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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  January 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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case dismissed. jimmy super flex is no longer facing murder charges. what's next for the former wrestler? party foul. a center city bar under fire tonight. the controversy over what happened on new year's eve. >> making the cut. eagles legend brian is one step closer to football immortality. a judge drops murder charges against jimmy super fly. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacquelin london. a bombshell announcement in a case that gripped the lehigh valley and made national headlines.
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a judge said he is incompetent to stand trial. the defense attorney is speaking out for the first time since the gag order on the case was lifted. >> jimmy's file is over. case is closed. it's done. charges dismissed. that really is overwhelming. >> he was accused of killing his girlfriend more than three dej e decades ago. she died after being found unconscious in a lehigh valley motel in 1983. i reached to argentino's two sisters in manhattan who say they're disappointed but not surprised by the ruling. >> it's really a traversy of justice from the beginning. you know, 30 years ago my sister had bruises all over her. he had told all the authorities that he pushed her and they had
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a fight, and they just let him walk away. >> reporter: the decision came down this afternoon to drop charges of third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter against the 73-year-old. he is in hospice in florida with doctors giving him only months to live. his attorney says he always believed he would beat the case. >> i would like him to leave this world with a clean record and knowing he is an innocent person. >> reporter: nancy argentino's family wished for a different outcome and haven't given up their fight. >> we hoped it would get settle and we could put the whole thing to rest. >> reporter: prosecutors say they're keeping their options open as they think about their next step, including a possible appeal. in redding, denise locano, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00 fire crews in the lehigh valley are hard at work battling a greenhouse fire. officials say the broke out just before 9:00 at the dan shan nursery and greenhouse. you can see the flames and heavy smoke pouring out as crews work to extinguish the fire.
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fire officials tell us crews expect to be there all night. no injuries have been reported. new details tonight on what may have prompted two men to break into a frankfurt home leaving one of those intruders dead. police sources tell nbc 10 the homeowner had four pounds of what's believed to be marijuana with a street value of $36,000 in the house. investigators say two men forced their way inside the home on crab street yesterday afternoon. the homeowner was shot in the mouth and leg but managed to return fire and killed one of the intruders. the other ran away. the homeowner will not be charged for the shooting, but could face drug charges. new at 11:00, mass murderer charles man son is in the hospital tonight. the los angeles times is reporting the 82-year-old was taken from prison to the hospital and is seriously ill. the california department of corrections will not comment on the health information of any inmate. manson is serving nine life sentences for the 1969 manson family murders in los angeles.
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new at 11:00, brian dawkins makes the cut. the eagles great just one vote away from the nfl hall of fame. >> tonight he has a special message for his fans. nbc 10's keith jones reports. >> reporter: on field nightmare for offense. an eagles legend. tonight a first ballot finalist for the hall of fame. >> i'll be -- >> brian dawkins showing attitude and love for fans via twitter. >> thank you very much for all your votes and all your well wishes on twitter. >> a selection committee chose he and 17 others from a list of nfl greats. dawkins was drafted by the birds and helped deliver an nfc championship. birds fans say he is a shoe-in. >> just the way he played and his hunger for the game at all times and how he pumped other people up around him. >> they fed off his emotion, and that drove them to the success
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they had in the early years. >> reporter: dawkins still needs to make one more cut. if he does, it will be in august. >> here's what i want you to do if the time comes. i want you to make sure, if you can, if you join me so we go out there and can party and turn that place green. >> in south philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. former eagle terrell owens is also among the remaining finalists and we'll take a closer look coming up in sports. new at 11:00 wiki leaks founder julian assange says russia was not responsible for the e-mail hacks that happened during the election. he spoke from the embassy in london from an interview that aired tonight on fox news. he insists the russian government was not the source of hacked emails he released from the democratic national committee and hillary clinton's campaign chairman. last week president obama
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announced measures against russia for its alleged role in the hacking. assange claims the u.s. is pushing the idea that russia meddled in the election. >> it's a construction to try to arrest the topic that donald trump was illegitimately elected. >> hillary clinton's allies claim the release of the hacked emails by assange and wikileaks damaged clinton's candidacy. lawmakers are back in washington, and it was an eventful first day in session. house republicans abruptly dropped plans to take power away from an ethics board that oversees the activities of lawmakers. it's after president-elect trump criticized the plan on twitter. trump spokesman later said the president-elect wasn't objecting to the idea itself but that he thought other issues should take priority. republicans have a strong upper hand taking control of the house and senate and the white house on january 20th.
