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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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close call a bullet flies right past a baby's crib on new years. the parents message next. a drog an its owner attacked on a walk. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> we begin with the damp and dreary night. the rains over at least for now but get ready to break out those umbrellas again tomorrow. good evening i'm gym rosen field and this new year off to a very wet start. weather impacting flights in and out of international airport from all those people coming back home from their vacations. but the rain didn't stop skiers today in the poconos. let's take a look at the radar at this hour. we're expecting a lot more rain tomorrow and it could impact your morning compute back to work. nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now. happy new year, first of all. you have a lot to talk about in neighborhood weather tonight. >> happy new year and welcome
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back and the rain has come back. we had some dry weather for a while. wet weather today, now it looks like dry air is coming in, right? well, maybe not. it's certainly tapering off at the shore now. they had some heavier rain later and look back to the west. this gigantic air moisture down south moving up to the northeast. it's moving northeastward rapidly and the hour by hour shows that we get a little bit of light rain or drizzle during the night tonight but nothing too stanley substantial. first thing in the morning, same story but look at this area of rain coming in toward the end of the morning rush especially in delaware, chester county, parts of south jersey. this is a wall of rain and some of that is on the heavy side and by mid-day and early afternoon it is raining all over the place and it's raining harder than it did today. right now it's 42 degrees in
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philadelphia, 38 allentown. these temperatures are not going down tonight, they're going up. so you don't have to worry about any kind of icing or change to snow as you can see by 6:00 a.m. even the lehigh valley up to 41 degrees but we do have the damp night ahead and then it's just going to get increasing wet. we'll tell you when that rain moves out and when arctic air mofsz in coming up in a few minutes. start 2017 with info right at your fingertips. download the prenbc10 app to get your neighborhood forecast any time. now to a developing story, delaware man who survived that mass shooting inside a nightclub on new year's eve should return home from turkey tonight. jake raak says he survived by playing dead with the shooter standing right over him. he was already shot in the leg. this morning raak left istanbul to fly back home. he's from greenville, delaware. tim, i know you've learned new details about the only american injured in that terror attack.
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>> reporter: that's right. i've reached out to people that know him. he lives here in greenville. he's alive tonight because at one point in turkey he pretended he wasn't. >> i got shot in the [ bleep ] leg, man. >> reporter: immediately after the attack, the world heard from this man. jake raak lives in greenville delaware. the president of his family's steel family company. he was there when the gunman started firing. he laid down and basically played dead. the gunman shot him in the hip any way. >> i was shot in the ground. i was already on the ground. he was walking on a bench above my head where my head was underneath. >> jake said the bullet rick coshade off his hip. >> it's massive tragedy. this is very unfortunate. >> reporter: at the airport reporters were there as jake
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headed home to the united states. he knows he's lucky to be alive. he hopes the situation in turkey improves. >> this is a very good country and it's so unfortunate that this is happening to you guys and i really feel for everybody here. >> reporter: and as we mentioned jake is on his way back home tonight. we have a crew waiting for him at the airport. it's not clear if he's going to have any long-term effects from the shooting. when we learn more, you'll learn more as well. >> as for the latest on the investigation, this right here is the man police in turkey are looking for and they launched an operation in a neighborhood in istanbul today but it ended the past hour with no luck. turkey is also monitoring social media accounts for any clues. the prime minister says they have fingerprints and the basic description of the shooter. eight people have been detained in connection with the new year's eve attack. nbc10 nightly news has more on the claim of responsibility by
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isis coming up at 6:30. >> a close call in berks county on new year's eve a bullet pierced the window of a home and just missed a baby's crib. they shared their frightening ordeal today with nbc10's deanna durante. >> reporter: the family is glad the three kids were asleep when it happened. >> new year's eve supposed to be a great time and we're watching fireworks and how quickly that ended and turned into fear and being scared because at that time you didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: gina had just walked away from the glass window and josh was standing right in front of it. >> there was like an explosion. >> reporter: there was, sort of. glass exploded and hit josh in the face. >> something wasn't right and i found a bullet on the floor. my immediate thought somebody just saw us standing there and shot at us. >> the trajectory of this bullet
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came from the city side from the other side of the mountain. >> reporter: police say that bullet could have come from a mile away, maybe two and it's likely someone shooting off that rifle celebrating new year's eve. >> clear there's no-fault involved. they think they're celebrating, it's fun to make a lot of noise. what goes up comes down and innocent people can be effected and hurt or killed by that. >> reporter: the fact that the family was not specifically targeted is only of some comfort. a mom of three, gina can't help but think of the what ifs. >> we were standing directly in front of the window. i happened to walk away and he must have shifted his weight just right at the moment. >> it's a life changing moment there. >> reporter: police have the bullet. they'll be doing some testing to see if they can figure out who fired it. to give you an idea of how common this is, the police chief was on that mountain on new year's eve when a bullet just
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missed him. in mount penn, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> new at six the search for hit-and-run driver in bucks county. a bicyclist was run over on new years daily and the driver took off, two hours ago, ben salem released this video. that truck right there is missing the passenger's side mirror, there you see it's missing right there. the bicyclist was hit yesterday morning and is in critical condition. >> new at six the search for a pair of serial bank robbers that struck again this afternoon. philadelphia police and the fbi want you to take a good look at these pictures right here. investigators say the two armed men held up the td bank on east butler street just after 2 this afternoon. the pair is responsible for three other robberies in the last two weeks. it will now cost you 1 and a half cents per more for sugar drinks in philadelphia that's because the city's soda tax is now in effect.
