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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  January 11, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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conditions as the rain from overnight has already mutual fund moved out. see the clouds thinning out too. got sunshine on the way for today. suburb s in delaware 42 degrees. 44 south jersey and at jersey shore. these numbers into the upper 40 this afternoon, but there is some warmer weather ahead. you can see on the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. go through it hour by hour to show you how quickly the temperatures climb today and you'll see sunshine when i come back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. watching the blue route this morning. on-ramp around germantown pike area. see all the snow we had yesterday over to the shoulder moved out of the way. now left with slippery spots as well. watch getting on and off the ramps just in case this morning. also watching a crash just reported into schls out in lower
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marion. over in new jersey, another crash in flank lyfranklin. see delay on route 55 there because of that. cherry hill township, set of traffic lights malfunctioning. on flash right now just around penn avenue. all lanes are open to traffic. watch for police activity on the scene there. new this morning, philadelphia police say a man pulled out a gun and shot another man in the leg after he says he was punched and chased down the street. police were called to fifth and rockman and the armed man says three guyed cornered him, hit him in the face and chased him. that's when he opened fire. . right now police interviewing both men. new report makes allegations about president elect donald trump's ties to russia. nbc 10 joins us life from the digital operation center.
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this comes as mr. trump is set to hold a news conference later today. >> right the president elect was made aware of this information during his briefing with intelligence officials. briefing about russian hacking and 2016 election. important to note from the start none of the information gathered has been verified equity u.s. agencies including the fbi. that said, reports are m coming out that indicate russia may have damaging information regarding trump's personal and financial affairs. nbc news says the information came from u.s. officials with direct knowledge of the situation. now president elect trump, he sent out this tweet last night in response. said fake news, a total political witch hunt. not exactly clear what he was referring to, but this topic has been generating reaction as you can imagine on social media and in political circles. brendan boil from our area says if the intel report is true, it would be the most treacherous and criminal act in u.s.
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political history. congress must investigate immediately. the democratic national committee had this response. must allow the establishment of independent bipartisan commission to immediately investigate the full range of interference in the election and determine what we need to do to keep democracy safe from foreign interference. now the story of course is still developing. the associated press within the past hour saves that russia is denying the allegations that the kremlin has corrected compromising information about donald trump. a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin called this a complete fabrication and utter nonsense. the fbi is still investigating. >> matt, thank you. senator cory booker from new jersey will make history today when he testifies against attorney general nominee jeff sessions during a second day of confirmation hearing on capitol hill. first time a senator has ever testified against a fellow senator.
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booker had said he believes sessions positions pose a danger to the country. he calls them deeply trouble lg. during yesterday's testimony, denied claims as attorney general he would go after muslims. >> i have no belief and do not support the idea that muslims as a religious group should be denied the united states. >> he also said he would get tough on gun violence. president obama has nine days left in office. last night delivered farewell address to the nation. during the speech in chicago, the president outlined the achievements of administration. also shared thoughts about the future of our country and called for new voices and leaders to emerge as he steps away. he said it's up to every american to face the nation's challenges. it has been the honor of my life to serve you. i won't stop. in fact, i'll be right there with you as a citizen for all my
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remaining days. >> the president also talked about commitment to peaceful transfer of power and smooth transition to the next president. delivery driver danger. police say gunmen are targeting delivery drivers in chester. five delivery men have been robbed. two of them have been shot. the crimes are all located in the same area of chester. now this area police are most concerned about is near the 1300 block of west ninth street. >> we're really just trying to make a living. these guys are trying to make a living. some are exfelons and turning around their lives and feeding their family. it's out here like a war zone. >> chester police say three to four armed gunmen are behind the gun spree. five after five.
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new diets about the man charged in the shooting death of an eight-year-old girl last summer. brown, the man charged with murder, pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. he was captured in tennessee last september. he's accused of shooti ining an killing gabby in august. caught in cross fire while playing outside home. brown's girlfriend and mother are accused of helping him hide. cumberland county man accused of killing wife in front of children wants to represent himself. stabbed tara watson inside her home in commercial township last month. needs to file an application in order to represent himself. his next court hearing is scheduled for next tuesday. today the former casino hotel could take a step closer to reopening. owns the ocean front property. officials from his company will appear in front of casino control commission. he's been fighting to reopen the city as a luxury casino hotel
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called ten. doesn't need to apply for casino license since a third party would run the casino. the control commission disagrees. new bill called charlie's law would protect the rights of residents who use service laws. fine anyone $250 if they do not allow a service dog into a business or other public place. named for a service dog named charlie who was ordered out of florida airport last year while assisting a cherry hill high school student named ben shore. convicted charleston church shooter dylann roof will be sentenced to death. he showed no remorse during the trial and no reaction to verdict when it was read. guilty of killing nine people during the massacre at the historically black church. right now in florida offers
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$100,000 reward. markeith loyd shot and killed master sergeant debra clayton when she tried to arrest him for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. the atlantic city police are getting a new tool. if a similar situation should happen locally. the ac police department foundation is donating 100 downed officer kits to the department. kits contain items to treat a wounded officer, items suchl as tourniquets, face shields, trauma shields are in that kit. small enough to fit in a cargo pocket or glove box. eight minutes after 5:00. heading out right now. leave the umbrella at home. we've got drying winds blowing. may see a little bit of shake in the camera. this is the view from center city of boat house road. winds are blowing. also helping with something else. bringing in much milder air.
