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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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ly isry roads across the area. moving again. 95 back open after two big crashes. keep the shovels handy. bigger snow potentially headed our way for the weekend. a lot going on this morning. we have you covered. good morning. nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> we have updated school closings and delays. as this system moves out, we are watching another one for the weekend. we have you covered. live first alert team coverage to show you what's happening right now in your neighborhood. twha you can expect out on the roads. plus first alert meteorologist
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tracking that next snow threat. >> there's a wide range of conditions on the roads and in the sky things are really starting to shape up. you can see it is drying out in philadelphia. broad street from the kimmel center. light snow is ending in the lehigh valley east and doesn't look very snowy. there is a little bit of snow showing up on the radar in allentown and into upper montgomery. won't last much longer. parts of chester county picked up three inches. a little higher than the rest of the area. most of us wound up with an inch or two. few neighbors in new jersey picked up just over two inches. we will see warming conditions today. drying conditions as well. right now what we're looking at our temperatures in the 20s. those numbers will warm just above freezing this afternoon. a lot of it will be melting during the day today. go through it hour by hour with the future cast when i come back
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if ten minutes and have a look another the weekend as well. first jessica boyington is dealing with a messy morning. messy morning is right. doing better right now believe it or not than we were earlier with 95 being shutdown. back open though. watching more accident scene. headed westbound around the schuylkill expressway. cameras are catching this accident scene here. see a few flifrs there on the scenes so watch for slippery spots. reports of an overturned truck on philadelphia o on 15 street. small area too right there. i'm sure that's closed. no word yet exactly if it is closed either way you should be diverted around the scene. shouldn't be difficult to move through. watching secondary roads as well. roads throughout the city are the worst of what we're seeing today in terms o of driving in slippery spots. back to 95. check in with drive time there. earlier crash completely clear. back down to normal. not seeing any big delays there. few disabled vehicles around cottman avenue in place of where
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the stand still traffic was. other than we're good to go. 16 minutes southbound to the vine street expressway. ro pamela osborne checking on the side streets in philadelphia. what are you seeing where you are. >> reporter: it's a little bit slippery outside right now. step out of the way and show you. give you a look at princeton avenue. traffic is beginning to pick up. people are heading to work this morning. gentleman dusting off snow over there. take a look at the roadway s themselves. a little bit slick right now. snow on the side now. we positioned ourselves here because we also wanted to give you a look at the side streets as well. a little bit of different conditions there. just a little bit more snow on side streets this morning. dw definitely something you want the be aware of. allow yourself plenty of extra time. seen several pin dot trucks out there morning. i was on my way into work this
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morning. driving through philly i could see other trucks working on some of these main streets here. just something to keep in mind for you. as you head out the door this morning. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. head out to suburbs little further west of the city. nbc 10 matt delucia to show us what drivers can expect when they head out during the morning rush. matt? >> reporter: we've been on host of the side streets and also some of the lesser of the major roads if you will on street road. ben salem through bucks county. giving you a look at what the real major interstates look light right now. . we're seeing is just mostly wet surfaces. you might be able to see a little bit of shine on the road as the vehicles pass by. a lot of the drivers are going slower than usual. storm 4 ten little dark from
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vantage point. looks like we're going a lot faster than we are. really going 55-mile-an-hour at this point. you do just want to be a little bit careful. especially on the side streets heading out the door this morning. a lot of those untreated roads could cause you some problems. we already did see black ice and parking lots that were treated. a lot of the plows have been out. as pam mentioned. we've seen trucks and private salting and plow trucks out there as well getting parking lots and business complexes all set and ready to go. off to the left side of your care screen here, a lot of the headlights coming in our direction. a lot of people heading out on the road. of course, give yourself extra time to brush the snow off the car and head out the door this morning. now live in storm 4 ten. let's show you conditions around the area. city of camden. residents waking up to an inch of snow. plow clearing the sidewalk on
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cooper street. here's a live look at cape may. the snow has moved out. just wet roads and snow on the ground. you can see right there. >> the snow has tapered off here. just a few flakes flying. just about an inch of snow on the grass. the roads have been treated and drivers along the expressway tell us they haven't had any problems so far this morning. we do have some school closing and delays. continue to come many. scrolling at the bottom of your screen. also get them on the nbc 10 app. in other news this morning. here are the headlines we'll be keeping an eye on. >> in chicago four african-american people accused of torturing a mentally disabled man on facebook live. ological appear before a judge today. victim was found disoriented. police say went on for hours. all four suspects have been charged with hate crime, kidnapping and aggravated battery. today senior intelligence officials will brief president elect donald trump on findings that russia interfered with the
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election for his benefit. mr. trump remains skeptical about that conclusion. also today congress will certificate the election of donald trump and mike pence as president and vice president. here at home, simone biles at to talk about her new book, courage to sore. biles won a record setting four gold metals and book recalls the trials and triumphs that led her from foster care to olympic glory. 29 degrees outside. take a live look down broad street. just a few cars out there this morning. everything looks to be moving smoothly. >> just slippery spots. now we get to focus on the next snow headed our way. bill henley tracking the snow moving off and the next. i just got the snow totals, but you're already on to to next. we have a lot to deal with. not just today by the weekend will have an impact. this is philadelphia international. hour and a half ago we saw snow falling in the lights.
