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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  January 9, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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an accident shuts down part of the new jersey turnpike this morning, and you won't believe what led to the injuries. alleged killer in court. this morning, the man police say shot and killed five people in ft. lauderdale airport makes his first court appearance. golding moments, highlight's night to shine, and new comments about president-elect about a passionate takedown by actress meryl streep. right now at 11:00, dangerous cold, temperatures not above freezing again today. salting the sidewalks. >> the wind makes it feel colder
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outside as we take a live look at center city philadelphia, and nbc 10 first meteorologist is here with the forecast. good morning. >> the winds are strong, dying down throughout the day, but just enough still picking up to make it feel colder than it is. we have lifted that, but it's not a warm day by any means. here a look at the feels like temperature 13 in philadelphia and mt. holly, poke know feeling like 3 degrees and coatesville at 18 degrees. the actual temperature is 20 degrees in mount holly, philadelphia, and 21 degrees in vineland and atlantic city. this morning, it was brutally cold. in fact, the actual temperatures were in the single digits. some spots were below 0 across the region. here's what it feels like throughout the rest of today. the feels like temperatures mostly right around the teens to
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close to 20 degrees, and we'll see clouds lingering, a clearout into the evening for philadelphia. same deal in the suburbs. there's clearing throughout the cay, but clouds linger. no chance of rain. how about in the lehigh valley? 19 degrees at 7:00. here's the good news. the feels like temperature aligns with the actual temperature as winds are lighter and temperatures warm in the next few days. delaware lunchtime in the teens. new jersey in the teens and jersey shore. a few spots around the valleys, and they do not change much throughout today and into the evening, so we are back down again, chilly conditions at 9:00 with 12 degrees in delaware and 13 along the shore. of course, the temperatures have not been falling or picking up to above freezing. the snow is still on the ground, and we see today, cloudy conditions, cold conditions remain. no snow comes in today. we stay dry, and the days to come start to track temperatures
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climbing into the sneak peek, right now, bottom of the screen, more detail, and warming trend and how high numbers go coming up. >> thank you. down load the free app right now so you can get the latest weather alerts and information if your child's school is closed or delayed. that's what we had this morning with the cold temperatures. >> bizarre accident on the new jersey turnpike involved a 50 pound dumbbell. police say they found the weight on the seat next to the driver. that car that crashed, the windshield smashed in. the driver was rushed to the hospital. time now for a check on the roads with jessica. >> a busy morning, jessica, what's it like now? >> new jersey turnpike as well, earlier, we had all lanes closed in both directions because of the crash. everything is back to normal now. you get by the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike just
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fine. watching the boulevard, construction here, cameras showing 17th street northbound and southbound side as well. seeing lane restrictions down to one lane. a little slowdown in either direction. a crash on lower merion on montgomery avenue and winding way. over to new jersey in trenton, a water main break on route 29. exits closed in the area. caution traveling through there. a downed pole and wires in willingboro by copper street. you'll see detours there. the expressway, no problems or delays now. looking normal. 13 minutes for the blue and center city, back to you. >> all right, thank you, jess. not clear if icy conditions caused this bus to topple in northeast philadelphia. the driver was able to escape climbing through the windshield after crashing around 4:00 this morning. he was a mechanic taking the shuttle for a test drive. he's expected to be okay.