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the majority of the money raised will go to fund universal will pre-k creating 6,500 new slots for kids waiting to enroll. also in philadelphia, if you're ready to take down your christmas tree, city's ready to help you get rid of it. starting tomorrow the streets department will run a tree recycling program that will continue through saturday january 14th and there are several designated tree dropoff locations across the city. the nbc10 mobile app and have a link to a full list of the dropoff locations. this house fire left one delaware county family without a place to call their own tonight. cell phone video shows smoke pouring out of the home on 14th avenue in prospect park. this was around 1:00 a.m. this morning. everyone made it out okay, and the red cross is happening the family of six now. there's no word on how that fire started. one south jersey county saw a dramatic hike in its murder rate in 2016.
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burlington county murders more than tripled from the previous year. the burlington county times reported there were 19 murders last year, just six in 2015. the most high profile crimes happened in august. that's when a husband killed his wife and child before turning the gun on himself. next on nbc10 news at six. this pooch is finally out of the hospital today, the attack that injured the dog and its owner. also ahead, carson wentz isn't satisfied with his rookie season. glenn? >> and after a rainy monday i'm tracking rainy tuesday. there could even be some light snow later in the week. your neighborhood weather is next.
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looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania.
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let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer) that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin' we have breaking news right now a cumberland county man wanted for alleging killing his wife in front of his two children is in police customer did i tonight. tara o'shea was stabbed inside her home last week. police have been looking for him. meantime police in south jersey are looking for the owner of a pit bull that viciously attacked another dog.
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the owner of which germany shepherd says that attack happens just days before christmas. the confrontation in memorial park in waterford township, the dog's owner says the pit bull charged him and his dog, bruno was left with gashes on his upper body and the back of his mouth as well. he's also being treated for an eye injury. the woman with the pit bull grabbed her dog and ran away. >> why didn't you contact the police department and just let them know even that the dog was vaccinated. you could've taken that stress off of our shoulders because we were worried that my husband would have to go for rab yiz test. >> the owners are offering a $500 reward for hopes that someone will call police. tomorrow's a big day for pennsylvania lawmakers, they head back to work in harrisburg. one big issue on the table is expanding gambling. nbc10's laura mayk caught up with politicians about their plans. >> reporter: with the new year starts a new session in harrisburg.
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lawmakers have a familiar challenge, agreeing on a budget. >> it's going to be a difficult year. we've got to look at some things, tighten our belts and figure out ways to make it work. >> reporter: but will this year come with new solutions. one option that could be up for debate, expanding gambling in the keystone state. >> i think there's a revenue source there. evt in bars as long as it is restricted and it's -- they're held accountable. >> reporter: state representative jamie santoro wants them held to the same standards at casinos and for the existing casino to be the ones to get that new business. democratic senator hughes -- >> what we cannot do is destroy something that is proven to be extremely successful in pennsylvania. >> reporter: a spokesman for governor telling nbc10 he'll wait to see what the legislative
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proposes on that. the governor is due to give his budget address february 7th. lawmakers start their new terms tuesday. each carrying their own priorities to harrisburg. >> the but jeds going to be difficult but we cannot make our priorities second class, in trying to figure out the over-allstate budget. and in washington tomorrow at noon members of the 115 congress will be sworn in at the u.s. capitol. republicans will control both the house and the senate. president obama and the first family are back in washington as well getting ready for their final two weeks at the white house. air force one arrived in the nation's capital around lunchtime today. the president plans to deliver his final speech as president on january 10th. that's a tradition that dates back to 1796 when george washington spoke to the american people for the last time in office. the president will deliver his
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remarks from chicago. >> a group of local musicians is getting ready for donald trump. they will help provide security for the inauguration they will march in the inaugural parade. members of the first troop philadelphia city calvary came together today to clean the dress uniforms they will wear on january 20th. they'll march and ride horses in the parade. group is the oldest, active military unit in the united states. >> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> well we had a nasty rainy day today. most places just reporting cloudy skies now and just about all are in the low 40s. lehigh valley, some in the upper 30s but it's not going to drop from there. it's going to go up. mid-30s pretty uniform at the jersey shore. all at 44 degrees and the ocean's 43 and the winds coming in off the ocean, ten to 15 miles an hour and it is hard to
