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tv   Today  NBC  January 9, 2017 7:00am-10:00am EST

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morning. of course always get realtime news weather on the app. thanks for watching. today show starts right now. good morning. "la la landslide." >> "la la land." >> ryan gosling. >> emma stone. >> "la la land" takes seven golden globes. jimmy fallon setting the stage for the big night, with a musical. ♪ the cameras up the lights are bright ♪ >> we have it covered from the red carpet to the after-parties and everything between. extreme cold in the east after a nasty winter storm. rain and snow pummeling the west.
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the region bracing for the worst. a jam-pack schedule of hearings for president-elect trump's cabinet this week. democrats and republicans already at war over there. is it too many too soon? and she's back. it's meredith vieira's turn at the anchor desk. we're counting down to our show's big birthday, 65 years. january 9th, 2017. this is a special edition of "today" at the golden globes. with matt lauer and savannah guthr guthrie. live, from studio 1a at rockefeller plaza. >> throwback january continues here on the "today" show, as we have meredith vieira. as savannah continues on maternity. >> i have two cups.
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one is coffee and one is moon shine. nothing has changed. >> we finally satisfied your demands. we have the masseuse and the male dancers. and we managed to get your picture on the huge screen in times square. >> it will never be big enough. but that is lovely. i was going to be sarcastic with you this morning. i watched the show on friday. miss savannah was back. and i was watching the piece about you and your career. and literally, my eyes filled with tears. they did because you've gotten so old. i don't know what happened. >> okay. now you know what we're in for this whole week. anyway, it's great to see you. good to have you back. let's start on this monday morning in hollywood, with the biggest party of the year, the golden globes. natalie and al were there. they were on the red carpet and backstage and after-parties. >> good morning. fitting that we're here in los
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angeles, also known as la la land because that is the movie of the same name that hit all of the right notes last night. >> this is a film for dreamers. >> reporter: a dream come true for "la la land." ♪ ♪ city of stars >> reporter: the musical love letter to hollywood, winning seven golden globes, becoming the most awarded film in the show's history. it dominated the musical or comedy category. winning best picture and best actor statue for its stars, ryan gosling and emma stone. >> i have to start by thanking my amazing mom. >> this isn't the first time i've been mistaken for ryan reynolds. >> reporter: and headlining jimmy fallon's opening number. ♪ the cameras are up and lights are bright ♪ >> reporter: in the drama category, "moonlight" won best picture. but it snubbed in the acting
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categories. losing in the best supporting actor category. >> isabelle huppert beating natalie portman for best actress. and casey affleck, no surprise in his emotional turn in "manchester by the sea." >> there's no award that belongs to one actor. >> reporter: viola davis won best supporting actor for "fences," giving a shoutout to denzel washington. >> thank you for saying trust me and remember the love. >> "the crown." >> reporter: on the small screen, netflix was the crown jewel of drama, winning best tv series and actress for claire foy. >> i'm having an out-of-body experience. >> reporter: a familiar feeling for tracee ellis ross, winning best for "blackish." >> this is for women of color and colorful people, whose stories, ideas, thoughts, are
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not always considered worthy. >> "atlanta." >> reporter: freshman comedy "atlanta" took home best comedy and best comedic actor for donald glover. >> reporter: stars still got political. meryl streep zeroing in on donald trump in her speak for the cecil b. demille achievement award. >> it was that moment for the person expected to sit in the most respected seat in our country, imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> reporter: streep joined by hugh laurie, winning for "the night manager." >> i accept this award on behalf of psychopathic millionaires
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everywhere. >> they were tabulated by ernest, young and putin. >> reporter: there were presenters with comic chops of their own. >> in our new movie, amy and i play mother and daughter. >> i play the daughter. >> president-elect trump is responding to meryl streep's speech saying, meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood. doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunky who lost big. matt and meredith, back to you guys. >> on that note, thank you very much. we're going to hear more from the winners and check out the fashions later on. now, to the severe weather causing problems coast-to-coast. the east trying to get back on track after a deadly mix of snow and ice. while in the west, a massive storm is leading to flooding and
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mudslides. we go to tammy leitner in raleigh, north carolina. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. things are not back to normal at the airport. there's been cancellations and delays this morning. that's the case across the nice. specifically boston and the airports in the new york area. a powerful storm that drops snow and ice from the south to the east. now, replaced with frigid temperatures and roads covered with ice. the deadly weekend storm front causing hundreds of accidents. in virginia alone, nearly 800 crashes. this nasty 20-car pileup in connecticut. more than a foot of snow in new england. and ten inches in various parts of north carolina. the blast of winter also crippling air travel. thousands of flights canceled or delayed across the country, including major backups at
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airports in new york city. weary travelers camped out. waiting, hoping for an all-clear. >> it was ridiculous, man. >> nobody can really control the weather. it's not really anybody's fault. outside of the weather. >> reporter: when the georgia tech men's swim team got snowed in, they simply dove in. both runways are back open here. but they're still clearing ice from around the airplane. and they're urging travelers, be extremely careful coming and going to the airports. matt and meredith? >> thank you very much. let's go to the west coast and problems from heavy rain and snow. this morning, states of emergency were in effect in california and nevada with more rough weather on the way. nbc national correspondent mig guiel amager, is in california this morning. hi, miguel. >> reporter: 20 rivers have hit flood stage here in california.
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they're worried about four major rivers that are threatening local homes. in reno, more than 1,000 people have been evacuated. forecasters say this could be the worst storm we've seen in a decade. and with more rain in the forecast, it could get worse before it gets better. overnight, a powerful string of storms pummeling parts of the west. uprooting trees. causing traffic headaches and prompting evacuations. residents in an apartment complex in carmichael, california, unable to leave or enter, after a large oak tree blocked the road. >> if anybody was in their vehicle right there, they would have been smashed. >> thank goodness nobody was trying to get in or out of the gate. >> reporter: near lower lake, california, flash flooding and mudslides made roads impassable, stranding some drivers. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in nevada, authorities say nearly 1,300
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homes in reno and other parts of the county were voluntarily evacuated because of widespread flooding that's expected to worsen today. the swollen truckee river in reno, flooding and on the rise. in california, the rain did not dampen everyone's spirit. this man was caught riding a surfboard in the wake of floodwaters. this is serious business. and the forecast, ten inch ofgs rain and nine feet of snow. we are watching for mudslides and avalanches. the last time we had a storm that was predicted to be this bad in 2005, we had more than $300 million in damage. >> miguel, it will be a long week out there. >> al is out in los angeles. keeping a blood shot eye on the
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weather. >> good to see you, meredith. we're seeing that rain moving to the south. and right now, 10 million people between california and nevada, under flash flood watch or warning. a lilt bit of a break. but look at this. stretching 3,000 miles, this tropical moisture plume, the pineapple express, pushing this moisture. and exacerbating this. we have the moisture pushing against the mountains. as it lifts, it squeezes out all of the moisture. with the warmer temperatures, it's really speeding up the snow melt and that's adding to the extra flooding that's going to affect the area. rainfall amounts through thursday, two to three inches of rain along the northern coast. the lower elevations of the sierra could see five to ten inches of rain. and here, out in the east, look at these afternoon highs. it's going to be 12 degrees below normal in atlantic city. 13 below in massachusetts. 3 degrees below normal in
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williamington, north carolina. the cold air lasts one more night. then, we see a warm-up. >> did you pick a week to come. >> i know. we have a ton of confirmation hearings. the president addressing the nation. the president-elect holding a news conference. a lot of keep track of. kristen welker will do that for us. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. you're right. and the fireworks have started. democrats demanding a delay in what they are calling an unprecedented number of confirmation hearings they feel are being rushed through. but republicans digging in. all while the current commander in chief is preparing for his final address. a chance to defend his legacy and say good-bye one more time. this morning, new battles brewing on capitol hill. a parade of nominees set to face confirmation hearings this week. first up, senator jeff sessions for attorney general. controversial for his record on
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civil rights and hard line immigration views. democrats are calling foul, demanding a delay. saying there's unfinished background checks. >> we will stand firm until the office of government ethics issues a report. and then, there should be time to question these witnesses. not six in one day. >> reporter: but republicans aren't giving an inch. >> the democrats are really frustrated that they lost the election. so, all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration. it having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. >> reporter: meanwhile, high-level meetings at trump tower over the weekend. the british secretary, spotted after huddling with top advisers, aiming to solidify relations. this after the controversy mounts over russia's attempt to meddle in the u.s. election. on friday, there was a declassified order of the report. over the weekend, trump slammed
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democrats for their gross negligence, which he said allowed the hacks to happen. he also tweeted, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think it is bad. his top advisers, more measured, insisting russia did not influence the outcome. this, despite mr. trump repeatedly touting wikileaks as a candidate. as the current commander in chief prepares for his farewell address tomorrow night, he is facing tough questions about democrats' devastating losses. >> part of what i'm interested in doing after i got out of the presidency is to make sure that i'm working with the next generation, so that they understand you can't just rely on inspiration. >> reporter: and this morning, word that president-elect trump is breaking with inauguration tradition, going back to dwight d. eisenhower and switching the
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announcer for the inauguration. it had been charles broughtman. he's an 89-year-old. this year, the honor will go to steve ray. a 58-year-old trump supporter and announcer who worked with the washington nationals. mr. trump has a chance to weigh in on all of this when he holds his first news conference since being elected on wednesday. back to you. >> kristen welker. that news conference, one of the major events looking forward to this week. steve kornacki's here. >> a really busy week in washington. in washington, they start their weeks on tuesday. so, that's when the action really begins. but president obama, the farewell address. not every president does this. he will be in chicago, his hometown. and everybody looking for messages he sends to donald trump in this speech. also tomorrow, this will be in washington. the confirmation hearings get under way. and this is the one to circle on tuesday. jeff sessions, the nominee for attorney general. actually 30 years ago, he went