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it has since ended. though still damp outside and still below freezing. officially, philadelphia internation international.9 inches of snow. most of the rest of the area got more than that. average 1-2 inches. few neighborhoods getting 2.5. montgomery county 2.5 inches. the snow is moving out. pretty much done with it today. the last few snow showers moving through the lehigh valley. in the shore just about done. these snow showers won't add much to what's already on the ground. what is on the ground is frozing as the numbers are still blow freegz. there goes the last little bit of snow. steady snow now way offshore. done with that for today. already drying out in sussex county and delaware. now waiting for the temperatures to climb.
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scattered light snow being reported in new jersey and at the shore. delaware 29 degrees and 20s for the suburbs. going to take some time. we're in the 20s right now in the clouds overhead. we'll see breaks of sunshine. warm into the very low 30s this afternoon, but over the next few hours, temple temperatures lik any icy conditions aren't going to stay with us. slowly improving conditions as the clouds are clearing outs. 7:00 this morning. just before sunrise. there goes the last little bit of snow. skies start to break for allentown and redding. warm up in slow, but by 9:00, 29 degrees. sunshine breaking through the clouds. we will see some of that snow melting. then we've got sunshine into the afternoon with just scattered clouds. dry this afternoon. so more melting later today. temperatures will be climbing into the 30s. sunshine no problem to see that melting for philadelphia. the suburbs.
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and for the lehigh valley. then, for delaware and south jersey. drying out today. the wet weather will return to these neighborhoods tomorrow. look at the weekend forecast when we come back in ten minutes. just plan for extra time. so we're on the schuylkill expressway right around the cameras at jer regard avenuegir this is the schuylkill underneath. other than that the slippery spots tend to be on secondary roads and on the on and rauf raoff ramps. there is a crash out in philadelphia on 15th street. overturn ed truck there. be directed to the scene there as well. watching the bridges. all the speed restrictions in
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place over the top of the bridges. walt whitman. pretty much all of them running with a spread restriction of 35-mile-per-hour. go slow there. also watching philadelphia international airport. word from philadelphia international airport. twitter account there have been cancellations. check before you go and head out the door if you have to take a flight. more updates when i come back on the roads in about 10. >> good advice. first alert team coverage continues next. next live through atlantic county to check road conditions there. hear from drivers about that drive to work this morning.
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6:14. first snow of the year fell across our region overnight. drivers are able to move through pretty easily. i should remind you we're still getting school delays in. the list is growing on nbc 10 app. now a live look at camelback ski resort. 28 trails open today. look at all the snow. there was mother nature and then the manmade we've seen machines taking advantage of the cold weather to make snow for the skiers this morning. snow is letting up in south jersey. moved off. drivers giving credit to road crews for keeping things looking pretty good. >> live in hamilton township. >> reporter: absolutely did. in the last few minutes i got off the phone with steve shapiro new jersey department of transportation. he told me three main points that drivers should be aware of as they head out the door this morning. the roads, the interstates that
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new jersey dot maintain tans ju seeing wet conditions. the snow and ice has been removed thanks to plowing effort and preconditions that have been done. traffic is going at northermal speed. no major delays to report and also the timing of the storm was helpful in that it came through late last night and early this morning when they saw very little traffic on the roads. the plows and salt trucks could do their job. talked to drivers not too long ago. here's what they're saying about the conditions. roads are very clear so far. down south is actually a little sprinkles, but actually the transit and from the road maintaining very clear. so far pretty good. >> not bad. just snowing and nothing is laying really except for on the grassy areas. >> reporter: those grassy areas he's referring to. just picked up snow from the grassy area.