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sky force 10 over the scene of a car that hit a house in the kens kensington section after 7:00 this morning. they were testing the driver to see if the person is under the influence. no one was hurt. the justice complex in drenton is closed because of the water main break including court offices and courtrooms. working to find the damage, and the buildings around the street are caused. a water main break causes problems in fishtown. >> crews repairing it today, but it's not a simple process. we are live at the scene, and, pam, any progress there? >> reporter: well, it's just beginning right now. crews tell me they expect to be here several hours today. now a few things had to happen here. first, they have to make repairs to a broken sewer, likely the cause of the break, and before they work on the main itself, they'll have to clean out the dirt and pieces of pavement that
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collapsed into the ground before they touch the main. the trouble started yesterday morning for her. >> i heard a boom, but it didn't sound -- like a bucket from a backhoe hit the ground. i came out a little after 9:00 and look to the left and, like, oh, that's my car. >> reporter: that's a picture of the year old kia soul at the bottom of the sink hole what the water dp believes opened up after a six inch main broke. she and her neighbors on east boston street have not had water since 9:00 sunday morning. some even going day and night without heat. >> little hole you see there behind that is where they capped the leak. >> reporter: as banks wait for the water main and street to be repaired, she wonders what the damage actually is to here car. >> they drug it across its belly. >> reporter: because the street was compromised, they could only
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get so close to retrieve the car. >> i think a lot more damage caused from the extraction. >> reporter: hoping her car, the main, and street is in working order sooner rather than later. you can see there's guys actually down there in the sink hole right now getting to work, but just based on the way the street looks, it's going to be awhile before they fix that entire street up again. that neighbor telling me, the woman who lost her car, about 25 or so cars that used to park there are now trying to have to find another place to go. i act canned the gas company to see how many customers are without gas right now. we are waiting to hear back and update you again at 11:30. >> thank you, pam. man accused of opening fire and killing five people in the airport is in court right now
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facing charges and seeking the death penalty if convicted. we have what's next for the suspect in the deadly shooting. >> reporter: the airport security video obtained by tmz shows a calm area and then the suspected gunman enters the picture. reaches into the waist band, pulls out a pistol and shoots. as the gunman runs out of view, terrifies passengers duck and take cover. one bullet hit a laptop, stopping the bullet that could have killed steve. >> absolutely saved my life. >> reporter: he gave a confession. that the pistol was in checked baggage when he claimed his bag, he loaded the pistol in the men's restroom and began shooting in a methodical manner. he emptied his first magazine and reloaded and shot until the second magazine, too, was out of
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bullets. approximately ten to fifteen rounds. he was deployed to iraq with the army national guard. his brother says he came back a different person. this past november, santiago walked in an fbi office in alaska claiming the cia controlled his mine making him watch isis video. he was put under observation for mental illness. his pistol taken. four days later, he was released, the gun returned. authorities now say that it might be the same pistol used in the shooting spree. five killed, six wounded, 50 injured. it's the 26-year-old santiago is convicted, he could face the death penalty. a local mother joins her boyfriend in face charges in the murder of her daughter. she said nothing walking into the bucks county courthouse yesterday. authorities say she and the
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boyfriend, jacob sullivan, carry the out a scene killing the teenager in july. sullivan confessed to beating, raping, and drugging grace in a hot attic while her mother watched. sullivan then strangled the girl, his dismembered body found in october. >> the question is, how could any mother do this to a child, to their child? i don't have an answer. >> authorities say sarah and her boyfriend tried to commit suicide before the arrest. they had a suicide watch. each could face the death penalty. investigating a man's body found on tracks in north philadelphia. someone discovered the body at broad and glenwood late last night. police and fire officials tell us the man was not hit by a train. firefighters battled thick smoke this morning in lawncrest.
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heavy smoke and flames report coming from this home on hill creek street. firefighters had it under control in 25 minutes. almost a year to the day he was charged in the sop's murder, the trial for a head township man set to start today. prosecutors say he kills his 3-year-old son and reported him missing prompting a search in october 2015. his body was found hours later in the woods. he killed his son because he wanted to spend more time with his teenage girlfriend. a busy week in washington. >> the fireworks started, big battles ahead, and lingering questions over russia's invol involvement in the election. >> this year stunned me. just hooks my heart. >> award-winning actress attacks donald trump in a speech and what broke her heart and how the president-elect is firing back
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this morning. and still bitter cold for today, but in the days to come, we're warming up big time. we'll take a look at how high the numbers go coming up. when snow falls, your weather team is everywhere with live team coverage from your neighborhood on air and on tv rated most accurate by weather rate and studies of every forecast, before, during, and after the storm, count on nbc 10. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater?
