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tv   NBC10 Issue  NBC  January 8, 2017 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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listening in. it was a must have for christ s christmas. the amazon echo, we will discuss whether you should be concerned about your privacy when it comes to a device that's always listening. top trends for 2017. we will separate truth from fiction whether it comes to trending diets and eating habits in the new year. can you lose weight by having dessert for breakfast? a local dietician weighs in. got talent? "america's got talent" is coming to philly. it's looking for a winning act. we will hear from the producer about what they are hoping to find. good morning. i'm jacqueline london. we begin with a story getting a lot of national attention.
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it has plenty of local implications because you may own the device at the center of the controversy. an amazon echo. it's involved in an unusual murder investigation in arkansas. the case is raising questions about the intersection between privacy and technology. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the details. >> reporter: this morning, a murder case is testing the limits of privacy inside your home. the amazon echo -- >> what's the weather? >> was a best seller this christmas. now police in arkansas have filed a warrant for electronic data from the virtual assistant to help solve a murder. >> amazon has a copy because consumers can actually listen to all of their requests and they can delete them. >> reporter: what's not clear is how much relevant data is on the device. this man murdered his co-worker who was found strangled in a hot
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tub. he has pleaded not guilty. >> did anybody think when this was being created that information that you gave to aleal alexa or you gave to echo would be used outside your home and to have you arrested for a crime you didn't commit? >> reporter: investigators say this new technology is just another piece of the puzzle. >> we have established probable cause and obtained a warrant to search this device the same way we would search a cell phone, a person's home. >> reporter: amazon tells nbc news it will not release cust customer information without a valid and binding legal demand served on them. they object to overbroad or inappropriate demands as a matter of course. >> when we give company dies da the problem is, how could it be combined with other data in the future and used against us? >> that was nbc's gabe gutierrez reporting. amazon tells us it's important
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to remember that while the echo is always listening, it's not always recording until it hears its trigger word. joining me to tell me more about this and understand this technology is ron schlect junior. he has more than a dozen years of experience in i.t. and cyber security. thank you so much for being here. we did speak to amazon technology about this, about the echo. they tell us customers have complete control of what is said and what is recorded and they are allowed to delete it if they want to. your reaction to that? >> absolutely. they record 60 seconds prior to the actual trigger word. if it's used and there's a response, it's kept. you can control it. at the same time, the experience that you actually have with that device, if the history is del e deleted, diminishes. >> what if the word is said, if you say alexa or the device
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thinks you are saying it and you are not and it starts recording without your knowledge? >> yes. this is actually become one of the funnier parts of this. the commercial comes on. it says the word or the trigger word. they can be renamed. at the same time, they will start that actual quarry recording and any response it has. it can be accidental. we have seen there's been quite a few videos throughout where children have tripped these and gotten some pretty bad responses. >> absolutely. we know about the cloud from our own personal experiences with our smart devices. if somebody goes in and deleted from the cloud, is it gone forever or is it lingering out there? >> there's a potential it's still lingering out there. that's really where a lot of the privacy concerns come in. they are recording the queries and responses. they are kept in the cloud. whether they are backed up, how many copies they have of them, this is where the legal matters start to take precedent. it can be subpoenaed, the
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information is out there and it could potentially be retrieved. >> what do you recommend to consumers who are worried about technology and their privacy and what is revealed? >> i think the first thing is to realize from a consumer standpoint that you are the goods with a lot of the devices. it's kind of like the kindle that's out there now. it's $205 to produce and it's $199 for sale on amazon. they are losing money on it. but at the same time, they are gaining a lot of consumer potential from it. the same goes with these devices. they are probably a loss to make. but they're gaining information about our habits, even things that are connected within our houses and things that we order. we have to realize that we're giving up a lot of that privacy and helping people market to us. >> for the devices to work and to hear your command, it has to be connected to the internet in your home. if a tech savvy neighbor wants
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to listen in, could they? >> there's potential. there's enough documented that shows it's protected adequately. you mention the fact it's connected to other devices. we're starting to see more devices creep into our homes that are internet connected. they're great. they are shiny new gadgets. help us do home automation or security or make toast. but security vulnerabilities on them can give us access to things like the echo or google home, whichever it may be. >> if we trust apple with siri on our phones, is there any real difference here? >> it's much the same. other than the fact that it is in our home. so it is connected in a more wide way. i think the implications are a lot more scary. >> what do you see in the future? we're hearing more about artificial intelligence. is this something that we just need to get used to because we're only going to see more of it? it's going to explode? >> i think it's something that
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people are starting to be a little bit more comfortable with releasing their private information or having it used in ways that makes their experience with amazon or any other company better. that's one thing that we all have to realize. the second part of that is that there are ways to combat this. there are things that you can do and be more realistic about how it's implemented in your house or life. >> how so? if somebody received this for christmas and they want to take precautions, how can they protect themselves? >> you can turn it off. you can mute it. part of the draw is that they are always on and you can talk to them and have them do things. it can be muted. you can turn them off. if you are connecting it to multiple other devices that are controlling home automation or security within your house, then start to think about those things, whether they are on a separate network. complete a separate network in your home. or you secure it in some way to make sure it's not intermingling if you work from home or do
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certain thing s that you would want protected. >> you know it's a popular device. so were drones. let's talk about that and whether drones could be a threat to our privacy and security. we're seeing it more and more. >> absolutely. it's again one of those technologies. how quickly it's been adapted and the price points have come down quite dramatically. there are rules a s and regulat on how you fly them and where you fly them and who can fly them. but the bad guys aren't necessarily giving there to those rules. they're not following those rules. they can be used to spy on things, plan out attacks, whatever it may be. >> what do you see in the president-elect's new administration, new privacy bills and congress's agenda? >> it's a fresh start. every time that we have any sort of major change like that in government, it's an opportunity to do things or reset things the correct way. i haven't seen anything specifically that gives me too much hope that things will change for the better.