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see how light it is. it almost evaporates from my  hands. things are looking good in this part of the county. >> good news there. thanks. 6:17. 29 degrees outside. the roads by and large clear, looking good. looks can be deceiving. doesn't mean it's clear sailing. take your tra time. >> reporter: especially because we've been listening to bill and crystal all morning. temperatures below freezing. anything on the road can potentially be slippery and a messy spot. especially getting on and off the ramps for the major highways, including bridges and secondary roads as well. watching the girard avenue bridge. few police officers on the scene. this is a slippery spot as well. look at the road. look at schuylkill expressway. not dealing with any real volume or big delays right now. almost approaching the really the beginning of rush hour. we normally see delays.
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right now we seem to be better than normal. crash and overturned truck in philadelphia. diverted around the scene there. checking the 422. no accidents to report. no major increase right now. drive time 9 minutes eastbound from 29 moving towards schuylkill. also checking in with the bridges again. speed restrictions here. slippery conditions moving over. 35-mile-per-hour for all. make sure you go slow. take your time. use extra caution. i'll be back in ten with more updates for you. >> now you're updated on the roads. let's get you updated on the snow totals. look at this view. don't see any snow. doing a great job as jessica talked about. clearing the major roads. find slippery conditions because of the inch or two or a little bit more in some neighbors than
6:19 am
others, but nobody got a lot out of this. the slippery conditions will stay with us the next couple of hours. stay cold enough for icy conditions to start with. not all day. clouds will break and temperatures be above freezing this afternoon. even if they stay below freezing get sunshine and start the melting and drying process. if it's on the ground tonight, it's going to turn colder. it will refreeze tonight and another system coming in that will likely impact the shore this weekend. ocean city new jersey, camera that saw some pretty good snow showers earlier. snow on the beach right now. snow is really tapering off there as well as the rest of the area. the cold still with us for the lehigh valley. the suburbs, delaware. philadelphia in the 20s. a few light snow showers in new jersey and at the shore. most neighborhoods below freezing. even at the shore. atlantic city 31 degrees. slippery conditions this morning. even p cape may point. tends to be a little warmer than
6:20 am
the rest of these neighbors. 31 degrees. improving conditions during the day. you can see, right on the edge. the cusp of the last few snowflakes. steady snow is already offshore. though we have a few scattered light snow showers in the lehigh valley, those won't last either. this one is ease to get through. watching offshore this weekend for another storm that's likely to impact areas with more snow than we saw with this one. meteorologist has a close look at that. >> bill, this is a tricky one. the system as you mentioned is m coming from the south. instead of saying yes, it's guaranteed to move east. this is something depending how far north it goes we could get more or less snow. very much depends on what neighborhood you're in which is why we do neighborhood forecast. here's a look at hour by hour forecast. and over the temperatures we're also going to show you one model update. when i say a model update. commuter projection as where the snow may fall. one tool of many we use to make
6:21 am
forecast. let's take a look at this. showing off temperatures here through new jersey over to delaware. lehigh valley all very cold to start your saturday morning. 7:30 a.m. notice that snow rushing right up against the shore. kind of like what we're seeing currently, but this system is going to linger there from morning to afternoon. there we go at 11:00 a.m. spreading through parts of delaware beaches up into parts of delaware bay and still over areas like cape may to atlantic city. again, this is just one model. another model we showed in the last half hour snow line extends all it will way to suburbs. this is what we're talking about with potential to see much more snow. the focus and agreement most completely is that the shore points are going to have the best shot and the most snow with the system. go through the afternoon, about mid-afternoon start to move off. notice the temperature still have cold and breezy. 27 degrees for philadelphia. then as we go through the rest of the day. that starts to clear out and clear for your sunday.
6:22 am
here's a look at preliminary snow total forecast. about an inch for philly. much high eer along the shore. we'll have updates on that as we go through your afternoon newscast. >> thanks. 6:22. nbc 10 is your home for first alert weather and traffic. whatever comes our way. here's a live look now at 76 this morning. drivers heading out on mostly wet roads. could be slick and slippery. take it easy. back with more first alert coverage. look at conditions. stay here.
