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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and tonight that shooter is in custody right now police say there are no signs of terrorism. >> we still don't know why he did it. but we do know his actions caused terror and chaos at the ft. lauderdale airport. and left five people dead. it happened at baggage claim, passengers waiting for their luggage when a man in a star wars shirt pulled out a gun and opened fire. witnesses say he was silent as he unleashed the bullets. >> he wasn't targeting anyone specifically just randomly shooting at people. >> the gunman had time to reload. >> once he finished shooting he walked through, and threw his gun down and waited for the officers to arrive. >> passengers ran across the tarmac leaving their luggage behind there was more fear after a report of another shooting.
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police say that report turned out to be unfounded. >> the only gun shots fired were down stairs in terminal two. >> we want to go to tracy of cape may new jersey. she joins us on the phone. you're on the tarmac right now, is that correct? >> yes, yes, that's correct. >> tell me, where were you when this whole thing started? >> well, we were in terminal 4, having lunch, my mom and i and my mom actually got a text from her brother from oklahoma city saying there's something going on at ft. lauderdale airport. and then it started coming up on the tv that it's in terminal two, terminal two. honestly, everybody just kind of went about their business. but i said to my mom, i don't think we're going to get home tonight. so i headed over to the ticketing area or the gate are where we were leaving and i said to the girl, i'm not here to complain.
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are we getting out of here tonight? she goes i doubt it. i'm going to go ahead and change my plane till tomorrow. and i'm going to leave the airport and start walking. she had told me everything's closed. there's no way you're going anywhere. but i thought if i -- we walked a little bit, my aunt and uncle live in dannia beach, five minutes away they could get us someplace. while i was doing that, someone yelled shots are fired and all the police started running down terminal 4. and the police were yelling get down, get down. i continued to run to my mom. my mom is 75 years old. i didn't want her to be by herself. when i got to her, she was yelling for me. and at that point, they were telling us to get behind the bar. so there were probably about 15 of us hidden behind the bar for, i don't know, five or ten minutes. >> tracy what's running through your mind at this point? >> i'm sorry? >> what's running through your mind at that point? >> it was surreal.
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i mean, i don't want to ever feel like i'm insensitive to these things happen. you see it on tv and you never imagine you're going to be a part of it. all i could think of is i have children, i have my mother to protect. i can't -- i've got to protect these people. my kids weren't with me, so i -- but it was really, really scary. i've never been a part of anything like this in my life. >> tracy, this was now several hours ago. tell us, you're on the tarmac right now. what is going on where you are right now? >> well, i have to say, spirit has been fantastic. they've been giving out water and snacks. they announced there's going to be a controlled blast in the next five minutes. and we're all hanging on this tarmac. >> of course, we're waiting to
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learn new details. we have crews down there, including our own andrea cruz who is in the middle of the highway there that's shut down nearby where you are. i'm curious, what was the first phone call with your family when you are sheltering in place before you're on the move to the tarmac? >> well, i didn't make any phone calls. i used, you know, social media, i texted my husband and my  children right away just to say that mom and i are safe. i didn't make a phone call until actually right before i had heard from ted. because -- well i don't know why i didn't call. i was just texting and facebook messaging. letting people know i was safe. people were reaching out to me knowing i was flying home to cape may today. it really puts your life in perspective, i can tell you that. >> absolutely. all right, tracy, thank you so
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much for being on the phone with us. she's in ft. lauderdale on the tarmac right now with presumably a lot of other people in the midst of all this trying to get mome home. >> she was told by authorities that there would be a controlled blast, so, of course, as we continue to learn more about the developing situation, the active situation is assured by police is over down in ft. lauderdale. there are things happening down there that we'll make sure we get back to you. one thing that's brand-new, we're hearing what law enforcement officials were saying over the scanners as they first got the report of the mass shooting. >> we want you to listen to some of that audio now. >> thoughshots fired, shots fir. terminal 4. >> shots fired terminal 4, shots fired terminal 4. >> terminal one, shots fired! >> wow, the audio goes on and on to show that authorities were initially concerned about any
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other threats at the airport. >> let's go to jim rosenfield. >> he's live in our breaking news center with more on the shooter and his movements inside the airplane. >> within the past few minutes we got new information about the suspect. we want to pass it right along to you. authorities identifying him as a 26-year-old esteban santiago. his brother is telling nbc news that santiago was born in new jersey and moved to puerto rico and grew up there. he served in the national guard in puerto rico for six years and served in iraq and moved to alaska two years ago for work. flight records showstan he flew minnesota from alaska before arriving in ft. lauderdale this afternoon. witnesses say he pulled the gun from his luggage. there are reports he went into a bathroom to load it and opened fire without saying a word. he threw his gun down and laid spread eagle on the ground there in baggage claim where people
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then took him into custody. shooting began around 1:00 this morning in terminal 2 of ft. lauderdale's airport. this is a layout of the airport on this map. you see terminal one in yellow, terminal two in red there. we want to give you a closer look at terminal two. this unfolded as we said inside the baggage claim area of that terminal. the airport has since suspended all services. al no flights going in, no flights going out. everything at a stop for right now. as for a possible motive, several federal officials telling nbc news it appears to be a case at this point an early stage of the investigation, that it's a mentally disturbed person and not an act of terrorism. the officials and some of the suspect's brothers saying santiago had mental health issues. we will continue to monitor that part of the investigation as well as everything happening in ft. lauderdale this afternoon. live in our breaking news center. jim rosenfield, back to you.