7:16 am
before the same senate committee for a federal judgeship. he was rejected because of racial insensitivity. if there's going to be fireworks, this is where to look for it. on wednesday, donald trump's press conference. he will address conflicts of interest. and a rebuttal. anything that obama says tuesday, he will have something to say wednesday. more confirmations hearings. rex tillerson. all of the connections to russia. do republicans raise the issue of russia? >> you talk about the ones we're going to hear some fireworks. the question is, will democrats be joined by enough republicans to stop any of these? >> that's the thing to keep in mind of all this. republicans control the senate. on paper, they have the numbers to confirm every nominee. you look at tillerson. you have john mccain, lindsey graham. they don't like the signals that trump has been sending. do they take this nomination and
7:17 am
make an example? that's why you keep an eye on that. and thursday, wilbur ross for commerce. that will come up. and it continues to next week. the question will be how much of this trump administration actually in place when he's sworn in? >> likely all of them will be confirmed. >> at this point, session and tillerson are fireworks but favored for confirmation. >> nice job. nbc news will have live coverage of president obama's farewell address. that's tomorrow night. and lester holt will interview the president ahead of that speech. that interview will be the focus of a one-hour special, barack obama the reality of hope. 10:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 central on nbc. now, to the rampage at the ft. lauderdale airport. new video emerges showing the seconds of the massacre. kerry sanders has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning,
7:18 am
meredith. the alleged gunman is esteban santiago. he will be in federal court here and formally charged with killing five people at the airport. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. the airport security video obtained by tmz, shows a calm baggage claim area. and then, the suspected gunman enters the picture. he reaches into his waistband, and pulls out a pistol and begins shooting. as the gunman runs out of view, you see terrified passengers duck and take cover. one of the bullets hit this laptop, stopping the bullet that could have killed steve frappier. >> it saved my life. >> reporter: he gave a confession. that the pistol was in checked baggage. when he claimed his bag, he loaded the pistol in a men's restroom and then, began shooting in a methodical manner. santiago emptied the first magazine. and reloaded and shot until the
7:19 am
second magazine, too, was out of bullets. approximately 10 to 15 rounds. six years ago, santiago was deployed to iraq with the army national guard. his brother says he came back a different person. this past november, santiago walked into an fbi office in alaska. saying the cia was controlling his mind, making him watch isis videos. his pistol was con iffiscatecon. four days later, he was released and the pistol was returned. five people killed, six wounded, more than 50 injured. a horror at the airport in ft. lauderdale. >> the screaming just sits more in my mind, just that blood curdling scream as people were trapped. they had nowhere to go. >> reporter: this morning, two of the six people wounded have been released from the hospital. meantime, at the airport, it's
7:20 am
estimated upwards of 23,000 pieces of luggage were abandoned in the chaos. many holding cell phones and i.d.s. a private company is working to get those items back to the owners. many of the people had just arrived at the airport and left with the clothes on their back. >> lucky to be alive. kerry sanders, thank you so much. take a turn. and go back to los angeles. and get the rest of mr. roker's forecast. al? >> thank you very much, matt. that's what's going on around. we're g ♪ look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d. now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. frinld start. temperatures will be climbing. only 20 this afternoon. i don't be the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday. already seeing thin clouds move into new jersey. 28 degrees this afternoon. see clouds building at the shore. high clouds moving into the lehigh valley. see them this delaware too. warm into upper 20s for both locations. flech a philadelphia and the suburbs go from teens to middle 20. warmer weather tomorrow. it gives new meaning to the old folks home. >> nice. thanks for that. cheery start to the week, al. appreciate it. coming up, inside president-elect trump's relationship with his son-in-law. and the new signs he could be eyeing a role in the trump white
7:22 am
house. and more on the golden globes, including al's conversations with the big winners. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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break accident news. see a car that hit and house and fire hydrant. of philadelphia. we're working to get more details. monitoring the situation closely. stay with us for the details and just tap the nbc 10 app for updates. also first alert for dangerous cold. get right to first alert neighborhood forecast with bill henley. >> the sun is up. the temperatures are down. clouds moving in. not in store for birilliantly sunny day like we had yesterday. millville 1 degree below zero.
7:27 am
that's not windchill. thag actual temperature. 14 in philadelphia international. still 9 degrees in andorra. 6 in summerton. warm up only in the 20 this afternoon. thank you. check on the roads. stimwatll watching woodhave road. eastbound side traffic still blocked off. septa bus back up. delays behind it. improvements there. out on 422 watch for crash on eastbound side. jessica, thank you. anothupdate coming up in 25 minutes. see you here the top of the hour.
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♪ ♪ be back in a moment on today -- but first -- but first. back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> redo. >> i remember that well. >> there were so many moments you could have picked. so many moments. show me shining. that's the one you picked. >> you expected anything different from the people downstairs? we're back, now, 7:30 on a monday morning. 9th of january, 2017 with our dear friend, meredith vieira. who was the host of this program for five years. >> five years. >> it was great. great to have you here. sitting in for savannah. >> when she was here friday, she looked fantastic.
7:31 am
she looked rested. >> sleeping a little bit will have a way of doing that. she has a brand-new baby. >> exactly. here's a look at what's making headlines. "la la land" walked away from the golden globes as the night's big winner. best musical or comedy. and awards for its stars, ryan gosling and emma stone. casey affleck took best actor in "manchester by the sea." and isabelle huppert won for "el le. winter storm on the east coast. and significant flooding andare. and police have arrested nine people in connection with a terrifying truck attack in israel on sunday. want to warn you, the video is
7:32 am
disturbing. israeli soldiers were lined up for a cultural tour in jerusalem, when a palestinian truck driver rammed his vehicle into the crowd. 4 for killed and 28 others injured. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there's strong evidence that the driver was a supporter of isis. also this morning, there's new signs that ivanka trump's husband, jared kushner, could be gearing up for a role in his father-in-law's administration. peter alexander has more on that story. >> reporter: good morning. jared kushner is president-elect trump's son-in-law. he is one of his most trusted advisers. he is ivanka trump's husband. and he is a power broker. kushner is about to be named senior adviser to president trump. when it comes to business, the similarities between donald trump and his son-in-law are striking.
7:33 am
both men are billionaires. both with sprawling real estate empires. while trump is expected to address his business conflicts of interest, kushner is quietly taking steps to distance himself from kushner companies where he serves as ceo. the clearest sign the 35-year-old is eyeing a role in trump's white house. kushner hired a law firm that's been consulting with the office of government ethics. he is committed to complying with federal ethics laws. and while plans aren't finalized, his lawyer says he would resign from his family business and die vest substantial assets in accordance with guidelines. he would recuse himself from matters on his remaining financial interests. this, after new scrutiny about kushner's business dealings. including a story that kushner spent months negotiating a
7:34 am
redevelopment of his manhattan skyscraper, with a chinese real estate developer. kushner's spokeswoman tells nbc news, if he joins the administration, he will devest his stake in that building. "the times" reports that transition officials have told the obama white house, that foreign policy matters should be relayed through kushner. as an example, when the chinese ambassador to the u.s. contacted the white house to complain about the phone call to taiwan's president, they called kushner, not trump's national security team. that highlights the hurdles that kushner and trump are likely to face. both men are political newcomers with complicated business dealings, navigating america's role in sensitive affairs.
7:35 am
the associated press reports that trump has canceled a handful of international deals and dissolved shell companies. he continues to own or control 500 companies that make up the trump organization, creating a wide web of potential conflicts of interest going forward. >> peter, thank you. let's get another check of the weather from al in l.a. >> i know it's freezing out in the east. but there is help coming. the jet stream up to the north. and look at the temperatures. denver, 56 degrees. that's 15 degrees above normal. columbia, 42 degrees, that's above normal. and houston, temperatures in the 60s. tomorrow, look for boston to warm up. 40 degrees. raleigh, 45. and richmond, portland, detroit, nashville and gainesville, all temperatures anywhere from 10 to
7:36 am
20 degrees above average. that will be some welcome good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. frigid start. temperatures climbing. only 20s this afternoon. won't be the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday. 28 degrees this afternoon. see clouds building at is shore. high clouds moving into the lehigh valley. see them in delaware too. warm into the upper 20s for both locations. philadelphia and the suburbs, go from the teens into the middle 20s this afternoon. warmer weather arrives tomorrow. have a great day. >> don't forget to get that weather anytime you need it. go to our wednesdays at the weather channel on cable. >> thank you, al. the reason that al is out in los angeles, is mr. roker's
7:37 am
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muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain, i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. ♪ back, now, at 7:41, with the obvious highlights of last night's golden globe winners, mr. roker. >> the highlight for me, seeing the 15 degree reading. happy to be here. i'll tell you, the weather was perfect for walking the red carpet. the folks picking up awards. and then, going one-on-one with yours truly. >> get in there. >> get in there. come on in.
7:42 am
congratulations. thank you, sir. how are you, sir? >> "la la land." >> if anybody had told you two years ago, that in 2016, a musical set in los angeles would sweep the golden globes, you would have said -- >> i would have said i hope i make it. >> was it a little daunting, emma, to think about doing a musical and dancing and doing all of that together? >> oh, sure. we had three months to rehearse. we had the benefit of time. >> the movie now has the most golden globe wins of any movie ever. how does that make you feel? >> i really am shocked by the response to this. it's so encouraging, to think that people want to see a film like this. >> well, congratulations. well-deserved. >> "moonlight." >> the idea that you could make this, what does it say to you? >> it says that, i think all stories, you know, deserve to be
7:43 am
told. >> what was the best part of tonight for you guys? >> getting to go up on stage with them. >> family. >> this is my first film. and to be a part of, you know, such an important special story, i'm proud of this american story. it's bringing people together. and it allows us to come together. >> congratulations. it's a triumph. >> thank you very much. >> how are you, sir? >> he cleans up. >> when you signed on to do this movie, did you have any idea it would end up here? >> no. i really didn't. and when i finished the movie, i really thought it wasn't going to end up here. it's the kind of role you want as an actor. you want to be some pain and some saying, take your broken heart and make art. that's what it's about, especially this movie, i think. >> congratulations. that's a terrific role. >> that's a spiffy outfit. >> not everybody gets it. >> i want it. >> it's an interesting designer. >> who did that? >> ebay.