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watching for slippery spots this morning. finding some on the bridges.
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on and off ramps. secondary roads. majors for the most part look okay. this is girard avenue. watching a crash there. underneath the schuylkill looks okay. drive times okay. majors like for the most part okay right now. don't want to get ahead of myself. drive times still in the green. updates for you on this when i come back. for now get a check on today's forecast with bill henley. >> still making snow in the poconos mountains. didn't get much there. nobody got a lot. most was the suburbs. center city no sign of snow. pretty good job of drying things out this morning. will get sunshine today. the weekend different story. another storm. first alert forecast just ahead. we're giveing matt dlelucia live. driving around giving you conditions on the roads. show you what you might expect to see when you walk out your
6:27 am
front door.
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first snow creating wintery scenes like this one. dangerous driving making roads a little slippery. tracking the problems you could encounter on morning commute. another storm and the next one could pack a powerful punch. tracking more snow in the first alert forecast for the weekend. plenty happening on this friday morning. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. rose mary conners. i'm tracey davidson. first snow has followen and more is on the way.
6:31 am
we're still seeing a few scattered light showers. saw snow plax just a few minutes ago. those have since moved out. scattered showers. as far as the shore is concerned and inland new jersey, very light snow. extreme northern atlantic county. burlington county seeing a bit of snow. picked up two and a half inches of snow. if you're looking for more than that. chest r county was the lplace t be. just over 3 inches of snow there. timeline for the rest of the morning, scattered light snow showers i'm tracking right now are not going to last much longer. the snow ends before sunrise, which is coming up before 7:30 this morning. still looking at slippery conditions which are likely to persist through the morning rush. temperatures just cold enough to keep things frozen. hasn't been treated. you can could want on it being
6:32 am
slippery. butt impro but improving conditions during the day. temperatures warm up and getting melting snow today. head up another system that will likely impact parts of the area even more so. go through it all when we come back in ten minutes. we're watching girard avenue. bridge near the schuylkill. police officer leaving the scene. another one here blocking off part of girard avenue bridge from the accident scene. now looufmoving that out of the one of the biggest accidents we've seen over the hour or so. following a closure of 95. back open as well. left with majors looking like this. okay in both directions. slippery spots in on and off ramps. secondary roads are giving us a problem. drive times for the most part are doing just fine. crash out this montgomery.
6:33 am
just near texas road house area. should be getting by that seen just fine. no major delays approaching either side. in philadelphia, crash on 15 street and race street. arch street also down to one lane around 15th street diverting traffic around the scene as well. watch for spread restrictions on the bridges. 35 miles per hour. all down to 35-mile-per-hour. rose mary back to you. >> 6:33, take your time as you head out on the roads this morning. heard jessica say the conditions vary. majors have within trebeen trean some spots slick. overnight five crashes. first northbound plans in philly. minutes later tractor trailer crashed into the guardrail on the southbound side which jessica has been telling us about. both sides of 95 were soun. now all lanes back p open.
6:34 am
nbc 10 matt delucia live this morning. he's been in storm 4s ten driving around to show us the condition. >> reporter: we've been driving around rosemary and got out to show you what the conditions are like as you get ready to head out the door this morning. a lot of them don't look bad. a lot of them have been treated. you do need to watch out for side streets. when you get at door, might want to watch out. this spot here. little bit slick. looks deceiving. get areas you might get a slick patch areas below freezing temperatures. see the trees and the cars that are still covered coating of snow. this car has an inch of two on there. very light fluffy snow. very easy to brush off. see people brushing off cars in one, two minutes. get out and head out on the road. treated areas here. this person here had a pretty good idea.
