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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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delaware, montgomery county and atlantic county as workers all over loaded up the salt and spread it out over the roadways. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> we're bringing you live team coverage of the snow hitting our region tonight. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, he's timing it out for us neighborhood by neighborhood. >> we'll be seeing the visibility go down as the snow starts. we can see fine, the skyline of center city. but in a few hours that will not be the case. we're already seeing some of the snow returns on radar. a lot of it is up in the clouds, and not reaching the ground. but hour by hour, after this happens the snow layer gets closer to the ground and it's snowing. this is developing across newcastle county in delaware more than anywhere else for the first area. the main area of snow covers much of pennsylvania and west
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virginia and eastern ohio. we're all going to pretty much see that later this evening. as you can see, it will take a couple hours to really crank up here. the temperature goes down at the same time. so any of this snow starts sticking on untreated surfaces. in the middle of the night that's when it gets heavier. the darker blue is indicating a little bit heavier snow. there's not a huge storm, it's moving fast. it has limited potential. it's also if the timing's pretty good for us. most of it is going to be falling before 5:00 a.m. certainly in pennsylvania and delaware. and it's going to be ending by about 6:00 a.m., even at the shore. which could get that burst of snow right around 5:00 in the morning. i'll be back to talk more about the snow totals and also about the saturday threat for parts of area coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. the streets department says it has 50,000 tons of salt available as crews brine the roads. on the left is i-95 live in
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south philadelphia. on the right you see some of the 70 trucks philadelphia has salting the roadways this evening. penn dot has more than 300 trucks brining the roads. randy gyllenhaal is joining us live at the norristown salt yard. crews have been out there for the past day working to prepare the roads out there. >> reporter: yeah, they've been brining for the past 24 hours. i'm told that about 8:00 they're going to send out the big state trucks, about 180 of them to hit the roads. they've called in reinforcements. 134 contractors will be out there. this storm is the first major one for the season. they say it will be a good test going forward and a good remind f for folks to start their snow and ice check list. at the hardware plus store in wayne this afternoon, the sign up front says it all. let it snow. finally great for business selling shovels and salt.
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>> this is by far the biggest seller. >> reporter: the winter has been pretty mild so far but that's about to change. >> snow and ice dance. >> reporter: we found jay gearing up on supplies. he's a contractor ready to hit parking lots and sidewalks up and down the main line. >> first real one of the season. hopefully it's steady like this every week. nothing too big but nothing too small. >> reporter: the coming winter blast won't be a big one, but it's a reminder to get ready for the season ahead. which means getting your car winterized. mechanics at plymouth auto and tire are seeing customers left and right. >> we want to check your tires, make sure you have the right pressure, plenty of tread. >> reporter: wipers are crucial. if they're too old you won't be able to see. >> that's not going to clean. you'll get streaking. the best thing you want is visibility. >> reporter: they say check your batteries and for many this will be the first time in months driving in tough snowy
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conditions. >> you can only control what you're doing. you want to drive slow, stay to the right if it's really bad. >> reporter: penn dot said it could get tricky in the overnight hours. they say it's a plus the snow is falling after the evening rush and hopefully before the morning rush tomorrow. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. injersthe jersey show is ge up for a couple of days of snow. in wildwood we found crews getting ready. they're hoping to get help from residents as well. >> we try to get people to get their cars off the street as much as they can. >> atlantic county road crews sprayed brine solution on to the streets for the second straight day. it looks like snow could keep them busy into the weekend. delaware, crews are ready and waiting at the gravel hill
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yard in sussex. operators are prepped and ready to go with whatever the weather might bring. they have been pretreating the major roads. del dot has 40,000 tons of salt on hand. you'll want to wake up early tomorrow morning the brush the snow off your car. when you do wake up, turn on nbc 10 today. we'll be starting a half hour early at 4:00 tomorrow morning. you can stay on top of tonight's snow and any winter weather that heads our way this season with the nbc 10 app. just tap our free app. now to the countdown to inauguration day. just 15 days now. president elect donald trump will take the oath of office. and as many as 200,000 protesters will be heading to washington, d.c. they'll be sending a message to the president elect. lauren, some demonstrators are telling you they are willing to move forward with mr. trump? >> they want him to listen though. there's a big march planned
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focused on civil rights. there are demonstrations on different issues planned really all week. while the president elect supporters look forward to him taking office, those who did not support him, are looking to have their say. as preparations are underway in washington for president elect donald trump's move to the white house, philadelphiaens wish to send multiple messages to inincoming president. >> we will not go backwards. >> reporter: here activists, pastors and elected officials lining up to support a march on washington the saturday before the inauguration. >> the last people that should be being spectators are those that are sons and daughters of slaves. >> reporter: buses are planned to transport people to washington. >> it's focused on protecting voter id, protecting our healthcare. protecting education for our children. protecting medicare. >> reporter: meme, emily cooper morris is working on the women's
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march on philadelphia the day after the swearing in. >> we want to make sure he knows we are part of his constituency and it's his job to hear our voices. >> reporter: the inauguration now two weeks away. the deputy chair of pennsylvania's republican party is expecting to see protests there. >> bottom line is people have a right to do whatever they want to do. this is america. that's a good thing. >> reporter: she says meeting your elected officials might be an easier way to deliver a message. but understands people want to express how they're feeling. >> so they just have to give him chance like they gave president obama a chance. >> reporter: in addition to the marches we mentioned we also know rallies focused on healthcare are being planned around the country, including here in philadelphia. bernie sanders has encouraged those and their plan for the sunday before the inauguration. jim? all right. lauren, and today the official tick frt met for the inaugurati unveiled.