7:44 am
they're doing interesting work. >> really? is that in the mail? >> comes in a plastic bag, yes. >> donald glover, "atlanta." >> how is it going? >> good to see you. congratulations. "atlanta" was obviously a labor of love. you wanted to show there's a different side to black culture than what you think a lot of people know. >> yeah. i wanted to make something as complicated as us, in simple terms. >> what does this golden globe mean to you? >> it means season three, hopefully, at least. >> you would think with a big-shot organization like you work for, that have chairs, wouldn't you? >> it's tough. it's tough. >> isn't it? >> some of the best work going, today, is on television. >> absolutely. no question about it. i mean, it used to be -- when i was coming up, tv was a no-no. you may as well be on "hollywood squares" you know? and now, it's the place where actors can really do their
7:45 am
stuff. >> first nomination. >> al roker. >> tracee ellis ross. >> i feel elated. present. pleased. really pleased. >> did you ever think you would be holding one of these? >> i don't know if i thought about it like that. i wanted to put on a dress and be in the room. >> what's after the globes? >> i really hope to hit every, single party. >> every party. >> and to roll into work tomorrow morning in this. >> did you say, hey, everybody, what did you do last night? and the great thing about everybody coming in, it was really a joyful evening. people really seemed truly grateful for the honor that their fellow actors were best u bestowing on them and the hollywood foreign press stowed
7:46 am
on them. >> did you have a favorite night? >> hugh laurie said, i think there's a piano about to fall on my head. you better move away. >> we'll see what you also did last night coming up. >> sounds like a threat. more stars and surprises. what people are saying about jimmy fallon's musical opening to the show. and carson is in the orange room with a big debut so big we're using the megazilla in ti (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
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7:52 am
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good morning. few minutes shy of 8:00 a.m. we issued a first alert for dangerous cold out there. right to first alert neighborhood forecast by meteorologist bill henley. >> seeing very cold temperatures this morning. will be climbing into the 20s for philadelphia. 26 the high temperature today. right now, it's 14 degrees. good news is, wind is dying down for now. pick up at 9:00 this morning. 15 degrees and into the 20s. look at the clouds coming in. see them across the board. enough sunshine to warm the lehigh valley and delaware and new jersey to the upper 20s. >> thank you, bill. bitter cold affect your commute. get a check on the road with jessica boyington. we had a busy monday morning so far. 295 right around route 642 over we are approaching an accident scene. see delays there. just a view of camera.
7:57 am
concerned about delays anyway. northbound side watching for that. woodhaven road still blocked completely see the overturned septa bus. returned back to its right side. now removed for the scene. still have crew on the eastbound side at knights road. take academy instead. water department crews back at work this morning. a sinkhole that swallowed up two cars. happened this morning on east boston street. a broken sewer not the cold weather is to blame for the mess. tomorrow might, president obama will get his final prime time speech. that means programming changes. here's the lineup. catch a new episode of wall at 8:00. president's address at 9:00. new episode of this is us at 10:00.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ everybody get golden it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, glitz, glamour and globes. >> dolce gabana. >> we have your fashion roundup of hits and misses from hollywood's big night. plus, chew on this. >> i'm a horrible eater. i eat mindlessly. like, that's one of my things. >> joy helps hoda take the next step in her "start today" challenge. putting an end to mindless eating and getting her diet back on track. and that's entertainment. >> the name of the movie is "star wars." it's going to be one of the biggest moneymaking movies of our time. >> let me see these questions. >> i lived long enough, my dreams would come true. and they have.
8:01 am
>> as we kick off our week-long celebration of the 65th anniversary of "today" and look back at all of the memorable moments of the past six decades. tonight, january 9th, 2017. >> in the plaza for meredith. >> i have friends and family in oklahoma. >> hi, grandma. i'm freezing. ♪ >> today's my 60th birthday. and we're on the "today" show. >> it's my 13th birthday. >> celebrating my 60th birthday. >> and today's 65th. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we're back, now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 9th day of january, 2017. we have a real treat for the
8:02 am
cold people out in rockefeller plaza this morning. 15 degrees. look who is warming things up. meredith vieira, over here, filling in while savannah is on maternity leave. shaking every hand. no hug? >> no. but you know what? i know this is temporary. i did not take the tags off my clothes. >> how much was that? >> i can't afford this stuff anymore. >> great to see you. that's right. we had katie here last week. meredith this week. talk about going from the frying pan into the fire. >> this is an exciting time. it's 65th anniversary to the show. something older than me. only by a couple of years. >> we're going to look at entertainment of the show today. politics later in the week. breaking news and much more. let's start at 8:00 on this monday morning with a look at your news at 8:00. >> reporter: i'm kristen welker. at the white house where president obama is gearing up to deliver his farewell address
8:03 am
from chicago tomorrow. as president-elect donald trump gets ready for his first news conference in six months. all this as senate republicans kick off a marathon of confirmation hearings for mr. trump's cabinet picks, already sparking a backlash from democrats. with president-elect trump's inpending nomination, he is getting ready for cabinet nominees. angering democrats, who say the nominees haven't been vetted. >> to rush six of them through. each without having their ethics reports done, without having them be questioned fully, is wrong. >> reporter: the senate majority leader firing back. >> the democrats are really frustrated that they lost the election. but we need to sort of grow up here and get past that. need to have the president's national security team in place on day one. >> reporter: the president-elect brushing off the u.s. intelligence report's conclusion that putin ordered an influence
8:04 am
campaign in 2016 and had a preference for trump. trump, blaming democrats' gross negligence allowing the hacking to happen. adding, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools think it's bad. >> he's not denying that entities in russia were behind this particular hacking campaign. >> reporter: meanwhile, president obama is shedding light on the advice he has given to his successor. >> you have to have respect for institutions and the process, to make good decisions because you are inherently reliant on other folks. >> reporter: president obama's pick to succeed him, hillary clinton, is back in the headlines, with speculation swirling about whether she would consider a run for new york mayor. one of her top surrogates insisting she is not going to run for public office again. president-elect trump will have a chance to address all of this when he holds his first press
8:05 am
conference since being elected on wednesday. matt? >> kristen, thank you very much. california bracing for more misery, following devastating weekend storms. start parts of the state are expected to get additional rain over the next few days, adding to flood problems already. on sunday, mudslides and flash floods made some roads impassable. storms also destroyed a well-known tree in california. the pioneer cabin tree. a giant sequoia with a tunnel cut through it. it toppled during heavy rain. and high elevations are getting deep snow. we'll have al's forecast coming up. an end of an era at san diego. the park had its last killer whale show on sunday. in the words of park officials, we listened to our guests and are making a change. the park will open an orca encounter this summer with a
8:06 am
focus on education, showing how killer whales eat, navigate and communicate. now, to a very big night for "la la land." the film dominated the golden globes last night, winning a record seven awards, including best musical or comedy. best actor for ryan gosling. and best actress for emma stone. "moonlight" won in the drama category. casey affleck for "manchester by the sea." and isabelle huppert for "elle." up next, is revenge really so sweet? what science says about getting even. and every cut, color and style you can manual. all the best looks from the golden globes red carpet. and help if you're a mindless eater. what you should take [instrumental music plays] [microwave beeps] [heart monitor beeps] hasta luego, profesor!
8:07 am
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8:11 am
it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. ♪ 8:11. we are back. time to trend with meredith. this will be fun. >> yes, it will. >> not me alone. i'm not here alone. >> it takes a village. are you a napper? >> no. you're a napper. i can't nap. >> you can't nap? >> i can't nap. as opposed to catnap. >> what happens when you try? >> i cannot do it. if i do nap, when i wake up, i feel worse. >> and lately, you can't even sleep. >> i know, i have insomnia, a whole other story the. >> it's all about you. >> i try to take tiny catnaps. little ones. >> i wish i would nap.
8:12 am
if i get a good 45 minutes, it's awesome. it doesn't happen. >> i do. i'm a good napper. according to a study out of china, it analyzed 3,000 adults. researchers found that the ideal nap time, they do encourage taking a nap. is an hour. that sounds like a long time. and best take it right after lunch. >> should we do it while they're working? >> if you have a place to go and sack out. people who did that, took an hour nap, they performed better than cognitive tests, on people that didn't snap at all. there is too long a nap. >> you wake up refreshed? >> i usually do. >> how long are your naps? >> 25, 30 minutes. >> 2:00 in the afternoon. right around 2:00. >> no trouble going to bed? >> wow. >> well, you drink a lot. that's part of it. it is the royal return. coming as a relief to so many people. queen elizabeth made her first public appearance on sunday. this after a heavy cold forced her to stay home.