6:35 am
throwing salt down on the roadways. keeping pedestrians all nice and safe. we actually saw a few people running down this street. few minutes ago. having a good time out there and you just be careful. as you head out this morning. live in media. >> thanks for that. now we check with nbc 10 pamela osborne. checking the side streets. different depending where you are. what are you seeing, pam? >> we're seeing a little bit of slush on the roadways this morning. matt hit it right on the point here. talking about below freezing temperatures. take a look at the roadway here. this is a road that has been treated. it appears so anyway. you can see the slickness on the one side there. there's also like a small accumulation of slush and snow on the opposite side of the road. now we want to give you another look at a side street. something that may have not been treated. head out your door this morning, keep that in mind. you're going to see varying conditions. with the temperatures being at our below freezing, expect that anything that you see is wet
6:36 am
could be ice. so just take your time as you head out your door. allow yourself plenty of extra time to get to where you need to go. over on 95 earlier this morning. several pin dot trucks out salting. also seen some local plow companies out dropping salt on the roads this morning. give them room to work as well. reporting live. pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. >> philadelphia we go to jersey shore. wintery scene here at the beach. this is ocean city. snow is coating the sand along the water there. here's a live look at wilmington. we spoke to representative who told us crews were out all night. take a live look at philly international. according to airport twitter account. runways and surface areas are clear. there are some cancellations this morning. so if you are flying out today,
6:37 am
be sure to check with your airline. 6:36. so we're watching the snow move out. snow totals from today. watching what's ahead for tomorrow. a lot to cover. >> meteorologist bill henley tracking it for us. steadiest snow happened overnight. wouldn't know it from this view. the roads are damp. temperatures are just below freezing. it is deceiving. didn't get a lot of snow. the most was in chester county with just over three inches. most regions got an inch or two. just enough to make for slippery conditions, but improving conditions with melting and drying out during the day. clouds thin out, and, again, sunshine. snow won't be happening during the day today. turns colder tonight. anything that is still on the ground will refreeze and that cold sets the stage for another snowstorm tomorrow. this one impacting the shore. possibly some inland areas intel. at the shore.
6:38 am
seen some snowflakes. every so often this camera, there goes one. see a snow flake or two. this is the last little bit of the snow at the shore. most of the steady snow is offshore hof ocean city and the entire coast going to be drying out. inland we're seeing very scattered light snow showers in vineland and into lower camden counties just skirting through atlantic county. some areas in burlington county picked up more than 2 inches of snow. not much more than that. there goes the last little snow from the lehigh valley. it's clearing out. will be drying out. the temperatures will be below free freezing for much of the morning. that will cause melting even with colder temperatures. 20s right now in lehigh valley. the suburbs delaware is a 29 degrees. a few snowflakes as we saw in vine land in south jersey. philadelphia just cold enough so if ithasn't been treated.
6:39 am
all in the 20s. to start with. will be above freezing in philadelphia this afternoon. 34 degrees this afternoon. clouds will start returning later this afternoon and into this evening. suburbs, see sunshine. 31 degrees at 1:00. snow melting and gets colder starting at 5:00. sun will be down for lehigh valley. yes, we will break out of clouds. get sunshine. 30 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. and mostly cloudy at 5:00 today. snow comes to an end for delaware and new jersey and the jersey shore. with afternoon temperatures in the very low poz to upper 30s. what's on the ground will largely be melting, but the weekend forecast, includes some snow coming in, especially for the shore. and inland areas. new jersey and delaware. may even see snow falling in philadelphia as well. more on that. a closer look at that with the future cast when we come back in ten minutes. >> jessica boyington keeping us up-to-date on the trouble spots this morning. >> jessica, bring us up to
6:40 am
speed. >> definitely trouble spots. seeing slippery conditions. majors for the most part are doing okay. moving through center city on the vine street expressway. you can see it looks fine. definite tell the roads are a little wet. which means they will be slipper. for the most part no delays yet. some things happening throughout the center city streets. city streets, back roads, secondary roads as well. overturned box truck. that intersection right now is closed. our street as well is down to one lane around 15 street. see delays through the city in that raerp detoured around there for sure. you know how long it might take you get out the city. out in montgomery a crash. just near the texas road house area. now the philadelphia international airport tweeted that they're seeing delays and cancellations at the philadelphia international airport of course. check before you go. if you have a tliegt, we'll update you with more of your
6:41 am
roads when we come back. stay with nbc 10 as the forecast for tomorrow's snowstorm continues to evolve and change. one way which is so good to do to prepare for you and your family. download the free nbc 10 app. easy to do free. get the latest snow total and any alerts for your neighborhood. when snow hits during the week, get realtime updates. about 20 minutes before seven right now. when the phone rings, you can't always trust who is on the other end. >> new scam targeting people in our area. next the nbc spons team has the details on the new threat and how you can protect yourself.