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mild and dry day today. clouds are thin out. get sunshine. the clouds return later this afternoon. and the rain returns this evening, but it will only be rain as the temperatures that are well above freezing this morning stay above freezing right on through tonight and tomorrow. 43 now in philadelphia. yesterday this time it was 40 degrees colder in south jersey. 44 now. 48 degrees at the jersey shore. still some chilly neighbors in pennsylvania. 38 degrees. and unionville. while it's 40 right now in north whales, collegeville. drying out now. 41 degrees. rain has ended. clouds are starting to clear in the some of the lehigh valley. clouds are thickest at the shore. rain has ended. now completely offshore. we will be drying out. see those clouds starting to break. so a dry day today, but if you're going to be out through this evening, might want to take an umbrella with you.
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next round of wet weather, there it is. moving through tennessee and unching through virginia. ways to go before it gets to us. before it gets here, we'll see sunshine. going to lead to temperatures climbing into the upper 40s this afternoon. some areas may get near 50. especially with a little more sunshine. philadelphia 40 at 8:00. 44 at noontime. 45 degrees with clouds increasing late in the afternoon. suburbs will start in the 30s. warm into the 40s. and those clouds coming in, but dry into the late afternoon hours and for the lehigh valley, sunshine will be brightest there first. clouds already moving away. 45 degrees at noontime. warm up and still in the 40s and still above freezing as we head through the night tonight. no sign of any wet weather during the day. need your sunglasses to start with. clouds build later this afternoon in delaware. temperatures building during the day will peek at 45 degrees. new jersey in the 40s this afternoon. 46 degrees at lunchtime.
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45 with partly sunny skies at 4:00 today. the shore, little bit damp on the roads right now. rain is out of here. clouds won't increase until later this mpb. then and even warmer day tomorrow. show you how long that lasts with the ten day on ten when i come back in ten minutes. >> bill, thanks for that. 5:11. let's check your ride to work. with jessica boyington watching the schuylkill for starters. watching the schuylkill around girard avenue. looks great so far. at least with drive time here 13 minutes from the blue route to vine street expressway. both directions look great. westbound, eastbound right here towards center city looks good. mlk drive over here. so no big problems there yet. crash out in lower her merion. no major problems or delays here. roads a little damp.
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be careful for that. might be delayed when you move past in overturned truck in franklin on route 55 northbound. just around route 40. lane restrictions there is you might find. end over here in cherry hill township. malfunctioning traffic light. both directions there, but they're all open. all of those lanes just around penn avenue. watch for police activity showing up to scene. 12 minutes past five. lesson that local students won't soon forget. the unique school program that has third and fourth graders connecting with kids who escaped the war in syria. asking for help. what a local charity says they're in need of and how it's impacting the community.
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5:15 right now. a less son like no other. some students are getting a firsthand feel for current events that are rocking our world. third and fourth graders at friends school meet monthly with syrian refugees over skype. learn about the war torn country and hear from kids their own age what it's like to live in a refugee camp and not know what the next day will bring. most refugees have nothing, but the clothes on their back. taken to art to express feelings. in fact local students a collected supplies and continue to help their friends overseas
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continue this much needed hobby. >> it makes me feel like i'm luckier than i thought i was. seeing those kids are cold and don't get to see their parents as much and seeing they don't have as much as we have, kind of makes me feel like i want to donate. >> coming up on nbc 10 tomorrow. check in with the school's efforts to raise awareness and supplies for this group of refugees. more than a dozen families in new castle county are waiting longer than they thought for homes from habitat for humanity. the work is being held up because they just don't have enough volunteers. volunteer numbers are abnormally low. numbers usually drop around holidays and cold months, but don't usually go this low. more than a dozen houses are currently behind schedule. including margaret's home. >> it's a big game changer. it's our first home that's going to be hours. >> she's putting in a couple hundred hours.
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painting and doing woodworking on her home. habitat says even a few hours of your time can help her and other families get into homes before springtime. if would you would like to help, call habitat for humanity's office in wilmington. the jersey shore will be safer on the job. joker are police dog is getting a brand new bullet and stab protecting vest thanks to donation from a nonprofit vested interest in k nines. took to social media to say thank you. joker will get the vest in 8-10 weeks. >> widespread cases of the flu are being reported across pennsylvania and people getting sick in new jersey and delaware. >> what is typically considered the peak flu season is still a few weeks away. cases usually spike in february. while million experts are urging people to get the flu vaccine now. doctors say the vaccine is not meant to keep you from getting a mild case of the flu. it can prevent serious illness.