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>> a very fluid situation, jim, thank you. be sure to count on nbc 10 and nbc news as we following breaking developments from ft. lauderdale. we will also be posting updates on the nbc 10 app and facebook and twitter. all right. a big story tonight, get ready for round two. after snow fell across our region today, the first alert weather team is tracking more for tomorrow. this round of snow came and went here innardmore. but the cold is sticking around. people are bundled up as they did shopping. those are the two weather stories we're watching this weekend. the cold, the snow. >> bitter cold will affect everyone, the snow will not. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the storm for us. and if it will hit your neighborhood, glenn? >> it's one of these backwards storms. normally the further north and west you go the bigger the snow totals and the least amount toward the shore. we're getting the most at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches.
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that's why there's a first alert for those areas, along with inland new jersey and delaware. closer to the beaches. good bit of the day tomorrow is going to be affected by this. the heavy snow totals six inches or more right at the coast. and, of course, that will cause dangerous travel at the peak of the storm. you can see the area of snow and radar it's growing moving toward the northeast. there's a sharp edge to it. it's not going to be snowing everywhere in our area. the lowest chances are in the poconos, lehigh valley and burkes county for any kind of snow. 5:00 to 9:00 a.m. it begins at the shore. heaviest snow at the shore during the morning hours for the most part. and heavier snow inland, including the philadelphia area, relatively heavy, because we're not going to be getting much here around the midday hours. it moves offshore. 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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5:30 in the morning, it spreads up to the north. the darker blues indicate the heavier snow. it's already starting to taper off at 1:00 in the afternoon. the amounts of snow, generally six plus cape may county, extending it down toward philadelphia's one inch. i'll get more specific on how much you're going to get in your neighborhood a little later. looks familiar, right? this is how many of us started our friday. many here in wilmington didn't have much trouble clearing the snow from their cars. it was pretty light and powdery. >> some schools opened late because of the snow. the bus in chester county had no problems. it was a pretty scene, really in glenmore where the grass was covered in a blanket of white. >> most of the snow is gone now, while some areas brace for more, we all need to be ready for bitter cold temperatures. >> let's check back in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it is balmy now, compared to what is going to be happening
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here by sunday. it feels like it's in the 20s for the most part this afternoon. but it's going to be colder than that. later on tonight, we're feeling like we're in the teens by tomorrow morning, some places down closer to 10 degrees during the afternoon tomorrow. near 10 degrees. all day tomorrow it's going to feel close to 10 degrees. and then it gets colder. saturday night, now we're single digits and into sunday morning, we even have some negative numbers. minus two. west chester, minus one in potts town. sunday, it doesn't warm up a lot. it's still fevieling like 7, 8 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. there will be warm up next week, but this weekend, all together, is just going to be brutal.
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>> word to use right there, brutal. our team coverage continues with tim furlong. >> he >>. >> reporter: i think they're calling all their friends and saying you know that out door event we had planned, let's not do it. it's going to get nasty as the weekend rolls on. at the delaware beaches, folks are buying up shovel and snow blowers and rock salt. they're going to need them. they'll get significant snow over the next 24 hours. as you head upstate we'll see less snow but colder temperature. >> she's cold now. >> reporter: it is cold in middle town but it will get way worse. jessica says doggy jackets have been big sellers today for folks who will have to walk their pups this weekend. hopefully the pups want to get back inside quickly too. >> the colder it gets the quicker she goes to the bathroom. >> reporter: it looks cold in middle town? the snow from last night is barely hanging on, a little more is on the way.