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put lives on the line. happening right now, search underway for a manage authorities say shot and killed an orlando police officer this morning. here's a live look at the news briefing underway right now. police say the officer was shot near walmart store this morning. she's identified as master
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sergeant deborah clayton, a 17-year veteran of the force. they are searching for the man, 17 schools on lockdown following the shooting. we'll keep you updated on the nbc 10 app. could be a week of battles in washington with marathon confirmation hearings set to begin tomorrow. democrats are already demanding a delay, but republicans are digging in, and while the current commander in chief prepares for his final address, here's nbc with more. >> reporter: this morning, new battles brewing on capitol hill, a parade of nominees set to face confirmation hearings this week. first up, senator jeff sessions for attorney general, controversial for his record on civil rights and hard line immigration views. now, democrats are crying foul, demanding delays, arguing there's unfinished background checks and ethics reports. >> we are going to stand firm that there should not be hearings until the office of government ethics gives them an examination, issues a report, and then there should be time to
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question these witnesses, not six in one day. >> reporter: republicans are not giving an inch. >> the democrats are really frustrated that they lost the election, so all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration in having not only lost the white house, but lost the senate. >> reporter: meanwhile, high level meetings underway in trump tower over the weekend. the british foreign secretary johnson spotted after huddling with the president-elect's top advisers, aiming to solidify relations. this as the controversy mounts after russia's attempt to meddle in the u.s. election. on friday, intelligence officials released declassified version of the report finding putin ordered an influence campaign in the race. over the weekend, trump slammed democrats for their gross negligence, which he said allowed hacks to happen. he tweeted, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing, only stupid people or fools would think it is bad. his top advisers measured insisting russia did not impact the outcome.
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>> they did not succeed. >> reporter: this despite mr. trump mounting wikileaks as a candidate. president obama tas faces tough questions. >> part of what i'm doing after presidency is make sure i'm working with the next generation so that they understand you can't just rely on inspiration. >> reporter: nbc 10 news. >> we just got new information update on the search for a man authorities say shot and killed an orlando police officer this morning. again, we continue to monitor the news conference. here's what we found out. we just learned that some new information that a sheriff's deputy was killed in a motorcycle crash searching for the suspectmented for killing an orlando police officer, and police say the officer was shot near a walmart store this
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morning. she's identified as master sergeant clayton, a 17 year veteran of the search. they are searching for a 41-year-old man, and now two officers are dead. we'll keep you updated on air and our nbc 10 app. people in nevada brace for what could be the worst flooding in more than a decade there. take a look at this. heavy rainfall and melting snow cause problems. the flood waters are expected to take out bridges and roads, and more than 1300 residents have already been e evacuated. the pacific northwest suffering from the same system causing flooding in nevada. trees are down in oregon and california. roads are blocked in the san francisco bay area. stranded motorists are rescued from cars on flooded roads, and more wet weather is x.ed today. the tomorrows toppled one of california's most famous trees. if you have been there, you took a become before the giant sequoia. photographed many times, hallow out in the 1880s, so wide cars
11:19 am
drew through the trunk, no one knew the age, but they can live up to 3,000 years. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. we'll frack our own rainy forecast come the next few days. today, though, dry. clouds build in, and live look outside, center city here, agreed conditions will be a theme throughout this next week because we'll see sun in and out, we're talking a warming trend bringing in a lot of moisture, so we track the showers potential starting to pick up. not today, though, that's in the next few days. today, it's about the cold conditions. look at the temperatures. yet again today, like the last several days, we'll not get above freezing in the afternoon. right now, in center city, 22 degrees, 21 in chestnut hill. that's about the same for bustleton, fox chase, summerton all in the low 20s. what we'll see, a couple degrees warming in the afternoon, that's all for today. still in those mid-20s over much
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of the region for highs yesterday. we hit a high of 24 degrees. radar, satellite, a view of the area. right now, there's nothing to track on radar, and no snow for the region today, and no snow, really, going to be mentioned aside from areas north of phillie for the next several days because temperatures are going to be picking up. take a look at the hour by hour. temperatures and we're going to watch the potential for the next round of storms to move through. it's not for your monday, though. there we are at 11:00 a.m. the afternoon, mid-20s like i mentioned. up to the upper 20s in cape may and 28 and 26 in atlantic city. that's as good we can do for today. temperatures cold, cold arctic air mass hanging into our region. that's pushing back up, further north, and we can start to form warmer air. tuesday, 7:30 in the morning at 21 degrees. that's already improvement from the last few mornings, although it's a cold one to start your tuesday morning. far off to the northwest, there's a little area of snow.
