight wasn't able to lose plan for months. the 21-day rapid weight loss plan. >> what did you do here? >> what i have is i have to plan ahead. >> planning is a big deal, isn't it? >> it is. i make my meals on a sunday. make several at a time. what we are have here is zucchini with diced tomato. >> that looks great. >> and this is three ring chili. i would store things, in the freezer or the refrigerator. i have healthy snacks at my fingertips. >> it's important for women to take care of themselves. we're taking care of others. and this helps you, right? >> what's the takeaway. i'm going to highlight it. planned protein. the big breakthrough is going to happen because there's big papers on us. and show we can get our protein
9:32 am
from vegetarian sources. buckwheat. not boring, tedious stuff. nonstarchy vegetables have protein. tofu, tempe. >> i have a hamburger. it tastes like a hamburger. >> does it taste like meat? >> they can take vegetable proteins and break them down and mash them together. they taste -- i'm not talking about a garden burger. they make it look like and feel like a burger. >> where do you find that? >> stores across the country. >> congratulations. >> you were going to say something? >> fiber. don't forget fiber. and the nonstarchy veggies. her bacteria started working with us. >> hi, serita. >> she has the number one killer. she is prehypertensive. you had a lower number of 87. the 127 is a good number. >> what's it supposed to be? under 120 over 80.
9:33 am
a young woman, you don't want the lower number to be close to 80 or above. it gets above that, your body is never relaxing. after, it plummeted down. >> 120 over 75. >> wow. >> how long of a course of time? >> two things. stress is the number one killer. i had stress in my life at the time. one of the things i had to do was to detox. we focus on detoxing the body. you have to sometimes detox your mind, your atmosphere. i had to get away from a lot of negativity and surround myself with a positive attitude. and here's the big killer. i had to change my eating habits. i would eat anything. >> that's so hard. >> what did you give up? >> i gave up fast food. i would eat fast food every single day. >> did you lose weight, too? >> no. i didn't want to lose weight. it was about the blood pressure. >> she is an antelope. >> i'm jealous. >> makes that big of a difference. and stress and cutting out fast food. >> i'm pushing on plant
9:34 am
proteins, when we eat regular meat -- you don't have to give it up completely. there's a lot of fat and salt in that. and you to break a sweat. one big secret is sleep. sleep will beautifully reduce blood pressure. >> yes. we have to talk about. congratulations. proud of you. >> amy had a sleep problem. she was sleeping four hours a night. now, seven to eight hours. >> everything was about my devices. on social media. i was watching my dvr. i have to get caught up. it was like, it's midnight. it's 1:00. i don't want to go to sleep. everything was more important. >> the hours were there. it was about using the hours you have. >> everything else came before. you know? i don't need sleep. i don't want to go to sleep. >> how much better do you feel? >> when you get solid sleep and you get a routine and you wind down, you don't want to kill
9:35 am
people. >> go out and get a tracker. you have to know how you're sleeping. not just how much you're sleeping. i give the numbers for amy. but sleep trackers tell you what type of sleep you have. deep sleep. if you are dreaming in your sleep. you want to have that data. get a new bedtime. do it. >> 9:00. >> and like you said before. and finally, use your bed to sleep on. don't do other things. >> blood sugar. how do you do that? you dance and make them up. >> seriously? >> we have to dance and move around. break a sweat. make it happen. make it happen. make it happen. >> from dr. oz. he's a deejay. >> you make it happen, the hormone shift, and it heldens you sleep, as well. your blood pressure comes down and you lose weight. it slices. it dices. >> dr. oz, thank you so much. >> congratulations. coming up next, a big remake of "the mummy" starring tom cruise. and hot movies and tv shows you
9:36 am
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9:40 am
get the popcorn ready. it's officially 2017, if you didn't know. and there's a brand-new slew of entertainment coming your way on the small and big screen. here to break down all the upcoming movies and television shows we have to look forward so is this year is the editor in chief of showbiz jack rico. >> i'm excited. >> happy new year. there's so many movies out, we broke them into categories. let's start with action/adventure. what do we have to look for? >> "fate of the furious." "john wick 2." the most anticipated action film will be "the mummy." tom cruise and russell crowe, starring in this reboot of the "mummy" franchise. it's one of the movies, when you see these stars together, they
9:41 am
give instant credibility and star power to this film. but it's the large-scale action sequences that makes this more of an event. >> now, family films. i'm a mom of two. what can we watch? >> the lego batman movie. but the movie everyone wants to see is disney's live version of "beauty and the beast." emma watson stars -- in particular, in this one, in particular, this is allen mankin soundtrack. everybody, this is like a fan cult-like attraction for this film. the trailer dropped, 127.6 million people saw this. a lot of interest for this film. >> for little kids or not really? >> this is little. not as dark. but one that all of the family can come together for this film. >> now, comedy. let's go there. >> i believe it will be "baywatch." you have duane "the rock" johnson, and zac efron.