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but the real weather story is the cold air that will punch you in the face when you step outside. what will you do this weekend to beat the cold? >> work. >> reporter: stay inside working? >> yeah. >> reporter: you know, delaware has three counties, and tomorrow morning bright and early i'll hit all three of them. the jeep is gassed up. i'll head into the heart of the snow zone, if you're up, i encourage you to tune in. you'll see what i see as i make my way to southern delaware. >> we'll be watching, thanks. >> tim is near a jeep, it's worth near watching. there's a lot to keep track of this weekend. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you the latest forecast for your neighborhood. before you head out the door tomorrow, check in with the nbc 10 morning team. we're on from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we'll have live weather and traffic updates from all three states. he is wanted by police, but not for any crime. next at 5:00, the search for a
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good samaritan. plus who could say no to this face? tonight dozens of dogs like this need a new home. why police say they had to be taken from their owners.
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updating our breaking news from ft. lauderdale. the scene of a deadly airport shooting, five people are dead.
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eight others wounded. sources tell nbc news this does not look like terrorism, instead it is a mentally disturbed person. the gunman was taken into custody. authorities identify him as esteban santiago. he was born in new jersey, flight records show san teinghem alaska. authorities say he packed his gun in a bag and loaded it in a bath room. a young man mistakenly shot by police in 2014 will receive the largest settlement in city history. >> $4.4 million. randy gyllenhaal spoke to the victim's attorney. he joins us live in west philly where the shooting happened. >> reporter: yeah, that young delivery driver was out here, delivering a cheese berger in this west philly neighborhood when he was confronted and shot by undercover philly officers. they got the wrong man. and now the city is going to pay
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out millions. it was nearly three years ago when philip holland, working as a delivery driver went for call in west philly. after dropping off a cheese burger he was confronted by plains clothes police. but haulenolland thought they w robbers. >> he thought he was going to be robbed. >> reporter: holland tried to drive away, the officers opened fire. a case of mistaken identity that left holland fighting for his life. >> i hope everyone plays for a speedy recovery. >> playing tha day i see you get. hopefully in good health. >> reporter: his co-workers told us then they didn't know if he'd survive. now three years later, he's taken his case to court. today won a $4.4 million settlement. >> this is the largest police misconduct police shooting case settlement in philadelphia history by far. >> reporter: as part of the settlement, all plains clothes
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philly cops will undergo new training. >> cities start ing with philadelphia are going to do videotaped training of their plain clothes police officers chi which will make the community safer. fragments of bullets remain inside of phil's brain. that has led to him having a very significant seizure disorder. >> reporter: the city issued a statement calling the shooting regrettable and unfortunate. they do say they'll implement the new training procedures in the coming months. live in west philly, randy gyllenhaal. thank you so much. in the meantime we've got snow headed our way this weekend. it's not going to affect everyone. >> but the bitter cold will. the first alert weather team is tracking all of the details for your neighborhood. here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, erin, we do have the snow already in virginia. you have a very sharp cut off between significant snow and no snow. and that is going to extend into
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our area tomorrow. now, normally, we get storms that have kind of a sicircular p to them when the low pressure is intensifying. it's going to be a sharp cut off line between heavy and no snow in our area as well by the time it gets here. some of the snow could start by 5:00 a.m., even in cape may county, maybe even earlier in parts of delaware. it does extend inland. the heaviest snow at the shore in the morning to midday hours. else where, around the midday hours. and then moves offshore later on during the afternoon. now, you can see the hour by hour by 5:30 in the morning it's snowing in cape may. look at the temperatures. very cold for a snowstorm. and that means a fluffy kind of snow. not going to stick to trees or power lines. you'll be able to brush it off
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the cars. so it's easier to handle. and that means all snow at the shore. normally we have questions of rain versus snow. not this time, it's all snow. 10:30, heavy snow in dark blue at the shore. starts to end from west to east. places like the poconos allen town, lancaster may get nothing out of this. or very, very little. then it moves offshore later on as it gets even colder. the amounts of snow i'm predicting, six inches or more around cape may county and sussex county in delaware. dropping down toward one inch in philadelphia. let's get a little bit more specific with the six inches plus, lewis and georgiatown and sellbiville and bethany beach. wildwood. cape may courthouse, in that six inches plus, we're closer to the
5:22 pm
six inches in atlantic and ocean city as well. inland, three to five inches, further to the north and west, vineland and clayton, we're talking about two to four inches. further to the north and east you could see long beach island at six inches plus. it's obvious the closer you get to the beach, the more you're getting. the closer you get to the poconos the less you're getting. ben salem and philadelphia with an inch. norristown and west chester also. newark, delaware, right around an inch. in delaware, itself, we have snowfall ranging from one inch to over six inches. dover and smyrna and river view getting a few inches as well. of course, down toward southern delaware. that's where we get the most. and that's where the biggest impact is going to be at the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. and that's pretty high on the
5:23 pm
impact scale because of the high accumulation, visibility gets real low. it gets really slippery on the roads. it's going to be pretty dangerous out there in parts of the region. and the moderate impact in the inland areas of new jersey and delaware as well. now, we have temperatures that are going down, we have winds that's going to be increasing. it will feel like near 10 on saturday and closer to zero on sunday. >> all right, glewe'll check ba in with you. it's not the season for amusement parks but one park is expecting thousands tomorrow. that's next.