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here is a live look now at the first snow of the year in hamilton township. just a light accumulation on the ground. crews shoveling and salts had been busy since the early morning hours. conditions on the road vary across the region. look at storm 10. the majors just wet this morning. the snow is melted of course. the traffic helps. many of the side streets still have to be treated again and maybe plowed. now let's take a live look at the shore. cape may. wet avenue, but clear this morning. another storm system could bring more snow to the shore tomorrow. the first alert weather team is tracking it all. we'll have more on that coming up. old phone scams are making knew waves throughout the delaware valley. >> start with callers claiming to be law enforcement.
6:46 am
spoke to a local sheriff about how to protect yourself. >> reporter: delaware county sheriff says a fake phone call may sound something like this. hi, agency so and so or i'm officer so and so or, you know, you mary hopper have missed your court appearance. >> tell victims they've missed jury duty and need the pay a fine immediately over the phone. the courts are never going to call you on the phone and ask you to pay money over the phone. >> referee: oth. >> reporter: others trying to take advantage of you may claim there's a warrant for your arrest. you need to pay up before police come to arrest. you should never believe a call like that either. >> you owe them money, pay them now. that will never happen from anybody in the courthouse. >> sheriff harper says if you do owe money t court will send you
6:47 am
a letter directing you to make payment at the courthouse. here's how you can protect yourself against the bogus calls. law enforcement says never give out any information about yourself. ask for the name and number. hang up and call the local sheriffs department. also report the calls to the federal do not call list on the website. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, let us know. the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen. 29 degrees outside. let's take a live look at wilmington. no snow falling at this hour. just wet roads out there. meet roll just has been telling us the snow, the system moving on out of here. bill, you are watching another one. >> yes, for the weekend. unfortunately what is on the ground this morning is only going to stay there for a matter of hours. this system is pretty much down. eastern pennsylvania. clouds are overhead. drying out. still cold. if it's on the ground. it's frozen this morning. unless it's been treated.
6:48 am
there's another view. the snow has hend d ended. going to see sunshine in wilmington. temperatures climbing. much of what is on the ground will be melting during the day. next few hours is going to stay frozen. so expect to find slippery conditions this morning. newark is 29 degrees. 29 in marshaltown. down to 27 in greenville. even cold to the south. temperatures will warm with some breaks of sunshine. getting a break from the steady snow that came through overnight. just a few neighborhoods getting snow at this time. burlington county, up to 2.5 on the ground in parts of burlington county. very light snowfall. not going the add much to what's already on the groud in atlantic county. most of the steady snow we saw offshore already this morning. seeing the clouds thin out. won't be long you'll get sunshine. the sun is coming up before 730 this morning. see a little bit of warm youup today. turns colder tonight: attention
6:49 am
turns to offshore. another storm will be coming together and that one could pack some punch for parts of the area with more snow. following that one closely. >> we have to keep a close eye on this one. depending on path we could see a little or a lot of snow in some neighbors. let's take a look at your hour by hour forecast. now, notice this is a model different than what i showed you in the last half hour. i want to show different models indicating different scenarios because depending how quickly this system tracks to the north and how far northwest it moves, this will give us a better chance at snow. this is looking promotionally a little more likely. so watch as we push this model along here. snow spreading across the map by 9:30 in the morning. this is a morning sunrise scenario we start to see this snow spreading across the board. the focus of the more steady to heavy snow will be the jersey shore and delaware beaches. elsewhere we may be able to see snow extending through
6:50 am
philadelphia. looks like berks county may misout miss out on this one. so we're talking a setoff where this is through your saturday we're tracking snow potential. let's look at the numbers. this is what we're going with right now for a preliminary snow totals for saturday. about an inch near philadelphia to the southern portions of suburbs. then we get to new jersey areas. higher values. 1-3 inches. watch as we stretch down the shore. six inches or higher. localized spots where we see the heaviest snow. this is going to be a very tight between heavy snow bands and very light potential. this could wobble further south or could push further north. that would be the worst-case scenario. so this is something we will be continuously updating. have a eye on the actual system. right now sits well to the south. here's the temperature trend for saturday. also be very cold all day long.