9:42 am
which is more of a comedy. and people are talk about david hasselhoff and pamela anderson will make cameo appearances. and zac efron's physique. everyone is talking about how ripped he is. a very strict diet. a lot of commitment. >> let's go back to zac efron's physique. just kidding. everybody is talking about it but me. to get me out of trouble, let's move on to romance. no. superhero. >> there's so many superhero films. you have the new "wolverine," "spider-man, "wonder woman." but "justice league." it has superman, batman, aquaman, wonder woman, uniting to fight this supervillain. a lot of money but a lighter tone outside of "batman versus superman." you know who will like that, al roker. sci-fi. >> you can't go wrong with "blade runner" or "alien."
9:43 am
>> you are an encyclopedia. the most anticipated film of 2017 will be "star wars" with carrie fisher's last appearance on film and luke skywalker returning to the franchise. this could be the highest grossing film of all-time come december. it will be one of the most anticipated films. >> highest of all-time. head on over. to sheinelle. >> you don't have notes. those are in your head. a lot of great tv coming out. first, we start with a series of unfortunate events. >> netflix is doing 26 episodes with lemony snickets. and you have neil patrick harris starring as count olof, where he is trying to take the inheritance money of three orphans. it's a little dark. >> that's neil patrick harris? we have sneaky pete. talk about that. >> this is more of a crime drama about a con man that stumbles on this family with a lot of surprises. >> how about "powerless"?
9:44 am
>> this is vanessa hudgens. she is starting in this nbc sitcom that takes place in the batman universe. think of gotham. and this is the opposite. >> "big little lies." >> you don't need a plot for this. hbo is reuniting, reese witherspoon and nicole kidman in one show. just them. >> and "iron fist" will be huge. >> this is the fourth marvel superhero. bringing them together on netflix. and this is the one that every superhero fan wants to watch. let's get a check of the weather from al in california. >> thank you, guys so much. let's look at the week ahead. looking at a big storm making its way across the plains and the pacific northwest to the east. also looking at severe storms down through the gulf coast and during the week. they will make their way into the eastern seaboard, northeast new england. flood risk out west as we get into the midweek period. and the latter part of the week,
9:45 am
things dry out out west. and we see wet weather along the eastern seaboard. the temperatures will be toasty as you make your way in the eastern half of the u.s. above to much-above normal temperatures. colder out west. but as the week wears on, the colder temperatures make their way east. and much of the country is at good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. rain started to move in overnight, and the temperatures were cold, but fortunately the temperatures are on the rise. even though, we will get more rain today. 44 today for philadelphia, and in the low 40s for the suburbs. new jersey, close to the 45 degrees for the interior new jersey and a little bit warmer at the shore where it will be close to 50 degrees this afternoon. the lehigh valley topping out 40 after freezing rain first thing this morning. the high of 44 with more rain in delaware. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather. don't forget, the 128th rose
9:46 am
parade coming up on nbc 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific. right here on nbc, with my pal, hoda kotb. sheinelle. >> thank you, al. coming up next, a perfect soup to warm you up on a chilly day. we'll show you how to do new england chowder after this. of good microflora that support good digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them so they can thrive. and what helps them, helps you and me every day. clear, taste-free, all natural benefiber®. nourish the goodness inside. also try benefiber® healthy shape. it's proven to keep you feeling fuller longer. inature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so in 30 days, my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model?!? yes. no. start the challenge today and notice more beautiful hair, skin & nails or your money back.
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and ask about prescription tamiflu. attack the flu virus at its source with tamiflu, an antiviral that helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu in liquid form is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea, vomiting and headache. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. lots of marketing going on in fancy labels, slick designs; this one's got flowers on it, it's pretty. after the stomach flu ravages my home, am i supposed to believe that an ocean breeze is gonna blow it away?