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250,000 tickets were printed. every person attending will need one. the tickets have security features to prevent counterfeiting. we have new details in the murder of a 14-year-old grace packer. police have charged packer's mother with endangerment. they say sarah packer misled police after she reported the girl missing from their montgomery county home. she is always been labelled by police as a person of interest in her daughter's death. today we found out she housed 21 foster children since 2003 according to state records. for the last several days nbc 10 has been asking the state of pennsylvania's department of health and human services to answer questions regarding packer's status as a foster parent. the archdiocese official accused of covering up pedophile priests will be back in a courtroom next week. we have new video of monsignor lynn leaving court today. his defense attorneys and prosecutors argued whether his case should be dismissed.
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an appeals court overturned the conviction, but the district attorney's office is not dropping charges and is planning for a new trial. during next week's hearing a detective is expected to testify about inconsistent statements made by an alleged victim. a philadelphia residents are deal ing with water in their homes. water main broke on milbrook road. water poured into people's basements. the water department has shut that water off but the damage has been done. neighbors believe the break may be connected to an ongoing problem with a sinkhole in the middle of the street and they are frustrated. >> we pay taxes and they cover a sinkhole with a metal plate. so this is what happens. it gets cold and now there's water everywhere. >> got to have family nearby, we'll stay with them. >> the water department is trying to figure out if the water main break is connected to the sinkhole. crews are walking to pump the water out of those affected homes. fire rips through a four story apartment building in nicetown. the red cross says it's helping
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16 people after the fire along north 21st street. no one was hurt. a federal jury is ordering depont to pay $10 million. on top of $2 million a truck driver has already been awarded. the driver says he got testicular cancer from a chemical used to make teflon. dupont is facing more than 3,000 similar lawsuits. citizen's bank is donating $25,000 to the african-american museum in philadelphia to celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. the his is the 11th year of their partnership. the money will pay for four days of events and special activities leading up to dr. martin luther king day. up next, brace for snow. no doubt about it, i'm timing out when it's going to it had your neighborhood and how much it's going to fall.
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that's in the first alert neighborhood forecast. plus, tis the season to get sick. a triple threat of illnesses packing hospitals in our area. we will explain next. and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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triple threat of sickness is likely targeting your office, maybe your child's school right now. doctors say flu season is ramping up just as noro virus and colds make their rounds. hospitals, they're deal ing with packed emergency rooms. >> nbc 10 explains how medical experts are working overtime to help you survive the winter season. >> i get a flu shot every year, taking vitamins and everything like that using antebacterial soap. >> i do a little throat spray. i've been -- >> reporter: how long have you had it. >> new year's. >> it's going around a couple people in my office, it's a problem. >> reporter: for some it lasts for days. when it gets too bad patients are flocking here. to the abington hospital emergency room. today the beds were full. but that's not stopping staff who are working extra hours to get people treated fast. the hospital says the post
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holiday season is some of the worst for colds, flu, and stomach viruses. >> a lot of vomiting, nausea. been going on for a couple day and can't get in to see their physician. >> reporter: abington has been seeing 300 patient as day since december 26th and half have been admitted. >> there are folks that should sequester themselves and engage in supportive therapy. if someone is starting to get into respiratory distress, or if they're with the gi illness starting to get dehydrated, that's when they need to come see us. >> reporter: the montgomery county health department says despite those who are speaking treatment, actual hospitalization are not unusually high. and if you're wondering, the end of the week is the slowest time for local emergency rooms. >> sunday nights, 5:00, normally after the football game it starts to spike up. and monday becomes our busiest days. and it goes monday, tuesday, and then starts to slow down.