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police in south jersey are searching for some good samaritans who helped catch a thief. police got a call last night about a woman who stole a purse from a customer's shopping cart from a walmart on mount holly round. a group of people held the thief in the parking lot until officers arrived. they didn't stick around to be thanked. gearing up for the upcoming season with a hiring party. the amusement park is looking to fill 3,000 jobs. job seekers are invited today the park in allentown tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. applicants should apply online prior to the party.
5:27 pm
32 animals rescued from unlivable conditions in north hampton county will soon be up for adoption. >> 24 dogs, 7 cats and one african parrot was removed. a search warrant was executed yesterday. the animals were found to be living in the property in filthy conditionwi conditions with urine soaked floors. >> the owner had become overwhelmed with her current situation. and was not able to keep up with the care of the animals and keeping things an sanitary. >> most of the animals are in the care of the aspca. they'll be put up for adoption after they are treated by staff. it all started with this video of a local 9-year-old opening his gift went viral. the boy left speechless. by what he received. how a soccer star took that
5:28 pm
present a step further.
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back to our breaking news now. a deadly airport shooting in ft. lauderdale, florida. five people are dead, eight others injured. the story's been developing since we got word of it four hours ago. >> the latest information we're getting is about the suspected gunman. let's head back to nbc 10's jim
5:31 pm
rosenfield. bring us up to speed. >> the latest information we're getting about the suspected gunman comes from his brother. he says his brother has had mental health problems in the past. we want to show you some video from earlier. we saw people running from terminals at ft. lauderdale airport. there they were hiding behind cars around parking decks. authorities say the suspect in today's shooting checked his gun in a bag. he then pulled that gun from his luggage after landing at a terminal around 1:00 this afternoon. witnesses say he opened fire without saying a word. he threw the gun down and laid spread eagle on the ground where police were able to take him into custody. authorities identified the suspect as a 26-year-old esteban santiago. and flight records show santiago flew from alaska to minnesota before arriving in ft. lauderdale this afternoon. his brother tells nbc news that santiago was born in new jersey but move today puerto rico as a toddler. that's where he grew up. his brother says he served in
5:32 pm
the national guard in puerto rico for six years and served in iraq. he was discharged for unsatisfactory performance. that's when he moved to alaska two years ago. the shooting began in terminal two of ft. lauderdale's airport. you see a layout of the airport. terminal two is the red one at the top on the left. let's give you a closer look at terminal two. all unfolding inside baggage claim in that terminal. the airport is still closed at this hour. >> we're not sure exactly when the airport will reopen for operations. we're going to work together with all the law enforcement that's here. our airlines and all the other agencies before we actually move to reopen up the airport. >> and within the past few minutes, we've received this first picture of the suspect. that, again, is esteban santiago. as for a possible motive, several federal officials are saying this appears to be a case of a mentally disturbed person, not an act of terrorism.