9:50 am
no. please. i know what clean smells like, bleach. the same bleach that knocks down dysentery. and cleans up crime scenes. you want to spend 3 bucks on liquid doubt, be my guest. you want clean, get a cleaner with bleach in it. clorox means clean. hey. >> this morning on "today" food, we're celebrating a new year with a new affiliate, wbts in boston. and we invited chef gill wilson to make his new england seafood chowder. and it smells delightful. this isn't just a clam chowder. we need to make this clear. >> what's your chowder recipe. i like to add muscles. and we have cockles that are fun smaller clam that you can buy. >> cockles. >> we're going to steam our
9:51 am
muscles open. we're going to use the liquid to make the chowder. we're going to add the muscles. >> you say you don't clean it with soap? >> no. they have little things that are called beard. they're the hipsters of the sea, if you will. we take the muscles here, we're going to add these guys into a big pot here. have you pour in the white wine. >> whoa. >> yum. >> and a little clam juice right there. >> and making muscles and clams is easy, right? >> yeah. you steam and check it. they're going for five minutes. why do you add muscles? a lot of people add the clams. >> i like to be different. >> all for being different in 2017. >> and clean. >> start off the chowder here. we have diced onions, celery, carrots and garlic. >> i'm glad you diced it for us. >> we don't want you to cut yourself. we are going to add late of the flour. this is what's going to thicken it up. you want to add this in.
9:52 am
stir it around. and you said stirring is important. >> you don't want the flour to clump. you don't want lumping in there. >> so far, it's doable. easier than i thought. i think it's intimidating. >> the reserve liquid, good to go. and we're going to take the potatoes. add these guys in. all right. >> and this is the cream. >> add the cream. >> you can't forget the cream. >> you can make it a less fat recipe with skim milk. >> i guess. >> you want to be clean. >> i want to be clean in 2017, will. >> can you do it with greek yogurt, as well? >> it doesn't break, though. this is going to go for 20 minutes. the end of our chowder. in a second, i need your best boston impersonation of the word chowder. >> can we eat now? >> i'm sad, we have to eat. i love how are you are serving this, with oyster crackers. >> thank you so much.
9:53 am
>> happy new year. >> cheers, guys. >> back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. b i'm toousy trying to eat.
9:54 am
9:55 am
up next, kathie lee and hoda, with fitness routines. and how to get fit in the privacy of your own home. >> that's nice. >> you don't have to go anywhere. >> be clean in 2017, jenna. >> she trademarked it. sheinelle made it up. the new year. >> they told me it was gross. happy new year. >> happy new year, everyone.
9:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema and it is just about 10:00 a.m. this monday morning and let's go to the forecast with bill henley. >> good morning, vai. it is a rainey one, and the temperatures are slowly climbing, and we are showing the light rain in philadelphia, and the steadier rain is to the south, and to the east where we will see most of the rain are. north and west, it is going to be on and off all day. and the temperatures are movingp. 40 degrees in philadelphia with
9:57 am
the wind about 8 miles per hour. and delaware moving into the 40s this afternoon. >> and now, a check with the roads with our traffic reporter jessica boyington. are you watching lehigh valley? >> yes, you can see some slippery spots, and cloudy there with reduced visibility around lehigh street, but no traffic which is the good news. 42 freeway is looking good and northbound 42 up to philadelphia and walt whitman bridge is a five-minute trip. back to you. police are saying that off duty officer witnessed a deadly shooting on somerset street, and they say that two men got into a fight, and one man pull ad gun and killed the other man. this morning a family of six is getting help from the red cross after this fire in delaware county. firefighters were called to prospect park this morning with
9:58 am
flames shooting out of the home. the family made it out safely. i'm vai sikahema and we will see you at the bottom of the hour. you can always get updated news and weather and traffic at
9:59 am
10:00 am
nbc from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's fun day monday, january 2nd. first time we say 2017. we're starting out slow with our one pound weights. it's a brand new year, everybody. we hope you all have a chance to celebrate and spend time with friends and loved ones. spunky dance. yeah -- gosh, that was back to the year that cass was born. that was 1993, hoda woman. >> that's my sister.
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