11:21 am
that's going to be something we watch as we go throughout the day, tuesday, but because tuesday evening, the pink indicating a mix of icy conditions, possibly a wintery mix. potential for parts of the lehigh valley and poconos, temperatures on the cusp of freezing here. that's why you see that. through tuesday night, temperature, though, continue to boost up, so now we're looking at the warmer air moving in, 41 degrees as we go into the overnight. this is at midnight into wednesday, so anything that falls, falls as rain. no longer talking snow and snow on the ground will be melted off at this appointment. we continue through the morning hours of wednesday, 7:00 a.m., wet roadways, rain moves out, and we see low 40s kicking off your wednesday forecast. here's a look amount the ten-day forecast. okay. so really interesting this warmup. we talked teens in the morning, 20s in the daytime for the last several days, today, no different, up to 26 degrees, and you just see sun peeking out with cloudy conditions.
11:22 am
throughout tuesday, your wednesday, and your thursday. look at this climb. 40 degrees by late day tuesday. 50 degrees by your wednesday. 61 thursday. also notice chances of rain in and out all the way through your weekend. >> all right, thanks. a concert event 30 years in the making. >> big announcements from the u2 when the irish rockers return to philadelphia and what's on the play list.
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philadelphia will transform into the wild west this weekend. montreal based contemporary troupe circus troupe will swing into the merion theater with the newest production, "saloon," and here this morning, two performers on stage this weekend, acrobat, musician, and acrobat jeremy, thank you all for being here. shane, starting with you. tell us how you combine the acrobatics with the music. you're a trained violinist, right? >> yes. i started doing classical violin at 4 years old and circus at 6, doing both since i was really little. >> and, jeremy, you, most people are familiar with soleil shows, but how is this dirvfferent? >> this integrates music and acrobatic together with comedy and all the circus that you, most of them will know and
11:26 am
recognize, the steel wheel, teeter board, straps, and others, and my part, i mostly do a hand to hand, which is a border, lifting a girl, not her, but another one. >> tell me about, this is very physical stuff. talk about the training involved and goes into this production. >> we train a lot, actually. we have to practice a lot to make sure the show stays in shape, and like our bodies stay in shape, and when we're creating the show, we work six days a week, at least eight hours a day, so it was really intense to ensure everything was going to work the way we wanted. >> you can catch the show "sl n "saloon" in center city philadelphia this weekend. there's an 8:00 p.m. show friday, and shows at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. saturday january 14th. for more information, there's a link on the website at and check out the nbc 10 app as
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well. thank you for coming in. good luck to you guys. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. another day of frigid temperatures as we continue to deal with the dangerous cold outside. here's a live look outside over ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. a thaw is coming. our meteorologist is tracking warmer temperatures on the way. plus, a break in the case of that jewel heist involving kim kardashi kardashian. new developments up folding overnight. this morning of nbc 10 news brought to you by
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. another day of temperatures below freezing. these commuters were happy to see the septa bus arrive in city avenue in overbrook. no melting snow with the frigid temperatures. we have a live look from our camera that faces the skyline in philadelphia. it's cold. trust us. warming is coming, but not today.