8:13 am
that's great news for her and all of us, obviously. and speaking of the queen, her guardsman just did something really special for a boy on his 4th birthday. they're known for being pretty stiff and stoic. listen to what they did for little marshall. his birthday wish to meet the guards. his mom dressed him in a replica outfit. took him to windsor castle. and the guard actually broke the tradition. he came back out to take a photo with marshall and his mom. his dreams have come true. that's the cutest. so sweet. >> they do have a heart. >> they do have a heart. >> those guardsmen. there's a little boy who got his wish. here's a boy who didn't. the boy's uncle is darnell holmes, the football player from california. a lot of schools were after him. he narrowed the list down to four. and the schools represented by
8:14 am
the team hats on the table. right in front, is his nephew. he makes his feelings clear. he is pointing to the ohio state hat. was he persuaded? >> i want to thank my loved ones for the next three to four years. i'm going to play at the rose bowl. >> he's going to go to ucla. huge pickup for jim mora. >> he is going to ucla, much to the chagrin of -- >> doesn't he know how close he is to disneyland? >> that's the great thing about kids. he wanted him to go to ucla. >> he is going to get revenge on his uncle. speaking of which, they say the best revenge is living well. does it actually make you feel any better. the surprising answer is, yes. interesting. study involved everything from voodoo dolls to computer games. researchers found that people didn't just enjoy revenge, they
8:15 am
actually sought it out as a way to make themselves feel better. i'm into karma, as opposed to revenge. >> no. >> you don't? >> i never go after -- if someone goes after me, i almost never go after them. but sometimes i stay up nights wondering, why the heck didn't i say something? or why don't i? >> matt is the exact opposite of that. >> i'm not. i think that goes against everything i was ever taught. that you waste that much time on negative energy, you're doing yourself harm. >> okay. >> the only camera on? >> going back and forth. >> that's a practical joke. but you're not a revenge guy. it's time for "pop start." let's do it. we're going to start this morning at the golden globes and reviews that jimmy fallon is getting for hosting. how about the open of that show. this was the big take. the first number of the golden globes, a take on "la la land."
8:16 am
>> i've been waiting 20 years for -- ♪ >> there she is. ♪ >> those two are funny together. that opening was really something else. and now, to the topic that matt has been talking about all morning long. red carpet fashion. let's go right to the man in the middle of all of the action, uncle al out in l.a. hi, al. >> this should be natalie. i know. she had to leave. we got up close and personal with hollywood's biggest stars. and the hot looks that rocked the red carpet. ♪
8:17 am
here it is, the 2017 golden globes. of course, this is where all the stars will walk down the red carpet, with all the glitz, the glamour, the jewelry, the fashions. and we're all in the middle of it to bring it to you. who are you wearing tonight? you look spectacular. >> i have dolce gabana. >> this is vera wang. >> i love you. your dress is beautiful. >> reporter: the biggest trend of the night, shimmer and sparkle. we saw gown after gown sequins and beading. >> your dress is lovely. >> thank you very much. as is yours. ♪ >> reporter: another hot trend, cool, long sleeves. ♪ sarah jessica parker won them. and a pregnant natalie portman. you having cravings? >> egg rolls at 8:00 a.m., all the time. >> reporter: also, the fashion
8:18 am
rage, plunging neck lines. "this is us" mandy moore racked one. and jessica chastain and keri russell. >> what inspired the leopard? >> just loved the dress. >> reporter: and the guys, most stuck to classic black and white. >> i love this tuxedo. >> reporter: it's bryan cranston and he loves me. but no one makes this best-dressed list without help. did you give her tips about getting dressed? >> he kept going like this. is that secure? >> reporter: nothing is moving tonight. >> nobody gets a freebie. >> reporter: that really did seem to be the motif of the evening. a lot of people were showing a lot. but everybody looked very, very classy. guys? >> all right, al. thank you very much. let us dive a little deeper into the golden globes' fashion trends.
8:19 am
frankie grande. and olivia culpo. nice to see you both. >> thanks for having us. >> gold star. you just flew in. >> i am right off of a red eye. freshl off a red eye. >> and you looked so beautiful. stunning last night. >> thank you. >> there's a lot of pressure of picking the right dress. >> there can be a lot of pressure. actually, though, that was the only dress i tried on. >> really? >> the only dress. i actually fit it the day, the afternoon before. >> wow. >> i fit saturday. >> this never stops moving. >> you never stop moving. you're like the energizer bunny. >> if you had one word to sum up last night's red carpet, what do you use? >> there were no rules. so many trends. >> and fun. i kept hearing that word over and over. this is the fun red carpet. the fun awards show. and a lot of people embraced that fun. >> reporter: >> on a night like this, women take center stage. not so much about the men.
8:20 am
we'll start with the women. who wants to go with the best looks? go ahead. >> i'll start with nicole kidman. she looks stunning. she never lets me down, which is great. and i think that she was nailing so many of the trends of the evening. she was wearing sheer. she has the cold shoulder. metallic. she has feathers. >> it could have failed. >> it could have failed because it's so much. and the rules always take one thing off. that's not my rule, as you can tell by what i'm wearing right now. i'm more of a put one thing on, kind of person. and she did that and nailed it. her makeup is simple enough to support the dress. i think she nailed that look. >> who else did we like? >> i loved blake lively. i loved everything about this dress. she looks unbelievable. just had a baby. and those two cuffs, so dramatic, so high-fashion, and glam. and the dress is velvet, which is a trend, as well. some chain metal on the top.
8:21 am
and i love her hair and makeup. she never lets me down. she is a glam girl. that's my preference. >> and notally portman. she was channeling jackie. >> she was. >> her whole persona. >> she is a classic beauty. >> i love the tiny embellishments to accentuate everything that needs to be accentuated. and she had a big trend, yellow. >> before we get to yellow, let's get to the men. who stood out? >> okay. i think pharrell represented for the music industry, right? he's a music artist. nominated for best score. he shows up, looking unbelievable in 2012 chanel, which is vintage. are we considering 2012 vintage? i think he represented. and i love when men take fashion risks, i really do. i don't love a black tuxedo on every guy over and over. >> i sit at home watching
8:22 am
something. could i pull that off? and that's a no right there. >> i think you can pull off the other look very nicely. >> the ryan gosling. that's my personal favorite. he looks so classic. i like the rose in the pocket. it's romantic. the shoes were velvet. >> yes. >> he belongs to hollywood. he exudes it. >> oozes it. >> and his speech was so sweet. >> it was so good. >> you touched on some of the trends. let's hit some of those again. embellished gowns. why is that trendy? >> metallics are just in. in order to get metallics on to a dress, you have to find clever ways of dong it so you're not just wearing a metal suit. you find it over the lace. on this gucci dress right here. really beautiful. >> yeah. and just the lace, too, and all of the intricate details. and jessica biel's dress and the flowers. and a lot of interesting, little
8:23 am
touches to the gowns last night. >> and you mentioned that yellow was a big color. >> huge color on the red carpet. we saw it envon viola davis. >> and last year, j. lo was the only one that wore yellow. her dress was so beautiful. and now, everyone wore yellow. >> everyone picks the color of the year. last year, that buttercup yellow. everybody was wearing it. everybody thought it would be green. and nobody wore it. nobody got the memo. or everybody just decided not to do it. >> also, the really low, deep, deep -- >> plunging neckline. i think it always looks incredible, though. >> on j. lo, with versace, way, way back in the way. but kristen bell pulled it off beautifully in the tuxedo jacket that had the deep "v."
8:24 am
>> you should do this. >> we'll do it later tonight. >> you have practice. >> exactly. >> frankie. olivia, thank you so much. let's go back to l.a. time for a check of the weather from al. >> all right, guys. we can see that plume of moisture about 3,000 miles, is actually shifted to the south. southern california getting it. before long, we're going to see more strong storms moving into central and northern california, causing big problems. a double-barrel low pressure system. light showers today. as we move on into tomorrow and on into wednesday, heavy rain moves back in with mountain snows. rainfall amounts, next 24 hours, about two to three inches along the northern coast. but the next 72 hours, we're talking about five to ten inches of rain. some areas as much as 15 inches. yin can see the snow levels start to drop. six to eight feet along the sierra crest of the good morning.
8:25 am
i'm meteorologist bill henley. a frigid start but the temperatures will be climbing into the 20s this afternoon. not the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday. seeing some thin clouds moving into new jersey. 28 this afternoon, and you will see the clouds building into shore. and clouds into the e lehigh l valley and into delaware, too. with but lit warm up into the low 20s in both locations. from philadelphia to the suburbs teens to the middle 20s and warmer weather will arrive tomorrow. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. guys? >> al, thanks very much. just ahead, inside the golden globes' hottest after-parties. and we're going to celebrate 65 years with the biggest stars on "today." first, your local news. ♪
8:26 am
nbc 10 breaking news. good morningment i'm vie sek hee -- vai sikahema. outside, some places in the teens and first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning, vai and it is frigid all around. we will get some sunshine and enough to warm the temperatures up, and that i have started to move, but look at how cold it is in south jersey. 2 degrees below zero there this in new jersey and 42 in lehigh valley. some of the coldest numbers have been in south jersey and u staying cold. single digits in piney hollow and coilfields around zero this morning. >> thank you, bill. this cold could affect your commute this morning with the
8:27 am
first alert traffic. >> vai, we are watching the video with the new jersey turnpike where where we have a pretty serious crash. medevac is there getting to scene. injuries reported in both directions to be closed in oldsman township on the turnpike near exit 1 approaching the delaware memorial bridge with which is going to cause some huge delays there. and i'm vai sikahema and we will have more updates in 25 u minutes, and you can get more kwup dates on the nbc 10 app. and we will see you at thech to the hour. have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30, now, on this monday morning. january 9th, 2017. a blustery, cold 16 degrees in new york city. we've got providence, rhode island's own, meredith vieira filling in for savannah this week. i bring it up. olivia culpo, former miss universe, from cranston, she saw you and thought she had seen her childhood idol. >> well, yeah. >> if i do say so myself. >> we're a little state. when somebody in rhode island does well, you root for each other. >> i spent time. but not as many roots. >> i love rhode island, too. it's very special to be here this week. and by the way, savannah, we
8:31 am
miss you. you looked so beautiful. she's not watching. she's sleeping. this is the week we celebrate the 65th anniversary. and today, we have an homage to the golden globes. we'll get all of the entertainment moment. >> speaking of the globes, al and natalie will take you inside the hottest after-parties. >> that looks like fun. i'm doing this thing today, "start today," where i'm trying to curb my eating problems and that stuff. joy bauer went through a deal with me, where she made me throw my snacks in a bag. >> you an eating problem? >> i eat privately and secretly. i'm about to fess it all up. >> couldn't fit the red wine in that bag? >> she's always in great shape. let's get a check of the weather. and for that, we go out to los angeles and say hi, again, to al. >> hoda, i know exactly what you're talking about. that inside, private eating when nobody's watching. >> yes. >> oh, yeah.