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you have to have an open mind to see and hope that things could potentially change. we could see new people inned administration that could be increased focus on it. but i think the real crux is that the government starts to work with private industry more closely. >> when you think about sign ar cyberattacks, what concerns you and keeps you up at night? >> what keeps me up and what worries me is that the infrastructure in the countries that are developing and the people that really want do major damage to the united states has continued to increase. the united states, as long as -- as well as a bunch of our allies have helped that, because we're trying to bring those countries and those areas further along in infrastructure. the prevalence and continued infrastructure growth in those areas is going to allow those people, the people that have essentially been enemies of the united states and want harm on the united states to carry out attacks that are a little more sophisticated. they haven't had the technology.
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but it's coming. >> what about ransom wear? agencies predict that will be a major threat in 2017. for those who aren't familiar, describe what it is and how we can row te can protect ourselves. >> it's a piece of malware. it takes over somebody's computer system and holds it ransom or the data ran sosom. it's more prevalent now. the problem has been that the cases are more widespread. honestly, for people to pay the ransom is actually rather low as opposed to trying to back out, reformat their computer or changing how they are actually doing computing or trying to get the information back. so taking the necessary precautions is actually more expensive than just paying the ransom and hoping they don't attack again and they actually give you the key to unlock all of your data.
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>> with this technology likely going away, we need to be knowledgeable. thank you for being here and provided insight. >> absolutely. >> thank you. next on nbc 10, a local dietician weighs in on some top diet trends for 2017. she will explain how a grain of truth about one of them has some taking it to an extreme.
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a new year typically brings in a new wave of diet trends. 2017 is no different. joining us now is nutritionist kelly jones. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> right now people are in week one of their new year's resolutions. weight loss is usually right there at the top of the list. let's start with three trends that you say should be treated with a lot of caution, even though you believe there's a tiny bit of good in all of them. i guess we should stress tiny
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bit. dessert for breakfast, never eat after you finish dinner and apple cider vinegar shots. cup ca cupcake in the morning, sign me up. >> unfortunately, there isn't a lot of truth to that. with a lot of the trends, the media likes to exaggerate a little bit what the science says. having the brownies isn't going to set you up for blood sugar control throughout the day. you want to be careful with what you eat in the morning. balanced breakfast is what you want to aim for. the little bit of truth to it is that if you give yourself what your body craves throughout the day earlier in the morning you might feel less deprived later. maybe you won't crave it later or feel stressed throughout the day because you are restricting on something you want to be eating. >> let's talk about the next one, never eat after you finish dinner. a lot of times you hear don't eat after 7:00 p.m.
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>> with the eating after dinner, you just want to be cautious with how much and what you are choosing to eat and how far between when you eat and when you actually go to sleep. i don't recommend eating within an hour of going to bed, because then you will be releasing hormones for digestion and nutrient transport rather than hormones for sleep and rest. can that can cause disruption with sleep pattern and stress throughout the day. you recover when you are sleeping. if you are athletic and active, what i tell all the athletes i work with is that they want to have something within an hour and a half of going to bed. if they have carbs and protein, it will help with muscle recovery. it's about the kwquantity and wt you are having. >> we hear about apple cider vinegar shots. you look it up, you see it can be a cure for so many ailments, cold, helping diabetes, lowering your blood pressure, heart disease. many say weight loss. true or false? >> there's some truth to some of the behind the scenes with the
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weight loss, what could be going on there. the reason being, if you have the raw unfiltered, it has pry biotics. it's good for your metabolism, your immune system. it indirectly can support it. it's not going to cause dramatic weight loss. there's not enough research to say you should take it for your blood pressure and cholesterol and diabetes. >> let's get to the new trends that you say are good to go. first, using ugly produce. adaptogens and plant-based foods. let's start with ugly produce. what does that mean? >> you will see more ugly produce, hopefully in grocery stores. we shouldn't be throwing away ams that are smaller or have a dent here or there. it doesn't mean they're any less nutrient dense. we look at food waste in the united states. we throw away 70 billion pounds
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of food each year. we want to make sure that we're lessening that food waiste and getting more of the plants in our diet because they're good for us. if you open a banana that has a dent, part of it you pitch but the rest you can eat. >> let's talk about something else, adaph adaptogens. >> foods or herbs that have ability to reduce stress levels in the body or help with response to stress in your life. we have stress all the time. we want our body to deal with that as best as possible. some aren't as well researched and others. be careful. a lot are being sold in supplement, which means they aren't regulated. we don't flow doknow if the dos appropriate. we want food-based and easier to fit into your lifestyle. one that i use just because i like the flavor and because it's easy to throw into foods
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throughout the day is maca root powder. it's been used in peru for thousands of years. they tout it for energy benefits and helping hormonal health. what some research is showing that in reality it might help your body deal with stress better. it's something you can throw in oatmeal or in a smoothie and just use pretty easily and effortlessly. >> another trend that you say is good, plant-based food. >> right. >> the same as vegan or not? >> not necessarily. plant-based does not have to mean vegan. it means you are focusing on getting more plant foods in your diet and making the basis of your diet. americans do eat way too much meat and animal products. that ends up affecting not only our health but the environment and food production. by choosing more plant-based foods, we are not just talking about fruits and vegetables. we are talking about beans, nuts, seeds, olive, avoca d avo.