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>> hospitalizations, the death that occur because of influenza. that's where the greatest benefit to a person who got the vaccine versus someone who did not get the vaccine. >> typical peak season again tends to be february and can stretch into march. almost 20 after five this wednesday morning. temperatures in the low 40s. easier as you walk out the door. once you get to your car, let's see what the roads are like. let's find out what's ahead. jessica boyington has you covered. they're definitely wet in most places. watching the 4 # freeway this morning. route 41. this point moving forward. just about a five minute trip so not seeing any big problems or delays there yet. northbound side is where we typically watch at this time to check for delays. you can see not there yet. southbound looks great as well. overturned truck on route 55 northbound. watch for lanes lost there. traffic lights on flash out in
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cherry hill township as well in 70. both directions. all lanes are still open around penn avenue. watching lehigh valley. this is 78. right around lehigh street looks great there. crash out this lower merion reported a couple of minutes ago. check in with more of majors when i come back in ten minutes. 5:19. now let's talk about warm early temperatures and what's to come. >> i think might be flirting with the 60s. >> have you've been peeking at the 6 day forecast at the bottom of the screen. not today, but tomorrow we're on track for 60s. today pretty nice start compared to yesterday when we were in the teens or even lower in the single digits. now drying out. the rain overnight had ended in philadelphia. skies are already starting to clear out. the wind has kept us worm.
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the rain they came through was only rain for our area. the rain is out. wind is still kicking. 20 mile wind in dover. mild air surging into the area. that's keeping temperatures well above normal. and we're also watching the clouds move up. the rain overnight now offshore. steady rain is done for the day today. this evening, we've got more rain that's going to be moving in. mainly dry during the day today. clouds, they'll start increasing late this afternoon after sunshine during the day and temperatures peeking in the upper 40s. start cooling down. that changes by 8:00 this evening. here comes the rain. only going to be rain with this. the temperatures stay in the 40s. steady rain by 11:00 tonight. unlike what we saw last night, this is going to clearly during the very early morning and by
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5:00 mot morning, see clearing skies and tomorrow really starts the warmup. philadelphia, wilmington. venture into the 60s. today near 50. tomorrow 65 degrees. after morning low of 45. rain comes through this evening. out by thursday during the day. friday will be dry. 43 and above freezing. does turn. we may see light snow on saturday during the day. done by sunday. and 41 degrees sunday afternoon. normal temperatures. low 40s after a chilly start in the very low 30s. then the warmup. another one coming next week. 56 on tuesday. temperatures stay in the 50s in the afternoon with more rain showers next wednesday and
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thursday. wants the state to be a testing ground for self-driving cars. officials applied to be a part poconos race way and penn state racetrack. a legion student is left all alone. details we -- details we have next for you.
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new study shows drivers across the country could low ee car insurance rates if you agree to pay miranda rule deductible. the change would save the average customer around 10.8% overall. >> 5:25. volkswagen ends the settlement following emissions cheating scandal. plus cost you minor m terror buy fish. landon dowdy here with that. cnbc business news. landon, good morning. >> tracie, good morning to you. reached a tentative settlement with the justice department over the emissions cheating scandal. could give final approval today. need guilty to criminal
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misconduct. pay a fine and face oversight of independent monitor for the next tleer years. meanwhile, cost more for a nice piece of fish. global supplies fell 9% last year. first decline in eight years. reason outbreak of parasites and algae which killed millions of fish. whole sale prices could raise sharply. over on wall street, awaiting president elect's donald trump's news conference this morning. hoping to get more concrete details on trump's policies and taxes on and spending. markets may be showing jitters ahead of trump. is pulling back against other currencies. now falling 31 points yesterday to 19855. nasdaq rose 20 to 2551. man at the center of a sex
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scandal is expected to face a judge today. 5:26. temple is trashed. what van dill vandals did to t wilding and search for suspects.
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back in court. decision being made today about a philadelphia mont senior covering up sex abuse. left on a bus. why a young student was left all
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alone while her bus driver went into a store. enterprise e surprised by t president obama opens up about the night the results came in. 5:30. welcome to nbc 10 news today. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with a look at forecast today. on the warmer side, bill. >> so much warmer: look at the 40s and 30s. temperatures way above yesterday. seeing single digits yesterday. about 40 degrees warmer this morning. 43 to start with. 42 in the suburbs. philadelphia 43. show you how quickly things are clearing out. there's the moon. full tomorrow morning. nearly full this morning. clouds are racing out of here. one cloud illuminated by that bright moon is quickly moving too. got a pretty good wind blowing right now.


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