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get the temperature going up when you have an east wind and clouds and rain, which is what we have. we started off the day with the rain a little bit of light icing up toward the lehigh valley and berks county. that disappeared and then we were left with hours of rain, especially in new jersey and delaware. things have certainly quieted down now but that's just temporary because we got a big mess down south and a lot of moisture there. some of it racing up to the northeast and it's going to be with us in the morning. in the meantime we just have some patchy very light rain and drizzle during the night tonight. i'd just call it damp, not especially will wet but this is going to be especially wet. when it gets here and it'll be probably toward the end of the morning rush maybe around 8:30/9:00 it's going to be raining steadily for hours and some of that on the heavy side as you can see and it's not going to be tapering off until
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later in the day. so at this time tomorrow we may be seeing the same thing. a little bit of patchy light rain and drizzle, the heaviest of the rain comes late in the morning and into the afternoon. and then on wednesday, we tend to have dryer weather in thursday is when the cold air comes in. now as we go through the night tonight, you see some places with a little bit of light rain, you also see the temperature, watch them. they go up, not down, exton was 38, they go up to 39 and then into the low 40s by 7:00 a.m., quakertown, allentown, everybody's above freezing for the morning. but you definitely take the umbrellas because it's going to be raining everywhere and going to be raining for hours and it's not going to warm up a whole lot either. still in the 40s all day in philadelphia, your lucky to get into the low 40s in parts of the lehigh valley tomorrow and it's
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just rain, hour after hour after hour as we go through the day. now wednesday, generally dry and mild. the mildest day of the week and thursday the arctic air hits. look at the temperature drop from wednesday to thursday after the wet day on tuesday, a high temperature only 33 with wind on thursday in lehigh valley. so that is a cold air mass and that's just the beginning of it. so we have mild air, tuesday and wednesday, of course the rainy day tomorrow. then as we go into the arctic air, we have a chance of some light snow, thursday night and into friday. the arctic air lasts all the way through monday, another chance of some light snow on sunday especially to the south. i'm john clark, coming up we'll hear from carson wentz. are the birds close to contending. the players clean out their lockers today. that is next.
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>> announcer: this is sports test brought to you by xfinity. i'm john clark. the biggest takeaway from the eagles season it looks like they have found their franchise quarterback in carson wentz. five different quarterbacks played these last four years but that is going to change next season. carson finished up his rookie season with two wins. he threw almost as many passes in his rookie season with the eagles as he did in his entire college career. he will go with a full off-season as the starting quarterback. finally some continuity at the position and the players, they want to build chemistry and
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maybe take a bonding trip to north dakota. >> i want to go to fargo. my dad says it's pretty cool. we go to downtown fargo. i know they got cab ins and that's it and a lot of space, you know what i'm saying? we'll get a cab inand look at each other through the rest of the day. we'll go some where where we have no choice but to get closer. >> he wants to go to fargo, north dakota. i could take you there right now but he might not want to come back. it's pretty cold. >> that would be a fun retreat. the eagles cleaned out their lockers today. they had the toughest schedule of the notify, nine of their games were against playoff teams. and they lost a lot of close ones and just like doug pederson, the players today say they believe they are close. >> we have confidence.
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we want to go out there and win for them. that's neither here nor there. it's the wins and losses. >> very optimistic, lots to look forward to. i'm excited. ultimately. i think obviously it's disappointing right now the situation we're facing but at the end of the day we've got a lot to look forward too, this group of guys that we have. >> we hope so. how about the 76ers back home tomorrow night. they will won their final game of 2016, the final game of their road trip. head coach brett brown said today he probably won't play the centers together as much as he has been. it really haentd been working. the 76ers lost early in the season to the timberwolves. you've got to love joelle. he hates losing and wants revenge.
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>> i couldn't stop thinking about it, so tomorrow i'm excited to go up against them again. >> and right now penn state is losing 20-13 to usc in the rose bowl. i'm john clark. happy new year. back to you. >> same to you, john. thanks. gas prices spiking for the new year. what's behind the price hike and how much more you could pay that's tonight on nbc10 at 11.
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>> soggy day to get through tomorrow too. >> yeah, two days in a row. two chilly days in a row. high of only 48 tomorrow. then we get one nice transition day wednesday and then the arctic air comes in. it's in your thursday all the way in to the beginning of next week that's five straight days of real, real cold, chances of some light snow friday and sunday. >> all right, glenn. that's our news at 6:00.
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thanks so much for watching. up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight, terror manhunt. the urgent search for the gunman who launched that horrific new year's nightclub attack with isis now claiming responsibility. tonight, one american's harrowing story of survival. trump's secret? new fallout from the president-elect's claims he has inside information about cyber attacks on the u.s. midair horrors. new details about two planes that collided over texas and what nbc news has learned about an alarming trend in our nation's skies. teen trackers. with so many kids getting new smartphones over the holidays new apps to protect them by monitoring their every move. smell the roses. they survived tough battles, now they're celebrating life in one of our country's grandest


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