8:32 am
>> let's look at the week ahead. the east coast looks pretty good. out west, heavy rain and snow, as we make our way into the middle part of the week. looking at mountain snows in the rockies. rain and snow in the west. rain makes its way into the midwest and into the gulf coast areas. we get towards the end of the week. temperatures are where we're going to see big, big changes. below normal on the east coast, above normal to much above normal gulf coast into the rockies. and look as the week wears on. and how much of the country is much above or above normal. but it's chilly out west. and the latter part of the week, it stays cold through the western two-thirds of the u.s. that's what's gog on around in good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a fridgid start, but the temperatures will be climbing into 20s this afternoon and it won't be a brilliant sunshine we had yesterday. and we will seal some thin clouds moving into new jersey with 20 degrees this afternoon and you will see the clouds at
8:33 am
the shore. clouds moving into the lehigh valley, and into delaware, too, but lit warm up into 20s, and in the suburbs and philadelphia and into the teens and the middle 20s and warmer weather arrives tomorrow. have a great day. >> a lot of a lot of weather got there, gang. check it out with our friends at the weather channel. guys? >> do you hear the sound of -- >> the clickty-clak, clickty-clak. >> nobody knows you will be here. >> how do you get in and out of your clothes so fast? >> practice. >> wow. >> that's another subject. >> that's a whole different -- i'm thinking of -- >> what? >> a big week for me to be back in studio 1a. as we mentioned, we are marking the "today" show's 65 years old. >> since it's the morning-after the golden globes, we thought we would start with the countless stars that kept us entertained and hopefully you for all those years. ♪
8:34 am
>> and a good bit of what television is all about, is bringing people into houses all over the country. we try very hard to bring every kind of person who is in the news, invite them in and learn about them. >> we have been so privileged to have some of the most fascinating, extraordinary people stop by our little studio. ♪ >> entertainment has always been part of the show. >> harpo, i know you have many and married interests. and the harp is only one of them. >> when are you getting married? >> i'll show you what you do to imitate bette davis. pizza. >> you look back and look at the biggest stars of television, theater and film, you would be hard pressed to find not any
8:35 am
that put in an appearance on the "today" program. >> the movie is "star wars." it will be one of the biggest money making films of our time. no doubt about it. >> watch your hands. >> it's like group hug. >> we met all these people that i never in a million years imagined i would meet. from harrison ford. >> you're completely out of control. >> tom hanks. >> this is the first time you've plied me with alcohol. >> sandra bullock. come back more often. >> not after this interview. >> muhammad ali. >> go. >> one-two. >> you want to see it again. >> george burns. ♪ beautiful katie >> how school that? >> carol channing, still one of the most memorable interviews i've seen on the "today" show. interviewed by gene shallot. and we were both a puddle.
8:36 am
>> i'm sorry. i've been doing this for three hours already. >> can we get a professional in here, please? >> yes. yes. yes. yes. >> i'll have what he's having. >> robin williams, you didn't know what was going to happen. >> hold on. let me see these questions. >> give me those back. >> run away. >> eight inches. >> you knew your stomach was going to hurt when it was over. >> say amen. hallelujah. >> oh. >> i need this job. >> we owe him so much. he did so much for our show. >> i used to love interviewing miss piggy. we had a little diva thing going. >> to this day, when jim carrey comes in, what's going to happen? >> this just in, matt lauer's hair, one inch and counting. what kind of journalist are you?
8:37 am
for god sakes. cut. start over. >> one of my favorite guests was will ferrell. [ singing ] >> ooh. >> pretty good. >> you were about to kiss me, weren't you? >> oh. >> project's director. ♪ >> hello, jerry. >> meredith. you've always wanted to do that. >> i always wanted to do that. >> and that's your latest weather report. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> bravo. ♪ >> you're just trying to let people see a side of them that maybe isn't seen very often. >> i must ask you the question that most americans want to know about you. are you happy? >> i suppose i have a certain peace of mind. >> this business being difficult, is not true. >> i cannot imagine elizabeth
8:38 am
taylor being told by a man that i got some work to do, honey. go upstairs and watch tv. >> i'm a very committed wife. i should be committed, too, for being married so many times. >> the tom cruise scientology interview. everybody has a sense that something is going to happen. >> aren't there examples where it works? >> matt, you're glib. >> there's so many pinch myself moments. >> oh. >> oh, my gosh. >> congratulations. >> thank you, bradley. wow. >> want you to relax, savannah. >> i'm trying. >> i got to talk to the hunkiest men on the planet. >> that's one handsome man right there. >> if you've ever been a lady to begin with. luck be a lady tonight. >> yeah. >> let's talk about "s.w.a.t." >> i'm sure you do.
8:39 am
>> colin firth, for "the king' speech." it's difficult. you take one for the treatment. i knew if i lived long enough, my dreams would come true. and they have. >> to do this job, you have to forget that you're a superfan and just get your game face on. >> we can find the time during each show to bring you a person or an event that just makes you stop and sigh and smile, we think that's crucial to every broadcast. ♪ >> wow. >> that's pretty cool, right? >> no shortage of stars. >> one of the reasons this job is so wonderful. >> isn't it cool looking back at barbara walters and gene shallot. >> i haven't forgiven you for putting clooney in my seat. >> i didn't ask him to sit there. he was drawn to me.
8:40 am
and he left very quickly. tomorrow, we're going to look at the biggest stories we've covered over the past 65 years here on "today." coming up next, we check in on hoda's "start today" challenge and get advice from
8:41 am
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appointments available now. ♪ back, now, 8:42, with our month-long series, "start today." live to 100. hoda, jenna and craig have pledged to get their bodice and minds in tip-top shape in 2017. how is that going? >> it's a work in progress. in a moment, i'm going to talk to you about how joy and i worked together to tell me about the new mediterranean diet. let's get on how she's getting me to work on my goals, including this lilt issue i have with mindless eating. >> wake up in the morning. what do you have for breakfast?
8:43 am
>> what does hoda eat in the morning? one word, everything. anything that's not nailed down, she eats. >> i'm 52. so, i feel like pounds come off slower. and i would like to drop some lbs to feel better. >> as we get older, our metabolism does start to slow down a little bit. but the good news is, with some thoughtfulness, we can defy it. you can look better after 50 than you have ever looked in your life. i need to find out what are your goals? >> what are my goals? i'm a horrible eater. i eat mindlessly. like, that's one of my things. i mean, look at this. this was full. i sat here, did some work and looked at the cup. and it was full of hershey kisses. and looked down, and there was a pile of wrappers and two left in the bottom. and when i was done, i'm like, who did it? >> you didn't enjoy it because you were shoveling and shoveling. >> shoveling. >> gobbling. gobbling. daintily gobbling.
8:44 am
>> that's worse. >> i like peanut butter and honey. my regular preshow breakfast wasn't cutting it. >> we're going to make scrambled eggs in a hug. so, joy showed me an easy alternative. >> i think this is a genius idea. joy has a trick to stop mindless eating. she has me load a ziploc bag with all of the snacks i munch on throughout the day. i would probably have ten. i probably have a couple of these. >> put them in. >> i come to this table. and i take this. and i'll eat that. i usually take one of these and put it on a plate. come on. come into the makeup room. i feel like i need a mint after all this. i usually take five. >> i will be picking up this
8:45 am
bag. i think it will be heavier at the end of the day. >> she's so right. joy is here with all of that. hi, joy. >> hey, joy. >> it is a little heavier. >> that's nasty. look at this. >> it's not nasty. >> look at the bag. did you put these in each day? >> we actually redid it because it was gross. i did it on friday. my problem is eating in private. eating secretly. when you walk through piles of things, you eat more than you think. >> i think so many people mindlessly munch. and this is a great eye-opening activity. carry around the bag. every time you're going to pop something in your mouth, instead, in the bag. at the end of the day, you see what you've eaten. two bags. two, full bags. >> is that bad? >> this is not. but i calculated all of this. and in just one day from sort of mindless incidental eating, 2,450 calories. hoda, the equivalent of eight
8:46 am
fast food cheeseburgers. >> i could have had that? i could have had that? what was i doing with that? >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. okay. >> let's talk about what you've done. we have graphics up here. you put her on the mediterranean diet. >> and it has oodles of science behind it. helps your health, and ease aches and pains. and it's made up of plant-based foods. fruit and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds. you're going to flavor things with lots of herbs and spices. and olive oil instead of putt butter. you will eliminate the red meat. and wine in moderation. kathie lee might want to follow along. >> do you have a problem with any of that? >> i only really do do wine in moderation. it's the fact there's no sweets on her. >> olive oil is great. >> it's important to know that i
8:47 am
built in cheats and sweets for you. every, single day, and viewers will see this if they go to the web. we have your meal plan listed up there in full. i allow you a daily cheat. it can be french fries. it can be a bite of something indulgent. i don't want you to feel deprived. >> breakfast is scrambled eggs and spinach. and i showed her how to make it in a mug. it takes a matter of two minutes. >> you have to look at this recipe online. you add salsa, egg whites and one egg, it's delicious. >> together with a mediterranean-style muffin. there's dates and berries. >> running out of time. lunch. >> mediterranean salad. she's going to make the salad the night before. dressing on the side. shake it up. right in the bowl. and a whole assortment for snacks. hummus and nuts and fruit. delicious fish with roasted
8:48 am
vegetables. some couscous. wine for you. and you like to munch watching television. i made a rose merry parmesan spiked popcorn. >> the only thing you're missing are the hershey kisses. >> we're going to learn about the other plans. you can go to and form, gene chatzky is going to show you how your wallet can handle unexpected medical expenses. after the golden globes, the parties that kept the stars, al and natalie, up late. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:49 am
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from santander bank. man: this is our son christopher lewis. woman: this is our brother john anthony gracie. man: this is my daughter natalie. we lost her to opioid addiction. woman: pennsylvania's fighting this crisis so more lives are not lost. woman: call 1-800-662-help for treatment options. visit for resources and information on substance abuse. paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. ♪ "today" at the golden globes, is brought to you by the new volkswagen golf alltrack, soon to be everywhere.