11:31 am
also, aaa said they received 700 roadside assistance calls by 10:00 this morning and more than half of those are because of dead batteries. not a surprise. again, warmer weather is coming, but not today. let's get details with our me meteorologi meteorologist. >> the warming trend is on the horizon. today is the last day of temperatures that stay below freezing. finally, tomorrow, we'll notice a little climb and wednesday, much newser conditions to talk about. the feels like temperatures, today, we lifted the first alert, we are still very cold out there, feeling like 13 degrees in philadelphia and in northeast filly and mount holly and 12 in atlantic city. the wind weakening, feeling close to the actual temperature like 23 in cape may and 20 in dover. further north, though rs areas feel like 10 in allentown, 11 reading, and 10 for lancaster. feeling close to single digits moving into the afternoon hours of the monday.
11:32 am
here's the current winds, not terribly strong. the zones where they are lightest, not reporting, we have actual temperatures, but 6 miles per hour in philadelphia and just three in coatesville, cooler than it truly is outside. here's a look at radar and s satelli satellite, a wider view, clouds, not tracking snow, rain, anything like that, today, though. dry conditions for your monday. we can't say that for much longer. we are looking at with that warming trend, some chances of rain moving in pretty consistently over the extended forecast. here's what philadelphia looks like as we go into the afternoon. at 1:00, 23 degrees, and 4:00 in the mid-20s, this is just a couple degrees warmer than yesterday, and the difference will be those winds instead of winds at 20 miles per hour and gusts to 30, and we'll see winds at 5-10 miles per hour, and which will make all the difference. it still feels cold, but not like yesterday. coming up, we're going to take a look at the warming trend, how high we go, and a hint, we got
11:33 am
60s on the extended forecast. >> thank you, developing a driver in the hospital after police say a 50 pound dumbbell crashed into his windshield. >> it happened on the new jersey turnpike near the delaware memorial bridge. drew smith is live on the scene. what are you hairing how it happened? it's bizarre, drew. >> reporter: terrifying wreck for the driver. this is above the new jersey turnpike, and you can see all the lanes are back open. that's fortunate for now, but they had to close it all down to air lift a 75-year-old driver out. if you look at the driver from sky force 10, you see the damage that 50 pound dumbbell caused flying in to the driver's side of the car. we know the driver was headed southbound at the time shortly before 8:00. he has new jersey plates, but police right now are just trying to figure out where the dumbbell came from. they know it's what caused the damage because when they took the patient into the chopper, they saw the dumbbell sitting there in the front seat there. you see the damage, again, clearly caused by a flying
11:34 am
october. the question for state police investigating this today, is where did the dumbbell come from? we'll stay on the story. we'll head up -- mile marker 6, a little bit further up, we're going to make our way closer to the scene where they are investigating this terrify wreck for that driver. live along the new jersey turnpike, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. crews are back out in philadelphia's fishtown neighborhood working on a water main break there. >> causing a sink hole swallowing two cars last night. pam is live for us at the scene with the late e-on the repairs. how it's looking for residents there? >> reporter: well, it's still looking like it's going to be a little while before it's back to normal again. they expect it's going to take several hours to make repairs not breaken main. a lot of the times in this type of extreme cold, weather is to blame for breaks. this is not the case, though, now. the water department says they think the break in the 6 inch main was caused by a broken
11:35 am
sewer. crews started with the sewer, moved to the sink hole that was caused as a result of the this, but before they could begin to repair the main, they had to pull out chunks of pavement and other debris that's down there in that hole as well. it's a mess now, but it was just as bad yesterday when the ground gave way taking two cars with it. we spoke to the owner of the kia this morning. >> i happened to come out a little after 9:00 and looked to my left and was, like, oh, that's my car. in the hole, it was not bad off. it appear to have fallen straight down, and it was sitting on all four wheels, with minimal body damage at the time. >> reporter: she said she's been without water for 24 hours now. she's one of the lucky ones, though, she does have heat. i call the gas company to see how many of the neighbors are still without heat this morning, and we're waiting to find out, but based on what some of the
11:36 am