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five people dead, eight injured in today's shooting at the airport in ft. lauderdale. that's the latest live in our breaking news center. jim rosenfield. >> thank you, we have crews following the latest developments from here and also in ft. lauderdale. let's go to andrea cruz live at the airport now. she is from our spanish language station in ft. lauderdale at the airport. that airport is still shut down at this hour. when we last saw andrea during our 4:00 hour she was on the highway and an eerie seen out there. no cars around the highway shut down, the airport is shut down, traffic not going in and out. air traffic or otherwise. she's down there keeping an eye on the situation for us on the ground. hopefully we can get to her as soon as we can. she's going to keep an eye on the situation. >> that's right. we'll get to her as soon as possible as she continues to
5:34 pm
collect the dexterity of the feed she's sending back to us. we'll continue to following developments from ft. lauderdale. look for up dates on the nbc 10 app and facebook and twitter. let's get an update on our big story tonight. snow and bitter cold. the first alert radar shows the next round of snow headed our way. but that snow isn't going to reach all parts of the region. >> no, the cold certainly will, though. we've got all the details for you in your neighborhood forecast. here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> quite a variety of weather across our area tomorrow. it's a backwards storm because the show will get the most snow. no real doubt about that. the first alert for the coastal areas, new jersey beaches, inland, new jersey and inland delaware as well. much of the day tomorrow is affected by this. and heaviest snow could be six inches or more at the coast. and that's really going to cause some problems for travel. you can see the snow area
5:35 pm
continuing to grow and spread a little bit. but there is a northern edge to this thing. it's not one of your classic coastal storms that comes up the coast and spreads all the moisture back westward. it's just not going to happen that way. here's the timeline, the snow begins around 5:00 in delaware. a little bit later in parts of south jersey at the shore. the heaviest snow at the shore during the morning hours into midday. around the midday hours, the most significant snow, if it is in the philadelphia area would be around that time and the snow moves off shore during the afternoon. the temperatures are low throughout the area, throughout the storm. so it means a fluffy kind of snow. it also means it's not going to collect on tree limb and power lines. you don't have to worry about that stuff. there we are at noon. some of the heaviest snow may already be exiting toward long island. and then ending as we go through the afternoon.
5:36 pm
so it's going to be a cold day, but not nearly as cold as it's going to be on sunday. there's the six inches plus, cape may county down to sussex county, delaware, and it just keeps gradually going down until you get near philadelphia. sometimes in cases like this, the gradient gets even tighter and so some places 20 miles apart could have differences of one to six inches, for example. we'll get more into your neighborhood weather a little bit later. >> we want to show you a picture right now from cape may and the jersey show. you can tell by the flag, a little bit windy. >> that's about to change as we prepare for more snow headed our way. brian thompson shows us how everyone there is bracing for another round of wintry weather. >> reporter: loading up on ice melt at the only hardware store in seaside heights. even with the going out of business sale, few takers. >> you would think at 50% off people would be coming in here
5:37 pm
just at the beginning of the winter. >> reporter: if we get the snow tomorrow. >> they'll be in. >> reporter: if they see snow on the streets here, a reverse 911 call going out tonight. >> we got to get to houses with ambulances. there's problems that come with a lot of snow. >> reporter: despite some businesses still open, shoveling at their entrances there was just enough snow else where on the board walk to make the going on the icy side. walking could be hazardous. >> very careful. i almost slipped already. >> it improves your core and your stability. gives you a test. >> reporter: a challenge. >> a challenge, yeah. >> if you're crazy to be out here it should be at your own risk. >> reporter: no risk on the beach, just traces of snow surviving the storm here. if we get the snow they're taking about, the board walk will be impassable probably at that point. south jersey roads will be difficult. but once you get past that, the storm does not look like it's going to be any problem for
5:38 pm
north jersey and perhaps getting to new york. in seaside heights brian thompson, nbc 10 news. it may look tempting, but don't do it. officials in delaware are warning sledders and snow boarders to stay off the dunes. this is video from a previous snowfall. officials note that dunes contain fragile habitat and provide protection. be sure to check in with the nbc 10 morning team tomorrow. we're on from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. we'll have live weather and traffic updates from pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. the amazon echo is designed to answer question and carry out commands. even when they come from a 6-year-old girl. coming up at 5:00, the surprise shipment that arrived at this family's door.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. back to our breaking news at ft. lauderdale.