6:51 am
so notice we stay in the low to mid 20s. almost no warming up throughout the day. some breezy conditions feel even colder. there's a look at ten day on ten. snow for saturday. drying out sunday. still very cold sunday. look at monday morning. 13 degrees to start. we stay at freezing monday: we will start to experience a warmup of your temperatures. >> crystal, thanks. nine minutes before seven. get to work and school. more than 100 schools delayed right now. check the app for a complete list. jessica keeping an eye on the traffic cameras out there. starts us off only 95. >> a lot of schools are delayed. majors are for the most part empty. not seeing any huge delays as we would typically see approaching the 7:00 hour. this is 95. much different than we saw this morning with it being shutdown. disabled vehicle and one right here on the bottom of your screen. southbound looks okay. 23 minutes from woodhaven road
6:52 am
to vein street expressway. average speeds in the 30s because everyone is driving slower. sterp city overturned truck is a box truck. 15 street and race street tied up a little bit there. out in montgomery just around the texas road house area, bethlehem pike is dealing with a crash there. another accident on davisville road. the majors look for the most part okay. secondary roads, the side streets seeing the problems on. >> so we have you covered on the winter weather and what's left behind. other news to cover for you as well. next we'll run down the headlines and stories wire going to be following throughout the day. including the viral videos stunned viewerser where. what's ahead for the suspects in a brutal beating of a chicago teenag teenager. viktsry tour. make a stop in philadelphia.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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track accident first snow of the year this morning. conditions around the area. the snow is light and powdery. clearing it shouldn't take long. plan for extra time to clear the snow off your car. take it slow on the roads. snow did cause problems overnight and early this morning. 95 southbound first. >> take a look. this tractor trailer crashed into a guardrail closing the lanes. there were also five separate crashes on the northbound side earlier in the morning. >> now to new video taken within the hour. water main break. broken main flooded the basement of seven homes in northeast
6:57 am
philly yesterday. existing sinkhole may be related to the break. four people have a court hearing in chicago today after they allegedly tortured a mentally disabled man on facebook live. each have been charged with a hate crime, kidnapping, and aggravated battery. victims was found disoriented following the assault. police say went on for hour. senior intelligence officials will brief president elect trump on findings that russia interfered with election for benefit. mr. trump remains skeptical about that conclusion. also today, congress will certify the election of donald trump and mike pence as president and vice president. today first lady michelle obama is making final official remarks as first lady. do so after honors final lists for the school kocounselor of t year award. president will deliver his farewell address in chicago next week. today the top female athlete
6:58 am
of 2016 will be in philadelphia. >> won a record setting four gold metals and a bronze at the rio olympics if you remember. tonight be here talking about her new book, courage to sore. recounts the trials and triumphs that led biles from foster care to olympic glory. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last check on the roads. watching for slippery spots. majors look okay for the most part. light volume. roads are doing fine. around the germantown pike. schuylkill is okay. at least for drive times. no real increase. the most it's going to take you 18 minutes westbound from the vine to blue route. watch for speed restrictions all down to 30-mile-per-hour. coming up on 6:59.
6:59 am
snow is out of here for most locations. look at ocean city. know on the beach this morning. just a few scattered snow showers in burlington county. woodland getting light snow. not going to last much longer. sunshine to warm the temperatures from the 20s into the 30s this afternoon. lehigh valley is 26 degrees. 29 right now in philadelphia. clouds will thin out and we will warm boov freezing. just enough this afternoon to melt what's on the ground today. in fact, most areas will be above freezing. even at freezing this afternoon, lehigh valley will see some melting. then another chance of snow especially along the coast for tomorrow. get my first alert weather forecast alerts 101.1 fm. local updates through the morning and the app. we will be tracking the next system coming through. >> it's a good time to download that app right now.
7:00 am
thanks for watching. today show starts right now. stay safe, take it easy. also our list of school delays is growing. check the nbc app for that as well. good morning. triple threat. three nasty storms impacting the north, south and west. more than 70 million americans facing snow, ice and possible flooding. al's here to tell us how long it will linger. showdown at trump tower. after weeks of trashing the nation's intelligence community, president-elect trump set to meet with its top leaders today. vice president biden weighing in on trump's vocal criticism. >> grow up. time to be an adult, you're president. as nbc news learns that officials have specific information tying russia to hacked e-mails. >>


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