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>> today seven new members were sworn into the senate and 52 in the house. >> for the meeting of the 115th congress of the united states the house will come to orders. >> after that a prayer and the pledge of allegiance that lawmakers re-elected paul ryan as speaker of the house. following that members of congress were sworn in. >> pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey was sworn in by vice president joe biden today. his wife, chris, held the bible. >> we're going to be working hard. we're going to hit the ground running. it starts tomorrow. we're going to be working long days, long weeks because there's a lot of work to be done, and i think we're going to accomplish a lot. rochester made history today as she was sworn in to serve delaware in the house of representatives. rochester became the first woman and the first african-american
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to represent delaware in congress. she takes delaware's lone u.s. house seat that was vacated by governor-elect john carney. >> the auto industry's relationship with donald trump has taken a dramatic turn with ford announcing today it will keep hundreds of jobs in the u.s. the company today canceled plans to build a new $1.6 billion factory in mexico. instead it will invest $700 million in a plant in michigan that will build electric and self-driving cars. ford citing the president-elect as a driving force behind the decision to shift gears and stay in michigan. >> we're also encouraged by the pro-growth policies that president-elect trump and the new congress have indicated that they will pursue. the president-elect had criticized ford's plan to build a new plant in mexico. the automaker was among the companies he had threatened to hit with a 35% tax on products made in mexico and then exported to the u.s. new at 11:00 atlantic city's
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trump tauj ma hall won't ever be used as a casino again. that's if the building -- billionaire owner has his way. new jersey gam billioniblining learned that icahn plans to surrender the license for the taj. it would prevent anybody who buys the property from reopening it as a casino. is he in the process of selling that shuddered casino. it closed in october after a benefits battle with the casino workers union. the south jersey man accused of killing his estranged wife in front of their children will face a burlington county judge tomorrow. tonight we're hearing 911 calls from the night of the murder. >> oh, my god. she was murdered. >> it was a murder? what kind of injuries? >> i'm on the phone with state police right now. >> what kind of injuries does she have, sir? >> that's part of the call tara o'shea watson's neighbor made after finding her body last month. jeremiah is accused of stabbing her to death inside her home in commercial township. police say the couple's
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12-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter witnessed the murder. authorities captured him last night after two weeks on the run. we have new details on the fights between a philadelphia police officer and a 16-year-old caught on video. we first brought you this story last night at 11:00. this cell phone video shows a large fight in southwest philly. you can see an officer fighting with a teenage girl. today the police department says the girl struck the officer in the face. prior to the officer fighting back. the teenager has not been charnlcharn charged. the officer is under investigation by internal affairs. a high school student in the lehigh valley is facing charges after police say he made a racist video about a classmate and then put it on social media. the 14-year-old is a student at saucon valley high school. he harassed a 16-year-old black student by calling him the n-word and joiking he was on welfare on a video he posted to snap chat, allegedly. that video led to a fight, and initially only the black student
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was charged with assault, but now the white student is facing charges of ethnic intimate addition. intimidation. >> harassment, whether it's based on race or otherwise, is a crime. >> we have been going through some stuff for some years. one student threw a confederate flag at him. there were slurs. >> they hope the new charges send a message to students that racial harassment will not be top rated. >> in chester county three high school football players pleaded guilty to harassment charges today. last march the three teenagers and a victim were told to clean the football locker room. the victim refused and tried to leave. that's when the victim testified he was shoved, pushed, and held down by the three teenagers. the allegations uncovered a hazing culture by other teams and other athletes at the school. it's unclear how the teenagers will be punished. up next, a band on selfies. >> why republicans want a new
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rule against snapping photographs on the house floor. brandon. >> reporter: some people say it's because of a party at this bar. why some of them are asking for a refund. oh, baby. janet jackson's special delivery at 50 years old. well, warm up is on the way, but don't get used to it. i'm tracking bitter cold air ahead. plus, our next chances for snow. my nbc 10 first alert forecast is coming up.
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zbliefrmt celebrating a local military hero in bucks county tonight. the business associates -- theodore with a special military flag. the flag will be added to the business association's wall of honor. he is an electronic systems specialist on the u.s.s. new orleans in san diego. hillary and bill clinton will be at the inauguration for
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president-elect trump. they confirmed that earlier today. hillary clinton, of course, lost the election to trump after that bitter campaign. also today, president george w. bush confirmed he and his wife will be at the inauguration. the bushes did not endorse or vote for president-elect trump. george h.w. bush says he elizabeth be at the inauguration because of his health, but 92-year-old president jimmy carter will be there as well. new at 11:00 a selfie ban on the house floor. republicans voted today to level fines for taking selfies or live video on the floor of the house of representatives. the new rules call for members to be fined $500 per offense. $2,500 is the maximum fine. republicans say the fines are about enforcing the rules of de decorum. it was brought about by a response to the nightclub shooting in orlando. a new year's eve controversy in center city. some people are demanding their