crews told me here, it depends on what that gas main is made of, whether or not it would need to be shut off as they continue repairs today as soon as we dwet more information from the gas company, we'll let you know, reporting live in fishtown, nbc 10 news. new this morning, a u.s. navy ship fired warning shots both belonging to iran. the ship fired a number of shots at the patrol boats as they sped towards the destroyer at the entrance of the virgin gulf. they broke away after the shots and then made contact with the ship. israeli police arrested nine people after a palestinian truck driver rammed his vehicle into a crowd of israeli soldiers. >> four died in the jerusalem tourist spot. here's the report. >> reporter: palestinian driver who plowed into israeli soldiers gathered at a promenade in old city killing four and injured dozens of others has been identified as 28-year-old, and
11:37 am
he came from the district of jaba this east jerusalem near the attack site. israeli prime minister said all signs are that the attacker supported isis. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said there could be a connection between them from berlin and now jerusalem. both in nice and here they r rammed a laurie into crowds. they have arrested nine people including family members and the palestinian truck driver israeli police spokesperson said five attackers' relatives are amongst those detained all from the same neighborhood of east jerusalem. police this morning used concrete slabs to block entrances of the neighborhood enand checking all cars leaving it at a time of heightened alert. nbc news, london. and paris police arrested 16 people for an october robbery
11:38 am
involving kim kardashian-west. the robers force their way inside her private participant, tied her up and stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry. police have not released details about who they arrested or the suspects' connection to the crime. two hikers recover after a rescue from a north carolina mountain. two choppers used thermal imaging to locate the hikers they called for help on saturday after saying they ran out of food and water and were freezing. their phone died before the signal was pinned down. they were flown to ashville for treatment at a hospital. well, hollywood recovers this morning after one of the year's biggest events. >> golden globe awards are in the books honoring the year's best work in tv and film. gina kim has the wrapup. >> la la land. >> reporter: a perfect night for the romantic musical winning all seven awards it was nominated for including best director and best musical or comedy. >> this is so insane.
11:39 am
>> reporter: the film also including acting honors for ryan gosling and emma stone. >> a film for dreamers. >> a coming of age story in a dangerous neighborhood took top prize and casey affleck won "manchester by the sea," and more surprised was isabel for elle. rookies led the way for tv. donald won best actor in the first year series "atlanta" best tv comedy. >> the crown. >> and the series about queen elizabeth won best drama with the star earning best actress. >> oh, my god, this is an out of body experience. >> reporter: best actor went to byly bob thornton, and tracy ross won for black-ish, and
11:40 am
meryl streep won a lifetime achievement award and took aim at the platform of the president-elect donald trump. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick them out all, there's nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts which are not the arts. in a break with tradition, jimmy fallon opened the show with a musicalç nod to lala la, the precursor to the film's golden night. now donald trump took on meryl streep this morning calling her one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood and called her a hillary who lost big and said he was not mocking a disabled reporter who he criticized him for. mike pence is in indiana at the swearing in of the new govern governor. he took over the republican ticket for governor when mr. trump chose pence to be his vice
11:41 am
president. this morning, pope francis devoted the foreign policy speech to promoting peace, speaking to ambassadors accredited you see the holy seat praising nations for taking refugees and criticized others for being indifferent to a crisis that, quote, seems to have no end. he also urged leaders to be united in reiterating that nobody can ever kill in the name of god. well, one of the pittsburgh steelers assistant coaches under arrest after the wild card win. joey porter arrested for assaulting a doorman at a pittsburgh bar. porter's accused of assault, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest. smoke in the cockpit forced a plane carrying the dallas star's hockey team to return to the st. louis airport yesterday. five minutes into the flight, the plane was forced to turn around. none of the 50 people on board were hurt, and after investigation, no fire was found, and the team got on another plane. more aviation news this
11:42 am
morning. what airlines are ranked the best, and according to, qantas is at the top of the list, the oldest operating airline. in the top 20 is alaska airlines, hawaii air, and united airlines. the safest low cost airlines includedblue and virgin america. one of all-time greats headed back to philadelphia. >> u-2 plays at lincoln financial field as they mark the anniversary of the classic albums. ♪ with or without you >> thank you! >> they released the joshua tree 32 years ago this march. that means we're old, and the band returns to select stadiums this year to celebrate it, announce iing today the link ise of the stadiums the concert is scheduled for sunday, june 18th, ands on sale next tuesday. well, winter pain.