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the scene of today's deadly airport shooting. sources tell nbc news it doesn't look like terrorism. instead it's a mentally disturbed person. police say an arriving passenger pulled the gun from his luggage and opened fire. five people were killed. eight others hurt. authorities then took the suspect into custody. authorities identified him as esteban santiago. esteban was born in new jersey but grew up in puerto rico. his brother says he served in iraq in the national guard. we have crews following the latest developments from here and also in ft. lauderdale. >> i want to go to andrea cruz live at the airport. she's from our spanish language station. describe the scene for us now and how has it changed since you first got there? >> reporter: erin, during the last hour since you last saw me, i have been on the move because
5:42 pm
police have been closing all of the roads around ft. lauderdale airport. but i want to show you, this is as far as i was able to get this time. this is on the southwest corner of the airport. but what i have been seeing during the last hour or so is groups of passengers walking with their luggage in tow. here i want to try to get you up close. you can see at the end, some of those groups of people who have made their way all the way over here. but it's important to note, that i am actually at least a quarter mile from the airport. so a vethey have been forced tok this long distance. you can see there's a trolley over there and i also have seen during the last few minutes several cars arriving here. you can see them right behind me. some of them are family members, some are actually uber and lyft drivers who have been making their way here to help out the passengers.
5:43 pm
hopefully they'll be making their way home soon. the roadblocks here, it looks like the situation is going to continue for the next couple of hours. so this is all i have for you now live from ft. lauderdale. i'm andrea cruz, nbc 10 news. our coverage continues at 6:00. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas spoke to passengers at the philadelphia international airport. >> they left for ft. lauderdale moments before the shots began. we'll hear from them coming up all new at 6:00. start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea neighbors in northeast philadelphia are now cleaning up after a water main break flooded several homes yesterday. water service was restored around 7:00 this morning for at least 50 customers. the water damaged at least six homes along milbrook roads.
5:46 pm
crews with the water department are trying to figure out if an existing sinkhole were related to the break. neighbors are left picking up the pieces. >> things that are a wet have to go. i'm not happy about any of it. it's stuff i've had 60 years. >> the philadelphia water department tells us they tried several times since last summer to pinpoint the source of the leak. it was the got to have gadget of the holiday season. >> a texas mom has a warning about the amazon echo. it may be too easy to use. megan learned that lesson the hard way after getting the voice activated device for christmas, her 6-year-old daughter made a pricey purchase. she was playing with the echo dot and asked it to order a doll house and cookies. it was a $150 version of a dollhouse plus four pounds of danish butter cookies. >> immediately tried to cancel the order.
5:47 pm
amazon wrote me back and said we can't cancel it it's already shipped. >> this is so cute. hours later, the items showed up at her door. brook's mom immediately logged on to set her parental controls. >> good idea. four pounds of cookies, my goodness. the best in television and globe awards. and the tonight show's jimmy fallon will play host this year. he helped roll out the red carpet. the stars will walk down in beverly hills. the only place to see the show is here on nbc 10. the awards show starts 8:00 with a live red carpet preshow getting underway at 7:00. the three kings celebration is in full swing today. nbc 10 in north philadelphia where dozens hit the streets banging drums. all right, back now to your first alert weather.
5:48 pm
the over night snow made the usual routine mornings difficult. the pups didn't seem bothered by this morning's snow. look at them having a good time. they were enjoying the cold earlier today over in wilmington. more neighborhoods could see storm this weekend. >> your town may not. here's chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> very little show at the jersey shore last night. you'll get the most out of this one tomorrow. you can see the sharp back edge of this thing. if you extrapolate it, that's what happens. the storm off shore is not going to curve up the coast, it's going to keep going. so we're going to have this sharp edge tomorrow just like there is a sharp edge on it today. unusual kind of system, but that's what happens sometimes. 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. the storm
5:49 pm
begins at the shore. the heaviest snow at the shore generally morning to midday hours and heavier snow inland, around the midday hours. not going to be real heavy snow in the philadelphia area for example. and the snow moves offshore at 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 6:00 a.m., it's snowing in cape may. and in rehobeth beach, for example. look how cold it is. this is an unusual kind of storm with the temperatures too. normally we worry about rain versus snow, not this time, all snow. there is the heavier snow at 8:00 a.m. and starting to move out by midday. little to nothing in reading, allen town towards the poconos with this particular system. parts of chester county got up to three inches last night. philadelphia almost exactly one inch. and we may get right around that in philadelphia tomorrow, too. there it is, 5:30, it's moving out sqand the temperatures star going down. greatest amount of snow, cape
5:50 pm
may county, eastern sussex county and delaware and then it drops off all the way toward philadelphia about one inch. the impact, of course, will be greatest at the jersey show and the delaware beaches. fairly high because of that amount of snow. not used to getting those kind of snow amounts there. and driving is going to be very difficult at times and a lot of the day is going to be covered with snow. now, inland new jersey and inland delaware kind of a moderate impact. accumulations three to five inches, heaviest snow in the middle of the day. and much lower impact around philadelphia area, down toward wilmington, up toward trenton because the accumulations is going to be down. the snow will be lighter. visibility won't be as bad. this area will get the heaviest, bethany beach, longneck, lewis, georgetown, up toward cape may. stract mere, atlantic city.