8:51 am
>> a busy entertainment morning. it's 8:50. back with more on the golden globes. >> it's known as hollywood's biggest party of the year. it doesn't stop when the awards show ends, right, guys? >> not at all. we managed to snag some of the invites to the hottest after-parties. >> we crashed. they didn't want us in. >> al. al. you. you. >> a lot of people here to take your picture, al. ♪ >> yeah. ♪ >> come on. come on. >> oh, there it is. oh, baby ♪ i'm not going to let you go >> what's your number one go-to dance move? >> oh, it's just probably like, you know, a little shimmy. like a little smimmy. >> this is where you live? >> this is where you live. >> al, you need to loosen up.
8:52 am
we're getting a spicy margarita. >> spicy margarita. >> woo. >> wow. ♪ >> these are my people. >> my people. >> yay. >> jeffrey tambor. ♪ >> do we have explaining to do? we're at nbc and we're at the fox party. >> at the globes, baby. ♪ >> oh, hey. qwest love, too. ♪ >> the biggest prize of the night. >> all right. >> a bucket of kfc. get in there. >> that's it. >> i'm starving. we're going home. >> we're dropping the mic. >> finally.
8:53 am
we got to eat, al. we were waiting all night to be able to eat. >> that was some good chicken. >> as you can tell, al got not a wink of sleep. neither did i. >> you guys were right. it was a long night. going to take that kfc and put it in hoda's plastic bag. >> more calories. >> you can have the bone. that's about it. >> thank you, guys. >> okay. >> natalie, good seeing you. this is "today" on
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ all right. it's going to be quiet around here for the next hour because the entire hour, basically, coming to us from los angeles. >> oh. >> right? al will be out there with natalie. more on the golden globes. >> and guess who is back at 10:00. kathie lee gifford is back. >> is that part of the new look? >> we used to have stuff in there until hoda went on this diet. get nothing. >> get nothing here. >> in each of those. >> how did it go the first day back? >> it's great to see you guys. all kidding aside.
8:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. and we are shy of 9:00 a.m., and we remain under the first alert because of the dangerous cold. let's get to your "first alert" forecast with be bill henley. >> and it is plenty cold outside. 15 in the suburbs. in new jersey at 14 and the snow on the ground, it is going nowhere this morning. there are some clouds coming in, and little bit of a breeze at 8
8:57 am
minneapol miles per hour after a calm start. we will get so middle 20s by this afternoon. warmest spots are lehigh valley and delaware, and warm through freezing right through tomorrow morning. all right. thank you, bill. l let's get a check of the roads with jessica boyington. >> earlier we were watching for a cash on the new jersey turnpike that closed down both directions as medevac helicopter got to the scene. right now, we are back open on the northbound side, but the southbound side is still closed near exit 11 at the delaware memorial bridge, but right now take 295 as the alternate to get you around. and now, no problems right here at jerard avenue. normal drive times. 44 minutes from memorial to vine. and crews will be back at work to are repair a water main that created a sinkhole that
8:58 am
swallowed up two cars. it happened in the fish department section, and the water department thinks that it is the cold weather that caused the problem. >> and now, you can see all of it right there on the screen. we will have another weather update in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ ♪ this is what you came for from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today's take" at the golden globes. with al roker. >> here's what the weather looks like in your neck of the woods. >> natie morales. >> it's always unpredictable. >> and jenna bush hager. >> the wildest party in hollywood. >> from los angeles. >> welcome to today. january 9th, 2017. the morning after the big night at the golden globes. al along with natalie and jenna. >> what a night. you partied until the wee hours. >> we just rolled in a couple of minutes ago. >> i had to go back to my hotel room and order pizza.
9:01 am
i couldn't hang. that large champagne bottle was enough for me. by the way, that was empty. that was empty. that was just a prop. i love props. >> yeah. >> you look fantastic. what a night for "la la land." a clean sweep. seven for seven. >> that's right. >> that's a record. >> the old record was six. and, man, one film. and the winners, including emma stone, director damien chazelle. >> well, i was singing and dancing and playing piano and having one of the best experiences i've ever had on a film, my lady was raising our daughter, pregnant with our second and trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer. if she hadn't have taken all that on so i could have this
9:02 am
experience, it would surely be someone else up here other than me today. so, sweetheart, thank you. >> do you hear that sound? do you hear that sound? hearts melting across america. >> mine just melted. >> as if they could melt anymore. >> that's so sweet. >> do you remember the scene in "the notebook." standing in the rain. i'm just going back to the speech that i always wanted to hear. >> wow. how do we have that ready? that's amazing. it's like -- >> this is brilliant. >> like we planned it. this is what happens when you come out to l.a. >> i'm like, cue my ryan gosling fix. >> that was the sweetest, most authentic speech. i loved it. >> and jimmy fallon, i think, knock eed it out of the park. he set the mood by doing a little homage to "la la land" right at the beginning. nicole kidman, amy adams, justin timberlake, tina fey.
9:03 am
and -- this was a great moment. >> it's so good. >> wait for it. go. >> i actually have to say, my favorite part was at the end, when he was playing the piano. and ryan reynolds was laying on it. and he spit the cert into his mouth. it was an odd moment. but it was hilarious. and jimmy. >> odd moment. and we all had it happen. if you've been in television, your teleprompter goes down. it goes down at the wrong time for jimmy. >> welcome to the golden globes. already, the teleprompter is down. this is a great way -- to start the show. i can do -- i can do impressions. what do we do here? i can think of something. cut to justin timberlake, please. he'll just wink at me or something. yeah. yeah. this is great. another monitor coming in. i can -- i'll make up this monologue. >> i walked in when that was happening. i was like, is this real or is
9:04 am
this a mariah carey thing? i thought he was doing a spoof on the mariah carey's new year's eve debacle. it went on long. >> the rest of the night was great. he did a really good job. >> what were y'all's favorite moments of the night? >> we loved tracee ellis ross. from "blackish." and seeing her accept her award for best actress in a comedy or musical on television, just such a moving speech. take a listen. >> this is for all of the women, women of color, and colorful people whose stories, ideas, thoughts, are not always considered worthy and valid and important. but i want you to know i see you. we see you. it is an honor to be on this show, "blackish," to continue expanding how we are seen and
9:05 am
known. and to show the magic and the beauty and the sameness of the story and stories are outside of where the industry usually looks. >> wow. >> just -- >> didn't you love that? >> and the diversity of the night overall. and you think of the winners of the night. "moonlight" taking best picture. and that incredible cast. also, donald glover winning for "atlanta" and best actor, which i thought was just -- here's the difference between the globes and where the oscars have been so far apart in this. and the globes and television, honoring television, as well. >> it was amazing. and we always think, who is going to be the next host? i nominate kristen wiig and steve carell. when they presented the award for best animated picture, gold. >> i was 6 years old. and my dad took me to see "fantasia" astounding. the music. the spectacle of the whole thing. it was kind of a life-changing experience. >> it's classic.
9:06 am
>> and as we were leaving the theater, there, standing in the lobby, was my mom. and that was the moment she told my dad that she wanted a divorce. >> "bambi." march 14th, 1981. it was the same day we had to put our dogs down. three of them. little jack, janet and chrissy. my grandpa thought it would be fun to go to the movie and take our minds off of it. and then, you know -- you know. bambi's mom -- and also, that was the last day i saw my grandpa. >> "bambi." i was traumatized by "bambi." >> their timing.
9:07 am
>> it just built and built and built. that was perfect. >> so good. >> one of our friends here, eric jackson, one of the producers, had me watch kristen wiig and will ferrell from a couple years ago. if you don't remember it, google it. it is hilarious. i thought last night was terrific. there was a lot of great moments. viola davis was one of my favorites, when she said, you made me feel like enough. that was a beautiful speech. i had an error in the night i have to apologize for. when i was interviewing pharrell, i accidentally and in the electricity of the red carpet, which i've never done one before, called "hidden figures" "hidden fences." i've seen both movies. and if i offended people, i am deeply sorry. it was a mistake because i am -- y'all know i'm not perfect.
9:08 am
i am authentic. but a human. and what i didn't want to do is make anybody feel lesser than who they are. so, anyway -- >> we've all been there. >> i apologized to the cast and pharrell. it was a mistake. i hope we can move on. >> all of us that know you, know your heart and know that was a mistake. we've been in live situations, any broadcaster in a live situation. and you make a mistake. i forgot "braveheart" when i was interviewing mel gibson. >> and called jessica biel jessica alba. >> you don't want to go by me because i'm old. the fact is, honest mistakes happen in live television. and this culture of twitter and people waiting to pounce, to get on people for -- it's just got to stop. it's got to stop somewhere. it's just ridiculous. >> you know, i typically have a pretty thick skin because i
9:09 am
lived through a lot. and you can say whatever you want to say about me. but to act as though i don't care about people, really hurt. >> it was ridiculous. for "the new york times" to pile on. to repeat the tweets, it's a cheap shot. i really think so. >> and for anybody who doesn't understand, like you said, the electricity of the red carpet, it's like a mosh pit. you get celebrities coming from you all directions. you don't know who you're going to interview next. there's backup on the carpet. and a lot happening at the same time. and i think you had just interviewed the cast of "fences," also, right there in the moment. it's just -- >> i do apologize. >> it happens. >> i hope they know how brilliant both films are. and i did not want to make anybody feel lesser. >> put that to bed. >> put it to bed. >> it's done. >> you know who else is right here? we have alexa. >> hi, alexa. >> evidently, we have made some
9:10 am
alexas out there in the world confused. >> well, because when you say the word alexa -- >> she's confused again. >> you don't understand the question? sorry, i didn't understand the question. >> can i show you one thing. who is jenna bush hager? alexa, who is jenna bush hager? >> jenna welsh bush hager is -- >> jenna welsh bush hager. >> that's her pronunciation. >> she's sort of flemish. >> i think she's saying something about my weight. >> here's the interesting thing. we had this on. we had alexa on last week. and so, we had her play harry connick jr. songs. to beat box. it turns out viewers' echoes a home, were hearing our commands to our alexa.