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money back saying a bar falsely advertised its party. >> yeah. some customers paid $100 or more, but they never got the premium open bar and food buffet they say they were promised. nbc 10's brandon hudson joining us live at 1925 lounge in center city with more. brandon. >> well, jim and jack, boim bottom line, people say they want some kind of a refund. first, we got a complaint from an nbc 10 viewer, and then we checked the facebook page only to find out there was a long list of upset party goers. one woman we spoke to said she got her here are, stood in line and waited an hour to get inside, only to find out it wasn't as advertised. >> reporter: one look at the 1925 lounge facebook page, and you'll see not everyone started 2017 like they had hoped. nbc 10 found numerous complaints about the cocktail bar's new year's eve party. >> i had never been before. i probably won't go back. >> reporter: jackie is one of a few people asking for a refund. she shared these photos of her night at 1925 lounge with
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friends. she spent more than $90 for an event which the on-line ad promised food buffet stations and a countdown, among other things. >> they said no food, sorry. no other explanation. midnight came and went. they didn't do the countdown at midnight either. >> it didn't seem like the food or the premium open bar or the hand krafltcrafted cocktails the promised. they didn't deliver on all of that. >> scott visited from baltimore that weekend. he stood more than $1 00 for a ticket and says some of his friends she would out $300. we tracked down the company which worked with the bar for the party. it's june bug productions out of new york city. june bug apologized in a statement sent to nbc 10 on behalf of their company and the 1925 lounge. adding "both companies are working together to investigate the events that took place and promise to do right by our customers." >> i think refunds are the most appropriate action they should take, but until that happens,
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you know, i'll continue to doubt the lounge. >> we did some research and found this isn't the first complaint about joonbug. the better business bureau lists ten closed complaints in the last three years. a majority of those complaints were for advertising and sales issues or problems with products and service. both scott and jackie say they are waiting to hear back from 1925 lounge and joonbug productions personally. we also heard from a woman who said her friend complained and got complimentary table and bottle service for a later date. live in center city, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. turning to our weather now, a rainy couple of days, and as the week goes along, the weather is only going to change more and more. >> got to get the heavy gloves and coats back out, right? >> oh, yeah. they're going to be out for a while once the weather does change. some big changes coming in the next couple of days. well, we capital see tn't see t the buildings again. we have low clouds and fog.
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it's still kind of damp. it's not very cold. these are the feels like temperatures right now. 40 or above in much of the area. let's head to the west and see what's headed our way. feels like 12 in chicago. 19 -- 16 below in minneapolis. 29 below in bismarck, inneded in. north dakota. where is the arctic air coming? this way. all right. it's not going to feel like it's below zero, but it's going to feel mighty cold, and this arctic air is going to hang around. friday, saturday, sunday, even into monday of next week. that's five straight days of it. the rain that we had today pretty much gone. we had more showers coming through this evening. we have a few more overnight. the next area we're going to be watching is going to be snow because it's going to be cold enough for snow. this is thursday afternoon, and watch as it races across from the west as a weak storm develops along the coast. maybe just enough moisture and
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the storm just strong enough to push some snow up. especially in delaware and extreme south jersey. that will race away and then there's another one that may develop to the south. that's why we have two separate chances for snow. the storm will suppress this one to the south. that is what makes the forecast so tricky. there's the friday night into saturday morning chance. you can see how far south some places you could be getting snow in georgia, south carolina, north carolina. in our area the best chances, of course, the jersey shore. this is for early friday and, again, on saturday. also in delaware. friday and saturday. places with the least chance of snow lehigh valley. look at these high temperatures. for friday, saturday, and sunday. best chance for any kind of light snow in the philadelphia area is friday morning. still not expecting much accumulation. there could be a couple of
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inches down to the south depending on the track of the storms. we'll give you updates on that as it gets closer. we'll be right back. ♪
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that she was pregnant. jackson is said to be resting comfortably. up next, sports. fios in the house!
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i'm john clark with csn. 6ers back home in two weeks. the game of the year so far tonight at the wells fargo center. 6ers and timberwolves, what a thrilling finish. joe -- they started in the front court, but maryland's noel making his presence known in the first half too. alley-oop right there. later in the first. more from t.j. mcconnell. 6ers lead by 15 at the half. third quarter. offers looking to put the t-wolves away. draining the jumper. 6ers up by 26 points. fast forward to the fourth. 6ers only up six now. joelle down low.
11:29 pm
fired up after scoring. getting the crowd going. a little a.i. under a minute to go. 6ers lead down to one. t.j. mcconnell. 6ers up by three. then imbeb what a battle. he gets blocked. minnesota with a chance. ricky rubio. great look. wow. game winner with 1.6 seconds left. t.j. mcconnell telling brown great play. 6ers win 93-91. that's two straight close wins, and big shot bob has missed a lot of shots. he was getting booed, but he redeemed himself. >> it was great. i was happy for him. you know, the whole game he got booed and fought to make that play to get us the win.
11:30 pm
>> i didn't realize the fans would get like that sometimes. it's a love-hate relationship. i think rob, you know, definitely came through and big thompson. >> it shows you how dynamic i am as a person that no matter what if things aren't going my way at times, i never stop playing, never stop fighting no matter what, i'ming in going to give into what others say about me. >> when a win. saw brian dawkins, one of 15 final is for the pro football hall of fame. how about terrell owens. t.o. is also a finalist. t.o. and dawk ready for the call to the hall. the flyers got back goalie michael noyberg. i'm john clark. we're right back. e. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe"
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a new jersey coaching legend immortalized. middle township dedicated its court named the man who manned the sidelines there for 35 years and led the team to three state titles and nine south jersey championships. >> have a good night. >> see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- justin timberlake. tracey ullman. musical t,


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