5:51 pm
long beach island. may's landing is close to the six inch area. further inland, jackson, woodland, tabernacle, in the two to four inch. and then further to the west, gloucester city, mount laurel in the one to three inches while philadelphia, chester radner in the one inch category. and very little to no accumulation in potts town and collegeville and up toward allentown. and very little in the wilmington and newark areas too in southern chester county that got significant snow with that system last night. and in the central delaware, it's going to be quite variable as well. now, the temperatures are not variable. the wind is not going to be that variable. it's just going to get colder and colder. here we are saturday night. we go from feels like temperatures of 10 down to
5:52 pm
single digits. and then even potentially below zero. is the way it's going to feel in parts of the area by sunday morning. >> hurricane, thank you. we dream about meeting our favorite athletes. for many of us, it never happens. >> for one local soccer fan his dream came true. it started with this video. >> keep reading, keep reading. >> that is pure joy. he could barely contain his excitement. it got even better today when he met his favorite philly union player in person. that story is next all new at 5:00.
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welcome back, lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> with a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> ahead for us we'll have the latest from the ft. lauderdale airport shooting. we'll tell you what we've learn about the victims and shooter. and questions about how he got the gun. an eye opening report on the russian efforts and motive to influence the u.s. election is made public as donald trump sees the evidence for himself. we'll hear his reaction. al roker on the major winter storm bearing down on the south. we'll see you back here at 6:30 for nbc news news nightly news.
5:56 pm
what was the best gift you got for christmas? >> for a young sports fan in our area it was a chance to see his favorite team play. here is the video. >> we're excited you will be joining us for the 2017 season at town -- >> so cute. nine-year-old ethan chambers of potts town broke down in tears when he received philadelphia union tickets and an autographed picture of keegan rosenbury. rosen bury saw the video and took the gift one step further. >> how you doing? you pretty excited about coming in today? >> he is star struck the union player invited ethan and his family to the team's training complex in chester. and today he made good on that invitation giving ethan a tour. look at that his very own union shirt. he says ethan's passion is what
5:57 pm
makes being a pro athlete so exciting. >> that kind of support we get and the excitement that brings kids and anybody, really but especially the kids and younger guy gicize awesome. >> it's cool because i get to actually meet one of the players and it's not often you get to do that. >> very well spoken, too. >> yeah. >> he was asked on a scale of one to ten, ethan rated today one million. that's how much he enjoyed it. >> that's off the charts. pretty cool. >> nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. >> here is jim rhodenfieosenfie >> we continue to follow breaking news. >> what we're learning about the man suspected of shooting more than a dozen people, killing five. all new at 6:00, we speak to passengers who left that airport seconds before the shooting began.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news at 6:00 begins with this breaking news of the still unfolding scene at florida's ft. lauderdale airport. >> a passenger opened fire at a baggage area. we know five people are dead, eight others hurt. the suspect is in custody. witnesses say he threw down his gun after the shooting and lay spread eagle on the ground until he was arrested. authorities say he checked his gun in his bag and sources tell
6:00 pm
nbc news this does not look like terrorism. instead it's a mentally disturbed person they say. nbc 10 has a reporter live in ft. lauderdale. we'll hear from her in just a moment. first, to our weather, a double blast of winter is hitting this weekend. another round of snow could dump a half foot at the shore tomorrow. then it's bitter cold making you feel like zero degrees where you live. >> we begin with a snow. the nbc 10 first alert radar shows the large snowstorm moving towards new jersey and delaware coasts. >> take a live look at cape may. things calm right now. as we mentioned this is one of the places that could see six inches of snow tomorrow. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that snow. >> there's a possibility it could be even more than six inches depending on the track of this storm. we're already seeing the snow on the radar in virginia. it's reaching the ground probably just in the southern portions of the state and in north carolina.


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