11:43 am
>> yeah. how this cold weather's impacting your body and what to do to ease your aching bones. and still bitter cold today, but the arctic air sont way out, and mild air's going to be moving in. a closer look at your forecast for that warmup coming up.
11:44 am
11:45 am
well, the big auto show in
11:46 am
detroit open today. we have the hot cars revving up the show. >> reporter: hey from the detroit auto show where we are seeing some of the neatest things on four wheels. of course, the suv, cars, and talks, but you got the concepts, what the future of transportation may look like here, and when you talk about future transportation, it's high-tech, talkinged cars. at some point, autonomous, and it's a great time to be in the auto industry, record sales in seven year, and reinvestment in american plants right now. >> you remember back in 2008 and 2009, walking here gloom and doom and nobody was happy, but, you know, times are good. all learned how to get lean and mean in the recession, and i think manufacturers and suppliers and dealers and customers are all happy. >> reporter: if the industry continues to grow, ford and fiat chrysler investing millions of dollars in opening up thousands
11:47 am
of jobs and plants in both michigan and ohio, so a great time to be in the business, also, a great time to be here in detroit where you can see almost anything with four wheels and fenders. that is the latest from here in detroit, gray, nbc news. stationary bikes that use virtual reality could help children with behavior issues succeed in school. a new harvard study tested effects of cyber cycling on a group of students with autism, adhd, and mood disorders, and seven weeks of using the beaks in the twice weekly gym class, the number of disruptive behaviors dropped by 50%, and there were 70% fewer problems on the days they participated in the cyber cycling class. here's more proof you want to get kids exercising. researchers in norway found kids who do vigorous activity in early elementary school have fewer symptoms of depression two years later. that does not mean sedentary behavior leads to depression.
11:48 am
today's the day to get rid of the christmas tree. all allentown screws collect trees and yard waste today through january 22 pd. leave the tree curb side, but do not wrap the tree in a plastic bag. weather sends a chill through you and it's rough on your body. doctors say bone and joint pain and normal body aches can ramp up when the temperatures drop. experts say there's simple things to do to lessen winter pain. >> stretches, a reach for the sky, straight up, side to side like this, doing a couple back ward bends to reverse sitting posture we do during the day. >> wait, i'm stuck stretched back. doctors say drinking plenty of water, as tracy does, lessen winter pain. check out this wild encounter. look at that. a driver central delaware was out on the road when a seal crossed the street.
11:49 am
person bind the wheel pulled out the cell phone, poested it on facebook, and he got to the pond in millford. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. all right. i can't top a seal sliding into the snow, but this is a good shot i got here in philadelphia. looking out at the art museum along the parkway, a great shot of the snow, and you love the snow, you got to have today to enjoy it, but temperatures will pick up. we're talking a melt off, a big thaw in the next new days. temperatures are really going to be picking up, i'm not talking a few degrees, but 10, 20 degrees in the next few days, and here's a look at the new jersey neighborhood. if you're not a fan of the 20s, they are almost out of here. 19 in clayton, 21, and piney hollow at 20 degree. c princeton at 20.