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they have antioxidants, reducing risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes. recently, too, we had research come out on the mediterranean diet. it's very plant-based. >> a lot of those good fats. >> you got it. >> fish, olive oil. >> plant fats and fish fats. >> the start of a new year. nutritionist kelly jones, thank you for your time. >> thank you. next on nbc 10, it's the show that kept us all guessing about the amazing magic tricks. if you have talent, the producers of "america's got talent" are ready for you. we have the details on open auditions coming to philly next. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions
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i think.
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heidi, it's going to be a butterfly. >> we're talking about our own magic man. he wowed the nation and the judges this past season on the hit show "america's got talent." the show was looking for the next great talent. it could be you. we sat down with the producer of "america's got talent" and he says it's not too late for would-be winners from our area to be seen. >> tell us how you are preparing for the auditions happening here if philadelphia. >> first of all, we want everyone to come out who is even just thinking about auditions for a show like this. a million dollars is at stake. 16 million people watching. no matter talent it is that you have, we want to see it. any age, any talent. if we like it after seeing you in philadelphia, we will fly you out to l.a. and put you in front of the celebrity judges. >> let me ask you this. is there a common denominator in terms of qualities that you look
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for in some of the contestants? is there something -- what exactly are you looking for? >> we always say that we're looking for something we have never seen. that's pretty vague. right? because as you watch the show, you see many different talents every season. what we want to see is somebody who walks into our audition room and we can imagine them walking on to the stage with as much charisma and excitement as john did. >> john is a magician. list skill set is unique. you saw some magic tricks that he performed that you have never seen. >> he got heidi to spike a football. >> right. and hike the football. but there's something about his personality. it's just -- it's big ger than life. let's talk about how you sign up. what are some of the things you need to know if you want to sign up? >> we are here january 14th at the pennsylvania convention center. we encourage everyone to sign up
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at agtawe -- show up. bring your entourage. be a part of the experience. don't let your dreams die. bring us what your talent is. >> it's amazing. what a great run john had. >> absolutely. >> we were so proud of him. huge numbers here in philadelphia. >> yeah. it was one of our top rated cities. you guys really turned up for john. >> that's what we do for our eagles. >> you are coming down to awe di -- audition with your dance group? >> you weren't supposed to say anything about that.  >> audition for season 12 are happening saturday, january 14th, at the pennsylvania convention center. for everything you need to know about apply, head to our website or check out the nbc 10 app.
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next, moving out. a new report finds people are leaving the area in big numbers. find out why when we come right back.
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a new study reveals more people are moving out of our region than coming in. new jersey comes in at number one on the 2016 national movers study conducted by united van lines. 63% of moves were out of the garden state. pennsylvania isn't far behind coming in at number ten. about 56% of people moving left for a new state. experts say many are retirees moving to warmer climates. others are leaving for better jobs or for states with lower taxes. the delaware was one of several states that broke even, gaining approximately the same number of residents as those who left. that's it for this edition of nbc 10@issue. i will see you at 4:00, 6:00 and
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11:00. thanks for joining us. have a great sunday.
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we're rolling with the rock. hanging with big ben, and cracking with kevin. >> know what that means? funny. that's what i am. >> all about the stars we love this weekend on "extra". ♪ he's the sexiest man alive. >> what goes on underneath all this? >> heaven. >> it is heaven. >> it's all heaven. >> ladies, you're welcome. >> before dwayne johnson congre conquered hollywood, he reveals he had a bully problem. >> what happened? >> then our a-list interview with ben affleck. >> how many times do you reckon you've been on "extra"? >> more than you would think. >> how he granted his youngest super fan


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