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>> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. back to our weather. snow should be starting in the couple of hours. >> you can see the snow system over our region on the first alert radar right there. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is timing it out for us. glenn? >> and in a few hours, we're seeing the art museum right now. we won't be able to see it because the snow will be coming down hard enough to reduce the visibility. so this is coming in, just no doubt boabout it. 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. the peak 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. good timing for the crews trying to get rid of this. average about two inches across the area. parts of chester, upper bucks, upper montgomery may get around three. but even though the snow is over with by 7:00 a.m., still going to be some slippery conditions, sidewalks, driveways untreated surfaces. if you don't get rid of the snow, nature isn't going to do it for you, not until the sun
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comes up. you'll have to get rid of it yourself. the radar is starting to get a little more colorful here. especially in delaware. we're starting to actually see some reports of snow from wilmington down to dover where we have a little bit darker blue. one little burst down by dover, one up by wilmington. and gets light snow flakes with that. the main area is back to the west but that's catching up with the area that's way out ahead of it. and once the snow does start at a decent clip, it will stay steady for hours. allentown, 29. wilmington down to 29. the snow has started. that's what's going to happen. snow starts, temperature gets knocked down a few degrees in this particular case. and as we go through the evening, more and more of the area is going to be affected by 10:00, we're getting it. burkes county and chester county, newcastle county, kent county. it will take longer to get toward the shore, of course. but then it will be ending later
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there. midnight and the darker blues indicating a little bit of heavier snow, accumulating snow. that's the peak of it. as we head toward the morning rush, it's ending. pennsylvania, and much of delaware, but really picking up right at the jersey shore. so if you wake up a little bit later, 6:00 a.m. friday, it's already away from atlantic city. not going anywhere else. so this timeline is working out just fine. 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. generally arriving. the peak of the snow 11:00 to 3:00. remember that the average of snow accumulation of two inches and it will not be snowing during the morning rush. the projected snowfall totals averaging about two inches, less to the north, less to the south. that's with the first system. now, as we go toward the morning, see philly, 7:00 a.m., just cloudy. suburbs, 27, cloudy. 26.
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lehigh valley. see, 7:00 a.m., it's already over with. now, the next system, this is for saturday. this is a bigger storm, a lot more moisture. it's going to track offshore or else we'd get buried in snow. but the edge, we're going to be on the northern edge of this, and just a shift of about 50 miles will bring heavier snow to the delaware beaches and the jersey shore. and even some snow towards philly. the area most likely to get three inches or more is right at the jersey shore. and in the delaware beaches. everybody's going to get this arctic air. there's just no doubt about that. here's saturday afternoon it's feeling like it's in the teens. and that is warmer than sunday's going to feel. the wind will start picking up. as we go towards sunday morning it's feeling like it's close to zero degrees sunday afternoon doesn't warm up much more than that either. hey, i'm danny pommels,
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still to come, the latest on the seven footer's health plus the flyers try to put themselves back together after getting roughed up by the rangers, we'll hear from the orange and black next in sports. ♪
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hey, danny pommels with you. case of the bubble guts in the sixers practice and is listens as questionable. better news. he's fourth in all-star voting. hoping to make the all-star team and get a date with his crush,
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thought to be singer rihannriha. he was asked about his ulterior motive. >> if it does, it's another reason for me to try to help promote him. i had a different agenda. but if that's the side benefit for joelle, i can see that. he's got good taste. >> #nbavote isn't that what it is? i'll do it if it will help him get a date with rehannihanna. >> december 14th was the flyers when they won their tenth straight game and had a nine point lead. things have changes. they've lost seven of eight games and last night was their fifth straight 5-2 to the rangers. they were leading the wild card over toronto and tampa bay. the lightening invest visit on saturday. >> i don't think we're playing that bad of hockey, we need to find a way. >> i don't care anybody in the
6:25 pm
lockerroom thing about thn thin. we got to find a way to do this. >> the eagles have denied the jets' permission to talk about the jets offensive coordinator position. eagles defensive end was on tcn's breakfast on broad. >> we looked good against the first three games. we lose some games in there and we kind of lost it. after, like, we kind of lost it a little bit after our bye week. this year, coming up, is we got to make sure we stay consistent. obviously, we have new pieces there and we got to get those guys up to speed. >> that is your look at sports, i'm danny pommels csn, back to you. all right. danny. for a look at what's coming up at nbc news at 11:00. confusion over the soda tax.
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>> some customers paid tax on things that should not have been taxes coming up at 11:00. fios in the house!
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back to the snow. moving into our region right now. sky force 10 was over camden county this afternoon as crews were getting salt trucks ready for the snow that is just now starting to move into our area. >> some parts of delaware getting snow right now. >> already, yeah. northern delaware, specifically. and newark has had snow for a little bit. an hour and starting to stick on things. that's what's going to happen. you see the darker blue. that is the area most likely to be reaching the ground from newark to wilmington over into new jersey and piles grove. the wider view shows the larger area of snow, back out to the west. and that's going to be coming in. it will be over with by the friday morning rush and we watch
6:30 pm
for the next coastal storm saturday. >> updates through the evening. that's our news at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00 with the latest on the snow. good night. . chills new details in the case that gripped the nation. america's top spy defends u.s. intelligence. it was russia, he says. high drama hours from president elect donald trump secret briefing. bracing for impact. massive winter storm. emergency that could paralyze cities in the south. peanut allergy surprise. new way to combat them. tonight nation's doctors say something parents have been told for years is wrong. hollywood dream come true. movie stars jumping at the chance to work


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