11:50 am
not on the map here, but further close to the show, we saw toms river down to negative 6, not the feels like temperature. that was the actual low temperature this morning. so it was a builterly cold morning, which is why we have the first alert in effect. that's been lifted. it's cold today, but no longer talking single digits. radar/satellite shows dry conditions today, but cloudy. we have clouds already in place. we saw them spill in the in the morning and peeks of sun, but overall, you're going to notice clouds today, and the snow remains on the grown. tharng 26 in center city, and 27 in summerton, 26 in lansdale and easton through the lehigh valley. new jersey, trenton at 25, warmer in cape may at 28 degrees. of course, our delaware beaches
11:51 am
and far southern delaware where spots are hit the hardest from the snow saturday, those piles will be there with temperatures not moving above freezing. the dry conditions i talked about, no snow or rain tracking today, still just clouds into your tuesday morning. tuesday is a transition day. we see temperatures pick up, and it's going to continue through your afternoon into jr. evening. why? another system moves in bringing us warmer air. at 8:00 p.m., rain/snow mix along parts of the lehigh valley, poke know, and then passing through as rain as we get into the suburbs of philadelphia, new jersey and delaware. rain, snow ringering melts it often because it's a warmer rain moving through and passes off the shore by the time we get into your wednesday morning. that means wet roadways ouptd there, but icy roadways. temperatures will be in the 40s by that point. here's the temperature trend we're looking at. check this out. 24 degrees is what we saw yesterday. today, we're forecasting 26
11:52 am
degrees. average for this time of year is 40. we've been way lower than average for high temperatures. by tomorrow, and this will be late day into the evening, we hit taurt degrees. now, typical this time of year, and wednesday, 50 degrees. if that's not enough for you, i like this, 6 degrees on your thursday forecast high temperature. we see a huge climb as we get into the end r your workweek, and that will start to taper off as we get into your weekend, but what won't be tapering off is chances for rain. tomorrow, as you saw, overnight through your wednesday into your thursday there's a potential for showers, and little break, but isolated activity friday into saturday. >> and there you go. sunday into the next workweek, chances of rain. temperatures fall off a bit back to seasonal conditions by the following weekend. >> all right, thanks. this reminder that tomorrow night, president obama will give his final prime time speech which means some programming changes that we want to alert
11:53 am
you to. lineup of the wall at 8:00 followed by the president's address at 9:00 and a new episode of this is us at 10:00. i've been so looking forward to this. this is us 10:00 tomorrow night here on nbc 10 because of the president's speech. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures.
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today's national law enforcement appreciation day for orders of police asking you to recognize the work officers do and dangers they endure. pennsylvania's fop says you can show your support in a number of ways including thanking officers when you see them, wearing blue today, and sharing positive stories about police on social media. coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00, ellen and jessica biel surprise biel's husband, and at 4:00, we told you about the big winner at the golden globes, and one of the people behind the hit production is from right here in the area. we speak with those who know the writer and how he got his start in montgomery county. >> exciting. one more look at the weather this afternoon. >> yeah. when we look at the feels like temperatures, they are not great, but they are a little better than they have been. i'm talking single digits, not anymore, but 20s on the map, 10 in pottstown and bigger warmup.
11:57 am
>> eventually. thank you for watching. >> all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grain as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. so no matter what your favorite is, you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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>> hope: [sighs] [dramatic music] ♪ [door opens] hey. >> wanda: hope, going back into the general population before those wounds have fully healed can be-- >> hope: hey, seriously, i am good, i am so good. good to go. >> wanda: your life, kiddo. >> hope: you've been great, wanda. thank you for all your help. >> hattie: hey, wanda. >> hope: hey, hi. >> hattie: what do you think you're doing? >> hope: i... am getting dressed. yeah, i am good to go. >> hattie: you know what? maybe you could fool florence nightingale or that prison quack, but i know a dame in pain when i see one. >> hope: hattie... okay, maybe i'm not 100%.


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