9:11 am
there's a video. we turned -- >> i can't find the answer to the question. >> yeah. what do you want? >> take a look at the video somebody sent? . >> alexa, who is matt lauer? >> matthew todd matt lauer is a host of the "today" show. >> alexa, who is matt lauer? >> matthew todd matt lauer is an american television journalist -- >> i'm really sorry. >> don't worry about it. >> somebody's alexa in their home. >> alexa, we are sorry for confusing you. >> just ask me a question already. >> keep watching. coming up, what everyone really cares about, fashion. gold metallics. stars taking risks. which o liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila!
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...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care ♪ ♪ ♪ we are live from los angeles, again on this morning after the golden globes. we know who the winners were on the stage. which stars take home the prize for best dressed? >> for the hits and biggest misses are our "today" contributor, liliana vasquez. she knew the trend before the trend. you know everything. >> i can't take credit for it. yes. i thought she looked beautiful. >> and we're talking about emma stone. >> you looked beautiful, as well. i loved the dresses. >> thank you, my dear. let's talk best dressed.
9:15 am
>> leading the pack for me, was lily collins. i thought she looked so beautiful in this gown. it's one of a kind. and i loved the drama of the gown. i'm looking for a little drama at the golden globes. this was a hit for so many reasons. i thought the embroidery was beautiful. i loved the romantic hair with it. the lip. head-to-toe, she was complete. >> you wore a similar color. >> a lot of pink on the carpet. >> i love that. i love it with a bright lip, too. that gives it a little edge. >> talk about emma stone. >> a huge winner last night. "la la land" one of the biggest films of the year. and in this dress, she translated really so much about the movie on to a dress. this is valentino. it looked beautiful on her. it was a pale blush color. if you're going to do a choker necklace, do one with a diamond that large, if you can. and she looked stunning. it was about whimsy and a
9:16 am
beautiful look. >> that dream she was talking about. >> ruth negga is another favorite. >> i call this woman a fashion tornado. she takes every brand and makes it work. she is all about fashion. and all about fun and taking a risk. this is on her is custom louis vuitton for her. it was gold, it was bronze, it was pewter. >> just beautiful. and she is so striking. so beautiful. >> yeah. >> it goes with her. >> she was on the cover of "vogue." anything she puts on will look fantastic. >> i don't love talking about worst dressed. >> i think everybody looked beautiful. but, will you tell us looks you weren't sure translated on to the red carpet. i think this didn't translate. it's nicole kidman. not about her. you see women wearing a tress. she is so beautiful. she is statuesque. and for me, it had too many elements all happening at the same time.
9:17 am
if it had been one thing, head-to-toe, i think it would have worked. there were sleeves, there were long sleeves, there was finger fringe at the end. and she could have showed up in a simple back dress because she's stunning. >> the cold shoulder look was a theme. sarah jessica parker had a similar thing. and they're on the best and worst dressed. >> i interviewed nicole kidman who was so darling. an i loved her dress, in person. >> sometimes things don't photograph the way they look in real life. >> some things don't translate from the red carpet to real life. we saw so many amazing stars wearing that. annette bening, drew barrymore. >> annette bening was stunning. >> she can do no wrong. >> thank you so much. >> so much more to talk about. >> i know. >> that's all the time we have. al has a check of the weather right now.
9:18 am
>> thanks so much, natalie. let's show you what we have. we are looking at plenty of rainmaking its way into parts of southern california today. 10 million people under some sort of flash flood watch or warning. but the heavy rain will be moving back into northern and central california. the 3,000-mile moisture plume makes its way in. and what it's going to do, it's going to be enhanced by where it collides with the mountains, as it lifts up over the mountains. all that moisture squeezed out. and the temperatures warm, and that melts the existing snowpack. and that adds to the flood threat. we're talking over the next 72 hours, five to ten more inches of rain through northern and rnntral califo good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley a. a frigid start, but the temperatures will be climb iing. only 20s this afternoon. not the brilliant sunshine we
9:19 am
had yesterday. already seeing some thin clouds moving into new jersey. 28 degrees this afternoon. you will see the clouds building at the shore. high clouds in the lehigh valley, and you can see them this delaware, too. but it will warm into the upper o20s in both locations. in the suburbs from the teens to the 20s this afternoon. have great day. >> and that is your latest weather. all right. maybe you were up late last night watching the golden globes. you want to try this. putting spoons on your eyes. that's right. healthy hacks that can coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring?
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9:22 am
all right. if like me you can use a pick-me-up after staying up late last night, or the drab winter months can make you feel sluggish, we'll give you an instant boost of energy, from wendy. good morning. >> it's great to be with you. >> i need this the day after the globes and the after-parties. >> one thing you find in our freezer at home. reducing puffiness. and bringing attention to the area. you can put them behind your neck, at the base of your skull. if you have an after-evening headache. or if you've been out. and it brings alertness right to the brain. >> i love that. >> keep the spoons in the freezer opinifreeze
9:23 am
er. use them and a daily basis. >> and your spicy nut mix. >> you want a snack that will give you energy. it's a favorite among my clients. this features spice and nuts. nuts give you the fiber, the healthy fats and staying power. opening up the muscles in your face, you're making energy. and spices, a number of scientific studies that continue to investigate the health-promoting, energy-boosting, metabolism boosting of ginger and hot pepper. >> good. it's delicious. i'm going to love this one. in is chinese medicine a little bit, right? >> yes. the highest point on the body, the top of your head. you can take your pick here. it's a brush or a detangler. this is a point that's 100 me meeti
9:24 am
meetings. you can brush it or tap it. just your fingers. and it's said to bring clear energy and focus to the head. you can feel it instantly. >> yes. i love when i go to the salon and get a head massage. a little more than that. >> and we'll wash it down. i want to show you a quick exercise over here. this is called butterfly squats. on a chair or in the air. open your arms wide. and we're going to exhale. this is stretching, movement and postu posture. breathe out and breathe in. >> my chance. don't stumble over the chair. you can do this. >> you can tell, i'm doing the squats. and about the green tea also. >> we're going to wash it down with green tea. you heard the research about green tea. metabolism. it can give a boost because of the caffeine and great energy boosting nut i love you so much, that's why i bought
9:25 am
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9:26 am
just about 9:30. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. we remain under a first alert because of the dangerous temperatures. let's get an update on that with your neighborhood first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henl henle henley. >> some of the neighborhoods are still in the teens, and it is 17 now in philadelphia with cloudy skies, and 16 in delaware, but south jersey, 7 degrees right now. colder neighborhoods in ful phil, but it is warming up in andoran dor chestnut hill. and we are headed for the 20s today. >> if you are headed out, bundle up. and now let's get a check of the
9:27 am
traffic with jessica boyington. >> earlier on the new jersey turnpike we had both directions closed near the delaware memorial bridge. there is medevac getting to the scene. this vehicle was involved in a stent, and 50-pound dumpbell was thrown through the windshield, and police are investigating how that happened. the driver of course injured in that and we are check on the details, but now on the southbound side where the accident occurred is opening up, and 295 is an alternate for you. trac tracy. thank you a. a water main is being repaired that swallowed two cars. it happened in the fishtown neighborhood. the water department thinks a broken sewer and not the cold weather is to blame for the m s mess. today, is national law enforcement support day, and the national fraternal order of police an officers are asking you to support the police by
9:28 am
saying thank you. and you can get all of the latest updates on the nbc 10 app. dear fellow citizen,
9:29 am
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9:30 am
♪ we are back. this morning on "today food" we're bringing on breakfast, after a long night of golden globe parties, we're ready to sink our teeth into some decadent comfort food. >> jet is a food network personality. we have wanted some comfort food. he partied all night. >> after the golden globes, we have been starving to get into our outfits. >> let's go nuts new. how about baked cinnamon roll french toast? >> i like that. >> you'll make a custard. you make it simple by buying the frozen ones. in a pinch you do it. eggs and milk. a simple custard. eggs and milk. is that whole milk?
9:31 am
>> it's whole. it's after -- >> we're not counting the calories. >> it's half and half. heavy cream. you want to cut those into four? i'm going to steal this from you. 9 by 13. i'm going to butter this up. i like to butter you up. >> who doesn't like buttering up? >> we're going to put the cinnamon rolls in here. there's no reason to be pretty with it. >> i love how you said that when i threw it in. you don't need to be pretty with it. >> getting it pretty. >> oh, jett. >> whoa. >> i won't hurt you. >> watch that knife. >> no blades, i promise. my favorite thing, little nut g nutmeg. and you will do vanilla. that's simple over. and you know, i love tv ovens because once that is in there -- that's the sexy shot right there.
9:32 am
tv obviousovens on my favorite. >> you're a magician, jet. can i have a bite? >> you can use the frosting in the can. but i have a recipe to make the best icing frosting there. that's good. dutch babies. >> do we like dutch babies? >> i didn't know what a dutch baby was until recently. >> does she really? will it be better than deborah's dutch baby? >> ooh. >> hers are savory. >> i'm just saying. i'm on tv. i have to say it's better. basically, if you think about one-third flour and one-third milk. >> what is a dutch baby? it's like a reverse of a popover. >> a yorkshire pudding. you get a pan really hot. you make your flour, your water, your batter mix. it goes in and gets all crazy.
9:33 am
it seals. it cooks and i finish with my favorite recipe. this is a simple apple that you can use on everything. >> yes. >> brown sugar, butter, cinnamon. >> and dutch baby. >> look at that. >> that's beautiful. >> and you want to do the cool -- >> i'll let him do it. >> jenna's like, don't let me touch that. >> i love a little homemade whipped cream. >> i did that for you myself. you will put that over the top. this is not a weight watchers -- >> the spanx are out. we're done with the globes. i like salty with my sweet dessert. >> who doesn't? >> a little sausage there. utensils. there you go. the sausage. >> the day after the globes, anything goes. >> the man needs his sausage. jet, thank you so much for all
9:34 am
of these recipes, head to >> we worked up an appetite. out to the wee hours of the morning. wait t ♪ what if an insurance company wasn't only there when things went wrong? because for every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. and for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right. ♪ look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d. now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions,
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9:39 am
after-parties. i was going to bring you some pain reliever. how are you feeling? >> we're skipping the trees. it was a lot of fun. the stars didn't disappoint. and we had a pabackstage pass t all of the action. ♪ >> the weather has held up. we don't have to worry about any hair-dos getting ruined. not like i worry about that. ♪ >> are you okay in the sunshine? >> i'm good. >> you're a new yorker. is this okay? you're in winter. >> way too much vitamin d right now. >> how are you, sir? >> nice to see you. you look great. >> thank you, you, too. >> hi, buddy. >> how are you, sir? john travolta. and kelly preston. so good to see you. >> we had an exciting year. we're very proud. ♪ >> it's like he just gets better and better. >> i think so. >> here with justin timberlake
9:40 am
and jessica biel. what the heck. >> it's jastin. i've never been more sick of myself. and that's hard for me to accomplish. i'm going to be honest with you, al. >> you like you some jastin. >> it's jastin. and here's what the weather looks like in your neck of the woods. >> so excited to have natalie portman here. >> i've been dreaming about the egg rolls at 8:00 a.m. that you get to have at your job. >> that's right. >> i last saw you. >> it's brian kryan cranston. and he loves me. >> who are you wearing? >> hackett of london. >> we have the cast of "strangerli"stranger li things." you are rockin' the red carpet. >> thank you. ♪ >> we brought you the stars. everybody walking the red carpet. now, to the one-on-one room. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much.
9:41 am
>> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> al and i are of a certain age. let's watch the profiles, okay. >> al roker. >> tracee ellis ross. >> how are you doing? >> how are you doing? >> what does this mean to you? >> anytime you are recognized, it means you're still relevant. >> i'm so proud that this story is resonating with so many people. >> i was in that room tonight. and i was thinking about all of the people there. and how sincerely proud i am to be part of the community. >> that's a spiffy outfit. >> you know, i knew you would be the one to appreciate it. >> it's been a wonderful career. >> your saying it like it's over. >> it's not over. >> mabel it is. >> i hope to hit every, single party. ♪ >> al. you're already yawning. come on. let's go. >> you're my date. we're going to the parties. >> the parties.
9:42 am
let's party. >> al, you need to loosen up. we're getting a spicy margarita. here we go. ♪ >> these are my people. ♪ ♪ she's a brick house >> are you having a good time? >> i am. i'm having a great time. ♪ oh, baby ♪ ♪ >> already asking al to deejay next year. >> that's what i was going to say. >> deejay roker in the house. >> watching me, interview all of the stars, i realize, i am really short. >> you are not. >> it's just unbelievable. >> the dance moves are going a sterling. he has the whole thing. >> amazing stuff.
9:43 am
>> i'm going to ask you to sashay over as we do the weather. let's look at the week ahead. western half of the country, heavy rain and snow to start off. not so bad in the east. some snow around the great lakes, as we get in the midpart of the country. midweek, we're looking at wet weather in the gulf coast and snow up into the northwest. i should say, the great lakes. and then, by friday, the rain makes its way into the mid mississippi river valley. dries out out west. temperature. wise, above normal in the rockies and the gulf. that warmth moves st as the eawe >> good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a frigid start, but the temperatures will be climbing. only the 20s this afternoon. not the brilliant sunshine we had yesterday afternoon. 20 degrees this afternn in new jersey as clouds will be building in the shore. clouds in lehigh valley and you can see them in delaware, too. but it is going to warm into the
9:44 am
upper 20s for philadelphia and the suburbs, and they will go from the teens to the middle 20s, and warmer weather arrivs s tomorrow. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up next, i guess you guys are going to show us how to workout l.a. style? >> natalie will put us to the test. >> we have ♪ at whole foods market, we believe in food that's naturally beautiful and fresh. delicious and powerful, and full of nutrients. food that makes us nourished and mighty, and connects us to the natural world. so there are no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives in any of the food we sell. we believe in real food. whole foods market.
9:45 am
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excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin specializes in treating headaches. which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] ♪ once upon a time, a pair of leggings and a baggy sweatshirt were acceptable at the gym. but apparently here in l.a., your fitness fashion needs to make a statement. >> it's moving on. my leisurewear. here to help you look hot is the author of "diet right for your personality type." >> welcome to the west coast. >> yes. thank you for having me. >> you always look great. i see when i go to the gym, everybody is styling, too.
9:49 am
>> yes. >> everyone looks great. >> what's key to looking good and feeling good? >> i'm so glad you said that. the fitness formula that l.a. has gotten right, when you feel good about the way you look, your day changes. your confidence goes up. you're a better parent. better at work. your eye contact's better, the way you behave. >> you're saying invest in some wear, some athleticwear, that makes you feel good to get to the gym. >> it will. it matters. case in point, my dear friend, lainie. we've thrown together this outfit for her. the top is on sale from gap right now. bright color. brings out her complexion. and then, the pants. come on. i want you -- will you lunge for us. the cutouts are everything. you've seen them on the runway. on the red carpet. in the club. >> you see them in the club. >> i haven't been to a club since 1994. >> last night. but the point is, here we are. it's showing the muscle in her legs. the strength in her body.
9:50 am
she can, literally the gym to the club. >> from the gym to the club. >> also, workout accessories, of course. >> i have the lainie with her yoga bag. accessories are a way to level up the look. to infuse your personality into what you're wearing around town. the yoga bag is $58 from lululemon. doesn't get much better than that. crist season a mother of four. i've been training her over a year. she is a rock star. what you put on is going to max out her workout. but there's a mental/emotional component that goes into your training. >> as a new mom and mom of four, you look amazing. >> i chose a black top from target. she knows where she's going on her journey. and the pants. this is the party, right? and the mornings, you wake up. i don't know if i got the energy
9:51 am
today. you put pants with brightness, color, bold se design. and it levels up the outfit. >> and i'm sure you do this. pick up your kids in your workout clothes. >> absolutely. >> it is your uniform. >> you put the scarf on. she has a new outfit. she's leaving her life or leaving the gym and coming to her life. >> look at that scarf. >> $58. and look at that. great vocab. >> this one is rolling the eyes, lady. i'm sorry. this is antoine. for men's fashions, it's different. we want simplicity. great lines. but it's got to be fitted and functional. gone are the days of the big baggy shirt. he's doing full range of motion, with upper body, lower body. no restriction. and we have a strong, simple pal lot. and guys care about, high-quality fabric and the detailing.
9:52 am
got a nice little neckline here. this is a $40 sweater from kohls. and the jaggers from champion, $34.99. >> that's my husband's uniform after work. >> and real pockets. >> he's on trend in l.a. fashion. >> i wouldn't go that far. thank you so much. jen is a paid spokesperson for reebok. we're back here on "today" on nbc. we're wired differently.
9:53 am
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visit or call 1-888-get-fios to learn more. that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. we had such a great time out here in l.a. for the golden globes. the after-parties. and i just want to say, a big thank you to our amazing booking team. >> yes. >> who came in from new york. and all of our producers here in l.a. the l.a. bureau, just they rock it out every time. >> it was a great job. >> so much fun. first red carpet. and i have to say, my biggest
9:55 am
takeaway, the stars look good. >> they do. that's why they're stars. >> that's why they're stars. and reunited with my love. >> we love this. >> it felt so good. >> i miss you guys. visit me more often. >> i'm coming out there in two weeks. we're going to go to dinner. >> you fill in for savannah. >> i will get my fill of you guys. and i'll be ready to come home again. >> all right. kathie lee and hoda after your local ne
9:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. a couple of minutes before 10:00 and we are under a first alert because of the dangerous cold, and some areas have extend ed te code blue into tomorrow because of the dangerous temperatures. we go to meteorologist bill henley. >> we are easing out, and the temperatures are slowly climb i ing. 19 in philadelphia and cold in the suburbs and 16 in new jersey and 18 in the lehigh valley, but look at the clouds coming in. those clouds won't produce any snow, and no wet weather with it, but it is going to hold back
9:57 am
the temperatures. looking at 25 by 3:00 this afternoon. staying in the 20s today, and below freezing tonight and into tomorrow. >> and now, a check on the roads. nbc 10 first alert traffic report jessica boyington. and what are you seeing? >> much quieter than earlier this morning. we are watching construction and this is the boulevard on route 1 where we are seeing the lane restr restrictions, because of the construction. all of the traffic move oinging to one lane is causing delays. and new jersey right here through camden and admiral boulevard here moving well. back to you, tracy. the new jersey police want to know what caused a dumbbell to crash through the window of a suv. sky team was over the crash scene, and this is in salem county and you can see the car. and the 50-pound weight crashed the car, and traffic is now back to normal.
9:58 am
and today, there is a king of prussia woman's memorial who was killed by her husband and he was a paroled yesterday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> yeah! >> hello, everybody. >> look who is back. >> i was gone three days. hoda, three days. >> it matters. it matters. >> it's a fun day monday. >> it's january 9th. that is by ed sheerhan. >> we played one of them on friday. it was a little faster. i love this one. ♪ i'm in love with your body >> this is the one i was listening to over the weekend. ♪ i'm in love with your body


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